ANZAC DAY in Australia
By Ron Chapman
Apr 24, 2010 - 5:42:55 AM

ANZAC DAY in Australia

Ron: Although Australia has no lawful constitution, judiciary or government at any level its puppet rulers purport to govern Australian society as if the people of Australia had properly assembled and chosen a Constitution which lawfully provided for their governance arrangements and appropriate institutions. They haven’t.(1) In effect then, those who purport to govern the Australian population do so as impostors, the puppets of British Khazar banksters, imposed in much the same way as has been done in the US, Canada and many other countries.

The pseudo government that controls Australia was created by UK colonial legislation and operates as a corporation, that is, it is a fictional legal entity registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. In effect Australia is operated as a bankster owned farm – running human livestock - one of the many that comprise the global plantation.(2) This information is not taught in Australian schools and institutions of higher learning or anywhere else and so it is not generally known.

A central foundation myth used by the Australian farm owners’ propagandists to build a cohesive Australian national identity is the legend of the ANZACS. On 25 April 1915 Australian troops in company with New Zealanders (the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps - ANZACs), having sailed to the other side of the world invaded the country and people of Turkey. We did that at the command of and in company with the forces of our British masters at the time. We had no quarrel with the Turks and Turkey was NO THREAT to Australia or its peoples’ interests. Indeed most Australians barely knew Turkey and its people existed. No matter. We went and invaded Turkey at Suvla Bay and Gallipoli. We, and the British forces, took heavy casualties and after a few months we ignominiously retreated, licking our wounds.

Over the years our defeat at Gallipoli has been morphed by our secret rulers (and their political, military and media puppets) into some sort of glorious military feat which we are constantly told "made us a nation" Yes Siree Bob! Just like the Declaration of Independence supposedly made the US a nation. The covering lie about Gallipoli included a story that the retreat was a magnificent success because we (allegedly) suffered no casualties when actually in the act of escaping our ridiculous and untenable military predicament.

And how do we know that? Well, our leaders and their media puppets keep telling us so. And who is to say otherwise? After all only those who were there would know and even they would only know what occurred within their sight and experience. Anyway that is how it's done. Simple really. I remember my Dad repeating the story to me in the 1940s when I was little more than a toddler. No doubt he was told the story soon after it happened – when he was little more than a toddler. Once one is told things by authority figures when one is young, that is, before one is able to critically evaluate the information, it tends to become part of the turgid mass of  subconscious paradigm material by which we govern our lives.

On ANZAC DAY we go in for orgies of militaristic self-congratulation despite the fact that it marks a day of intense national military humiliation and historic moral degradation. So, courtesy of the Murdoch and other Khazar Jew controlled media, in Australia ANZAC DAY is a big deal. Moreover, it gets bigger every year – as the veterans from previous wars get fewer and fewer. Why is that you say? I ASK MYSELF THE SAME QUESTION.(3) But, it seems most of my fellow Australians do not. On ANZAC DAY and for at least a week prior, the Australian nation is knee-deep in militaristic commentary and parades and the media is full of it. Because the old veterans have died off the powers that were (TPTW) are now encouraging children and grandchildren of veterans to march and wear their ancestors’ military medals. Apart from keeping the militarism alive this indoctrinates children into a mindless jingoistic military culture before they have the critical ability to question the process and its meaning. Probably not all that dissimilar to the mindless jingoism driving the US Independence Day I suppose.

As Australians are not necessarily less intellectually endowed than I, I assume their failure to question the mindless jingoism of ANZAC DAY (which is reinforced by TV images and commentary of some current or historical military event virtually every week in Australia) must have something to do with their spiritual immaturity. But the degree of ignorance and refusal to examine this reality in terms of Australia's invasions (as a foundation member of the Coalition of the Willing) of Iraq and Afghanistan evidences that the spiritual deficit is sooo great that one has to assume that the bulk of the (non-robotoid) Australian population is still at the spiritual toddler stage. They want to be fed but care not how that is done, who does it, or who gets hurt in the process.

To be fair though, the level of media intimidation of those who, in John Pilger’s words, ‘question the manipulation of the remembrance of Australia's blood sacrifice for imperialism, old and new’ is severe. Pilger notes that the militaristic media propaganda is ‘Aimed at the young, a maudlin "new patriotism" reaches an annual climax on April 25, the anniversary of the first world war disaster at Gallipoli known as Anzac Day. The message is undisguised militarism promoting the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. Thus, Prime Minister Rudd says, absurdly, that the military is Australia's highest calling.’ (4)

Of course, ever since the British Empire seemingly sank beneath the waves we in Australia have desperately sought to emulate the US and to suck up to its military. I guess our political leaders realised early on that it was better to feed a handful of troops to the Amerikkan Moloch (Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan …) every so often rather than oppose the war mongering US behemoth and end up being economically embargoed and starved financially, or bombed into the Stone Age at the whim of the masters of the New Babylon.

What sticks in my craw though (and always has) is the cretinous way in which Australians generally have sold their souls (sovereignty) to what they think is the biggest kid on the block. First it was the UK now it is the US.
With Vietnam it was “All the way with LBJ”. Today it’s being a member of “The Coalition of the Willing” committing war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. Australia has pretended to withdraw from Iraq but prime minister Rudd has indicated that we still have some 1,050 so-called non combat military there. Given the treatment the US (with the tacit approval of Australia) has meted out to "non-combatants" in recent years the subterfuge of calling our military "non-combat" soldiers seems both stupid and dangerous, but apparently Australians are happy with the lie. And of course, Australia was only allowed to withdraw some troops from Iraq provided that it committing more troops to Afghanistan. So, the secret global government has no problems with Australia. The last (Howard) government having become totally "on the nose" the alternative team (Labor under Kevin Rudd) was sent in to continue running the country for the good of the Bankster Cabal. And it does.

End Notes

(1) For a detailed discussion of the invalidity of the so-called Australian Constitution see End Note (1) to ‘THE MONKEY OR THE ORGAN GRINDER?’ at:

(2) For a good discussion of statism and the global farming of human livestock see True News 13: Statism is Dead - Part 3 - The Matrix at:

(3) In his hauntingly sad ballad "The Band Played Waltzing Matilda" Liam Clancy captures beautifully the real essence of war for combatants, or at least for those seriously wounded and those with real spiritual maturity. The sentiments expressed are truly universal. Well worth a listen:

Note:  "Waltzing Matilda" was virtually Australia's national song at the time of Gallipoli and indeed even in my childhood. The words of the song supposedly embodied the free spirit, resourcefulness and defiance of authority associated with the Australian ‘out back’ characters in those pre Federation days. Arguably the plot of ‘Waltzing Matilda’ is based on the conflict that raged between shearers and rural workers and their squatter (land owner) bosses in the early 1890s, before the song was written by Banjo Paterson near Winton in outback Queensland. "Matilda" was the name given to the camping gear or "swag" men carried on their backs as they walked from station to station, farm to farm and town to town looking for work in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Apparently “Matilda” was an old Teutonic female name meaning ‘mighty battle maid’ and the name became used as a slang term meaning a de facto wife who accompanied a wanderer. In the Australian bush a man’s swag was regarded as a kind of de facto wife, hence his ‘Matilda’. Thus humping one’s swag or ‘bluey’ around the countryside became "waltzing" Matilda.

There were no cars and few working blokes could afford a horse in those days so they camped under the stars as they walked the countryside.  During the Great Depression in the 1930s the custom of “humping the bluey” or “waltzing Matilda” experienced a huge revival as many blokes couldn't find work in the cities and took to the road carrying their swag from place to place hoping to get a feed in return for doing farm chores and the like.


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