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Yvonne Fletcher: Murder In St. James' Documentary (it wasn't Libya)
By dispatches Documentary; Joe Vialls & comments by Ron
Nov 7, 2011 - 2:30:23 AM

Yvonne Fletcher: Murder In St. James' Documentary (it wasn't Libya)

This one hour, 19' 33" video demonstrating that PC Yvonne Fletcher was NOT murdered by a gunman in the Libyan "embasy" but by an anti-Gaddafi gunman using premises controlled by the British intelligence services. It was uploaded by on Aug 31, 2011:

Uploader's comments:

This dispatches documentary which aired in the 90s refutes the official story that PC Yvonne fletcher was murdered by shots from the Libyan embassy. This is especially pertinent considering the media have dragged her death back in to the limelight to demonize Libya.

It suggests that she was killed by a gunman in an adjacent building used by the British security services. The film probes deeper, and finds evidence indicating that the murder was carried out by an anti-Gaddafi terrorist organisation backed by the CIA in a false flag operation.

By killing a British police officer and blaming Gaddafi's Libya, the plan, it seems, was to start a coup in order to remove Gaddafi and install a puppet regime to seize Libya's oil.[Ron: Ten days after this murder anti-Gaddafi Libyans staged a coup against Libya's Jamahiriya peoples' democratic government in Libya which failed.]


Martin Bryant - The Other Story. See:

In this article the late Joe Vialls, whose investigation was the basis of the documentary video referred to herein, gives additional insights into the murder of Yvonne Fletcher and explains how the version publicly shown was nobbled and limite, and failed to demonstrate the whole truth of this matter. I highly recommend a reading of this article in conjunction with watching this video. Even when the mainstream media purports to tell ALL, it doesn't!



'In the case of the premeditated murder of Policewoman Yvonne Fletcher outside the Libyan Embassy in London during April 1984, a senior officer foolishly allowed himself to be influenced by powerful outsiders, members of the secretive private "club" to which he belonged, who suggested a limited operation in which Fletcher’s bare legs would only be lightly peppered with shrapnel, producing a bit of blood for the TV cameras and generating sufficient public outrage to have the nasty Libyans deported from Britain for ever. When instead of being lightly peppered with shrapnel, Yvonne Fletcher was almost cut in half by a high velocity assault bullet fired from an American multinational building, the compromised senior officer understandably felt quite unable to approach his Commissioner and confess "It wasn’t supposed to go that far..."


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