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AH Member Writings : Ron Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Jews are persecuting an Australian for criticising Jews' spying activities in Australia by spuriously arguing that Jews are a "RACE" rather than a Religion
By Brendon O'Connell, Fredrick Tobin & Ron Chapman
Mar 12, 2010 - 3:27:34 AM

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Jews are persecuting an Australian for criticising Jews' spying activities in Australiaby spuriously arguing that Jews are a  "RACE" rather than a Religion

Ron: The video 'The Brendon O'connell Case Concerns Us All' see: outlines the situation in this case.

Brendon O'connell is accused by the state of Western Australia (WA) [a corporate entity that has no real existance and no constitutional or lawful right to govern the people of Western Australia] of racially vilifying Jews. As a minimum then, the Jews must establish that they ARE one race.

A judicial sub-corporation of the WA state corporation has decided to persecute Brendon O'Connell by prosecuting him in its unlawful court system on behalf ot the Jews. This is a typical method by which the Jews intimidate and oppress people in Australia and many, many other countries. Jews organise imaginary entities known as state corporations to intimidate, harass, victimise and oppress people who tell the truth about Jews, their lies and their perfidious activities. For instance in this case the state of WA assumes all the costs of pursuing, unlawfully harassing and oppressing Brendon O'Connell for his truthful statements about Jews and their spying activities in Australia while Brendon must pay his own costs of defending himself against such unlawful police and judicial activities. (1)

If the information Fredrick Toben presents in this video is correct, then the law which the State seeks to enforce against Brendon O'Connell is fatally defective on its face.

If the determination of whether or not the Jews constitute a race is made AFTER the alleged act of vilifying the Jews occurred, then that determination, however made, and whether made by a judge or a jury, or some other form of hearing, is made ex post facto and therefore is unlawful and unenforceable against a defendant who had no prior notice of what conduct is proscribed by the legislation which, in any event, cannot bind a sovereign human being.

The very act of conducting a hearing to determine whether or not Jews are a "race" demonstrates that the Statute failed to provide sufficient notice to the public of what conduct it purported to  proscribe by legislation, and therefore the Statute is unenforceable and must be struck down.

Since the Statute provides no legal definition of whether or not Jews are a race, the question is an issue of fact, not law, and therefore a defendant so charged ought to be entitled to have the issue of fact determined by a jury, if that is his choice, and not a judge or other non-jury form of hearing. It might be that the defendant will be said to have waived his right to have the issue determined by a jury at trial if he fails to assert that right pretrial and instead agrees to have the issue determined by a judge without objecting and taking exception to the violation of his fundamental due process rights. The Australian courts  should honour the defendant's fundamental right to have issues of fact determined by a jury of his peers, as opposed to them being determined by a judge who should only be entitled to determine any issue, even issues of "law", if that is the defendant's free and informed choice.  Of course true common law principles require that ALL issues of fact AND law should be decided by a jury of the defendant's peers. The fact that this is not the case is evidence of just how far the Australian judicial system has been corrupted and diverges from  the principles of natural divine law.

In any event, a substantial argument can be made that there are no distinct human races, and therefore any accusation of racial vilification does not, and cannot state an offense and can therefore be dismissed pretrial. This argument can be made in addition to the argument that the Jews are so genetically diverse that they cannot constitute any homogenous and unique biological category, much less constitute a specific race. While visiting Israel during the 1970s Töben met Chinese and Indian Jews, and in Africa during the early 1980s he met African Jews.The Jews are, by definition, followers of the Jewish religion, not an homogenous and unique racial biological category.

A Jew may become a non-Jew by changing his religion without changing his genes. A non-Jew may become a Jew by conversion and belief. Though such a convert may believe that he is racially superior based on his incorporation through his beliefs into the "chosen people", science provides no evidence that his genes have changed, much less blended with those of a mythological homogenous and unique Jewish genotype which nowhere exists. These three separate issues should be decided separately at different hearings by a jury of the defendant's peers.

As the legislation (which in any event is not binding on a sovereign human being) has not made any such definitions, these are questions of fact that MUST be decided by a jury. Judges are appointed and paid by the State. and so they are intrinsically compromised and have a vested interest in the  success of state proceedings. It is never in a defendant's best interests to  allow a state appointed official to determine ANY issues of fact  verses law, or of fact or law, or of jury versus judge.  If a sovereign human being is forced to appear in a state court objection should be taken to any and all  of these matters not being  determined by a jury of the defendant's peers.

End Note

(1) On 19 November 2009 Brendon O'connell informed his webmaster that a search warrant executed three days earlier was issued to facilitate an "investigation" [ie a "fishing expedition" to try to find or create "evidence" to support the unlawful WA state prosecution] that Brendon had exhibited 'conduct intended to incite racial vilification'. Since he had NOT been charged as per the official reason given for the raid, one must conclude that Brendon has not exhibited any behaviour that could in any way be construed as 'conduct intended to incite 'racial vilification', and that accordingly, the warrant was issued under false pretences.

At the time during which the raid took place, Brendon mistakenly believed that he was being charged with 'conduct intended to incite racial vilification.' Brendon was, however,  charged with 'obstructing the police'. He denies the charge. [Ron: Note that the WA Police acted unlawfully and then charged the victim of their criminal behaviour with "obstructing them"!]

Brendon had to appear at Perth district court on 20 Novemeber 2009. He refused to acknowledge the jurisdiction of the court and issued the judge with a 'Notice of Understanding and Intent And Claim of Right'. In other words, he declare himself a sovereign freeman.

Subsequently the WA Police sought to return Brendon's property stolen during their unlawful raid on his home. Brendon declined the return of his property. He believes that corrupt officers of the WA police force are attempting to frame him. He was therefore somewhat reluctant to accept the return of his computer and camera equipment. [Ron: After all he cannot know what information might have been secreted thereon. Note also that by stealing Brendon's computer and other records the WA Police unlawfully gained access to information available to Brendon and to his defence preparations which thus became available to his prosecutors!  Also the WA Police were preventing him from preparing his defence to the Jew inspired state prosecution in this matter

His webmaster says:


It has recently been brought to my attention that the Israeli Jew who operates the "Israelly Cool" site appears to be liaising with Perth-based Jews. I quote:

"Now for the kicker: I purposefully withheld this blog post until I was informed that this information was passed on to the police. Given that Brendover purportedly made similar threats to a few synagogues and Jewish school in Perth, this blog statement will likely be added to the list and presented in court."

If Brendon O'Connell had 'threatened' synagogues and Jewish schools as was falsely alleged in a comment made on an obscure website by someone known only as "Perth Guy", you could bet your last shekel that Brendon would also be facing these separate charges. That he isn't says as much about the veracity of these spurious and quite malicious allegations as it does for the integrity and credibility of the owner of "Israelly Cool". Israeli fool more like.
[Ron: WHY is it that Jews can lie about goyim and falsely accuse them publicly and to the Police but truthful statements by goyim about Jews  and their spying activities etc are used to persecute and prosecute goyim?]

The lies and disinformation that these people peddle is truly staggering. Remember the bullshit about Jewish children requiring counselling?

... [See for further evidence of Jewish lies in this case]

It remains unclear as to what specific reasons lie behind the raid on Brendon O'Connell last Monday evening. But I think that if one were to Google the keywords of "McKool Smith + Anti Defamation League" and "Arguewitheveryone + Anti Defamation League", one might then find the real reasonAnti-Defamation League have been very busy as of late.'

Ron: To understand how Brendon felt about the unlawful WA Police invasion of his home and the stealing of his property have a look at this video (10' 11'), See: Brendon O'Connell Refuses Pizza Delivery From Police:


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©2005-2022 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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