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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Why Are Jews Persecuted?
By Jayne Gardener with comments by Ron
Oct 7, 2012 - 1:08:52 AM

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Why Are Jews Persecuted?
By Jayne Gardener
I always used to wonder what it was about Jews that made people throughout history despise them. If they were indeed "God's chosen" I thought, they had to be the unluckiest people in the history of the world.
Why were they persecuted throughout history?
Why had the Nazis herded them into cattle cars and taken them to "extermination camps" to dispose once and for all of the "Jewish problem?"
I suddenly recognized that if Hitler had developed a "Final Solution" to the Jewish question, that there had to have been a "Jewish Problem." Could the Jews have in any way behaved in such a manner that would make the countries in which they resided turn against them, or were they just unfortunate, innocent victims?
I set out to find answers for my questions, mainly turning to the Internet, but also reading various books on the subject. What I found became increasingly disturbing to me.
I had not known that throughout history, the Jews had been expelled from 79 countries, some countries more than once.
I had not known that many [Ron: Not just "many" but ALL!] of the claims they made about the Holocaust that I had believed unquestioningly for so long were in fact fraudulent.
The books I had read and the movies I had seen about the "Holocaust" and wept over were nothing but thinly veiled attempts to garner unwavering sympathy for the state of Israel and an excuse to extort billions of dollars from Germany and 1.25 billion dollars from the Swiss banks.
[Ron: Actually there were additional motives including:

(i) The need for the Allies and in particular the Jews directing their military operations (notably Churchill, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Stalin and Harry S(olomon) Truman) to CONCEAL the true allied perpetrated HOLOCAUSTS (eg the fire bombing of Dresden, Berlin, Hamburg and all other major German cities AND similar bombing of Tokyo and all other major Japanese cities apart from Hiroshima and Nagasaki which were deliberately left unbombed so that the full effects of the atomic bombs could be seen and assessed. Incidently the British bombed German civilians SIX times before the Germans bombed London or Coventry (and Coventry WAS a factory city).

(ii) The need to CONCEAL the fact that Jews organised and used the Allied military to carry out a genocide of some 13 million German civilians AFTER WWII. See eg:GRUESOME HARVEST: The Costly Attempt To Exterminate The People of Germany. See: And: 11 Million Germans murdered AFTER WW2. -
The Deliberate Starvation of Germany. See:
Did the Allies Starve Millions of Germans? See:
Documents on Real History: Col (retd) Gerhart Schirmer. See:
Eisenhower's Holocaust - His Slaughter Of 1.7 Million Germans. See:

(iii) To CONCEAL the fact that world Jewry declared war on Germany on 7 August 1933 (See eg: And: Dirty Little Secrets Of WWII The Hidden, Awkward Origins Of World War 2. -
The Jews then organised and fomented four empires - the British, French, Soviet and American - to attack Germany, essentially because Germany's National Socialist government refused to allow Jew banksters to create Germany's money out of thin air and to charge compound interest (usury) on it. That practice had impoverished and enslaved the German people since the end of WWI. The Holocaust Blood Libel demonised Germans sooo much that it was easy to convince humanity at large that the Germans had started WWII and were fiends that had to be destroyed. The Jew propaganda was sooo effective that heinous crimes like the fire bombing of Dresden which killed between 260,000 and 500,000 German civilians in one night and morning, never got a mention. See eg: A Real Holocaust: Dresden, 13 February 1945: Similarly, the US army's 157th Regiment, 45th division murdering 520 German camp personnel in cold blood at Dachau and allowed Jewish inmates to murder others using shovels.(See eg: Dachau - The fraudulent stories of "extermination" and "homicidal gas chambers".
The Holocaust Blood Libel serves to hide these REAL atrocities  behind spurious false claims about the gassing and incineration of six million Jews.

(iv) Another major motive for the Holocaust Blood Libel against the German nation has been its central function in creating a sacred victim aura surrounding Jews which has given rise to the new Holocaustianity religion which enables Jews to extract endless "reparations" from the hard working German nation while continuously genociding Palestinians and stealing their land and resources. It also serves to somehow shield Israel (ie the Jews) from the consequences of their commitment of heinous crimes all around the planet supposedly justified by the false fact that six million Jews are falsely claimed to have been perfidiously murdered by Germans during WWII.

(v) Yet another reason for the Holohoax is that apparently Jewish pseudo religious doctrine requires it; and certainly it is a strong ideological tool used by Jewish leaders to maintain Jews in a seige mentality which makes them easier to manipulate and use in furtherance of the Jews' world domination and control agenda. It is also used to create the anti-Semitism meme with which the Jews control public opinion in Amerikka and Western countries generally.
I discovered that a book I had read many times as a teenager and cried about, Anne Frank's Diary, had been at least partially written by someone other than Anne Frank. [Ron: Anne Frank's Diary was written by a Jewish US writer, Meyer Levin, using a ball point pen which was not available in the 1940s. See eg:
An excerpt: 'The Swedish journal Frio Ord published two articles commenting on The Diary of Anne Frank. A condensation of these articles appeared in the April 15, 1959 issue of Economic Council Letter, as follows:

“History has many examples of myths that live a longer and richer life than truth. and may become more effective than truth.

The Western world has for some years hem made aware of a young Jewish girl through the medium of what purports to he her personally written story, "Anne Frank's Diary." Any informed literary inspection of this book has shown it to have been impossible as the work of a teenager.

A noteworthy decision of the New York Supreme Court confirms this point of view, in that the well known American writer, Meyer Levin, has been awarded $50.000 to be paid him by the father of Anne Frank as an honorarium for Levin's work on the "Anne Frank Diary."

Mr. Frank, in Switzerland, had promised to pay to prominent Jewish author, Meyer Levin. not less than $50,000 because he had used the literary creation of author Levin in toto, and represented it to his publisher and the public as his late daughter’s original work.'

I learned that the confessions at the Nuremburg Trials and the executions of so many German "war criminals" were  extracted under torture and the defendants were being tried, judged and condemned by their very accusers. [Ron: For example, among other things, Lieutenant Colonel Rudolf Hoess, the Auschwitz camp commander had his testicles crushed and would no doubt have welcomed death by hanging by the time his Jewish interrogators had arranged for the Nurnberg "Kangaroo Court" to sentenc him to hang.].
I learned about the "false flag" operations, especially the Lavon affair and the tragedy of the USS Liberty, an American ship that was attacked by the Israelis during the 1967 war. 34 young American men were killed and many more wounded.
To add insult to injury, the Israelis [Ron: We should NAME them. They call themselves Jews and they acquired Israel on the basis that they are "Jews".  They require the world to acknowledge that it is a "Jewish" state. The name 'Israel' merely serves to confuse and conceal the truth about the identity of the genocidal maniacs controlling that shitty little country that is genociding Palestinians.] claimed that it was simply an unfortunate case of mistaken identity, something the survivors of the Liberty have always vehemently denied. They, however, were threatened with court martial if they were ever to tell their stories.
I learned about the Jonathan Pollard spy case and other incidents of Israeli Jews spying against their supposed "closest ally."
I became shocked and horrified as I learned about the treatment of the Palestinian people in the occupied territories at the hands of the Israeli Defense Forces and the Jewish settlers. Israel purports to be the only democracy in the middle east, but it's only a democracy for Jews. Non-Jews are not considered equal. [Ron: Indeed, under the Talmud non-Jews are considered to be animals to be used and abuse by Jews at whim.].
I was saddened to see pictures of innocent Palestinian children burned beyond recognition or suffering from serious gunshot wounds after being targeted by the IDF for no other reason than that they are Palestinian.
I found out about the Jewish history of avariciousness, larceny, lying, manipulation and their questionable and usurious business practices. [Try reading the Talmud and researching the Kol Nidre if you really want to understand the Jewish mentality.]
I learned about their roles in the radical homosexual movement, the radical feminist movement, the pornography industry as well as their over-representation in the abortion industry.[Ron: Jews don't just have a "role" in those cultural attrocities, they created and control them.].
I discovered their role in organized crime, in the slave trade, in the civil rights movement and in Communism, an ideology that is responsible for the deaths of untold millions and the repression of many millions more.[Ron: Again Jews have not just had a "role" in those crimes, movements and ideologies, they created and control them.].
I learned that it was Jewish supremacists behind the war against Christianity and Christmas. It is they who want God out of the Pledge of Allegiance and all symbols of Christianity removed from public life.
They have driven Christianity from the public schools despite Christianity being the majority religion.[Ron: Yes they have. But they've done more than that. See eg: Dumbing Down US Education: Part II – Wundtian Psychology & Rockefeller Finance -].
They have taken Christmas out of the public school calendar despite the fact that it is a statutory holiday and it is named Christmas.
I read about the anti-Gentilism and hatefulness of the Babylonian Talmud and their utter disrespect for, and hostility towards Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary and Christianity and Christians in general.
I learned about their "chutzpah" in claiming that Gentile lives were worth no more than the lives of barnyard animals but that they considered Jewish lives to be akin to God Himself. It's okay to steal from a Gentile or to kill a Gentile, but Jewish lives are sacred.
I learned of their control of the majority of wealth, the media and academia despite them making up less than 2% of the population (even lower in Canada).
They are behind the ridiculous political correctness movement and hate crime legislation that was drafted so as to silence anyone who might figure out their agenda and attempt to shed light on it.
Men like German Rudolf, David Irving and many more, previously recognized as great historians, were arrested, charged with hate crimes and incarcerated simply for having made academic inquiry into a specific period of history.
Other so called "revisionists" or "holocaust deniers" have been intimidated, harassed, assaulted and smeared simply for trying to get at the truth.
I found out that the Jews are responsible for our wide open immigration policies that have created the nightmare we call "multiculturalism," "diversity," inclusiveness" and "pluralism."
It is mostly they who push for race mixing and miscegenation, knowing full well that it would eventually lead to those of white European descent being minorities in their own countries and the eventual extermination of white European DNA.
It is patently clear that the war in Iraq is due solely to Israel wanting to hobble her enemies by destabilizing their governments in order to achieve hegemony in the middle east.
It would be unthinkable for Israeli Jews to die for this cause, so they manipulated the US into the war with the help of the Jewish Zionist "Israel firsters" in the Bush administration in order that the blood of way too many young American men and women is shed instead.
It is they who control the middle eastern foreign policy of the most powerful country in the world, the USA. It is they who control congress, the senate and the puppet president, George W. Bush.
They have such control in movies and television that we are now subjected to endless programs and Hollywood movies that mock Christianity, Christian values and degrade the traditional family.
After sober reflection on what I had discovered about Jewish supremacy and Zionism, I had to abandon all my previously held notions as to the history of Jewish persecution.
What I have trouble understanding is why they continue this behavior in whichever society they live, knowing that eventually they will overplay their hand and their perfidy will be exposed yet again.Has history taught them nothing?
As more and more people become aware of what is going on and who is responsible for it, anger is going to rise as it already has in the former Soviet Union and eastern European countries.
They may control television, movies and the print media, but they don't control the internet. At least not yet. Blogs and websites devoted to "outing" the Jewish supremacists will ultimately be their downfall.
If everyone who sees this information passes it on to at least one other person, the crimes and misdeeds of the Jewish supremacists and Zionists will be exposed. Please, do your part. Pass it on. Our world as we know it is counting on you.
Posted by Jayne Gardener

[Colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].

All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2022 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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