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Woody Allen's Vast Jewish Wasteland
By Br Nathanael Kapner
Jun 10, 2012 - 11:13:18 PM

Woody Allen's Vast Jewish Wasteland

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Woody Allen personifies the Jewification of Western culture and his file "Annie Hall" illustrates the Judaic conquest of White Anglo-Saxon Protestant - the WASP. The film portrays the WASP as an anti-Semite and its young women as prey for sexual exploits - personofied by Annie Hall - in real life Diane Keaton, whom Allen pursues and eventually beds.

One scene in particular underlines Allen's covert theme of Jewry's conquest of the WASP and that's the Easter dinner scene at Annie's Hall's home... At the table Woody Allen brings to the fore Jewry's perpetual complaint against Christian gentiles (remember its an "Easter" dinner complete with a Baked Ham) by portraying Annie Hall's grandmother as a deep seated "anti-Semite" and in reaction transforms himself into a Hasidic rabbi - complete with black hat, coat, beard: [Clip" "I can't believe this family. The old lady at the end of the table is a classic Jew-hater."]

The subliminal message here is that Gentiles are racist bigots and that Jews (who make Gentiles laugh like Woody Allen) are innocent victims of Gentile bigotry since Jews would never engage in racist activity. Of course, God forbid that all of us "anti-Semites" would ever charge Jewry and its shills in Congress for supporting the racist Jewish State of Israel. And God forbid that anyone should censure Jewry for calling blacks "schwartsas and shooks" or for calling Gentile women, "shiksas." which means in Yiddish, "unclean animals". The sickness of it al is that Woody allen personifies two seemingly contradictory agendas: Rabbinical separatism and Jewish secularism. [Ron: Which highlights the fact that Judaism IS a political ideology since 75% of Jews profess to being "secular" .]. The "Rabbi" in Allen gains dominance over Annie Hall through copulation and the "Secular Jew" in Allen conquers the WASP by leaving the "shiksa" bereft of procreation of her own kind - a desolation of a thriving Christian people. You see ... now the WASP typified by Annie Hall - and indeed, by Dianne Keaton herself, who was born "Diane Hall," has been Jewified, conquered and usurped by a new hostile elite. And Annie Hall, has been left a victim of Woody Allen's vast Jewish desolate wasteland. [Ron: But for Diane Keaton it's all good I suppose, since she gets to ponce about as a film star in Jew dominated Hollywood, not to mention being bedded by Woody Allen - such an honour - what "shiksas' wouldn't want that distinction?].

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