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True US History
Oct 22, 2017 - From Russia to Hillary: Bribes, Extortion, Uranium and Lies

Political Information
Oct 21, 2017 - How Interlinked Corporations Rule The World

There are also a few individuals like Carl Icahn or Paul Singer who can borrow billions of dollars at 0%, buy tons of shares of a corporation, change its policies (say, the dividends given out), and make a killing few months later. This is how the financial mafia's shakedown works.

On the top of the food chain are the central banks who have the amazing ability to create money out of thin air. As Rothschild once said, "Give me control of a nation's money supply, and I don't care who makes the laws." These people are the ultimate Godfathers of globalism. They determine the winners and the losers in capitalism, and thus control all the corporations (including the media), politicians, militaries, and the Deep States around the world. - Chris Kanthan

Ron: Of course these 'Godfathers' in turn are controlled by the occult and totally unknown 'Council of Nine'.

Be aware that humans on this planet live in a Jew constructed artificial global matrix completely divorced from reality. Our world is ostensibly owned and controlled by corporations ie by lifeless fictional legal entities that corporate governments and judiciaries have granted more rights and privileges than real, flesh and blood, ensouled sovereign humans. That means that in fact the covert Talmudic owners of those corporation OWN the ensouled humans in countries like Australia, the US, Canada and New Zealand et al. For instance the Reserve Bank of Australia (Australia's Central Bank) is wholly owned by the Australian Government AND the Australian Government is actually a corporation that is registered with the Securities Exchange Commission in Washington D.C... How the Jewish shareholders who OWN those corporations must laugh when Australian politicians make a virtue of saying that the RBA is independant of any political influences! In this context it is not surprising that the SAME group of foreign owned Banks and financial institutions OWN controlling shares in ALL of Australia's major banks and home lending companies. Next time you hear politicians and corporatists trumpeting the virtues of capitalism and of bank competition in the home loan or any other sector of the Australian or any economy having a Rothschilds' Central Bank, have a good laugh. Alternatively have a good cry. BUT whatever you do, talk about these facts to your friends, families and colleagues. If nothing else, such foreknowledge will soften the SHOCK they will feel when these truths become generally known as developments in the US result in DISCLOSURE of the truth there and globally.

in the words of Lee “General” Maddox: 'The ‘COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA’ corporation is masquerading as legitimate government, and by their own admission actually owns the Reserve Bank of Australia! Here we see the highest form of collusion to create an elaborate illusion for the Australian people, all for the benefit of power-broking shareholders.'

True US History
Oct 21, 2017 - Body Language: Jeff Sessions Senate Hearing

This 30' 23" video was published by Bombard's Body Language on Jun 14, 2017:

Ron: Jeff Sessions comes across as a very honest and patient man and most of his Senate inquisitors appear to be malicious, partisan idiots.

Political Information
Oct 21, 2017 - Texas City To Residents: Sign Loyalty Oath To Israel Or No Hurricane Harvey Relief Funds

However, the legal trouble, besides requiring citizens of the U.S. to pledge allegiance to a foreign country, doesn't end there. The Texas law specifically states that organizations are held to the pro-Israel standard, but nowhere does it state that individual citizens are. Nevertheless, Dickinson is requiring its citizenry to sign a no-boycott pledge if they're interested in U.S. government grant money.  In other words, if you don't pledge allegiance to a foreign nation you don't get government aid.

The contract reads: "By executing this Agreement below, the Applicant verifies that the Applicant: (1) does not boycott Israel; and (2) will not boycott Israel during the term of this Agreement."

Political Information
Oct 21, 2017 - China-Ruble Settlement and the Dollar System

Academic presentations of currency theory and of reserve currency theory tends to be boring beyond at least my patience. This direct currency settlement move by China and Russian, however, is one of the most dynamic game-changing developments since Washington's Treasury and Wall Street banks came up with the US Dollar system at Bretton Woods in 1944.

It's not about reducing currency risks in trade between Russia and China. Their trade in own currencies, bypassing the dollar, is already significant since the US sanctioned Russia in 2014-a very foolish move by the Obama Administration Treasury. It's about creating a vast new alternative reserve currency zone or zones independent of the dollar.

Political Information
Oct 21, 2017 - 21st-Century Geopolitics Of Oceania: Australia

Political Information
Oct 21, 2017 - China and Thailand: Tank Tracks and Train Tracks

In essence, Thai-Chinese ties represent constructive but cautious steps toward creating a new political order in Asia Pacific, one in which nations in the region, not beyond it, determine the socioeconomic norms within and between each nation. Infrastructure projects will transform the face of Asia much in the way they have transformed China itself. The creation of ultra-modern mass transportation, energy projects, the economic growth that will result from both, coupled with local, efficient and modern defence technology will first incrementally force foreign influence from Washington, London and Brussels to the peripheries of Asia Pacific's socioeconomic landscape, before permanently pushing them out all together.

Political Information
Oct 21, 2017 - Monk & Disorderly: Thai Buddhists get Strict on Adherents after Financial, Sex Scandals

We must examine ourselves, listen to the people and see what is and is not appropriate for the sake of the public's faith in the religion,"Phra Phrom Moli said.

The strict measures were introduced starting from September, according to Reuters. These are apparently aimed at cleaning up the tainted image of Thailand's dominant religion, which has more than 300,000 monks and around 40,000 temples.

The clergy has been tarnished by a series of high-profile scandals over rape, drugs and embezzlement allegations, with the ruling junta trying to reorganize Thai Buddhism.

Political Information
Oct 21, 2017 - Emma Thompson Delivers Stomach-Turning Indictment of Hollywood: Weinstein Is 'The Tip of the Iceberg'

Thompson then laid out an indictment of the oppressive and abusive culture she called "endemic" to Hollywood:

"What I find sort of extraordinary is that this man is at the top of a very particular iceberg. I don't think you can describe him as a 'sex addict,' he's a predator.

But what he's, as it were, the top of the ladder of is a system of harassment, and belittling, and bullying, and interference, and what my mother would have referred to in the olden days as 'pestering.' 'Is he pestering you?' That's the word we used to use in the olden days if you recall. This has been part of our world, women's world, since time immemorial."

Political Information
Oct 21, 2017 - Global Coalition Fights UN Effort to Declare Abortion a ‘human right’

Abortion-promoting governments also submitted briefs to the U.N. committee. Sweden and Finland supported a right of access to "safe abortion." The Netherlands upped the euthanasia ante, saying assisted suicide should not be limited to terminally ill patients. France and Germany supported abortion but not assisted suicide. Denmark and England went so far as to ask the committee to change its language to no longer use the "transphobic" phrase "pregnant women" because they said transgender men (women who present themselves as the opposite sex) may also get pregnant.

Political Information
Oct 21, 2017 - 21st-Century Geopolitics Of Japan

Political Information
Oct 21, 2017 - ‘Christians are Nazis’: Australian Churches Vandalized as Same-sex ‘marriage’ Vote Nears

The only "authority" the survey has is the ability to pressure elected members of Parliament into legalizing homosexual "marriage."   Dirty politics and ugly campaigning have marred the vote. There has been no collective estimate of the damage cost to Christian churches across the country.There are also concerns about voter fraud. The referendum was mailed to every registered voter in the nation, and all those who don't use their ballot - by forgetting or mistake or any reason - could have their ballot filled out and sent in by anyone in the country.

Political Information
Oct 21, 2017 - Israel Apes Kurdish Propaganda – Asks for Intervention in Iraq

The Israeli regime has been alone in the world, in openly supporting Kurdish secession in Iraq, while publicly even the US and its other allies have called for Iraq's territorial unity to be preserved. Recent statement's from Tel Aviv indicate that Israel has supinely as well as overtly encouraged Kurdish separatism in Iraq and continues to do so. However, unless Israel wants to further incur the wrath of the Arab world, Iran and make a former partner, Turkey into a fully fledged enemy, there is little Israel can do to aid secessionist Kurds.

Political Information
Oct 21, 2017 - Emma Sky - British 'Mother of Daesh' Wants To Reoccupy Iraq

Someone coughed up a quite decent sum of money to have Emmy Sky write three current piece to be launched in three well-known outlets within just four days. Someone who wants the Kurds to take Kirkuk's oil, the U.S. to reoccupy Iraq and to strangulate Iran. Who could have an interest in doing so?

Political Information
Oct 21, 2017 - Netanyahu Lobbies World Powers to Prevent Iraq's "Transgression" Against Kurds
An Israeli official, who declined to be named, told Reuters that Israel had security interests in Kurdistan.
"This (territory) is a foothold. It's a strategic place," the official said.

True US History
Oct 21, 2017 - Houston Suburb Won’t Give Hurricane Relief to Anyone Who Boycotts Israel


Supporters of laws aimed at the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement argue that refusing to do business with a country is not protected speech, and that longstanding laws forbidding “support” for foreign state boycotts of Israel apply to the business transaction, not the political motivations. If anti-boycott laws are considered unconstitutional, proponents argue, then Americans would be free to violate existing sanctions preventing business with countries like Iran, Cuba or Sudan. [Ron: And also Russia and Syria et al].

Political Information
Oct 21, 2017 - How They Do It– ‘Zionism Doesn’t Need Divine Promises to Justify Jewish Nation-state’

Political Information
Oct 21, 2017 - Trump’s Storm Tracker, Week 2: update 3

Political Information
Oct 21, 2017 - Labor chief: Settlements represent the ‘beautiful face of Zionism’

ed note–chock full o’ goodies, as we like to say here.

First, note that our esteemed Hebrew hails from the Labor party, which means–as we are told on a daily basis–that he  is a ‘good Jew’ from the left who only wants ‘peace and coexistence’ with everyone. Note what our esteemed CHosenite has to say thus–

‘Over the years, regardless of the party in power, the settlement project demonstrated commitment, determination, and love of the country. You, the settlers, are the pioneers of our generations, people who act in the face of adversity, who cause the wilderness to bloom, who realize the impossible…’

Thus is demonstrated before our very eyes how useless the ‘left/right’ construction is in understanding the means, methods, and intentions of organized Jewish interests. Those on the ‘left’ may be smarter and more adept in hiding their fangs, but they are just as serpentine as their cousins on the right, if indeed not moreso. Therefore, the next time some ‘lefty’ comes out talking about wanting to negotiate ‘peace’ with the Palestinians, remember that there is an old theorem that must be applied in all cases where organized Jewish interests are involved in anything–

‘fish swim, birds fly, and Jews lie’

True US History
Oct 21, 2017 - Tarantino sorry for not speaking out sooner about Weinstein

ed note–a few things worth considering here.

Tarantino is not ‘sorry’ about anything, other than the fact that this came to light and he got dragged into it as a material witness and now has to do the ‘mea culpa’ thing. Furthermore, as bad as the initial reports are, all can rest assured that Weinstein is guilty of doing a LOT MORE than what has so far been alleged. Furthermore, all can rest assured as well that Weinstein is just the tip of the Jiceberg and has only been sacrificed like a hog on a spit in the hopes that all interest in the real story of what goes on in Jollywood will die down once he is removed from the scene.

Remember, Jollywood is just an extension of Judea Inc, where the black magic of Judaism–as handed down initially in the Torah and then energized and enriched in the Talmud–is put into practice in robbing Gentiledom of its God-given intelligence and ability to reason and with that in mind, all must assume that the worst things imaginable that can be done HAVE been done and continue to be done on a daily basis. Of all the various tentacles that organized Jewish interests possess and utilize in imprisoning humanity in its grasp–control of money, politics, churches, media, etc, it is this last item that is of most importance and without which all the others would be useless. 

True US History

True US History
Oct 19, 2017 - URANIUMGATE: The Putin Sting




Political Information
Oct 19, 2017 - Israel Plans 2,615 New Settlement Housing Units; Get Busy Paying Your Taxes, Americans!

BY RICHARD EDMONSON - The [Israeli] government is sending a clear message to settlers–build illegally and anywhere and we will find a solution for you. It is clear that Netanyahu is prioritizing his settler constituency over the rule of law and the  possibility for peace. Build illegally and anywhere you want. We’ll find a solution for you.
TUT editor


Political Information
Oct 19, 2017 - Israeli policeman caught on video beating Palestinian truck driver

Israeli policeman caught on video beating Palestinian truck driver

This 1.48" video was published by Al Jazeera English on Mar 23, 2017:

Political Information
Oct 19, 2017 - Bank Run Imminent? Catalan Separatists Urge Supporters To Pull Cash From Bank

As tensions escalate in Spain, Catalan Separatists are potentially about to do some real damage and hit Madrid where it really hurts.

In a tweeted message to their 270,000 followers, Assemblea Nacional urged supporters to pull cash from CaixaBank and Banco Sabadell branches between 8 am and 9am Friday to protest at their decision to shift their legal domiciles out of the region...

Political Information
Oct 19, 2017 - Trump’s Storm Tracker, Week 2: update 2

Political Information
Oct 19, 2017 - US ‘Actively Supported’ Indonesia Mass Killings in 1960s, Documents Reveal

The new material showed that US diplomats in the Jakarta embassy and their State Department counterparts in Washington kept a record of which PKI leaders were being executed during one of the most turbulent times for Indonesia, following its independence from the Netherlands in 1949.

Particularly damning is the memorandum of a conversation between Second Secretary of the Embassy Robert Rich and Assistant to the Attorney General Adnan Buyung Nasution in October 23, 1965. It's one of the earliest mentions of the systematic killings to Washington. The telegram recounts the nation's cooperation to keep reports of the killings from the international press so as not to alert Indonesian President Sukarno.

Political Information
Oct 19, 2017 - The U.S. Military - Pampered, Safe And Very Scared

The U.S. military is a socialist paradise:

Service members and their families live for free on base. People living off base are given a stipend to cover their housing costs. They shop in commissaries and post exchanges where prices for food and basic goods are considerably lower than at civilian stores. Troops and their families count on high-quality education and responsive universal health care. They expect to be safe at home, as bases, on average, have less violence than American cities of comparable size. And residents enjoy a wide range of amenities-not just restaurants and movie theaters but fishing ponds, camp sites, and golf courses built for their use.

According to a 2012 study by the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center (AFHSC) the risk to ones life is lower for soldiers than for civilians:

In the past two decades (which include two periods of intense combat operations), the crude overall mortality rate among U.S. service members was 71.5 per 100,000 [person-years]. In 2005, in the general U.S. population, the crude overall mortality rate among 15-44 year olds was 127.5 per 100,000 p-yrs.

The huge difference is quite astonishing. The death rate for soldiers would still have been lower than for civilians if the U.S. had started another medium size war:..

Those working in the U.S. military, even when the U.S. is at war, have a quite pampered life with lots of benefits. They have less risk to their lives than their civilian peers. But when some soldier dies by chance, the announcements speak of "sacrifice". The fishermen, transport and construction workers, who have the highest occupational death rates, don't get solemn obituaries and pompous burials.

Ron: Actually the bullshit "sacrifice" rhetoric surrounding and drowning ALL narratives about wars, and deaths and injuries to military personnel, is created by the Talmudist who control US and Western nations. This propaganda rhetoric is used because Talmudists and their occult controllers feed on the negative energies reated by terrorising and "sacrificing" humans. This is also a key aspect of the tortures inflicted in child sacrifice rituals carried out by Talmudic pedophile rings.

Political Information
Oct 19, 2017 - Tsipras: Greece a Buffer to Unreliable Ally Turkey

Sources in the Greek government told us that Tsipras considers Turkish President Erdogan "very unpredictable" and that he is pleased the Trump Administration is increasing its cooperation with Athens by upgrading its naval base at Souda Bay in Crete. In Greece, currently the U.S. maintains 15 U.S. Air Force bases, 9 U.S. Navy bases, and six U.S. Army bases, and shows no signs of closing any of them.

Political Information
Oct 19, 2017 - ‘We Gave You Uranium, you Repaid Us by Bombing Belgrade’:

Putin said that as part of what he called "one of the most effective disarmament efforts in history," US officials made 170 visits to top secret Russian facilities, and "set up permanent workplaces in them adorned with American flags."

From the Russian side unprecedented openness and trust were demonstrated," said Putin, saying that through the 1990s, about 100 US officials were entitled to carry out surprise inspections of Russian nuclear facilities, as part of Gorbachev and Yeltsin-era agreements.

"What we got in return is well-known - a complete disregard for our national interests, support for separatism in the Caucasus, a circumvention of the UN Security Council, the bombing of Yugoslavia, the invasion of Iraq, and so on. The US must have seen the state of our nuclear weapons and economy and decided to do away with international law."

Political Information
Oct 19, 2017 - Trump Tweets Uranium One.

The Gateway Pundit notes...

Business Insider covered the story following the tweet. Among many reasons, this is why it is imperative President Trump continues to use Twitter.  The Commander-in-Chief is correct - the mainstream media will report on anything else but this scandal.

Political Information
Oct 19, 2017 - Pt.2: Reports of Kurdistan's Death are Greatly Exaggerated: All Eggs Not Exclusive to Barzani

Political Information
Oct 19, 2017 - Pt.1: Reports of Kurdistan's Death are Greatly Exaggerated: Intra Kurdish Conflict

Political Information
Oct 19, 2017 - Vladimir Putin: "Don't Back North Korea Into A Corner"

Putin added that the North is a "sovereign state" and reiterated his call that the standoff between the US and its regional allies and the Kim regime could only be resolved with dialogue - a solution that Russia and China - the North's primary benefactor - have been pushing for months, NBC reported.

"Whether one likes the North Korean regime or not - it should not be forgotten that the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is a sovereign state. Any contradictions must be resolved in a civilized manner. Russia has always been calling for such approach," he said.

Political Information
Oct 19, 2017 - Donald Trump Didn't Create Danger of Presidential Dictatorship, He Inherited it

Presidents have amassed vast authority because they are judged on their rhetoric and purported goals, not on their constitutional fidelity. Former president Barack Obama's drone assassinations of U.S. citizens were non-issues because observers think he "meant well." When Obama decided to bomb Libya in 2011, his appointees made it clear that he'd ignore the War Powers Act of 1973, enacted to prevent presidents from launching wars on their whim. When a federal judge ruled in May 2016 that the Obama administration's consumer subsidies under the Affordable Care Act violated the Constitution, the decision was almost completely ignored - perhaps because Obama's illegalities were progressive. When President Trump ended the subsidies, he was denounced for trampling congressional prerogatives...

Trump is being denounced as a dictator for rescinding Obama's executive decrees. Nothing frightens some Trump opponents more than his withdrawal from the Paris climate accord. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio denounced that decision as "an immoral assault on the public health, safety and security of everyone on this planet." But Obama chose not to submit that agreement for ratification to the Senate. As The Timesnoted, Obama relied on "bureaucratic bulldozing rather than legislative transparency," issuing nearly 50% more "major regulations" than the Bush administration.

Many Trump opponents are not opposed to dictators per se; they simply want different dictates. Trump was widely denounced because his Justice Department refuses to compel every public school in the nation to make special bathroom and locker room accommodations for self-proclaimed transgender kids. But the Constitution did not grant the federal government jurisdiction over gender identity. - James Bovard

Political Information
Oct 19, 2017 - The US has Two Realistic Options: Save Itself or Destroy the World in Trying to Do So

Yesterday's marathon speech by Chinese President Xi Jinping was not only a blueprint for China's future, but for the future of the 21st century. Not only will all roads lead to China by century's end, but in many ways, the new and most vibrant roads in the world already do...One Belt-One Road could save the US economy if it was embraced by Washington. The alternative is for the US to fight an increasing numbers of losing wars, all while failing to enrich itself economically and destroying the dream of world peace. - Adam Garrie

True US History
Oct 19, 2017 - How The Elite Dominate The World – Part 3: 90% Of What You Watch On Television Is Controlled By Just 6 Giant Corporations

Political Information
Oct 19, 2017 - How The Elite Dominate The World – Part 2: 99.9% Of The Global Population Lives In A Country With A Central Bank

Michael Snyder: Many are absolutely shocked when they discover that U.S. currency is actually borrowed into existence.  The federal government gives U.S. Treasury bonds (debt) to the Federal Reserve in exchange for money that the Federal Reserve creates out of thin air.  The Federal Reserve then auctions off those bonds to the highest bidder.

Since the federal government must pay interest on those bonds, the amount of debt that is created in these transactions is actually greater than the amount of money that is created. But we are told that if we can just circulate the money throughout our economy fast enough and tax it at a high enough rate, then we can eventually pay off the debt.

Ron: That explanation is bullshit! As the banks NEVER create the money needed to pay interest on the money that is loaned into existance, THERE IS NEVER ENOUGH MONEY IN THE SYSTEM TO PAY THAT INTEREST! Thus the system requires that a constant stream of borrowers must go bankrupt (or into liquidation if they are a corporation). This fraudulent system only continues to operate while there is a constant supply of borrowere who enable banks to create new "money"by lending it to new borrowers. But eventually borrowers are unable to borrow any more "money" because they cannot pay the interest thereon. At that point the system collapses. Moreover, the process steadily devalues ALL the "money" in the system because the process of creating ever more "money" and putting it into circulation INFLATES the total quantity of money lent without sufficiently increasing the goods and services being produced because much of the "money"created has to be paid to the banks to cover interest payments.

Political Information
Oct 19, 2017 - How The Elite Dominate The World – Part 1: Debt As A Tool Of Enslavement

We spend so much time on the symptoms, but if we ever want permanent solutions we need to start addressing the root causes of our problems.  Debt is a tool of enslavement, and the fact that humanity is now more than 200 trillion dollars in debt should deeply alarm all of us. - Michael Snyder

Ron: The root cause of our problems is the fact that we are mind controlled to believe the money meme, ie that we cannot live without using "money" (fiat debt tokens created out of thin air upon which bankers charge interest (usury). The ideal solution to this problem is for humans here to grow in consciousness and to thus become more spiritual and aware, so that we realise that we can live in abundance by sharing and caring for each other instead of competing for wealth and control of others.The initial step to achieving this situation is to have communities agree that currency ("money") should be created by properly controlled and audited public organisations that distribute it equitably interest free. Debt can only be abolished by eliminating usury.

True US History
Oct 19, 2017 - Economic Slowdown Confirmed: The U.S. Economy Lost Jobs Last Month For The First Time In 7 Years
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