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Political Information
Feb 20, 2020 - Breaking Your Will

This 25' 54" video was published by Amazing Polly on Feb 12, 2020:

Ron: This is a very good, thought provoking video. Polly nails it as regards the Talmudists' intentions and their methodology for demoralising and dehumanising human beings on this planet. The nonsense involved in Identiy politics, Intersectionalism, Political correctness and LGBTQism etc only makes sense if those organising and spreading those ideologies via their "long march through the institutions" are using it to destroy common sense, morality and sanity in individuals and communities generally, in order to dominate and enslave ensouled human beings on this planet.

I disagree with Polly's contention that Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) necessarily implies that nations (however described) cannot create as much money as they need. In my view a nation can and should create as much interest free money as it needs provided that it has the human and physical resources to use that money productively. After all, the purpose of money is as a facilitator for the creation and exchange of goods and services and so the only limitation upon its creation should be the ability of society to properly use it to grease the wheels of industry and societal intercourse, ie the creation and exchange of goods and services. In my view critics of MMT misdirect themselves by assuming that interest (usury) must apply to the use of money. Once you eliminate that practice the incentive to create excessive amounts of money dissapates. In a usury free economy there is no need to create more money than the community can reasonably use because hoarding it is pointless and the frequency of its use increases (ie the velocity of transactions) which tends to reduce the need for the creation of new money.

Political Information
Feb 20, 2020 - Dresden was a civilian town with no military significance. Why did we burn its people?

Johanna Ross: From 13 to 15 February 1945, British (and some American) heavy bombers dropped 2,400 tons of high explosives and 1,500 tons of incendiary bombs onto the ancient cathedral city of Dresden. In just a few hours, around 25,000 to 35,000 civilians were blown up or incinerated.

Ron: this author's claim that only 25,000 to 35,000 civilians were blown up and incinerated in Dresden from 13 to 15 February 1945 is propaganda, a bare faced LIE, sheer bullshit! Dresden was full of refugees on the night in question and probably 500,000 German civilians were holocausted by the Jew led (Churchill, Eisenhower and Roosevelt) British and American air forces on that night and the following day when the RAF and USAF went back to bomb and strafe survivors on the river bank. See eg: A Real Holocaust: Dresden, 13 February 1945 -

Dresden – The Real Holocaust -

The WWII Dresden Holocaust - 'A Single Column of Flame':

Churchill And Hitler...And History. See:

The bombing of Dresden even dwarfed the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and so the Allies and their Jewish controllers had to cover up the truth as it was by far the biggest and most barbaric war crime and crime against humanity of WWII. Accordingly the allies and the Jew controlled Western MSM and academia have grossly down played the death toll. Moreover, they have steadily reducing the toll over the years to what they hope is a manageable PR total. BUT evan at 25,000 IT ISN'T!
Attempts to explain and justify the fire bombing of Dresden as necessary  are risible. See eg: Dresden Terror Bombing, Like Hiroshima, A Maniacial  Warning To Moscow -
But they pale into insignificance compared to the vicious Holocaust  Blood Libel and demonisation of the entire German nation promulgated by Churchill and his Jewish controllers in their attempts to justify the fire bombing of the civilian populations of Dresden, Hamburg, Berlin and a total of 60 German cities during WWII. See eg: The pilots of Bomber Command cannot be called heroes -
The Allies had to demonise the German nation to conceal the fact that they instigated WWII and their far greater crimes than those of the German nation during the war.

Johanna Ross: Chief of the Air Staff Charles Portal had calculated that bombing civilians could kill 900,000 in 18 months, seriously injure a million more, destroy six million homes, and “de-house” 25 million, creating a humanitarian crisis that, he believed, would speed up the war.

Ron: The Allies' civilian city bombings probably killed well over 2.5 million German civilians during WWII. This was probably where the US military developed its aptitude for the subsequent bombing of civilian populations in Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and many other places. See eg: The Ethics of Bombing Civilians After World War II: The Persistence of Norms Against Targeting Civilians in the Korean War -

Johanna Ross: Seventy years on, fewer people ask precisely which military objective justified the hell unleashed on Dresden. If there was no good strategic reason for it, then not even the passage of time can make it right, and the questions it poses remain as difficult as ever in a world in which civilians have continued to suffer unspeakably in the wars of their autocratic leaders.

Ron: the questions posed by US bombing of civilian populations back to the Stone Age in almost defenceless countries ARE NOT DIFFICULT! They are obvious as are the answers. Pretending otherwise is either gross ignorance or hypocritical cowadice, and PART OF THE PROBLEM, not the solution.

True US History
Feb 20, 2020 - A Moral Voice for President Trump

Stephen M King: Moral Trumpers do not politically idolize the president; they do not see him as the second coming of Ronald Reagan,..

Ron: Fair enough. After all he is much more than that, being more like the second comming of George Washington.

True US History
Feb 20, 2020 - Oligarchy Dies In Darkness ? WaPo wants a bigger role for 'elites' in picking the president, & doesn't even try to hide why

Political Information
Feb 20, 2020 - Two Years After Handing It The Biggest Ever Bailout Loan, IMF Finds Argentina Debt Levels Are "Unsustainable"

Political Information
Feb 20, 2020 - Review of Patrick Wood’s “Technocracy: The Hard Road to World Order”

Alex Newman: The planetary "New World Order" regime that so many globalist schemers have heralded will not be a republic, a monarchy, or a democracy. It will not be communist or capitalist. Instead, according to Patrick M. Wood's phenomenal book on the subject, it will be a "technocracy" - a system that eliminates individual liberty under the pretext of environmentalism and economic efficiency, dominated and ruled by elitist technocrats. In short, a "scientific dictatorship."

Ron: Arguably "technocracy" is a propaganda term for yet another Talmudic ideological population enslavement idea built on Talmudic precurser ideologies like Capitalism, Liberalism, Democracy, Fascism and Globalism. Currently the banksters controlling our world are beginning to favour use of the deceptive term "Technocracy"(a demonic elitist propaganda term for controlling world society as if it were a machine because that is deemed to be more efficient), over Globalism (aka Fascism) under which Talmudic elites covertly rule the planet as if it is one nation; and Socialism under which Talmudists control international governments and mega-corporations that own the means of production and distribution. These buzz words are names for allegedly better societal control systems that the Talmudic banksters want to implement to replace the God-given freedom bestowed on sovereign human beings by the Creator.

Be aware though, that the idea of a  technocratic "scientific dictatorship" ruled by elitist technocrats is a ruse, a smokescreen behind which demonic individuals intend to conceal their actual control of global society in the same way that they operated the so-clled "Dictatorship of the Proletariat" in the Bolshevik controlled Soviet Union which murdered some 66 million Russians as well as tens of millions of Ukrainians, Eastern Europeans and others. The technocrats and scientists will be used, abused and eliminated in the same way that Lenin and Stalin used and murdered their "useful idiot" minions.

In other words, "Technocracy" is just another ideological concept used by demonic entities to manipulate and mind control humans here while concealing their intention to dominate and enslave this planet and her inhabitants. Arguably  the term 'Technocracy' also conceals the intended technological methodology the Talmudists are attempting to use to dehumanise those they intend to allow to remain on this planet while eliminating the rest. For a good discussion of how this is being done see eg: Breaking Your Will -

Alex Newman: Wood cuts through the confusion to reveal a detailed and dangerous plan to enslave humanity that has been in motion for generations at least.

Ron: The Talmudists orgainsed and funded the French Revolution, the Napoleanic Wars, the global depredations of the British Empire and the American Civil War. Moreover, Albert Pike presaged WWI, WWII and WWIII in his letter to Mazzini in August 1871. The Jewish banksters then organised and funded WWI, the Bolshevik Coup in Imperial Russia in 1917, WWII, the establishment of the UN and the creation of the EU. They also orchestrated the destrucion and pillaging of Russia in the 1990s after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The demonic plan to destroy Western Christian civilisation and enslave the entire gentile world population has been "in motion" for centuries NOT just generations.

Alex Newman: Entitled Technocracy in America, the radical plan calls for abolishing the U.S. Senate, replacing the presidency with an executive committee, and allowing the U.S. Supreme Court to "modernize" the U.S. Constitution to make possible technocratic rule by totalitarian "experts."

Ron: This is a plan to subvert and destroy the US and enslave its people. Misleading rhetoric about technocratic rule by totalitarian experts is disinformation, ie manupulative propaganda designed to give credibility to sugar coat conquest and control of the rest of humanity by Talmudists misusing technology. This demonic plan is what President Trump and his supporters are determined to prevent.

Alex Newman: With the public already losing confidence in economists and politicians, the new system would be guided and controlled by scientists and engineers. The name for this proposed system was "technocracy."

Ron: As the saying goes: 'There's one born every minute!' The demons in charge of Talmudism just keep changing their ideological jargon on an incremental basis to match changing political, social and economic mind sets and available evolving technology on this planet. BUT the underlying atheistic, materialistic, anti-human motivation remains the same. The suggestion that technocrats and scientists will actually control the Talmudists' intended New World Order, One World Government, is fantasy, as was the fairy tale that "the proletariat" would control the Bolsheviks' murderous regime in the Soviet Union after the destruction of Imperial Russia.

Alex Newman: "Technocracy is the science of social engineering, [Ron: aka mind control] the scientific operation of the entire social mechanism to produce and distribute goods and services to the entire population."

Ron: Yabba, yabba, word salad, yabba! Social engineering is mind control methodology. It is NOT the same as goods and services production. Social engineering is about the manipulation of human consciousness, NOT the creation of goods and services.  Humans on this planet already HAVE mechanisms for the production and distribution of goods and services for 'the entire population' and those mechanisms are working or we wouldn't be here. What the Talmudists have in mind though, is the use of technology to destroy the human soul and turn humans into mindless machines.

Alex Newman: Under the plan, private property, money, and prices arrived at through market forces of supply and demand would give way to a new system in which energy and resources would become the key accounting units throughout the economy. Individuals would become nothing but cogs in the machine.

Ron: Apart from ensuring that those humans who survive will be robots, HOW is this intrinsically different from the Bolsheviks' despotic Central Planning model implemented in the Soviet Union? Also, WHAT does 'energy and resources would become the key accounting units throughout the economy' actually mean? At best it means that the Talmudic controllers intend to dispense with the current free range serf "wage slave" plantation management mechanism that uses the money meme to control the population and to replace it with age old direct coercive enslavement methods. See eg: The Matrix, the Strawman and WHO You Are. - How is that an improvement? Actually the improvement our would-be demonic rulers seek is the destruction of human consciousness, ie the elimination of the indwelling God spark in human beings, and their reduction to biological zombie status. To all intents and purposes, 'Technocracy' advocates like Patrick Wood intend humans here to become 2d machines.

Alex Newman: Obviously, such a system is completely incompatible with individual liberty, Western Judeo-Christian civilization, or free agency.

Ron: The 'Technocracy' idea is a demonic Talmudic construct and hence totally contrary to Christian ideals and values. There are NO Judeo-Christian values. The foundation values for Western Christian civilisation are based on the teachings of Christ Jesus. They have NO basis at all in Jewish values which are based on the demonic Talmud and ethno-centric, genocidal Torah. See eg: Judaism and Christianity - Two Thousand Years of Lies - 60 Years of State Terrorism -

In other words, there is no such entity as 'Western Judeo-Christian civilization';  It is a Talmudic LIE.

Alex Newman: "This is probably the most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model, for the first time in human history," she declared, adding that the goal was to "change the economic model that has been reigning for at least 150 years."

Ron: This is NOT the first time in human history that the economic development model has been intentionally transformed because global Jewry organsed a change over 150 years ago when chattel slavery was abolished in favour of implementation of free range serfdom because it was cheaper and the owners did not need to have care of the wage slaves who were then required to fend for themselves. See eg: The Matrix, the Strawman and WHO You Are. See: Investigative Report Re the US Strawman UCC/Redemption Process By Barton A. Buhtz See:

The truth is that our current global economic development model should have been radically modified in the early 20th Century when the discoveries and patents of Nikola Tesla should have been taken up and developed for the benefit of this planet and all of its inhabitants. Instead, the bankster cabal that controlled the US and our world concealed the implications of Tesla's patents from the general public and surpressed use of the technologies derived from his work and that of other inventors and kept them for their private use and exploitation. If implemented, THOSE Tesla technologies would have long since eliminated the stupid ideas of the supporters of the 'technocracy' ideology preached by Patrick Wood et al. For instance today we would have virtually free enengy from the vacuum of space so that the hysteria about fossil (abiotic) fuelled power plants and vehicles could not be being promulgated by the global controlling cabal. Similarly, we would be using mag-lev vehicles instead of surface travelling automotive transport. Similarly grossly polluting cargo ships (see eg: Behemoths Of Emission: How A Container Ship Can Out-Pollute 50 Million Cars - ) would no longer be needed.

In any event the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) robots and other technologies already means that our world no longer needs slave labour or free range serfdom to enable humans here to survive and thrive provided that rational governance and a reasonably equitable distribution of existing production and resources is implemented. Proper use and sharing of existing technological advances could and should very soon make abundance available to the rest of the global population. The reason that this is not happening is because almost noone wants to have a serious discussion about why it isn't and what that means. Humans are increasingly less productive than the cheaper machines replacing them to a point that not only does human labour fail to justify more jobs and higher wages, we can no longer justify the jobs and wages that we have now. Unlike what happened in the first and second industrial revolutions, technology isn’t making our work faster or more productive, its replacing the need for most routine human work altogether. BUT we are seeing this prospect as a problem instead of seeing it as an outcome we should be embracing as presaging the dawn of a Golden Age of abundance in which we will have true human freedom to do and be what each of us chooses. The result is that populations are not demanding that their governments ensure that the owners of the robots and machines return to the community ALL of the unearned (by them) profits created by the robots and machines instead of screwing their employees and consumers and keeping for themselves those humungous profits. Failing to do this will cause growing unemployment, poverty and social dystopia.

Arguably stupid ideologies like Patrick Wood's "Technocracy" dystopia in which humans have to scrabble all day to produce "energy" to justify their existance evidence the fact that the demonic bankster cabal controlling this planet still cling to their dream of continuing the enslavement of the planet and her inhabitants.

Alex Newman: Also critical in eroding self-government has been the proliferation of "regional government" and "councils of governments."

Ron: The US and other so-called democratic governments DO NOT provide real self governance anyway because, at best, they give a vote to every individual over some specified minimum age regardless of the individual's honesty, ability, knowledge and experience. Such systems automatically lend themselves to manipulation and control by wealthy individuals who are able to buy votes, politicians and judges, and to buy or control mass media and mass advertising which nullifies genuine expression of real popular opinion.

Alex Newman: The central banks of the world, along with the Bank for International Settlements, are already plotting away. A "cashless society" is a key part of the plan.

Ron: Be aware that, like chattel slavery, usury and the imposition of income taxation on the earnings of soverign human beings, is cosmically unlawful, ie contrary to the energetic blueprint of creation. Those practices spiritually unbalance our world and will be abolished once the Triodity of Presidents Trump, Putin and Xi and their supporters eliminate the demonic cabal that has ruled our world for millennia.

Christ Michael Aton proclaimed the establishment of the Millennial Reign on 5 February 2019 and once the Talmudic cabal is removed there will be a global debt Jubilee and a currency (money) RESET. These changes will involve the abolition of the Federal Reserve System, the Rothschilds' controlled global Central Banking system and the Bank for International Settlements.

The result will be that every national government  (however described) will be responsible for the creation and equitable, usury-free distribution of real asset backed money within its jurisdiction.  Eventually the money meme itself will cease to be relevant as the global population learns to live in caring, sharing, gifting communities in which sovereign individuals seek to serve others more than self.

The money meme was created millenia ago and has been used to create seperation, isolation, alienation, competition and ego-centric insecurity in individuals and communities. This has now culminated in the ego-centric, antagonistic, criminal, war mongering world in which we live. Once sovereign human beings become aware of their indwelling connection to the Creator, the false consciousness typified and exacerbated by the money meme will fade into oblivian to be replaced by greater awareness, higher consciousness and genuine spirituality. So be it.

Alex Newman: Wood makes a very compelling case that China is actually the leading contemporary model and example. Even now, Wood says, academics acknowledge that mainland China has transitioned from communism and Marxism to technocracy, despite the remaining outward trappings.

Ron: I disagree. Arguably the "Technocracy" envisaged by the Talmudists is merely a rehash of brutal Talmudic Bolshevism on a global scale using the latest psychological and technological techniques. Arguably, the technocratic developments in China do NOT accord with the intentions of the Jew controlled UN and the Talmudists' proposed New World Order. They are therefore NOT a model and example of what the Jews have in mind. The weaponised coronavirus and various viral and other attacks on China evidence this. For instance China's Social Credit System (CSCS) is a vast improvement on the cultural Marxist dominated political, legal and societal structures and psychological manipulations currently destroying Euroanglo-US societies.

China has embraced technology and used it to improve the life of all the nation's people. For instance China is said to have lifted some 800 million Chinese out of poverty in the last 20 years. In the process the Chines national government has replaced atheistic communism with genuine spiritual principles and values. See eg: Technocracy Rules: China Is Purging Marxists and Communists -

Arguably the Chinese nation has used technology as a tool for use in the betterment of the Chinese nation and its members and NOT as a Godless control mechanism as this author implies.

Alex Newman: And as this magazine has also documented extensively, the Chinese "model" is being spread around the world, with key assistance from Western globalists, the UN, and other powerful forces.

Ron: I disagree. The Chinese "model" is a theistic, spiritual, inclusive pro-human ideology that is rapidly improving life for the Chinese people and other nations with which China is interacting.  Accordingly it is anathema to the Talmudic UN and all globalists and so they are attacking China in every way they can.

Alex Newman: One of the crucial elements of technocracy that is right now being pioneered in China is the "social credit" system.* As The New American reported years ago when it first became clear what was happening, the mass-murdering dictatorship is creating a system where every single Chinese person is ranked by government.

Ron: The statement that the Chinese national government under President Xi Jinping is a mass-murdering dictatorship is a pernicious LIE. It is a typical calumny mindlessly and endlessly repeated by US commentators without provision of sound supporting evidence. It is as false as the HOLOHOAX and is no doubt fostered by the same liars as the perveyors of that BLOOD LIBEL of the German nation. President Xi is a Christed individual who has incarnated here to serve Christ Michael Aton during the Millennial Reign. For instance the truth about China's administration of Xinjiang is that the government is spending lavishly on provision of infrastructure and services including education and vocational training to Yughurs. See eg: BBC Says China Building Schools is “Bad” -

Xinjiang and Uyghurs - What You Are Not Being Told -

Dictatorships at U.N.: China’s Concentration Camps Bring a ‘Stronger Sense of Happiness’ -

China and the Uyghurs -

NYT’s “Leaked” Chinese Files Story Covers For Terrorism -

Fake News Debunk : China Is Not "Persecuting" Muslims -

March of the Uyghurs -

Xinjiang Mania Failed, Tienanmen Square Mania Failed so The Media-Industrial Complex is Focusing on Hong Kong -

* Arguably China's Social Credit System (CSCS) is a reasonable initiative designed to assist the 1.4 billion strong Chinese nation to segue into a positive, equitable and abundant future in which everyone in the nation will be treated fairly without the secretive preferential treatment of insiders and prejudicial treatment of everyone else that typifies life in the Euranglo-US Empire and most of the rest of the world today. In the run-up to achieving Light and Life on this planet humanity will need to develop honest, reliable, community activity auditing mechanisms to ensure that we never again fall into the current Talmudic dystopia that Presidents Trump, Putin, Xi and others are arduously eliminating as we speak. China appears to be leading the way into our utopian future.

In particular it should be noted in this context that the value and morality of technology depends upon the integrity of those who create and use it and especially HOW it is actually used. The CSCS is widely understood and accepted by the Chinese people and appears to be a genuine and highly transparent attempt at using technology for the public benefit. Contrast this usage with the US legal system which almost never prosecutes elitist criminals; and the rampant unlawful spying on US citizens exemplified by illegal spying by the DOJ and FBI on President Trump and his associates both before and after his election. The stupidity and hypocrisy of USan critics of the CSCS and the Chinese government is monumental. To get some idea of what the CSCS is, see eg: Big Brother Arrives: China Bans People With "Bad Social Credit" From Planes, Trains -

China Assigns Every Citizen A ‘Social Credit Score’ To Identify Who Is And Isn’t Trustworthy -

Spend “frivolously” and be penalized under China’s new social credit system -

In contrast see: An Investigative Report Re the US Strawman UCC/Redemption Process By Barton A. Buhtz See:

As regards the background to the recent Russiagate scandal and the pseudo impeachment of President Trump in the US see also:

Facebook Has a File on You: Even If You Don’t Have an Account. -

Cambridge Analytica "Scandal" CLOUDS Global Big Brother ACT (Cloud Act). -

The New Military-Industrial Complex of Big Data Psy-Ops. -

Mark Zuckerberg’s Promise: Zero Transparency, Zero Public Accountability -

Know Your History: Google Has Been a Military-Intel Contractor From the Very Beginning. -

"Can We Trust Facebook?" Mark Zuckerberg's Non-Answer Says It All. -

Surveillance Capitalism and the State: Facebook Devastated on Multiple Fronts as Data Theft Crisis Grows. -


Alex Newman: The score is based on everything from creditworthiness and obedience to individual religious [Ron: really? which ones?] and political views and even associations with other people.

Ron: What is wrong with scoring citizens on their credit worthiness and association with other people? The US and Western nations do that routinely  as regards credit worthyness and suitability for employment and many other things. What is wrong with negatively scoring people for dishonestly failing to pay their debts and/or associating with known criminals? Failing to properly assess and deal with criminals and overt criminal tendencies is causing massive societal destruction and harm to the citizens of the US, UK, Sweden and many other nations. See eg: UK: Over 160 Terrorists Released Early in the Past Seven Years - Accidental Accelerationists ? -

Alex Newman: Questioning government, or even knowing somebody who questions it, results in a reduced score. Meanwhile, a person's score determines practically everything: whether he or she may borrow money, fly on an airplane, get an education, leave the country, and much more.

Ron: These sweeping condemnations need to be supported with properly referenced evidence if this author wants the reader to take him seriously.].

Alex Newman: In short, the regime in Beijing is developing perhaps the most Orwellian system of control ever devised by man. Once it is fully operational, it will allow the dictatorship to control its subjects without even having to resort to torture, terror, prisons, and executions very often.

Ron: Some evidence supporting these claims is needed if we are to assume this author isn't just an anti-Chinese libellous hack. Imagine if he was publicly saying this about Jews.

Alex Newman: To start with, citing Sun Tzu's Art of War, Wood calls on readers to make sure they know their enemy and themselves.

Ron: Patrick M. Wood and this author need to take their own advice. Everyone's main enemy is a misguided ego and excessive attachment to misinformation and disinfomation accumulated from cradle to grave.

Political Information
Feb 20, 2020 - Workplaces are Imperfect, but They Don’t Need Orwellian ‘thought police’ Tech to Enforce Inclusivity

That is not a comforting thought in these so-called ‘woke' times, when the world of business is picking up where the university left off. That means any type of debate or discussion that is deemed ‘uncomfortable' to some listeners can end up discouraged or prohibited, and people who exhibit ‘undesirable traits' could find themselves reprimanded or even terminated from their jobs. Who determines what is ‘uncomfortable' and ‘undesirable' should be the focus of discussion, but it is not. This all fits nicely into the social justice ‘cancel culture' that works to advance some groups while denigrating others, for example, the bogeyman of the moment known as the ‘patriarchy.' Anyone who doubts that assertion has not been paying attention to recent developments in the corporate world. Robert Bridge

True US History
Feb 20, 2020 - Monolithic Conspiracy

This 46' 01" video was published by Amazing Polly on Feb 19, 2020:

True US History
Feb 20, 2020 - Lawless Lawyers Bludgeon America

Political Information
Feb 19, 2020 - "NATO Go Home!"

Thierry Meyssan: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo revealed the final scheme on January 19 in Cairo. He plans to pursue the Rumsfeld/Cebrowski strategy no longer with the US armies, but with those of NATO, including Israel and the Arab countries.

Ron: I disagree. President Trump rejects the Rumsfeld/Cebrowski strategy

Thierry Meyssan: Thus, the pillaging of the wider Middle East, which began in 2001, will continue. The martyred populations of this region, whose only fault is to have been divided, will continue to suffer and die en masse. The United States will keep its soldiers at home, warm and innocent, while the Europeans will have to take responsibility for the crimes of the US generals.

Ron: I disagree. President Trump and his Administration will eventually eliminate the continuation of Pentagon, CIA and Deep State war crimes in the Middle East and globally.

Political Information
Feb 19, 2020 - Photos From Final Liberation of Aleppo Demonstrates How MSM Narrative Was False All Along

Political Information
Feb 19, 2020 - Times Newspaper’s Latest Spy Story: GRU Agents Hit the Irish coast

There are many problems with this article. The first which a layman would notice is the lack of concrete facts presented. Indeed, what is interesting is not so much what information is provided, but what is absent. We are not told when the supposed trip took place (not even the year), who the individuals were, and on what basis it has been concluded that the individuals concerned were spies. Instead the article puts forward pure speculation as to what the motivations of the individuals were, if they indeed existed at all...

there shouldn't be any need for anyone to map the location of the underwater cables, as comprehensive maps are available online, posted together with coordinates and oceanographic survey data, by the Irish government. - Johanna Ross

Political Information
Feb 19, 2020 - Moscow Says Attacks on Russian, Syrian Troops in Idlib Continue as Erdogan Threatens ‘Imminent’ Op©

The Turkish president previously called on his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to exercise pressure on Syrian president Bashar al-Assad in a bid to make the Syrian Army halt its offensive in Idlib and retreat from Turkey's observation posts by the end of February. If these demands are not met, Turkey threatened to launch retaliatory military action.  Sputnik News

Political Information
Feb 19, 2020 - Turkish Military Deployed Troops Inside the Key Town of al-Atarib

Political Information
Feb 19, 2020 - Syria - Turkey's Bluff Is Called - Media Opposition Sources Run By British Intelligence

Health and Nutrition
Feb 19, 2020 - 10 Very Important Questions That The Mainstream Media Should Be Asking About This Coronavirus Outbreak

Political Information
Feb 19, 2020 - Pro-transgender UK Politician Claims Children Are ‘born without sex’ on Live TV

Ron: Sooo, what does the claim that 'children are born without sex' do for cultural Marxist arguments that white males are 'THE PROBLEM' and Feminist claims for so-called EQUAL RIGHTS AND EQUAL PAY for females?!

Political Information
Feb 19, 2020 - The Perpetual War Scam

Political Information
Feb 19, 2020 - Erdogan’s Treacherous Bluff

Feb 18, 2020 - Menace on the Menu in Post-EU Britain

Mason says that glyphosate causes epigenetic changes in humans and animals: diseases skip a generation. Washington State University researchers have found a variety of diseases and other health problems in the second- and third-generation offspring of rats exposed to glyphosate. In the first study of its kind, the researchers saw descendants of exposed rats developing prostate, kidney and ovarian diseases, obesity and birth abnormalities.   Writing in the journal Scientific Reports, the researchers say they saw "dramatic increases" in several pathologies affecting the second and third generations. The second generation had "significant increases" in testis, ovary and mammary gland diseases, as well as obesity. In third-generation males, the researchers saw a 30 percent incidence of prostate disease - three times the rate of a control population. The third generation of females had a 40 percent incidence of kidney disease, or four times the rate of the controls.   More than one-third of the second-generation mothers had unsuccessful pregnancies, with most of those affected dying. Two out of five males and females in the third generation were obese.  Colin Todhunter

Political Information
Feb 18, 2020 - Explaining Syria It's Everyone's Fault Except the U.S. and Israel

Ron: WHY does the Trump Administration appoint Talmudic lunatics like James Jeffrey to represent the US and promulgate such lying propaganda about Syria and Russia on behalf of the US?! HOW can the average human on this planet grok the truth about these or any other matters when those who know, like President Trump, appoint such Talmudic shills to blatantly deceive them with such hypocritical absurdities?

Feb 18, 2020 - EPA Isn’t Allowed To Do Anything About Effects From Electromagnetic Pollution From Cell Phones And WiFi

Human/Animal Rights
Feb 18, 2020 - France Sees Average of 120 Knife Attacks Per Day

Human/Animal Rights
Feb 18, 2020 - Boy Scouts of America File for Bankruptcy Amid Tsunami of Child Sexual Abuse Allegations

Pfau believes that the number of claimants could dwarf those of the Catholic church, which has also historically struggled with rampant sexual abuse allegations against clergy. Pfau said:     "The Catholic bankruptcies are limited in geographic scope. Here there will be claimants from all 50 states and the American territories ... We can talk about files and numbers, but in reality if you step back and realize the scope of the human carnage, it's stunning."  Elias Marat

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Feb 18, 2020 - Afghan Election Drama Threatens Trump's Deal With The Taliban

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Feb 18, 2020 - Sarraj Supports Turkish Lira With Billions at the Expense of the Libyan People

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Feb 18, 2020 - Libyan General Haftar’s Forces Claim they've Bombed Turkish ship ‘loaded with Weapons & Ammo’ at Tripoli Port

Meanwhile, the GNA itself seems to be wary of Turkish intervention; Foreign Minister Abdul Hadi Al-Hweij said on Monday that Erdogan is "the farthest from a peaceful settlement" of all those involved."This is obviously not a Turkish interference, but an aggression. It's a new attempt by Turks to conquer Libya," the official stated.  The GNA has been engaged in a prolonged conflict with the Tobruk-based LNA. The archfoes managed to agree to a fragile ceasefire at a recent conference in Berlin. It still remains in place, but no binding agreement has yet been signed. Haftar held a meeting with GNA leader Fayez al-Sarraj in Moscow, set up by Russia's Foreign Ministry, last month.  R T

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Feb 18, 2020 - Turkish-Russian Talks No Breakthrough Airstrikes Pound Turkish Friends From Al Qaeda In Idlib

True US History
Feb 18, 2020 - Over 250,000 US Combat Forces Deployed As “Something So Big In Play It’s Going To Shock The Conscience of the Nation” Revelation Nears

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Feb 18, 2020 - Labour Leadership Race: Let Men into Women’s Prisons if They ‘Identify’ as Female

Political Information
Feb 18, 2020 - The Destruction of Libya: Posturing Predators; Lethal Lies

Political Information
Feb 18, 2020 - Vatican Police Raid Top Cleric's Home /Office Over London Property Scam

Political Information
Feb 18, 2020 - Sinn Fein’s Victory is Ireland’s ‘Brexit Moment’ When Left-Out Voters Turn on the Elite

Human/Animal Rights
Feb 18, 2020 - Starbucks is Rapped for Launching ‘woke’ Campaign to Raise £100,000 for controversial transgender charity

Political Information
Feb 18, 2020 - Russian Bombers Have Destroyed Turkish Armored Vehicles and Weapons in Syria

Russian bombers destroyed Turkish tanks, 18 MLRS installations and about 50 armored personnel carriers, learned citing news agency Aviapro publication.

Erdogan's violation of the agreements with Moscow resulted in huge losses for Turkey in Syria. Since the beginning of last week, Turkish troops and pro-Turkish terrorists have lost almost a hundred units of armored vehicles illegally transported to Syria, and it's not Syria, but Russian military aviation that is crushing the enemy.

According to the arguments of local and foreign news agencies, today Turkey has lost at least 23 tanks in Syria (including 4 Leopard tanks - approx. Ed.), About 50 armored personnel carriers and armored vehicles, 18 MLRS installations, more than 20 military trucks and 2 warehouses with weapons and ammunition.

Attacks of Russian military aircraft were carried out mainly on the largest accumulations of equipment, and often, armored vehicles were destroyed immediately when crossing the Turkish-Syrian border. - The Truthseeker

Political Information
Feb 18, 2020 - Dresden Terror Bombing, Like Hiroshima, A Maniacal Warning To Moscow

Finian Cunningham: This weekend 75 years ago, the German city of Dresden was razed to the ground by British and American aerial bombardment. At least 25,000 mainly civilians were destroyed in raid after raid by over 1,200 heavy bombers, indiscriminately dropping high explosives and incendiaries. It took seven years just to clear the rubble.

Ron: Jews always lie. Churchill's mother was a Jewess. Our world is full of Talmudic propaganda and this author is repeating some of it! Dresden was full of civilian refugees when Churchill arranged for the fire bombing of the civilians there. The death toll could never be fully known but Churchill's bomber command and the Eisenhower's air force probably incinerated 500,000 ethnic Germans in a 24 hour period there.  The JOO dominated British and US authorities have gradually pretended that fewer and fewer Germans were immolated in Dresden until now they say that only 25,000 died that night. Barf! Barf! See eg:

Dresden – The Real Holocaust -

The WWII Dresden Holocaust - 'A Single Column of Flame':


Finian Cunningham: Critics say, however, that the mass bombing of Dresden was immaterial in the effort to defeat Nazi Germany. It was a wanton act of terror - a war crime - carried out by the British and Americans. Critics point out that most of the industrial and military targets on the outskirts of the beautiful city were largely left untouched by the bombing. British wartime leader Winston Churchill is even said to have expressed misgivings about the morality of this and other indiscriminate bombing of German civilian centers.

Ron: He did and should have. Churchill himself ordered the firebomb raid on the city of Dresden (David Irving The Destruction of Dresden (1966) pp. 96-100),

Jack Nicholas tells us:
A major awkwardness concerning Churchill's conduct of the war lies in the secret British policy of so-called 'area bombing', adopted early in 1942 and outlined by (Lord) CP Snow in the 1960 Godkin Lectures at Harvard University (published in his book Science and Government, Oxford University Press 1961). Snow had an insider's view of the development of this policy. He outlines how the sinister Professor FA Lindemann (later to become Lord Cherwell, Churchill's chief scientific adviser), persuaded the British Cabinet to adopt the policy of directing bombing campaigns primarily against German working-class housing. 'Middle-class houses have too much space around them, and so are bound to waste bombs; factories and "military objectives" had long since been forgotten, except in official bulletins, since they were much too difficult to find and hit' (p 48). Snow asks, 'What will people of the future think of us? Will they say.. we were wolves with the minds of men?Will they think that we had resigned our humanity? They will have the right.' (p 49). Fortunately, Snow needn't have worried. There have been and remain such powerful vested interests committed to preserving the myths of World War II that even the history departments of universities have in most cases assisted with the cover-up.

The respected British military historian Martin Middlebrook says, 'In some ways, Area Bombing was a three-year period of deceit practiced upon the British public and on world opinion. It was felt to be necessary that the exact nature of R.A.F. bombing should not be revealed. It could not be concealed that German cities were being hit hard, and that residential areas in those cities were receiving many of the bombs, but the impression was usually given that industry was the main target and that any bombing of workers' housing areas was an unavoidable necessity. Charges of 'indiscriminate bombing' were consistently denied.. The deceit lay in the concealment of the fact that the areas being most heavily bombed were nearly always either city centres or densely populated residential areas, which rarely contained any industry.. The vital links in the dissemination of this view were the press and the radio upon which the public depended for all wartime news..'  See: Churchill And Hitler...And History -

Finian Cunningham: Thus the moral controversies about the British and American bombing of German and Japanese cities goes way beyond arguments about the right or wrong of mass murder for the supposed purpose of ending wars. That moral hazard is difficult enough. But even more fiendish is a bigger picture; one in which the cold, calculated use of terror and genocide is not about ending war, but rather to simply exert geopolitical power against [Ron: all goyem as well as] a perceived rival in the postwar era. Terror for terror sake, evil for evil sake.

Ron: Yabba, yabba, disinformation yabba. In this context, all Talmudic activity was and always is, terror for terror's sake and evil for evil sake. WWII was created by Talmudists for the purpose of killing as many goyem as possible and weakening and demolising the survivors. The neo-Pharisees always intended the destruction wreaked by WWII as well as in WWI and the genocide of gentiles inflicted by the Anglo-US Empire and its allies in Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa and everywhere else in the last 150 years. Albert Pike spelled out these intentions in his letter to Mazzini in August 1871. The JOOS created the Soviet Union in 1917 and the Rockefellers and Rothchilds were in secret alliance with the Bolsheviks until they were ousted from the Kremlin by Christian Russians who then defeated the Rockefeller controlled US in the Battle of the Harvest moon on 27 September 1977. See eg: Dr Peter Beter's Audio Letters -



Finian Cunningham: So if the bombing of Hiroshima or Nagasaki was unnecessary from a military point of view to end the Pacific War, why was it done ?

Ron: The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki AND of Tokyo and Dresden and ALL of the civilian areas of Berlin, Hamburg and a total of 60 German cities was a Talmudic blood sacrifice of gentiles organised by global Jewry and its Jewish and shabbos puppets. See eg:

Churchill And Hitler...And History. See:

England Instigated World War Two. -

Germany Must Perish! Again? See: And: What To Do With Germany. -



Political Information
Feb 18, 2020 - Bloomberg Promises to Expand Abortion, Squelch Religious Freedom if elected president

Political Information
Feb 18, 2020 - Bernie Sanders Ad Touts Him As ‘First Jewish President’

True US History
Feb 18, 2020 - George Washington Man of Faith, Christian Gentleman

Political Information
Feb 17, 2020 - Free Speech Alert: Zuckerberg Wants Governments’ Guidance on “What Discourse Should be Allowed”
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