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AH Member Writings : Ron Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Getting Off Money
By Ron Chapman
Aug 9, 2012 - 3:22:01 AM

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Getting Off Money

Ron Chapman


Money is an illusion within a wider illusion - the holographic universe in which we seem to move and have our being. Money is an idea vivified by human consciousness; human group think. It is therefore possible to unthink it. But why would humanity want to do that?

Well, we are told that money is a needed societal tool for exchange of goods and services but it isn’t. It is actually a socially engineered mechanism for enslavement. Humans have been programmed from cradle to grave to equate money with personal identity and self worth. It isn't. Sooo, that social engineering must be reversed.

Arguably the money meme is a central mind control mechanism that has been used to enslave humanity mentally and physically. It creates artificial distinctions between sovereign fragments of the ONE Creator. It SEPARATES us from each other, isolating us psychologically from others and spiritually from Creation. That psychic isolation is in our faces all the time because it results in physical separation in all aspects of life as well as spiritual estrangement.

I suspect that one reason we are still waiting for the 3DD is that Western “civilisation” really HAS to have the shock of experiencing life AFTER the banks shut down. Until that happens most people will not even contemplate the problems created by the money meme. The relative reluctance of AHers to grapple with this issue let alone confront the reality, examples the problem. Be aware though, that the money economy is on its last legs anyway.

At the core of our so-called Capitalist global economic system are two mechanisms. First, the usurious monetary mechanism. Second, and symbiotically co-dependent with that money mechanism, is the labour for income mechanism. The global economic system is based on human beings selling their labour as a commodity in the open market so that they can then buy and consume the production of that market. The reason the matrix controllers have concealed the true meaning and implications of the rapid uptake of mechanisation, automation and electronics (robotics) in human workplaces is that the steady decline in available paid employment for people heralds the end of the fictional fiat money creation and usurious fractional reserve banking systems that have held humanity in thrall and enslavement to the matrix controllers for centuries. But the future is here. See eg:

If people do not have the option to work for a living because paid employment is unavailable, then the monetary system as we know it, is finished, and the capitalist economic system based on it must implode also. No one can buy goods if they don’t earn money or get given money by the welfare state. Similarly, companies and businesses cannot afford to produce goods and services if consumers have no purchasing power to buy them. Lastly, governments will cease to be able to collect income, sales and other taxes and charges sufficient to continue the Welfare State if only a minority of people are working, earning money, paying taxes and consuming. Sooo, as the need for workers declines below the “tipping point” at which the state ceases to be able to take enough money from those in paid employment to provide adequate “welfare” payments to the unemployed and their dependants, this jerrybuilt system breaks down. As that happens those who control the corporations that own the robots and machines will decide who lives and who dies and whether the process will be quick or not. This situation underlines the matrix controllers’ desire to eliminate the bulk of the human population of the planet. Billions of human workers are no longer “needed”.

Apart from the fact that robots and automation are greatly reducing the need for workers, thus leaving huge numbers of people without high paying or any jobs, think about all the unnecessary work created by the money economy. For instance most work in banking, financial services, accountancy, financial law, court cases over money, wage tribunals, marketing, and merchandising, advertising (ie lying propaganda), taxation, policing of taxation and other crimes relating to money, insurance and so on will be unnecessary. IF those functions are eliminated a huge number of people would be freed up to do productive work and private projects, and that would increase general welfare. Moreover, eliminating the stress, pain, angst and misery relating to existing negative work activities will reduce the workload on doctors, psychologists, therapists and everyone currently needed to minister to those now suffering from those activities. If nothing else, the US could soon close its Veterans' hospitals and health facilities.

Once you’ve digested the fact that the old employment for money syndrome cannot be sustained and is on the way out VERY SOON because machines will do the work, have a look at the positive technologies that will become available as soon as there ceases to be a monetary advantage in suppressing them. For instance think about the fact that zero point energy (ZPE) devices will all but eliminate the cost (and human effort) involved in creation of electrical and other power supplies including the power needed for transport modes. Once the ZPE systems are up and running and freely available, there will be no need for power grids, power poles down every street etc. The bulk of the construction, operating and maintenance crews currently needed for those tasks will be released to do more productive and enjoyable activities.

Similarly, no trucks, trains, ships and pipelines will be needed to transport oil, coal and gas etc all over the world. That will also eliminate the specious alleged need to make war on countries that have lots of oil, and/or coal or gas. THAT would save the trillions of dollars spent on bombing countries back to the Stone Age and invading and occupying them. It would also eliminate the work required to rebuild the infrastructure destroyed in such processes. And of course there would be a big drop in the need for surgeons, doctors, therapists etc for those wounded or injured mentally or physically. And so it goes cobbers.

What all this means is that we must get a grip on the new reality in which forced, full-time and/or multiple part-time employment will be no more; and only a relatively small, select cadre of specialist planners, designers, engineers, technicians, supervisors, administrators, scientists and such, will be needed to perform construction, industrial and infrastructure services "work" etc.  Those performing that work will choose their occupations and be suitably equipped to perform them. As a result, most people will be free to spend much of their time doing research, study and following personal pursuits that are considered to be of benefit to society or at least not detrimental. In that environment activities like “The Arts” will come into their own. It may be that some menial work not amenable to automated and/or robotic performance will need to be performed on a routine roster basis, by those not otherwise adequately employed. I understand that in Telos such work consumes a half day a month for everyone from top to bottom of the governance order.

If AHers are going to help the general population to understand these things we will need to get a thorough grip on the issues ourselves. We have been schooled to believe that money defines us and that, for instance, the “quality” and social status of potential friends and mates depends on how much money we have or can command or acquire. That paradigm is very deeply rooted in modern Western society. IF we don’t get across these issues the end result will be the blind leading the blind. Arguably therefore, understanding why we must get OFF money is not an optional extra. It is a central requirement. Accordingly, those “waiting” for the cavalry to arrive could do worse that getting up to speed on money matters.

Arguably the fact that a policy decision has been taken to continue with money and some form of banking after stasis is no reason to assume that we need not understand why we must get off money as soon as possible. Our spiritual mentors admonish us to “let go” of old and inappropriate paradigms. Letting go of money is one of them.


Welfarism and Community

One of the fears that arise when considering a moneyless society seems to be: “How are those currently on welfare programs going to survive?” The short answer is: “Better than today.” Currently, welfare programs for the old and sick and for families with children, and child support from noncustodial parents, are said to be funded for at least a simple level of existence using money transactions – subject to the whims of governments.

The Welfare State's policy objective is said to be to care for everyone and especially to protect children and their carers. In a moneyless society ALL basic requirements for living for everyone deemed in need and not a bludger, would be catered for in much the same way as a loving family ensures that all its members receive a fair share of available resources. The prime difference in a moneyless society would be that there is much more likely to be a real sense of community awareness and responsibility for the welfare of children and everyone else than is the case today where centralised bureaucracies control these matters.

Apart from the fact that communities are better able to look after their own members than distant bureaucracies, the  money economy tends to separate and isolate people from each other. Moreover, no one will be unemployed once communities control their own affairs because communities will have a vested interest in sharing necessary work reasonably and equitably once bankers' can no longer control employment by controlling the money supply.

Moreover, in today’s welfare state all transactions are impersonal and subject to the vagaries of legislation, bureaucracy and the alleged availability of fictive fiat money which is under the monopoly control of private banking cartels. In a moneyless society, if the community has food everyone eats except, perhaps at the discretion of the local community, able bodied individuals who refuse to perform a modicum of service for the benefit of their community. Availability of resources and labour, not money, will determine welfare.

Welfare governments are an outgrowth of the outmoded human livestock management system used, in conjunction with the money economy, to manage and control humanity in the interests of those who presume to “own” both humanity and the planet. As such, “welfarism” is past its use by date, as mentioned above.

Both Capitalist Welfarism and Bolshevik Socialism masquerade behind a veil of democratic electoral processes. However, the democratic mechanism in both systems is a sham. Virtually all candidates having a real chance of election are part of the one homogenous group approved by the hidden controllers of the systems. The Bolshevik system was a little more honest in that its preselection process typically produced only one candidate whereas the Capitalist system pretends that the electorate has a choice between party candidates although in truth those candidates are essentially divided into two teams preselected from a homogeneous pool approved by hidden controllers.

In my view both these political control systems must be eliminated and replaced with genuinely representative republican style governance arrangements. All new socio-political systems need to focus on building sovereign human communities from the ground up. That means concentration on creation of self sufficient, self-sustaining and self-governing local communities that elect representatives to district political assemblies that in turn elect representatives to regional assemblies which then elect national representatives. The national assemblies would then elect representatives to regional global representative bodies that would then elect representatives to a world council (however described). At all levels this elective process would need to be on a broad, transparently consensual basis; and representatives would need to only RE-PRESENT the views of their constituents, and strictly in accordance with their instructions from constituents at all times.

This model presupposes the elimination of the centralised welfarist mentality that assumes that individuals and communities cannot decide their own priorities, muster the resources and do the work needed to satisfy those priorities and to maintain their community, but must rely on a central authority to do it for them. In future, local and district communities need to fund and provide their own essential facilities and services, such as local roads and transport arrangements, schools, health care, local policing and so on, instead of paying taxes to a central authority that then decides what those taxes will be used for and how much of their own productivity (taxes, charges etc) each community will get back for use in construction and maintenance of local infrastructure and provision of local services. Currently this centralised system drains very substantial resources away from local communities for the benefit of virtually unaccountable national bureaucracies, military activities and so on. The system invites corruption, mismanagement and maldistribution of resources and creates a sense of dependence in subject communities, as collectives, as well as in the individuals constituting those communities.

As central governments take and retain (for use in running political processes, bureaucracies, wars etc) at least 15% to 20% of funds taxed and taken from subject communities, any reform that allows local communities to retain the bulk of the funding currently taken by central authorities will, on average, give those communities substantially more funding to use locally and as deemed appropriate, than at present. In other words, local and district communities will be more able to fund so-called “welfare” services for their members than is currently the case when central governments do it. Or so I think...

3 July 2012


This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in anyway and a link placed back to this site. It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link. Thank you, Candace.


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©2005-2022 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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