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AH Member Writings : Ron Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

Some Thoughts on a Post-Illuminati World
By Ron Chapman
Jan 10, 2010 - 10:03:00 AM

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Some Thoughts on a Post-Illuminati World

Ron: As the collapse of the old world paradigm approaches and the new world beckons, those awake to the possibilities opening up are asking: ‘What will the post-Illuminati world be like?’
Many seem to think that removal of the Illuminati (our global matrix controllers) will end all our socio-political problems and eliminate the need for personal social and political action. Not so! Once the Illuminati vacate the field there’s real work to be done.

Removal of the global matrix controllers, of itself, will not transform our world. The systems, structures and mechanisms that create and maintain the matrix must also be removed and replaced with viable, eco-friendly truly human institutions and systems. That entails transforming human awareness so that the matrix and its mechanisms and effects are generally obvious so that they will be  rejected. As most humans have been intellectually conditioned and psychically entrained to believe the illusions presented by the matrix the process of deprogramming humanity is a very substantial task and will not be accomplished over night. Moreover, if that process is not successful humanity could simply slip back into another matrix with new controllers.

To deconstruct the matrix system the real global weapons of mass destruction (WMD) must be seen for what they are, and eliminated. Those WMD are first, the system of fiat money creation and usury (the charging of interest on fiat money); and second, the centralised control of media dissemination of information and entertainment.

It will not be enough to just change the personnel administering the fiat money cum usury system; the system itself will need to be eliminated, root and branch. Money must be returned to its true purpose – a tool for the facilitation of the exchange of goods and services and nothing more. Moreover, those responsible for controlling the volume of money available to society must be under constant surveillance and supervision so that decisions to increase or reduce the money supply are transparent, reviewable, known and understood by all. In such a system banks will cease to have any entrepreneurial role and will be mere service providers, charging small fees for acting as custodians of the accounts and savings of individuals and businesses in much the same way that post offices charge realistic fees for services.

If money supply is properly controlled in public hands and usury is eliminated, money will cease to seem to be the root of all evil [a role really the preserve of usury (1)]. That will eliminate the stop, start; boom, bust economic cycle, create consistently full employment and quickly create a sense of prosperity and abundance to replace the current scarcity consciousness and physical poverty created by the fiat money usury system.

The other WMD that must be eliminated is the centralised, globally controlled media transmission system that currently ensures that the lies and propaganda of the matrix controllers (predominantly Khazar Jews) floods virtually all channels of news, information and entertainment dissemination around the world.(2) Currently six Jews are said to control 96% of the mainstream media in the US and the global situation is little different. The unaudited, non-transparent centralised control of mainstream media and entertainment services is unacceptable because, as with the control of the money supply, control of what people see and hear gives the purveyors thereof, control of what people think and feel.

Once the money supply and media monopolies have been brought under proper public scrutiny and control the core socio-political distortions created by the monopolists must be addressed. They are:

1. Capitalist Welfarism that is, the Fascistic socialist ideolological system that promotes Big Government AND Big Corporations  (trans-national corporatism) at the expense of individual sovereignty and freedom. This mechanism features high personal taxation for the benefit of corporations and so-called national security organizations including the military. It concentrates power in the hands of a privileged few, little known corporate bosses and militarists.

Corporate Personality

The Capitalist Welfare State structure also relies heavily on an associated mechanism namely fictional corporate legal personality which gives artificial legal entities all the legal benefits available to real flesh and blood sovereign human beings plus allied advantages unavailable to humans, namely immortality (the ability to continue in existence indefinitely), omnipresence (the ability to be “personally” present everywhere at once via agents), and substantial immunity from legal liability for criminal offences (since corporations being fictions, cannot be imprisoned and their “agents” are always treated with greater legal leniency than are sovereign individuals found guilty of similar offences.(3) Also, corporations give their owners, managers and controllers limited liability in respect of capital and other financial losses they may incur. THIS RIDICULOUS SITUATION MUST CEASE!

Human beings are living sovereigns; artificial legal entities are not. In future any commercial mechanisms akin to companies and trusts must have no personal legal status and no legal immunities like the ability to pay no taxes. They should not be able to sue sovereign individuals, lobby for socio-political or economic changes, or fund political campaigns and the like. Nor should they be able to be used to avoid the consequences of any actions taken through them by their owners, managers or agents. As is the case with money, corporations (however described) should be mere functional mechanisms designed to facilitate human activities.

2. Bolshevik Socialism – Better known as "communism" this totalitarian socialist  ideological system  concentrates all power in the hands of a few government controllers. This state control mechanism differs from Capitalist Welfarism only in that power is exercised by a privileged few known central government bosses rather than a hidden cabal of corporate controllers as happens in Capitalist Welfarist control systems.

Both Capitalist Welfarism and Bolshevik Socialism masquerade behind a veil of democratic electoral processes. However, the democratic mechanism in both systems is a sham. Virtually all candidates having a real chance of election are part of the one homogenous group approved by the hidden controllers of the systems. The Bolshevik system was a little more honest in that its preselection process typically produced only one candidate whereas the Capitalist system pretends that the electorate has a choice between party candidates although in truth those candidates are essentially divided into two teams preselected from a homogeneous pool approved by hidden controllers.

Both these political control systems must be eliminated and replaced with genuinely representative republican style governance arrangements. All new socio-political systems need to focus on building sovereign human communities from the ground up. That means concentration on creation of self sufficient, self-sustaining and self-governing local communities that elect representatives to district political assemblies that in turn elect representatives to regional assemblies which then elect national representatives. The national assemblies would then elect representatives to regional global representative bodies that would then elect representatives to a world council (however described). At all levels this elective process would need to be on a broad consensual basis and representatives would need to only RE-PRESENT the views of their constituents, and those views would need to be strictly in accordance with their instructions from constituents at all times.

This model presupposes the elimination of the welfarist mentality that assumes that individuals and communities cannot decide their own priorities, muster the resources and do the work needed to satisfy those priorities and to maintain their community, but must rely on a central authority to do it for them. In future, local and district communities  need to fund and provide their own facilities and services, such as roads and transport arrangements, schools, health care, local policing and so on instead of paying taxes to a central authority that then decides what those taxes will be used for and how much of their own productivity (taxes, charges etc) each community will get back for use in construction and maintenance of local infrastructure and provision of local services. Currently this centralised system drains very substantial resources away from local communities for the benefit of virtually unaccountable national bureaucracies, military activities and so on. The  system invites corruption, mismanagement and maldistribution of resources and creates a sense of dependence in subject communities, as collectives, as well as in the individuals constitutiong those communities. 

The future belongs to those who work for a living. Democratic government steals money and resources from some communities and redistributes it to others. That practice has to stop. In future each local community needs to live by the sweat of the brows of its members. Handouts should, primarily, be restricted to the sharing of resources and production by people within each community or district – and charity should be seen as such, and NOT as a right for those unwilling to work productively. Given that proper and consistent money supply arrangements (oversighted by properly elected regional, national or international representative assemblies as appropriate) will ensure that everyone who wants to work will be able to do so, current chronic unemployment problems experienced because of the pernicious money supply practices of banksters around the world will cease and prosperity and abundance will quickly become the norm. Those who do not want to live under this communitarian, self-sustaining system will need to create their own communities.

It follows that a successful transition to a new, peaceful, sustainable and prosperous global society will require a fundamental paradigm shift in human thinking. Anything less will run the risk of sliding back into the ideological and methodological morass from which humanity is currently struggling to emerge. Those who think that all we need to do is remove the current matrix controllers and life will be lovely will find themselves enmeshed in another illusory matrix in short order. The problem in all this is that the transition to a better world requires real psychological and intellectual effort by everyone. Changing long held paradigms is hard work. Gone will be the days when any, let alone all aspects of individual and collective welfare could be left to “the guvment”. Sovereign living requires mental muscle, spiritual maturity and physical effort. Those not up for it are robots and slaves.

It goes without saying that a genuinely sovereign, community centred, socio-political system will have NO place for militarism, so-called “secret service" and national security organizations, militarised and/or national police organizations and the like. The money and resources currently used to create and maintain such expensive and counter productive activities will REMAIN in local communities and this will rapidly create peace, prosperity and abundance as well as real social accountability by locally administered public services.

It also goes without saying that all current constitutional and legal systems will require a massive overhaul with most needing abolition and replacement with lawful arrangements approved by the peoples subject to them. Given that the current US (4), Canadian, Australian (5) and almost all ex-British Empire countries labour under invalid and unlawful constitutional arrangements which make their judiciary systems unlawful also, this constitutional reconstruction process needs to be thorough and fully involve the inhabitants of each and every nation.

This is an immense topic and much more can be said. For instance, once the matrix controllers depart the scene we can expect that free energy (pollution free energy extracted from space) and electro-gravitic  transportation and other inventions currently restricted to military use will rapidly become available. Many of these innovations derive from Nikola Tesla’s myriad patents and inventions created up to a century ago. We are on the verge of widespread dissemination of free energy devices that will eliminate dependence on carbon and nuclear reactor based power sources and make every family and community independent of oil and gas and public power utilities. This development will give an enormous boost to sovereign individual and community development because it will create true local and national independence, abundance and prosperity provided that we ensure that governments and corporations are unable to monopolise or control these developments OR to tax anyone using them. And of course the proposed taxes associated with “global warming” will be seen for the sham tax scams that they are.

Start thinking and adjusting your paradigms folks, there’s a new world coming but only those who are able to change their thinking to meet it will see it.

(1)  See: ‘Why is Usury the Root of All Evil…’ 
& ‘Money isn’t the Root of All Evil: USURY IS!: ).

(2)  For example see ‘Exposing the Matrix - The Hoax of Free Press:

(3) For a recent example of the absurd privileges being accorded to corporations see:

(4) See, for instance ‘THE MATRIX AND THE U.S. CONSTITUTION’ and the articles referenced at the end thereof: 
& ‘Creation of The STRAWMAN in the US Context’ at:

(5) See for instance End Note (1) to ‘THE MONKEY OR THE ORGAN GRINDER?’ at:

All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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