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AH Member Writings : Ron Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

Agenda 21 is a core element in the Satanic Jewish conspiracy to control the planet and enslave humanity.
By Ron Chapman
Nov 7, 2010 - 2:52:57 PM

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Agenda 21 is a core element in the Satanic Jewish conspiracy to control the planet and enslave humanity.

Ron: Some people may think that Agenda 21 is worthy of support because it preaches preservation of Earth and it’s environment and ecology. In my view that is a mistake for although it is cleverly peppered with rhetoric about saving the planet, entwined with ideas about so-called sustainable development, the underlying motives and methods for this plan are Satanic. Accordingly, in my view  it is not appropriate for Abundant Hope (AH) to endorse any aspect of Agenda 21 or to truck with it in any way.


Agenda 21 is being used as a double whammy by the Jews. First, because if it works the Jews get to totally control Urantia and its (in due course) enormously reduced population which will be dehumanised to robot stasis. In effect their existing fractious global plantation will be totally locked down. The upside for the planet would be that most areas would cease to be lived in and exploited, except for the footprints of a few Khazar Jews and their families.


Second, if it fails, as it will, the job of AH, the Celestials and Star Fleet will be much harder because the ecological preservation and sustainability terminology used by Agenda 21 apes the real concerns and goals of Heaven and its servants AND that subtly distorted Khazar Jew ideology has been inculcated into gullible global masses.



Of course, this problem is not new, or unique. Heaven and AH face the same subtle lying misuse of words, concepts and ideas when it comes to deprogramming popular propaganda and paradigms created in all areas of life on Urantia. For instance Agenda 21 (and the Jews and their puppets) keeps talking about “democracy” and our world has been conditioned to respond positively to that word without understanding what it means.


At best, democracy means rule by the majority in the interests of that majority. In practice it means dictatorship over almost everyone by a small cabal of politicians and elitist controllers who, through the medium of so-called democratic government, exercise a monopoly of force and violence over everyone else. And of course in countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam et al, the words “freedom and democracy” actually mean conquest, occupation, death, destruction, despoliation and enslavement.


At best, democratic government means theft – the taking of the labour and resources of some in society (usually a majority) to distribute to others. Don’t believe me? Sooo, what “say” do you or anyone you know have, in whether your taxes are used (if you live in the US, UK, EU, Canada, Australia, New Zealand et al), to pay the military industrial complex to make war on Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan or any other country?


When was the last time you or anyone you know had a "say" as to whether or not to pay income tax to some private Khazar corporation like the IRS or the “Taxation Department” in Australia; or drive a car without a licence, occupy or hold land without paying land tax and on and on…? Democracy is a word used to deceive and mind control humanity and that is how it is used by Agenda 21’s proponents.


Moreover, Agenda 21, like all Jew propaganda, is formulated on lies. For instance it pretends that fossil fuels must be used to maintain humanity's power supplies and that paved roads are needed for transport purposes when the global controllers know that their military Black Ops have been using zero point energy devices and anti-gravity and mag-lev technology for decades. We will not need paved roads anyway, once man achieves a reasonable level of spirituality because at that time we will be able to use superior power generation and anti-gravity technologies. Elimination of paved roads for surface vehicles will free up much land to be returned to its natural state.


Similarly, ceasing to eat meat will free up enormous tracts of land currently used for pasture or fodder production for very inefficiently produced meat foods. Enormous tracts of land used for military purposes will quickly revert to nature and so on.


Similarly, the Jews trumpet democratic free enterprise although those ideas do not jell with our 3d reality. Non-human, fictional legal entities called corporations dominate so-called “free enterprise” today. Business corporations have many advantages over sovereign individual human beings in business and all other forms of “enterprise” and anyway, is it seriously contended that “enterprise” is free in Western society today? That sounds like Khazar propaganda to me. What happens to anyone who sets up in opposition to the Federal Reserve System or who refuses to pay money to the IRS – another private Khazar corporation? What chance does an individual have when going into business to compete with Wal-Mart, Microsoft, Ford, Goldman-Sachs and hundreds of other mega-corporations?


Like all the rest of the Jew’s global enslavement programs, Agenda 21 is an agenda that is being imposed and enforced on humanity without humanity’s full knowledge and informed consent, ie it is a fraud and the intention is to force it upon humanity. Most people know virtually nothing about it and have no say in whether it gets implemented or not; or how it will be implemented, let alone what any of it really means. Rightly understood, what Agenda 21 calls “sustainability’ will constitute violently enforced enslavement of humanity in a way that will make life UNSUSTAINABLE for billions of humans and a robotic misery for all the rest *– save those planning, organising and controlling the process. AH will not be seeking to eliminate human free will in this way.


* See for instance ‘Why you may soon need a warmist’s permission to eat’ See:

Don’t believe me? Well Agenda 21 proposes the outlawing of private property, sooo WHO will effectively CONTROL all land and resources on Urantia? In effect someone will have that control and whoever those people may be, they will effectively OWN IT, and everyone else on the planet!


And what about Agenda 21’s idea that the family unit is NOT sustainable and all eduction of young humans must be performed by the state?! In my opinion this pernicious agenda needs to be rejected root and branch. The essence of sustainability vests in sovereign human beings, their personal evolvement and their collaboratively collective guardianship of the planet and everything in and on it. That result cannot be imposed from above in a free will world. The family is the divinely appointed means for birthing and nurturing those guardians - those sovereign human beings. Any agenda that denies that fact is not salvageable.


The fact that AH rejects Agenda 21 does not mean that it rejects valid ideas about sustainable living on Urantia. But the reality is “ya can’t sup with the devil”. Getting into bed with Jews whose religious ideology requires the destruction and despoliation of all non-Jews is not a rational or viable option for AH. We are capable of co-creating and enunciating our own agenda, and we will.


Essentially AH starts with the individual not the collective. This NWO Zionist “system” cannot be used just because it abounds in “sustainability” rhetoric because that ignores the fact that the new world coming needs to be built from the ground up – starting with fostering the ability of individuals to love self and neighbour, and then the creation of genuine sustainable communities based on families supporting each other and raising and educating children to think, live and love in a loving, mutually sustaining communal environment. As that occurs the humans involved will naturally gravitate towards preservation of the planet and its ecology.


As I see it, the obvious difference between so-called global sustainability under Agenda 21 and the attitudes and practices AH will foster, is that Agenda 21 is a collectivist ideology which eliminates personal power, responsibility and free will and places it all in the hands of some faceless Orwellian system controllers, thus dehumanising those it controls* whereas Heaven’s agenda is to evolve human individuality and personalty by requiring that ALL individuals eventually accept responsibility for their own lives AND the governance of humanity and the planet, to the extent of their individual capabilities.


* In my view the final solution the Jews have in mind this time around will make the Bolshevik Jews’ activities in the Bolshevik controlled Soviet Union make the USSR look like a holiday resort. Hatonn says the Bolshevik Jews killed 100 million Christians in the USSR, Eastern Europe and Germany last century but their proposed solutions to Earth’s current overpopulation problems would make that effort look almost benevolent.


The reason it will take much time and effort to get humanity into Light and Life is that the evolvement process is individual, and personal, and respects the free will of everyone. To attain super consciousness humans will first need to be deprogrammed (ie shuck off old, inappropriate societal attitudes, ideas and paradigms) in order to see life, the universe and everything as it really is. Letting go of ideas of ourselves and others that we identify with and live by can be very uncomfortable but that is the spiritual process humanity must pursue to reach the self-governing individuality needed to enable humans to freely and collaboratively develop self-organising, self-sustaining, sustainable communities and societies that will eventually coalesce into a sustainable civilisation on Urantia.


That process is totally different from having the “tribe” of Satan worshipping Jewish Khazars and their 'running dogs' who control global politics, media, money creation, economics, Hollywood and everything else, manipulate “popular” global opinion to accept some spurious ecological propaganda about “sustainably” exploiting the planet.

The key differences are the goal being sought and the means for achieving it.



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©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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