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AH Member Writings : Ron Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

Government is an extortion racket.
By Ron Chapman
Sep 2, 2010 - 6:30:11 AM

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Government is an extortion racket.

By Ron Chapman


Government as we know it, is an extortion racket and it has been an extortion racket since the days of Babylon. Better said, today government is the visible aspect of a complex, multi layered global extortion racket that enslaves virtually all humans on the planet other than those who secretly control governments. The racket is centred on a crucial corporate non-government element namely privately owned banks which create fictitious fiat money out of thin air that governments then force citizens to borrow, use and pay interest (usury) on.


This is the core of the racket because digital fiat money is worthless and costs nothing to create and should be issued free of charge and without usury. In fact today’s fiat money does not exist at all – it is represented by digital “book” entries in cyber space only. As money is just a means of exchange, a useful tool for assisting people to exchange goods and services, it should be issued by society free of charge in sufficient quantity to achieve that purpose but for no other reason. This can be done by the community appointing closely supervised  individuals  to create and issue money to fund community projects,  activities and services whereupon the money would circulate through the community at no cost to its members and without incurrence of interest (usury) charges. Such money creation should be limited to amounts sufficient to pay for materials and services available within the community so that an excessive money supply will not give rise to inflation, ie too much money chasing too few goods and services.


All persons appointed to act as agents for the members of a given community in relation to the conduct of core activities on behalf of that community, should be personally and transparently responsible and accountable for what they do. This requirement especially applies to responsibilites like the issuing and controlling of a community’s money supply. For a government to licence private individuals to issue money on behalf of the community and to charge interest (usury) on the money so issued, is a breach of fiduciary duty and a corrupt criminal act. Yet that is what governments do everywhere in the world today.


Worse yet, governments arrogate a monopoly on force and violence within the community and they use that monopoly to enforced acceptance of fiat money created out of thin air by private lenders. The borrowing of fiat money at interest (usury) automatically TAXES everyone who borrows it and through them everyone who uses it, and those “tax” payments go to private individuals who control the banks. But government extortion rackets do not end there. Governments force people to pay income tax on any fiat money (or its alleged equivalent if people use barter) they earn or acquire through their labour or entrepreneurial or other means. To enforce this taxation process governments licence private corporations like the IRS to act as tax gatherers and enforcers. Again, this is an abuse of fiduciary duty owed to community members that governments are ostensibly established to serve. It also constitutes obtaining money with menaces. In effect it constitutes ‘robbery under arms.’


To keep the fiat money system going “citizens” are forced to borrow ever-larger sums of money in order to pay interest on money already borrowed (since money to pay the interest demanded by the banks on loans is NEVER created when original loans are made). This ever-increasing borrowing is necessary to keep the system going and to pay taxes and charges for agencies and services created by governments, including their very expensive enforcement agencies like the IRS, the courts, the police, the military and so on. This system of continually escalating debt creation automatically and continuously devalues all existing fiat money because the continual increasing of the money SUPPLY (eg bailout payments to banks and Congressional appropriations to fund foreign wars and military occupations etc) does not increase production; it merely STEALS the value of money already in existence and hence it devalues the savings, pensions and superannuation accounts of the general population. In effect today’s expenditure on warfare creates tomorrow’s impoverished pensioners and superannuants. At best, if they are lucky, social security recipients et al will get their nominal fiat money pensions and payments when they retire but those payments (and peoples’ savings if any) will be provided using devalued “money” that may only buy cat food and peanuts.


A crucial non-government element in this complex pastiche of criminal extortion is the IRS (generally referred to as Income Tax Departments in Anglo countries other than the US). Typically the IRS takes 30% or more of every workers’ gross earnings. That “take” is comparable to and probably greater than the labour demanded of serfs by feudal lords in the Middle Ages. Moreover feudal lords had to provide serfs with land, shelter and health care; and sustenance in old age whereas our modern government extortion rackets demand that today’s serfs must be free range workers who are forced to pay their own living, travel, healthcare and personal expenses out of wages that have already been reduced by income taxes and other government levees and charges. In effect, governments require today’s slave citizens to pay for their own cages (homes) as well as their food, drink, clothing, healthcare, education costs, transport to work and like expenses. Not satisfied with that, governments have legislated to allow banks and other lenders to steal workers’ cages when they can no longer pay usurious interest rates and/or repay fictitious and fraudulent fiat money loans created out of thin air using the borrower’s own credit.


Apart from the IRS the government extortion racket employs several other enforcement agencies notably corporate judicial systems, police agencies, secret service, national security and homeland security agencies, and the nation’s military forces. These agencies and armed forces provide the strong arm extortion muscle used by governments to ensure compliance and payment by citizens. Today government enforcements methodologies are far more ubiquitous and efficient than the feudal enforcement techniques used in the Middle Ages ever were. Moreover, today’s enforcement methods are very expensive and so government demands for taxes and charges constantly rise.


This situation has reached the stage that people are slowly beginning to wake up to the realisation that governments are not what they pretend to be and that the “Welfare” propaganda governments use to justify ever increasing taxes and encroachments upon human rights and liberties is a lie used to further enslave sovereign beings. Hopefully this will soon morph into a realisation that governments ARE an extortion racket, an unneeded, parasitic incubus on society that needs to be eliminated so that humans can be free to grow in self-governing abundance and harmony.


Humans beings are sovereign sparks of Creator and are more than capable of governing themselves in concert with their brothers and sisters. After the collapse of our current absurd global economic model we will begin to govern ourselves in local communities in which people can and will take care of each other, once they cease to believe that they must pay governments to make their decisions for them. So be it.



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