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AH Member Writings : Ron Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

MONEY: Now and Later - Part I
By Ron Chapman
Apr 1, 2009 - 6:09:00 AM

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Ron: Here's a blast from the past taken from the AH Supporters' archive of 5 February 2008 but originally posted on the old AHS on 7 April 2007. I think its time to start thinking seriously about matters like "money".


'G'day cobbers,

The US and global financial systems are now obviously imploding and sending the US economy into recession which, in the absence of stasis and Celestial/GF intervention, must culminate in a major depression. Moreover, that US money meltdown and depression will probably lead, in turn, to a major recession in most other economies around the world. Accordingly I thought it might be appropriate to repost some earlier articles on Money.  This one was posted on the old AHS on 7 April 2007.


Let's look at money, how it is created and what it will be like in the

To meaningfully discuss money we need to know what it is, how it is created and why, if at all, we need it. The first two of these questions are quite well addressed in the video called MONEY AS DEBT. See (1)
This video is easy to follow and repays close study, especially if you have no knowledge of the subject. It explains how fractional reserve banking is stealing the birthright of virtually everyone on earth and why the resulting poverty, misery, crime, anger and war is destroying our civilisation. It also indicates the primary mechanism that has been used by a small group of people to control our world for centuries and probably millennia without most people even noticing that they do. This video tells us truths we should have learnt in primary school.


Money is anything used to represent value in the facilitation of the exchange of goods and services in society. It is an idea translated into a community mechanism for facilitating barter, business and commerce. Hence it is a valuable and currently necessary mechanism for ensuring community health and prosperity. In the past various commodities have been used as mediums of exchange. They included, shells, salt, gold and silver, metal coins, wooden tally sticks and other things. Today, as discussed in the MONEY AS DEBT video, we mostly use bits of paper and computer bytes.

Incidentally, in order to serve its function as a medium of exchange money must be kept in circulation and the faster it circulates (called "V" for "velocity") the better it serves that function. Commodities, and especially gold and silver, tend to be "saved", used or hoarded because they are also a store of value and so they are not ideal for use as money.

A brief outline of the key developments in the transition of the English money system to the fractional reserve banking system now used in England and the US is set out in 'MONEY: NOW & LATER – Part II (The Rise of fractional reserve banking in the US)'.

In Phoenix Journal 22 Hatonn defines "MONEY" as:

`a medium of exchange and a measure of value, regardless of the form which it may take. There are two major forms of money: commodity money (gold, silver, etc) and created or fiat money. A commodity money system is actually a barter system of trading one commodity with a certain market value for another commodity or service with a certain market value.

Incidentally, no commodity has "intrinsic" value, which only humans have. All commodity prices in a free market result from the law of "supply and demand". The price of gold, which is probably the most worthless of all metals for human use, is artificially established by the "gnomes" of London and Zurich, by which they control the economic health of every nation.

Created money is the only thing man can create. It is created out of nothing but paper and ink or computer bytes, but represents, or is a claim on, wealth. Created money is not wealth. Wealth is that which men produce for human use through the intelligent application of energy to natural resources. Fiat is a French word which means "So be it", and in operation applies to an order or edict by authority. ALL paper money is "fiat" money. However, as part of the AB's [Anti-God/Christ Bankers] semantic subversion to control your thinking, "fiat" is used as a term of approbation, applied to government issued, debt-free money (U.S. Notes) to obscure and protect their criminal racket of Fed and bank-issued fiat debt money (Fed Notes).
[NB The `Money as Debt" video notes that all money issued by banks is issued as credit-tokens, at-interest that is, they are debt-tokens. About 95% of US money is issued as credit and at most, 5% of money in circulation is physical currency issued by government mints representing real wealth (goods and services} held by borrowers.]

Money is the life-blood of society and performs the same function as blood does in your body, carrying food and oxygen to every cell and carrying away the waste products to sustain life. The blood system is actually a transportation system. Money may also be compared to a transportation system, as did Henry Ford:

"The function of money is not to make money but to move goods. Money is only one part of our transportation system. It moves goods from man to man. A dollar bill is like a postage stamp: it is no good unless it will move commodities between persons. If a postage stamp will not carry a letter, or money will not move goods, it is just the same as an engine that will not run. Someone will have to get out and fix it.'"
(Phoenix Journal 22, pp. 164-165).

The US (and global) fiat money systems are designed with a fatal flaw. Because they essentially create money as debt they represent "engines" that cannot be fixed. They need to be replaced with "engines" that will automatically adjust to changes in power requirements (money volume) in order to maintain a constant speed (money value). Hatonn says that an honest and stable US money system requires that:

`First, the unconstitutional and criminal Federal Reserve System ['the Fed'] must be abolished and its primary function, money creation, taken back by the Congress to which it belongs, both logically and legally (Art.I, Sec.8, US Const.).

Second, the new engine, of proven design, must be a debt-free money system similar to the tally system of England, the scrip issued by the colonies and the US Notes which enabled Lincoln to preserve the Union and which saved American taxpayers over 100 BILLION dollars in usury which would have been stolen by the ABs.

Third, a STANDARD OF VALUE for money must be established as a reference so that any deviation from it may be quickly detected and corrected. THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A STANDARD OF VALUE ESTABLISHED FOR MONEY IN THE HISTORY OF MAN!' (Phoenix Journal 22, p 165)

The US Coinage Act of 1791 and US Gold Standard Act of 1900 merely established temporary standards of WEIGHT and PURITY of gold or silver coins called a "dollar". Their value was actually determined in the market place where vendors and buyers bartered them for other commodities. That worked well enough in a relatively static agricultural economy until the ABs cornered the gold market and then "removed gold from circulation as much as possible".

Hatonn suggests money should represent a store of value and that the best store of value are "storage food; water; fuel; seeds; tools; and silver coins. He goes on to say that the proper standard of value needs to reverse the current one. He states that the lives of humans;
- manhours of work etc - perceived time - are the first and best standard of value in human interactions. In effect he says that TIME spent in human labour stands as an appropriate monetary STANDARD OF VALUE (Phoenix Journal 22, p 168).

Fiat money has NO intrinsic value. It has no value apart from its role as a medium of exchange for commodities and services that do have value. Fiat money purports to be a store of value but in our global society it isn't. In our society money has been de-commodified yet objectified – changed from a store of value (gold and silver) into a fictional representation of value. The fiat debt money issued by banks is just a piece of paper. It's a piece of paper that indicates the bank has pledged to provide fiat credit tokens in exchange for a promise to pay interest on those credit tokens and to repay the loaned amount of debt money to the lenders.

However, the illusion that credit-tokens have value means fiat money can be acquired and hoarded and a scarcity of money created. It also enables unscrupulous banksters to issue excessive volumes of credit tokens and thereby debase and reduce the value of the currency. The worst effect though, is the usury element when coupled with failure to issue sufficient (or any) new money to cover the commitments that banks require borrowers to make in relation to the payment of interest on new credit (debt) tokens.

Bank-issued fiat debt money is a fiction: a chimera, a figment of the banking systems' imagination, a fictional entity created out of thin air by key strokes on a computer; a book entry. It is born out of nothingness and returns thence once the debt created to bring it into existence is repaid WITH interest. Modern money is an illusion manifested and given substance by mass consciousness. Because everyone thinks it is real, it is real in our 3D world.


The power and privilege involved in issuing and regulating money are Sovereign Rights. They belong to the Nation – to ALL the people in  community. Moreover that sovereign right must be exercised equitably in the interests of ALL individuals in society without exception. That means that the right to issue money cannot be left to any special interest group. But it is. Society currently delegates the power to issue and regulate money to leaders and governments that have abused that delegation and responsibility by implementing a fractional reserve (money supply) banking system. That money supply and regulation system is a crime against each nation (however described) in which it is implemented. Why? Because the implementation of a fractional reserve banking system is not just contrary to the national and community interest it is treasonous because it will eventually impoverish and destroy any nation or community in which it is allowed to operate. The US is close to that disastrous point now.

The illusion that money is created by fractional reserve banking is given substance when governments legislate to give banks, a licence to operate a fractional reserve banking system. Arguably though, governments receive their mandate from the will of the people and so the adult members of each nation bear some responsibility for the promulgation of the illusion if they consent to the government's legislation. Of course citizens give collective consent to the illusion by participating in the system in any event. But to be fair even those who disagree with the system really have little option but to use it. It is akin to wearing `the mark of the Beast'.

So then, the illusion is created initially by the mass forfeiture of sovereign rights by individuals in society through their acceptance of governance by leaders who, as a group, lack the integrity and intelligence needed to be worthy representatives of the will of the community. It is then reinforced by collective acceptance through participation in the fractional reserve banking system. That acceptance then morphs to become part of the social paradigm. That is why, in my opinion, all who see the video about `Money as Debt' have a responsibility to engage with the message in it. The responsibility is everyone's. If we forfeit our sovereign right and responsibility to think and make decisions for ourselves then I believe we deny our "I AM" identity. We may make mistakes in our thinking and decision making and that's OK but we are obliged to attempt to do the thinking and decision making with effort and integrity. That means not only adequately assessing the merits of our leaders but also thinking deeply about crucial policy issues such as this one, as well as other issues, and expressing the views we develop IF they warrant expression in pursuance of the common weal. Once enough people do that, positive collective consciousness will rise and society will produce the balanced and appropriate responses to issues like money.

Proper exercise of our responsibility to ensure that appropriate decisions are made in relation to the creation of money (and many other things) has of course been radically hampered by the incredible lies and distortions of reality foisted on us by the global banking cabal and their many dark puppets and henchmen. Given the almost complete domination of global society by plutocratic tentacles extending into political, governmental, judicial, educational, religious, and corporate life, and virtually every other facet of society, topped off by the lying all-embracing, Illuminati controlled mainstream global media, it is not surprising that we have failed to understand the current illusion about money. Or, for that matter, any of the other lying illusions that Illuminati manipulators of public opinion have put in place. BUT, as Kryon says: "Once you know you cannot not know". And so it is with us – now we know about the illusion involved in the creation of fiat debt money we are obliged to act as best we can to change the situation.


The fiat debt money illusion requires that governments around the world licence (ie cede the SOVEREIGN right of citizens to) central banks to create (out of thin air) money (a public good) for private profit. Governments then exacerbate the denial of community sovereignty involved in giving away their delegated sovereign power to create money, by legislating to allow central banks to authorise other banks to also create fiat debt money out of thin air and to charge interest on that debt without providing for the creation of money to cover those payments. The destructive nature of this forfeiture of the right of the community to create its own money is then turned into an absolute zero sum game by the failure of governments, as for example with the US government, to make provision for the creation of sufficient fiat US (debt free) notes to enable borrowers to pay the interest on their fiat debt money (Fed note) loans. This situation is repeated around the world by governments and central banks everywhere. That is why Christ Michael and the GF have had to get their Earth allies to negotiate agreements with 106 central banks around the world to get them to eliminate this pernicious practice as part of GESARA.

There can never be enough money to pay fiat debt money interest and so there is always a chronic shortage of money in the system. The only remedy for that shortage of money is issuance of more credit – that is, creation of ever-more fiat debt money. That credit creation results in ever-greater liability for the payment of interest so that the debt spiral does not just continue it gets worse almost exponentially. This vicious debt spiral gets worse until the credit bubble finally bursts with catastrophic economic and social effects. Moreover, the longer the illusion continues to operate before the bubble bursts the greater the destruction of community wealth and loss of community welfare will be when lending declines either through refusal of banks to lend or inability of people to borrow.

In effect, governments have legislated to allow banks to commit three levels of fraud on the community. First, banks are authorised to create fictitious money, that is, banks can create money out of thin air. Second, banks are permitted to charge borrowers' interest (usury) on that fictitious money. Third, banks are allowed to issue loans in the form of fiat debt money upon which they charge interest, without making provision for the creation of the money necessary to pay that interest. This is not just unconscionable; it is diabolical. It constitutes a civilisation destroying zero sum game that only banksters can win.

However, government favouritism towards banks does not stop there. Governments typically allow banks to issue mortgages and loan agreements that often provide that the bank lender may, at any time, UNILATERALLY alter the amount of interest payable by the borrower! Under the law of contract accepted in all other transactions such provisions makes these contracts null and void. Why? Because a valid contract requires that both parties agree to terms and conditions that are clear and certain. A condition of a mortgage or loan agreement that specifies that one party may unilaterally change a fundamental condition of the contract, in this case the amount of interest payable, is void for uncertainty. BUT the courts routinely fail to advert to this fact in litigation on these contracts. This unconscionable mechanism is clearly visible in the case of sub-prime mortgages and loans and is typical in all flexible interest mortgages and loans. Thus government authorised bank fraud is exacerbated by government sanctioned (via court decisions under government controlled judicial systems) breaches of the law of contract that requires that contracts should not be enforceable unless both parties agree to terms and conditions that are certain or clearly ascertainable at the time the contract is entered into.

Of course the fact that banks purport to loan monies conjured out of thin air also makes these loans void for lack of consideration; that is, the bank has not actually provided anything of real value to the borrower in return for the borrower's pledge to pay to the bank the principal sum of money stated in the contract plus interest thereon; AND his/her pledge of a house and/or other asset(s) as collateral which s/he agrees the bank may take in the event that the said principal and interest is not paid to the bank in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract. The US courts usually, but with one or two notable exceptions, have ignored the fact that bank loans consist of "money" created out of thin air. In perhaps the most notable such case, the borrower won his case but the judge died in suspicious circumstances within six months of making the decision.

Imagine how the banks would react if the situation was to be reversed! For instance let's say a person could go to a bank and obtain something of real value, say a kilogram of gold, and lend the bank a fictional property deed containing written particulars of a non-existent property which the parties contract to allow the bank to keep for a period of years provided that the bank continues to give the lender of the fictitious deed an interest payment consisting of, say, an ounce of gold every month during those years. Also assume that the contract also provides that the lender of the fictitious deed can increase the amount of gold the bank must provide as monthly interest to him/her at any time (or at least whenever the US Federal Reserve System [or other appropriate central bank]) increases the prime lending rate, simply by giving the bank a written notice requiring that extra payment. And of course the "lender" could sue the bank for damages and costs if the bank failed to continue to pay the revised "interest" on the "loan".


All monies issued by banks under the fractional reserve system are issued as credit tokens at-interest, that is, they are debt-tokens. First we had goldsmiths issuing credit-at-interest money to individuals. Next we had private banks issuing credit-at-interest money to individuals and the State. Now we have a Credit-Cartel issuing credit-at-interest to the entire world. Today, all wealth – everyone's assets and the Nation's assets - is monetized in this way.

Money issued as credit by the Fed and other private banks virtually guarantees that borrowers, as a class, are indebted for life. Moreover, the system cannot be reversed. Simply because it exists, it perpetually and irreversibly multiplies debt in proportion to commerce, with the singular ultimate consequence of system-wide insoluble debt.

As the mechanism makes no provision for the creation of money to pay the interest charged on credit there is always a shortage of money to pay interest so that not only are borrowers as a class always in debt but over time increasing numbers of borrowers default on their principal and/or interest payments and the banks foreclose on their homes or other assets pledged as collateral. Also, because the only way new money can enter the system is by creation of new debt there is constant social and economic pressure for borrowers to borrow and banks to lend ever-increasing amounts of new fiat money created as debt. This pressure to issue increasing volumes of credit (debt-tokens), is what fuels inflation and especially asset price inflation which is most noticeable in the spiraling increase in housing prices. Such inflation does NOT signal a real increase in the value of homes and other assets but rather a DECREASE in the value of fiat money. In effect the system of issuing money as debt tokens rips off borrowers coming and going. Not only must borrowers pay interest (usury) to the banks but the ever-increasing availability of credit devalues the fictional fiat money they borrow and the value of ALL the money in the economy.

Workers in the US and around the world have vastly increased their productivity in the economic rationalist era, (ie since the Washington Consensus started the overt push for "Globalization" around 1980) yet their standard of living has fallen drastically. Many people work two jobs to pay back money created 'out of thin air' using fiat money earned with the sweat of their brow. Many millions in the US and around the world die premature deaths because of stress and because 'there's no money' for food and medical bills. More millions in the 'Third World' starve to death or die of disease because their countries are burdened with enormous debts to the World Bank, the IMF and international bankers.

Simultaneously every economy in the world that operates under a central bank orchestrated fractional reserve banking system is verging on system-wide insoluble debt. Nowhere can the one thing a central bank can offer, further multiplying debt, save the world from the multiplying debt that soon no nation will be able to afford. [Hence today we have the ludicrous spectacle of the US Treasury committing US citizens to repay some 15 trillion fiat dollars (and counting) created out of thin air and virtually given to US banks and corporations as “bailout” money to create a charade that they are not bankrupt when they obviously are].The struggle is not a new one. Two hundred and thirty years ago the US founding fathers fought hard, and with temporary success, to free the US colonies from the tentacles of the Bank of England. Thomas Jefferson said at the time that:

'If the American people ever allow the banks to issue their currency, the banks and [bank-owned] corporations which will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property, until their children wake up homeless, on the continent their fathers conquered.'
And so it will be. [and IS in many cases already].

A monetary system should provide only for its subjects to exchange their production equitably. Fractional reserve banking is a grave illness. It must be banished forever. It is not possible for human society to evolve while under its thrall. The overwhelming indebtedness created by the issuance of fiat debt money has devastating effects on everyone except bank owners. Moreover the poverty, misery and wage slavery of the many on the one hand and the consumption and obscene wealth of the few – the banksters and their puppets and henchmen - on the other, has created fertile ground for corruption, crime, social disintegration and war.

Bankster driven crime, corruption and environmental abuse has caused a massive global social malaise and has devastated our Earth to the point where the only way to restore a healthy environment is via the cleansing Earth changes currently under way, assisted hopefully, by us and the coming of the Galactic Federation (GF) in the near future. To
moderate the severity of the changes and to assist the cleansing of the planet a change in collective consciousness is absolutely necessary. That means humans need to stop exploiting each other and start sharing the Earth and the Creator's bounty harmoniously and lovingly in an environmentally considerate way. To do this we need to renew human civilization from top to bottom. Reforming the money creation mechanism is absolutely vital to that agenda.


We must eliminate the Fed and all central banks and the system of usurious fractional reserve banking they operate. Each nation [or independent community however described] must then become responsible for issuing and regulating its own money supply. The money issued by each government must be issued without usury (interest). Interest-free money would simply be a medium of exchange and could release the abundance of human production. No one would need to be unemployed because of an alleged shortage of money.

A discussion of how Germany thrived in the 1930s by by-passing the ABs debt money trap will be posted in `MONEY – NOW & LATER Part III (Germany).' Hitler's national socialist regime brillantly illustrated how society can thrive when not in thrall to fractional reserve banksters.

Returning the power of issuing each nation's money to its own government will be a start but it will not be enough. We must ensure that never again will those assisting the goods and services exchange process be able to abuse that process by interfering with the money creation mechanism or by charging interest or other unreasonable fees for money creation or other services relating to money distribution. Moreover, we must completely rethink our methods of governance, education and economic analysis as well as the roles of economists and so-called financial experts and commentators who have allowed or encouraged the rise of the banksters and the fractional reserve banking system that has all but destroyed our civilization and our planet. Nothing less will do.

In my view monetary reform and the reform of our governance processes go together. Neither process is likely to be successfully reformed without thorough reform of the other. [In other words a “clean slate” is needed.]  Without leaders who have integrity and commitment to the welfare of everyone in society the abuse of the monetary system is likely to reappear. Similarly, failure to remove the burdens caused by fiat debt money creation will leave leaders at risk of being once more intimidated or suborned by those who acquire excessive wealth. Monetary reform will also require that everyone in society undergo a fundamental re-education process about money and its place in a healthy community. This is necessary because the existing paradigm - the typical social attitude to money and its uses - must change along with the system for money creation and distribution, if we are to create a stable, sustainable global society. That general education program will also be necessary to eliminate the possibility of future corruption of the new monetary system by clever people, even if our political and social leaders are people of integrity.

So, assuming that radical monetary reform is undertaken at the same time as the restructuring of our methods of governance, each nation will, at least initially, need to assume direct control of the issuance and regulation of its money supply [even if the form that money takes is agreed globally]. Moreover the money creation and supply process needs to be open and transparent with those charged with responsibility for the process being fully and publicly accountable for what they do. This will be a radical departure from current practices where, for example. the Fed is not accountable to the US Congress or anyone else and does not publicly publish its accounts because it is a private corporation. Similarly, even where other central banks like the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) are creatures of statute enacted by a national Parliament, they are usually deemed to be independent and are not formally accountable to anyone [ apart from their non-transparent subservience to the Bank of England and the Bank of International Settlements in Switzerland]. The RBA chairman fronts a Parliamentary committee twice a year and "pfaffs about" using broad generalizations for half a day. That's all. No real scrutiny and no sanctions for mischievous advice or inappropriate monetary policy or money supply activities. For instance in 1989 the RBA advised the Hawke government to hike the Australian prime interest rate to 18.05%* causing market rates to rise to 22% or more in January 1990 resulting in many bankruptcies and foreclosures and the worst recession and unemployment in Australia since the Great Depression but there was no blowback on the RBA or its management.

* US rates were hiked excessively by the Fed at that time also, but they topped out at about 12.3%. Needless to say the US recession was not as bad as the Australian recession.

As with Alan Greenspan and Ben Shalom Bernanke in the US, spokesmen for central banks in Australia and elsewhere seem to have made inscrutable Delphic utterances about monetary policy into a fine art. Such individuals must be stripped of their power to publicly mouth meaningless rhetoric while destroying the lives of citizens by hiking interest rates and flooding the economy with debt money.


Given that use of commodities that are a real store of value are impractical and inappropriate, a fiat paper and digital money creation system seems to be necessary. But the money created must represent a proper standard of value. Moreover that standard must be established as a reference so that any deviation from it may be quickly detected and corrected. Hatonn says the standard requires:

* Similitude – it must be similar to that which it measures.
* Stability – its value must remain constant.
* Commonality – everyone must understand or have easy access to the
standard unit.

Hatonn has indicated that the Fed and other central banks will be abolished and that a debt free money system is essential. No surprises there. Hatonn says that not only must the fractional reserve system be abolished but the value system it represents must be reversed. He also says what that value system needs to be:

`Instead of everything being measured in gold or silver, the proper standard should be the lives of men. And how are the lives of men measured? By "TIME"! Yes, there comes to the forefront the FACT that the only REAL MEASURE of value is somehow established based upon the time of men's lives, or man-hours of work, etc.

The price of all things can be, and frequently is, based upon the man-hours of labor required to make and market them. .. this is the conscious or unconscious means by which everyone determines the value of anything to himself; how much of his life "time" must he exchange for it? … "Time IS MONEY"… The ones who could work but refuse, would be soon quite hungry or go into production.

...You could arbitrarily establish your monetary standard as one average man-hour of labor, which would be the equivalent to setting the cruise-control at, say, 60 mph. This new standard of monetary value should also have a name, so let us call it a "Manny" and its 1% division a "Minn", for obvious reasons.

How well does a Manny meet the requirements for a standard? Let us compare them and see. First, similitude. Labor time is the primary factor in determining the price of everything and also the value of everything to each person … Second, stability. There is nothing more stable than time, which remains fixed through all generations and nations. Third, commonality. Nothing is more common among men than time, which is distributed to all men equally; 24 hours a day and you can't take it with you when you leave. Everyone understands time and virtually everyone has its standard of measurement on his wrist or kitchen wall. You measure and regulate your lives by "time". It is, in attachment to "space", the only separation of the species within the third dimension, so it seems logical to measure progress through that third dimension by your primary commodity - "perceived time". … the only cost that can be placed on the effort [to produce this REVELATOR, for example] is the TIME involved to accomplish the finished product. Thus, you find that the Manny not only meets all of the requirements for standards in general, but uniquely serves as a monetary Standard of Value.

… this is totally uni-sex, dual sex, equal sex. Manny only refers to "persons" called generally "Man".

The Manny system can be instituted anywhere in the world and trade could be conducted with any other Manny-based economy at par, since all Mannys would be issued against the same standard.'  (Phoenix Journal 22, pp. 168-69).


Hatonn suggests interest free money should be issued and regulated by government. As we have seen, money issued by a government without interest would benefit everyone. Instead of creating artificial shortages and causing horrendous suffering, interest-free money would simply be a medium of exchange and could release the abundance of human production. No one would need to be unemployed because of an alleged shortage of money.

In each nation a taxing and money issuing authority (TMA) could be established to create and regulate the monetary system. In effect Hatonn says TMAs:

`would print, with a one year expiration date, as many Mannys as necessary to meet its authorized expenditures. These would be paid into circulation as wages to government employees and to contractors for goods and services, The average wage paid would be maintained at the rate of 1 Manny/hr.'

Comment: It is not clear how the wages and other operating costs of start-up businesses would be generated. On the face of it, wages in businesses would depend upon sales and so they could be low. Moreover, if a business went "bust" it would appear that some wages might not be paid, as occurs in the current system.

`How? Very simply. For government employees, the actual average wage paid is determined by dividing the total wages earned by all employees by the total hours worked by all employees. If the result is more or less than one, the pay rate would be adjusted accordingly. (I would suggest monitoring truth in working, however.) For instance if there are 1,000,000 man-hours in one week and their wages totaled 39,604,000, then each employee's actual wage would be increased 1% to maintain the standard of one Manny/hr. Actual individual wages might vary from base assessment of determined output. Now "government" worklessers and recipients can't be figured accurately due to lack of production during measured time slots, for the value of most government (especially ones in very high-ranking jobs) worklessers is indeed toward the negative side of the production scale and therefore should be considered for Manny demerit subtractions until such time as the worklessers get jobs in the production areas.'

Comment: I do not understand what worklessers are nor do I understand what this paragraph means. Issues like this would need to be clarified if such a system is contemplated.

`The direct adjustment in pay would be fine, however, for the 1,000,000 government employees, as example for this dissertation, but what about the 90 million who are employed by business and the 9 million professional and self-employed people? The earnings of entrepreneurs and professionals would not enter into the balance equation. The average wage of the 100 million employees would be obtained from every employer doing business in the nation and the overall average wage easily calculated. If this figure varied from the standard, the government would increase or decrease its spending to maintain the standard -- according to the laws of the Constitution and the State management to ensure balanced budgets and maintain total freedom from debts.'

Comment: I am unsure as to what this means and how it will be done. In the model example it seems the government would be paying the wages of government employees, ie one million employees or one percent of the workforce – plus payments to contractors for goods and services. As the model economy is said to have 90 million business employees and nine million self employed professionals and entrepreneurs I cannot see how paying the wages of one million government employees and buying goods and services for the government would ensure that the economy always has enough money in circulation to create full employment.

`With the Manny system, taxation to PAY FOR GOVERNMENT EXPENDITURES WOULD NOT BE NECESSARY, since the government would print all the money necessary – according to the Constitution. However, money must be removed from circulation at a rate equivalent to its being spent into circulation or its volume would continue to increase until it became worthless (inflation)'.

Comment: I think this means that after the first 12 months Mannys will start to be withdrawn on a weekly or monthly or some such basis but I assume that no more Mannys could be withdrawn on each occasion than were printed and put into circulation in the week or month, 12 months prior to the date of the withdrawal. If that is what is meant then the number of Mannys withdrawn may not necessarily match the number of Mannys put into circulation at the same time as the withdrawal unless the population and economy are static. IF Mannys are removed from circulation at a rate *equivalent* to their being spent into circulation the system would not seem to take account of possible variations in the number of employees, total population, or increases in production etc.

`With the Manny system the removal, or taxation, could be the ultimate in equity and simplicity. As previously stated, the Mannys would be printed with a one year expiration date, after which they would become worthless. However, they could be turned in to the tax-collector within thirty days after they expired for new Mannys which would be good for another year. However, the new Mannys issued would only be 90%, or other percentage determined by the taxing authority, of those turned in. The ideal situation would be to get caught with no Mannys whereby products could instead be stored. Practically all of the Mannys would be exchanged by businesses in relatively large volumes rather than individuals, who would spend their about-to-expire Mannys, thus enhancing trade. Hence most taxes would be paid by business in proportion to their profits and no income tax computations or payments would be required from anyone. Mannys which were lost or destroyed would accrue to the benefit of everyone since they would not be redeemed by the tax collector for new Mannys. Who can reclaim the precious commodity of a day or even an hour lost?'

Comment: As I understand it, everyone would need to check the expiry date of all Mannys received; and businesses and self employed individuals could find themselves loaded down with Mannys dumped on them on or just before the date of their expiry. This could mean that businesses and self employed individuals would not necessarily pay taxes "in proportion to their profits" because some businesses and individuals could find themselves paying considerably more tax (expired Mannys) than other businesses earning greater profits but managing their Manny holdings more astutely. In effect, "buck passing" Mannys could resemble a game of "pass the parcel" in some areas of the economy. Also, the TMA would probably have to be fairly flexible and agile in setting the Manny discount rate as well as in varying its purchases from contractors in order to avoid some short term inflation or deflation. Inflation could occur if productivity didn't increase rapidly along with the accumulation of discounted Mannys. Deflation could occur if the TMA failed to ensure that the government increased its spending to maintain the standard overall average wage of all

`Anyone convicted of tampering with the Manny–Penny-Minn system, whether government employee, business employee or counterfeiter, should then be sentenced to a life working for the community with all other felons.

Adoption of the Manny—Penny-Minn system would produce numerous benefits, not all of which can be listed (or at least, were listed) here:

1. A stable money system based on a Standard of Value which everyone understands.
2. Elimination of the present legalized system of organized crime, theft and slavery through usury.
3. Reduction of the tax burden by eliminating the income tax and the IRS.
4. No involuntary unemployment since ample money would be available to pay for labor that is available to do any needed job.'
(Phoenix Journal 22, pp. 189-190).

There you have it! Hatonn's solution to the problem of money, employment and a prosperous economy. What do you think?

I'm still hazy about the actual Manny payment mechanism and how it could or would operate in practice. For instance is it suggested that the TMA will act as paymaster from, say, week to week ? And how will those unable to work be catered for? Will those, if any, who cannot work get some income? How? Also, I don't understand how start-up businesses will pay for buildings, plant and raw materials etc. Presumably individuals and corporations (however described) will have to "save" Mannys and spend them on development etc very quickly or they will suffer actual capital losses while trying to get established or develop a project as the case may be. The same considerations would apply to anyone seeking investors in any project. The invested Mannys would need to be acquired and spent quickly. If nothing else the system should guarantee a very fast expenditure of money by all who get it. That should give the money circulating in the economy a high velocity which would make the system very efficient in that respect.


Let's have discussion [on AHS] and gather insights on the proposed Manny money system or any other money creation and taxation system known to have been put forward, if any. While we are at it we could brainstorm about how we might get to a money-free society and what that might be like. In any event these matters will form the basis of lively discussions during stasis.

Unless we have better things to do, understanding money and its place in our future society seems to me to be an appropriate use of our time as we wait for stasis. In fact its arguable that such activities as debating how best to change our money system is part of our "request" for Celestial and GF intervention and the establishment of GESARA.

Peace, love, harmony and GESARA NOW!


End Note

(1) There are four more short videos (Parts 2 -5) at:

Even if you have seen this video series before they are worth watching again. Watch them! Understand the content! Talk about it! If lots of people understood the truth about fiat money and fractional reserve banking our world would change for the better almost overnight.
This is perhaps the only matter that might galvanise lots of people to start to awaken.

A new version of this video series (in one 47 minute video) about 'Money as Debt' was listed at;
But youtube appears to have deleted it.


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