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AH Member Writings : Ron Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:37:51 PM

Early Hitler letter on Jews unveiled
By with comments by Ron
Jun 12, 2011 - 11:34:00 PM

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Early Hitler letter on Jews unveiled

Wednesday, June 08, 2011 » 02:17pm


The signature under the typewritten words on yellowing sheets of nearly century-old paper is unmistakable: Adolf Hitler, with the last few scribbled letters drooping downward.

The date is 1919 and, decades before the Holocaust, [Ron: This is lying propaganda. There was NO Holocaust of Jews but there WAS a holocaust of Germans BY Jews. See eg. GRUESOME HARVEST The Costly Attempt To Exterminate The People of Germany. See:

And: '11 Million Germans murdered AFTER WW2' by Richard K. Martani. See:

And: 'Behind the Holocaust: What was Hitler’s unforgivable sin?' See: And:

'Hitler’s freedom from International Debt Slavery.' See: ].

the 30-year-old German soldier - born in Austria - penned what are believed to be Hitler's first written comments calling for the annihilation of Jews.

Written on a German army typewriter, Hitler's letter has long been known to scholars. It is considered significant because it demonstrates how early he was forming his anti-Semitic views.[Ron: More Khazar propaganda! Jews are NOT Semities! And the reasons Hitler and the German people had for wishing to have Jews leave their country have been well documented. For instance see Phoenix Journal ch.22 p 156: And, MONEY: NOW & LATER - Part III (Germany)

The document was displayed on Tuesday by the founder of a Jewish human rights organisation [Ron: It's name being?] that purchased what he says is the original letter last month.

Hitler 'set the gold standard about man's inhumanity to man' said Rabbi Marvin Hier of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, named after the late Nazi hunter. [Ron: These Khazar Jews never let up do they? If their lips are moving they are lying! Hitler couldn't hold a candle to the Bolshevik Jews "holocausting" of over 60 million Russian Christians not to mention their murder by starvation of seven million Ukrainian Christians during the Holodomor and similar efforts elsewhere in the Soviet Republics and in Germany and Poland.].

Three weeks ago, the Los Angeles-based organisation [Ron: Why are we not told the NAME of this Jewish propaganda "organisation"?]. purchased the original for $US150,000 ($A139,899) from Profiles in History, a dealer in Calabasas Hills, California, which acquired the document from a dealer in Kansas, who in turn purchased it from a US Army soldier named William F Ziegler, according to the rabbi.

Ziegler is said to have found the four typed pages in a Nazi [Ron: Use of the term "Nazi" here is misleading.  This would have been a German government Archive which was the property of the German nation.] archive near Nuremberg, Germany, in the final months of World War II. [Ron: Sooo, this document was stolen from the German nation and remains stolen property!]

'The danger posed by Jewry for our people today finds expression in the undeniable aversion of wide sections of our people,' Hitler wrote in German. [Ron: Having regard to all the circumstances this was a statement of fact. In 1916 the Jews convinced the British to continue WWI instead of accepting an honourable peace offered by the Germans by promising to get the US into the war on Britain's side in exchange for a British to give the Khazar Jews Palestine - a country that Britain had no connection with or claims in relation too at the time. Then at the Treaty of Versailles and thereafter the Jews gutted Germany and stole everything in sight by issuing themselves huge loans to purchase German properties and then crashing the value of the German currency by issuing humungous amounts of fiat money so that their loans could be paid off for almost nothing. Jews were indeed a deadly DANGER to the German nation and Hitler, and eventually most Germans, KNEW that. Don't believe me? Well the Jews declared war on Germany in 1933 because their demands that Hitler not be allowed to head the German government were ignored. The Jews then attempted to starve the German people using international trade sanctions and boycotts. Sound familiar? Guess what the Khazars did to Iraq and are currently doing to Lybia].

'The cause of this aversion ... arises mostly from personal contact and from the personal impression that the individual Jew leaves - almost always an unfavourable one.'

In one section, Hitler said that a powerful government could curtail the so-called 'Jewish threat' by denying their rights. But 'its final aim, however, must be the uncompromising removal of the Jews altogether.' [Ron: Note that Hitler was referring to the removal of Jews from within Germany NOT their annihilation!!! And the reason for seeking to have them emigrate to Madagscar, Palestine or the US was simply because they refused to assimilate and be loyal to the German nation.  Note also, that there were many Jews who were loyal to Germany and they were accepted by Hitler and the German government. See, for instance: 'This bit of history was hidden from us: Hitler's Jewish Army: Apparently at least two field marshals, 15 generals, two full generals, 8 lieutenant generals, five major generals and 150,000 soldiers in the German military were of Jewish ancestry AND loyal to their country ( This further evidences that there was NO Holocaust. BUT see the selection of articles at the end of this post for convincing evidence that the Holocaust did not happen and is a monstrous, RACIST Blood Libel against the German people.].*

At the time, Hitler was serving in the German army, and had taken to riling up the troops with his anti-Semitic rants. [Ron: More Jewish bullshit.where is the evidence for this?] A superior officer urged Hitler to put his ideas on paper.

Known as the Gemlich letter, the document was certified as authentic in 1988 by handwriting expert Charles Hamilton, who had revealed the infamous 'Hitler Diaries' to be forgeries.

The centre plans to put Hitler's letter on view at its Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles sometime in July. [Ron: Ya gotta laugh! The frikken Jews are sooo expert in Engsoc and double speak. This letter is gonna be used by Jews to create RACE HATRED of Germans under the rubric of a "Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles". YES SIREE BOB! You Betcha!

[Colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.]

* Some relevant articles evidencing that the Holocaust myth is a  RACIST Blood Libel LIE:

Official German Record of Prisoners in Auschwitz Concentration Camp, May 1940 through December 1944. See:


"The First Holocaust - Jewish Fundraising Campaigns With Holocaust Claims During and After WWI" by Don Heddesheimer. See:

See chapter nine from the book "Did Six Million Really Die?"

Found at:

Holocaustianity - Zionism's Big Lie. See:

The Holocaust Explained. See:

The Incredible Jewish 'Holocaust' Facts And Opinions Raise Serious Issues. See:


The Holohoax. See:


The Decalogue of Inconvenient Facts about the World War II Holocaust. See:

Bergen-Belsen Camp: The suppressed story. See:

NAZI Gassings Never Happened See:


The Holocaust™ in a nutshell. See:

A 1919 letter penned by Hitler calling for the annihilation of Jews has been unveiled in New York.A 1919 letter penned by Hitler calling for the annihilation of Jews has been unveiled in New York. Note: the letter did not suggest annihilation of the Jews - this is yet another Khazar media LIE.



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