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AH Member Writings : Ron Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Australia and New Zealand governments illegitimate
By Kelvyn Alp with comments by Ron
Dec 27, 2010 - 3:18:38 AM

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Australia and New Zealand governments illegitimate

What I am about to disclose should have far reaching international consequences for the Australian, New Zealand and Canadian Governments in particular.  Not only are these governments illegitimate, but their entire Judicial Systems and Constitutions are totally unlawful, their governments fraudulent and their legislation invalid!

The information I'm about to disclose should also have consequences for the British government, which for 92 years has played a pea and shell political game that's about to be exposed as a huge fraud!

Many international treaties may well be NULL AND VOID!  That’s right, under international law, the governments of Australia, New Zealand and Canada don't have any legitimate authority to govern the inhabitants of those countries and their parliaments hold no lawful rights to represent Independent Sovereign Nations.

The questions for you are:  What are their representatives doing in the Solomon Islands and what authority do they have to be here?

It seems fantasy is not confined to the pages of fairy tales.  An essential component of all fiction is that the story is essentially false - a lie as it were - but depicted in such a way as to capture the imagination of the audience, sweeping them into a world of make believe as they observe, spellbound by the complexities of the storyline.

It’s about time your blindfolds were removed to allow you to see the truth and after reading this article, anyone that continues to allow this massive fraud and deception becomes a guilty party to it!

At this point, you will want me to prove these claims and ask if I have any proof.  The answer is YES I DO and the proof is easily accessible to you all.  The following information will relate predominantly to Australia, but what has to be remembered, is that New Zealand and Canada are also in the exact same position.


Estimates vary, but when World War I ended on the 11th of November, 1918, about 37 million were casualties: at least 16 million dead and 21 million wounded. The Allies had lost about 5.7 million soldiers and Germany, Hungary, Turkey and Bulgaria about 4 million. Approximately 21 million from all sides were wounded. Almost 7 million citizens were dead.

Ninety-two years ago the world had experienced nothing like it. To this day they are still digging up WWI armaments in French fields!

During the latter stages of the Great War – The War to End All Wars – American President, Woodrow Wilson proposed the establishment of what became the League of Nations. Travelling to Paris in 1919 he shaped the Treaty of Versailles and effectively created the League – for which he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. He collapsed in Colorado whilst touring America in 1919 as a result of his tireless efforts to change public opinion and have America join the League of Nations. He died in 1924. America never joined the League.

In a cynically brilliant but coldly calculated political manoeuvre the British government granted their former colonies freedom, independence and sovereignty, knowing full well that with cultural and economic ties as well as possessing the strongest navy, their former colonies would vote with Mother Britain – thereby enabling Britain to dominate the new League of Nations – which she did.


Almost a century ago in 1919 the recognised Australian population was less than 5.5 million living on a huge island at the arse-end of the globe and surrounded by Asia. With all their cultural, racial and strong family ties to Britain ('the home country') the government in this lonely European outpost, for practical reasons, decided to carry on as if nothing had happened. The New Zealand government did likewise.

Nobody noticed when on  Wednesday the September 10, in that year, London born Australian Prime Minister, Billy Hughes stated in the Federal Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia, “…By this recognition Australia became a nation, and entered into a family of nations on a footing of equality. We had earned that, or, rather, our soldiers had earned it for us. In the achievement of victory they had played their part and no nation has a better right to be represented than Australia…”

When in 1921 Sir Joseph Cook, former Prime Minister to Australia took up the position of Australian High Commissioner in London, King George V welcomed “the representative of our ex-colony, the newly independent nation of Australia” - again no one noticed!


Now the problem was Article X of the Covenant of the League of Nations, which states: “The Members of the League undertake to respect and preserve as against external aggression the territorial integrity and existing political independence of all Members of the League...”

Sir Geoffrey Butler KBE, MA and Fellow, Librarian and Lecturer in International Law and Diplomacy of Corpus Christi College in Cambridge University stated, “It is arguable that this article is the Covenant's most significant single measure. By it the British Dominions, namely New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Canada, have their independent nationhood established for the first time...the Dominions will always look to the League of Nations Covenant as their Declaration of Independence.”

This became even worse in 1945 when Australia, New Zealand and Canada were all founding members of the United Nations (the body which superseded the original League of Nations). Article 2, paragraphs 1 and 4 of the United Nations Charter states, “The Organization is based on the principle of the sovereign equality of all its Members,” and “All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state...” A number of other UN Resolutions exist reiterating the importance of sovereignty and political independence.

Despite all this the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, 1900 (UK) defines the Commonwealth of Australia as “a self-governing colony” (see Clause 8). Clause 2 of that British Act categorically states, “The provisions of the Act referring to the Queen shall extend to Her Majesty's heirs and successors in the sovereignty of the United Kingdom,” a United Kingdom defined as “Great Britain and Ireland” (see: the Preamble). And by the way, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland hasn't existed since the signing of the Anglo-Irish Treaty in 1921 (ratified in 1922) and was formally relegated to history by the Royal and Parliamentary Titles Act, 1927 (UK) so there is no sovereign who can legitimately make Australian vice-regal appointments – including Governors-General or Governors. There goes all Australian legislation from at least 1927!

As a free, independent and sovereign nation the parliaments of Australia can't pass laws unless and until a State Governor or Commonwealth Governor-General, themselves appointed by a distant, old and emotionally crippled Queen Elizabeth II, provides a vice-regal signature! Added to this the fact that the monarchs of Britain are constitutional monarchies, themselves appointed by the Westminster Parliament and the whole situation is a farce!  It'd be like the American Congress and Senate having to obtain the signature of a President appointed by the Emperor of Japan but with the blessing of the National Diet (parliament) of Japan! This same situation exists in New Zealand and Canada!
[Ron: It's actually worse than that! QEII is a foreign Head of State and swearing allegience to her etc etc., IS TREASON against the peoples of the nations involved ie  of Australia, NZ, Canada and all the other ex-British empire countries in the same boat.]The rest of the world is catching on and using the information to their advantage!

The International Scene – Some Examples

Whilst the Japanese government is fully aware that the Australian government can't prove the Commonwealth of Australia is a nation it knows it has nothing to fear from that government's threat to take its anti-whaling case to the International Court of Justice. This year Australia's Antarctic waters will run blood-red again! The American government has scientists searching for natural resources on the Antarctic territories of Australia and New Zealand because those territories were given by the United Nations and neither country can prove it has the national standing (locus standi) to enforce its territorial rights!

Meanwhile, low calibre, spineless Australian politicians like Dr. Bob Brown, Parliamentary Leader of the Australian Greens would rather maintain the illusion of Australia's sovereignty, obtain his salary and protect his superannuation than do anything realistic to stop Japanese whaling in 'Australian' Antarctic waters. Likewise all of Australia's posturing, self-centred parliamentarians, before they can take their parliamentary seats, must take an oath or affirmation to a foreign monarch appointed by a foreign parliament half a world away in Westminster! This is mandatory and specified in 'their' constitution (see: section 42 Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, 1900).[Ron: as mentioned above: SWEARING allegiance to a foreign Head of State IS TREASON!]

But it gets worse – a whole lot worse. On the 11th of August, 2003 the 24th Governor-General to Australia, Major General Philip Michael Jeffery AC, CVO, MC was appointed to his position by a forged instrument. We know this because we were told by Baron Falconer, who at the time was British Lord Chancellor. Apparently an out of date Royal Seal was used and the public record clearly shows that Queen Elizabeth II wasn't anywhere near the place of signing as specified on the face of Jeffery's Appointment document! See: the Forgery and Counterfeiting Act, 1981 (UK). [Ron: All forms of governance and judicial arrangements etc in Australia have been unlawful since 1920 and probably since 1910. In effect therefore, ALL political and legal appointments have been fraudulent.]

Further to the subject of Governor Generals – as there have been no legitimate appointments in that regard, did Australian Governor-General Kerr have any authority to sack the Whitlam Government in February 1975? - He ‘allegedly’ received his first pay-off of $US200, 000.00 credited to his account number 767748 at the Singapore branch of the Nugan Hand Bank In December 1974, to do just that! [Ron: Of course Kerr had no lawful authority but then again the Whitlam government was not properly appointed as the lawful Australian government either.].

If the root is poisoned the fruit is poisoned! Perhaps this explains why the Chinese, Japanese and other governments have shown such interest in the documentation which appears at and why you should as well! The Chinese government was so impressed they copied the entire contents several times.


All Legislative Acts of the Australian, New Zealand or Canadian governments have absolutely no authority and are therefore imposed domestically by force  upon the inhabitants of those lands and as a consequence of this revelation, those inhabitants are not bound by such laws.  Imagine that! In the international sphere other governments are waking up. If you get into trouble in China and you're travelling under a New Zealand or Australian passport you'll know what Stern Hu or Matthew Ng have already experienced.

Just on that point, the Chinese know that none of their people who swear allegiance to Australia can actually be Australian citizens because to be a citizen you must be able to swear allegiance to a nation. The highest (ostensible) legislation in Australia is the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, 1900 and it's a British Act – never really voted on by the majority of people living in Australia – and that constitution Act defines the Commonwealth of Australia as “a self-governing colony” (see clause 8)! This would be akin to Japan granting Solomon Island citizenship! How can British law grant any other citizenship than British citizenship?

In other words, for almost a century the governments of Australia, New Zealand and Canada [Ron: Arguably the Canadian government has been illegitimate since 1867.] - aided and abetted by the polished reticence of the British parliament and a conniving establishment - have committed fraud and deception on a massive scale! The former colonies of Britain exist in a political No-Man's-Land. [Ron: This is correct. These multiple on-going frauds are just part of the chimerical global control matrix created by the Crown in the City of London.]

The United Nations

The General Assembly of the United Nations – if that very expensive body is worthy of any respect whatsoever – should stop imposing sanctions on and belittling weak countries and for the first time rectify the gross, glaringly obvious human rights abuses of some of its most respected, 'democratic' Member States by:

  1. Establishing an International Tribunal to investigate, with a view to the confirmation of the allegations contained in this article and as a result have all Australian (New Zealand and Canadian) governments at all levels declared invalid under plain and long established international law. [Ron: Actually the US corporate government and the illigitimate governments of all other ex-British colonies need to be declared unlawful as well.]

  2. To establish within those countries International Criminal Tribunals to prosecute individuals who have aided and abetted the continuing breach of international law through the application of United Kingdom law within the territories of these sovereign and independent nation states.

  3. To implement such other procedures as are seen as necessary to uphold the Charter of the United Nations.

  4. To initiate and maintain procedures necessary to ensure the security of people residing (both individually and collectively) within the territories of those countries up to and until the successful implementation of constitutions agreed upon by way of plebiscites conducted amongst ALL mature peoples of those countries.

  5. And to declare the representatives of Australia, New Zealand and Canada [Ron: and all the rest.] in the United Nations General Assembly to be persona non grata until such time as representatives are nominated by the [Ron: Lawfully and constitutionally elected or appointed] governments of Australia, New Zealand and Canada [et al] which validly represent the sovereignty of their peoples.

The Solomon Islands

All passports issued to Australians and used in the Solomon Islands and throughout the world are a fraud – so in effect these passports are just pieces of printed paper until a legitimate Government is in place within Australia - Ditto New Zealand and Canada [Ron: And all the rest.].

The interference of the Australian Government in the fall of the Sogavare Government and the deportation of former Attorney General Julian Moti can now be seen for what these always were - criminal acts carried out on behalf of thugs with absolutely no authority whatsoever!

Australian and New Zealand Police and Military personnel of RAMSI have no lawful right of impersonation and are all guilty of committing criminal offences. None of them should be here! What is their authority above brute force?  After the public disclosure of this information, none can claim to be ignorant – after all, does it not go something like “ignorance of the law is no excuse”?

Yet here they all are, assuming to be able to tell the Solomon Islands and other Pacific Island Nations how to run their affairs, and have continued to implement their fraudulent, null and void 'laws' and to make those 'laws' part of the governing system in other countries – talk about in your face! [Ron: DITTO for the criminal US pseudo government et al.]

All judges purporting to hold authority conferred by the Independent Sovereign Nations of Australia or New Zealand are in effect committing fraud and the crime of impersonation. This should come as no surprise as their careers, income and superannuation depend upon maintaining the system – no matter how corrupt it is!  Any person prosecuted by and/or convicted of a crime by any of those so-called prosecutors or judges have been victims of criminal acts perpetrated against them. Compensation is surely due.


The Australian, New Zealand and Canadian [Ron: and the US and many other] Governments are illegitimate and the inhabitants of those lands have the right to ignore, disregard and lawfully rebel against ALL 'laws' passed by those parliaments to ensure that criminal acts do not continue to be perpetrated against them, by those that have absolutely no authority.  In this they will need help because just like the mafia, these governments have guns. Now do you see why there is such a push to disarm the population? [Ron: The problem runs deeper in that virtually all governments including those, if any, that are lawfully constituted, unlawfully demand a monopoly on the use of force and violence which they use to control and abuse the populations they are supposed to SERVE.].

Could this be why the New Zealand Parliament are at this very time meeting behind closed doors to discuss just how they will try and legitimise themselves by creating their own constitution?
I am sure by now they will realise the game is up.

This could also be why no rights and freedoms of the people are enshrined in any of the constitutions of Australia or New Zealand – being colonial constitutions the people these Acts applied to were covered by British human rights legislation - But not anymore!  That is because they simply do not give a toss about protecting anyone that they have no authority to protect, yet they believe they have the authority to persecute, oppress, tax and continue to hold their serfs in bondage.

As an aside, New Zealand is in the unique position of having two political hot footballs called the Declaration of Independence 1835 and Te Tiriti O Waitangi 1940 (both recognised under international law) – you see in New Zealand (or the land commonly referred) the true Sovereign Nation is in fact the Maori Nation if you want to take it from a “legal” standpoint.

Another political minefield for the fraudulent New Zealand Government, is that it seems the only legitimate Defence or Security Force that exists in New Zealand (and given authority and recognition by the Maori Government of Aotearoa - who incidentally was given Authority in Waitangi by Te Whakaminenga O Aotearoa according to lore), is in fact, the New Zealand Armed Intervention Force and remains true to this very day!  I bet that will upset them!

So what will the Solomon Islands and the world do now?  Continue to allow this fraud to take place, or for the good of all people, do something about it?

Article 10 The Covenant of the League of Nations:

Charter of the United Nations:

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, 1900 (UK)

The Royal and Parliamentary Titles Act, 1927 (UK)

The Forgery and Counterfeiting Act, 1981 (UK)

Stern Hu and Matthew Ng

Google either of their names or check

By Kelvyn Alp

Found at:


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For a detailed discussion of the invalidity of the so-called Australian Constitution see End Note (1) to ‘THE MONKEY OR THE ORGAN GRINDER?


For a good discussion of statism and the global farming of human livestock see True News 13: Statism is Dead - Part 3 - The Matrix at:


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©2005-2022 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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