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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Who Raped Two Million German Women After WWII? — Email exchanges between Lasha Darkmoon and a Russian correspondent
By Lasha Darkmoon
Aug 3, 2015 - 4:17:02 AM

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Who Raped Two Million German Women After WWII? — Email exchanges between Lasha Darkmoon and a Russian correspondent

42617coyoI have a Russian correspondent who keeps writing me “angry” emails and ticking me off for my alleged “Russophobia” and my negative attitude toward Stalin. He is a Stalin apologist and does not like to hear a word of criticism against the Man of Steel. His name is Alexander  M. (Is that him on the left? I don’t know. Could be.)

When I say “angry” emails, I am overstating the case. Alexander is an extremely well-informed Russian and all his emails exhibit an affable sense of humor as well as total sincerity. He has never antagonized me or been rude to me in any way. So I like him quite a lot. I can’t take offense at polite and good-humored antagonists who simply point out my errors.

Alexander is hostile to Thomas Goodrich. Why? Because Goodrich’s book “Hellstorm” gives meticulous details about the rape and torture of German women. Two million of them. And who are responsible for most of these horrendous rapes? The common consensus is: Russian soldiers in Stalin’s Red Army.

Though American and British soldiers (and to a lesser extent French soldiers) were also involved in the horrific rape and torture of innocent Germans, it is indisputable that the overwhelming majority of these war crimes were committed by Stalin’s Red Army. This has been carefully documented not only by Goodrich but by a host of other reputable WWII historians.

Alexander appears to take it as a slur on the honor of Mother Russia that such war crimes committed by Russians in the Red Army should be discussed in a negative manner. He believes the alleged atrocities have been blown up out of all proportions and that his hero Stalin has been cruelly defamed and demonized. So this is one of the things we are arguing about here.

A second point that exercises Alexander strongly is that he would like to see Russia and Germany get together in some sort of political alliance. He naturally thinks that books like Goodrich’s “Hellstorm” are not helping  the cause of Russo-German rapprochement. He believes that Goodrich is a CIA agent with a dark agenda: to stir up the Germans to hatred against Russia for its post-war crimes against the German people — and hence prevent the Germans and Russians burying the hatchet and forming a close political alliance.

Anyway, here is what I said to Alexander in an initial email:



You misunderstand my position completely. I think the best thing in the world would be if Russia and Germany united. They would be an unbeatable combination. My object in promoting Goodrich is not to make the Germans hate the Russians. My object in promoting “Hellstorm” is that Goodrich is telling the horrific truth about what happened to the German people after 1945. The Soviet Union was largely to blame for the mass rape of 2 million German women, but the Americans and British were also to blame for these war crimes, though to a lesser degree. (And so was France).

Surely you are not saying that no Red Army soldier ever raped and tortured a German woman to death? I am aware that there were many noble Russian officers who deplored these crimes and punished the soldiers responsible. Most of the Soviet rapists, I strongly believe, belonged to the Jewish regiments in the Red Army and they were encouraged to rape and pillage by the Russian Jew Ilya Ehrenberg.

This is not my point. I would like modern day Germans to forget this evil passage of history and make friends with the modern Russians. If Russia and Germany united, I think the United States would be in deep trouble. Its power would wane and wither. But Germany, as you know, is an occupied nation. It is occupied by American troops. Even if Germany wished for a rapprochement with Russia, the Americans would stop it.

Things are more complex than you think, Alexander. I sympathize deeply with BOTH the Russians and the Germans. A Russo-German confederation, I would be in favor of that absolutely.

As for America, I think it would benefit by not living in a unipolar word of Zio-American world domination. Balance of power is essential for world peace. America needs a strong equal as a counterpoise to keep it from getting too arrogant and bellicose. So a strong Russia is actually good for America and for world peace.

Alexander replied politely as usual, pointing out that that he had no time for Ilya Ehrenberg and that the great Stalin had no time for this Jewish psychopath either. (Here is a picture of Ilya Ehrenberg with a selection of psychopathic quotes). Alexander disagreed with my suggestion that Russia and Germany should form a “confederation”. That was pushing it too far. Russia and Germany, he suggested more prudently, should form a political alliance. He objected to my sentence, “Most of the Soviet rapists, I strongly believe, belonged to the Jewish regiments in the Red Army.” Alexander had never heard of any such regiments made up exclusively or largely of Jews. “Could you please name me even a single one among such regiments?” he asked.

I was unable to do so.

This was my email to Alexander, sent to him this morning, in which I attempted to get to grips with this ticklish problem: who exactly is to blame for the post-war atrocities in Germany? Can Stalin be let off the hook? When all is said and done, can we blame the Jews for it all?

Very complex questions indeed. I’m sorry if I don’t have all the answers.


I cannot do this presently [name the Jewish regiments in the Red Army] because I am writing from memory of what I have read somewhere.  Hence my words: “I strongly BELIEVE.” What I believe is this, based on my reading: a huge number of the Red Army rapists were Bolshevik JEWS who were motivated to rape by Stalin’s Jewish propagandist Ilya Ehrenberg who advised the Red Army in millions of pamphlets dropped over Germany by airplanes to rape German women and claim them as their “lawful booty”.

I understand that  there were as many as 200,000 Jews in the Red Army and that there were regiments consisting almost exclusively of Jews led by Jewish commanders. What are their names? I don’t know. Not offhand. But 200,000 Russian Jews in the Red Army, all driven by the need for “revenge sex” against the Germans, that makes 200,000 potential rapists. Yes or no?

I emphasise again: This is not an attack on Russia or white Russians, most of whom were not rapists. I am not a Russophobe, because right now I am a strong supporter of Putin and would back Russia in any war initiated by the United States and its NATO puppets.

Apart from the Jews in the Red Army, whom I would identify as the main rapists, there is the Jewish Brigade. This has nothing to do with the Soviet Union or Stalin. The Jewish Brigade was an exclusively Jewish regiment nominally under British control. The Jews in this regiment, the Jewish Brigade, were a law unto themselves who took orders only from American Jewry and Jewish leaders in Palestine. In fact, many soldiers in the Jewish Brigade were Jews from Palestine. All these Jews had one thing in common: a thirst for revenge. These were the Jews who featured in the infamous Hollywood movie “Inglorious Basterds.” Revenge against the Germans was their only motivating force and there are records of them stating clearly that they were going into Germany with the specific aim of raping as many German women as possible.

I won’t elaborate further because I am pressed for time, but here is a long block quote from my article “Hellstorm: The Devil’s Cauldron” which will fill you in on the details:

These acts of sexual violence against German women, described by Beevor as “the greatest phenomenon of mass rape in history,” took place mostly in 1944-1945 as the Western Allies and the Red Army fought their way into the Third Reich. They began in October 1944 and reached their climax in 1945, continuing until the winter of 1947-1948.

Of the 2 million German women who were raped, an estimated 240,000 died in the process after sustaining multiple wounds and being gang-raped several times—sometimes as many as 100 times in a single day. A large number of these women are said to have committed suicide.

Stalin knew that these rapes were going on and that the reputation of the Red Army and the Soviet Union was suffering as a consequence. There was a notable difference between the official Soviet attitude to these rapes—one of severe disapproval and condemnation—and Stalin’s own laissez-faire attitude which reflected the view of many around him, especially the Jews in his entourage who hated the Germans with an unquenchable hatred.

Remember that it was Ilya Ehrenberg, Stalin’s Jewish Red Army propagandist, who had authored and signed several leaflets urging Soviet  troops to kill the Germans without mercy and to take German women as their “lawful booty.”

In January 1945 Stalin signed an order criminalizing Red Army misconduct. It stated that civilians “should not be subjected to violence. The perpetrators will be punished. In liberated territories, sexual relations with females are not allowed. Perpetrators of violence will be shot.”

These regulations however were seldom applied with any degree of stringency. Leniency, laissez-faire and connivance were the rule rather than the exception—exactly as in Israel today where the IDF and Jewish settlers break Israeli law with impunity and are seldom punished for their crimes of violence against the Palestinians.

Nothing changes in this respect. The law says, Thou Shalt Not. But the state-backed criminal does what he pleases.

Stalin’s easygoing attitude to the mass rape and murder of German women was revealed in an unofficial, off-the-cuff comment he made to Yugoslav politician Milovan Djilas who had complained to him about Red Army rapes in Yugoslavia.

“Understand it ,” Stalin is reported to have said cynically, “that if a soldier who has crossed thousands of kilometres through blood and fire and death has fun with a woman or takes some trifle.” On another occasion, when told that Red Army soldiers had sexually maltreated some German women, he said dismissively: “We lecture our soldiers too much; let them have their initiative.”

Boys will be boys. Let the lads have their fun.

According to Oleg Rzheshevsky, a professor and President of the Russian Association of World War II Historians, 4,148 Red Army officers and soldiers had been convicted of atrocities. He explained that plunder and rapine were  an inevitable part of war and that other Allied forces committed such crimes too, not just the Soviets. On the whole, he believed Soviet servicemen had been well-behaved and treated the German enemy in a humane and civilized manner.

The German woman who had been raped sixty times in a single day clearly would not have agreed with this rosy picture of Russian civility.

This claim of exemplary behavior by “most” Soviets soldiers later became the refrain among Soviet commentators, too traumatized with guilt and shame to be able to admit what their own people had done. Russian soldiers were credited with “feeding the German population, rescuing children, and helping to restore normal life in the country.” In many cases this was true. Not all Russians were brutes. Many were indeed kind and decent, noble and self-restrained, deeply impregnated with the Christian values of the great race that had given the world Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky.

Indeed one Russian official, Makhmut Gareev, said that “he had not even heard about any sexual violence.” (See here)

Alexander’s response to me, a usual, was polite. But I detected in his language a new note of agitation and impatience. He was clearly disappointed with me and accused me of lack of compassion.


I read this book by Djilas couple of times, and I know that funny quote by Stalin about women as a war-time booty. Taking aside Djilas` paranoid anti-Stalinism – again, that`s Stalin ORDER, not blahblahblah with some Titoists:

Jan. 19, 1945:  Офицеры и красноармейцы! Мы идем в страну противника. Каждой должен хранить самообладание, каждый должен быть храбрым…Оставшееся население на завоеванных областях, независимо от того немец ли, чех ли, поляк ли, не должно подвергаться насилию. Виновные будут наказаны по законам военного времени. На завоеванной территории не позволяется половые связи с женским полом. За насилие и изнасилования будут виновные расстреляны.

“No sex is permitted on the occupied territories — execution for any rape of any women and girls.”

Can you imagine someone would break Stalin` Order???   :)

. . . Ehrenburg-Ehrenburg :-))))))))))) I am sick and tired to REPEAT: forget about that Kike! Are you serious to think some of his shitty essays in 1942 are EQUAL TO STALIN` ORDER of Jan. 45?????

Besides, what these Krauts were doing in my Land in 1941-45, since June 22, 1941? Liberated us from Stalinism?? :-))) Ah, yeah, “better dead than Red”, as you Yanks used to say :-) – I mean – what about 20 millions of the White Russian civilians [my relatives incl.], dead as the result of the Hitlerite aggression against us? Have you any compassion?

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Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics who lives and works in England. She is also a poet, translator, and political columnist on various websites. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer, The TruthSeeker, and at VeteransToday. Many of her articles and poems, in addition, have been translated into several languages. In her spare time, Lasha likes to read, swim, listen to music, and take long walks in the country.

131 thoughts on “Who Raped Two Million German Women After WWII? — Email exchanges between Lasha Darkmoon and a Russian correspondent

    1. Juri Lina can fill in a great deal of information and detail re. what occurred under Stalin’s iron fist. His book Under the Sign of the Scorpion is a stunning expose which could serve as useful education for this Alexander apologist. He responds promptly.

      1. Thanks… good info, Zen –

        Seems as if everything about Russia has been, and is, faked… mythology still alive there.

        Astrology and Scorpio and Pluto in the article:

        Scorpio can be regarded as the symbol and guardian of Soviet power.

        “The planet Pluto in turn, affects those under the direct influence of Scorpio. In the past, Mars was said to rule Scorpio but since Pluto’s discovery in 1930 and its subsequent integration into the astrological system, it has assumed its rightful place in the sign of Scorpio. The effects of Pluto, even before its discovery, have always been the same, whether or not they were attributed to another planet.”


        Today’s space-fakers… making things up…. still.

        Pluto flight and images faked as usual by NASA:

        Crrow777 Moon Snapshot vs Designed NASA Pluto Image

        Published on Jul 20, 2015
        “Make no mistake – I am saying that there is no [means NO!!] spacecraft in space at Pluto.
        The only thing we know of Pluto is that it is a very, very faint light in the sky. That is it, nothing more. Many NASA’s images have been shown to be constructs in this same way, to include the Apollo moon landing images. There is no way to sugar coat the fact that the Pluto mission is an occult ritual construct complete with Masonic coding. Not to mention that this is all about Pluto or the god of the underworld. Do not give power to this lie. Here is the blog mentioned in this clip decoding parts of the Pluto Masonic ritual construct – …” [luv the T-I-C on the site]

  1. Alexander asks what the Krauts were doing in his land since June 22, 1941. The answer is: Germans had carried out a pre-emptive attack to avoid the great attack to the heart of Europe Stalin was preparing for the first half of July 1941. Stalin had deploied approx. 300 divisions on the western border of Soviet Union and they were all equipped for an “attack” and not a “defense”. It is not me saying that but all the details can be read in the book of Joachim Hoffmann “1941-1945 – Stalin’s Vernichtungskrieg” (1941-1945 – Stalin’s Extermination War). I do not know if the book has been translated into english. This book is available in german and french Language.
    If Alexander will have the patience to read it he find all his questions will be answered.
    Gian Franco Spotti
    Soragna (Parma) – Italy

    1. The book by Joachim Hoffmann mentioned by yourself has indeed been translated into English, because I translated it, with extensive corrections and revisions by numerous other people, at least 15 years ago. You are behind the times.

      The writing style is terrible (or at least it was in German), but the information it contains is sensational. It is called STALIN’S WAR OF EXTERMINATION.

      You might also have a butcher’s [British slang] at CRIMES AGAINST THE WEHRMACHT, by Dr. Franz W. Seidler, also translated (and revised) by myself. With 95 photographs.

      1. @ Carlos W. Porter

        Thank you for your comments here, Carlos. I have learned much from you over the years. Your invaluable work on the Holocaust is second to none. I remember reading an article of yours several years ago about the Nuremberg trials. I am looking for some specific information and am wondering if you happen to know the answer to this question.

        How many Jewish judges, lawyers and interrogators did the Americans take over with them to Nuremberg, Dachau and elsewhere in Europe to interrogate the alleged “Nazi” war criminals… often crushing their testicles in order to extract confessions from them? Was it 400? I heard that figure mentioned somewhere, but I am trying to verify and find a good source for this figure.

        I understand that the Jews at Nuremberg were among the most sadistic interrogators and went to the most extraordinary lengths of brutality to extract confessions from the helpless Germans. If you happen to have a good link which gives details about torture at Nuremberg, I’d be grateful. Thank you.

      2. To: LD July 28, 2015 at 9:55 pm

        I’m afraid I can’t answer that question with regards to the First Nuremberg Trial. I only know the transcript; I know relatively little about the background to the trial (which is what most people concentrate on). I know that David Maxwell-Fyfe was Jewish; no doubt there were many others, mostly relatively minor personnel.
        You can be absolutely CERTAIN that nearly ALL the interrogators and interpreters in ALL the trials were Jewish, because the Americans stamped out the German language from all American schools during WWI (when they were not busy kicking dachshunds and banning German-language newspapers, of which there were 300 in 1914, almost none by about 1917); plus schools were discouraged from teaching German, and have been ever since, so German Jewish refugees were almost the only competent people they had; of course, other “German-Americans” could not be trusted not to be “Nazis”. So they were stuck with the Jews.
        That there was a great deal of mistreatment and torture in the minor trials is absolutely certain. But I can’t give you a great deal of additional specific information. The only witness or defendant at the First Nuremberg Trial who claimed to have been physically tortured (as distinguished from merely threatened) was Julius Streicher. There were 13 Nuremberg Trials. I am not particularly familiar with the last 12, for a number of reasons. The book versions are not reliable; you would have to buy the transcripts on microfilm, in German and English. They are expensive. Also, they do not describe the documents correctly, as they did in the First Trial. For example, they do not indicate whether or not a document bears a handwritten or typewritten signature. You think “Keitel, wow!!!” But when you get the (negative) photocopy, it’s a “typewritten signature”! (and letterhead as well).
        Also, the transcripts are not complete; they are heavily “edited”. All you get in book form is bits and pieces. For example, questions are strung together without the answers. You can get all the trials on DVD on amazon, if you search for “Trial of the Major War Criminals Before the International Military Tribunal”, but you still have all these problems.
        The volume entitled “Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression” is completely worthless, in my view.
        You should research the Malmedy trial, which seems to have been the most widely publicized case. More and more stories of routine torture by the British and Americans seem to be surfacing all the time, so there should be a great deal of evidence. I recommend “Massacre à Malmédy?” by Gerd J. August Cuppens, in French, a rather rare book.
        I reproduced a couple of accounts of torture at the Dachau trials in “War Crimes Trials and Other Essays”. But I’m sure it’s only the tip of the iceberg, to say the least. Minor personnel could no doubt be tortured with impunity, and 99% of them would be afraid even to mention it. It would be hard to get away with torturing somebody like Goering.
        Sorry I can’t say more. There’s a lot of literature on the subject, more all the time. The Brits appear to have been surprisingly enthusiastic torturers, whether Jewish or not.
        @ Carlos W. Porter

      3. @ Carlos W. Porter

        Thank you for answering my questions in such detail. You have helped to illuminate many dark areas for me. I will definitely make use of this information in a future article I hope to write on torture at Nuremberg.

        It’s amazing to think that much of the Holocaust narrative is based on this kangaroo court and the confessions it managed to extract from the Germans by torturing them in a number of ways, including the slow and systematic crushing of their testicles. I understand that American Jews were foremost among the ranks of the torturers.

        From Nuremberg to Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo . . . things haven’t changed much. It’s funny how Jewish torture experts are to be found in all three places, dishing out advice and technical tips on how best to inflict pain.

      4. LD July 28, 2015 9:55

        Looks like Lasha Darkmoon has already answered your question far better than I ever could. And it’s only the beginning.

        I’ve really been quite shocked at some of the things I’ve been reading lately.

        In reply to another part of your question, apart from French prosecutor de Menthon and Robert Kempner — really a very unimportant person with a talent for self-glorification — none of the prosecutors and judges at the First Nuremberg Trial could speak, read or understand German, as far as I know. There may have been a few more. Not to mention Gilbert, psychologist, chronic liar and author of NUREMBERG DIARY, another unimportant person. They could have held the trial in German-speaking Switzerland if they had wanted to. Why didn’t they? Because it would have been more difficult to rig everything. I don’t think the Swiss would have permitted their shenanigans.

    2. I also recommend all of Viktor Suvorov’s books, particularly ICEBREAKER, and another, TAG M, allegedly translated into English as THE USUAL CULPRITS, but I am told that the latter book is not a translation, but rather, a pastiche only. (“M” Day was the planned Soviet invasion date for an attack on Western Europe).
      Joachim Hoffmann shows that the Soviets would have invaded by 7 July 1942 at the latest, and would probably have overrun all of Europe within three weeks.
      As for the Poles, you might be interested in THE IMAGE OF THE GERMANS IN POLISH LITERATURE, by Else Löser, translated by myself.
      Where Stalin is concerned, I have nothing against a mildly “revisionist” defence of the man — assuming he ever accomplished anything positive — but if he did, I have never heard about it. The “industrialization” of the Soviet Union was achieved by signing lucrative contracts with Western capitalists, much of which was never paid for (see ARE THE RUSSIANS TEN FEET TALL? by Werner Keller).
      Much of the “progress” of communist countries generally was achieved by confiscating the harvests from millions of peasants, who were left to starve, while the Soviet built, manned and trained a fleet of two million paratroopers, more than the rest of the world put together. This is discussed in detail in ICEBREAKER.
      Mao used the same tactic (see MAO: THE UNTOLD STORY) by Jung Chang and Jonathon Halliday. Peasants ate grass, leaves and the bark off trees, while Mao bought modern technology from the Soviets and Western capitalists.
      If that’s “progress”, I’d rather have a bowl of rice and no progress at all, thank you very much.

      1. “Much of the “progress” of communist countries generally was achieved by confiscating the harvests from millions of peasants, who were left to starve, while the Soviet built, manned and trained a fleet of two million paratroopers, more than the rest of the world put together.” :

        This sort of thing is still taking place. Millions, even in so-called civilized countries, are hungry, and homeless, whilst the wheels of the war machines are oiled..

    3. Doesn’t lobro have anything better to do? Isn’t lobro supposed to be in the Toronto public library doing talmudic research for Lasha. Lasha who lives in London. lobro flies from either the Balkans or Southeast Asia [ depending on what time of year it is ] to his “local” Toronto public library to do talmudic research for Lasha. lobro has to do this, has to fly either from the Balkans or from South East Asia to go to the Toronto, Canada public library to do talmudic research for Lasha in London. lol, Makes perfect sense.

      There aren’t any libraries in London, that’s why the great intellectual Lasha who LERVS books and LERVS doing intense, deep, research into historical matters moved to London, because there just aren’t any libraries in London, lol. Makes perfect sense, lol. So lobro does Lasha a favor and flies from either the Balkans or South East Asia to go his “local” public library in Toronto, Canada to do talmudic research for Lasha, lol. Makes perfect sense to me, doesn’t it make sense to you?

      1. lobro, Darkmoon’s leading expert of the jew’s Talmud and jew’s qabalah doesn’t know the very name “Darkmoon” is a code-word for the jew’s “goddess” Lilith, a code word for the jew’s qabalah. And lobro, DM’s leading expert on all things jew, including their jew languages Hebrew and Yiddish, doesn’t know the name “Lasha” derives from the Hebrew and means “smeared-over-eyes or blinded eyes”.

        “Our” Lasha who claims to LERV truth, LERV Light, names herself the ” blinded one with smeared-over-eyes”, lol. And names herself “blinded eyes” in a language of the jews, that’s how “ANTI-jew” she is :

        “Gee, I detest jews, so I think I’ll give myself a jew name, that’s cause I detest jews. I detest jews and I detest mendacity, I LERV truth and I LERV Light, so I’ll name myself “blinded eyes” in a jew language, the language of The Liars I detest . And I’ll name my “ANTI-jew” website after the jew religion I detest, after their jew qabalah I detest.” How dissimulating and how Janus-faced does it get.

        Of course, in reality, Lasha can see fine. We just can’t see her, not really. How she hides behind her veils while looking at all of us with the one eye of Horus. When she says “Lasha” or “smeared over eyes blinded eyes, ” she is really wishing for us, the readers of Darkmoon, to be blind, to not see all the Janus-faced, hydra-headed, dissimulation that goes on here. As Lasha’s one eye of Big Brother spies on all of us. What a jew pit of jew spying is Darkmoon.

        Of course, in addition to lobro, none of the other “jew-wise” “ANTI-jews” here at DM know what the name “Lasha” means and don’t know Darkmoon is a code word for the jew’s kabbalah.

        That’s why I always liked Polatnick the best. One can learn more about jews reading two or three of his posts than a whole year reading all the “jew-wise/ANTI-jews” here at DM. Plus he wasn’t long-winded. Very short comments, one or two sentences. One learned more about jew perfidy from Polatnick in one day than reading all the rest of youse in a year [ including your kaminski]. It turns out “Fr. John” is not entirely useless after all. I did always suggest to him he keep his sermons short and brief and to-the-point. We see he succeeded with his “Polatnick”. I always thought “Fr. John” was/is the most interesting and intriguing of all the “alternative” media characters play-acting online.

        More about your “mysterious, alluring, sexy” “Lasha” and her smeared-over-blinded-eyes in Hebrew, in the language of the tribe she absolutely detests [supposedly detests] , she gives herself the jew name for “blinded eyes”. [ there’s no words really….. I’ll stop here ]

        If Link doesn’t work, use Search Term :

        ” Lasha Is From What Language”

        Also, use following to learn more about the name “Darkmoon :

        “Darkmoon + Lilith”

        “Darkmoon + Lilith + Qabalah”

        [ Kaminski, lobro, Gilbert, all the rest of you “jew wise” “ANTI-jews” don’t know any of the above, lol]

  2. Who raped 2 million German women after WWII? My money is on the kikes of USSR.

    Both Stalin and Ehrenburg were KIKES! Anyone who thinks “Stalin” (Man of Steel) was his real name should stop reading SUPERMAN comic books. (Superman was also known as the Man of Steel, btw, and he was created by 2 kikes: Jerry Sigel and Joe Shuster.)

    Russians do not change their names. Georgians do not change their names. Only dirty rotten scheming kikes change their names.

    1. JFC – my info on the rapes comes exclusively from several podcasts on which T Goodrich was the guest. He has said that the front line troops had little involvement in the rapes but says that it was almost exclusively the Asiatic troops (Mongols etc) which were the most prolific rapists – egged on by their jewish commissars.

      1. @ Taras Bulba

        “He [Goodrich] has said that the front line troops had little involvement in the rapes but says that it was almost exclusively the Asiatic troops (Mongols etc) which were the most prolific rapists – egged on by their jewish commissars.”

        L. Darkmoon says the same thing in her essay “Hellstorm: The Devil’s Cauldron.”

        She uses the words “Tatar” and “Asiatic”. But she adds “Jews” to this “culprit list”. Because who else but Jews themselves would be more likely to be egged on to rape by their Jewish commissars? All these Jews, remember, would be acting on the strong advice of Jewish psychopath Ilya Ehrenberg to rape and kill as many German women as possible.

      2. @ Taras Bulba

        I stand corrected. My antisemitism clouded my judgment. I now recall the Asiatic features of the soldiers raping the blond German girl in the snow. How could anyone forget that menacing, if not haunting illustration from the Hellstorm article? (Of course, I understand the illustration was created to reflect Mr. Goodrich’s assertion that most of the rapes were committed by Asiatics or Mongols.)

        As an Asiatic semi-mongrel myself, I feel utter disgust at what my quasi-tribesmen did to 2 million German women. Unlike Alexander M, I will not apologize for the atrocities committed in my name. Those barbaric Asiatic and Mongol rapists should all be condemned for their crimes against humanity. We must never forget that most of those rapes and murders were committed after the war! Evil Asiatics! Evil Mongols!

        The upshot of all this is that Mr. Alexander M can now take joy in the fact that it was those Evil Asiatics and Mongols and not his fellow White Christian Russians in his beloved Red Army who committed the rapes and atrocities against the German women. 3 cheers for Stalin! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!

        If I may, a couple of rhetorical questions as my parting shot:

        Would the rape of 2 million German women ever have happened without kikes? More significantly, would WWII ever have happened without kikes? While I’m at it, would any of the major wars we’ve had in the last 200 years (I’m tempted to say the last 2000 years) ever have happened without kikes?

        The mass rape and murder of German women during and after the WWII was part and parcel of the Morgenthau Plan to annihilate Germany and exterminate the German People. If I’m not mistaken, Morgenthau was no Mongol, but a kike. Put the real blame where the real blame is due. On the kikes!

        The Morgenthau Plan, if you haven’t noticed, is still in effect. A kike politician in Germany by the name of Gregor Gysis more or less confessed to it last week.

    2. @ Justice For Chinese

      You are one of my favorite posters here, JFC, but I regret to tell you — with all due respect — that you are wrong about Stalin being a “kike”. David Chu in his recent essay made the same mistake, and I pointed that out. Stalin’s name at birth was Dzhugashvili and he made no attempt to hide this name and pretend he was really called “Stalin”. He was most definitely a Georgian, not a Jew. He was 100% “Jewified”, however, by mixing with Jews constantly and learning to think like a Marxist Jew. Call him a “spiritual Jew” and you would be right. But ethnic Jew he was not.

      Almost all the Bolsheviks were involved in underground journalism and had to hide behind PEN NAMES. Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky were all prolific writers and assumed DOZENS of pseudonyms. The name “Stalin” was one of Dzhugashvili’s numerous pen names. He liked it so much that at the age of roughly 33 he decided to make it his real name.

      Another Georgian often mistakenly called a Jew was Beria. But Beria was *suspected* of being a Jew and was even taunted for being a crypto-Jew by Stalin, but there’s no evidence that Stalin himself was a Jew. Not a shred of evidence.

      My two cents worth…

      1. Check this out:

        “The primary case for Stalin’s alleged Jewish origins is that his name Dzugashvili (variant: Jughashvili) means “son of a Jew” in Georgian, Dzu supposedly meaning “Jew.” Terrall states a relatively widely believed claim that “Dzu means Jew.”

        However, according to Montefieore, the name means “son of Juga.” Montefiroe states that the name is derived either from Ossetian, meaning “herd” or Georgian (djuga) meaning “steel.” The latter Georgian meaning would surely account for the adoption of “Stalin,” “Man of Steel,” by Iosif Vissarionovich.

        Stalin’s great grandson, Jacob Jugashvili, writes:

        There is no word Jew for Jews in the Georgian language. . . . Jew in Georgian is Ebraeli, so the theory of “son of a Jew” (which is very tempting considering our name in light of its English spelling) is simply, wrong.”

      2. sard, i see our thinking is along the same track in this matter.

        had jew echo chamber led by the flagship new york times kept on lionizing stalin like they heap praise to this day on wilson, fdr, eisenhower and truman as well as churchill, i would have been quite suspicious about his involvement in jew’s customary orgy of rape and bestiality against goy, whenever given half a chance.
        (just recall how much they loved him when ussr was in war against the reich)

        but they in fact demonize him, and that gives me pause and makes me wonder whether his legacy is due for at least partial rehabilitation.

        as for djugashvili meaning son-of-jew, that is like saying rudolf giuliani’s name stands for jew-liar.
        not that he is not 100% sold out to them but he is just a thoroughly shitty goy who will share their future justice when meted out.

      3. Correct. As Archibald Ramsay, British MP who was imprisoned in London from 1940-1944 because he knew and talked about the threat of world jewry in the House of Commons, and for a while Neville Chamberlain had his ear stated. From Ramsay’s book “The Nameless War”. Quote ” Stalin, present ruler of Russia, is not a Jew, but he took as his second wife the twenty-one year old sister of the Jew L.M. Kaganovitch, his right-hand man, who has been spoken of as his probable or possible successor. Stalin’s every movement is made under Jewish eyes.”

        Ramsay in 1938 published a leaflet “Are you aware that….. MR CHAMBERLAIN was Burnt in Effigy in Moscow. As soon as it was known that he had secured Peace, showing very clearly WHO WANTED WAR and who are still working ceaselessly to stir up strife all over the world”

        On the 21st February 1940 Captain Ramsay PM asked the Prime Minster, Chamberlain in the House of Commons: “Whether he is aware that the Soviet aeroplanes are carrying on a campaign of bombing civilian populations and whether H.M. Government have despatched protests on the subject similar to those despatched during the Civil War in Spain?”

        Mr Butler replied for the Prime Minister “Yes, Sir. The Soviet Air Forces have pursued a policy of indiscriminate bombing, which cannot be too strongly condemned. H. M. Government have not, however, lodged any protest, since there are unfortunately no grounds for supposing that such action would achieve the result desired.”

        Ramsay’s words: “There can be little doubt that these two downright answers crystallised the resolves of the war mongers to get rid of a Prime Minister whose adherence to an upright and humane policy must inevitably frustrate their plans, seeing that Hitler wished no war with Britain, and would therefore never start civilian bombing himself.”

        The vast majority of these jews in positions of power in the Soviet Union were not ethnic Russians.

      4. red onions quotes: “Stalin’s every movement is made under Jewish eyes.” : That, too, is ongoing, with Biden hovering behind Obama, more like his minder, than his VP..

  3. Taras Bulba seems to me to make most sense, all the more since he quotes Goodrich directly.

    As for the actual rapes, it is an impossibly slippery subject, let’s enumerate a few factors:
    physical evidence is scant because of women’s natural hesitancy to discuss in public and moreover,
    where would they have found qualified gynecologists to examine them and record the circumstances?

    even in this day and age, falsehoods, denials and exaggerations abound, true rapists denying, false victims asserting, what about the post war chaos, destruction and very real genocide of germans under morgentau-eisenhower-churchill keelhaul plan?

    i absolutely agree with alexander that the main job is to move the ball forward and facilitate the natural alliance of germany and russia, which would very rapidly eclipse usa as the preeminent world power.
    both nations suffered tremendous atrocities at hands of jews and there will be a broad consensus on the need to definitively cure the plague by whatever means are the most humane (#1) and expedient (#2).

    as for the asiatic rape squads led by jew commissars, it is quite an easy thing to picture.
    khazarian jew in consort with their polish, german and spanish co-tribals as well crimean tatars lived off white slavery for centuries, procuring white woman meat to eager customers in turkey and north african maghreb, so what is easier than fallback to old ways when given a chance?
    they are doing it right this minute, ferchrissakes, in ukraine and don river basin, the “product” invariably ending in warehouses/whorehouses of israel.

    it is jews, jews, jews, stupid.
    eliminate goy stupidity and the problem solution is at hand.

  4. Lashas’ letter to Alexander expresses my sentiments and opinion, written in a manner which I admire for its clarity, frankness and finesse.

  5. That single sentence by Alexander sums it up perfectly: „Besides, what these Krauts were doing in my Land in 1941-45, since June 22, 1941? Liberated us from Stalinism??”.

    I’m happy to see that it isn’t only in Poland that the movement against the repugnant anti-Slavic attempts at rewriting history in favour of “poor” “victimized” Germans is now arising. Keep up the good work, Alexey! Let them never forget that it is they who were the agressors, the butchers, the executioners. Slava Slavianom!

  6. germans are very racist, murderous people; yet the countries that won the war are worse.
    if the good guys who won the war are so bad – the new cons-, then how bad were the germans?
    we know about the nazis and the holocaust. We are sure of the pain inflicted on jews. period.
    so when we muslims tell you here on the net,
    -you, who call yourselves the good guys who are against wars and against the bankers who promote the wars-
    we tell you that
    a few years ago, u.s. soldiers systematically
    raped iraqi women during and after desert storm you deflect, deny, excuse and change the subject…
    but you cry for the rape of german women 70 years ago at the hands of other white men and aknowledge it with tears on your keyboards
    you do like the jews in palestine do
    they admit 30 thousand jews have died in palestine from wars and so called terrorism since the creation of israel in 1948….
    thats ony one jew a day! more die from car accidents-
    but they cry rivers for them since every year they have a memorial for them.
    if they cry so much for 30 thousand, how long did they cry for 6 million?
    and how much should we mourn for our palestinian brothers and sisters killed by the them?
    the jews are not hipocrites
    you are!

    white people is all the same

    1. Avatar,

      You give the impression of being a very angry man. It seems you would like to strangle just about everyone in sight. Why don’t you simplify matters by telling us who you do NOT hate? :)

      1. He is a racist. A supreme racist. Despite all the white countries of the world letting their countries be inundated with non-whites (altering their cultures and countries forever) and no non-white country in the world doing this, despite electing an ethnic African president of the still white majority (though falling fast) US, despite South Africa abandoning apartheid and that once beautiful country since becoming a third world hell hole whose leader has threatened the whites of his country, despite WW I and WW II killing over 60 million whites and destroying the most powerful countries in the world (which were all white) and this certainly not being in the interest of “whites” (if this was racism, it was anti-white racism) and despite no Muslim, Chinese, Japanese or any non-white country following any of these mostly self-destructive policies he calls “whites” racist when all this shows if anyone is racist it’s the non-white world. But none of this is racism. If it’s racism it’s anti-white racism by non-whites such as Jews who played a leading role in everything mentioned above, from fomenting the world wars to pushing multiculturalism on white countries and only white countries.

        For the past seventy years the British, Americans and others celebrated the mass murder of millions of Germans with television shows and movies glorifying the bombing of German cities and murdering the dehumanized Germans. With Jews domination of Hollywood they lead this demonization of the Germans, continuing their leading efforts in propaganda and diplomacy that lead to WW II. And now finally after all these years on the internet blogs and websites like this, from the countries that committed these war crimes are showing some sympathy for the Germans (but not on the mainstream media where Jews still celebrate the murder of Germans). The very countries that murdered over ten million Germans, gang raped millions of its women and completely levelled the most advanced country in the world have blogs and websites that say what was done was wrong and many are showing evidence that Jews lead these atrocities. But this asshole Avatar objects to this. He would prefer the Hollywood demonization to continue.

        He writes “a few years ago, u.s. soldiers systematically raped iraqi women during and after desert storm you deflect, deny, excuse and change the subject…but you cry for the rape of german women 70 years ago at the hands of other white men and aknowledge it with tears on your keyboards hipocrites!” You stupid moron. The whites (although most likely most were not whites, many or most were Jews or certainly led by Jewish propaganda encouraging them to rape) that gang raped those two million German women hated them more than anything else in the world, by contrast loving and admiring Muslims. You idiot. You write “other white men” committed those rapes. If whites were a unified race that were racist against non-whites do you think they would have gang-raped two million German women and completely destroyed the most advanced white country in the world?

        Then he writes “we know about the nazis and the holocaust. We are sure of the pain inflicted on jews. period.” And you are “sure” of this how? Because the people that murdered and raped those millions of Germans pushed thru laws that put Germans and other Europeans in jail (the latest being a brave German lawyer named Sylvia Stolz) who say it didn’t happen and everything shows it is the biggest lie, no avalanche of lies against a people in history.

        And what this idiot Avatar apparently does not know is the lies and demonization of the Germans and corresponding sympathy for the Jews is what allowed the Jews to steal Palestine and has allowed Jews to dominate American foreign policy and destroy most of the middle east while making Israel one of the few nuclear military powers in the world. He apparently also does not know, that while he shits on the two million German women that were gang raped, the Germans and their leader was the closest thing Arabs had as a friend in Europe, although they had their own problems with an enemy alliance determined to murder every last one of them.

    2. @ Avatar

      You seem to love ISIS. And you say you are a Muslim who loves the Palestinians.

      That is interesting.

      Can you explain to me in simple language how you can love ISIS when ISIS has never launched a single attack on Israel or any Jewish embassy or synagogue anywhere — but expends all its energy killing ONLY MUSLIMS?

      Have you not heard that ISIS is financed by Jews?

    3. sard, quit bothering with this kike, there is absolutely no point debating him.

      as you know, i very rarely accuse anyone of being a jew troll and this is one such.
      i have watched him over a period of time and am convinced.

      his methodology reveals him very clearly: hate of everybody who ever stood up to jew, a few examples, hitler, germans, putin, russians, ahmedinejad, iranians/shia, hezbollah … and undying love for the twisted perverts cloned in mossad labs, known as “islamic caliphate”, who today roam the world causing mayhem like a bearded version of pussy riot, wherever there are true christians or shia muslims, killing, burning, torturing, raping, looting and NEVER, EVER CAUSING THE SLIGHTEST HARM TO JEW, in fact utilizing jew media technology and internet savvy to spread their satanic message electronically.

      avatar of what? of a JEW TROLL.
      end of story.

      he expresses his talmudic faith through love of ISIS/DAESH, the proud banner carrier of ilya ehrenburg brigade.

    4. “…germans are very racist, murderous people; yet the countries that won the war are worse…”

      “Cet animal est tres mèchant, quand on l’attaque, il se défend.”

  7. The good thing I have to say about Alexy is that he is patriotic to his own country. I am patriotic to mine, as well. Never the twain should meet. Our continuance to be amenable to the global herd will get none of us ANYWHERE. Always, there are those who use our better natures to nefarious advantage. For example, I have a Bavarian acquaintance (married to a daughter of a late CIA field officer), who HATES Russians for what they did to Germany in his parents’ and grandparents’ time. I have never questioned him on it – I just listen. Seems quite justified to me – and, as far as I know, he has been a ‘mechanic’ for CIA (he has all the skills, too). We peons can only study history, take guesses, and measure them against our own advantages/disadvantages. Thanks to Lasha and Alexy for sharing this dialogue. :)

  8. Darkmoon,there is a saying about the futility of giving medicine to the dead. I don’t believe it’s our responsibility to inform the less than inquisitive about history that continues to repeat because of stony beliefs .
    The statues made of matchsticks that crumble into one another seems to be a metaphor for history that encourages the building up and tearing down by ideologies with guns.
    The orientals have a saying that suggests that an opinion is but a stake that one can tie a donkey to for a thousand years .

    All I see from the posts of mister Alexander is a thirsty horse.

    love your style

  9. I was going to say I sympathize with Alexander and I do but I’m tempted to lose that sympathy when I hear “… dead as the result of the Hitlerite aggression against us? ” I’m the son of Germans who came to the USA after the war. I can relate to Alexander’s feelings. For my fifty seven years of life, but much more so for the first thirty five, I have heard nothing but lies about my people, not just once a month, once a week or even once a day. Beginning around 1970 you couldn’t go thru a day without hearing of the bestial Germans and what we were told they did to the Jews. But you wouldn’t just hear it once a day, you could see it in the newspaper in more than one article, then on TV and then maybe a news report about a “NAZI” arrested or some suffering Jew and then maybe in a movie. And now they still arrest 95 year old accountants or others for being “NAZIS.” I don’t think they had this holocaust propaganda blitz in the Soviet bloc that has gone on in the west since about 1970. No, they had the other propaganda. Just a general demonization of the Germans and glorification of their own country and always the never ending lying.

    I’ve had Russian acquaintances and I had a Russian girlfriend. We didn’t see each other for years but last year went out a few times. I brought it up; history, Jews, Russia, Germany and I made the Jews the center of our conversation. I told her about Putin’s speech two years ago in which he said 80 to 85% of the first Soviet gov’t was Jewish and a lot of other things. I was reading this website too so some of LD’s articles were on my mind. My Russian friend didn’t disagree with anything I said and thought that the Jews played a big role in the Soviet Union. I think most Russians have known this ever since the Soviet Union’s founding. The Germans certainly did, calling the Soviets “Bolshevist Jews” and to this day this fact has been kept from most of the world. Most Americans think “Bolshevist Jew” is a Nazi, anti-Semitic term that is a lie and has no relationship to the truth. Well, from what Putin and many others have said we know it is “total truth” but as long as the Jews are the dominating force in the media they can keep the most important, world changing facts from the people. I’m certain that most east Europeans knew Jews dominated communism. Ukrainians, Latvians and many others knew Jews were running the communist show and many joined up to fight on the German side, the Latvian Division and Estonian Division of the Waffen SS being two examples. .

    One of the things we were repeatedly told was that the “NAZIS” were all liars. I put the word “NAZIS” in quotes because it is a pejorative term meant to insult every time it’s spoken. With the Jews responsibility for virtually everything that came from the allies, I would like to hear the word “kike” spoken as a response whenever the word “NAZI” is used. From the Katyn massacre of fifteen to twenty thousand Poles, to the holocaust, to the claim that Germany started the war and “wanted to take over the while world,” to virtually almost everything spoken against the Germans are all lies. And that includes Alexander’s suggestion that Germany attacked the peaceful Soviet Union. I have doubts there have ever been such a group of outrageous liars as the USA, England, the Soviet Union and France and I now suspect this is because of the dominating or at least very powerful role Jews played in each country. Alexander may not want to hear about the Jews of the Soviet Union but their huge role and initially dominating role can’t be ignored by anyone seeking the truth.

    The Russians finally admitted they had killed all those Poles at Katyn after forty five years of at least some of the suspicion being on the Germans. The claim that Germany started the Soviet-Russian war with an unprovoked attack is now thought to be completely wrong by some historians. Some historians believe the Soviets had amassed a huge force and was preparing to strike Germany, but Germany made a pre-emptive strike. A book by the Russian historian Victor Suvorov has made a big impact, but the mainstream media is doing its best to keep it from getting coverage, just as they did with Putin’s speech on Jews dominant role in the USSR.

    One thing is for sure, Germany was peaceful and prospering and people were enjoying themselves soon after Hitler took power and fixed Germany’s economic problems within one year while the communists were killing millions in the USSR and the Jews were telling everyone in the west just the opposite, saying Stalin and the USSR were wonderful while Hitler was evil. “NAZI” Germany was morally superior to the USSR and they vowed to stop the murdering Jews at the German border in the east.

    Here is perhaps the most outrageous lie a leader has ever made, speaking to his nation. Americans deserve having half their population wiped out for what this liar did and to this day Americans defend. For the second time in less than twenty five years the Americans took advantage of a world war to murder millions of Germans in an unprovoked attack. Here is a film of Roosevelt delivering his Navy Day speech in 1941. The speech was delivered about four months after the bloodiest war in history broke out, the Soviet – German war of WW II. Every available man the Germans had was fighting on the eastern front. In this speech FDR says he has in his hands a “secret map” that was made in Berlin by the “NAZIS.” FDR said the “NAZIS” have reorganized South America into five “vassal states” and plan to take it over.


    In the early 1970’s the British admitted they created this phony map and fed it to Roosevelt. Any suggestion that Germany even had the ability to take over South America, especially when it was already fighting the Soviet Union and Great Britain is ludicrous.

    Like Lasha and Alexander, I also believe the best thing for the world but particularly for Russia, Germany and Europe is that Germany and Russia develop strong, friendly relations. It is not revisionist historians that are causing the bad relations between Germans and Russians. It is definitely the Germans fault this time, but as usual it’s not right wing fascists attacking Putin and Russia. It’s Germany’s “liberal”, “democratic” gov’t under American domination. It is long past time Germany tells the Americans to take their troops home and tell the Poles and everyone else in the east they will not be allowed to start another war in Europe.

    Nothing that comes out can sour relations between Russia and Germany. Some people already know about the seventy years of lies. I already have an idea of what the Soviets, Americans and the others did. My anger is about the lies and these lies have to be exposed if the Jews power is going to be broken. Until then, there will be no peace.

  10. How richly Asian blood runs through the veins of the Jew. Sometimes they may look European, but that’s because of the Aryan genes picked up pick up via 1,000 years of living together. They just can’t keep their filthy hands off White women.
    Mongols, Jews, but I repeat myself. They are of the same mind set.
    At least the German Males did try to protect their women until they were beaten down by the Americans and their allies. In America it’s the opposite. White women in America are now fair game for every troglodyte that comes down the road and their natural mates just stand back afraid that some misanthrope may call them names.

    1. Don’t be too sure, Toejam. There’s many a ‘troglodyte’ buried in the swamps and hills who would have begged to differ… Nowadays, though, yes – there are more and more tattooed, ignorant, slutty white women NOT WORTH THE TROUBLE. Everywhere.

  11. If I remember properly, just last week the Russians passed a law criminalizing negative accusations, etc. about Russian involvement in WWII. Some said that the law simply made Stalin a deity. I guess the Russians figured that if the jews can do it with the Holohoax, they can do it concerning WWII history. It’s the thing of controlling history to control the future which certainly is not a new trick. The jews did it with the Torah with tremendous success which is one of the primary reasons the world is in such a despicable jewish mess today. The technique obviously works.

    Now that the law has been passed, Alexander M has prevailed and we must move on to another topic. :)

  12. Dear Lasha,
    This Alexander character is quite typical of many Russian nationalists.
    Visit blogs like The Saker and others and u will see for yourself. Before I continue, a disclaimer; I admire Putin and fully support Russia in her struggle to defeat US attempts at encircling it or otherwise destabilizing the Russian Federation with views to break it up and/or park it in the US empire parking lot.

    Having said that, WWII “history”, whether the anglo-american version or the Soviet flavor of it, is pure bunk. A bunch of self-serving lies by the victors. All Allied countries and particularly the US and the USSR, plus the anti-German war party in Britain(and to a less extent the French and useful idiot Poland) bear a lot of responsability, most of it, for the war. As for the “great Patriotic War”, well, it’s a convenient National myth that is used to unite Russians. I can understand that, all the victors do the same but it is still largely false. I want also to distinguish between the sacrifices made by the soviet soldiers and peoples from the horrific Stalinist regime that ruled them at the time.

    No lack of Western lefties/liberals parroting Stalinist propaganda either. This is the result of decades of Soviet propaganda now continued by the Russian government. Why? Bc the narrative of the so called “Great patriotic War” serves as a building block for the new Russian Federation, a national myth – many countries have them – necessary to rally the Russian people around their country, identity, flag. Russia emerged weak after the break up of the Soviet Empire. It was brutally plundered by the Zamerican empire and those special interests which rule it. The country was deeply infiltrated by a 5th column(largely Jewish as israeli media admits), as some Russian refer to them, interested in parking the Russian Federation into the Zamerican empire.
    Failing that, these special interests, led by the neocons wanna encircle and break up the RF.

    Thus, the great patriotic war mythology forms a cornerstone of Russian nationalism today, as it casts the Russian people in the role of “heroic liberators” providing them with an exaggerated, distorted and self-righteous self-image as heroes and main resisters against the evils of ‘Fascism’ during WWII. After all, so the propaganda line goes, they “saved the world” from the clutches of the “evil Nazi” cannibals who were “attempting to exterminate” the “inferior races” and take over the world. Strip the mythology, and what do they end up with? The truth. But the truth sucks, it ain’t cool. This is the reason behind Russia’s new legislation against ‘revising’ WWII history. No, I’m not talking about the holohoax, about the war itself. Just as with the holo, truth need not be shielded from scrutiny. Also most Soviet archives of the era remain closed. Why? The official Bs narrative does not have a leg to stand on. The first to realize that were the Russians themselves. Regarding Barbarossa, I wonder the fate of the many Russian historians who spearheaded, after the fall of the USSR, the research which has shown that the USSR was planning an attack on Germany but Hitler beat Stalin to it.
    As D.W.Michaels wrote:

    One of the earliest Russian revisionists of World War II history was Pyotr Grigorenko, a Soviet Army Major General and highly decorated war veteran who taught at the Frunze Military Academy.[…]he was the first leading Soviet figure to advance the revisionist arguments, which became well known during the 1980s and 1990s, on Stalin’s preparations for aggressive war against Germany. In an article submitted to a major Soviet journal (but rejected, and later published abroad), Grigorenko pointed out that Soviet military forces vastly outnumbered German forces in 1941. Just prior to the German attack on June 22, 1941, more than half of the Soviet forces were in the area near and west of Bialystok, that is, in an area deep in Polish occupied territory. “This deployment could only be justified” wrote Grigorenko, “if these troops were deploying for a surprise offensive. In the event of an enemy attack these troops would soon be encircled.”

    Since the 90s, with the partial opening of Soviet archives(closed again), many Russian historians have refined the evidence for Stalin’s agressive aims. An incomplete list of such Russian historians/researchers;
    Former Soviet intel officer ,Vladimir Bogdanovich Resun(Viktor Suvorow), Russian historian Dr. Mikhail Meltiukhov, V. A. Nevezhin, Colonel V. D. Danilov, Igor Bunich, Irina. V. Pavlova, V. L. Doroshenko, M.Solonin, Constantine Pleshakov, Dr.Alexander Pronin, Prof. Dr. Maria Litowskaja, Colonel Kiselev, Dr. Dschangir Nadschafow, faculty director of the Institute of General History of the Russian Academy of Sciences, etc.
    Since the 1990s, many Western historians have reached similar conclusions.
    American Albert Weeks, Richard Raack, John Mosier, R.H.S. Stolfi. German and Austrian historians Dr.Joachim Hoffmann, Ernst Topitsch, Dr.Werner Maser, Fritz Becker, Dr.Walter Post, Dr.Max Klüver, Wolfgang Strauss, French Stéphane Courtois, etc.

    The usual pathetic reply is to say this is all nazi, CIA or traitorous propaganda.

    W.Strauss lists in his book ‘Unternehmen Barbarossa und der russische Historikerstreit'(from a review of it by D.Michaels), the findings of several of these Russian researchers:
    Major findings:

    -Stalin wanted a general European war of exhaustion in which the USSR would intervene at the politically and militarily most expedient moment. Stalin’s main intention is seen in his speech to the Politburo of August 19, 1939.
    -To ignite this, Stalin used the [August 1939] Soviet-German Non-Aggression Pact, which: a) provoked Hitler’s attack against Poland, and b) evoked the declarations of war against Germany by Britain and France. But not against the Soviet Union which also invaded Poland taking half of it.
    -In the event Germany was defeated quickly by Britain and France, Stalin planned to “Sovietize” Germany and establish a “Communist government” there, but with the danger that the victorious capitalist powers would never permit a Communist Germany.
    -In the event France was defeated quickly by Germany, Stalin planned the “Sovietization” of France. “A Communist revolution would seem inevitable, and we could take advantage of this for our own purposes by rushing to aid France and making her our ally. As a result of this, all the nations under the ‘protection’ of a victorious Germany would become our allies.”
    -From the outset Stalin reckoned on a war with Germany, and the Soviet conquest of Germany. To this end, Stalin concentrated on the western border of the USSR operational offensive forces, which were five- to six-times stronger than the Wehrmacht with respect to tanks, aircraft and artillery.
    -With respect to a war of aggression, on May 15, 1941, the Red Army’s Main Political Directorate instructed troop commanders that every war the USSR engaged in, whether defensive or offensive, would have the character of a “just war.”
    -Troop contingents were to be brought up to full strength in all the western military districts; airfields and supply bases to support a forward-strategy were to be built directly behind the border; an attack force of 60 divisions was to be set up in the Ukraine and mountain divisions and a parachute corps were to be established for attack operations.
    -The 16th, 19th, 21st, 22nd and 25th Soviet Armies were transferred from the interior to the western border, and deployed at take-off points for the planned offensive.
    -In his speech of May 5, 1941, to graduate officers of the academies, Stalin said that war with Germany was inevitable, and characterized it as a war not only of a defensive nature but rather of an offensive nature.

    In other words, Miss Lasha, your russian correspondent is misguided when he asks you for compassion for the millions of victims of the war, given that the USSR was on the verge of initiating a war on Germany. Also, the trouble with the notion of the “peace loving” and “neutral” USSR is that it had already invaded Poland and Finland in 39, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Romania in 1940 and even after the German-Soviet war started they invaded Iran in August 1941(together with the brits if memory serves). During world war 2 Bulgaria was in a unique position amongst the European Axis countries in that it did not go to war against the USSR after June 22 1941. Hitler asked Boris III for military assistance but he refused. The Bulgarian monarch would not even allow a Waffen SS recruitment agency for individuals who wanted to enlist. In September 1944 after advancing through Romania to the Bulgarian frontier the Bulgarian government reminded the USSR that it was neutral in the nazi-soviet conflict. The Soviet army invaded anyway. If the Soviet Union didn’t want to conquer Europe then why did it invade Bulgaria when that country was not at war with it?
    Japan and the USSR were signatories to a non aggression pact which the Japanese adhered to. But that didn’t stop the soviets from attacking the Japanese when it suited them after the war in Europe had ended.

    So, Alexander, the blame for the millions of Soviet lives lost lie largely at the feet of your hero, Stalin, a mass murderer of Slavs(and other ethnic groups) in peace time, bTW. One can quibble about the exact numbers, which will probably never be known, but what is known, much of it from only partially opened Soviet archives, is horrible enough.
    Before the war started, Hitlers concentration camp system had less than 30.000 people in it. The Gulag had already absorbed millions, not to mention the mass shootings, mass deportations, etc.
    Interestingly, there is a new trend in modern Russia: To play down the atrocities of the Lenin/Stalin regimes, as much as possible.
    After all, how does one go about the myths of the ‘great patriotic war’, if the Soviet regime itself was responsible, even in peacetime, for the deaths of so many of its own citizens?

    Re the crimes of the Soviet armies as it advanced westwards, specifically rapes: The fact of the matter is that the Soviet troops even raped women from Soviet districts that were ‘liberated’ in 1944. This is well documented from Soviet sources. For example, General Petrov, commander of the 4th Ukrainian Front, reported the terrible crimes committed by his own men in the Crimea in June, 44. Not to mention mass shootings of alleged collaborators.
    The book mentioned by Gian Franco is highly recommended and covers a lot of the crimes carried out by Soviet troops. I have to disagree that the soldiers who committed mass rapes were Jews and Asians, there is enough evidence that soldiers of various ethnic backgrounds, including Slavs, took part.

    I’ll finish this long post – sorry for that – with something I wrote during a discussion on the Saker blog;

    “When criticizing the notion of the so called ‘Great Patriotic War”, I wish to be very clear;
    By no means do I wish to disregard the suffering of the Soviet soldiers and civilians.
    Not at all. But, having studied the subject in detail – and continuing to study it – I have come to the conclusion they were much more victims of the Stalinist regime than of Germany.
    First bc, as I briefly(and very insuficiently, there is much, much more) explained in my previous post, Stalin was very much responsible for bringing about the titanic conflict with NS Germany.

    Secondly, we need to examine, beyond the feel good myths of the war, how the Stalinist regime treated its own troops and civilians. It amounted to complete disdain for human life.
    For example, we need to look at the role of the political comissars, of NKVD special units, of the dreaded ‘blocking units’, all in order to keep the red army in line. Why? Bc there was a clear tendency, among the troops, despite all the brainwashing propaganda of how the Finns or the germans tortured and murdered all pows(many believed it), of surrender and desertion. But why? Well, clearly a lot of the soldiers did not feel so enthusiastic about fighting for a regime which had killed and/or visited horific sufferings on millions of people already before the war.
    Many draconian orders were issued to deal with these ‘problems’.
    One amongst thousands of such similar incidents was what the NKVD in the 264th infantry div reported re the first battle of the 1060th infantry regiment. When the soldiers of the 4th company, 2nd Battalion failed in the attack, heavy MGs opened up on them from behind, killing ‘at least 60′.
    The regime was so ruthless that Soviet airstrikes were carried out on overcrowded soviet pow camps. In the Soviet military, surrender was not allowed. Officers, if they surrendered, would be executed if taken back(or later repatriated) and their families arrested. Conscripts faced same fate but families ‘only’ lost state support. Many soviet soldiers who were captured, from lowly privates to Generals, expressed their great fear of the NKVD. It also terribly affected the performance of soviet forces. Major General Kirpichnikov stated that bc of the comissars they were totally stiffled in their tactical creativeness and operational thinking.
    This is also why Soviet troops were again and again, already since the winter war with Finland, sent to their almost certain deaths in frontal human wave assaults.
    Despite all this terror, millions of soviet soldiers surrendered or deserted.
    This does not fit very well with a view of mass patriotism. Initially, soviet propaganda aimed at fighting for Stalin and Communism, as it was inefective, this was later changed to defense of the motherland which proved much more effective. Still, terror appears to have remained the key component in keeping the red army fighting.
    Soviet data shows that during the war, more than 1 million court martial trials were held and more than 158,000 soldiers were executed.
    As Marshal Georgi Zhukov noted “In the Red Army, it takes a very brave man to be a coward.”

    By comparison, the number of German soldiers executed in all fronts was minimal and there was no such terror apparatus despite strict discipline. This shows the German forces were much more motivated and cohesive.”

    1. LUCA K,
      Excellent post. I was just going to reply in similar vein to yourself. You saved me the trouble. I would like to address one point concerning Poland. The Poles like to portray themselves as innocent victims. However, no one seems to remember 1938, when Bohemia-Moravia became a German protectorate, at the secessation of Slovakia from Czechoslovakia, and the Sudetenland absorbed into the Reich. At that time the Poles presented a 24 hour ultimatum to Benes to deliver the Teschen region to Poland. Benes had no option but to comply and hand it over to the Poles. This dastardly action by the Poles aroused outrage in Europe at the time, but, nowadays, very few historians see fit to mention it. Airbrushing history, perhaps?

      1. Watch this speech by Major-General Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof on his fairly new book that the usual suspects are doing there best to make sure not too many people read. It covers many things, including the Soviet-German pact, Polish anti-minority policies, including the large numbers of Ukrainians that went to Canada to escape the Poles and the Soviet-German negotiations on the pact. It completely overturns everything we’ve been told. This shows how the England and the US conspired to start WW II while the Germans were doing everything to prevent the war. Germany also comes out pretty good from the treaty with Stalin.

      2. Thanks, Peter
        What many Russians forget is Stalin was a Georgian, not Russian. Also he had ample warning of Operation Barbarossa, not only from his spies, such as Richard Sorge in Tokyo, the Lucy spy ring and also the Red Orchestra, headed by Leopold Trepper, but also from the British from their decryption of “Ultra”. Another indication they were going to be attacked came from the German planes overflying the western USSR on recce missions. In some cases flights landed through mechanical faults in the USSR, but were allowed to return to Germany by the Soviets. Stalin ignored all these warnings claiming they were provocations.
        There is anecdotal evidence to indicate that at Politburo meetings Stalin and Beria would sit and talk in Georgian for a couple of hours and then Stalin would turn to the other non-Georgian members and inform them as to what the meeting had resolved. Russia defeated Germany despite Stalin not because of him. Which is why I find it bizarre that Russians today can have any respect for him.

    2. i second felix’s opinion and also thank you, luca.
      compared to your knowledge, i am historically illiterate.

      i would only make the following remark: it seems that stalin saw himself, for whatever reasons, a conqueror of territories in the mold of julius caesar or ghenghis khan and used the global comintern movement in order to internally weaken the prey before strike.
      he probably saw fit to use jews rather than be used by them and in that, formed an unholy union with them, especially in america and england, because he needed huge materiel infusion to counter german industrial and technological might.

      almost as if he saw the practical inevitability of events foreseen by the protocols and decided to subvert them and surf the wave to his advantage.
      maybe putin is giving it a second try but with different, more useful and steadfast allies.
      alliance with jews is like deciding to build your house in the middle of a swamp.

      quein sabe?

    3. Luca –

      Interesting take.

      Anthony Sutton proved…. with shipping manifests and bank transfers….
      Russia has been, since 1917, and still IS….
      ….. “The BEST Enemy Money Can Buy.”

      Germany performed VERY well also.

      ALL the bankers got rich.. financing ALL sides….. as usual.

      It was all set up by Pharisee Bankers based in London. International bankers.
      They are still giving orders today:

      It takes only FIVE minutes to understand the commercial plans and Pharisee financing of BOTH Bolsheviks and Hitler.

      GE and Ford played a big part with Standard oil and Curtis-Martin and Armand Hammer:

      1. Anthony Sutton was a British economist. He studied at the universities of London, Göttingen, and California, and received his D.Sc. from the University of Southampton. He was an economics professor at California State University, Los Angeles and a research fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution from 1968 to 1973.

        During his time at the Hoover Institution, he wrote the major study Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development (in three volumes), arguing that the West played a major role in developing the Soviet Union from its very beginnings up until the present time (1970).

        Sutton argued that the Soviet Union’s technological and manufacturing base – which was then engaged in supplying the Viet Cong – was built by United States corporations and largely funded by US taxpayers.

        Steel and iron plants, the GAZ automobile factory – a Ford subsidiary, located in eastern Russia – and many other Soviet industrial enterprises were built with the help or technical assistance of the United States or US corporations.

        Sutton’s book, “The Best Enemy Money Can Buy,” looked at the role of military technology transfers up to the 1980s.

        Appendix B of that text contained the text of his 1972 testimony before Subcommittee VII of the Platform Committee of the Republican Party where he summarized the essential aspects of his overall research:
        “In a few words: there is no such thing as Soviet technology. Almost all — perhaps 90-95 percent — came directly or indirectly from the United States and its allies. In effect the United States and the NATO countries have built the Soviet Union. Its industrial and its military capabilities. This massive construction job has taken 50 years. Since the Revolution in 1917. It has been carried out through trade and the sale of plants, equipment and technical assistance.”

        A rare 1976 lecture from Professor Antony C. Sutton:

      2. Pat,

        I am familiar with Sutton’s thesis that Russian technology was ostensibly American technology. Fast-forward 50 years and the same thing could be said for Chinese technology.

        However, the transfer of American technology this time seems genocidal in that not only American technology, but American manufacturing have been completely gutted. To add insult to injury, most of the IT jobs have been off-shored and qualified and skilled Whites have been systematically squeezed out in their own homeland by lower-paid immigrant ‘techies’ imported mainly from India and other distant lands.

        The deliberate dumbing down of America has also resulted in the diminishing number of students who study the hard sciences. The only thing America makes and exports these days is filthy Jewish pornography. The depravity of these people knows no bounds. Rise up White Man and defend your family and country!

      3. JFC –

        “…but American manufacturing have been completely gutted.”

        Yep… and I have stated here many times that I read a UN document in the 60s which stated the plan for N America is to be….
        1- the ‘breadbasket’ of the world…
        …. AND
        2-the ‘entertainment center’ of the world.

        That is the purpose of shipping out the manufacturing…. and imposing Wildlife and Wilderness rules and regulations. UN Biospheres…. etc. No people zones and such. EPA constraints… You can name 100+ entities and orgs headed there.

        Then add Agenda 21 and ‘Sustainable Development’ embedded throughout the International and national codes…..

        On down locally… through ICLEI and the rest.

        Establishing these regs is one purpose of the wars in 2nd and 3rd tier countries. Tear them down.. rebuild to code. Like Bosnia, Iraq, Syria… etc.

        “And they’re all made out of ticky tacky. And they all look just the same.”

        The next 1000 years will be waaay more interesting than the last millennium.

    4. @ Luca K

      An excellent comment. I posted it in a private email to Lasha and asked her what she thought of it. She was most impressed. “I hope this commenter continues to post on our site,” she said. ‘The comment is outstanding.”

      Just thought I’d tell you.

  13. Ooohh, ohhh! A di minores lizard shutting the door to a di majores billionaire! My, my! Plato was right: hell is not when the planets collide, but when the common people rise against the high-born.

    I will thoroughly enjoy the population reduction spectacle that is coming your way, Monty; some glorious events one cannot miss. What to do?! It has been written. Some fates even money cannot help evade.

    Christus adjuvante non timendum, eh, Signor?!

    1. Tut tut, the highborn Baronness Buxhaven-Schmidt needs to brush up her Latin!

      It’s Christo adjuvante, not Christus adjuvante.

  14. Have some hate…. for Pharisees…!!

    War and banking is really easy in Russia and Germany…. Easy as making debts for the Pharisee cabal, while controlling oil, minerals and land. It is as easy as buying the British Prime Minister.

    Thomas W. Lamont was head of J.P. Morgan & Co.

    William Boyce Thompson Thompson was a promoter of mining stocks.

    Thompson and Lamont went to see Lloyd George in England and changed British foreign policy from anti-Bolshevik to pro-Bolshevik. (from British War Cabinet Papers)

    Lamont journeyed to London and met with Thompson, who had left Petrograd on December 5, traveled via Bergen, Norway, and arrived in London on December 10. The most important achievement of Thompson and Lamont in London was to convince the British War Cabinet — then decidedly anti-Bolshevik — that the Bolshevik regime had come to stay, and that British policy should cease to be anti-Bolshevik, should accept the new realities, and should support Lenin and Trotsky. Thompson and Lamont left London on December 18 and arrived in New York on December 25, 1917. They attempted the same process of conversion in the United States.

    In late 1917, then — at the time Lamont and Thompson arrived in London — Prime Minister Lloyd George was indebted to powerful international armaments interests that were allied to the Bolsheviks and providing assistance to extend Bolshevik power in Russia. The British prime minister who met with William Thompson in 1917 was not then a free agent; Lord Milner was the power behind the scenes and, as the epigraph to this chapter suggests, favorably inclined towards socialism and Karl Marx.

    After hearing Lloyd George’s report and supporting arguments, the War Cabinet decided to go along with Thompson and the Bolsheviks. Milner had a former British consul in Russia — Bruce Lockhart — ready and waiting in the wings. Lockhart was briefed and sent to Russia with instructions to work informally with the Soviets.

    (you may never have heard of this Pharisee cabal member/ messenger)

    William Boyce Thompson Thompson was a promoter of mining stocks, one of the best in a high-risk business. Before World War I he handled stock-market operations for the Guggenheim copper interests. When the Guggenheims needed quick capital for a stock-market struggle with John D. Rockefeller, it was Thompson who promoted Yukon Consolidated Goldfields before an unsuspecting public to raise a $3.5 million war chest. Thompson was manager of the Kennecott syndicate, another Guggenheim operation, valued at $200 million. It was Guggenheim Exploration, on the other hand, that took up Thompson’s options on the rich Nevada Consolidated Copper Company. About three quarters of the original Guggenheim Exploration Company was controlled by the Guggenheim family, the Whitney family (who owned Metropolitan magazine, which employed the Bolshevik John Reed), and John Ryan. In 1916 the Guggenheim interests reorganized into Guggenheim Brothers and brought in William C. Potter, who was formerly with Guggenheim’s American Smelting and Refining Company but who was in 1916 first’ vice president of Guaranty Trust.

    1. Pat –

      Comments like yours and Luca’s (above) make this site worth the visits! :)
      Very edifying.

      1. Thanks, Gilbert –

        When you hook our comments in series…

        You can see that Britain’s London bankers are responsible for all of the wars in the 19th and 20th centuries… especially with Germany and Russia. (Russia was supplying REDS in Viet Nam.)

        They are still responsible this century.

      2. Gilbert –

        Rumor has it…. military armies will not attack THE CITY… as financial troops regroup there.

        Even MORE POWER consolidating in London..!!

        “We’ve noticed a pilgrimage back to London,” said Rob Christian, head of research at Franklin Templeton Investment’s K2 Advisors, which has $10.5 billion invested in hedge funds.

        London ‘Pilgrimage’…

        Citadel, with its London offices just streets away from the Bank of England in the centuries-old financial district, increased staff by 25 percent to about 170 over the past year, said spokeswoman Katie Spring. The Chicago-based firm oversees $26 billion.

        “This is the first time London has looked really exciting for hedge funds since the European debt crisis in 2011,” said Ray Nolte, chief investment officer of SkyBridge Capital. The New York-based firm plans to boost investments in European hedge funds that seek to profit from events such as corporate restructurings, mergers and share sales.

        The rebound is driving up demand for office space in Mayfair and other districts where hedge funds congregate. The industry’s growth contrasts with the bloodletting at Europe’s biggest banks, which are slashing thousands of jobs and closing trading desks in the face of tougher capital requirements.

      3. Yes Pat. The Soviets were supplying the ‘Reds’ in Vietnam, but it cost them a few million dollars in comparison to the $Billions outlay of the US Military Machine and including the monstrous loss of life -on both sides – in the whole debacle. Another great result for the Pharisee Bankers.

      4. AND, Wiggins –
        More to the point..
        The great sad irony is that $$Billions were loaned and shipped from the US to Russia during Nam and used against US troops. The US corporations and London based bankers were profiting with their supply lines running in two directions.

        American people had no clue.

        See at 29:30 for a couple minutes:

    2. pat, while in practical terms you may well be right, the fact that the warring states performed as per the shysters plans doesn’t always make the protagonists willing and knowing accomplices in the horrific crimes against humanity.

      as analogy, consider dogs fighting in a pit, are they in cahoots with wicked owners?
      sometimes, as in case of woodrow wilson, fdr, churchill, bushes, blair, harper, clintons, etc, yes, they are beyond doubt just as guilty of hanging offenses as their whip masters, basically ALL of the anglo leaders incited wars and fanned the flames of artificial hatred in order to fill the judaic vaults with plundered resources.
      but it is my sense that most of the others had no choice in the matter and only reacted to unbearable pressure and provocation and because of that ended up on the back foot each time, reacting rather than carrying out some preconceived scheme, always fighting on the opponent’s terms.

      and i sense also that this time, it is different, because putin and cohort are being very patient, conserving and building strength, letting the enemy punch himself out.

      rope-a-dope, as general mohamad ali taught against much bigger, powerful and younger opponent in ’74 (rumble in the jungle).
      for what, 7 or 8 rounds he just leaned into ropes, traveling with blows, offering little resistance and most people thought it would be just a matter of time before he folds under the wild onslaught … well, the history tells it differently.

      anyway, i see this as the only possible game in town, certainly not the fbi-riddled hooded clowns burning crosses in some ceur d’ aleyne, idaho parking lot.

      1. Lobro –
        “while in practical terms you may well be right, the fact that the warring states performed as per the shysters plans doesn’t always make the protagonists willing and knowing accomplices in the horrific crimes against humanity.”

        I did not mention dog fighting and boxing. There is no comparison to banking and murder there.

        The big business of $$$Trillions made in wars demand “practical terms”…. such as CONTRACTS and TREATIES and OIL AGREEMENTS.”

        THOSE “protagonists” to which I referred were PAID well to “know” EXACTLY what they were doing, and were DEFINITELY “willing” to do the “crimes against humanity” to get the power.

        Keep in mind… I blame Pharisee bankers… NOT the powerless and helpless, hapless people.

      2. The 5th column Press and M$M is huge. Their audience has a real bad addiction to shiny things, lights and noise. Oh, and Bernays sauce. Lots and lots of Bernays sauce. Extra sauce me, please!

        lobro, Ali whipped Foreman’s butt! The last two rounds (7-8) George could hardly lift his arms or walk. (or defend himself)
        I remember TROJFrazier was ringside commenting and at the end of round 7 he said “George isn’t going to last much longer” I won $5! (;>)

      3. Pat,

        I did not mention dog fighting and boxing.

        but i did.

        There is no comparison to banking and murder there.

        and i see that comparison.

        Because, i also see real, not fake, opposition to pharisees, whereas i guess you don’t.

        And this seems to be the bone of contention.
        So, in interests of clarity, let me pose a couple of questions to you, because i can’t really see where you stand (not saying there is any waffling).

        first, do you see any realistic opposition to judaic noose tightening about our collective neck?

        if so, and it is not putin & co., who?
        (sub-question: what makes you think they are real, ie, effective and why are they more trustworthy than putin & co.?)

        secondly, if there is no such resistance to talmud project, then what are we all doing here when we are just a pack of dead ducks, quacking in an ever shrinking pond while the hunters and their dogs line us up for an easy shoot and (another sub-question) what is holding them back right now?

        you see what they do in palestine and if their reach is truly global, why not just slap us all down instead of whining and nagging about “rising tide of antisemitism, we are being marched to the oven doors”.

        please try to answer every applicable question since they are all crucially important.

      4. Pat –

        Once upon a time, dog fighting was quite a gentleman’s sport. Pit Bulls were meticulously bred and matched. They had to be within a pound of each other to be matched by the rules… (then the nigras and the druggies got into it – and it went the way of ALL such things…)

        About Muhammed Ali: I remember when I was a little boy, his fights were broadcast at our local Buick dealer, and Dad and many of his friends gathered there (me, too, with Dad) to watch the matches. Many were taped (we kept them), and Ali would, literally, KNOCK THE SNOT out of his opponents. Raw power. A ‘great American’. :)

      5. Lobro – All my answers are guesses, except the first one, actually a comment, which only I know for sure that you are mistaken.

        Because, i also see real, not fake, opposition to pharisees, whereas i guess you don’t.
        And this seems to be the bone of contention.
        Ans: “i guess you don’t” is your MISTAKE.

        So, in interests of clarity, let me pose a couple of questions to you, because i can’t really see where you stand (not saying there is any waffling).

        first, do you see any realistic opposition to judaic noose tightening about our collective neck?
        if so, and it is not putin & co., who?
        Ans: Yes. No leaders of any nation. No groups. Individuals will have to take whatever action they see fit, themselves.

        (sub-question: what makes you think they are real, ie, effective and why are they more trustworthy than putin & co.?)
        Ans: No leaders are trustworthy.

        secondly, if there is no such resistance to talmud project, then what are we all doing here when we are just a pack of dead ducks, quacking in an ever shrinking pond while the hunters and their dogs line us up for an easy shoot and (another sub-question) what is holding them back right now?
        Ans: Nothing can keep any of us reading this from death….. Yep. Dead ducks, all. Nothing is holding them back. Their plans are all working…. at present.

        you see what they do in palestine and if their reach is truly global, why not just slap us all down instead of whining and nagging about “rising tide of antisemitism, we are being marched to the oven doors”.
        Ans: Whining and nagging is working for them. They have no means to ‘slap’ us all. They want slaves, not dead bodies. They will keep whining to get their way and more control.

        please try to answer every applicable question since they are all crucially important.
        Lobro – Your questions are based on hypothetical assumptions with which I differ. Especially marching to ovens…. slapping down… Putin his own man…etc.

        NOW… I’ll ask you.. What does it matter to you what I guess??

      6. Foreman was never the same after that defeat. He had a decade-long bout of depression and drifted in and out of skid road and proselytize on street corners in Houston when he eventually found God.

        Ali, in hindsight, was a bully, both physically and mentally. He taunted most of his opponents inside and outside the ring, the most famous being Joe Frazier for his dark skin and called him a gorilla. Frazier never forgave him for that insult and he took it to his grave. Joe was the underdog and I rooted for him, so, too, did White America.

        BTW, have you noticed jews-news doesn’t pay much attention to the heavyweight division now that it’s mostly White Europeans who are the champs?

  15. It doesn’t matter. Every nation that waged war against Germany is dying. Britain and France will be the first to go, then Russia and America.

    1. Legionairre –

      It makes sense that Germany – as well as ‘any nation’ (which waged war thereon) is controlled by the SAME controllers – heads of mammon system. Don’t be too confident, and neither trust anyone else. Venture out and look at the markets/world with common sense. The ‘wheel’ will turn ON ITS OWN TIME – not before. There is no wellspring of revolt in the making, right now. (There is sentiment – but without enforcement teeth.)

  16. NOW… I’ll ask you.. What does it matter to you what I guess?

    if it didn’t matter, i wouldn’t have asked, would i.

    i figure, if someone is as well informed as you, you must have spent time pondering these same questions and arrived at answer that the game is over and i’d like to know why, because i, call it wishful thinking if you will, think the game is into overtime and not settled.

    time will tell.
    but at any rate, it should be more fun for me, since there is still some suspense as far as i am concerned.

    1. Lobro –

      I have not arrived at ‘game over.’

      I have arrived at ‘leadership-trusting over.’

      For me… there is more suspense now than ever.

      I do not believe the Armageddon syndrome myths and Sampson-Option crap, either…. So, creating the window for suspense, not despair.

      If that’s the best they’ve got to scare us… they’re in trouble.


        Luca –

        Interesting take.

        Anthony Sutton proved….
        Russia has been, since 1917, and still IS….
        ….. The BEST Enemy Money Can Buy.
        Germany performed VERY well also. ALL the bankers got rich.. financing ALL sides….. as usual.

        It was all set up by Pharisee Bankers based in London. International bankers. They are still giving orders today:

        It takes only FIVE minutes to understand the commercial plans and Pharisee financing of BOTH Bolsheviks and Hitler.
        GE and Ford played a big part with Standard oil:

  17. It’s a terrible tragedy that so many wars have been fought over the course of recent centuries. The real tragedy, of course, lies in the fact that most of these wars were instigated by “phony jews” rather than by “real jews.” It isn’t so bad that untold numbers of Iraqi women and children were starved to death and murdered in recent times, since they were only goyim – goyim that were put on earth so that the “real jews” might kill them. “Real jews” have a Yahweh-given right to murder goyim by the millions but “fake jews” have absolutely no such right !! How dare they instigate wars of deception against “amalek” when they aren’t even “real jews” ?? I mean, it’s perfectly alright for “real jews” to exterminate millions of goyim that aren’t even worth a single jewish fingernail, but when “fake jews” engage in this sort of behavior we must raise our voices in opposition !!!

  18. I live in NM. Saturday I met 3 people that came from Crimea. They were hesitant to speak “politics” with me as they live in a foreign country. After showing my unusual not believing in all American bs, they opened up some. One lady had been in Crimea just this last January. She said things there are the best she had ever seen it. She is somewhere in her 60s. They country is thriving, the people are happy, with less mental stress than ever before. So much for the official US (per)version. If you want real news in a main stream format, we have to go to RT or Al Jezeera. Stalin and the Bolsheviks weren’t Russians as we would think of them. They murdered 55-100 million of their “own” people. The standing order about German women in the final invasion was, “if they run shoot them, if they don’t rape them.”. Now the starvation and death by exposure of 1.5 million German soldiers after WW2 was ALL American.

    1. both rt (russia today) and aljazeera are run by jews as part of the controlled opposition spectrum of pseudo-alternate media providing limited hangout platforms.
      that is to say, they provide enough truthful reportage to appear critical of jews and their anglobot but at crucial junctures when timing intersects with geopolitics, the bullets are fired with sniper precision at behest of the jew lurking behind curtain.

      so, expect them to piss on iran and syria, eg, chemical weapons and underground nuke labs of dr No when jew army of darkness is ready for another move, whether color revolution attempt or a military strike.
      these are immediate targets.
      rt will be pointed at iran and syria, al-jazeera at russia.
      i think there may be a third such outlet, asiatimes that operates under similar cover.

      all to say, fine to read such stuff but with caveats.
      as TROJlodite that haunts this site would say: “trust no site other than Darkmoon”.
      which is why he doesn’t bother with any other site (or is it the other way around)

      1. Good picture, MDP – Thanks…

        Russia and USA have been partners and controlled by Pharisee Jew bankers and oligarchs since 1917.
        It applies even more so today. They make good faux cold-war combatants for show on the global stage.

  19. Stalin was obsessed with ‘Jewish stuff’. He had a Jew Executioner by the name Genrikh Yagoda, who along with his Jewish buddies was responsible for the death of ten million Russian Christians and Muslims. Stalin married three women – all Jewish. He destroyed more than a thousand churches and mosques but never touched a single synagogue.

    However, the best thing he did for Jews, was the establishment of one Jewish state of Birobidjan (or Birobidzhan) on May 7, 1934.

    1. @ Rehmat

      Stalin married three women – all Jewish.

      This is totally wrong. No reputable historian has ever said this. It is an internet myth circulated by conspiracy theorists who have never read a single biography of Stalin.

      David Chu in his recent article made the same mistaken assertion.

      I repeat. Stalin only had two wives. And both of them were non-Jewish. Neither of them had a drop of Jewish blood.

      As for the so-called third wife, “Rosa Kaganovitch”, the alleged daughter of the Jewish psychopath Lazar Kaganovitch, SHE DID NOT EVEN EXIST! Stalin’s own daughter, Svetlana, claimed that no such woman existed and that she was an invention of American propagandists. Stalin’s most reputable biographer, Robert Service, confirms this. He says: “Rosa Kaganovitch is a myth.”

      Anyway, if you wish to go on believing this rubbish, feel free. All I am saying is, your sources are unreliable. They are all internet ignoramuses who never read serious books but get all their information from crappy internet articles and comments on websites.

      1. In the end it does not really matter if Stalin was a Jew or not. There is conflicting info out there. In any case he worked closely with the Jews who took up a huge portion of his government. He, like the other Soviet leaders, murdered tens of millions of people. He was a deceiver, not an honorable man, that’s why he most likely was a Jew… says one thing and does another. (Lie and cheat the goyim! – Talmudic law) And then his cruelty! Fits the Jews to the T. What have these Russian citizens ever done to him but help build up the country? Nothing! So he killed them so he can rob what they created and worked for. To him they were nothing but insects. And that’s what the Jews say about us gentiles.

  20. The Soviet Army was lined up on the border of Germany ready to overrun Germany and all of Europe. It would have been Communism of Europe in 1941. Adolf Hitler made a pre-emptive strike and they ran. Stalin tricked Adolf Hitler. Stalin supposedly was a Georgian Jew. Of course your young Russian man is brainwashed by his Russian schooling. With so much Russian pride and lies from his leaders and lies from the German leaders (Jews), it’s hard to believe that anything but their lies are true. The Russians practiced the burned earth during retreat to destroy all homes, land, etc. so the German military could not use it. It was the Jewish leaders and at the end of Stalin that killed at least 66 Million Russian civilians. They also killed my relatives and my immediate ethnic German family members. I have German books about the Russian crimes, forbidden to be read in Germany, Europe and Russia. This young man cannot be helped. Let him stay in his fantasy land.

  21. Thanks to Sardonicus, Lasha and all the others.

    It’s interesting that there are in fact certain similarities between NS Germany right before the war and the RF today, particularly re persecution or hostility towards ethnic Germans in the artificial State of Czechoslovakia and in Poland and the hostility of the neocon junta government installed in Kiev towards ethnic Russians in the Ukraine. Another similarity is how WWII was started through the use of the Poles, the useful idiots then, just as the Ukrainians r the useful idiots now, meant to keep Europe firmly as Zusan vassals, and, in the course of which, if war ever comes, the Europeans will be the first to go Boom…
    My views of the pre-WWII period and the paths which led to the war and Russia’s official propaganda today are roughly mirrored by Deepresource, a website I have no connection to, nor do I endorse all their views.
    Deepresource(also pro-Russia) had a nice article re Putin’s victory speech. I agree with most of what they wrote in this article, many good insights. It begins:
    “Last Saturday, the Russian population commemorated the enormous blood-letting of 25 million of their citizens during World War 2 and obviously they are entitled to do so. Russian president Vladimir Putin held a speech (see below) with which we disagree A to Z. Yet, we don’t hold it against him, because in the present situation he has no choice. History is not an inconsequential hobby for nerdy historians, history is political dynamite of the first order, certainly where the interpretation of the Second World War is concerned. Every power broker is almost forced to whitewash his own history and put the blame for disasters on others and feed the resulting junk food to his sheeple and Vladimir Putin is no exception:”
    Continue reading here:

    1. Luca –
      Thanks for the link.

      “…if war ever comes, the Europeans will be the first to go Boom…”

      I see there is less chances of wars with countries when they have stock markets and debt institutions, banks, set up for financial control, therefore political control as well.

      Those countries without banker controlled leaders will be violently attacked by military. The leader killed… Gaddafi-style…. and new banks and oil companies established immediately.


      “….Every power broker is almost forced to whitewash his own history and put the blame for disasters on others and feed the resulting junk food to his sheeple and Vladimir Putin is no exception:”

      All leaders are led by the bankers and money men…. including Putin, as he feeds “the resulting junk food” to his people and worshipers.


  22. Lasha writes: „(…) who exactly is to blame for the post-war atrocities in Germany?”

    – And who exactly is to blame for the war-time atrocities in USSR? Leprechauns? Engimatic, indefinable, vague “Nazis”? No, it’s the Germans. Is the blood of 27 million (sic!!!) Russians worth less than some hundred thousand raped German women? Why even ask such a question? Why so much sympathy for the butchers, and not the victims? Does every anti-Jewish-mafia website really have to be Germanophile?

    1. So my point is – the “Ilya Ehrenburg” argument is totally misguided. Russian soldiers had enough of their own “genuine grievances” and so this silly hymie Ehrenburg could as well never have existed in the first place. The Russian soldiers were only too well motivated to “repay” the Germans for the murdering of their family members, nevermind the cowardly incitor Ehrenburg.

    2. germans are butchers??
      doesn’t fit the type at all.
      global surveys, including the most recent ones, place germans at the top of the heap among the most liked and respected nationals and jews at the bottom, which is exactly as should be.

      if you watch “der ewige jude”, allegedly a vicious anti-jew propaganda film but in reality a factual documentary, for which julius streicher was hanged in the ww2 aftermath, you will see at the end how disgusted germans were with kosher slaughter practices, how hitler never once threatened jews with violence, only removal from german society.
      hitler forbade animal cruelty, including live boiling of lobsters and vivisection experiments, was a vegetarian, how does that square with atrocities ascribed to him for which there is not a tiniest shred of official documentation nor forensic evidence?

      on a personal note, when i started my young family in toronto, we bought a house in the roncesvalles area, a predominantly polish-german section, so i got to see both groups up close.
      not that i had any personal beef with pollacks, my neighbors were okay but they were for the most part a rude, uncouth bunch, pushing, shoving and elbowing in their delicatessen shops, while the upper crust were unbearably snotty to a comical degree.
      and every friday and saturday night, the pubs were full of brawling drunks and leering broads, that would attend the sunday mass all groggy the next morning.
      contrast that with german shops, immaculately clean and maintained, smiling, joking staff, usually family members that were a joy to visit, always questions about wellbeing of customer and family.

      my next door neighbor was an old german veteran, openly nat. socialist, great sense of humor, upright, honest and beloved of the entire street, even though also an alcoholic, but he could hold his drink like a pro.
      died of cancer at home, refusing treatment, continued his lifestyle to the last day as if nothing happened, just wasted away without complaint.
      armin was a real dude and gent.

      i am safe to assume that germans of today and pollacks of today are no different from the ones of yesterday.

      as for russians, i can only say that as tourists, they are welcome everywhere including cuba, mexico, india and italy, a fun and magnanimous bunch and again, jews, israeli ones specifically have sowed disgust wherever they contaminated place with their filthy presence, pretty much all of the above list of countries.

      in particular i remember how a croatian hotel receptionist told me that now they refuse israelis because they would make a habit of wiping their asses with hotel sheets and towels, among other obscenities.

      6 million dead jews … wishful thinking, my friend.

      1. So is this where this misguided elevation of animals comes from? These childless couples who treat dogs as children? I notice many of these same people have no problem with killing their own babies in their own wombs. I have for a long time detected that this disordered love of the animal kingdom was a way of combatting and making naught this guilt. This also is a way of justifying the idea that certain races and ethnicities should be killed and certain others ought to be the slaves of Germans.

        You may have seen a recent news story in which outrage was exalted to new levels as it was revealed that a rich dentist recently bagged a lion somewhere in Africa. The response was intense in the comment boxes. Everything from this hunter ought to be hunted himself to other forms of punishment including calls for him to be skinned alive. Such nonsense. Again, we see do-gooders towards animals as a way to alleviate guilt against their fellow man.

        I do recall the gassing of German citizens who were to weak to exist. The retarded, insane, and the lame. Is that also something we should celebrate? Such humanitarianism shown by the Third Reich. I think I am about to cry because of the beauty inherent in such practices. Such compassion and love of neighbor shown for these poor miserable wretches.

        Your description of Polish immigrants does not make sense. They are very clean and very orderly. Getting drunk, beating their wives, and attending Mass the next morning was most certainly the province of the Irish. But hardly the Poles. Although I did witness once, in Poland around 1975, pushing and shoving while trying to get a seat on a a ferry when we purchased less than a first class fare. But I always attributed that to a people that were conquered and simply knew that getting a seat for a long journey was similar to an inverted game of musical chairs. Perhaps you were witnessing Poles who just got off the boat and did not have the opportunity for many meals. Shortages have a tendency to create this behavior. Of course the shortages endured by Poles from 1939 through 1989 were set off by German invasion.

      2. rich, i can only speak anecdotally, ie, from personal observation.

        poles can be generalized to a few traits that stand out but are far from uniform and drinking and brawling is one, witness today’s soccer hooligans, where a team from poznan (lech, named after beer) visited sarajevo and immediately the fans demolished some suburb where they were staying, sent a bunch of locals to hospital, insulted hosts by shouts of “this is serbia” after the chetnik slogan from the days of the bloody siege.
        these fans are considered the rowdiest and the most violent in europe.

        across from my house lived an extended polish family (this was a working-class downtown section with semi-detached houses, now considerably gentrified).
        one of the teen daughters seemed to have gotten herself knocked up by boyfriend and they were so afraid of family infamy that they tried abortion by coathanger, the consequence being that she caught a sepsis and died, only 16 years old.

        i used to work out at the boxing gym up by bloor and dundas west and preferred to work alone at night.
        so, one night, a nearly naked drunken polish dude staggers in (the gym was above a car repair shop) and tries to hang himself by tossing a length of hand wraps across the beam and around his neck, because he caught his wife with some boyfriend.
        i got into a shoving match trying to stop him and i weighed 150 lbs at the time, as opposed to his 250.
        i barely succeeded and rolled him down the stairs and out into the night while i searched for a patrol car to go after him.
        see what i mean?
        maybe i just had bad luck to have witnessed such stuff but witness it i did.

        meanwhile, as a teen i started training at the german harmony club in downtown toronto (wellesley+sherbourne area) and they took very good care of me, with all the rough guys there, the owner helmut took me under his wing like a baby.
        my graduate supervisor was a german and compared with some weird and nasty jews in the department (not all but quite a few), he was an angel.

        just saying … i get pretty steamed up when i hear all this derogatory and dismissive talk of germans.
        in my personal experience, they are the best, better than my own ethnic group for that matter.

      3. To think I started to respect you… Why would you use this ‘pollack’ ethnic slur so much? Note to ADMIN – please note who is starting a flame war here, again.

        Not to delve too deeply into your chauvinist babble @ Lobro, let me refer to few things.

        “poles can be generalized to a few traits that stand out but are far from uniform and drinking and brawling is one, witness today’s soccer hooligans, where a team from poznan (lech, named after beer) visited sarajevo and immediately the fans demolished some suburb where they were staying, sent a bunch of locals to hospital, insulted hosts by shouts of “this is serbia” after the chetnik slogan from the days of the bloody siege.”

        – 1) No nation should be generalized for that matter. Your portrayal of Poles in America is very biased and frankly, after all we cannot be sure if this isn’t just your fantasmagories.
        2) Anyway, you seem to make an erroneous comparison of actually two different social groups. You seem to compare the persons from Polish lower class with people from affluent German middle-class. In this way you can always portray any given ethinc group as “drunks” or “cads”, but this would always be false assertion. BTW, LECH Poznań derived its name from the mythological Polish hero:,_Czech,_and_Rus
        3) as to the event in Serbia, once again – you said it yourself it was the HOOLIGANS, not ordinary fans. British or any other hooligans do not behave any better. BTW there is nothing wrong with the transparent “this is Serbia” because Kosovo has always been Serbian. After the USA/NATO bombed Serbia to dust during the War in Yugoslavia, their propagandists started circulating lies about Srebrenica and the “good” Bosniaks/Albanians. This is what Serbians were up against:

      4. Rich –

        Had it not been for the mistreatment of immigrant labor (primarily Poles) at the Chicago meat markets (which inspired Upton Sinclair’s book ‘The Jungle’) (1906?), the meat packing industry would have likely poisoned most of North America. Just so, the ilk who call for the extreme measures against the big-game hunter who killed the lion in Africa are really no better than those meat packer magnates. They are out to destroy SOMETHING because it does not identify with their trendy ideas of their whoredom and effeminized manhood. They’re all WHORES and FAGS.

      5. To think I started to respect you… Why would you use this ‘pollack’ KRAUT ethnic slur so much?

        and no, they weren’t from different social strata, working class immigrants and second or third generation pollacks and krauts, all.

        and what’s kosovo got to do with it? am i the one going off-topic?

        your compatriots were yelling This is Serbia in Sarajevo, Bosnia.
        And i am talking sarajevo, bosnia and i absolutely forbid you to take cheap potshots in this regard.

        come, count the graveyards, never mind the graves.
        will you blame the krauts?
        dozens of graveyards, thousands upon thousands fresh new “nishans”, white posts, all over the city.
        every public building bearing names of workers or alumni who died between 1992 and 1995, over 90% of names islamic sounding ones, eg, “alipashic” or “izetbegovic” or “ibrahimovic”, not too many christian ones, whether croat or serb.
        these are the so called facts, in case you are wondering,
        fact (făkt)

        1. Knowledge or information based on real occurrences: an account based on fact; a blur of fact and fancy.
        a. Something demonstrated to exist or known to have existed: Genetic engineering is now a fact. That Chaucer was a real person is an undisputed fact.
        b. A real occurrence; an event: had to prove the facts of the case.

        as for my personal account, i see what you are angling at, so go ahead, call me a liar.
        c’mon, don’t hide behind mealy mouthed phrases like

        Your portrayal of Poles in America is very biased and frankly, after all we cannot be sure if this isn’t just your FANTASMAGORIES.

        as for starting flame wars, shall we go back to links to posts with their timestamps?
        no problem, except you will probably say they too are fantasmagories.

        speaking of which, is it coincidence that all of poland’s neighbors are deemed guilty of bad behavior towards poland, germany, czechoslovakia, ukraine but poland is always in the moral right, simon pure?
        yeah, just the facts.

      6. Don`t forget Lobro, Magnus Dux Polonorum is the one who recently expressed his desire that yet more atrocities be heaped upon the Germans.. At least your accounts are factual, personal experiences, and not hate-filled rumours gleaned from “friendly” sources..

      7. @LOBRO

        Preciesely where IN THIS THREAD did I supposedly use the word ‘ kraut’ (quotations don’t count obviously)?

        “your compatriots were yelling This is Serbia in Sarajevo, Bosnia.”
        Whatever, as said before, you can’t expect much from hooligans, whatever their ethnicity. However showing sympathy for Serbians is absolutely admirable, given the horrors they’ve been through thanks to USA/NATO and your beloved CIA-sponsored muslim albanians and bosniaks. Just click the link I provided to see for yourself, what your beloved muslims did to Serbians. Here’s for your crystal clear “poor” bosniaks and albanians:

        “as for starting flame wars, shall we go back to links to posts with their timestamps?” — that would only be waste of time, but if you insist, I dare you.

        “speaking of which, is it coincidence that all of poland’s neighbors are deemed guilty of bad behavior towards poland, germany, czechoslovakia, ukraine but poland is always in the moral right, simon pure?”

        Of course not. “Bad behaviour” (if extermination of 3 million civilans by Germany can be called that) of the said countries is a historical fact. I guess in your world, “if facts contradict your theory, the worse for the facts!”. Interwar Poland, as nearly any authoritarian regime at the time, certainly had episodes of bad behaviour, especially towards Ukrainians or Belarussians, but never murdered them. The regimes policies calculated at attempting to Polonize western Ukrainians and Belarussians might have contributed to the Volhynian massacre, but it certainly does not justify this horrid genocide. I would certainly applaud acts like assasination of MoP minister Pieracki, but torturing to death ~200.000 of ordinary farmers, peasants, their own neighbors who suffered under the authoritarian regime equally bad, cannot be justified. But again, don’t change the subject. You’re diverting the readers’ attention off the topic.

        “and no, they weren’t from different social strata, working class immigrants and second or third generation pollacks and krauts, all”
        judging from your description of their behaviour and/or their jobs/sparetime activities you’re comparing low-income workers (possibly newcommers) with wealthy middle-class. Thats BS.

        For God’s sakes, in your lips even a Nazi alcoholic is a positive person. Should he be a “Pollack” you certainly wouldn’t deem him a nice fellow. Can’t you see how biased you actually are?

      8. Preciesely where IN THIS THREAD did I supposedly use the word ‘ kraut’ (quotations don’t count obviously)?

        so you thought using jew-like legalese could wiggle you out of this one, didn’t you.
        “IN THIS THREAD”
        gives away your game, because when i am on the hunt, i keep my eyes peeled for nuances.
        i can demolish your pro-serb, anti-bosniak hasbara in no time but won’t even bother, because i can go after you directly because you have a heavy agenda here, so let me reveal it for the readers’ perusal.
        because when someone is using dishonest means in one argument, why reset the lost trust in another thread?

        so, here we go,
        Dux said on 2nd of July:

        Fuck the krauts, the pitifully unproportional (in minus) response of the Allied forces wasn’t even a fraction of what they had really deserved.

        R.I.P. all the tens of millions of kraut victims murdered all across Europe.

        this is what ingrid referred to in a short post.
        so, on July 2, you said “fuck the krauts, i wish many more were incinerated alive in Dresden-like firebombing” and today you are all ho-polloi civil like, aren’t you, very considerate of others.

        oh, but no fair, we are restricted to just this one thread, nothing else counts.

        well, it does with me, you see.
        i have been posting with darkmoon from its inception and i have been friends with lasha and her sister as well as ruth bernstein and homer (hp) for close to ten years if our time at xymphora counts.
        and there are others like salman hosein and siljan who comment infrequently but if what i am saying is untrue, let any of them step forward.
        why do i say that?

        because i challenge anybody to roll back hundreds upon hundreds of my comments in that decade to find any inconsistency and self-contradictions in me and my statements.

        yes, sometimes i will openly admit to shifting my view as new evidence is uncovered, eg, at one time i had my doubts about putin, now laid to rest, as i also have room for doubt about stalin’s true legacy, simply on account of so much contradictory material, much of it untrustworthy out there.

        and yet you have temerity to come barging in here out of nowhere and accuse me of selling Fantasmagoria – but just IN THIS THREAD, right?

        as far as i am concerned, it will take time and cross-checking every bit of “fact” you bring here before your credibility is restored.

        as far as i am concerned, you are free to hate germans, you are free to say “Fuck Germans, I want them all killed and all their women raped”, it is part of the freedom package, help yourself to all the hate you want.
        But be a man about it, state it once and don’t run hiding in the next thread or another blog, claiming to be all nice and impartial, because sure as shooting, you ain’t.

        be consistent because not all of us are imbeciles, if i don’t jump on your case right off the bat, it doesn’t mean that it is water under the bridge, i take note and save it for when needed.

      9. How jewish of you to typically turn things upside down. Ok, let’s break it down bit by bit.

        Fact 1. In this particular thread it is YOU who started calling names (i.e. ethnic slur “pollacks”). This is significat because, I thought we were OK after our ‘reconcilation’ in another topic. But here you go again, unprovoked, out of the blue, staring another flame war.

        Fact 2. “i can demolish your pro-serb, anti-bosniak hasbara” – blabla. All the anti-Serb mumbo-jumbo is so typical of jewified Western mainstream media that it doesn’t really need a word of comment. It is as heavily pushed as holohoax. Have see clicked the links I provided? Do you know what was behind “Srebrenica”? Why Milosevic got Justizmord-et in Hague and before that never really allowed an actual defense? In fact, one’s anti-Serbian stance on the War in Yugoslavia is even more so a lithmus-test than the holohoax to decet a jew or a jewified hasbarite.

        Fact. 3. „”so, here we go, Dux said on 2nd of July:
        Fuck the krauts, the pitifully unproportional (in minus) response of the Allied forces wasn’t even a fraction of what they had really deserved. R.I.P. all the tens of millions of kraut victims murdered all across Europe.”

        Yes, to which I REPLIED AND YOU OMITTED TO QUOTE IT: ” :

        “ >>To call for the rape of any woman (or man) is utterly despicable<<

        I think it’s quite clear I wrote this in anger, after your colleagues notoriously denied the Germans murdered 3 million of my kinsmen."

        Plus tons of other explanatory comments in the "Seismic event" thread, e.g.:

        Why don't you quote this for a fair judgement, smartass? You call me a liar but you are yourself as false as it can possibly get.

      10. by the way, i have nothing against the polish, the fact that i knew a drinking, brawling and whoring bunch doesn’t condemn them in my eyes, other nationalities that i know and like, like the irish, croats, romanians and portuguese are like that.
        i had friends my age in that neighborhood and to a man they referred to themselves as “pollacks”, so big deal about that artificial outrage.
        how do you say “pole” in polish, i am quite sure it sounds like “pollack”.

        and whatever the case, i don’t even particularly dislike serbs, just the generations of repeated atrocities committed in their name and they mostly fall for their own hype, lies and propaganda.
        but not all, i know some here in sarajevo who hunkered down with their muslim neighbors thru the carnage and are liked and respected to this day.
        the biggest hero of sarajevo defense is a serb, general divjak and he lives in the town and is venerated as such.
        likewise, even in rabid nationalist croatia, the hero of vukvar is also a serb, some name like mile dedakic and his name graces grafitti on all the walls in dalmatia, “long live mile dedakic”, etc.

        but i also recall (correct me if wrong) that you asserted that the tale of 6 million holocaust is true and that surely gets my hackles raised – the most humungous lie in the history of the planet and you will parrot it just to support your insensate hatred of germans.
        whatever else you say, your credibility stands or falls on that alone.

        now, i am not 100% sure that you did make that assertion, if not, very sorry, all the apologies you want because i certainly know that avatar had said that on numerous occasions and i have crossed him out of my attention forever – to me, he is a jew who sings kol nidre in his synagogue come every yom kippur.

      11. @ Lobro

        re your fracas with Magnus Dux Pollonorum

        Allow me to tell you what I think…I believe I have the “bigger picture.”

        1. Magnus Dux Pollonorum (henceforth “MDP”), like Alexander M and the late “Circassian”, belongs in the Pro-Stalin camp. You yourself have made the colossal mistake of backing this mass murderer and refusing to confront the facts under your very nose: that Stalin’s regime was a JEWISH regime through and through and that Stalin presided over the genocide of 66 million Russians and the attempt to eradicate Christianity in the Soviet Union and establish Communistic atheism.

        Stalin wasn’t a Jew himself, but he was the ultimate shabbat goy and helped to promote the agenda of Marx and Lenin, both of them Jews. You have been misled by the fact that Stalin in later life bumped off a few Jews and may himself have been killed by Jews (“the Doctors’ Plot”) into thinking that Stalin was an “anti-Semite”. Hence he has won your support. The point is, Stalin was NEVER a real anti-Semite. Most of his ministers and advisors were Jews. His mistresses were Jewesses. He bumped off only Jews who got in his way, above all supporters of the Jew TROTSKY whom he hated implacably. In short, Stalin did not hate Jews; he only hated TROTSKYITE Jews who were a thorn in his flesh.

        In still clinging to your dreadful delusion that Stalin was a good guy, you are in a sense putting yourself into the same camp as MDP. You are BOTH BATTING FOR STALIN. Can’t you see that?

        2. You have my full support in your argument with MDP. I’ve known you long enough to be able to vouch for your complete sincerity. MDP’s hatred and contempt for the Germans is obvious. He calls them “Krauts” in exactly the same way as Alexander M does, and he has gone on record as wishing for their total extermination. This puts him into the same category as the Jew Theodore Kaufman, author of the notorious book, “Germany Must Perish!”:!

        3. MDP shares Kaufman’s hatred of ALL Germans and would like to see EVERY SINGLE GERMAN DESTROYED. The inference is obvious. Can you not see it? MDP is a POLISH JEW. If he isn’t a Jew, he is a remarkable good imitation of a Jew! His implacable animosity toward the Germans as a race is a JEWISH characteristic, is it not?

        4. There is a strong PRO-STALIN movement in Russia right now. This is coming from Jews. Why? Because Stalin’s regime was a JEWISH REGIME, so vindicating Stalin is part and parcel of the aims of international Jewry. MDP is not batting for Stalin because Stalin was a good guy. He is batting for Stalin because Stalin was a tool of international Jewry and did the Jews’ work for them. Never forget that Stalin’s biggest buddy was the mass killer Lazar Kaganovich, a Jew. They were as thick as thieves right to the end, and Stalin was even rumored to have married Lazar’s daughter (Rosa Kaganovich).

        5. All these guys batting so fiercely for Stalin are in fact batting for the Jews and atheistical Communism. In flirting with Stalin idolatry yourself, you are in fact doing something remarkably risky and misguided. Without knowing it, you are aligning yourself with the aims of international Jewry.

        6. Can you understand now why I attacked and abused you in a previous post? It was because I felt you had betrayed everything you formerly stood for. By defending Stalin and his legacy, you had jumped into bed with the Jews.

        Please read this post carefully and do not misunderstand me. I believe absolutely in your sincerity and high intelligence, but in giving your support to the mass-murdering psychopath Stalin, genocider of 66 million innocent Russians, destroyer of Christian churches, chief torturer for the bloodthirsty cheka, filler up of the grim gulags all staffed and run by Jews, you have gone woefully astray! :)

        BTW, all my views are shared my Lasha. I know her well and these are her views too. She has read a lot about Stalin and has arrived at the firm conclusion that anyone who praises Stalin is either a Jew or profoundly ignorant of 20th-century Russian history.

        Trust Solzhenitsyn if you cannot trust Lasha. Solzhenitsyn had no illusions about Stalin. He himself says that the Stalin regime killed 66 million innocent Russians. He had a vast knowledge of Russian history. He knew from personal experience in the gulags that the Stalin regime was a JEWISH REGIME. Check this out:

        Ruth Bernstein
        (non-Jew writing under Jewish name)

      12. ok, so i am looking at the serb mouthpiece to which you linked by way of putting together your case against bosniaks.

        what we have here is serbs saying that serbs are not guilty of anything, that they are victims.
        what a surprise!
        just like jews saying that jews are the world’s finest nation, not guilty of anything and have been heavily victimized in a bunch of 6-million holocausts since at least the beginning of 20th century.
        another surprise! more facts that we weren’t aware of.
        and then you come along, a dux polonorum no less to tell us what a lovely, brilliant nation poles were, never guilty of anything, on the contrary, always in the right, however victimized, whether slaughtered by germans and ukrainians (“200,000 tortured to death”, did i just invent that phrase), absolutely correct not to cede a 97% german dantzig to germans while also absolutely correct to forcibly grab a predominantly polish tashen region from the czechs.
        always right, right or wrong,y eah, we get he picture.

        so on to your serb propaganda link
        we have a good start in

        Introduction by Nathan Pearlstein

        now i don’t know this Nathan Pearlstein but assume that you do and will take it on your word that he is a real upright, trustworthy and honest witness.
        especially when he uses the word islamofascist in just about every sentence, like (excerpt)

        when they turn the world upside down by demonizing the victims of a massacre in order to prop up the Islamofascist perpetrators, thereby creating new independent Islamist states for the Islamofascists (as the US, NATO and EU are doing right now in Kosovo on behalf of the Islamofascist terrorist group: the KLA)

        or do we prefer this one, just as lovely example of your style of debating, from the same link whose veracity you obviously vouch for:

        Why are the Serbs – WHOM APART FROM THE JEWS WERE THE MAJOR VICTIMS OF THE HOLOCAUST DURING WORLD WAR 2 – being cast as the perpetrators of genocide while the real perpetrators of genocide – the Islamofascists loyal to Alija Izetbegovic – are being cast by the corporate media, the US, NATO and EU governments as “the victims”?

        Aha … so here we go.
        Duxie, would you agree that Serbs are the major victims of Holocaust apart from Jews, ie, ahead of Pollacks, oops, Poles?
        please enlighten us, this is such a fabulous link you gave us, very valuable indeed, worth a deeper look.
        would you agree that this link also says something about your own mindset?

        and at this point, i still haven’t put together any arguments in favor of bosniaks (or islamofascists as you and Pearlstein like to call them) and against poor, majorly holocausted serbs.

        come to think of it, why should i, when your own case buries you past the eyeballs.

      13. ok ruth, thanks for post.

        i cannot gainsay anything you said because i still feel that much by way of solid facts and unasailable evidence is missing.
        this history is maybe the murkiest ever.
        the murkiest history in history.

        so, at risk of being made into pat’s dart board, i must declare myself a fence sitter.
        as much as i value and trust your and lasha’s opinion as well as solzhenitsyn’s – in no particular order of preference, that kollontai interview throws me off completely, especially given that it was published before the war.
        something in there really smells of a ripe jew, especially considering how eager they are all of a sudden to turn against him and he was their main hero when he joined battle with hitler.

        do you see my dilemma?
        not that you’ll ever catch me burning incense before stalin’s bust and praying for his safe passage thru hades.

      14. Lobro –

        ” dartboard risk..” < 2% when at the mercy of story tellers' rumors….. and guesses. 😉

  23. Luca K wrote:
    „Another similarity is how WWII was started through the use of the Poles, the useful idiots then, just as the Ukrainians r the useful idiots now”.

    You’re utterly wrong, there is no similarity whatsoever: as opposed to the neo-nazi junta from Kiev (btw – the ideological descendants of the Stepan Bandera’s “Ukrainian Insurgent Army” who tortured to death up to 200.000 Poles in Volhynian massacre) which invaded Donbas and has been killing the civilian population there, pre-war Poland never invaded Third Reich, it was exactly the opposite.

    Every nation has a right to defend itself from an invasion. And so, suggesting that “Poles were useful idiots” to only defend themselves against what later on proved to be their planned regular extermination, is ABSOLUTELY MORALLY REPREHENSIBLE AND ABHORRENT.

    1. Well then, there you have it folks, if the TWO real dark dark black ali baba moon moozlums salman hosein and siljan remain silent, then we can be rest assured lobro is the very font of honesty. End of that quandary in “our” sandshit sandyass twilight language quarry. In a quarry of never ending dredging up of snake shit droppings in the dry water-parched desert lands between the TWO rivers Sagiz and Habiru.

    2. i guess that does it.

      when an array of luminaries like Nathan Pearlstein and TROJlodite all start firing broadsides at me after having exposed me as an Islamofascist and Holocaust Denier, time for me to head for hills.

      I am sure everyone will agree that my chances are slim to none.

      1. The fortunate ones winter in Palm Beach and summer in Bar Harbour, the ones even more fortunate winter in South East Asia and summer in the Balkans. Perhaps lobro also has a place in Bedford Hills , so when he’s bored and suffering from ennui from South East Asia and the Balkans combined….. He’s headed to his place in Bedford Hills right now. Those of us in-the-know much prefer North Salem. Not Chappaqua, never that, the Clintons have a place there. Bedford is too close for comfort.

  24. MDP
    “Pre-War Poland never invaded the Third Reich.” True, but what about the the seizure of Teschen from the Czechs in 1938? That was the action of cowardly, jackal state like Mussolini’s declaration of war on France in June, 1940.

    1. 1) It’s hard to speak of “seizure” of a land, which is predominantly inhabited by your nationals. Cieszyn (Teschen) with its entire Zaolzie region, as well as upper Orava and upper Spisz (Zips) were nearly 100% Polish.
      The perfidious treacherous Czechs stole those lands from Poland during the Polands defensive war against the bolshevik invasion of 1919-1920, when the cowardly jackal state of Czechoslovakia backstabbed Poland in the middle of the war, during which Poland is said to have saved the whole of Europe against the bolshevik hordes, pretty much like She did save christian Europe from Ottoman Turks in 1683 during Battle of Vienna. That is why it was called afterwards the “Miracle over Vistula”.(
      Read this:
      (use Google Translate)

      2) This is totally irrelevant in the given context and looks like an attempt to shift the readers’ attention away from the point.

      1. “It’s hard to speak of “seizure” of land which is inhabited by your nationals.” It is indeed! Which is why I believe it is important to study the nuances of history prior to 1939. Jan Smuts stated to Lloyd George at the Versailles Conference after WW1 that Poland was an artificial state because they hadn’t fought for their independence, it was given them. He also said the same about the other states created by Versailles. (Please read, “The Truth About the Peace Treaties,” by David Lloyd George)
        Now, the Weimar Government and the Bolsheviks had a secret agreement whereby the Reichswehr could train secretly in Lipetsk and other locales in the USSR. Of course, Russian Officers, including Zhukov underwent staff training in Germany. Both states regarded an independent Poland as anathema and worked sedulously to undermine it, until Hitler came to power. He abrogated the agreement with Russia and signed a non-aggression treaty pact with Pilsudski in 1934. In fact in the 30’s relations between the two countries were cordial. Goering would even attend hunting parties with Polish Leaders. So Hitler from the available non-jewish and unbiased sources available to us was prepared to cut a deal with the Poles. Of course, he wanted a return of Danzig, which was 97% German and an extra-territorial corridor to East Prussia. Colonel Beck, the Polish leader would concede none of this. Why? Remember Teschen? Which I believe is now part of the Czech Republic. History also contradicts the assertion that Hitler wanted all former German territories returned to the Reich. He conceded South Tyrol, to Italy, which must have been very difficult for him being an Austrian.
        About “The Miracle on the Vistula”, although your link mentions it, it dismisses it as untrue. However my sources state that it was due to Stalin and Budenny that the Bolsheviks failed to take Warsaw. My sources, Alexander Werth, “Russia at War” and Paul Carell’s “Hitler Moves East” mention it as the source of the animus between Stalin and Tukachevsky and state that Stalin disobeyed orders from Tukachevsky. And this is why Stalin had Tukachevsky purged. Budenny remained a trusted drinking crony of Stalin, even after committing some appalling military blunders in the Ukraine at the outset of Barbarossa.
        Personally as an Irishman I regard the Polish trust in the British guarantee to Poland as crass, asinine stupidity. They should have accepted Hitler’s very reasonable offer. After all, look what happened during and after the war. During the war, it is rumoured that Churchill had Sikorski murdered by a plane crash and after the war they became a Soviet satellite. Now they are an American satellite. One last point to illustrate British perfidy and mendacity, Katyn! Even up until the 70’s the British government refused to recognise it as a Soviet, particularly Jewish, atrocity, even going so far as to boycott the unveiling of a memorial to the victims.
        Best regards, MDP

      2. Felix wrote:
        “Jan Smuts stated to Lloyd George at the Versailles Conference after WW1 that Poland was an artificial state because they hadn’t fought for their independence, it was given them”.

        – Hadn’t fought for their independence, eh? At best, the gentleman was an ignorant:

        The particular tragedy of Poles during WWI was that the country was partitioned between tsarist Russia, II Reich and Austro-Hungary. As you certainly know, the Eastern Front for the major part of the war, was situated within Poland’s (former) borders and so you had a Polish soldier in e.g. Russian army literally fighting against his brother in the German army etc.

        No other nation I believe had to endure this during WWI.

        “Now, the Weimar Government and the Bolsheviks had a secret agreement whereby the Reichswehr could train secretly in Lipetsk and other locales in the USSR”

        – it was called the Treaty of Rapallo:

        Interestingly enough, the document was signed by two Jews, Rathenau and Chicherin.

        “Both states regarded an independent Poland as anathema and worked sedulously to undermine it”

        – which ultimately resulted in the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact — so they eventually succeeded.

        “He abrogated the agreement with Russia and signed a non-aggression treaty pact with Pilsudski in 1934. In fact in the 30’s relations between the two countries were cordial”

        – only superficially. They were both authoritarian leaders (of socialist bent, at least declaratively) and so the moderate sympathy towards each other is understandable (reportedly there was even a Nazi delegation at Pilsudski’s funeral), however it was Pilsudski himself who proposed to the Western Allies the preemptive war against the III Reich, which at that point was growing ever more powerful, to prevent the full development of their war-machine.

        “Of course, he wanted a return of Danzig, which was 97% German and an extra-territorial corridor to East Prussia”

        – of course it was only declerative. We know from history, what happened to e.g. Czechoslovakia after the Czechs gave Hitler what he wanted – Sudetenland. The entire country was annexed against the will of Czechs and Slovaks, ulike ethnically German Austria who voted “yes” to annexation in the referendum. The german apetite was insatiable.

        The question “what would happened” if Poland agreed to Hitler’s proposal has long been a subject of a fervent historical debate, but generally speaking, consensus remains that Hitler’s appetite would not have been satisfied, had Poland given away Gdańsk and allowed for the corridor.

        “Remember Teschen? Which I believe is now part of the Czech Republic”

        – the town of Cieszyn is now divided between Czech Republic and Poland (the border being Olza river, hence the term “Zaolzie” – trans-Olza).

        “About “The Miracle on the Vistula”, although your link mentions it, it dismisses it as untrue”.

        – Yes, it’s more of a national myth of course (the assertion that the victory was due to Holy Virgin’s intervention), however the fact remains the weak Polish army (keep in mind the 2nd Polish Republic was only ~2 years old at the time! the military was terribly un-standardized due to 123 years of Partitions of Poland by 3 separate states, and so in each of the 3 parts of the country, you had different rifle calibres, different railroad width, different everything) managed to out-smart the Bolsheviks and eventually drove them back to whence they came. BTW, about Pilsudski, rumour has it that during the Battle of Warsaw, he was lying drunk and desperate in his mansion in Sulejowek – all the glory attributed to him by his regime’s propaganda afterwards really belongs to generals Rozwadowski and Sikorski (the Gibraltar airplane-crash one), the victory was due to their military genious.

        “Personally as an Irishman I regard the Polish trust in the British guarantee to Poland as crass, asinine stupidity”
        – back then Poland had rather minute experience with GB, so you can’t really expect from Beck’s diplomacy any awarness of how “Perfidious Albion” regarded their political promises and international agreements. Besides, it’s said that Beck and the regime in Warsaw were equally masonic as the jewified elites in the West. That would explain a lot.

        “Even up until the 70’s the British government refused to recognise it as a Soviet, particularly Jewish, atrocity”.
        – What can I say, Perfidious Albion yet again.

        Being Polish myself it sometimes bewilders me when I see some Irishman being totally Germanophile. Having a rich tradition of irredenta against the English themselves, I would expect our fellow Irish European brothers to understand us Poles as nobody else. The Irish know only too well what it is like to be under occupation by a malevolent invador and under it’s military pressure for centuries. The analogy Ireland/England—Poland/Germany is striking.

  25. MDP,
    Although I hold an Irish passport and was born there, my Father was German and Mother Irish with a strong Sinn Fein background. However, I left Ireland in 1961 and grew up in Australia and South Africa. I have been living in Asia for the last 42 years, mainly in Thailand. I must admit I wouldn’t like to live in any European or North American country. Ironically my parents fought on opposite sides during the War. My Mother was on anti-aircraft guns during the flying bomb raids. My Father was a paratrooper. And I had a South African uncle who fought in North Africa and Italy. He met Polish Troops there at Cassino. They of course were cruelly betrayed at the end of the war.
    One point I would like to make is that a small country fighting for freedom must develop a strong guerrilla tradition. Montgomery who had served in Ireland during their War of Independence was asked by Churchill on the possibility of occupying the country during World War 2, advised against it. In 1944 FDR wrote to De Valera, the Irish Leader, threatening to invade. De Valera didn’t reply for a month. When he did so he told FDR very politely to go to hell, not before mining the roads and bridges linking Northern Ireland to the South.
    I realise and understand Poland’s position. I believe you have a saying “If the Germans occupy us we lose our freedom, if the Russians occupy us we lose our soul!” Having said that, I am in fact a Russophile, a Sinophile, Indophile and of course a Thaiphile. A Caucasian with an Asiatic mind.

    1. Thanks for bestowing me with trust to actually share your private history. Respect for your Mom.
      As to this: “If the Germans occupy us we lose our freedom, if the Russians occupy us we lose our soul!” – this is the quotation from Poland’s Marshal at the time, Edward Rydz-Smigly. I don’t think it’s particularly popular among common people and certainly not a saying. But it is true that the situation of Poland has always been, particularly in the 20th century onwards, of the “between a rock and a hard place” kind, or, as we say it, “between a hammer and an anvil” – meaning of course Germany and Russia.

      BTW, concerning your Asian home, have you ever come across this guy 108Morris? He is similar to Henry Makow or Gilad Atzmon in being a “self-hating Jew” or an ex-Jew as he puts it. I don’t trust him entirely but he seems to offer quite reasonable analyses about various geopolitical topics. He is now living in Cambodia.

      1. @ MDP

        I am not impressed with Atzmon so I do not follow him since he appears to be still hung up with being jewish genetically.

        Morris is really no different than Makow and Brother Nathaniel. They were all raised jewish, but got over it by realizing that being jewish is not genetic, just a state of mind as “Save The Goyim” so well described in a past post. Each got to where they are by different roads. None of them, like everyone else, are totally correct about everything, but they all give good coverage to those things that appeal to them the most.

        Of the three, Makow, Morris, and Brother Nathaniel, Brother Nathaniel is the most out spoken about the jews and their tactics. Brother Nathaniel pulls no punches and doesn’t beat around the bush about the jews, but his drive is because he says that what he is doing is God’s calling as a Russian Orthodox Christian which has earned him death threats, numerous website hacks, etc.

        Makow has mellowed somewhat about the jews specifically, but that is because the Canadian jews have put government pressure on him to moderate his writings concerning jews or face losing his website and prosecution.

        Morris was apparently under similar pressure as Makow or he would not have moved from the UK to Cambodia to continue his work.

        People that have discovered the true nature of the jewish problem have a tendency to discredit someone for making an oops on any particular issue. I am as guilty as the next and have to remind myself that everyone has room for a different opinion without necessarily being in the enemy camp. To be human is to err as some wise person said in the past.

        Morris, Makow, and Brother Nathaniel are all worthy of listening to. Personally, I do not believe any of them are working for the jewish enemy. However, since God gave us all free will, we all get to decide as we see fit.

        Hopefully, this helps with your request.

      2. Yeah, I’m familiar with all of them + I would add Israel Shamir and (less so) Israel Shahak to the “good (ex-) Jews” list.
        I always try not to be biased, but sometimes, probably more so with Morris than others (e.g. of late, he’s been quite apologetic of ISIS), I cannot help being suspicious. Call me “real anti-Semite”, but that’s how it works for me. You’re probably right and they are true in what they do and declare, but still – I think they cannot really blame us for this moderate suspiciousness, given the reality of millenia of crypto-Jewish deception. It’s kinda of a collective responsibility issue I guess – they undeservedly pay for the wrongdoings of their compatriots.

        Best Regards

  26. G’day Pilgrims,

    Thanks Lasha for this exchange of correspondence and thanks to all positive contributors who made this such an excellent and informative dialogue.

    Thanks especially to Luca K, Peter, Lobro, Ungenius, Gian Franco Spotti, Carlos W. Porte, Justice For Chineser, Pat, Felix, Sardonicus, Gilbert Huntly, Teutonica, Dave Thatcher, Ingrid B, RED ONIONS and Russ,

    Peace and Blessings,


    John Scott Montecristo:

    Lasha Darkmoon is not Alexander M’s “Catholic black mistress” as you ridiculously claim. She is nominally a Catholic but she is certainly not the “black mistress” of her Russian correspondent Alexander M. You have never met or seen Lasha, so you know nothing about her.

    BTW, You could have seen for yourself what Lasha looked like — a stunningly attractive white Englishwoman in her mid-thirties with long, raven-black hair — if you had taken the trouble to accept her invitation to meet her for dinner and drinks at Claridges Hotel in London. This offer was made to you publically on this website a few months ago. You refused to turn up because you were obviously not the person you claimed to be. Why didn’t you turn up? Lasha was extremely disappointed that you failed to keep this appointment.

    Your full comment will be posted if you submit it under your own name — no sock puppets allowed! — and if you remove all abusive and defamatory references to Lasha Darkmoon. I would remind you that Lasha has never done you any harm. She is not responsible for rejecting your articles. You are welcome to submit these to other websites if you wish, as I have repeatedly stated. Understand that I am the sole decider of what gets published on this website. Lasha has no control over editorial policy. We would probably have published your article on Kolyma if it had been more carefully documented and made less use of anecdotal evidence.

    — John Scott Montecristo, Editor

  28. did ellie respond to my 1-word post (containing link to the history of ukry flag)?

    i have no problem with anecdotal stuff, the site is free to preclude it with another disclaimer disassociating itself with content, since darkmoon’s editorial policy is quite generous, provided ad hominem directed at lasha and administration is cut out as well as excessive vulgarity.

    i enjoy female emotionalism when coupled with sharp intellect and erudition, all of which ellie possesses in abundance, ie, she is smart, passionate, knowledgeable and her language is a pleasure to behold, even when foreign sounding – especially when foreign sounding.

    if she and lasha agree to a meeting to debate issues, i offer my services as impartial adjudicator since i think that both ladies developed a measure of trust in me.
    in 6 weeks i will get hold of ~50 cohibas siglo VI to steady the shakes due to witnessing such an encounter.

    where can i rent a flak jacket?

  29. @ Admin

    I’d love to read Ellie K’s *unrevised* comment. Why should she remove all abusive and defamatory statements from her comment? That’s not fair. It’s not cricket. You are inhibiting and suppressing her natural genius for vituperation. Since she oozes with hatred, shouldn’t she be allowed to give vent to her hatred as a safety valve?

    I personally would welcome more hate speech on this site. All this compulsory lovey-dovey stuff is getting on my nerves. Let’s have some more venom, okay?

    Ellie K reminds me of that marvelous insect the praying mantis. It bites its husband’s head off during sex. Damn good idea, if you ask me. It helps to cull the surplus male population.

    Ellie K, I’d love to meet you. I could introduce you to butterfly hunting . . . and lots of other nice things too! :)


  30. MB –

    “I personally would welcome more hate speech on this site.”

    You got it…!!

    I hate Pharisees..!! :(

  31. NOTE BY ADMIN (Toby):

    I have been asked by my niece Lasha Darkmoon to hunt for this deleted comment in our Trash Folder and release it for publication. I do so reluctantly, since the entire (3000-word) comment is a spiteful and defamatory attack on Lasha. It makes numerous false allegations against Lasha and is full of hysterical hatred. The woman who write this comment is in my opinion a Zionist troll with Israeli connections. She is definitely a psychiatric case and belongs in a loony bin.

    ELLIE K, writing as “Baroness Besançon-Fortuneé Lagarde”:

    To the Russian Don Juan, that thief of hearts, who needlessly offends our delicate eyes and strains our minds by quoting Serbian non-entities like Milovan Đilas, and to the witless, unloved, lonely and Jew-friendly Mme Lasha Darkmoon – remember her?: she is the one who refuses to die!

    Why is retirement called so?! I mean, personally I have found that, whenever I retire, I am busier than I was before I retired! And why precisely does this world of ours contain so many nothingses? Well, this last is a question, whose answer, were we to furnish it, would make more for a tragedy than enlightenment, and that regardless of the solemnity and learning with which it is attended.

    Listening attentively to these two loving correspondents, one purportedly an unhappy Russian, belonging, as he naturally does, to an utterly foreign, completely artificial, ghoulishly soulless, and unmistakeably Judaic religion known as Christianity, whilst the other very definitively a Tel Avivian-trained soul dominatrix, though herself a self-admitted and proud member of the same fanatic Philosophy-and-beauty-killing sect, having apparently engaged in a romantic, epistolary exchange of half-facts, pseudo facts, part-facts and common hearsay, and watch them come here to us, to the high-born us, both uninvited and both from a considerable distance apart from each other, both visibly alarmed at the opinion which the other has ejaculated, and attempt, almost criminally, to engross our stupendously intelligent and aristocratic minds, not to mention waste our precious time, now with charges, now with counter charges, which, were they even partly cognizant of the erroneousness of their claims, and the glaring infantilism of their minds, would instantaneously themselves refuse to make them known, and keep whatever passes for a thought to themselves, tell us how it may or it may not have been the evil Jews who had done the raping, borders on stupidity; and whilst stupidity and shame, when hidden and concealed, may still render us sociable and likeable, yet once they are discovered, as I have discovered these two modern-day Heloise and Abelard, no amount of dissimulation can save one; for if we are unimpressed with those whose mind is shallow and spirit dead, utterly disgusted are we with those who claim to know something but who, in fact, know little or nothing.

    I shall now proceed first with the… analysis of their respective claims, and after that, I shall cruelly dismember them, piece by bloody piece, a la Christianite, without the slightest feeling of pity and sorrow such as their soon-to-be condition will have rendered them, though not without telling them in the process how much we love them, in the true spirit of Christianity, and shall relegate these two gorgeous lovers to the dustbin of history – o-ho, how apt, eh!, since history is their very subject! – with the single and express hope that they never again appear before our fine eyes unless, like me, they actually have something to say.

    Herr Alexander first. Listen, you, you Christian Jew. Of all the crimes committed by the beastly man, no violation is more offensive, and no suffering is more great, than rape. The evil, evil Jews, (trademark pending), who elicit Cosmic disgust even when ten-thousand long years dead, are not only the self-confessed specialists in raping, – oh, how Jews raped your Orthodox nuns and sisters!; haven’t you heard of le double entendre Juive? – but they even relish in it! Your lover, Alexei, Mme Lasha Darkmoon, who, having been unceremoniously ditched by me, and who now presents an aspect most miserable, since apart from losing a friend she managed also to lose many thousands of crisp banknotes, must none the less here be vindicated, for she is right when she says that it was the evil Jews who were responsible for the mass rape of the Germans and hardly any one else. But you, Mister Alexei, instead of researching and detailing the rapes which the Devil’s sons and daughters committed against your own people in Russia, now kill us inwardly by denying and minimizing those committed against the Germans! The fact of the matter is, that whilst here and there some Russians were involved in violating the world’s most beautiful women, the Germans, the actual raping, the tearing, the spitting and, finally, the burning alive, was done by none other than the Jews – remember them, Aleksushka?; they are the ones from whom you wan Christian corpses expect salvation!

    In Dresden alone, where once upon a time we owned no less than twelve homes and four estates, The Jewish Brigade, enveloped magnificently in their English and American Military uniforms, raped nine-thousand-eight-hundred-and-fifty-four German women and girls, beating, spitting, pissing, shitting and burning them afterwards, some dead, some alive, deeds which were so unbelievably gross, that even the most demented fiction Writer, unless, of course, he were a Judaic Ilya Ehrenburg, would struggle to describe and record. Even before the Army Group Vistula was formed, Jews were busy raping, and though ten-hundred-thousand-trillion eyewitnesses had tried on more than one occasion to remark upon and record the deeds and effects of those exclusively Demono/Judaic, Satano/Toilet bestialities which took place in what is now known as the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, hardly anyone has so much as heard about them, let alone know that it was the evil Jews who had committed them! Berlin suffered the same fate, when the demonic Jewish Brigade would enter the what remained of their homes, usually at night, or when the American and British soldiers were looking the other way, and rape and kill as many German women as they could lay their hands on.

    When I attained my nineteenth year of life and laid my hands on the no doubt looted but none the less mine gorgeous inheritance, I made a trip to Konigsberg and spoke to many women German survivors of the war, or what was left of them anyway, and the accounts I recorded there would make even your Old Testament appear like a French romance in comparison! But why concern ourselves with Germany when raping wholesale was actually conducted in your own country, Russia, eh?!

    A long time ago, your co-religionist, the Catholic black mistress, known to all those who don’t really know her at all as Mme Lasha Darkmoon, was sent a brilliantly-worded, soul-destroying article which detailed those rapes against your women by the Jews. Oh, if only you knew what the evil Jews have done to your women, mine dear Alexei! If you knew what I know about your people, even the most demonic invention would be preferable to you than my accounts. Here is just a taste, before I move in and deal with my choice prey, your hot, sexy lover, Alexei, your black Catholic assassin, Mme Lasha Darkmoon, though I have elected to tell it to you in the form of a dialogue, because you, being Christian, and thus half Judaic, cannot possibly be open to a metaphysical understanding of what must surely have been a metaphysical crime, and thus must naturally be told stories, though this time true story, by way of images, like children, just like your neo-Judaic Bible has told you stories from the day you could understand them. And besides, this is exactly how it was. Listen.

    Krasnodar Krai, though not far from Moscow, was, in the time of the faeces-eating Judeo Bolshies a hundred-million leagues from any civilization, once bore the brunt of your evil Jewish brothers, whose Hebrew War Songs and piercing Judaic horns always announced to the inhabitants their horrible and terrifying destiny. Formerly known as Abinsky, and now as Abinsk, the Jews had chosen this town to level and this populace to rape and to terrorize, though never without first making certain, like all cowards do, that no men of fighting age and capability would be found there, since men tend to fight, and Jews and rapists tend to kill and rape.
    Having made their way ‘’victoriously’’ inside the town, like they make their way ‘‘victoriously’’ inside Gaza in our days, they came across a pretty Russian maiden, Bepa, (Vera), sixteen years of age, and intending to make her life hell before dispatching her, they stopped her in the middle of the street, all twenty-four of them, and, with knives visibly hanging from their belts, they snarled at her,

    ‘’Hey, you, from where you are?’’
    ‘’From here,’’ said the petrified girl.
    ‘’From here, eh’’ said one of the Jews, feigning surprise. ‘’What have you under your jacket?’’
    ‘’Why,’’ said the girl, ‘’the Bible.’’
    ‘’The Bible?!’’ asked the Jew, his retort sounding as if this was the first time in his life he had heard the name of that book mentioned.
    ‘’Yes,’’ said the girl, ‘’the New Testament.’’
    ‘’The Neeeeeeeeew? The Neeeeeeeeew?!’’, howled the Jew.
    ‘’Yes,’’ said the half-dead girl, ‘’the New.’’
    ‘’Why the New?’’, asked the Jew, ‘’why not the Old?’’
    ‘’Why,’’ answered the pretty girl, ‘’because we are Christian; ours is the New.’’

    So as to make certain that her visual impression of the Jews would not remain incomplete without the physical impression of their vile Judaic bodies against her Russian young and inoffensive one, four Satanic Jews – your spiritual elder brothers, Alexei – grabbed the girl – Jews like to grab, they never merely take – and forced her inside a barn, her gorgeous blonde hair and her peasant’s tin embroidery already in a mess, and so thoroughly raped her and so viciously beat her, that it was said to me that afterwards the girl couldn’t even end her life, the Jews having broken every single joint in her body, and thus disabling her from even moving her arms. Ultimately she was relieved of her distresses, as the Jews threw her down a well, though not before stamping their specialist and exclusive Judaic deed with their collective urinary discharge and faecal refuse. What is it with Jews and shit? I have never been able to determine this.

    Now, you Russians, you Christian Russians – may God damn the whole lot of you! – instead of entering every single maternity ward in Russia where Jewish Cosmic whores are ready to deliver to the world the next batch of inhuman demons so as to better terrorize the world, instead of entering such lifeless places and splitting in half with rusty axes everything Jewish that lives and breathes, including the unborn ones, you tell us, as many a modern Russian has told me, that it was only some Jews and not all who had been responsible for the Bolshies’ evil crimes, and that far from being evil, the vast majority of Jews are actually good only they are misunderstood. Many dumb, cattle, animalic Russians have even told me that there is actually no need to harbour such inhuman thoughts against the Jews, since Christ Jesus sees everything, and that ultimately he will punish them by – wait for it – making them Christian!

    Are you dog, Alexei? You are, aren’t you? Dog you! You know, before I actually learned the true story of the Jews and Russia, I used literally to weep each and every time I would read and sometimes even merely think about the sad fate that befell the Cathedral of the Saviour and ten-thousand-million other such edifices; how they were stripped of their gold and artwork and rendered naked; how they were desecrated and offended; and finally, how they were blown to pieces. Now, knowing that your Jesus Christ is as likely to save your from Jewish rape as is a Sabattean Jew from death, I have nothing but absolute contempt for all those Russians like you who, instead of saying openly that it was the Jews who raped, it was the Jews who maimed, it was the Jews who burned alive, say that it was an insignificant minority of Zionistic zealots who had done what ought not to have even been imagined, and that far from turning totally Nationalistic and put blood before not just faith but before everything, you have instead turned, en masse, towards that very religion which not only owes everything to the Jews, but, more than that, you still profoundly revere that bearded Jewish magician who did as much to help you in the hour of need as he always has done for the better part of two millennia for countless millions innocents, whose only offence in this life was not to have been Christian! Oh, I forgot! The wise Lobro, the pametan, jak, hrabar, verodostojan, i religiozan Lobro – znamo mi njega, sve znamo: tko pita, taj sazna! – he it is who told me that Jesus can only save a soul provided the searcher looks for him from a special angle. A-ha, yes, Lobrushka, it’s all about the angle, isn’t it?! Tell that to the dead of Kolyma!
    Jews raped in Germany, Jews raped in Russia, Jews rape in Palestine, Jews rape in America – in fact, Jews are the world biggest rapists, and this is a fact. So much for you, Alexei, and now I shall say a few words about your lover, Mme Lasha Darkmoon.

    To the uninitiated, she is a sterling goddess: her diamond-schwartz hair more flowing and blinding than the coruscating braids of Clytemnestra. When she speaks, others listen; when she claims, others believe. But just as trust soon produces intimacy, and intimacy in turn soon produces openness, if there is one thing which I have been able to learn when a long time ago I was open with her, is the fact that she is a spiritual slave, wedded inseparably to her Jews, which are known as Christians, as a dog is wedded to his lead. Having contrived, with the aid of the resident lizard, John Scott Montecristo, to fool the semi-moronic apes who frequent this site, she always assumes a castigating tone when speaking about the Jews, but not once yet have I heard her tell them about the Catholic machinations which, seeing that Russia and Germany are the subjects, helped bring to ruin those two beautiful nations.

    Having effaced all traces of affection for her such as formerly I had in abundance, this Lasha Darkmoon, Alexei, your lover, not mine, now cuts a comical figure, and resembles in my mind one of those Moliere comedians, whose lines and stage appearance are forcibly cut short by the backstage manager for having uttered what ought not to have been uttered or for having not uttered what ought to have been uttered. Eleven-hundred Catholic priests, and bishops, and archbishops facilitated the sale of the looted Russian gold and crucifixes, first through Armand Hammer, and then through the hands of Olof Aschberg. It was under the watchful eyes of the Jesuits that Czar Nicholas II and his family were kept prisoner for refusing to submit to the Pope’s temporal power. And the Trans-Siberian Railroads, on which the Judeo Bolshies depended heavily, all they were kept safe and running by the Catholics, and yet, what have we from your lover, Lasha, Alexei, about this? Rien! Nothing! Not a peep!

    Her religion, Catholic Christianity, whose sole aim in life, as proved by History, is to turn all beautiful and philosophic minds into rude, barbaric, and uncultivated savages, hates the truth; and whatever truths she and her likes may perhaps have obtained by now, such as the fact that her Jesus never lifted a finger to save the throats of at least the Russian children from the clutches of the evil Jews, is quickly counterpoised by the most absurd notion that, if only Russia had been Catholic, a better and different fate will she have met. People often say that without the Jews there would have been no Russian Revolution, but this, quite frankly, is not at all the case: Jews were no more responsible for BRINGING ABOUT the Russian Revolution than a jailer is responsible for jailing a rapist! The Judge does that! It was her Jesuits, working in concert principally with the Anglo-American establishment that brought the Christian Russia to her knees. Remember now, yes? Bolshies took over Poland, too, and Hungary, and yet how many Catholic churches were burned to the ground there? Three! Hah! Three! Perhaps Lasha is right! And the Regiments of Jesuits, ostensibly there to help the Russians in 1919 – Freemasons and Catholics always use opposite language when conveying messages – what did they do? They stuffed their evil heads inside young Russian pudendas, that’s what! Catholics like to fuck, and afterwards to convert! And far beyond the city walls of Moscow and Kiev, in the vast spaces of Russia, where neither latitude nor longitude, nor meridian nor horizon are long enough to reach and pinpoint a village, how did they fare? Read about the unwritten histories of Novi Lokatui and Kasovo, and you will see. I have a library with a hundred-thousand-million books: there is nothing under the sun which once was that I don’t know, Alexei, Lashka – oh, how lovely their names sound when pronounced together!

    The fact is that, Lasha will never learn the truth until she comes squarely face to face with the evil crimes which her Religion, Christianity, was and continues to be responsible for; and that you, Alexei, have committed the same mistake as I once did in falling for her invisible charms, just proves to show the alluring beauty of mystery, something which, incidentally, Christianity is thickly enveloped in. Perhaps when one day your lovely Lasha saves enough money from donations she will deign to visit Kolyma, and see for herself the Latin inscriptions which some evil Jesuits carved in the rocks nearby; they wrote them in Latin, and I understood everything. But I doubt it, as her glaring poverty appears to be not a thing of the pocket but of the soul, and such a poverty as that can never be enriched, not even by me, and I am painfully rich, for once you entrust a Religion with your soul, it is as good as dead. Perhaps I am right, Alexei; perhaps it is not money that your sexy but treacherous lover, Lasha, needs but a soul, as I have always found her somewhat soulless. How truthfully I speak. No one says it like me!

    Evil Jews.

    Baroness Besançon-Fortuneé Lagarde
    [aka Ellie K, aka Madame “Rothschild”]

  32. ‘EK-Ellie-Elka etc..????” –
    Your connections to your ” GOOD Israeli friend” is showing, by your attacks on Lasha.

    You were correct last year… and still this year, when you stated..
    “…no serious reader will give it full attention, and deservedly so,..”

    Ellie Katsnelson
    July 8, 2014 at 10:13 am

    Good evening,

    A good Israeli friend of mine, possessed of robust powers of intellect, recently suggested to me that I should occupy my time in writing a little imaginary piece about the dark clouds of terror that may soon descend upon America, an idea which, I must admit, I found slightly complicated; for, knowing intimately the poverty of my powers of composition, I have always thought myself ill-equipped for the task of writing, and so, to be asked to exert myself to such extreme productions, productions which, as I said, is way beyond what my paltry talents would ever permit, and thus without the slightest hope of ever satisfying those whom I shall soon condemn to read, I, at first, and not without a little relief, declined, gently, only my friend’s unmistakeable and not exactly unforceful imputation of pusillanimity on my part ultimately caused him to prevail and the poor little Ellie me to succumb, hence my involuntary decision to satisfy his strange request, knowing full well and well in advance that – no serious reader will give it full attention, – and deservedly so, – since, after all, what does not satisfy the writer, cannot possibly hope to satisfy the reader.

  33. I think Lasha is SPOT-ON in her interest in what Ellie has to say!
    (THIS ‘semi-moronic ape’ just LERVES to read her essays – never mind the topic!)

  34. hyperbole aside, such as

    I have a library with a hundred-thousand-million books

    or quite needless berating of lasha, such as

    belonging, as he naturally does, to an utterly foreign, completely artificial, ghoulishly soulless, and unmistakeably Judaic religion known as Christianity

    this is a pretty good post (i think the translator you used was serbian though, kinda sounded that way).
    from what little i know, milovan djilas was a serb chauvinist who advocated and defended the mass slaughter of traitorously and forcibly repatriated croatians after ww2 from austrian pow camp, where maybe 150,000 were murdered in a properly balkanoid, primitive peasant bloodfest (my maternal grandfather and uncle were among the victims).
    said djilas: “croatia must die in order for yugoslavia to live”.
    but irrelevant for this thread.
    good post, i say.

    i have one, single question, ellie (and note that, however gullible you may take me for on account of my “faith”, which i never really enunciated, certainly never in public, i also take you at your word, you are who you claim you are, good enough for me, despite all kinds of little subterfuges that are the lot of every woman).

    Where are the Latin (Jesuit?) inscriptions on the rocks near Kolyma, so that maybe one day I can go ascertain their existence?

    this is my question.

    btw, far be it from me to try and convert you or anyone or even know to what and to what end to convert you.
    i ain’t no proselytizer, what’s mine is mine only and not to be shared, unlike millions of crisp banknotes, you are welcome to stick to your faith and i to mine, no hard feeluns’.

  35. @ lobro

    In regard to Ellie’s abusive and defamatory comment about me, and sundry other matters, I had no hand in deleting it. I am not the monitor. I will ask if the comment can be rescued from “Trash” and published.

    I agree with Madame Butterfly that hate speech should not be suppressed.

  36. lash, by no means do i advocate publishing material abusive of you.
    i’d prefer that the monitors keep the lid on it.

    maybe the notion of “abuse” needs clearing up though, because it is not a well defined term, kind of like anti-semitism, which jews interpret as anything they don’t like, whereupon the fbi, the state department and attorney general watchdogs spring snarling into actionwith extreme prejudice.

    i would say that anything that is defamatory in a personal way and is unprovable needs to be squelched, eg, that you are a mossad infiltrator or an ugly, lesbian bitch, etc, etc.
    mere disagreements about a topic at hand, however heated, shouldn’t be considered abuse.

    in the end, it probably doesn’t matter much, if i don’t find out about kolyma gulag horrors, at least i can console myself with technicolor visions of some baroness of buxom haven, especially when she goes “ooh, ohh” :-)

  37. @ TROJ

    I’ve no idea why Ruth has taken a Jewish name, so you must ask her that. I see no reason why she shouldn’t take a Jewish name as a joke, given that so many Jews hide behind gentile names. Also, she is honest enough to admit she isn’t really a Jew. So what is the problem? You can hardly accuse her of dishonesty.

  38. Unless you think she’s a Jewess pretending to be a shiksa who has adopted a Jewish name for reasons unknown. :)

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