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Political Information
Jan 17, 2020 - China, Number One Economic Power for Half Decade, Dashes On

What are we to make of this economic and military power of China ? In sum China is a mighty economic power that cannot be destroyed and has no offensive posture toward the U.S. - or any other country. What is the U.S. to do ? Is the answer not obvious - in fact inescapable given the relative power of the two nations? It is time to work out a peaceful arrangement that allows us to live together. The U.S. should do this now while it is possible and before the catastrophe of accidental war, nuclear war, engulfs us all. The clock is ticking.  - John V Walsh

Jan 17, 2020 - How Peter Andrews rejuvenates drought-struck Land Australian Story

This 28' 45" video was published by ABC News In-depth on Oct 29, 2018:

Ron: Peter Andrews and Tony Coote have commenced the reversal of two centuries of plundering and destruction of Australia's low rainfall farming and grazing lands.  They have demonstrated what should have been the obvious futility of Talmudic government and societal capitalist policies and practices that have mined inland soil and water resources and nearly destroyed the ecological viability of huge swathes of the continent. They have demonstrated how soil erosion can be halted and rainwaters can be retained in the landscape increasing the fertility and hydrological viability of much of this dry continent. Their methods need to be widely emulated BUT in addition farmers and graziers, and OZ governments, need to accept that overstocking of viable lands and ANY extensive grazing of marginal lands, must cease if inland Australia is not to become like much of sub Saharan Africa. Rejuvenation of Australia's dry land farming and grazing areas will be a high priority for government land management arrangements after the coming Magnetic Pole Reversal and stasis. In any event,  extensive grazing of animals for meat production should be phased out as substitutes are developed to replace the need to slaughter huge numbers of animals to feed the human population. This should mean that graziers will cease using marginal lands at all and kangaroos will be left to roam dry land areas, being humanely culled as necessary.

Human/Animal Rights
Jan 17, 2020 - Why is Justin Bieber Tagging Babies “Yummy” on Instagram ? The Answer is Sickening.

Human/Animal Rights
Jan 17, 2020 - British Police Failed To Stop Muslim Grooming Gang Due To Fears Over "Community Tensions"

spiked@spikedonline "This week feminists shed more tears over a few rude headlines about Meghan Markle than they did over the sexual abuse of 57 working-class girls by Pakistani gangs in Manchester."

Paul Joseph Watson: Remember; Liberals claim that political correctness is "just being nice to people," and yet valuing political correctness over the safety of young girls has, in numerous cases across Britain, resulted in the industrial-level sexual abuse of children.

Jan 17, 2020 - Plan To Pay UK Students £9/hr to Snoop on each other’s ‘microaggressions’ is proof universities are vanguard of totalitarianism

The normalization of Orwellian practices at higher education establishments continues apace, with the UK's University of Sheffield hiring a team of student eavesdroppers who will catch and stop others from being racist.

The prestigious northern university will train and pay roughly 20 students £9.34 ($12.20) per hour to "moderate" conversations on campus as a means of making such discussions "healthier."

The recruits are to be called "Race Equality Champions," and their ultimate aim is to challenge the ways people think about racism...

One example of something that is considered a racial microaggression is simply asking someone who appears foreign born where they are from. The University of Minnesota even describes the phrase "America is a melting pot" as something to be considered a no-no. Though perhaps my favorite is where the same school claims it's in bad taste to suggest the most qualified person should get the job, as this pushes the "myth of meritocracy."- Sophia Narwitz

Human/Animal Rights
Jan 16, 2020 - New York Cabbies Drafted for Transgender Pronoun Wars

The transgender movement is diverse, so its different factions have competing goals and priorities. It includes sexual liberationistsprogressives, feminists who wish to blur distinctions between the two sexes, and people who glamorize the differences between the two sexes. It includes high-profile children, people who are trying to live as members of the opposite sex, troubled teenage girls trying to flee womanhood, and people trying to "detransitionback to their sex.      It also includes men who demand sex from lesbians, masculine autogynephiles who say they are entitled to women's rights, and alpha males who insist they are the natural leaders of women. -  Neil Munro

Political Information
Jan 16, 2020 - Exclusive—Jeff Sessions on Left’s ‘Unprecedented’ Attacks on Religious Freedom: ‘Plainly Hostile to People of Faith’

"It is unprecedented," Sessions told Breitbart News. "The FFRF proudly declares themselves to be an atheist group and they are plainly hostile to people of faith. They have incorrectly and improperly and unlawfully sought to silence people of faith. The First Amendment guarantees every American the right to freely exercise their religion. It's a big deal and it's time for the American people to understand what their rights are, and it's time for government officials to understand they don't have to follow the advice of these militant atheists."Matthew Boyle

Political Information
Jan 16, 2020 - The Fox In The Hen-house

Political Information
Jan 16, 2020 - The European Green Deal Is Every Bit As Bad As Expected

Political Information
Jan 16, 2020 - Liberals Still Using Libel to Advance Agenda

Probably few viewers of the debate had any idea of what Klobuchar was even talking about, or who Joseph McCarthy even was, but it is likely that they have accepted the falsehood - perpetrated by most history books, professors, teachers, the popular culture, and the liberal media - that McCarthy was a bad guy who unfairly smeared many Americans as communists and in league with the Soviet Union.  The truth about what McCarthy was all about is far different. First of all, McCarthy's focus was always on communists and Soviet spies working within the U.S. government, not American citizens generally who happened to be members of the Communist Party, or even private citizens who openly sympathized with the Soviet Union - a hostile foreign power responsible for the mass murder of its own citizens.  Steve Byas

Political Information
Jan 16, 2020 - ISIS Is Back & "Closer To Europe" Than Ever Due To Libya Chaos: Jordan's King

Jan 16, 2020 - Fake-Green Zero Carbon Fraud — “Destroying The World to Save It”

This insider-created ‘planetary climate emergency' - now with the backing of almost the entire global corporate cabal elite and a posse of high flying multi billionaires to boot - is operating under the Green New Deal moniker. The Green New Deal's professionally trained propaganda front-runners have been given the title ‘Extinction Rebellion', so as to give the impression of being cool anti-government rebels. The UK Green Party has also willingly been brought into the fold, like so many errant sheep searching for a safe pen to keep them out of trouble.     Under this infamous Green New Deal, governments and their cohorts are further capitalising on spurious and fraudulent planetary ‘carbon trading' schemes. Schemes that fill the coffers of already bloated insider wheeler-dealers whose insatiable appetites lead them to rip-off the needy for the further aggrandisement of their uncontrolled narcissistic cravings. Carbon trading has nothing to do with climate stabilisation, it is just another ‘green dressing' for pure neocolonial exploitation. - Julian Rose

Political Information
Jan 15, 2020 - Brazil's Highest Court Rules For Netflix and Blasphemous Film

Political Information
Jan 15, 2020 - France at a Crossroads

Thus, what is at stake today is not just a quarrel over pension rights, which would normally be negotiated and adjudicated through a political process including political parties, elected representatives, parliamentary coalitions, and collective bargaining with labour, but a question of what kind of future society French people are going to live in: social-democratic or neoliberal authoritarian. The seasoned Paris bureau chief of the New York TimesAdam Nossiter, put it simply in his revealing January 9 article: "A fight between the rich and the poor amplified by 200 years of French history."  Richard Greeman

Jan 15, 2020 - Gone Fishing ? No Fish but Plenty of Pesticides and a Public Health Crisis

Political Information
Jan 15, 2020 - Interfaith and Extremism

Political Information
Jan 15, 2020 - Behind the Scenes of U.S./Iran Relations

There was never a hostage crisis in 1979. US diplomatic personnel who were taken prisoner were arrested in flagrante delicto for spying. The embassy in Tehran was the CIA headquarters for the entire Middle East. It was not the Iranians but the United States that violated the obligations of diplomatic status. Two Marines of the embassy guard denounced the CIA's actions, the espionage material is still visible in the embassy premises and the top-secret documents seized there have been published in more than 80 volumes.  Thierry Meyssan

Political Information
Jan 15, 2020 - Everyone in Politics Needs an Enemy

Political Information
Jan 15, 2020 - Illegal Immigrant Crossings fall 78% and Once Overcrowded Cells are Empty

What's more, he said, the 21-daily average is below 1,000, a 78% cut. "That's a dramatic reduction," he said, in updating the numbers released last week. Then there are the numbers of illegal immigrants "in custody." That was a horrific 20,000 in May for an agency that has just 4,000 beds.     Now a quarter of those beds are unused........While he stressed that the crisis is far from over, especially as Mexican cartels turn to drugs to replace moving people across the border as their money source, he said that President Trump's policies get the credit for the change.  Paul Bedard

Political Information
Jan 15, 2020 - Washington Sells Scrap Metal at a Premium Price Tag

Human/Animal Rights
Jan 15, 2020 - Making America America Again

Political Information
Jan 15, 2020 - Vatican Insider: ‘Furious’ Francis Demanded Benedict Retract Name from priestly celibacy book

Political Information
Jan 15, 2020 - 18 Signs That The Social Decay In America Is Worse Than It Has Ever Been Before

The good news is that the broken pieces of any of our lives can be transformed into a beautiful thing if we are just willing to start making better choices.     In previous generations, God, family and country were top priorities for most Americans, and values that had been proven to work throughout human history were embraced and taught to future generations.  But today patriotism is out of style, the traditional family unit is under relentless attack, and God has been pushed out of every corner of public life. Michael Snyder

Human/Animal Rights
Jan 15, 2020 - Prosecute Officers, says Greater Manchester Abuse Whistleblower

Political Information
Jan 15, 2020 - Trump Steps Back From the Edge. Neocons Rage Accordingly

Political Information
Jan 15, 2020 - Navy: Releasing UFO Files Would Cause 'Exceptionally Grave Damage To US National Security'

Political Information
Jan 15, 2020 - The Russian Prime Minister Resigns And No One Knows Why

Political Information
Jan 15, 2020 - Apart from Telling Incessant Lies the Media Represents Billionaires.
In 1983 Tony Blair became MP for Sedgefield. From the very beginning this man of average ability showed he was not fit to even be an MP for that same year he was caught performing a lewd act with another man in a public toilet. Yet unbelievable as this may seem, I believe this event paradoxically earmarked Blair for higher office. The Police had had their eye on the premises for different reasons. They weren't after him. However, there was no getting away from the fact Blair was caught bang to rights, literally with his pants down.
Without a leg to stand on, in court Blair was mysteriously allowed to use only his middle names, Charles Lynton. This in itself is illegal. Giving the game away altogether of the hidden tier of power that had to have been at work here was the fact the media not only made nothing out of what was an almighty scoop & for Blair a career ending scandal; they ensured this revelation was never newsworthy even when this little wretch, who'd never so much as held a ministerial position, suddenly out of nowhere, was odds-on favorite to become leader of the opposition! Blair was found guilty & fined £500 in Bow Street Magistrates Court.- Michael Aydinian

Political Information
Jan 15, 2020 - Globalization - The Most Ancient And Ever-Failing Utopia

Jan 14, 2020 - Professor Loses Position for Committing a Grave Sin: Telling the Truth

Political Information
Jan 14, 2020 - Christian Symbols Under Attack in Europe

Christian Symbols Under Attack in Europe

Political Information
Jan 14, 2020 - Human Extinction Now Imminent and Inevitable? A Report on the State of Planet Earth

Robert J. Burrowes: On the other hand, also as an outcome of our dysfunctional parenting and education models (as well as the political and economic systems these generate),

Ron: Arguably this author misunderstand the situation and has reversed the current chain of causation. This is a chicken and egg situation. Arguably our dysfunctional parenting and education models are the RESULT of evolving Talmudic socio-political, economic and educational control systems IMPOSED on humans on this planet by covert demonic forces acting through Pharisees and neoPharisees and their myriad socio-political and econo-cultural tentacles over millennia. We have it on good authority that: "... we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." - Ephesians 6:12. Jesus the Christ sought to enlighten us as to the truth but was crucified and his teachings largely  concealed and distorted by the Pharisees.

Robert J. Burrowes: 2019 was another year of vital opportunities lost when so much is at stake.

Ron: I disagree. Arguably 2019 was a year of great Christed achievement in which the Christed Triodity of Presidents Trump, Putin and Xi and their myriad supporters around the world have made great progress in reversing the demonic control of the Talmudic cabal that has been enslaving and destroying this planet and its inhabitants for millenia. The incontrovertable sign of this achievement is Universe Management's promulgation of Christ Michael Aton's milliennial Realm on 5 February 2019.

Robert J. Burrowes: Because, in essence, whether psychologically, socially, politically, militarily, economically, financially, ecologically or in other ways, in 2019 humanity took more giant strides backwards while passing up endless opportunities to make a positive difference in our world.

Ron: This author fails to mention spirituality which is the one area of human evolvement essential to saving the planet and its inhabitants from demonic control. Failure to take that core aspect of life, the universe and everything into account nullifies his thesis.

Robert J. Burrowes: This status reflects the perilous state of our world, particularly given the renewed threat of nuclear war and the ongoing climate catastrophe.

Ron: The threat of nuclear war was effectively overtaken by the development of particle beam weapons as long ago as the Battle of the Harvest Moon on 27 September 1977. See eg: Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 26. ff. -

Moreover, the so-called 'Climate Catastrophe' is just another Talmudic ploy designed to scare the mind controlled global population shitless as part of the Talmudic global control cabal's intended terminal impoverishment of gentiles as a necessary precurser to creation and imposition of the neoPharisees' New World Order, One World government that will enable them to eliminate most of the human population on this planet and enslave the remnant.

Robert J. Burrowes: Of course, Iran has long been in the crosshairs of the global elite because of its prodigious (and thus hugely profitable) oil reserves as well as the clear inclination of its leaders (both before and after the US-installed Shah) to make decisions in the interests of Iranians, including foreign policy decisions such as those related to defense and the role of nuclear weapons.

Ron: I disagree. The CIA deposed the Shah in 1979 and installed the CIA controlled clerical government to replace him. The CIA has used Iran as a Black Site since 1979 and the Iranian leadership has exploited and oppressed most of the Iranian population ever since. President Trump is in the throes of eliminating the CIA control of Iran in order to ensure peace in the Middle East so that US troops can be completely withdrawn.

Robert J. Burrowes: ...and the decision in the United States to create a Space Force, a sixth branch of the US military forces, just two manifestations of this. See ‘The Very Bad Space Force Deal’ and ‘US Making Outer Space the Next Battle Zone – Karl Grossman’.

Ron: The US and especially its Deep State element, has had a Space Force for decades. After all in the Battle of the Harvest Moon on 27 September 1977 the Russians destroyed a US Moon Base. Arguably Trump's announced establishment of a Space Force is a cover for his eventual revelation of its existance and a means to socially condition USans to the reality of its existance.

Robert J. Burrowes: In its turn, the Russian government has developed and just deployed a hypersonic weapon that travels at Mach 27 and which makes the US missile defense installations in Europe ‘obsolete’. See Avangard changes everything: What Russia’s hypersonic warhead deployment means for the global arms race’.

Ron: Arguably particle beam weapons make all other nuclear and missile systems obsolete. Continued development of conventional missile and other weaponry is presumably a means by which the Talmudist controlled military industrial complex impoverishes USans and Westerners generally while enriching themselves. Russia has greatly reduced its military 'defence' spending which has always been a mere fraction of US and Western 'defence' spending.

Robert J. Burrowes: Tax havens are locations around the world where wealthy individuals, criminals and terrorists, as well as governments and government agencies (such as the CIA), banks, corporations, hedge funds, international organizations (such as the Vatican) and crime syndicates (such as the Mafia), can stash their money so that they can avoid laws, regulation and oversight and, very often, evade tax. See ‘Elite Banking at Your Expense: How Secretive Tax Havens are Used to Steal Your Money’.

Ron: One of the reasons that the Triodity is taking a relatively long time to take down the Talmudic global controllers is that their control of our world is sooo, extensive and complex. That complexity has been built upon brain washing humanity here for thousands of years into believing in the money meme. Belief in money is the primary control mechanism used by demonic Talmudists to enslave humanity. See eg:The Hidden Link Between Fiat Money And The Increasing Appeal Of Socialism - And: Can We Do Without Money ?

Robert J. Burrowes: More than two billion people continued to live under occupation, dictatorship or threat of genocidal assault often with the global elite sponsoring an oppressive national government or simply a local elite that exercises power irrespective of the government in office. See, for example, ‘500 Years is Long Enough! Human Depravity in the Congo’.

Ron:  Actually the US, UK, EU, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many other nations are enslaved by the Talmudic banksters. See eg: An Investigative Report Re the US Strawman UCC/Redemption Process By Barton A. Buhtz See: And: The Matrix, the Strawman and WHO You Are -

Robert J. Burrowes: Human use of fossil [Ron: abiotic] fuels to power aircraft, shipping and vehicles as well as for industrial production and to generate electricity (among other purposes) released 10 billion metric tons (10 gigatons) of carbon dioxide into Earth’s biosphere, a 0.6% increase over 2018, with China’s monstrous CO2 emissions for 2019 totaling 2.6% greater than the previous year. See ‘Global Carbon Budget 2019’.

Ron: Arguably CO2 emissions are a plus for the global environment at the moment. The percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere is well down on historic levels and increases in CO2 are stimulating plant and food growth. CO2 increases are NOT the cause of global temperature increases, if any, in the global atmosphere.

Robert J. Burrowes: As one measure of their contempt for the utterly inadequate goals of the Paris climate agreement, and with government approval, ‘over 400 of the 746 companies on the Global Coal Exit List are still planning to expand their coal operations’. If built, these projects in 60 countries would add over 579 GW to the global coal plant fleet, an increase of almost 29%. See ‘Companies Driving the World’s Coal Expansion Revealed: NGOs Release New Global Coal Exit List for Finance Industry’ and ‘Proposed Coal Plants by Country’.

Ron: So what?! Until the Triodity is successful in ousting the Talmudic global control cabal from power, the suppressed technological benefits of the patents of Nikola Tesla and many others that produce so-called 'zero point energy' power from the so-called  vacuum of space will remain unavailable to us. Until that technology becomes available abiotic fuels will remain the only viable option for the maintenance of our current civilisation. See eg: Letter to Canberra Times -

Robert J. Burrowes: As one outcome of our dysfunctional parenting model and political systems, fascism continued to rise around the world. See ‘The Psychology of Fascism’.

Ron: TALMUDISM is FASCISM! And it's demonic controllers have used the Talmudic ideology to create various ideological variants in order to confuse and control the gentile population of this planet. Various collectivist control ideologies have been developed using the Talmudic mind set. In our age they include Capitalism, the core mechanism which has spawned Capitalist Fascism which is based on the money meme. Against the money meme background the Talmudists then produced a number of  ostensible alternatives to Capitalist ideology namely Socialism, Communism, Bolshevism and cultural Marxism. ALL of these alternative sub-ideologies rely on the same alienating, isolating, anti-personal and anti-communal attitudes fostered by the money meme. The only difference between collectivist Capitalist Fascist governance and Socialist, Communist, Bolshevik and cultural Marxist models of governance is that Capitalist fascism is based on  a corporate collective ruling elite covertly controlling global society through  a covert group of mega capitalist owners and controllers whereas Socialism, Communism and Bolshevism are predicated upon a overt more highly centralised One World Government as typified by the government of the Soviet Union. The US and the Western World are already governed using the Fascist Capitalist model but the Trump and the Triodity are currently dismantling that global structure and fending off Talmudic attempts to create overt Bolshevik control.

Robert J. Burrowes: Ongoing ‘visible’, ‘invisible’ and ‘utterly invisible’ violence against children – see Why Violence?’ and Fearless Psychology and Fearful Psychology: Principles and Practice’ – ensured that more people will grow up accepting (and quite powerless to challenge) our dysfunctional and violent world, as described above.

Ron: I disagree. President Trump and the Triodity are currently eradicating the demonic Talmudic cultists who indulge in and foment violence aganist children and all the inhabitants of this planet. Hopefully their eforts wil reach fruition during 2020.

Robert J. Burrowes: The global elite’s corporate media, schooling and film/television industries continued to distract vast numbers of people from reality with an endless barrage of propaganda respectively labeled, depending on the context, ‘news’, ‘education’ and ‘entertainment’ ensuring that most people remain oblivious to our predicament, devoid of the capacities to investigate, comprehend and analyze this predicament as well as their own role in it, and to respond to this predicament powerfully.

Ron: The demonic Talmudists have spent millenia creating this situation. As regards recent neoPharisaic organisation of the dumbing down of USans see eg: Dumbing Down US Education: Part II  Wundtian Psychology & Rockefeller Finance -

General Education Board, Occasional Papers, Issues 1-9, New York, 1913, 6,

Charlotte Iserbyt: The Miseducation of America Part 1-Full. See:

Robert J. Burrowes: Moreover, even if it was inclined, the elite is now powerless to avert extinction given that, if we are to have any chance given the advanced nature of the crisis and the incredibly short timeframe, we must plan intelligently to mobilize a substantial proportion of the human population in a strategically-focused effort. Nothing else can work.

Ron: Universe Management has already ensured that a strategically--focused effort is being successfully taken by President Trump and the Triodity and their supporters to take back this planet from its demonic controllers. Christ Michael Aton's Millennial Reign was proclaimed on 5 February 2019 and HIS will, WILL BE DONE. This struggle is a spiritual one involving the development of increased human awareness resulting in higher consciousness. And that is happening.

This author makes no mention of the core requirement for peace and harmony on this planet, namely: The need to love neighbour (everyone and everything) AS self FOR the love of God (the Creator of all that is.). He also makes no mention of Jews and their machinations or their service to Lucifer and his demonic global control matrix. The failure to consider such fundamental aspects of the problems of humanity on this planet vitiates his analysis and his panacea, namely modification of our treatment of children and the environment.

Political Information
Jan 14, 2020 - Anatomy of a Clinton Scam

True US History
Jan 14, 2020 - Democrat Party Breaks With Rest Of World To Support Iran Policy Based On War And Bloodshed

True US History
Jan 14, 2020 - The Fed Protects Gamblers at the Expense of the Economy

Ellen Brown: Solutions are available, but Congress itself has been captured by the financial markets, and it may take another economic collapse to motivate Congress to act. The current repo crisis could be the fuse that triggers that collapse.

Ron: President Trump is preparing the US economy for the coming financial collapse whereat his Administration will dissolve the current privately owned and operated Federal Reserve System (The Fed) and return control of money creation and distribution to the US Treasury. In conjunction with Presidents Putin, Xi and other world leaders he is also facilitating the takedown and replacement of the Rothschilds' global Central banking system and return of responsibility for national money creation and distribution in every nation to their respective national governments. This RESET of the global financial system will be accompanied by elimination of the usurious BIS controlled global commercial banking system AND a debt Jubilee. So be it.

Political Information
Jan 14, 2020 - Amazon donates less than the 80's band Metallica to Australian wildfire recovery

Political Information
Jan 14, 2020 - BBC, Reuters Involved in UK Government Plot to Spread Cold War Propaganda, Docs Reportedly Show

True US History
Jan 14, 2020 - Pelosi Threatens “One Way Or Another” Trump Will Not Be President Much Longer As Feared Assassin Freed

Political Information
Jan 14, 2020 - An Introduction to Q

Trust the plan. The presumed military leaders who created Q and who protected Trump throughout the election and presidency have created a precise path to victory. Despite the seeming chaos of daily events, a steady progression of victories is taking place. The plan includes offensive maneuvers against the Cult's financial power, legal standing, human supply chains, and military capacity. And, of crucial importance, the plan attacks the Cult's ability to control the narrative that shapes what the public believes. In this high-stakes game of information warfare, Q plays a vital role by empowering ordinary citizens (like me) to spread the truth. Deborah Franklin

True US History
Jan 14, 2020 - Democrats Vote Against Motion Calling Unborn Babies Members ‘of the species homo sapiens’
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Chemicals in Tap Water are Causing Thousands of Cancer Deaths Across Europe – but the EU probably won’t do anything about it
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How Peter Andrews rejuvenates drought-struck Land Australian Story
Why is Justin Bieber Tagging Babies “Yummy” on Instagram ? The Answer is Sickening.
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Why is Justin Bieber Tagging Babies “Yummy” on Instagram ? The Answer is Sickening.
UCSB Workshop Helps Students Become Dorm ‘Sex-Perts’
British Police Failed To Stop Muslim Grooming Gang Due To Fears Over "Community Tensions"
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UCSB Workshop Helps Students Become Dorm ‘Sex-Perts’
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Professor Loses Position for Committing a Grave Sin: Telling the Truth
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