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AH Member Writings : Ron Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Heart-Centred Feelings Speak the Language of the Universe
By Ron Chapman
Dec 26, 2010 - 12:08:31 AM

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Heart-Centred Feelings Speak the Language of the Universe

By Ron Chapman

The Bible is a human compilation made by many men over hundreds of years. Dozens of books were removed and/or redacted from the early books and writings about Esu Immanuel’s life, teachings and activities. This mainly occurred when Emperor Constantine’s Church Council in 325 AD decided upon an official biblical compilation. Over subsequent centuries other material was edited out and/or changed through conscious redaction and also through translation errors etc. The final result is a bit of a dog’s breakfast. In my opinion anyone seeking to unquestioningly rely on Bible “stories” for personal “salvation” makes a double mistake because not only is the Bible a nefarious human concoction but also we cannot be “saved” by anyone or anything outside of our sovereign, God-centred selves. Each must do "the work" now or later.

Much of the material removed from the official Bible compilations by Church Councils etc, described our relationship to the universe and the Creation around us through the power of human emotion. That knowledge has been slowly reappearing through discovery of writings such as the Dead Sea Scrolls and modern revelations like the Urantia Book and the Phoenix Journals.

Crucial to our understanding of our real HUman identity and personal power is an understanding of the relationship between our thoughts and our emotions. In effect we need to understand how we go about making use of the relationship between thoughts, feelings and emotions inside of our bodies, and what’s happening in the world around us.

Feelings and emotions are closely related BUT they are not the same thing. There is a difference.

The lower three chakra centres in our bodies are closely associated with what we call the power of human emotion. Arguably we are capable of only two primary emotions, namely “love” and the opposite of love, that is, FEAR. Fear manifests in a number of ways; as anger, hatred, avarice, cowardice and so on. In our dualistic world both these primary emotions are polarities of the same force but the results they produce in our material environment are very different.

Our emotional power is a force which drives us forward in life and tears down the walls and barriers that stand between us and the things we hold dear in our lives.

However, emotions tend to be fragmented and chaotic.  Emotions need to be  focused, understood and controlled. This is where our power of thought and logic come into play. This power of thought is associated with the upper energy centres of the body which act as the biological mechanisms for the expression of mind and spirit. Thought is what gives focus, direction and control to our emotions. In other words we have a thought about something; and into that thought we PUMP the fuel of the emotions we associate with that idea. That is, we pump our love or our fear into that thought construct, or what we think that thought may bring to us.

So, when we marry the power of emotion with the direction we give to that emotion through thought, we CREATE A FEELING.

Thus by definition feeling is the union of emotion and thought. The one energy centre that is not accounted for in all the other systems, is the HEART centre. The heart energy centre is a thinking organ (being composed of some 60-65% neurons, similar to the neurons in the brain) dedicated to the power of feeling. (1) We FEEL in our hearts. When a feeling is heart–centred and rational it acts as an energy transmitter that sends a clear message to the universe.

So the feeling we have in our hearts is the language THAT SPEAKS TO "The Field" (also known as the quantum hologram) that Western science is beginning to understand, through various experiments, underlies the universe. It is the power of human feeling that is the language that opens the door to the possibilities of what we can create in our world because it speaks to “the field”.

Our advanced 3d scientists describe this “field” as a web or a net that underlies the fabric that links everything in the universe together. And it is this fabric, this web, this net, that we speak to with the feelings in our bodies, that is, with the feelings in our hearts. So if our emotions are chaotic, confused and lacking in love (fearful, angry, negative etc) and not given positive order, focus and a love orientation through heart-centred thoughts, the resultant chaotic and negative energy signals will constitute the messages we send out to the fabric (web or net of energy) of the universe. The fabric of the universe will respond to that chaotic and/or negative energy message, because it always responds to our energetic desires. If we send out messages of love we beget more love. If we send out messages of fear (anger, hate etc) the universe responds in kind to those also.

Words are not true prayers – our feelings are our true prayers. We must feel our feeling as if our prayer has already been answered. And in that feeling we are speaking to the forces of Creation – allowing the universe to respond to us – allowing the quantum hologram, “the field”, the “mind of God”, to respond to us with what it is that we are feeling within our hearts.

So, rather than praying TO a deity and feeling powerless we need to feel that we are participating in the fulfillment of the situation we desire. We are part of our world and, for instance, as we feel peace in our world or healing in the bodies of our loved ones etc., we are actually EMPOWERING the energetic (universe) "Field" to mirror that situation back to us in a way that will bring those changes about in our lives and in our world.

For a fuller discussion of these ideas about emotions and feelings see: Gregg Braden - The Science of Miracles 3/6 (Napisy PL)


(1) See the discussion in 'The Balance between Heart and Brain Intelligence' at:
References in this Article include:

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