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Political Information Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Xinjiang Mania Failed, Tienanmen Square Mania Failed so The Media-Industrial Complex is Focusing on Hong Kong
By Adam Garrie
Jul 4, 2019 - 2:37:16 AM

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As western societies become increasingly confounded with the promotion of sexual promiscuity, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the merchants of psychological pornography and material smut to side with any major religious group. This is especially true when it comes to an Islamic world that has generally resisted the public sexualisation of society that is prevalent throughout Europe.

As such, when western liberals spread rumours about the Islamic population of China's  Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, it did not gather steam among the western public who have developed a distaste for Islam due to the socially conservative values of Islamic teachings. As such, those seeking to promulgate anti-China narratives in the west needed to turn to another region of China in order to sow hatred against the Chinese leadership in Beijing.

Enter Hong Kong, a place where a peculiar mix of Chinese culture and Anglophone culture coexists. As Hong Kong's local governance is somewhat western in character whilst the population of Hong Kong tend to be secular, westerners can clearly relate to the people of highly cosmopolitan Hong Kong more so than they can to the more isolated Islamic populations of  Xinjiang. Now that the Turkish President has helped to fully reconcile China to the wider Islamic world, one can expect western media outlets to go full steam ahead on their narrative that somehow Hong Kong is an oppressed province rather than an historically and presently wealthy place with incredibly high living standards.

In 1992, Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters released his Amused to Death album which contained the song ‘Watching TV'. Waters's lyrics reflect on western reactions to events abroad including and especially the 4th of June incident in China's Tienanmen Square. The lyrics explained that in order for westerners become gain sympathy to foreigners, the supposed victims must be westernised and sexualised so as to stimulate the minds of western audiences who have "amused themselves to death" through addiction to vulgar television content.

This is just as true today as it was in 1992. However, today it is not Beijing or Xinjiang that is being used to most tantalise western audiences looking for their Orwellian "two minutes hate" - today it is Hong Kong, the most westernised part of China due to the fact that it was part of the British Empire between 1841 and 1997

Hong Kong is the kind of place that if it did not exist, someone on Madison Avenue would have to invent it. It's the part of China that can be easily distorted to look like a cocoon of pro-western politics just waiting to transform into a neo-liberal butterfly. It a financial Disneyland offering a Chinese experience to westerners who don't particularly like China. It may well be the only place in China where someone from Montana could ask for "beef with broccoli" and not receive a look of confusion in return. Just as Steely Dan is jazz for music consumers who have never owned an actual jazz LP, so too is Hong Kong a place that westerners can obsessively romanticise in order to rekindle the Victorian flames of bygone Orientalism.

Of course, none of this explains the actual internal or geopolitical dynamics of Hong Kong. To understand this, the following link may prove interesting. But when it comes to an anti-Beijing cause that can inspire a generation of westerners who have seen their own cultures destroyed by liberal politics, who have seen their children become indoctrinated by pornographers and who have seen their own living standards decline - Hong Kong is the perfect narrative.

The moral of the story is that the anti-China merchants want westerners to think: "those kids in Hong Kong are just like us...if only they didn't look Chinese".

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