The Matrix, the Strawman and WHO You Are
By ron chapman
May 14, 2009 - 7:48:00 AM

The Matrix, the Strawman and WHO You Are.

Neo: What truth? Morpheus: That you are a slave, Neo. That you, like everyone else, was born into bondage... kept inside a prison that you cannot smell, taste, or touch - a prison for your mind.   -  Matrix

Every sovereign human being is responsible for his/her own perceptions and interpretations of anything and everything. This article represents my current perception and interpretation of the issues discussed. As always I cannot, do not, and will not tell anyone what to do. Those who do not think that stasis will occur soon or at all may want to give these matters particular consideration because they appear to have profound effect on human life on Urantia today. They also offer a sound explanation for why the matrix is as it is. But if you are tempted to act on (as distinct from just understanding) the information about the Strawman I recommend a reading of Mary Croft’s article ‘Authority Hoax II – “the Trust Account” and “the Solution” at:  before you do.

Its often said that there are none so blind as those who will not see. Untold millions of unconscious men and women do not wish to see life on Urantia today as it truly is. That refusal by million of humans to take responsibility for their inner peace keeps the matrix illusion in place.

In a deeper context the Budda is reported to have said:

 ‘After investigation, believe that which you have yourselves tested and found reasonable, and which is for your good and that of others… (teachings) are “secret” because so few who hear them understand.’

The Matrix

Arguably the matrix is a human livestock management system for misdirecting and controlling human awareness in order to limit human consciousness and hence our ability to know who we are. In that sense the matrix has been with us for aeons (in the form of violent “tribalist” and “statist” control of humans within given societal groups and geographical areas. Since the development of organised “government” their control systems have evolved from brutal and obvious coercion and physical enslavement of much of the human population (the iron fist) to subtle and sophisticated psychological manipulation, propaganda techniques and devious control systems (the velvet glove). The velvet glove is designed to mislead, misdirect and program the minds of the humans being controlled and enslaved without the use of obvious force.

To gain and maintain control over human populations and to ensure willing slavish compliance, the rulers – a small proportion of the total population in any “governed” society or “state”- have developed ever more sophisticated human management practices. Aptly in my view, Stefan Molyneux calls these techniques “human livestock farming practices.” Today these techniques and practices have been nearly perfected to the extent that most ensouled humans and others on Urantia do not even realise they are being manipulated, controlled and exploited; in effect, “farmed”. Accordingly, in my view, the term “sheeple” which is commonly used to describe the unconscious enslaved human masses who remain seemingly unaware of their true situation on the global “plantation” is not inappropriate.

As human information acquisition abilities and awareness have grown over the centuries so has the sophistication of the statist controllers’ and their propaganda, justifications and techniques for maintaining various statist matrixes  (state-rixes) - now rapidly becoming a unified global “matrix’. Initially, primitive superstitions and then later organised religious superstitions (“god’s chosen people”, divine right of kings, ‘suffer passively in this world in order to receive rewards in heaven’ etc) were major factors in constructing state-rix paradigms but in more recent centuries religious ideologies have lost much of their ability to mesmerise and control the masses and so ideologies based on pseudo rational principles relating to social governance and economic management, fraudulent and deceptive money creation; and pseudo, contract based legal systems now dominate the global matrix.

Today the combined “statist” matrixes have become global and nearly totally unified as the banksters who have cornered the global market for money, law, armed force, armaments, religion, drugs, health care, communications and entertainment, science and education and almost everything else have extended their influence and control over governments everywhere with a view to creating a unified single administration (the New World Order) of all the farms making up the global plantation.  

Stefan Molyneux explains our problems with the matrix thus: ‘That which we create to “serve” us ends up “ruling” us.’ Arguably though, that description is much too generous in most cases because generally people have not consciously created their governments and have been (perhaps willingly) deceived into thinking that they do, whereas in reality governments are established by secret arrangements between cabals of elitist individuals who “create” money and wield power. But of course the rhetoric of these secret rulers panders to the mass delusion that all or at least most of the people in any given state have “chosen” their form of governance and its mechanisms along with those seemingly “elected” to govern in an allegedly re-presentative fashion. The reality is always different. For a sound exposition of the real situation see: Statism is Dead - Part 3 - The Matrix:

Human ideologies always manipulate truth. Although consciousness of the truth is rapidly rising the past consensus perception about governments has been as stated by Stefan Molyneux:
‘A government is a group of individuals within a geographical area who retain the monopolistic moral and legal right to initiate force.’

Governments on Urantia are never idealistic entities existing for the benefit of the governed. The power structure always appears to be one way. Until recently almost all humans appear to have believed that governments can tax you although you cannot tax each other and you cannot tax the government. Recently, increased knowledge about the nature of government and the Strawman illusion is beginning to turn this perception on its head but the reality that governments tend to monopolise the use of force and violence remains true. Similarly governments still appear to mandate certain actions and activities as good and necessary (like requiring that we pay tax, register our children with the state and give our babies and children toxic vaccines, drugs and schooling) and criminalise others (like failure to pay tax or not wearing a seat belt when in a moving motor vehicle or driving contrary to arbitrarily set speed limits). Governments sanction these decisions with the use of force under the largely fictional justification that we consent to what they do. That is the difference between governments and all other social agencies.

In effect the prevailing ideology has been that  governments have the sole right to initiate violence and the use of force.  That makes them a VIOLENT MONOPOLY. Once you define “governments” correctly in this way all the arguments for the establishment of governments (whether they are based on welfarism, or the alleged imposition of virtue or the need to enforce contracts between individuals or anything else) are seen to be specious. The idea that we need a government to enforce welfare or virtue or voluntary and peaceful contracts, through an involuntary and violent so-called  “social contract” which we have no say in establishing or amending, is obviously bullshit. See StefanMolyneux’s: Statism is Dead - Part 1:

NOTE: This video explains much of why we will not seek to continue the existence of interventionist economic and social management and welfarist government policies after stasis. The welfare state removes personal responsibility from individuals and vests it in a fictional entity known as the “government” or “state”. It also creates a permanent underclass where one did not exist before. Moreover, forced charity is not charity it is theft. The Golden Age will be based on compassion not coercion; voluntary individual service not forced government service.

So, despite the “velvet glove” veneer of civility on the surface of most global societies, governments everywhere have maintained and are vainly trying to increase the threat of the iron fist as eons old illusions crumble around them. The would-be iron fist includes armed police, military and para-military forces and covert government funded and directed terrorist activities including bio-weapons; backed by so-called legal court systems, prisons and torture centres like Abu Ghraib, Bagram and Guantanamo Bay.

Government agents and complicit media organizations constantly remind us of the threat of force and violence in the world in their increasingly feeble attempts to ensure compliance with the will of the hidden rulers who hide behind the façade of corporate government. But just as the velvet glove techniques and manipulations that sustain the illusion are failing as the fraudulent banking system collapses so too, are the threats of force and violence. Who really believes that Muslim cave dwellers destroyed the Twin Towers or that the Coalition of the Willing had to invade Iraq before Iraq attacked the US? Who believes that the US really can invade Iran or that the US is on the cusp of a swine flu epidemic? Anyone with an ounce of nous must be struggling to believe mainstream politicians and media today. Many want to believe the matrix illusion’s lies in order to deny their own responsibility for their lives but the effort gets harder every day.

Creation and Evolution of the Global Matrix

Free Range Workers

The global matrix has grown out of the near universal meme under which peoples and nations succumbed to statist ideology and statist human control mechanisms that evolved over millennia. Those ideologies and mechanisms reached near perfection in the British Empire. Probably because of the British Navy’s global ascendancy and the empire it made possible, Britain’s “state-rix” rulers also happened to control the first state to segue from the Agricultural Revolution into the Industrial Revolution.  Apart from greatly increasing agricultural output the Agricultural Revolution resulted in the enclosure of the Commons which forced huge numbers of surplus to requirements ex-feudal farm workers off the land and into towns and cities.

This meant those workers were no longer tied to any estate, place or village and so Britian’s ruling elite was able to develop the idea of “free range” workers (not unlike free range cattle in the Amerikkan West in the mid 19th century and in the northern parts of Australia in the 19th and 20th centuries, which fended for themselves most of the time and were only culled occasionally at the convenience of the herd managers). Britain’s rulers were thus able to perceive and perfect the benefits of free range human livestock management before any other country. The rest as they say, is history. And in the result global humanity would be “history” too, save for the intervention of the Celestials and Star Fleet.

Free range workers are much cheaper to manage as they are seemingly self directed and responsible for their own upkeep and welfare costs. However the increased psychological stress on individuals of being up rooted from the security of their previous feudal village lives in which community support, work availability, shelter and basic necessities were all provided, increased individual and collective levels of anxiety and fear. This was also useful to the state-rix organisers because fear-ridden people are more easily manipulated and controlled. Statist structures have always been built upon human fear of personal responsibility allied with an inability to think, which fear exacerbates.

As people became seemingly free to choose whatever they wanted to do the uncertainties of living were further exacerbated by the exploitation of their isolation and vulnerability by their economic masters. A major social phenomenon that arose from this situation was the psychological condition which Erich Fromm labelled as a fear of freedom. People had become free from the restrictions of the old feudal life style but their personal insecurity led to a fear of their new-found freedom. That condition made them easily manipulated since the instinctive reaction of those suffering from fear of freedom was an unthinking emotional desire to blend into the human herd in thought and deed. Then as now, no one can tell humans how to know who they are. As Mary Croft has said: ‘To become free and to feel free is not a process… it is a realization.’

Free Range Empires

For some discussion of the extension of the idea of free range serfdom to the idea of free range empires  (typified by the currently disintegrating US global economic hegemony) see Stefan Molyneux’s video, Statism is Dead - Part 4 - Free Range Empires:

With the success of the free range worker idea during the Industrial Revolution the British Empire’s controllers soon realised that the same principle could be applied to management of colonies as a whole. Again, the idea was to lower costs by giving (in this case) whole countries a sense of freedom and independence while all the time the British authorities were secretly controlling and exploiting the financial, legal and economic life of the ex-colony. Just as free range working individuals who think they are free work harder and use greater initiative, so too, whole countries could be, and were, deluded and exploited in much the same way.

Thus, in the 20th century the social control systems of the Anglo-US empires evolved beyond the old fashioned model into a global matrix – an increasingly unified global human control system which, under the Anglo-US military umbrella, uses all the Anglo-US state-rix mechanism’s as standard tools for forcing whole nations and regions of the planet to conform to the requirements of the global matrix controllers.

The matrix controllers core mechanism for control of free range segments of the empire is forced economic imperialism. This form of imperialism uses puppet local political agents chosen from a puppet local ruling class, to foist Cental Banks, fractional reserve banking, US petro-dollar fiat (reserve currency) money, maritime UCC commercial (contract) law and globalised, so called free trade policies on unwary local populations. This policy has been effective in one form or another in most nations around the world.This results in Anglo-US economic hegemony and has made whole nations subservient to the Crown matrix controllers in the City of London along with their Wall Street, Washington, Tel Aviv and Vatican allies. Where imposition of British maritime Admiralty law and private banking had not already brought countries within the matrix the necessary coercion was usually effected through covert economic and para-military terrorism (See, for instance: John Perkins – Confessions of an Economic Hit Man – Parts I, II & III However, it has also been regularly effected using overt military means (aerial bombings and threats of bombings as in Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Pakistan et al) as well as military conquest and occupation as occurred in Germany, Japan, Korea, South Vietnam, Cambodia, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan among others.
Today’s global matrix appears to have been built on the British statist model using some 50 or so ex-British colonial possessions (including the US) as the core upon which it is constructed. As discussed, these seemingly ex-colonial possessions are ruled using a “free range” empire model in which the various colonial countries appear to be independent and self ruling but in reality their Constitutions are invalid, their governments are public corporations and their leadership elites are taking instructions from the Crown in the City of London and its US lieutenants. See, for instance, ‘Whitlam Dismissal and the CIA’   
And: ‘Whitlam Dismissal and the CIA. Part 2’   

Countries like the US, Canada and Australia are key parts of the system and upon analysis one finds that their Constitutions and formal government arrangements are a joke, suitable subjects for the Theatre of the Absurd. For a brief explanation of why the Australian Constitution and systems of law are a joke and its federal parliamentarians criminals see ‘mark mcmurtrie lessons in law pt1’ at:
In this video Mark McMurtrie also briefly explains the Strawman mechanism and some of the author’s personal experiences when dealing with attempts by police officers to enforce the matrix illusion.

The crucial underpinning for this matrix system is British maritime Admiralty law exported to colonies by British Fleets when Britain “ruled the waves” and conquered and colonised those countries in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. The other key component of the control illusion is a central banking fiat money system based on the Bank of England model which was established as a privately owned corporate monopoly in 1694.

By now everyone is familiar with the history of how the British and European banksters eventually triumphed in establishing a permanent US Central Bank - the Federal Reserve System (a privately owned corporate money creating monopoly modelled on the Bank of England) - in the US in 1913.(1) The fact that the Central Banks in Canada, Australia and other countries effectively borrow fiat money created out of thin air by the international banksters through the World Bank, the IMF, the Fed and the Bank of International Settlements in Switzerland, is less well known. The whole fraudulent system is dependent on governments failing to create sovereign money and credit in their own right and thus those governments and their key advisers and finance bureaucrats are complicit in the international banksters’ Central Banking scam which impoverishes and bankrupts every country in which it is established. A crucial reason for the US attacks on Libya and Iraq was the resistance of their leaders to the establishment of a Crown controlled Central Bank in their respective countries.

The Anglo-US empire matrix template is attempting to expand to encompass the whole world. What flesh and blood men and women need to realise is that the “state” in any and all its forms is the enemy of every free man ie, every sovereign individual human being; and hence it is the enemy of a free human society. It is also anathema to critical thinking and innovation. See for instance John Harris’ video of his lecture at the “Lawful Rebellion” Conference at Stoke-on-Trent on 24/1/09 which explains why:   Another copy is at:  

See also John Harris’ discussion (‘Illusion of Reality’) with Theo Chalmers on Edge Media TV on 26 January 2009. The video is in 11 parts and in part 9 John Harris makes the point (also made by others) that whenever one registers anything with a government eg a car, a house, a child etc one is contracting to give ownership of the “thing” that is registered TO that fictional government corporate entity retaining only an equitable right to possess and (where appropriate) use it. In part 8 John Harris seems to exhibit an emotional blind spot about the Queen of England and the role of the British monarchy in the perpetuation of the matrix but much of the rest of what he says seems correct.

How Does The Matrix Operate?

So what can we know about the matrix illusion and how it operates? To discuss the workings of the subsidiary mechanisms, the smoke and mirrors that support the matrix would require a book. So I will just talk about the two central pillars of the matrix illusion. Those pillars are the creation and control of the money supply and the creation and control of statute law.

The Matrix Money System

The Government should create, issue, and circulate all the currency and credits needed to satisfy the spending power of the Government and the buying power of consumers. By the adoption of these principles, the taxpayers will be saved immense sums of interest. Money will cease to be master and become the servant of humanity. - Abraham Lincoln

For an outline of the mechanism and history of the money leg of the illusion see the video ‘Money as Debt’ (Alternative version: )
And the article: ‘MONEY: Now and Later - Part I’ at:  

Modern money is an illusion manifested and given seeming existence by mass consciousness. In essence, most global societies currently delegate the power to issue and regulate money to governments that have abused that delegated responsibility by licensing privately owned corporations to implement a fiat fractional reserve (money supply) banking system. That money supply and regulation system is a farce, an illusion, in that money is supposedly created out of nothing in any quantity the banksters desire. Modern money is thus a chimera, a fiction without substance, having no value backing it. In effect bank notes and such are a mere promise to pay and since there is virtually no physical money in the global economic system the promise to pay can never be honoured. Accordingly governments that licence corporations to create “money” and operate fiat state banking systems are committing crimes against society because the fraudulent fractional reserve system is not just contrary to the national and community interest it is totally treasonous because it eventually impoverishes and destroys any nation or society in which it is allowed to operate. Indeed the system is currently destroying the entire global economy.

The illusion that money is created by fractional reserve banking is given an appearance of reality when governments legislate to give banks, a licence to operate the system. That has occurred in almost every country in the world today and it is the root cause of the current global money meltdown and economic collapse which will, absent Celestial and Star Fleet intervention, result in enormous global chaos and depression.

Fiat money has NO intrinsic value. Fiat money purports to be a store of value but in our global society it isn't. The fiat debt money issued by banks is just pieces of paper or electronic digits. The pieces of paper are issued as credit tokens as part of fraudulent loan processes. Banks pledge to provide fiat credit tokens in exchange for a promise to pay interest on those credit tokens and to repay the amount of the alleged loan (credit tokens) to the bank. In truth the borrower creates the credit with his/her signature and promise to pay. The bank does nothing, hence the contract is fraudulent because the bank provides NO consideration in return for the borrower’s promise to pay interest and to repay the principle allegedly lent. Worse yet, the bank is able to use the signature of the “borrower” as an asset on which it can create out of thin air at least nine times the loan amount in additional fiat money.

Many mortgage loans are also invalid because in those contracts lenders purport to reserve the right to vary unilaterally a fundamental term of the contract, namely the so called PRICE - the interest rate (usury) charged by the lender. Governments typically reinforce this illusion, this fraudulent contractual practice, by almost daily public media discussions of interest rates that the Central Bank has set and/or ought to set. In effect governments thus endorse the illusion under which banks and other lenders are able to vary fundamental terms of mortgage contracts without the consent of borrowers.

Another problem with the illusion that credit-tokens (purporting to be money) have value is that fiat money can be acquired and hoarded and a scarcity of money created and even worse, banks can reduce their rates of lending which causes the money supply to contract and with it economic activity. On the other hand the illusion also enables unscrupulous banksters to issue excessive volumes of credit tokens thereby debasing and reducing the value of existing currency. This latter practice has become rampant in recent years and has the effect of robbing people of the value of their savings.  Another very damaging effect of this fictitious money creation system is the practice of usury under which banks, when issuing credit tokens (on which interest is charged) fail to issue any additional credit tokens to cover the commitments they require borrowers to make in relation to the payment of interest (credit tokens) on those loans. Thus there is always a shortage of credit tokens in the system such that ever-more loans must be sought from banks to PAY the ever-increasing interest charges on the ever-increasing loans (credit token amounts) needed to pay back existing loan principle plus interest.


The 18th century Agricultural Revolution made feudal serfdom redundant, expelled serfs from the land forcing them to congregate in towns and cities where they constituted an enormous new cheap labour pool. These workers fueled the Industrial Revolution. The “freed” agricultural serfs became “free range” industrial serfs – wage slaves - forced to go to the cities to find work and to assume responsibility for their own and their family’s food, shelter and wellbeing. Whenever the work dries up free range workers must move on at their own expense in the hope of finding work elsewhere. The matrix  propaganda mills have now successfully sold the free-range wage-slave idea to the masses for more than two centuries.

The rationale for free range wage-slave workers was spelt out in the Hazard circular sent by London banksters to US banksters in July 1862, in the middle of the American Civil War. It said:

`Slavery is likely to be abolished by the war power and chattels slavery destroyed. This I and my European friends are in favor of, for slavery is but the owning of labor and carries with it the care of the laborers, while the European plan, led by England, is that capital [the banksters] shall control labor by controlling wages. This can be done by controlling the money. The great debt (national) that capitalists will see to it is made out of the war, must be used as a means to control the volume of money. To accomplish this the war bonds must be used as a banking basis. We are now waiting for the Secretary of the Treasury to make this recommendation to Congress.'

The US Congress passed the National Bank Act of 1863 giving the banksters power to create money as debt, but not exclusively. In 1872 Horace Greeley said of the Act:

`We have stricken the shackles from four million beings and brought all laborers to a common level, not so much by the elevation of the former slaves as by practically reducing the whole working population, white and black, to a condition of serfdom. While boasting of our noble deeds we are careful to conceal the ugly fact that by our iniquitous money system we have nationalized a system of oppression which, though more refined, is not less cruel than the old system of chattel slavery.'

Clearly those controlling the Anglo-US “state” knew exactly what free range slavery was about just as they understood what free range empire was about. Colonel Edward Mandell House is said to have given a very detailed outline of the plans to be implemented to enslave the American people. He stated, in a private meeting with Woodrow Wilson (President 1913 - 1921):

‘ Very soon, every American will be required to register their biological property (that's you and your children) in a national system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging. By such methodology, we can compel people to submit to our agenda, which will affect our security as a charge back for our fiat paper currency. Every American will be forced to register or suffer being able to work and earn a living. They will be our chattels (property) and we will hold the security interest over them forever, by operation of the law merchant under the scheme of secured transactions. Americans, by unknowingly or unwittingly delivering the bills of lading (Birth Certificate) to us will be rendered bankrupt and insolvent, secured by their pledges. They will be stripped of their rights and given a commercial value designed to make us a profit and they will be none the wiser, for not one man in a million could ever figure our plans and, if by accident one or two should figure it out, we have in our arsenal plausible deniability. After all, this is the only logical way to fund government, by floating liens and debts to the registrants in the form of benefits and privileges. This will inevitably reap us huge profits beyond our wildest expectations and leave every American a contributor to this fraud, which we will call “Social Insurance.” Without realizing it, every American will unknowingly be our servant, however begrudgingly. The people will become helpless and without any hope for their redemption and we will employ the high office (presidency) of our dummy corporation (USA) to foment this plot against America.' - Colonel Edward Mandell House

President Woodrow Wilson ceased being president of Corporate US in January 1921. The obvious implication is that Colonel Edward Mandel House KNEW what was to happen (and did happen) at least 10 years before it occurred. The Great Depression was the proximate cause of the bankruptcy of the US and virtually all other nations around the world in the 1930s; thereby enabling the banksters to initiate the acceptance of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) legal system globally and the commencement of the Strawman mechanism in the US and elsewhere. As Colonel Maxwell House was an agent for the Crown banksters in the City of London from whence the policies causing the “tightening” of credit causing the Great Depression originated, there is also a clear implication that the Great Depression was meant to have the effects that it did. By “tightening” credit that is, reducing the supply of fiat money available in the US and in national economies all around the world, the banksters bankrupted the whole world and laid the foundations for implementation of the Strawman illusion and the current global matrix.

Through the imposition of fractional reserve banking and the UCC the "free" human workforce was destined by the Banksters to replace the negro *chattel* slaves of the 19th century: AND THEY HAVE! Welcome to wage slavery. For an informative discussion of some aspects of the mechanism as it operates today see Mary Croft’s: "Natural Man vs. Artificial Person, Law, Money & Banking" in six parts the first being:

Since the 1930s the banksters have assiduously continued to construct a world of illusion in which wage-workers think they are free while their only real freedom is the ability to pay for their own upkeep while accepting whatever work and wages the controllers offer and paying all the taxes, licence fees, charges and penalties levied upon them by the fictional corporate legal entity “state” and myriad other fictional corporations. So instead of humanity rapidly working its way towards utopia during the last 80 years it has been steadily grinding its way to dystopia.

Maritime Commerce Law and the Strawman

So what are the mechanisms for ensuring human slavery while allowing the slaves to think they are free? Well, as we have seen, the fraudulent money creation scam set the scene by ensuring that governments would become bankrupt. The core reason for the bankster created Great Depression of 1929-39 was to effect the bankruptcy of the US and virtually all other countries in the world. Once governments become bankrupt they place themselves at the mercy of their creditors – the banksters. Once a “state” is bankrupt (having given up its sovereign right to create its own money) it must provide its creditors with whatever collateral it has in order to obtain further funding. For example, Corporate US has purported to pledge all the physical assets of the country including the future work of its entire population to the banksters as loan collateral and it seems that similar policies were pursued by other countries.

Mind boggling as the fraudulent global money creation scam is, it is not the most unbelievable mechanism used to create the global matrix. That “honour” goes to the global legal system created by the-would be global controllers in order to defraud and enslave humanity from birth to death. The matrix controllers’ mechanism for controlling the “law” by which global societies live is even more insidious and convoluted than the mechanisms they have put in place to create and control money. The centrepiece of their legal control mechanism is a subterfuge that turns everyone’s name at birth into a fictitious corporate entity which, through registration of the birth certificate, becomes a chattel owned by the state - which is itself a fictitious corporate entity. This scheme is sooo outrageous that at first blush readers are likely to dismiss it as too ridiculous to be considered. DON’T do that. Apply your mind and think deeply about it. If you do not, you will deserve the status allotted to you by this pernicious system.

The matrix system is built on the maritime law of commerce embodied in the UCC which only applies to fictional corporate entities but which has been applied surreptiously to the names of human individuals. How? Governments require parents to register with the state all children at birth. Registration gives the state “ownership” of the baby. So, upon receipt of the Birth Certificate the government creates a fictitious corporate legal entity using the same name as that of the new born baby only it is in all capital letters. The value placed on the Certificate of Live Birth is based on the ability of the “state” to tax the future assets of the “Debtor”. A bond or some similar financial instrument is taken out by the US Department of the Treasury (or an equivalent government department in other countries) and a bond # is stamped on the back of the Certificate of Live Birth. The profit generated by this investment between the birth and the death of the living, breathing man or woman is kept by the “state.” This procedure includes the creation of a trust account in favour of the new legal entity but which can only be accessed by the real human being, if s/he becomes aware of its existence. See the ‘mark mcmurtrie lessons in law pt2’ video from 47- 58 minutes:
Mark McMurtrie’s explanation focusses on the Australian context but it is broadly generic. In my view this video talk is good value from the 19 minute mark until the end.

In addition to Mark McMurtrie’s videos, another useful discussion of the Australian situation is ‘The Strawman Illusion – The Matrix Exposed’ with J. ANDERSON TM. See:  The  audio is very soft but still audible. Agent Anderson gives good coverage of how to ward off creditors if you haven’t redeemed your Strawman. In contrast to Mark McMurtrie he doesn’t seem to think that Australians can redeem their Strawman by lodging the necessary paperwork with the UCC in Washington and the Commonwealth government authorities in Canberra.

In my view there are three reasons for the continuation of the Strawman illusion. They are first, widespread ignorance of the truth created by the deceit of the bankster conspirators and their political and other minions. Second, complicity by those “in the know” in whole or in part, who believe they are profiting from the scam. Third, those who through a sense of complacency and fear of change, prefer the status quo rather than mustering the energy to confront the uncertainties involved in participating in radical change. At the end of this video is a good example of complacent thinking by someone hearing about this situation for the first time.

To get a good feel for the reality of the illusions involved in the US and Canada I recommend a reading of the Mary Croft  E book (How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash Confiscatory Agency Known To Man) at:  Or at:

Canadians will also find Robert Arthur Menard’s Think Free website at full of sound information about these matters. The free videos there are also interesting. Robert Menard indicates that in Canada, New Zealand and Australia and possibly other ex-British  colonial countries men and women can ptotect their rights from government and court interference by preparing
a Claim of Right  with the help of a Notary Public and serving  the government authorities with it. He also indicates that Canadians are shareholders in the Canada corporation and can choose to apply to become formal stockholders in much the same way as men and women can apply to Redeem their Strawman under the UCC. He says that the average Canadian's stock is worth about 10 million Canadian dollars and expected dividends are about $C400,000. Also, if people become stockholders they can vote on whether Canada should join the North American Union or not.

But I digress.

The crux of the matter is that in the UK, US, Canada, Australia and it seems, in (at least) all ex-British colonial countries including New Zealand and the ex-British Pacific Island colonies of Oceania, the matrix controllers have established maritime Admiralty law (ie the law of the Sea) as the law applicable to all human inhabitants on land and all their transactions. Although I have not verified the fact, Mary Croft and others say that the UCC applies in all countries in the world where fiat money is used. See for instance Jordan Maxwell’sYou are property of the Rothschild family!' (VID 6’ 03”)  For some reason, in this video Jordan Maxwell doesn’t make any distinction between Civil law which is statute law, and the Common Law. Common Law is substantially based on natural law and jury decisions over the centuries and is a potentially significant factor in all ex-British countries.

To become subject to government statute laws pursuant to maritime Admiralty law and UCC processes the individual human’s name must be registered with the government as a corporate legal entity and s/he then accepts government benefits given to his/her corporate legal entity (ie the legal entity bearing his/her name in all capital letters) by the government. By accepting benefits or otherwise enjoining with their fictional legal entity in relation to government requirements the real human becomes trapped in this artificial legal system. This has enabled various governments to enact millions of statute laws, regulations and the like and have whole populations obey them even though sovereign individual men and women are above any law created by a corporate legal entity. This whole system is ridiculous but due to a conspiracy of silence by all concerned it has been effective to date in supplanting natural law and Common Law (which is the law applicable to men and women on land in the UK and ex-British countries) in the US, Canada, Australian and numerous other jurisdictions.

The mechanism goes like this. Once registered (at birth or otherwise) within a jurisdiction one’s name is registered as a fictional corporate legal entity and that entity becomes subject to the UCC and through it to the statute laws applicable in the country of residence of the real flesh and blood human being. That action does not intrude upon the common and natural law rights and obligations of the real flesh and blood human but most people have no knowledge of this arrangement and so they usually respond to requests applicable to the corporate legal entity having their name, as if the request was directed to them. As a result governments and courts assume that the flesh and blood human has consented to being subject to the jurisdiction of the corporate legal entities that constitute our de facto governments and courts.

The mechanism implies that contracts law is always applicable and entering into any controversy or argument with the authorities is construed to be contractual consent to jurisdiction. This constitutes fraud in relation to all people enmeshed in the system because they are unaware of the true situation, but the government has a monopoly on force and violence and so individuals are almost always denied true justice once the state assumes it has jurisdiction. The effects of so-called “consent” is that we lose our rights under Common (natural) Law and national constitutions. All matters before the courts are determined on the basis of contracts law and courts will not “Hear” any submissions based on Common Law or constitutional law which are considered irrelevant in commercial law.

The rationale for this mechanism is said to be that every human individual that is born first grows in the waters of the mother’s womb and is “birthed” down the mother’s birth canal. Sooo, each baby born requires a “birth certificate” just as a ship does when “berthing” in a harbour. Thus mothers (or fathers and doctors et al) are “required” to provide details of birth for registration of the new born baby on a birth certificate. That certificate refers to the mother et al as “The Informant” and the new individual’s name is recorded in capitals because s/he is considered by the authorities as being a legal “person” (2) which means that under the UCC records held in New York and Washington  and applicable in all the relevant jurisdictions that IT (the entity referred to using all capital letters) becomes a “STRAWMAN” a fictional corporate legal entity not a human individual. That Strawman is then registered in the UCC as a commercial asset of the fictitious legal corporation that is held out as the government of the country in which the new Strawman “entity” was “birthed”.

This mechanism is said to be necessary because the corporate state is NOT a human being and can only deal with other corporation entities (ie Strawmen) and can only enforce its decisions and jurisdiction upon other corporate entities but not on human individuals because human individuals are SOVEREIGN beings (sparks of Creator Source) and hence superior to any artificial corporate entity. However, just as the truth in relation to the various fraudulent fictions involved in the creation, manipulation and usurious lending of fiat money is not revealed to the general global population, so too, the truth about WHO we really are is kept hidden from humanity by the matrix controllers and their numerous complicit human minions. No one in our legislatures, courts, work places, schools, churches or anywhere else ever tells us the truth about the Strawman and the fact that a human individual is a Sovereign being and NOT a Strawman. Yet every man and woman needs to know that fact so that they can consciously opt out of the legal and commercial Matrix system (or seek to capture [Redeem] their own Strawman) if s/he wishes to avoid being enmeshed in the matrix’s fictitious legal demands and requirements.  

Once we wrap our left brain around these concepts and drop our carefully cultivated false paradigm about WHO we are the sense of liberation can be enormous. In my view the sense of personal liberation and consequent individual responsibility this new perspective gives is essentially the same as the feelings to be experienced after stasis in the new GESARA environment.

Incidentally, as a quid pro quo for stealing our birthright the matrix legal system places a monetary value on each individual upon registration into the system (a bit like a head count value placed upon physical chattel slaves I suppose) and a Treasury Trust account is opened somewhere in the bowels of the beast with YOUR name on it – all in capital letters. IF you KNOW about it and have taken steps to dissociate yourself from your corporate legal entity BUT have contracted with that legal entity to be given power of attorney to act for it and the right to act as its exclusive agent (completely indemnified by your corporate legal entity against any loss, damage or disability caused by that legal entity or your actions on its behalf) you may lodge a UCC Financing Statement with the UCC Contract Trusts authorities in Washington and/or the various UCC regional offices, as appropriate; and relevant Treasury authorities in your country to be given access to the moneys in your legal entity’s trust account. A detailed ‘Investigative Report UCC’ on this aspect in relation to the US was done by Barton A. Buhtz on 26/5/03.

USans may want to note that Baton Buhtz says, among other things:

‘The value placed on the Certificate of Live birth is based on the ability of the “state” to tax the future assets of the “Debtor”. A bond is taken out by the Department of the Treasury and a bond # is stamped on the back of the Certificate of Live Birth. Printouts of some Individual Master Files (IMF) reveal that bond to be about $650,000. One IRS Master File I saw lists an IRS Treasury Bond in the amount of $742,500 that the individual requestor knew nothing about. However, all the profit generated by this investment between the birth and the death of the living, breathing man or woman is kept by the “state.” [p.2]

According to government sources well over twenty-five million UCC financing statements have been filed with UCC offices in many states… By their own admission not one properly filed UCC form has been rejected or criminally prosecuted.

[Ron: If this report is accurate the fact that over 25 million Murikans had redeemed their Strawman and presumably gained access to their Strawman Trust Account before 26 May 2003, the date of Barton Buhtz’s Report, indicates that probably some 25 million “insiders” (presumably politicians, judges, lawyers, corporate executives, senior military, secret service and security services personnel and their families and others) were/are COMPLICIT in the creation and/or maintenance of this fictitious and fraudulent system of exploitation of the mass of the US population in the 70 years prior to 2003. That is an average of over 357,000 people a year. No doubt the numbers of those filing UCC Financing Statements have continued to accumulate since 2003 and since the knowledge of this system has been trickling out into the general population since that time the number of people filing has probably accelerated slightly. Clearly though, if some 25 million Murikans knew about this scam over the last 70 years and yet virtually ALL of them maintained a veil of silence then it follows that they were complicit in maintaining that veil of silence about this fraud on the people of the US. This level of mass complicity explains WHY the matrix remains in place. Given the huge numbers of insiders with knowledge of the truth and benefiting from it the possibility of anonymously revealing details about the situation would not have been difficult, nor would it have entailed real danger for anyone who was careful about preserving their anonymity while doing so.

There is an old canard that says: ‘All that is required to allow evil to flourish is that too many good men do nothing.’ In my view the truth is really that men do nothing because they perceive it to be in their interests. Certainly that is why the current global matrix has flourished for so long. In this instance many, many millions of Murikans must have deliberately done nothing in order to preserve the status quo although they KNEW about and greatly benefited from this vicious rort that was and is enslaving the majority of Murikans and probably the rest of the world.

It is probably reasonable to assume that the same situation applies in the UK, Canada, Australia and all the other countries in which this system of enslavement was put in place. The implication is that there may well have been millions of “insiders” in countries outside the US who were/are COMPLICIT in the same way.

What this tells us is that the long-term, on-going global banksters’ New World Order conspiracy to “own” the world and everyone and everything in it has been tacitly supported by huge numbers of minions and hangers-on who sought to benefit from the process whether or not they understood the entire plot or, more likely, just their little compartmentalised portion of it.

It seems clear that very few ordinary folk who are not complicit in some way in this devious system will have discovered it and been able to Redeem their Strawman before now. Clearly though, the number of ordinary folk learning how to do it will be growing rapidly from now on as the information seeps into general consciousness via the internet.

In my view everyone who becomes aware of this situation should try to fully understand it and then communicate their knowledge to as many people as possible. If that is done the scam will unravel as awareness and consciousness increases. The result will be that the scheme to impose a New World Order that totally enslaves humanity will collapse along with this scam. At the end of his Report Barton Buhtz quotes Esu Immanuel: ‘You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free,’
And so it is and so it will be!].

However, the revised UCC Articles, especially IX (effective July1,2001) imply that the UCC Financing Statement of the Secured Party applicant must be filed in the birth state or UCC Region. That recorded filing must then be included with a Charge-Back Instruction notice, a 1040 ES form and a birth certificate with the Secretary of the Treasury. The Secretary is the other Party at Interest. Thirdly, the Secured Party needs to file a UCC Financing Statement and Addendum with the UCC office in the “resident” state to protect assets there.

… Some (Treasury employees) have even admitted that the Application for the birth certificate does have commercial value based on the ability of government to tax the future earnings of the person represented by those documents. However, the applications are not on file in D.C. Research indicates they may well be either in Puerto Rico or Switzerland. [p.3]
The states, protectorates and D.C. have formed a National UCC administration. They have partitioned the United States into six UCC regions….

The UCC Contract Trusts are distinct and separate from Direct Treasury Accounts used exclusively for trading in treasury bonds that are administered by the Bureau of Public Debt. I have learned that many of the UCC Bill of Exchange documents received at 1500 Pennsylvania Ave NW are misdirected to the BPD. One major error is that many filers reference a Treasury Direct or direct Treasury account in their documents.

At the Analysis and control Division of the IRS Building in D.C. [1111 Constitution Ave – NW, Washington D.C.] UCC Contract Trusts are processed and the paperwork is then routed to one of two IRS centres for east of the Mississippi they are routed to Cincinnati, Ohio. West of the River they are sent to Fresno, California.

Current reports indicate the UCC files and paperwork is scrutinized by the Secret Service, the Justice Department, FBI, routed to CID, then to the IRS Technical Support division (TSD) in the state where the Secured Party initiated the discharge.

c. When a “NOTICE of Levy/Lien” is presented to any financial institution by the IRS (usually by fax) the financial institution usually responds routinely by making a simple entry in their computer transferring the asset from the depositor’s account to the IRS TTL account… [p. 4]

d. When a “Release of Levy/Lien” is issued by the IRS the financial institution makes an entry in the computer and transfers funds from the TTL account to the depositor’s account if applicable. A properly prepared and filed USS form on file with the bank can be an administrative preventative action a Secured Party can take to document prior, superior claim to those assets on deposit. See United Tobacco Warehouse vs Wells (1973) and Diversified Metal Products  vs T-Bow Company Trust,IRS, et al (1993). Some banks will not accept UCC documents. Deposit the funds in a financial institution that will. [p. 5]

I have had contact with those who have stated they have received proof from Department of commerce documents that their Certificates of Live Birth are being used as commercial instruments. A detailed investigation by Carl Erikson has revealed some startling facts in this regard.

When the Certificate of Live birth arrives at the Department of the Treasury in Washington, D,C. the Certificate is bonded, an account is set up with what we know as the Social Security Number, funds are borrowed. The paper credit is invested in stocks and bonds. According to the Bureau of engraving even Federal Reserve Notes are printed bearing the Bond Number that is assigned to and stamped on the back of each Certificate of Live Birth. The Bond number consists of a letter (A-NO followed by eight numbers. A similar combination is now routinely printed on the back of social Security Cards. The fact is that the very existence of every living, breathing man or woman in the several states is bonded and used for the commercial activities of the United States (Corporate) now in receivership.

Those who properly file in their birth state or UCC Region establish the distinct and separate identity of the Secured Party apart from the Debtor (Strawman). Presenting that filing along with the instruction Order (Chargeback), the IRS 1040 ES form, the AFV stamped birth certificate notifies the Secretary of the Treasury that the secured Party is now established with a prior, superior claim on all assets and liabilities of the Debtor. The liabilities can then be presented to the Secretary for processing and discharge through the UCC Contract Trust.

An increasing number of states now accept the UCC Financing Statement and addendum. To my knowledge not one state has prosecuted any such filing as unlawful, illegal or criminal. Many states are still digesting the revised UCC Code (July 1, 2001) and many counties still do not have provision for perfecting the UCC filing under Article 9-333(a) as a Possessory Lien. The inclusion of 9-333(a) is the first time a form of lien by name has been included in the UCC.

3. Is following the Redemption Process simply an attempt to get something for nothing through the Secretary of the Treasury?

In June 1933 the International Bankers, owners of the Federal Reserve, essentially took control of all private and real property with the consent of Congress and Executive Orders of the President. Establishing status as the Secured Party for the entity represented by the Certificate of Live Birth does not constitute getting “something for nothing.” These procedures set up by the government were put in place so that the Secured Party could reclaim a part of what is rightfully theirs under the U.S. constitution. Congress made provision beginning in the early 1900s for every minor to reinstate their status as an American under the U.S, Constitution when they became of age. You were a minor when the original contract (Application) was entered into by your parents. These provisions scattered throughout various legislative acts, joint resolutions and executive orders, many in 1933, as well as in the Congressional Record based on Public Policy HJR – 192, codified in Public Law 73-10 and confirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1939. See Guarantee Trust of New York v Henwood, et al (FN3). By these placement actions the Administration and Congress basically kept the details obscured so no one could readily avail himself of such remedy. Very few were even aware such procedures existed until fairly recently. The UCC filing with the birth/UCC Regional, the secretary of the Treasury and resident state is an essential part of the Redemption Process. The IMF through their representative, the Secretary of the Treasury, with the use of the Federal Reserve and collection activity of the IRS virtually controls all assets of every US Citizen. With the UCC/Redemption the Secured Party establishes the right to begin reversing that absolute control over the Debtor (Strawman). The Secured Party establishes level ground with the Secretary of the Treasury taking back a measure of control of those assets.

However, UCC filings, properly prepared and correctly filed, go much further in protecting the property and interests of the Secured Party. Such filings can clearly secure legal vested interest control of the Secured Party without complex jurisdiction of the courts and apart from controversy. [pp.6-7]

4. Is the Redemption Process (Plan) simply a “get rich quick” ruse or trick that will only result in retaliation by the government against those who follow it?

The Secured Party under the USS/Redemption Process does not hold the actual application for a Certificate of Live Birth. Therefore, the process can only be used as an “Accepted for Value” response to a commercial claim. A written, contracted, acknowledged claim received by the Debtor (Strawman) can be accepted for value by the Secured Party and discharged when properly presented through the secretary of the Treasury to the UCC Contract Trust on file with the Analysis and Control Division of the IRS. Unfortunately, many have attempted to circumvent or distort this fact only to find law enforcement and the courts more than willing to enforce and adjudicate. IRS-CID and FBI are often quick to use their intimidation and threat to unlawfully discourage what the courts of law only should handle.

Employees at the Department of the Treasury make it clear that they do not accept or act upon faxed orders, telephoned or wired instructions. Hard copy, original in-signature forms and documents must be presented via Certified (or registered) mail as filed with both the state and the Secretary of the Treasury. In 2002, before his resignation, Mr Paul H. O’Neill made it clear to a Senator from Arkansas that when he is aware of and receives Bill of Exchange documents, he holds them, thus honouring them.

The IRS recently increased its unlawful use of threats and intimidation with the help of the FBI to discourage and stop the presentment of all Bill of Exchange documents by the Secured part to the Secretary. However, properly prepared and presented negotiable instruments from a legitimate Secured Party can be lawfully and legally processed through local financial institutions by the claimant through the Secretary of the Treasury and ledgered by the financial institutions through the Treasury Tax and Loan (ITL) account. However, certain employees at the Department of the Treasury persist in misrouting many of the documents presented by a Secured Party to the Secretary of the treasury by labeling them as Treasury Securities (which they are not) then sending them to the bureau of Public Debt instead of to the analysis and control division of the IRS and the UCC Contract Trust. [pp.7-8]

As far as I have been able to determine discharge of claims in the public sector, federal and state, initiated by the IRS are discharged with the simple ledger entry and computer transfer for credit and debit through the IRS Technical Support Division, further confirmation regarding this process has come from the Special Procedure Handling Offices of the IRS.

For the Secured Party the Uniform Commercial Code, executed correctly, levels the field of commerce to a great degree. We continue to gain more knowledge and understanding in spite of stonewalling, being fed misinformation and even being the target of threats and blackmail. “You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.” Remember, our Consumer Advocate ministry operates entirely as a charitable service totally dependent on donations and prayers. Both are deeply appreciated at this time. [p. 8]
Barton A. Buhtz.’
The full text of this Investigative Report can be accessed at:

Of course, in the past, as almost no one (other than insiders) knew about their Trust Account and the fact that they could access it, the moneys in those accounts simply returned to consolidated revenue upon the individual men and women passing this plane without having bequeathed the funds in that trust account to anyone.

The ramifications of this information are enormous on the 3D level. Once an individual becomes aware of the situation and of the basic steps needed to ensure that s/he is divorced from his/her Strawman corporate entity or better yet, Redeems and captures that Strawman entity and its Trust Account for personal use, freedom from the application of the laws, costs and taxes of the corporate state are potentially complete. Alternatively, to divorce oneself from the system and effectively become a “free man” each flesh and blood man or woman needs to be completely across what they have to do and say to ensure they do not ever CONSENT to be part of the corporate legal system imposed by the state. As I understand it though, if one has redeemed one’s Strawman and has access to one’s Strawman Trust Account all state and other corporate bills and imposts can be funded by the national Treasury trustee out of your Strawman’s Trust Account upon receipt of proper notice of acceptance of the relevant bill for value.

If the declared “free man” option is taken (as was initially done by John James Harris in Britain and also, I think, by Robert Menard in Canada) that could mean not agreeing to accept any benefits from the state corporation or any of its sub corporations under any circumstances. BUT presumably you could contract, as a “free man” with those corporations or any of them for provision of services: eg garbage services from a council and so on.

Perhaps the better course, prior to stasis or the widespread establishment of genuine sovereign individual intentional communities to which an individual human may choose to belong, is to undertake the formal Redemption process under which the individual man or woman gives the corporate state notice of intention to resume responsibility for their Strawman thus gaining access to the very substantial funding available to them via their Strawman’s Trust Account.

The main problem with opting out of the corporate state is that the state authorities and police services et al may not understand the legal situation (or deliberately ignore the legal situation) and use FORCE to coerce you. That possibility is always a potential risk and so, as I see it, everyone should make every effort to spread the word about the Strawman aspect of the matrix but not counsel anyone to take any action that may put them at overt risk of illegal physical retaliation by the minions of the matrix. Of course we are all sovereign individuals and each is responsible for his/her own actions so ultimately each man or woman must accept responsibility for what they do in relation to this matter as in all matters.

IF this information becomes widely known and understood it could, in my opinion, shatter the matrix and rapidly accelerate humanity’s return to true freedom because the matrix illusion depends on limiting human awareness and thereby preventing the emergence of higher consciousness. This article is aimed at providing some context for why we have forgotten who we are. Once we remember who we are the game is over and we can all “go home”, as it were.

In my view understanding the Strawman illusion emphasises both the need for GESARA and the justification for GESARA. So be it!



(1) See, for instance,
'MONEY: NOW and LATER 'PART II (The Rise of US Fractional Reserve Banking')-
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Black’s Law Dictionary - 1910 Edition defines “person” as follows:

A human being is not a person because he is a human being, but because rights and duties have been ascribed to him.
The ‘person’ is the legal subject or substance of which rights and duties are attributes.

So then, a ‘Person” is:
Not a human being, but the human being’s invisible coat
It is a fiction, a product of the mind: it is UNNATURAL.
Exists in association with us
Associations between Natural and artificial entities are presumed to be for the benefit of the natural
Exists for our benefit, not for its benefit.

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