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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 12, 2019 - 5:42:10 PM

ZAAA Psyop Using Pakistani Terrorists Against India—Why now ?
By The Millennium Report
Mar 12, 2019 - 5:38:06 PM

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The Main Organ of Propaganda of the CIA's Mockingbird MediaConfirms Terror Attacks Against India by Pakistan Are Really a Serious Threat from the West


NYT faces Indian backlash after calling terrorist bombing ‘explosion' in tweet


Indian soldiers examine the debris after an explosion in Lethpora in south Kashmir's Pulwama district February 14, 2019. ©REUTERS / Younis Khaliq

The US paper of record attracted a wave of outrage from India after calling a suicide bomb attack "an explosion," and misspelling the name of the country's prime minister.

What could possibly go wrong when you try to explain the intricacies of the political situation in the world's largest democracy to your American readers? The New York Times managed to find a way to botch the job with one tone-deaf tweet on Monday.

Continue reading at:

But here's the real back story that even the Alt Media has ignored ?

ZAAA Psyop Using Pakistani Terrorists Against India-Why now?

The Millennium Report

TMR Editor's Note: The bold moves and rapid maneuvers jumping off on the global geopolitical chessboard are now highly consequential and getting more so by the month.

For example, the Zio-Anglo-American Axis (ZAAA) has recently used Pakistan's ISI and their contracted jihadi terrorists to conduct a major terrorist strike against India.  Over 40 Indian soldiers were brutally killed and many others injured by a suicide bus bomb attack en route to their destination in Kashmir.

This heinous attack was followed up with the shooting down of two Indian warplanes over Kashmir that were retaliating for that unprovoked massacre.  What then followed is unprecedented in the history of this epic feud between India and Pakistan.

The Pakistani captors of the pilot who successfully ejected from his hit aircraft secretly took video of his interrogation.  This highly sensitive and inappropriate video was then offensively uploaded on the Internet by senior officers in the Pakistani military.  Needless to say the proud people of India are mortified by such a profound insult against one of their heroes.

This shameless act of military wrongdoing has never happened before in this region.  And, it was staged by the Zio-Anglo-American intel and military communities that are using Pakistan as their cat's paw to corral India back into the pen of Petrodollar compliance.  Driving these two countries to all-out war has always been on the ZAAA...but only when the timing is most advantageous to the outworking of the globalist New World Orderagenda.

The West will simply not tolerate India doing business with Iran, especially paying in gold for oil.  India is also stepping up its commerce and trade with Russia at the expense of U.S. weapon sales and other arms deals with the West.

Because of the unique relationship between the United States and India, Washington cannot risk a direct confrontation on this extremely radioactive matter concerning the supremacy of the Almighty Dollar.  The Trump administration knows that India will not relent and will defend it's right to do business with whomever, wherever, whenever and however they so choose, as it should be.  Simply put, you don't tell India who they can trade with.

The Neocon warhawks also know that a public conflict with India will greatly empower the rest of the world community of nations since New Delhi will loudly proclaim its independence from Anglo-American hegemony.  They have had enough of British imperialism and know that the Kashmiri  conflict was purposefully engineered by London to profoundly divide the subcontinent, which it has calamitously done.

KEY POINT: This extremely provocative international incident was undoubtedly manufactured by London, Washington and Tel Aviv (also known as the real Axis of Evil) for various reasons.  First and foremost, however, each of these highly corrupt crimes cities has a vested interest in maintaining the US dollar as the world reserve currency.  It's what enables them to maintain the perpetual war economy that keeps their nations afloat and free from the immediate threat of bankruptcy.  The Petrodollar also allows the real perps to perpetrate all kinds of financial terrorism and economic sabotage against nations large and small.  In this way, the ZAAA have effectively created a permanent planetary plantation where they tyrannically function as the masters of the universe.

Where all this will go is anyone's guess.  The history of chronic war between the two nations points to a steady resolution of this crisis.  However, the Neocon warmongers are getting quite desperate to push the button on the next phase of their NWO scheme toward the establishment of a One World Government.  See THEIR FINAL SOLUTION: Market Crash, Dollar Collapse & World War 3

Clearly, this black operation against India has all the hallmarks of a rogue CIA-MI6-ISI psyop.  What better way to compel India to get back on the Petrodollar reservation than to threaten them with a potential nuclear conflict.  Truly, it doesn't get more serious than this regional conflict that also involves China because of their past battles with India in Kashmir.  Because India is also quietly paying Russia in rubles for military contracts, Moscow is also involved in this deliberately designed clash by the ZAAA.

The real problem here is that the West will do whatever it takes to perpetuate its ascendancy over the East-ANYTHING!  ANYTIME!  ANYWHERE!

The Millennium Report
February 28, 2019


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