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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018 - 12:56:51 AM

Will Angela Merkel, daughter of the German Fuehrer Adolf Hitler brings the Fourth Reich of Germany to the Prophetic Stage of History?
Mar 11, 2018 - 7:53:10 PM

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Will Angela Merkel, daughter of the German Fuehrer Adolf Hitler bring the Fourth Reich of Germany to the Prophetic Stage of History?

Angela Merkel and Nichols Sarkozy
German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy

On September 7, 2011, the international market advisors were pondering a worst case scenario when the financial markets could implode. On that day, Germany’s highest court, the Federal Constitutional Court, made the legal decision if it was constitutional for the German government to bailout Greece in the terms of billions of dollars. The “No” vote that was feared did not materialize, but neither was a blank check given in Germany’s participation in the 2010 Greek bailout with the creation of the European Financial Stability Facility, the euro-zone rescue fund developed to rescue Greece. Yet, any future participation of Germany in the bailout would have to come by the decision of the German parliament.

If the answer had been “No” the highest risk that was feared was that the entire eurozone would suddenly collapse. Like a deck of cards, one country after another would have become insolvent and a financial crisis will envelop the entire world. This would have dwarfed the 2008 market meltdown that started on Rosh Hashanah 2008 in the New York Wall Street bourse and within ten days, all the financial ministers around the world were meeting on Yom Kippur 2008, their “Day of Judgment” to see if there was anything that could be done to save the economies of the world.

Back on August 17, 2011, German’s Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy met in a crisis intervention meeting as the disastrous growth figures in the eurozone exploded in front of their eyes. The world financial market shares were into a freefall after America’s credit rating was downgraded. Even Europe’s foundational banks were in turmoil as the evidence was also mounting that even they were profligate in management of their banking giants.

With the “Yes” vote to German’s entry as the savior of Europe’s financial crisis by the Federal Constitutional Court conditioned by a vote of German’s parliament, it would come at a cost. What came out of the meetings and the personal conversations; it would be necessary to create a “Fiscal Union” which Germany would dictate the terms of its creation and governance. Up to this date, Germany has continued to use German taxpayer’s money to bail out eurozone countries that appear to have no idea how to govern or manage their own countries.

Will it take Adolf Hitler’s daughter, to step forward and now create a new Fourth Reich as she could become the Chancellor that will essentially have to bring about the reality of creating a European Central Bank that would be backed and funded by German-backed Eurobonds? Only then could a debt structure be created to pay off the debts of failing European countries. As Mail-Online wrote in article titled, “Paris and Berlin launch a Coup to control Eurozone, demanding rights to dictate Economic Policy

MailOnline – “Germany and France have launched a dramatic euro power grab, demanding the right to dictate economic policy to other countries in the single currency. France’s Nicolas Sarkozy announced – at a Paris summit with Germany’s Angela Merkel – that the two most powerful nations in the Eurozone had agreed on a ‘true European economic government’ to deal with the debt crisis. The 17 countries in the single currency will be ordered to balance their budgets by 2012 and will have their economic policies overseen by a new Eurozone body.

EU president Herman Van Rompuy will lead the new body, which will meet twice a year to dictate tax and spending policies. In what amounts to a major step toward a European Superstate, France and Germany announced they will adopt a common corporate tax system by 2013, in an effort to signal they are ‘marching in step’ to protect the Euro. And they will draw up plans for a financial transaction tax, which will cost the City of London billions a year if it is extended to the UK. The plans were a dramatic bid to reassure the markets that EU leaders are serious about saving the euro from collapse.”

Looking across the European landscape, the omnipotent and omnipresent European Union is today faltering. The question to be asked, can it like a Phoenix rise from the pyre of destruction and recreate itself truly as the first trans-national union thereby dissolving all the national borders of Europe? The waste basket cases of Greece, Ireland and Portugal will have to be absorbed with the troubled country of Spain with unemployment greater than 20% plus the “tottering” Italian economy which is depicted as having debts of 116% of its GDP, number two to Greece with debts of 143% of its GDP. The latter, who has accepted the largess of France’s money that now holds one-eighth of the Grecian debt at $57 billion, recently had its own stock market stumble into a freefall as international credit rating agencies were discussing whether France like America would have to have its triple A status downgraded.

With no more money to bailout and still maintain individual economies and national interest, the push is on to use the once ruined and devastated Germany as the model of success when after World War II, she resurrected herself as the giant of Europe. For the survival of the Euro, and now the new Merkel-Sarkozy “European Project” the rest of the Eurozone sixteen national countries would have to give up their national freedom, lose their national identity in order for them to become like the Germans.

Will the purported Daughter of Adolf Hitler Unveil the Revived Holy Roman Empire as the Black Internationale?

As we enter the final phase of the “Drama of the Ages” as prophecy is fulfilled before our eyes, we return to a haunting question. Did Adolph Hitler leave a legacy for the final revelation of the Golden Internationale absorbed by the Black Internationale and finally morphed into the Sea Beast” of Revelation 13?

Let us remind ourselves, that the cosmic battle between good and evil is a conflict that has involved all the seven levels of heaven. With the devolution of Satan (HaSatan) and the dark forces under his command, from the archons of the spirit world to the manifested physical world, will we will also see the evolution and final manifestation of the “Sea Beast” of Revelation 13 in the final “dramatic conclusion” of the “Drama of the Ages”.

If the following account is correct, we see in part how the finger of the God of Israel is mixing the “cup of indignation” for the final “act” of abomination. On January 7, 2007, it was reported on the blog site of The Society of Qualified Archivists that the Daughter of Adolph Hitler Vows To Complete European Union”.

It was reported that in the waning years after the destruction of Nazi Germany by the Western Allied Forces and the Russians in 1942, that one of the most ruthless of war criminals, the German Doctor Carl Clauberg, asked Heinrich Himmler the head of the German Gestapo, according to the Jewish Virtual Library:

Heinrich Himmler
Heinrich Himmler, the Director of the German Gestapo

Jewish Virtual Library“to offer him the possibility to sterilize a multitude of people for his experiments. Thus, Clauberg came to Auschwitz in December 1942 and part of Block No. 10 in the Main Camp was put at his disposal. Looking for a “cheap and efficient” method to sterilize women, he injected acid liquids to their uterus without anaesthetics. Thousands of Jewish and Gypsy women were subjected to this treatment.

They were sterilized by the injections, producing horrible pain, inflamed ovaries, bursting spasms in the stomach, and bleeding. The injections seriously damaged the ovaries of the victims, which were then removed and sent to Berlin. Clauberg's experiments killed some of his subjects, and others were put to death so that autopsies could be performed. In June 1943, Clauberg wrote to Himmler:

Dr. Carl Clauberg

Dr. Carl Clauberg, the worst of the “Angels of Death” Physicians at the Nazi Concentration Camps

Dr. Carl ClaubergThe non-surgical method of sterilizing women that I have invented is now almost perfected . . . As for the questions that you have directed to me, sir, I can today answer them in the way that I had anticipated: if the research that I am carrying out continues to yield the sort of results that it has produced so far …then I shall be able to report in the foreseeable future that one experienced physician, with an appropriately equipped office and the aid of ten auxiliary personnel, will be able to carry out in the course of a single day the sterilization of hundreds, or even 1,000 women."

As the Red Army was closing in on Germany - Clauberg escaped and moved to the Ravensbruck concentration camp. He was later captured by the Soviet forces, convicted in the Soviet Courts as a “war criminal”, held in the custody by the Soviets for seven years, and then freed as he was recognized as the “Father” of artificial insemination.

Known in history as one of the “Angels of Death”, Carl Clauberg was given leniency for turning over to the KGB the custody of the archives of the Nazi artificial insemination experimentations. Of most interest, to the Soviets, was the frozen “sperm bank” especially the “frozen sperm” of the late Nazi Fuehrer, Adolf Hitler.

After taking custody of the sperm bank, the Politburo, called the Soviet Politicheskoye Buro, gave its authorization for an experimental program to preserve the genetic DNA markers of Adolf Hitler by seeking to reproduce what he had been unable, a child by his wife Eva Braun.

Doctor “Carl”, this former professor of gynecology at Keonigsberg University, was sent to bring to the Communist East Germany (GFR), the youngest sister of Eva Braun, Gretl Braun, to be a “surrogate” mother as an artificial insemination recipient of the Fuehrer’s sperm. As the Soviets reasoned, this would be a “near match” to an actual child between Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun.

Eva and Gretl Braun1
The Identical Twins; Eva and Gretl Braun (Gretl reportedly on the left)

Pardoned under the German-Soviet repatriation agreement after serving only 7 out of 25 years for his crimes related to the sterilization of prisoners, he moved to the Federal Republic of (West) Germany and there in the city of Kiel, he began to brag about his “scientific work”. After the "Zentralrat der Juden" (Central council of Jews) made their case against him, he was arrested in November 1955 by the German and American authorities. In August 1957, he was reputedly “murdered” while in the custody of the West Germans and Americans, only days before a new trial in West Germany was to begin.

It was in 1954, a child was born, a baby girl, whom the reports repute to be Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany. With the official birthday of July 17, 1954, it is of interest that the Stasi GDR’s file on Angela Merkel, that is currently in the Soviet KGB archives, documents that her birth was on April 20, 1954. If the feared secret police’s citizen’s file in the Ministerium für Staatssicherheit (GDR) is correct, then Hitler’s daughter, Angela Merkel was born on 65th anniversary of Adolph Hitler’s birthday on April 20, 1889.

Soon after Angela’s birth, by agreement between the Soviets, the Americans and the Vatican, Merkel was placed in the custody of the GDR Lutheran Church and officially was born on July 17, as Angela Dorothea Kasner, the daughter of Horst Kasner, a Lutheran pastor, and his wife, Herlind an English and Latin teacher. There in the countryside at Templin in East Germany, Merkel was raised about 50 miles north of Berlin, the capital of the socialist German Democratic Republic (GDR).

Chancellor Adolf Hitler
Reputed Father of Angela Merkel, Chancellor Adolf Hitler (April 20, 1889 to April 30, 1945)

Even more interesting was that Angela’s mother was a member of the Social Democratic Party (SPD), whose ideology since 1875, centered upon the principles of Marxism and the interests of the working class and trade unions. In what was known as the Godesberg Program, it was not until 1959, four years after Angela Merkel was born, and placed as an adopted child in the home of a German Pastor, whose wife was an ideological communist, did the SDP of West Germany officially abandon its Marxist principles and the concept of the workers party. Instead, they began to promote its social welfare program.

Chancellor Angela Merkel
Chancellor Angela Merkel, the reputed daughter of Adolf Hitler by the sister of Eva Braun

Inherently neutralist, the SDP was initially opposed to the rearmament of Germany with its entrance into NATO. It later came to affirm the reunification of East and West Germany and today is an avid supporter of the final resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire as it morphed into its final manifestation as the first, and foremost Super-state of the European Union with its military arm as
the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Soon, the rest of the world will follow in the footsteps of Rome.

Eva Braun
Eva Braun and the Genetic DNA Marker of Chancellor Angela Merkle

It was Gerd Lanqquth, formerly a senior member of the right wing Christian Democratic Union that Merkel headed, wrote in his book, as reported by Luke Harding in The Observer in an article dated June 26, 2005 and titled, East German Past of Iron Lady Unveiled:

The Observer“In it Langguth suggests that Merkel's father, Horst Kasner, a Protestant priest, actively collaborated with the communist regime in East Germany. In 1954, at the height of the Cold War, Kasner moved from West Germany to the East at a time when most Germans were travelling in the opposite direction. He settled with his family in Templin, where he ran a seminary for young priests. According to Langguth, Kasner's 'sympathetic' relationship with the communist regime was rewarded with privileges: two cars, at a time when most East Germans had to wait years to get one; the right to travel to the West; even a trip to Italy. Merkel's father was instrumental in splitting the Protestant church in Germany, insisting that a separate church be set up in the German Democratic Republic. 'He belonged to a group of ministers who were very co-operative with the communist system. It was a minority, but he belonged to the minority.

Eva and Gretl Braun2
Eva and sister Gretl Braun – Images from the David Irving Collection

Merkel, who only entered politics at the age of 35 after the collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1990, has been reluctant to discuss her past and private life. The biography stops short of suggesting that her father worked for the Stasi, the notorious East German secret police. But it says his pro-regime attitude helped Angela's career - allowing her to study at an elite comprehensive school, and go on to university, at a time when the children of clergy were routinely refused places. The teenage Merkel, like virtually all of her contemporaries, joined the Freie Deutsche Jugend (FDJ), the communist youth organisation. But Langguth believes she was never a communist.”

Since the Kasner family appeared to have political ties with both East and West Germany, we might suggest that they became one of the first modern global internationalists, not accountable totally to either the economic bloc of Western Europe or to the Communist bloc of Eastern Europe. There in the Soviet occupied regions of East Germany, the SDP (Social Democratic Party) merged with the Communist Party of Germany and formed the Socialist Unity Party of Germany (SED) in 1946. This union lasted until the fall of Communist rule in 1989.”

As the New Statesman article, headlines, Forged in the old communist East, Germany's chancellor-in-waiting is not like the others” as it continued:

New Statesman“Merkel's version of the communist years is littered with little lies or inconsistencies. The campaign biographies of Merkel are designed to celebrate the first Ossi (the first easterner) to make a serious bid for the job of chancellor…Yet Merkel was never an entirely normal Ossi. Her father, Horst Kasner, was a Lutheran pastor who had moved from the West to the East, eager to help prop up Christianity under communism. He was a daunting figure. At the Waldhof vicarage in Templin, outside Berlin, he helped train other priests. The church adjoined a centre for handicapped children, thrust out of view by the communists.

Angela's problem, says her latest biographer, Gerd Langguth, was Kasner's coldness: his warmth was reserved for the trainee priests and the disabled children. From his eldest daughter he expected more and he seemed to be constantly disappointed by her. When at the end of the 1970s he visited her in her own first flat, in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, he cast a quick eye around the place as his daughter waited anxiously for approval. "Couldn't you have done better?" he said at last, turning to go.

Horst and Herlind Kasner

Lutheran Pastor Horst Kasner and Communist Social Democratic Party member Herlind Kasner; The Reputed “Parents” but Probable “Foster Parents” of Angela Merkel,

Angela Merkel's relationship with her foster father is not just a story of unrequited or inadequately expressed paternal love. That is common to many high-achieving women. It is about Horst Kasner's emotional involvement with communism. Plainly Kasner - who is still alive and who still vaguely disapproves of his daughter - tried to justify his decision to settle in the East by showing an exaggerated loyalty to the system. When the Berlin Wall was built in 1961, Merkel's mother sat alone in the church and cried. Her father, by contrast, felt liberated: he no longer faced the choice of whether to return to the West. There was not a trace of the dissident about him and the authorities allowed him to receive western books; there was not much money in the household (Angela never learned to dress) but there was an air of privilege about it. What price did Kasner pay the communists? No biographer has yet established the exact degree of his collaboration but few doubt that there was some.”

The Life and Death of Eva Braun, wife of Adolf Hitler

With this unusual blend between a West German Lutheran pastor and his intimate relationships with the communists of East German gives one pause that possibly the Soviet’s revelation of Angela Merkel’s past is the truth. Yet, we also must ask, what was the role of the Vatican in the life of the Kasner family that gave them the freedom as globalist internationalists and pass easily between the East and the West when the “Iron Curtain” seemed impregnable during the height of the Cold War? Apparently there was an “agreement” between the Americans, the Vatican, and the Russians that the Catholic Church would have ultimate control of Angela’s future through its surrogate, the GDR Lutheran Church.

As we look at the streams of prophecies, it appears that Chancellor Angela Merkel will have a prominent role in the final matrix of the formation of the One World Order. As the European Union morphs itself into the New European Union without national borders and one currency, we begin to perceive that the river of the apocalypse in our future is about to unfold in front of our eyes.

When we look at the time of the end, one of the archetypes must come to our minds is the Great Exodus of the Children of Israel from their bondage and oppression in the Early Dynasties of Imperial Egypt. We must always keep alive the images that the G-d of Israel is sovereign and in control of the destiny of our Planet Earth.

We see this in the facts that Moses was destined to have been the Pharaoh at the time of the Exodus but G-d chose otherwise.  He filled Moses’ heart with righteous indignation at the sight of an Egyptian abusing an Israelites and in his wrath killed the Egyptian slave guard watching over Israeli slaves. This led to Moses’ immediate self expulsion and exile from Egypt into a land where he could be trained for his final mission. That training took forty years.

Later Moses returned as the adopted older brother to meet his younger half-brother who was now the reigning Pharaoh in the place of the royal throne where Moses was destined to have sat. Did the reigning half brother understand the full drama of this epic event? We do not know.

We also question how much free will was involved in the actions of this reigning pharaoh, for over and over, the TaNaKh emphasizes that the G-d of Israel “hardened Pharaoh’s heart”. So Chancellor Merkel today, as the daughter of Adolf Hitler will be playing a role at the time of the end destined for her by the Holy One of Israel. She may be considering that she is acting alone with her free will in making the decision that are affecting all the peoples around the world, but without divine insight she may be given by the hand of G-d options that she dare not refuse.

We have to consider another totalitarian ruler who changed the lives of the ancient Hebrews. His name was Cyrus the Great. Unknown to most, according to Yair Davidiy with Brit-Am, “Cyrus the Great was an Israelite”, petty ruler of the Pasargadae in the lands of exile of the Northern Israelites in the region of ancient Media.

Yair Davidiy – “Cyrus was the ruler of Persia. He belonged to the Pasargadae who was a small clan that had gained control of Persia. One explanation of the name Pasargadae is "Pasar-Gadae" which in the Aramaic dialect of that time meant "Sons-of-Gad" (Le Comte de Gobineau. "Histoire Des Perses", Paris 1869).

Groups from the Israelite tribe of Gad were scattered through Persia as well as being prominent amongst the Gutae (Goths) who at that stages were on the northern borders of Persia, as explained from Ancient Sources in "The Tribes". It is therefore more than likely that the Pasargadae were at least in part originally descended from Gad (Pasar-Gadae). Cyrus may well have been of Israelite descent.”

Yet, Cyrus the Great was a totalitarian ruler, who ruled with the iron hand. It was he who put Daniel in the lion’s den for praying to his G-d facing Jerusalem with a rash rule of law was made by the emperor, no ruling over Persia and Babylon, that when made, the king was also bound to obeying the “letter of the law” in which he earlier had proclaimed.

This was the same imperial ruler, who cast aside his empress, Vashti, because she refused to to be immodestly flaunted in front of his underling rulers in a national feast, in a way unbecoming of an empress. Instead, she was cast aside and the door was open for young Hadassah, the young secret Jewess, to become the soon-to-be Queen of Persia. Later Queen Esther broke Persian etiquette by appearing before King Cyrus to invite him to a banquet with he and his Prime Minister Haman. For this action of disregard for Persian royal etiquette, Queen Esther could have been killed or abandoned in the harem of the king.

Instead, Queen Esther was placed in the role of saving the Jewish people from a holocaust and instead the Prime Minster of Persia, Haman was demoted and hanged with his ten sons, while the Jewish Tzaddik, Mordecai was installed as the righteous Jewish Prime Minister of Persia.

What future is there for Chancellor Angela Merkel, the daughter of Adolf Hitler, who as a Princess from the lineage of Kings David and Solomon is now heir to sit on the throne of King David as the Queen of United Kingdom and heir to rule as Führerin Angela Merkel of the United Kingdom of Germany and England? These are the mysteries in which only the Sovereign ruler of the Universe knows and understands.


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