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Political Information Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

White Genocide: How Europe is being Destroyed by the Jews
By Tobias Langdon & Lasha Darkmoon with comments by Ron
Jun 9, 2016 - 2:21:01 AM

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White Genocide: How Europe is being Destroyed by the Jews

By Tobias Langdon

An edited abridgement of a recent article on the Occidental Observer,
with an endnote by Lasha Darkmoon on the Jewish control of Europe.


Martin Luther King had a dream. So did Europe’s compassionate and caring Jewish community. After the Second World War, they thought that importing millions of Muslims would give them staunch allies against the White Christians who had persecuted them so unfairly for so long. With Muslim help, they hoped to bring about Eurocide: the death of White Christian Europe and its replacement by a rainbow continent firmly under Jewish control.

This dream of a progressive alliance was still alive in 1995, when the radical Franco-Jewish director Matthieu Kassovitz released a searing indictment of France’s racism and xenophobia.

According to an article in the Guardian:

The film was called La Haine (“Hatred”) and was the story of three young men in one of the wretched housing projects outside Paris, commonly referred to as la banlieue. The three lads were a north African, a black guy and an eastern European Jew/ … They were cheeky, funny and likable — a gang of what the French call “branleurs”, which is literally translated as “wankers” but really means young guys who mess about. The core of the story was, however, that they were also full of rage — against the police, but ultimately against a society that has pushed them to the margins. Much of the film’s comedy as well as its social comment comes from the gang’s misadventures in central Paris, a world as distant and alien to them as America.


The plot of La Haine is relatively simple, centering on the fact that Vinz, the angry young Jew, has got hold of a gun stolen from the police. He threatens to use it against them if his mate Abdel dies from his injuries after being held in police custody. When Abdel does die, Vinz’s moment for revenge comes when he has the chance to kill a neo-Nazi skinhead. He backs away, however, and finally hands the gun over to Hubert, the black boxer who is the most philosophical of the gang and totally against violence. The film ends with Vinz being accidentally shot dead by a policeman, who is taunting him with a gun. The shocking and powerful final scene is a standoff between Hubert and cop pointing guns at each other; the scene is framed by the traumatised face of Saïd, the north African member of the trio, and a voiceover saying that this is the “story of a society falling apart”.

— La Haine 20 years on: what has changed?
The Guardian
, 3rd May 2015

So that was Kassovitz’s idea of a coalition of the oppressed: a sensitive Arab, a pacifist Black and a merciful Jew portrayed as allies. Like his vibrant homies, the Jew was living on the margins of society, struggling to survive police brutality and White racism. Even in 1995 that was an absurd scenario, but it was how Kassovitz wanted to portray French society. It was “falling apart” and les Gaulois — “the Gauls,” the native French — were to blame.

La Haine proved very popular with liberals around the world.

After all, it showed them what they wanted to see: that “cheeky, funny and likeable” minority youths in France were being cruelly oppressed by racist Whites. The film didn’t, of course, explore the epidemic of gang-rape in the banlieues, because that would have shown the minority scamps in the wrong light. As the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown affairs in America also prove, liberals don’t like to complicate their morality tales with anything so sordid as reality.

Unfortunately, reality can intrude on liberals despite their best efforts.

La Haine has been exposed by time as a fantasy: in 2016, it’s obvious that “the hate” of Arabs and Blacks in France is directed firmly against Jews, whom they rightly see as the most powerful group in the French elite.

But Jews are still able to exploit Muslims and their misbehaviour for their own advantage.

Anti-White activists like Moshe Kantor, head of the European Jewish Congress, use Muslim terrorism to demand more surveillance and less free speech. The philosemite Mark Steyn writes constantly about Muslim attacks on Jews in Europe and portrays Jews as innocent victims gagged by Europe’s harsh laws against “hate-speech.” But he never discusses the central role of Jews both in creating those laws and in opening Europe’s borders to the Muslim World.

—  §  —

We see the same pattern in Britain as in France: Jews dreamed of a progressive alliance with Muslims against White Christian goyim, only to see their dreams cruelly shattered. The Jewish activist Jonathan Freedland described one shocking example in 2005, after he attended a memorial for a tragedy in the Second World War:

On March 27 1945 one of the last V2 rockets of the war landed on Hughes Mansions, a block of low-cost housing in London’s East End. Among the 134 people killed, 120 were Jews. Last Sunday [10 April 2005], survivors of the blast and relatives of those killed came back to Hughes Mansions for a memorial service. I was there along with much of my family, including my mother. Her own mother, Feige, and aunt Rivvy were among those killed 60 years ago. It took a full day to find them in the rubble.

People were choked with emotion from the start; they had come back to the spot where they had seen brothers, sisters, parents and friends die. They were expecting to feel sorrow. What they did not bargain for was fear. Within minutes, the mourners were pelted, first with vegetables, then with eggs. Some said they saw stones; others said they had been spat at. Gathered in old age to remember their dead, they felt under siege.

Looking around, it was difficult to spot individual culprits. All that were visible were groups of young Asian [i.e. Bangladeshi] men, standing on the balconies of the rebuilt block. Among the dignitaries at the service was the local MP, Oona King. When she spoke, she attacked the “ignorance” of the assailants and insisted that their real target was her. … Most of those there thought it much more straightforward. They believed this was an attack by Muslims on Jews. After all, the men wore skullcaps, the prayers were in Hebrew. There was no doubt who they were.

Pre-war Jews, like today’s East End Muslims, also lived in unforgiving poverty. They too were herded into the cramped streets of East London as the first stop for new immigrants. They too were reviled as outsiders, branded as parasites on the indigenous society. And they too were feared as a potential fifth column, suspected adherents of a violent, supranational ideology. The “Jewish menace” was said to be first anarchism and then Bolshevism. Today’s “Muslim peril” is jihadism. This is what grieved some of those mourners most. As they huddled together in fear, one spoke for all when she said: “This is so wrong. We should be on the same side.” [Ron: Yabba, yabba, Kol Nidrei yabba.].

—  Reviled as outsidersThe Guardian, 16th April 2005)

The “same side” is, of course, the side opposing the White Christian goyim.

Freedland claims that Jews and Muslims should be natural allies, because both have bitter experience of poverty and oppression. But it hasn’t worked out like that, and in 2016 civil war is raging in the Labour party between the pro-Jewish faction and the pro-Muslim faction. There is no pro-White faction in Labour, because it long ago abandoned the people it was founded to protect. Now it works to harm the interests of the White working-class, not to defend them.

The Conservative party contains no pro-White faction either: it is run by Jews for the benefit of Jews. The top of the party is dominated by strongly identified Jews like Lord Feldman and Robert Halfon, who have kept Britain’s borders firmly open to the Third World while legislating for gay marriagemass surveillance and censorship. Unlike Labour, where Muslims have increasing autonomy, the Tories ensure that their Muslims are certified kosher. Sajid Javid, the business secretary, and Tariq Ahmed, “Minister for Countering Extremism,” are both former bankers. They have repeatedly demonstrated their loyalty to Jewish interests, which is why they remain in office.

But Sayeeda Warsi, formerly co-chairman of the Tories with Lord Feldman, has long since departed. The problem wasn’t her mediocrity or her hostility to White Britain, but her attempts to agitate for Muslim interests rather than Jewish. She was replaced as co-chairman by the Jew Grant Shapps; and when Shapps was sidelined after a financial scandal, Robert Halfon moved up the hierarchy to replace him.

Jewish control of the Tories is complete, which is why I trust neither side in the campaign over the EU Referendum being held on 23rd June this year. Lord Feldman and the part-Jewish David Cameron, representing the Tory establishment, want Britain to remain in the European Union; alleged Tory rebels like the part-Jewish Boris Johnson and the neocon Michael Gove want Britain to leave. It’s clear that neither side has the interests of the White British at heart, but Brexit—Britain leaving the EU—would nevertheless be an important symbolic step towards breaking the European Union as a tool of the hostile elite.

Mass immigration by Muslims and other Third-Worlders was meant to destroy White nationalism and bring about Eurocide. As we can see from the rise of nationalist parties everywhere from France and Sweden to Hungary and Germany, it’s having the opposite effect.

The hostile elite are not benevolent, but they’re not omnipotent either. Although they could suppress rebellion in a single nation, they will find it ever more difficult to suppress rebellion across an entire continent.

Their dreams of the death of Europe will, I think, turn out to be grossly optimistic.

An  Endnote by Lasha Darkmoon

On the Jewish Control of Europe

For the benefit of our American readers, allow me to clarify and explain a few simple issues that will enable outsiders to see this whole British and European situation in context.

Britain, like the United States, is completely under Jewish control and can be regarded as America’s 51st state. There are American troops and military installations in Britain right now that the native Brits, even if they were so minded, would be unable to evict. Telling the Americans to “get out” would be unthinkable. They are now permanent guests here whose presence we must endure with patience and forbearance, pretending it’s for our good. The same situation applies even more forcibly in Germany, another Judeo-American colony in all but name.

In Britain, the Conservative party is the equivalent of America’s Republican party and represents the interests of the wealthy upper classes, while doing its best to give the impression that it entertains a robust affection for the the working man. The Labour party (or the Socialists) supposedly represent the interests of the proletariat and is the equivalent of America’s Democratic party. As in America, both parties are firmly under Jewish control, just as the mass media, the judiciary, the armed forces and academia also are. The Bank of England is equivalent to America’s Federal Reserve and makes no decision without first consulting its American oracles, i.e., the elite Jews who perch at the top of the financial pyramid where Lord Rothschild and his mighty minions sit enthroned in theocratic splendor.


Finally, the European Union—scheduled soon to become the “United States of Europe”—is also, as you might have guessed, completely under Jewish control. There is not a single powerful institution throughout the length and breadth of Europe that does not have some scheming Jew in the background, whispering his “advice” or jerking the puppet strings of his compliant marionettes. [LD]

131 thoughts on “White Genocide: How Europe is being Destroyed by the Jews

  1. The jew readily admits he is not white and this is one kind of leverage to be used against him.
    Namely, the other races, African and Asian ones, the Muslims, should understand clearly that all their hatred of Aryans is misdirected because of the Jew wearing the European mask, sitting grandly in the House of Lords and throwing satanist parties attended by shabbos and shiksas, kalergi prize winners, femen, pussy riot, whores all, where Jews mingle and play at being white because it momentarily suits them.
    Then there are others, like Pamela Geller, who pretends to make common cause with dimwitted white knuckledraggers, in the end indoctrinating them into loving the Jew and hating their own kind, like Breivik and Ukrainian skinheads.

    It should be clear that Jew is not White and his own testimony should dispel the notion.

    1. Yes Lobro.

      While I was in London I remember some acquaintances of mine going to an EDL rally. I knew they were British National Party (BNP) supporters and told them that the EDL is a Zionist created and supported organization that has no love whatsoever of the indigenous class. They even have American rabbis there spewing their hatred against Muslims. I also told them that Griffin (previous leader of the BNP), unlike the then Tindall of the National Front, is a lover of Zionism and Israel whereas Tindall spoke out specifically against the Jews and Zionism. Their real enemy, as I told them, were not Muslims, although Islamic immigration, as with all immigration, needs to be controlled, but the Jews and always have been. They looked at me as though I was mad. I didn’t really push the conversation.

    1. @ Gilroy Kelly

      God bless the Queen! She’s right. Britain would no longer be worth living in if it remains part of Jewlandia, aka the United States of Europe. Europe is a Jew shop, controlled by unelected officials with inks to Jewry.

      1. God bless the Queen? Why? She has presided over the death of the Empire and the likely ruination of England and the English people through cruel and unnecessary wars and unbridled immigration, all without a peep of protest.
        OK, OK, we’re all sinners. But those are some whoppers. She could of at least spoke out. I would possibly give her a dollar if she was begging on the street, if she asked forgiveness for her complicity.

      2. Quite SW,

        The Queen ratified every European Treaty to give control of Britain to Brussels, finishing off with Lisbon. This, therefore made her commit treason on numerous occasions. In doing so, she broke many of her pledges to the British people at her coronation.

      3. Babeth and the Brexit, she says the exact opposite than Cameron, maybe she didn’t get Obama memorandum, or doesn’t like his rude manner.

        to give control of Britain to Brussels

        The illusion of control, England still control his currency and is not part of Schengen, using France and Europe as a regulator for the flow of migrants, England is only part of EU for the good thing, fiscal heaven, free trade…since the time of Thatcher Give me my money back, and it’s very convenient as always to blame the continent.

        That being said i would enjoy a Brexit. Dieu sauve la reine, Come back to Hanover Babeth, Philip is a loubavitcher.

      4. What “God” do you suppose would bless her, Sardonicus? Are you Brits really this bamboozled?

  2. But many Joos have bred with (or raped) higher Whites and nowadays LOOK WHITE without Jooish features. It is time to use Celto-Saxon or Caucasian/European or preferably Cimmerian/Scythian/ Saki/Phoenician (actually true Adamic-Hebrew-Israelites as we in Christian Identity have worked out through the masses of Jooish deception).

  3. “Mass immigration by Muslims and other Third-Worlders was meant to destroy White nationalism and bring about Eurocide. As we can see from the rise of nationalist parties everywhere from France and Sweden to Hungary and Germany, it’s having the opposite effect.”

    They never learn do they, the Jews? Regardless how history has played out, they still fail to learn from it. Today I read that three men have been arrested for a string of sexual assaults on women at the Schlossgrabenfest music festival in Darmstadt Germany. All are economic migrants asylum seekers from Pakistan. This is going to create even more anger for immigrants. I think we may also start seeing some assassinations of politicians as well, as people will clearly see they’re working against the interests of the indigenous European peoples.

    The only problem here is that as the hatred for immigrants increases, the Jew media will continue to hide the truth from the public, as they tried to with the Cologne New Year’s Eve assaults. Until the non Jews, take back the msm from the Jews, along with academia, the rise in nationalist parties may continue, but the ignorance to Jews will continue.

  4. Lasha and the American contingent,

    Lasha has explained the situation here in the UK with Conservative and Labour (Tories & Socialists). However, what I will add is Labour is having some problems at the moment, within the ranks.
    Firstly, the election of a pro Palestine leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has the Jews is a bit of a fluster. So much so that they are doing their best to get rid of him. Secondly, Labour have started suspending and expelling anyone who is speaking out against Israel, Zionism, Jews and Jewry. They even suspended the former London mayor, Ken Livingstone, for correctly stating that Hitler was supporting Zionism, that is he was trying to remove Jews from Germany to Israel. Paul Eisen the Jewish holocaust revisionist sang Corbyn’s praises along with Gilad Atzmon, when they found out he would be running for leader, but Eisen found himself on Corbyn’s bad side, when the media read Eisen’s praises on his blog (now closed after all the hooha) and Atzmon has now distanced himself, with what’s currently going on and his support for ‘British’ Jewry and Israel. And just the other day Jackie Walker, a senior figure in the pro-Corbyn activist group Momentum, has brought another ‘anti semitism’ problem within the Labour party, this time for correctly stating that “Jews were the chief financiers of the slave trade” in a facebook post.
    So as to what the article has stated, the above proves that Labour is far more concerned with the treatment of Jews, some 350,000 people in a population of over 65 million non Jews.

    It seem to me that lots of people are now waking up to Jews and Jewry. How l they can keep the wool over the eyes of the UK goyim, is beyond me, but regardless if they do or they don’t, current immigration into the UK will see the native population a minority by the third quarter of this century, so either way, the Jews will have succeeded in their agenda. For example, what I see is that although there are groups starting up, concerned about immigration and Islamization, they are overwhelmingly filled by people with multiracial and multicultural views of how the UK should be. These groups will never advocate repatriation, something that must be done to stop the inevitable minority indigenous plan of the Jew. [Ron: Lenin said that the best way to control the opposition IS TO LEAD IT!].

    1. Beautifully put, Harbinger. Everything you say about the situation in Britain is spot-on. All this simply serves to reinforce Lasha’s main point that voting for either of these two parties is a complete waste of time since both are absolutely under the control of Jewry. It is sad to reflect that Ken Livingstone was ostracized and demonized for stating the blindingly obvious truth: that it served Hitler’s purpose to give the Zionists what they wanted, a new home in Palestine. Hitler’s attitude was: “If you Jews want to leave Germany and settle somewhere else, that’s just great. Good riddance!” So Hitler and the German Jews had a common purpose: to relocate the Jews elsewhere.

      1. Toby,

        Although I’m not a fan of Ken Livingstone, to ostracise an individual, for telling the truth, shows how far that society has moved into authoritarianism. Remember Orwell? “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”. I think what this shows is the Jews are beginning to get somewhat ‘concerned’ at people finding out the truth about history. It may just lead them to understand what Jews and Jewry are all about.

  5. Totally off topic, but an interesting dilemma. Like most posters here I’m against the influx of immigrants/refugees into white countries; everyone needs a room (country) of their own. Since moving to a small town I’ve become aware of the tendency of the ‘folk’ to take economic advantage of the fact that demand overrules supply. My veterinarian bills are very high, much higher than they were in the city which is a 30 minute drive, so for the convenience I pay. A new veterinary office opened here, only a 10 minute walk from my property and the doctors are Dr. Quaddafi and Dr. Khan and their prices are much lower. Are they better qualified? I don’t know, and unless a life threatening emergency arises I’ll likely never know. Any input would be appreciated and I apologize for being off topic.

    1. Karen,

      It appears that one, out of a growing comeback of the seven, deadly, sins, is making a comeback – greed. There’s really no need for professionals to charge such high prices, but then they’ll put it down to student loan costs and of course, cost of products. It shows first and foremost a complete disregard for community. It’s somewhat ironic but when I was a young lad, I used to sit with the family and watch the BBC drama All Creatures Great and Small based on the books by James Herriot. They were most certainly part of the community, all living in the same house as well as knowing everyone in the village. The 70’s seem like 100 years ago…..
      But as to your question, should you change? Well, I know you’re against the influx of immigrants, but you’re also against the cost of your vet bills. Look at it this way, you can’t stop immigration, but you can stop the current cost of your vet by changing to another one. If they are good vets then use them. What I don’t do is drink in pubs, eat in restaurants, or employ tradesmen, that charge far too much.

    2. @ Karen

      I don’t think your question is in any way “off-topic”. If it is, so what? It’s a good question and needs an answer.

      This is what I would say to you. Firstly, it is clear from what you write that you would feel easier in your conscience if you could continue with your old veterinary practice in the city which is run by white Canadian vets rather than the much cheaper foreign vets who live much closer to you. I would advise you, as a FIRST choice, to do your best to continue to patronize your old vets in the city IF YOU CAN AFFORD THE EXTRA COSTS. I have two reasons for suggesting this:

      (1) This is what you would normally do if you were a wealthier woman and money was no object. (2) You are paying extra in the city because the overheads in the city are higher, but at least you know for certain that your dogs are receiving a competent and high-class service — you know this from experience — whereas you can never be sure that your dogs will get the same high-quality treatment from these two immigrant vets. I mean, have you checked out their qualifications? You may be paying much less, but the standard of treatment could be far lower and actually do damage to your dogs.

      On the other hand, if you decided you had no choice but to take your dogs to this local dog surgery run by these foreigners, I would advise you to do so with an easy conscience and regard it as a pragmatic decision. What matters here above all is that your dogs should get proper treatment, and if these foreign vets can actually deliver the goods and give you a high-quality service, I don’t think you have any need to reproach yourself or feel guilty about it.

      I have lived in Canada myself (many years ago) and have had surgical treatment in a Toronto hospital. Once I had an Indian surgeon, once a Chinese surgeon. I could hardly say, “Sorry, I insist on a White surgeon! I don’t want these foreigners messing around with me!” As it happened, both those foreign surgeons did a damn good job and I have reason to feel grateful to them!

      If you lived in Britain, Karen, and needed surgical treatment, the chances are very high that you would end up with an Indian or Pakistani or East Asian surgeon. This being the case, I don’t think you need to worry too much about taking your dogs to Asian vets. All you need to concern yourself with is the practical question: are they good vets? Will they give me good value for money?

    1. Did they ever find a low-cost veterinarian to put Karen down? You know, there’s plenty of chinks around, veterinarians or not, who would put Karen down for free you know. The chinks just LERV the taste of dog meat. And also, if you can’t find any chinks around, the muzlims, veterinarians or not, also would put Karen down for free, they muzlims just lerv to wage jihad against dogs and throw their dead killed dog corpses in the gutter. [At least the chinks are smart enough to make good use of the dogs they slaughter, but that’s another story. TOO long and TOO OFF TOPIC to go into detail about, lol. ]

      Breaking News, Very Sad Breaking News Breaking News SAD!!! Disappointing NEWS!!!

      The Hindoo-Buddhist Top Man The Dalai Lamai just said there’s way TOO many sand dune raghead muzlims in Europe. He doesn’t think Europe should let in any more muzlims, in fact, he thinks a lot of muzlims should leave Europe and go back to their muzlim countries. What does HINDOO Darkmoon have to say about The Top Man The High Priest of Peace, LUV, and Understanding Tolerant Hindooism-Buddhism getting feds up with your pet muzlims in Europe? Sad news, yes? I guess The Dalai Lamai is NOT a Shark Glenn, Boor, Lasha-woebro, MachtNichts, Salman fan. Looks like that could be the case. And that’s Disappointing, 🙂 .

      1. Joe, I don’t understand why someone hasn’t already put you down, or do you only spew while hiding behind a key board? An inoffensive grovelling little man in the real world you save up your suppressed vitriol to vomit it out in cyberspace.

      2. Re TheRealOriginalJoe

        @ Pat

        “Karen — Don’t mind Joe….’Woody Allen of Darkmoon.’

        Hmm…I’m not so sure about the Woody Allen comparison, but I reckon you could be right about this guy being a permanent resident of the Chattahoochee Mental Hospital. 🙂

        Let me just assure you guys that Joe is by far the most prolific poster on this site. His daily output is equal to the total daily output of at least TEN of our busiest posters put together. Only a small fraction of his comments can be posted. Roughly 90% of his posts have to be deleted. This does not deter him from tapping away at his keyboard from early morning to late at night.

        The only reason we continue to post his comments is because LD is interested in abnormal psychology of the padded cell variety.

        I copy and paste random comments written by this loonyy in the last few days. The have all piled up in spam. This will give you an idea how far gone he is. He inhabits a mental universe of his own.


        Go fuck yourselves with your Holocaust “revisionism”. It’s not the questioning that’s the problem, it’s the sheer preponderance, sheer number, the total flooding of the Alt media with the never ending “Holocaust” drama we just simply must focus on as if it’s the very central drama of the whole Cosmos….

        The point is : The jews want us to think about them, the jews, every second of our lives. It drains us of our psychic energy. Even if you don’t buy the jew mainstream “narrative” concerning the “Holocaust” focusing on it and thinking about it all the time drains one of psychic energy. That’s why Darkmoon owned by a jew kabbalah worshiper ALWAYS focus on the “Holocaust”, to drain us of our psychic energy. Being drained of psychic energy makes it much more difficult to actually do anything to change the Status Quo for the better. But Lasha and her Darkmmon actors fully well know all the above already. Videre Licet. The word “Darkmoon” is code-word for the jew’s Kabbalah. That’s A FACT. Look it up….

        I have come to the conclusion the Holocaust Revisionists, most of them, if not the majority of them, are two-faced phonies….

        But jew cabala cunt Lasha with rag on her jew snake head , Lasha on the rag, and her acting troupe comprised of nothing but yet more jew cunts on the rag know it already, you all sure do know what you’re doing. So do I. Videre Licet jew cunts on the rag.


        hey karen, why don’t you go dye your hair blue or something considering you have nothing else tu du. Isn’t that what girl “god is dead” existentialists du, dye your hair blue? Your roots are showing, honey.


        *WARNING SIGNAL* , lobro —> If it has BLUE hair, lobro, it’s a joo. Stay away, if you know what’s good for you. Should be easy to spot, unless you’re TOO drunk to notice THE BLUE Hair-Du, drinking all the time with your takfiri muzlim buddies over there in the Balkans on top of some mountain in a small Mohammedan village with lots of moozlum mosques all around.


        Hey Pat, how do you say “Cold, Hard, Objective, Empirical Science” in chink-talk? Please do be kind enough to remember to translate next time you morph into your jujuice for chinks persona, “thx”.

        The pressing issue for Pat right now is passing Logic 101. He’s sweating the final exam. That’s palpable,  Yes, he has a lot of work to do, if he wants to pass the final.


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        My question is : Is Salman a nigger jew from Ethiopia, or a nigger jew from Chechar Province Algeria? Oh yeah, I got another question tuu : Is Pat’s South of The Mason-Dixon hydra-head Gilbert a nigger jew from Alabama, or a nigger jew from New Orleans? I bet Uncle is a nigger jew from Chicago originally, now residing in Emerick’s Austin. Or maybe Uncle is a nigger jew from Texas originally and now works in the nigger jew shithole where so many of emerick’s acting troupe members live and work and breathe, nigger jew jew nigger University of Chicongo.

        Nobody, though, seems to know exactly from what sewer the nigger jew Lasha came scurrying out of, rat cunt that she is. But we do know her whittle baby boy woebro brought forth from lasha’s said vermin cunt twat is a nigger jew from the Balkans, originally from somewhere in North Africa, probably with a good dose of marrano de “espanol” dna, is my bet. What’s your bet, Pat? Place your bet right here, Pat! Pat, Come on Up and place your bet!!

        Catholic” Lasha named her website in religious code word to the satanic jew Kabbalah, “Darkmoon” is code word for the jew’s satanic Kabbalah. That’s a FACT, and it’s not open to debate, as it’s an Established FACT. Naming a website in reverent honor to the jew’s satanic Kabbalah is NOT a Catholic thing, NOT really, Of course, Lasha knows it’s NOT really a Catholic thing to do. So Lasha is either a jew, or a a non jew who loves and worships the jew’s satanic Kabbalah. If she’s a NON jew, then in Spirit she’s a jew, because she worships the jew’s satanic Kabbalah.[ but she is a jew , and that’s another FACT].


        My question is : Is Salman a nigger jew from Ethiopia, or a nigger jew from Chechar Province Algeria? Oh yeah, I got another question tuu : Is Pat’s South of The Mason-Dixon hydra-head Gilbert a nigger jew from Alabama, or a nigger jew from New Orleans? I bet Uncle is a nigger jew from Chicago originally, now residing in Emerick’s Austin. Or maybe Uncle is a nigger jew from Texas originally and now works in the nigger jew shithole where so many of emerick’s acting troupe members live and work and breathe, nigger jew jew nigger University of Chicongo.

        Nobody, though, seems to know exactly from what sewer the nigger jew Lasha came scurrying out of, rat cunt that she is. But we do know her whittle baby boy woebro brought forth from lasha’s said vermin cunt twat is a nigger jew from the Balkans, originally from somewhere in North Africa, probably with a good dose of marrano de “espanol” dna, is my bet. What’s your bet, Pat? Place your bet right here, Pat! Pat, Come on Up and place your bet!!

        Catholic” Lasha named her website in religious code word to the satanic jew Kabbalah, “Darkmoon” is code word for the jew’s satanic Kabbalah. That’s a FACT, and it’s not open to debate, as it’s an Established FACT. Naming a website in reverent honor to the jew’s satanic Kabbalah is NOT a Catholic thing, NOT really, Of course, Lasha knows it’s NOT really a Catholic thing to do. So Lasha is either a jew, or a a non jew who loves and worships the jew’s satanic Kabbalah. If she’s a NON jew, then in Spirit she’s a jew, because she worships the jew’s satanic Kabbalah.[ but she is a jew , and that’s another FACT].

        As jew Lasha is a jew Kabbalah worshipper, and jew Kabbalah worshippers HATE HATE HATE Catholicism, especially PRE VATICAN TWO Catholicism, then why does the worshiper of the jew kabbalah jew Lasha call herself a “Catholic” ? As it’s real obvious she’s NOT a “Catholic” at all. NOT in the least bit is Lasha a Catholic. A TOTAL LIE. And it’s a LIE which brings everything about Darkmoon under deep questioning, for it’s an ontological foundational LIE Lasha tells.

        That’s why I ALWAYS deeply question everything about Darmoon and every thing I hear here. Of course that refers to all of Lasha’s acting troupe members, and you’re ALL members of jew Lasha’s jew Kabbalah acting troupe, that’s for sure, so that’s why I deeply question everything everyone here at DM says.

        Don’t like it I question DM so deeply? Don’t blame me for it, blame Lasha, she’s the one who lies so egregiously about herself. If she had never lied, is she had never very mendaciously labeled herself a “Catholic” I wouldn’t be questioning ALL you DM’ers so deeply.

        Lots more I could quote, but that’s enough for now.

      3. I have this marvelous book, High Weirdness by Mail, compiled by the righteous Ivan Stang, founder of The Church Of The Subgenius, whose savior is Bob. Published in 88′ it was a precursor to the internet, publishing the rants of shunned ROJs’ who now have a voice from facebook to twitter to Darkmoon, and why not, it is/was/pretends to be a free world.

      4. Great stuff, Toby as long as sampled in moderation.
        My suggestion: one serving every week or every couple of weeks, in this format.
        Toss the rest into a heliocentric orbit.

        hard to choose the funniest line … what would this site be without TROJ

        (hey, and I love you too, Ellie, whoever you are and i would very much appreciate if you came clean on that Avi – Dr green warp, it kind of affects my thinking … just come clean, say whatever is the truth and don’t worry about consequences, I will always honor that … sample (worst case scenario 😉 ):

        I am a Jewess in Bar Kochkba, Israel, occupying a troll cubicle to feed my 6 screaming brats because my useless haredi boyfriend refuses to do a stitch of work. But having said that, I am truly sorry for my predicament and I will quit my job and run away to Woebro’s Balkan mountain shepherd hut if he promises not to abuse me violently and I will teach him Kabbalah secrets to ward off pulsa di nura curses that TROJ is beaming from Okefenokee swamp clinic and also teach him secrets of proper spelling and punctuation, <3 <3 xoxoxo (or whatever secret signs chicks use when happyhappy)

        Seriously, Ellie, deal with that issue like a man, I will defend you as far as I can.

  6. Yours is a very relevant question.
    Dr. Quaddafi and Dr. Khan are economic migrants. Most likely decent people.
    But that is not the point. How many Quaddafi’s and Khan’s must we welcome into our countries, we who once prized ‘zero population increase’? How many Quaddafi’s and Khan’s can we accept in our lands until the culture inevitably changes, until church bells no longer ring and women must go veiled? How many Quaddafi’s and Khan’s until whites are a minority population, despised, disenfranchised, and exploited?
    Think that can’t happen? Think again.
    Switch vets if at all possible.

  7. Harbinger,

    Thank you for that post, very enlightening.

    Do you not think that repatriation is ‘playing into’ the hands of the players? I could imagine it would lead to civil war/violence.

    Also, I am strongly pro-europe (not pro EU).
    I mean Europe as an actual idea, a thing, a culture and so on. The task for us is to create a new christian ideal that would help us overcome the directionless narcissistic nihilism of todays youth
    of which I am a part of. I believe that we must rebuild from ‘within’, and then we can begin to approach the ‘without’. At least then, anything violent is done with what I’d call authentic spirit and wholeness.

    The european for me has become weak.
    Not only is it hard to find the mirror on which to reflect correctly, as along the path to it, there are many deceivers, opportunists and so on. Then once we finally reach the mirror, we have to clean it properly and be prepared to look deeply into it.
    When I looked into my mirror, I connected to my landscape, my environment both natural and man-made, I felt a deep sense of material belonging to it all, and then saw clearly how there is a conscious effort to destroy these values we have.

    1. Lifestream,

      “Do you not think that repatriation is ‘playing into’ the hands of the players? I could imagine it would lead to civil war/violence.”

      If you look at a recent article of Lasha’s, you’ll become aware a certain individual, by the name of Count Richard von Coudenhove Kalergi. His plans for Europe is the Jewish plan for Europe. In a nutshell, he wanted to flood Europe with non Europeans in order to destroy the white peoples and their ancestral homelands. Therefore the very plan of the elites is exactly the opposite to what you profess. If you repatriate 98% of non Europeans from the UK and Europe, you utterly destroy the genocidal plans of the elite.

      Here’s the rub, you are correct that there would most certainly be violence, now that is. Had this happened pre WW1, there would have been none. The people of the UK were nationalists. They would have had the common sense to see that flooding a country with millions of immigrants is playing Russian Roulette with indigenous survival, using a Beretta semi automatic!

      Powell stated that “We must be mad, literally mad, as a nation to be permitting the annual inflow of some 50,000 dependants, who are for the most part the material of the future growth of the immigrant-descended population.” How many are we letting in now annually – some 330,000 that we know of?

      The incredibly brainwashed youth, those from the 70’s generation and after, none moreso than the recent crop of ‘millennials’ would fight tooth and nail to keep the immigrants in for they haven’t the common sense to see that in doing so they are very much promoting the plan of the powers that be. If your indigenous population is having on average 1.5 children procreation rate, compared to immigrants’ 4/5+, your population is dying each generation, courtesy of being below the needed 2.0 to sustain a population. On the contrary, the non indigenous population is growing. It is this very reason that feminism and the LGBT agenda was created – to drastically reduce the procreation rate of the indigenous, thereby allowing the elites to bring in immigrants, to pay for the pensions, when really to bring about the indigenous’ destruction.

      I have never been a member of any political party, well tell a lie, I was once a libertarian, but have moved further right into anarcho-nationalism, but the BNP failed because they correctly foresaw the danger of immigration and in their manifesto had a repatriation policy.

      One does not define one’s nationality courtesy of being born within a land. The definition as to Black’s law dictionary is as follows:

      “A people, or aggregation of men, existing in the form of an organized jural society, inhabiting a distinct portion of the earth, speaking the same language, using the same customs, possessing historic continuity, and distinguished from other like groups by their racial origin and characteristics, and generally, but not necessarily, living under the same government and sovereignty.”

      My point being is a simple one Lifestream in that we have this insanity of non indigenous, being born within the UK, being classified, not just as British, but as indigenous also in defining themselves as English, Scottish, Northern Irish and Welsh. What these people fail to see and worse, the indigenous who support their insane views, is that if anyone, from any race and culture, can become of another race and culture, then it effectively destroys that race and culture, in this case nation also and makes it utterly a defunct concept.
      Look at it this way, if you had a football team from England, all black, who were first and second generation Nigerian, playing against a Nigerian football team, how on earth can one say this is England playing Nigeria, when it’s Nigeria playing Nigerians, who happen to live in the UK?

      Lastly, I suggest reading a book by Christopher Booker and Richard North called The Great Deception: Can the European Union Survive?. we have always traded and been close to our European neighbours. We are very much a part of Europe in culture and ancestry, however, what we are is an individual nation. The elites/Jews want a world government and they cannot have it unless they have the European Union, followed by the North American Union, African Union, Asian Union etc etc. By having this, they have central governments within all of these unions, who then all merge into one when they bring in world government. It’s the necessary progression for total control. It is exactly the same route as banking.

      The European is weak. They’ve been collectively indoctrinated and brainwashed over the last 60+ years to hate themselves, their culture and their nation and to feel guilty for the failures of cultures, peoples and nations, far inferior to themselves. People would state that I am being supremacist here, when in reality I’m simply being honest and truthful. Were Africa the birthplace of civilization and humanity, then why has it never risen to the occasion and created the greatest civilization known to man? Why is it that a group of peoples in Europe, have done so? Our success is not only due to innovation, but to the failures of other peoples to step up to the occasion and drag themselves out of failed societies.

      1. Excellent, Harbinger. Thank you.

        I totally agree with the football thing, and so does every one of my friends and family who watch mainly european nations play each other… first as tragedy then as farce!

        You make a brilliant point about the failures of other civilizations failing, thus the strongest rises.

  8. Another silent killer in Europe…. and worldwide… more so in USA.

    Urine of every single member of the European Parliament tested found to be heavily contaminated with glyphosate weed killer (RoundUp)

    (NaturalNews) In a bid to show the public that there is no reason to be concerned about exposure to popular herbicide glyphosate – produced by Big Agri Giant Monsanto – Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) volunteered to take a urine test to see if glyphosate was in their systems. As reported by Reader Supported News, 48 MEPs from 13 different European Union countries participated in the test to see if they had been exposed to the cancer-linked weedkiller – and now the results are in.

    According to the test results from the accredited Biocheck Laboratory in Germany, “all participants excreted glyphosate by urine.” That’s right – every single one.

  9. Sutherland the big fat jew boy leading us down the road to destruction……no voices, only crickets. …

  10. Tobias Langdon has been pushing for the “Muslim terrorism” myth for quite a while now – its obvious that Charlie Hebdo, the Paris attacks, Boston, Brussels, and infinity other “terrorism” incidents weren’t done by any Muslims but black op units from Israel and their local Jewish/Shabbos Goyim assets in Organized Crime. He should know that by now but he still peddles those lies. Why Toby? Will that attract the low-IQ cattle from the white trash brigade to join the cause? It will implicate the jews as being conniving devils which are trying to kill two birds with one stone through false flag terror. It is actually persecuting innocent Muslims who really have nothing to do with terrorism of any sort. Of course, some Muslims like myself agree with assaulting and killing those who blaspheme and disrespect the Prophet Muhammad. But that doesn’t mean the Charlie Hebdo incident is even real. It’s all staged. ALL OF IT.

    1. It’s all staged. ALL OF IT

      Well worth not just remembering but carrying in the frontal lobes at all times.

      Jew wants to stage our entire life and consciousness, how we experience the world.
      ALL OF IT. (and the stupider we are, the easier his job, greatly simplified with every drop in ability to think freely)

      1. Ya. The Entire Western World is a Puppet Show. You are lucky to get outta that prison called Canada. I ran away to my freedom at age 25. I just lost the financial freedom I once had. And the ability to get laid with women of my type mainly due to cultural incompatibilities with the locals.

  11. I have never met a Muslim in my life who believes that “suicide bombings” can be used against innocent civilians to defend Islam. Not even during war time. The Charlie Hebdo cartoonists were NOT innocent – our laws are superior to your laws – plain and simple. Of course Muslims didn’t “kill” them. But they should be charged in a Muslim country with blasphemy laws or taken out in real life – which in this case didn’t happen at all.

    I wonder how Tobias spews crap on the Occidental Observer.

  12. I agree with killing those who insult Prophet Muhammad. If someone insults your mom by calling her a whore – even if she is literally a hooker – won’t that result in their head getting bashed in? If it’s said to the wrong person – they will get their head bashed in for sure. Same thing with defaming and attacking Prophet Muhammad. I agree they should be killed and societies which tolerate such filth should be destroyed. That’s why I have been pushing for China and Russia to invade and destroy the Western world (one reason being they blaspheme Prophet Muhammad and persecute innocent Muslims as terrorists) by exterminating and genociding the civilian populations – especially the Jews – men women and children included.

      1. Pat – you are dead wrong. Kikes are losing their grip on the East because of BRICS.

        Andrew, White Gentiles are the Ultimate Source of power for the jews.

        I know we should keep our focus on the jews but let it sink in that the jews are TOTALLY dependent on white stupidity for letting the world go down. Won’t you agree?


        The Jihad is against the jews…but the Whites seem to be an obstacle that is protecting these vampires. Do you ever attend these WN/WS rallies? The anti-Islam/”counter-jihad” movement? It’s loaded with low IQ whites and the whites who get it by their own admission in this forum and other sites can’t seem to be able to convince their own dumbed down white folks that jews are the problem!

      2. Salman –

        To the contrary… I am ‘alive correct.’ 🙂

        I have told you this before….

        You could not have used a worse example for fighting the economic powers today. BRIC was a creation of Goldman-Sachs…. the ones you stated are going to be beaten.. LOL!! .

        The ‘S’ was added later.

        The crumbling BRICS

        Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa were supposed to lead the world to new economic heights. But deepening woes in key emerging markets threaten to tip a teetering global economy into another recession.

        When Wall Street powerhouse Goldman Sachs brought the BRIC concept to the investing world in 2001, it was more than a catchy acronym for the world’s largest developing economies – Brazil, Russia, India and China.

        Jim O’Neill, then Goldman’s chief global economist and creator of the idea (and name), was attempting to highlight an important theme that many investors were missing: the rapid growth of major emerging economies with the potential to surpass the West and dominate the global economic tables by the middle of this century.

        For the next decade, the diverse group exceeded even Mr. O’Neill’s bullish expectations, mainly because of China’s stunning expansion. South Africa’s inclusion in 2010 turned BRIC into BRICS, adding African exposure and giving the club more political weight when speaking up for the emerging world at international trade and finance summits.

        But the BRICS have been fading for several years as an investment story and united political voice on the world stage. Mr. O’Neill, now a British life peer and a minister in the Cameron government, suggested last year that recession-ravaged Brazil and Russia no longer belong in the club with India and China.

        Here’s a look at how each of the BRICS have been faring in these tumultuous times:

        BRICS Bank – New Development Bank – uses US Dollars…. not their own currencies. Reason is USD is 64% reserve currency…. over 3 times the closest competitor… Euro…… 20%.

        That means everybody need USDs now to conduct trade internationally in currencies.

        If you are looking for clues…. when any of the BRICS currencies become the main reserve currency…. you might have a case.

        Until then…. just pipe dreams. 🙂

      3. JFC –


        I know you know I know…. the difference…. 🙂

        That said.. they own the White House and White businesses and… they own the West.

        That’s the purpose of my comments… If it were different… I would do something else.

    1. There are no archeological evidence to support that the dude has even existed. No coins or anything. He was probably invented by the first, second or third caliph to support the new founded religion. You’re chasing a fairy tale, like a dog chasing its own tail.

      1. Morningstar…umm….yes, the Prophet did exist. His grave and masoleum is in Madinah. Go and check it out for yourself.

  13. The “jihad” or “Terrorism” threat in the Western world doesn’t exist. It’s a Jew op. All the “jew wise” smart asses on here should be well aware of that by now.

  14. The MANAGER of MIGRATION in Europe and the world is Ireland’s Peter Sutherland.

    What Peter Sutherland wants, he gets… And he wants what Barbara Spectre wants.

    He is currently UN special representative for MIGRATION & DEVELOPMENT.
    Peter Sutherland is managing the MIGRATION of people in the world…!!!!

    Pete was CEO of BP plc and Goldman Sachs Intl at the same time. He helped set up the BP bonds thru Goldman to profit from the Gulf oil rig explosion in 2010.

    He has been credited as the single most important enabler of GATT.
    Peter Sutherland was chairman of BP plc (1997 – 2010). He was also chairman of Goldman Sachs International (1995 – 2010).

    Before these appointments, he was the founding director-general of the World Trade Organisation.

    He had previously served as director general of GATT since July 1993 and was instrumental in concluding the Uruguay GATT Round Negotiations.

    He was Chairman of Allied Irish Banks from 1989-1993 and Chairman of the Board of Governors of the European Institute of Public Administration (Maastricht) 1991-1996.

    From 1981 until early 1982, he was Attorney General of Ireland and was a member of the Council of State. He was reappointed in 1982 until 1984 when he was nominated by the Government of Ireland as a member of the Commission of the European Communities in charge of competition policy. During his first year at the Commission he was also responsible for social Affairs, health and education and thereafter for relations with the European Parliament.

    He serves on the Board of Directors of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc and is associated with the following organisations:
    World Economic Forum (Davos), Foundation Board member;
    The Federal Trust, president;
    European Policy Centre Advisory Council, president;
    European Round Table of Industrialists, vice-chairman;
    the Royal Irish Academy, member;
    goodwill ambassador to the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation;

    consultor for the Administration of the Patrimony of the Holy See.

    He has published numerous articles and the book “Premier Janvier 1993, ce qui va changer en Europe” (Paris).
    He was presented with the Robert Schuman Medal for his work on European Integration and the David Rockefeller Award of the Trilateral Commission.

    Mr. Sutherland was a Trilateral Commission author of 21st Century Strategies of the Trilateral Countries: In Concert or Conflict? (1999)

    He was made European Honorary Chairman of Trilateral Commission.

    1. One look at that fat bastard, and a person of discernment would know he is DESTINED FOR HELL! 🙂

  15. I support White Replacement because white people are a source of power for the jews. With whites gone or by becoming a small minority – the Jews will lose all their power.

    1. Do you not think the focus should be on the replacement of the true violent revolutionaries of our times?
      The International (W)Bankers.

      For me, ‘Europe’ needs and should aim to build an objective universal truth based on this simple yet difficult thing to discern — decent or indecent. (friend or wanker)

      I am not against multiculture, definitely not racist, I have friends who are homosexual… however being against these things in themselves, and being against the idealisation of these things are two different things.

      False dichotomies are rife and crippling the uneducated masses.

      I honestly believe ‘waking up’ to this scenario through discernment is what will truly save us.
      Almost like a revolutionary enlightenment has to take place.

      I don’t think pointing outwards (as you are doing Solman) is the true answer.

      I believe when you see weeds, constantly throwing weed killer on isn’t the answer, we must throw the weed killer on and then aggressively spread the sow the decent seeds.

      1. Lifestreasm –

        “I am not against multiculture, definitely not racist, I have friends who are homosexual… however being against these things in themselves, and being against the idealisation of these things are two different things.”

        There is your disconnect.

        Your culture will not survive until you become racist…. and reject multiculturalism….. and queers.

        I do not see white cultures surviving the disconnections of today’s societies.

        Those are the facts.

      2. Lifestream,

        I agree with Pat. Although I wouldn’t classify myself a Christian, although very much believe in his teachings and the Golden rule, we have to understand that homosexuality is not natural, moral and normal behaviour. I believe they say ‘hate the sin, but not the sinner’. My simple argument is such – ‘I like you as an individual, however I disagree on your sexual choices’.

        I now pronounce myself as racist in conversation, but state that I most certainly do not hate people of other races. I merely point out that for my culture and people to survive, mass immigration will destroy it.

        Multiculturalism is the deathblow to indigenous culture. Again, if I want to immerse myself in a foreign culture, I’ll get on a plane and immerse myself within it. I don’t want it on my doorstep.

      3. Lifestream, I tried for 5-6 years in Canada EDUCATING every one about the Jew problem and no one seemed to care EXCEPT for Muslims. White people are oblivious to this and seem to support the Jews. I heard its WORSE after I left 6 years ago. So I have nothing but hatred and contempt of white gentiles in the West except SOME Eastern/Southern Europeans – Catholic/Orthodox and Muslims included. You are a rookie in this site. Ask Lobro – he’ll tell u I’m a Veteran if not an All star in this jew business. And I mean NO ONE can defeat them except Muslims and Orthodox Christians at this point in history. Catholics have all become cuckolicks. I’m not new to this game. White gentiles except the Orthodox are the only force capable of crushing Jews right now.

    2. No Salman, you are perfectly WRONG.
      I could get to the brass tacks as to why but can’t be bothered right now, no debating energy left for today.

      The simplest answer is to watch the jew: who or what is the main object of his hate and evil intent?

      Europe (Russia, the final bastion of white culture fighting for purity and survival)

      And it has been thus forevermore, just read The Protocols, they explain it better than I can.

      Brown masses, uprooted from their tradition and history, thrown senselessly on the bonfire will do nothing, mindless hatred is no threat to jew, just the opposite, it is fuel for his further designs.

      Does Jew fear the Saudi masses of wahhabi, salafi cretins? raw resource, that’s all they are, more valuable than oil and just as plentiful.

      1. I agree with you on several issues but i mean WESTERN whites. I have mentioned before on this site I support Orthodox Christian Russia at this point with a significant minority Muslim population. Russia supports Iran and Pakistan and tried to make peace with Turkey. So I have the utmost respect for THOSE whites but the Western whites in Western Europe and North America and Australia – they should be fucking GASSED with the Judens.

        I tried that shit back in Canada – educating white people about jews but it didn’t work. Even so-called White Nationlists/White Separatists/Supremacists are clearly not able to convince the White people in the Western world that the Jews are the problem in their fucking entirety. All kinds of excuses pop up to downplay the role that jews have played in wrecking nations.

        That’s why I think both Jews and Whites need to go. Well I make exception to White Muslims in the Balkans and Russia and North Africa and Anatolia as well as Eastern Orthodox Christians in Greece and Russia but Western European Christians are now just a lost volk who are better off melding into the brown masses as nearly EVERY Muslim I talked to or with in Canada is well aware of the Jew problem while the Western White man ignores it to his own peril. You know – in Canada – Whites of Eastern European origins were well aware of the Jew problem? And those of Northern/Western European origins were oblivious to it or not willing to look into it much? So I mean those whites of course.

        Israel is in bed with the Saudis from the inception of the Ben Saud Dynasty. That homosexual Jew Lawrence of Arabia helped create the rise of the Jewish Ben Saud Dynsasty that spreads an Islam devoid of its spirituality – ask Yasir Qadhi a former Salafi himself. The retarded Takfiris are cannon fodder for Jew wars. Actually, they need to either reform or get wiped out like the way White Norther/Western Europeans are dying out (good riddance to bad trash).

    3. Mr. Hossain,
      You are so funny. Have you not noticed the Israeli/Saudi love affair? Or how about the group-grope between the pre-1492 Muslim occupiers of Spain and their Jewish allies? Why were the Jews expelled from Spain after the Christian victory? Because they collaborated greatly with the Muslim occupiers. Good profits to be made in the white slave trade I suppose.
      It seems the followers of the Prophet and the jews are locked into a jealously incestuous relationship, one in which neither can fully trust the other, but are quite willing to look the other way to serve momentary advantage. Not sustainable Mr. Hossain.
      You say the Jews will lose their power when (if) whites are gone. Good luck with that! I do think they have the edge on you in cunning and intelligence.
      How very humorous you support killing those who disrespect your Prophet. I think you are projecting here your own collective insecurities onto the Prophet, that your character and faith are so weak you cannot bear questioning of any kind, to the point you Muslims must resort to brutal force to compel obedience and conformity.
      You do your people a dis-service, Mr. Hossain. You could be promoting national self-determination for all peoples. And a friendly cooperation between them. In that way Muslims could be free to follow their own paths within their own countries borders. And others could do the same, renouncing wars between us. We could even have mutual respect! White women and children might even be able to visit your countries such as Egypt without being molested.
      Instead you promote division, hoping for an ultimate Muslim hegemony. Might happen, after millions die violently. More likely that your ‘my way or the highway’ mentality will end in world-wide chaos. Satan surely is pleased, and rubs his hands in anticipation of meeting you.

      1. Correct SW –

        Israel and Saudi Arabia: Best Friends Forever
        By Makia Freeman on May 30, 2016 10:54 pm

        “They are, indeed, BFF or best friends forever as a typical Western teenage girl might label them. At first glance, it admittedly seems extremely odd that the Zionist regime of Israel, holding such an antagonistic presence towards Arabs in the Middle East, would be friends with arguably the most powerful Muslim nation in the region (alongside Iran). However, that is precisely what makes their allegiance so dangerous and nefarious. If you don’t look closely, you would never expect it. The truth is that these 2 nations have the same geopolitical aims and allies – which bodes ill for Palestine, Syria, Iraq and other “lesser” countries standing in their way. They have a number of common enemies, such as Iran, Shi’a Islam, Hamas, Hezbollah, pan-Arab nationalism and the Muslim Brotherhood. Understanding the depth and nature of the relationship between Israel and Saudi Arabia sheds a clear light on what is happening in the Middle East, the geopolitics of the US-UK-Zionist axis…..”

      2. S.W., Yes, I know about Israel and Saudi Arabia’s special relationship. This is no secret. At this point, Muslim countries are destroyed by Usury (Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nigeria, Egypt) or Wars – so I as an individual can only do my part – we conquer the West and take it from the Jews. It’s a tough loss for Western Europeans and their descendants in North America and Australia – NOT Eastern Europeans – but you gain some and you lose some and in any major conflict you WILL have to lose some in order to get rid of the eternal Jew. No?

        White people – including children and women visit peaceful Muslim countries without getting molested or raped. A SWF in Bangladesh or Pakistan is less likely to get groped or harassed or raped than in Hindu-majority India – Land of Rapes. Same thing in Turkey or Indonesia or Malaysia or even subsaharan Africa. Muslim nations in Subsaharan Africa have LESS rapes or reported rapes than Christian countries and Black African Muslims don’t have this concept of honour and shame that is prevalent in SOME other Muslim nations. We Muslims are doing the smart thing right now by exporting our trash – our criminals and trash into your own backyard like you dumped your trash – the Jews in our lands after WW-2.

        As for Satan, he plots, but God plots as well and God is the best of Schemers. So Satan or the Devil can plot but God clearly has better plans.

        And last but not least – the Muslims in Portugal and Spain were WHITE EUROPEANS and local indigenous Christians and some JEws who converted out of their own FREE WILL. You know 1/3 of the population of Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia ALL descend from this population who were expelled between 1492 to 1609? The Muslims were NOT occupiers in Spain. The initial conquerors were 20 000 Muslim troops of various origins AIDED by local malcontents and SOME JEWS. Please don’t spew lies that are incomplete or half truths. Grab a pair of bifocals and read a book. The reconquest took 8 centuries – its mighty difficult to call the Muslims occupiers for 8 centuries because whenever Muslim men conquered a nation they SETTLED DOWN in that country and assimilated and became a PART of it.

        So I have two solutions to the Jew problem in Europe and North America and Australia – lets do this peacefully and slowly and all become Muslims/assets for your new Muslim rulers OR get China and Russia to invade and exterminate the Jews and their pets. And yes, White gentiles (except for Muslim and Orthodox Christians) LOVE their Jews so they need to go with them as well.

    4. “He sees in the european worker both the accomplice and the stupid tool of the Zionists rulers in Palestine.
      This antagonism is artificially kept alive and intensified by the press, the pulpit, the comic papers, in short, by all the means at the disposal of the ruling classes.” I like quoting Marx on ‘antisemitc’ websites, it always taints the atmosphere.

      Here are two recent examples for you, with two of your fellow Oumma buddies and how they are used as useful idiots by the leftists and their medias. Do you know that ultra zionist prime minister Valls was planting trees for Palestine when he was the mayor of Evry?

      +++++Idiot numer one. Black M., English name for the house nigger, and Verdun.

      Black M is a hip-hop singer very popular with the teenagers. Last week was the commemoration of the battle of Verdun the greatest butchery in the long history of Franco-German war and François Hollande, by the intermediary of Verdun’s mayor Samuel no Hazard, proposed the young Black M. to perform, for 150000 euros, on stage for the ceremony.
      As expected by François the medusa, French nationalists overreacted to this provocation and launched a campaign for the annulation of the show claiming Black M. called French people kouffar or infidels in one of his song, etc… So the socialists and François cancelled the show and cried about a resurgence of fascism through the Front National, that a lot of French people were racists, the elections are in one year after all.

      Instead we had a disgusting show organized by the Franco-Canadian-American Jew Joseph Zimet, married to the very hot black ex minister Rama Yade, with young students dressed in colored T-Shirts sprinting between the graves. But we were warned.

      “They will come on your mass graves puking on Sunday; they will fuck each other above your martyr. Survival will be like that, the souvenir!”

      “You can leave peacefully… You will be promptly replaced in your jobs, in your houses and beds…The woman, especially the French, just love the fuzzies, Abyssinians, they have such surprising dicks! They are so vicious, so cuddly. They understand women so well! Ah! This Orient !.it’s something else ! …cuckholds of the trenches, poor kosher meat ! »

      Btw, I spend too many times in locker room with Muslims to refute the surprising dicks as many kept their underclothes in the showers, it’s in the Hadit, it could explain the mass rape.

      +++++Idiot number two Benzema the moron.

      A couples of day back I made a joke about Cantona calling the french coach Deschamps of racist for not taking Benzema in the team for Euro, in The Guardian of course, god I hate shit-making England. It didn’t miss; Benzema declared that Deschamps “was put under the pressure of the racist part of France.”
      Or maybe it is because he can’t score a goal with France without Ronaldo and Bale by his side, or because he blackmailed his teammate.
      So while liberal reforms are passing, French people asked themselves if they are racists and since they are not, they blame Benzema the ungrateful billionaire Algerian muslims who don’t sing La Marseillaise. He could have choosen Algeria, but there is Nike to consider.
      Once again socialists blamed the Nationalists of being racists with the support of all the Muslims lackeys of the show business, but also starting to blame the Muslim community…
      Hey, it’s almost the election and the socialists need the Muslims, and all the migrants with the generous gentrified leftists, to vote for them as they always do like in Austria recently, never mind that Nationalists were opposed to all the wars in Middle East, or that they don’t speak to you with a patronizing tone, boudiboudi my little migrant, look how generous i am, i will protect you. Come to France Salman, François Hollande is expecting you and all the Muslims are clustered in the same areas.

      In the Talmud they hate the Christians but the Muslims are just bookmarked as imbeciles.
      Do you know it is an Israeli company that ensures the safety of pilgrimage to Mecca through its Saudi subsidiary? They have all the pilgrims faces and passports. How convenient.
      Come on Salman, do you really think your shits smell better?

      1. Phil, Jews UNDERMINE the majority in every country that is why they support minority Muslims over the majority Catholics unless or until the Catholics are overwhelmed then they will support them against the Muslims. Does this make sense to you?

  16. Just thought I’d pop in to see if you guys are still as insane as ever.

    and if you think I’m leaving my email address here you are are even more deluded than I thought possible.

    ADMIN: It would be interesting to know where this troll is posting from. He has the same name as the Jew who was acting in close collusion with Ellie K. We know this for a fact because Ellie K slipped up badly in one of her comments by making a specific reference to another (defunct) poster (Dr David Green) which she could only have gotten from Avi the Jew himself in a private hate mail message to LD.

    BTW, Avi’s IP number (in this particular post) is

  17. As I keep drilling down on the issue of the irrecoverable damage Jew has done to humanity, the white civilization to be exact, and Ottoman Empire has for the great part been a European one, I am struck by the following realization.

    The first and the most damaging push has been the destruction of rural networks of homesteads, hamlets, villages, small farms, small towns, with their deeply rooted, multigenerational traditions, interlocked clans and extended families, their ancient folkways.
    This was done through successive industrial “revolutions” (at this point I see any so-called revolution as another instance of evil talmudic magic) and ever greater herding of dispossessed and disenfranchised country populace into cities, all uprooted, lost and rapidly prostituted to jew, who through his agribusinesses gets to grab all that land, like Monsanto is doing to Ukraine right now.
    This went hand in hand with destruction of the feudal system, which at the heart was an agrarian one.
    As result, many ancient skills are lost, including people’s ability to feed themselves, becoming helplessly enslaved wards of jew state in ever increasing numbers.

    Just think of how we view people of the land with derision, serfs, peasants, peons, as if they are somehow worthless and backward compared to say, a financial advisor or a mortgage broker, the jew-derived parasitical economic leeches are somehow exalted and refined.

    In the past, the sons of the family were either farmers, soldiers or priests and only the exceptional minds were encouraged to pursue the ways of knowledge and hope for wisdom.
    Today, everyone is pushed (egalite, non?) towards degree-based dilution and debasement of the same in relentless pursuit of ignorance and mediocrity, roundup resistant weeds overtaking the vegetable garden.
    Like Nixon sarcastically said when they foisted an honorary doctorate on him: “we are all doctors now”.

    (with acknowledgement to Phil, whose detailing of the French revolution (hah!) led me down this path of thought – the revolutionaries having focused on killing the peasantry rather than the aristocracy, sweeping the symbols and traces of Christianity along)

    1. “roundup resistant weeds overtaking the vegetable garden.” I like this.

      One thing Lobro regarding ‘Jews’… what exactly do you mean?

      Do you mean Zionism? International-parasitism?

      My fear here is this… it’s quite comforting in some way to project a multitude of fears into a big thing… as in once we destroy the big bad thing (like in a story) everything is complete and so on. It is the opposite of ‘not knowing’ who or what the real (if any) enemy is. The fear of the ‘not knowing’.

      Jewish people have contributed a lot to our society and western ways.
      People love to play victim and point fingers.

      So with regards to revolution, I’m more for the internal – empirical metaphysical kind. (not new age happy clappy)
      Like a ‘Nietzschean’ overcoming of our current state with a total rejection of new atheism.

      We need a narrative to latch onto, or the auto-immune disease of diversity,multiculture etc (driven by neo-liberal economy imo) will carry on deceiving us.

    2. One thing Lobro regarding ‘Jews’… what exactly do you mean?

      Do you mean Zionism? International-parasitism?

      By “Jews”, I mean Jews.
      Feel free to click on my name above this post and follow the Ha’aretz text at least as far as the first encounter with the magic number, 96.
      International parasitism started in 70 AD if not earlier, before Zionism, before the six-pointed star of Satan.
      Maybe Pat’s “Pharisees” is a better term but the fact is that Jews and Pharisees are exactly the same thing, the terms are interchangeable, Pharisees having physically eliminated all traces of whatever Hebrew thought existed outside Phariseism.

      Now, I have a question for you, of “what do you mean” variety.

      Jewish people have contributed a lot to our society and western ways.

      One thing Lifestream regarding ‘contributed a lot’… what exactly do you mean?
      I guess in all the action around here, this item fell through the cracks and I never had the opportunity to ascertain the quantity and quality of this contribution, so your contribution on the topic would be most appreciated.

      You seem to have said this matter of factly, as if it should be blindingly obvious to every idiot that Jews have indeed made a great contribution to Western society, so that it should likewise be obvious to every idiot that Europe would be immeasurably poorer and more backward had there never been any Jews on its shores or hinterland.
      Well, I happen to be one of those exceptional idiots who failed to perceive these self-evident truths, so fire away, thanks.

      Always willing to learn something new, especially if true.
      And i would ask everyone to please keep this civil.

      1. Yes I was going to mention financial contribution/systems and so on.
        Musically and artistically, I have enjoyed lots of Jewish artists.
        I was listening to a george steiner talk the other day on Europe – thought it was excellent.
        We also got Jesus. [Ron: He was NOT a Pharisee, a Judahite or a Jew!].

        So by Jews, do you mean as physical people? or ‘Jews’ as an ideology?

        Do you also know what I mean by projecting multiple fears onto ‘ONE THING’ ?
        It can almost make life more comfortable, that we can kid ourselves into knowing thy enemy.
        Totally exterior to ourselves. No need for self-responsibility, “not my fault” attitude.
        This pessimistic and cynical vice is what is crippling us and will cripple the next generation if it continues.

        We need to aim for a new narrative, anchored in the classics.
        Self-reflection and overcoming is primary for me. Would be good to see more of this attitude around here.

      2. Yes I was going to mention financial contribution/systems and so on

        Me too, good to know we are in full agreement on that one at least.

        Musically and artistically, I have enjoyed lots of Jewish artists.

        We also got Jesus.

        Yeah, got him in a vat of boiling semen, according to talmud.

        Musically and artistically, you are welcome to enjoy any number of jewish artists, including their undisputed world leadership in pornographic arts, eg, Piss Christ, yeah, they got Jesus alright, another Jew artist to enjoy, I am still waiting to come across one that merits a second look.
        So sorry …

      3. A bookmark for Lobro and for rookie Lifestream, maybe fake rookie, with French and European culture, call it payback for Benny Hill and Hip Hop.

        About Jewish artistic contribution, here is what Lucien Rebatet wrote. According to the expert, he is the author of one of the best history of music ever written, alongside two great novels, The Two Standards, favorite book of socialist Mitterand, and The Ripe Grains, the story of a promising musical genius who would die in WWI madness. Unfortunately his name is now synonym with infamy since he had always expressed sympathy for Nazi Germany as well as his antijudaism.

        The Ruins 1942 Chapter The Ghettos.

        “The Jews, essentially imitators, were without contest remarkable interprets in every art, except singing…

        I have a predilection for Camille Pissaro, the only great painter that Israel, this incredibly anti-plastic race, has produced. I would be ready to promulgate the incineration of all his paintings, if it was necessary, to be cured from this nightmare, from this repulsive mold pushed on the splendid branches of French art which named itself Jewish painting, abandoned the mountains of ineptitudes that this painting will generate.
        Moreover, if we were to suppress, in the same epoch, Van Gogh, Renoir, Cézanne, Manet, the void would be irreparable. The whole Pissaro is not adding much on the contrary to what Claude Monet, Jongkind, Sisley, Millet, Boudin, Seurat, Gauguin already contains.
        And Pissaro, amongst the Jews, has remained unrivalled. Every great century, every great movement of art and thoughts has taken place, from Giotto to Renoir; from Gregorian to Wagner, from the Song of Roland to Balzac, without Jews ever appearing, except for one or two accidents, such as Spinosa. The Middle Age, Renaissance, classicism, romantism, cathedrals, Florentine frescos, Van Eyck, Breughel, Tintoret, Titien, Greco, Poussin, Velazquez, Rubens, Rembrandt, Watteau, Corot, Shakespeare, Cervantes, Racine, Goethe, hundred thousand of others, have done without their contribution. The pleasant Mendelssohn is an insignificant point in the ocean of German music. But Meyerbeer and Halévy are enormous slobs.
        People wanted to know if the ghettos may not have contained some unknown geniuses whose example would have rejuvenated our old world. We open the gates… CENSORED by the French government.”

        Lobro would agree with that, he is too sensible like Rebatet, me, I don’t know, I am not a Wagner fan and i don’t know much about art, except that modern art is a financial fraud and an insult to beauty, that’s what I would say during my trial anyway.

        By the way lifestream, if you want to learn what happened to Europe, I advise you Nuremberg or the promised land, written by Bardèche to avenge his step brother Brasillach who was executed after the war, another great writer and also best friend of Rebatet.

      4. Oops, I was going to say the following, in followup to Phil:
        i had no idea that Pissaro was a jew because I really like his stuff, the pointilism set amongst the pharaonic landscapes is dreamy and otherworldly and as such definitely appeals to me
        Then I came across the name, Suerat and got my Oops right there.
        Pissaro, what’s he into, teenybopper ballerinas leaning against Steinway grands?
        Umm, no place within my imagery for that, yarmulkes off where they are due.

        The Jews, essentially imitators, were without contest remarkable interprets in every art music, except singing

        That i have no problem with, especially the pianists and fiddlers, Schnabel, Rubenstein, Menuhin (was pablo cassals a jew?) and the best conductor ever and a very fine man whom I got to know personally, Karel Ancerl, who though an “H-survivor” steadfastly refused to mention it in any way at all, as if though embarrassed … which he undoubtedly was, now that i think about it, but he had a career to protect.
        Best interpreter of Mozart, Beethoven and Smetana ever. Ever.
        He was chronologically flanked in Toronto by Seiji Ozawa and Colin davis and they were shits compared to him, though much bigger media dahluns, which is puzzling, considering that Ancerl was a jew, I guess he smelled like a self-hating one?

        here he is with my weird and unique childhood neighbor Glenn Gould in the Emperor Concerto.
        Observe Ancerl’s dictatorial style, he put the fear of God in the orchestra with minimal movement, unlike the nozzleheads (bernstein and co.) conducting with their asses, jumping up and down like 2001 Space Odyssey apes.
        Now that I think about him, he looks a bit like Vlad Putin 🙂

  18. We lose loved ones, especially in Europe and USA, when they don’t let go of media lies..!!

    Yesterday, Buddhist scholar, Brian Ruhe, interviewed John Kaminski:

    Published on Jun 1, 2016
    This is John Kaminski’s second appearance on The Brian Ruhe Show.

    3 parts

    (Jew-wise dating site suggested)

    (Bernie Sanders’s wife bankrupted college where she was president)

    (This interviewer and John Friend just lost their jobs for telling truth)

  19. Karl Marx to Baruch Levy in review of Paris is a fake, it should be called Flavien Brenier to himself, I often see this quote on English website, go figure, it’s like Max calling George Sorel a Jew. There are enough genuine quotes from living person in front of camera so that you don’t have to use Karl Marx. I don’t blame Rousseau and his excess of sentimentalism for the Revolution, nor Marx with his excessive materialism for Trotski, but those who have manipulated the herd with what they wrote.

    Here is a good letter, the genuine type, from Karl Marx to Sigfrid Meyer and August Vogt about colonization of Ireland and the migration of Irish workers, the white Catholic niggers, in England.

    “Ireland is the bulwark of the English landed aristocracy. The exploitation of that country is not only one of the main sources of their material wealth; it is their greatest moral strength. They, in fact, represent the domination over Ireland. Ireland is therefore the cardinal means by which the English aristocracy maintain their domination in England itself.
    As for the English bourgeoisie, it has in the first place a common interest with the English aristocracy in turning Ireland into mere pasture land which provides the English market with meat and wool at the cheapest possible prices. It is likewise interested in reducing the Irish population by eviction and forcible emigration, to such a small number that English capital (capital invested in land leased for farming) can function there with “security”. It has the same interest in clearing the estates of Ireland as it had in the clearing of the agricultural districts of England and Scotland. The £6,000-10,000 absentee-landlord and other Irish revenues which at present flow annually to London have also to be taken into account.

    But the English bourgeoisie has also much more important interests in the present economy of Ireland. Owing to the constantly increasing concentration of leaseholds, Ireland constantly sends her own surplus to the English labour market, and thus forces down wages and lowers the material and moral position of the English working class.
    And most important of all! Every industrial and commercial centre in England now possesses a working class divided into two hostile camps, English proletarians and Irish proletarians. The ordinary English worker hates the Irish worker as a competitor who lowers his standard of life. In relation to the Irish worker he regards himself as a member of the ruling nation and consequently he becomes a tool of the English aristocrats and capitalists against Ireland, thus strengthening their domination over himself. He cherishes religious, social, and national prejudices against the Irish worker. His attitude towards him is much the same as that of the “poor whites” to the Negroes in the former slave states of the U.S.A.. The Irishman pays him back with interest in his own money. He sees in the English worker both the accomplice and the stupid tool of the English rulers in Ireland.

    This antagonism is artificially kept alive and intensified by the press, the pulpit, the comic papers, in short, by all the means at the disposal of the ruling classes. This antagonism is the secret of the impotence of the English working class, despite its organisation. It is the secret by which the capitalist class maintains its power. And the latter is quite aware of this.
    But the evil does not stop here. It continues across the ocean. The antagonism between Englishmen and Irishmen is the hidden basis of the conflict between the United States and England. It makes any honest and serious co-operation between the working classes of the two countries impossible. It enables the governments of both countries, whenever they think fit, to break the edge off the social conflict by their mutual bullying, and, in case of need, by war between the two countries.”

    Go figure, the English world doesn’t like Marx concepts. I never heard about Marx during my studies but Hobbes, Bentham, Ricardo, Smith, Hayek……But as Sorel the Jew said, the conscience of the Englishman is never really far away from his money purse, like all those wealthy leftists who buy themselves a clean conscience by supporting immigration, it’s not pathological altruism, it’s pathological individualism.

    Now England is NATO and the rest of the world is Ireland, 1/7 of the global population, mostly white, threatening the rest of the World with war in every newspapers while welcoming Irish.

    Marx warned us about this. He also told us that Christians would become Jews 🙂 .
    If you don’t believe me, read the Jewish question and after try the German Ideology. Like it or not, Marx was German, like Lenine, the anti Marx, as Putin recently pointed out, and had this European radical thinking that the new global aristocracy wants to destroy with Salman Hossain’s.

    1. Phil –

      “This antagonism is artificially kept alive and intensified by the press, the pulpit, the comic papers, in short, by all the means at the disposal of the ruling classes.”

      Just imagine how he would have positioned TV and the ‘internet effect’…. with almost 1 billion websites, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, i-Tunes, YouTube….etc.

      MORE control today than in history of man.

      Chart of Russian media ownership even before Discovery Network was added:

    2. Exactly Phil & Pat,

      The creation of the printing press, cinema, radio, TV, the computer and the internet was a multiple orgasm for Jews. No longer did they have to rely on warfare, when technological advancement would do it all for them. Wrestle back control of all the aforementioned from the Jew and watch the Jew’s control disappear.

      1. @Harbinger

        The next big thing seems to be the trans-human, bio-tech stuff. The ‘upgrading’ of humans, prevent death, disease and so on.

        What do you make of all this? Are the Jews in control of this?

      2. Lifestream,

        Well, I’m afraid so. It’s all about population control, whether they’re decimating it or engineering it to do as they say, it’s all down to the Jews, through their shabbos goy, freemasons that is.
        They always sell their control as there to benefit people; such as chipping animals to be found when lost and therefore you have the overprotective mums and dads who think “Oh we should do that to junior. We’d know where he was if he was lost or worse, abducted by a paedophile”! This is the mentality here of the utterly brainwashed society, who never see the cons with the pros, of any piece of technology.

        Man should NEVER mess with creation. I would bet my bottom dollar that the overwhelming number of diseases today are completely man created. It’s all about control and big business, not forgetting the creation of the world hive.

  20. Harbinger,

    Thanks for that… and I totally agree on the indirect ‘stoking the fire of fear’ via MSM.

    On the freemasons, do you not think there are good and bad ones?

    Also, I’m in the midst of a thought experiment for the ‘grand plan’ according to what a lot of comments on this site point to. I cannot and don’t think nature would allow total control of a population, I would imagine ‘nature’ would come along and say “no thanks, off with the lot of you” … So unless there is some kind of metaphysical being outside of the physical, I don’t understand the point of it all.

    It all starts to feel gnostic, as though ‘they’ are trying to hijack our connection to the ‘all that is’ or ‘god’ or whatever one refers to it. So yeah, after trying to come up with a rationale for it all, I end up in the mystical realms – confused and lonely.

    1. Lifestream,

      There are two kinds of freemasons – those within the circle and those outside. We’re talking about high level freemasons, who only reach the level they are because of previous levels of family ancestry. Those people within this circle and we’re talking a tiny, tiny minority here, are the real problem. Everything they do is hidden. The majority of freemasons, just think it’s a big club, where they get certain privileges, such as work bonuses, applications granted by the state for whatever, leniency in courts should they commit a crime, with the odd hand gesture and wink from a copper or a judge. If you want to understand more about Freemasonry, I strongly suggest you listen to William Cooper’s Mystery Babylon radio shows. My only fault with him was he continually stated it wasn’t the Jews, when it most certainly is talmudism at work within society, by the Jews.

      As for the grand plan, yes, it very much exists. For example, the American elections will be won by Clinton, because Trump is an American first believer. He is a protectionist, which is the antithesis to the plan of the globalist’s, that being the creation of their new world order. Why would nature care whether the population is controlled or not? Nature has nothing to do with it in the slightest, well that is who controls whom within the human kingdom. All you have to understand what the plan of the Freemasons is, just read up on Nimrod and the Tower of Babel. It’s about men becoming gods, but of course only certain men and women that is.

      As to hijacking our connection to God, you’re correct. God gave mankind freewill, to make his and her’s own decisions. You cannot control anyone who has freewill so you have to turn them into drones, when creating the hive.

      1. Harbinger,

        Have you listened to Manly.P.Hall? … he strikes me as a wise and decent person when I listen to some of his stuff. 33rd degree if I’m right. Seems like he was for the betterment of mankind.

        I like a lot of the mystical stuff I’ve read, as above so below and all the rest of it.
        Is it that there is truth in it, but it has been twisted, mystified and so on?

        The Kabbalah, is this pre-Pharisees?

        I feel in part a solution to a lot of this would be for everyone to reconnect with the authentic
        mystical aspects of life.

      2. Well Lifestream……..

        Take this quote from The Secret Teachings of All Ages for example:

        “I hereby promise the Great Spirit Lucifer, Prince of Demons, that each year I will bring unto him a human soul to do with as as it may please him, and in return Lucifer promises to bestow upon me the treasures of the earth and fulfil my every desire for the length of my natural life. If I fail to bring him each year the offering specified above, then my own soul shall be forfeit to him. Signed….. { Invocant signs pact with his own blood }”

        I don’t think the above really signifies his desire for the ‘betterment of mankind’ does it? If it’s to better anyone, it Manly P Hall, I’m sorry to say.

        If we go back to the roots of Freemasonry, it is embedded in Egyptian mythos. The lost secret of Freemasonry is the penis of Osiris. When Set murdered Osiris, Isis, his lover, put all the pieces back together again, but couldn’t find his penis. This is why the obelisk is the most important part of freemasonry and we see that lands that are controlled because of this – the three ‘sees’ for example are places of control over the world – Washington State (the military See) with the Washington Memorial obelisk; The City of London (the financial See) with Cleopatra’s needle obelisk; and finally the Vatican City (the religious see) with the obelisk in Saint Peter’s Square. In fact there are 13 Obelisks in Rome, signifying total Freemason control. However I digress…… Freemasonry, within the inner circles is the worship of ‘lightbringer’ Lucifer, the angel cast out of heaven. As Lucifer seeks to become God, so to do Freemasons, hence why they are moving into transhumanism; hence why the promotion of Marvel comics (owned by Jew Stan Lee) are all over the film industry, especially with the ‘X’ men and their superpowers. It’s all connected. Comics aren’t simply light reading for children – they’re serious indoctrination into creating the superhuman. If you look at all of these comics, the one thing that they all have is a ‘world government’ defending humanity against the threat of super humans from other galaxies and dimensions. Almost all of them have some kind of united, earth, defense force. Everything, sadly is connected.

        Christianity is despised by the Freemasons, because they believe it is the perversion of Mystery Babylon. Again, I strongly suggest you listen to Milton William Cooper’s radio show: Mystery Babylon. You should be able to get it on the internet somewhere. He goes deep into the story of Freemasonry and what it’s about.

        As I stated in my earlier reply, many freemasons just think it’s a club that gets them benefits. It is, but only to them. To the privileged within the inner circle it’s about many things, but above all, it’s the complete control of the ‘profane’ (you and me) whom they believe are below them, cattle, people who need to be led.

    2. Lifestream –

      You can read for yourself…. and decide about Masons.

      Morals and Dogma – complete book online:

      Morals and Dogma was traditionally given to the candidate upon his receipt of the 14th degree of the Scottish Rite. This practice was stopped in 1974. Morals and Dogma has not been given to candidates since 1974. A Bridge to Light, by Rex R. Hutchens, is provided to candidates today. Hutchens laments that Morals and Dogma is read by so few Masons. A Bridge to Light was written to be “a bridge between the ceremonies of the degrees and their lectures in Morals and Dogma.”

      Short Biography
      MORALS and DOGMA
      Chap I – Apprentice
      Chap II – Fellow-craft
      Chap III – Master
      Chap IV – Secret Master
      Chap V – Perfect Master
      Chap VI – Intimate Secretary
      Chap VII – Provost and Judge
      Chap VIII – Intendant of the Building
      Chap IX – Elu of the Nine
      Chap X – Elu of the Fifteen
      Chap XI – Elu of the Twelve
      Chap XII – Master Architect
      Chap XIII – Royal Arch of Solomon
      Chap XIV – Perfect Elu
      Chap XV – Knight of the East
      Chap XVI – Prince of Jerusalem
      Chap XVII – Knight of the East and West
      Chap XVIII – Knight Rose Croix
      Chap XIX – Pontiff
      Chap XX – Master of the Symbolic Lodge
      Chap XXI – Noachite or Prussian Knight
      Chap XXII – Knight of the Royal Axe
      Chap XXIII – Chief of the Tabernacle
      Chap XXIV – Prince of the Tabernacle
      Chap XXV – Knight of the Brazen Serpent
      Part One
      Part Two
      Chap XXVI – Prince of Mercy
      Chap XXVII – Knight Commander of the Temple
      Chap XXVIII – Knight of the Sun or Prince Adept
      Part One
      Part Two
      Part Three
      Part Four
      Chap XXIX – Scottish Knight of St. Andrew
      Chap XXX – Knight Kadosh
      Chap XXXI – Inspector Inquistor
      Chap XXXII – Master of the Royal Secret

    3. Lifestream
      Altering creation is the job Satan and Satanists. The Qur’an says about them:(4:116,120)

      116. God will not forgive that partners be associated with Him; but will forgive anything less than that, to whomever He wills. Anyone who ascribes partners to God has strayed into far error.
      117. They invoke in His stead only females. In fact, they invoke none but a rebellious devil.
      118. God has cursed him. And he said, “I will take to myself my due share of Your servants.”
      119. “And I will mislead them, and I will entice them, and I will prompt them to slit the ears of cattle, and I will prompt them to alter the creation of God.” Whoever takes Satan as a lord, instead of God, has surely suffered a profound loss.
      120. He promises them, and he raises their expectations, but Satan promises them nothing but delusions

      1. STILL, thanks for that.

        This is why I like Nietzsche.
        I do not follow common ideas he was against God.

        My interpretation of it is that we must overcome ourselves, rather than try to overcome suffering like the transhuman project is attempting to. This for me is the overman, they who can get through times like ours without falling in love with the hedonist-nihilist-narcissist cesspit.

        It is either they know we can’t, and are deceiving us to generate money etc to fund the project.

        Or they actually believe it, and are delusionally shooting themselves in the foot.

        suffering for me is not something we should glorify, but it is necessary in order to LIVE. It is sacred.

        Paradoxically, today I feel more than ever, we are being asked to desire-more (which creates unnecessary suffering) and at the same time attempting to overcome suffering through obtaining that which we desire.

        “take what you need, leave the rest” rings true.

        I’m currently faced with some dilemmas.

        Do we pull back from fully-participating in life itself, almost like Buddhism/Gnostic. (non-attachment)
        (Aim for spiritual.)

        Do we fully embrace the material experience, and participate fully, take risks, be willing to fall, whilst aware that we do not ‘die’ in the eternal sense.
        (Balance material with spiritual work.)

      2. I think it is simpler than that.
        The more we resort to synthetic replacements for our natural components, (especially) including gene splicing, not only are we progressively more deformed and less true to ourselves but we try to leapfrog our immune system, rendering it redundant so that it atrophies just like we do.

        And in that atrophied, progressively less human state, we are open to a host of yet uninvented, nameless diseases, abominations and horrors, where death is the kindest outcome.
        All this talk of transhumanism is Satan’s cookie crumb trail to perdition just like that fairy tale of gingerbread house in the woods by Grimm Brothers (or is it Hans Christian Andersen).

        Life without death is not life and I don’t even care to give it a name.

      3. Lobro,

        Hansel & Gretel is from the Grimm brothers. Hans Christian Anderson wrote the more modern ‘fairy tales’ that weren’t as grim as the Grimm’s ones. When you look at the Grimm’s tales, they’re really horror stories for children.

  21. lifestream seems to be time waster
    wanting to appear innocent
    another jew easy at work in its cubicle

    1. hahaha

      nice penetration, shlomos. are we schooling “lifestream” or merely entertaining him/her/it?

      But at least information by posters in reply is always useful. so given the suspicions of who lifestream really is, it would backfire on him/her/it. maybe lifestream can offer a rebuttal and we can potentially determine either sincerity or mere cleverness

      1. B-Hawk –


        Elicited replies help aid first-time readers.

        That’s why I am “glad to help..” 😉

      2. @ Pat

        Did Las Vegas mischpucka Sheldon Adelson ever donate $100 million dollars to Trump? It was reported a few weeks back that Adelson was thinking of donating $100 million dollars to Trump. That was in the news for one day, and then there was no more reports about it. So what’s going on, Pat? Did Adelson shell out the $100 million to Trump or no? I ask you, Pat, because you’re always up on these kind of matters. Do you think Trump is going to choose Gingrich as his Vice Presidential running mate?

        Hey Pat! I bet you’re real happy ZOG NATO is amassing ZOG military forces on Russia’s border with Europe and planning to attack and invade Putin’s Russia. I know you dislike Putin as much as ZOG dislikes Putin. Probably has something to do with Putin bombing the crap outta your hydra-head “Gilbert’s” LERV of your life, ZOG owned-and-controlled ISIS in Syria and messing up Israel’s/Washington’s Eretz Israel plans. Right, Pat? Am I right or what!

      3. I was raised Roman Catholic (baptised, holy communion, served on the altar and all the rest of it) …I then went to R.C primary and grammar school…as my teenage years played out I then started listening to rap music, started drinking, playing the computer, birds and the bees…I stopped being involved with the church after I left school….university was liberal-left experience that taught me to reject the classical art we learnt and practiced at school for more “outside the box” stuff, theory etc (all good – they just seemed strongly opposed to anything traditional for whatever reason) – I then find myself looking out the window at 24 years old asking myself “what the fuck is this all about?” – 6 years later I visit auschwitz (during a stag weekend funny enough) and a year later i find myself here. Curious as ever, respectfully open-minded, looking to separate the wheat from the chaff.

        My current aim: don’t become a person who looks at the finger pointing to the moon.

      4. TROJ –

        Trumps a chump. Putin is a stooge….[Ron: In Pat's case, a LOT of knowledge is a dangerous thing...].
        Both are distractions to keep people from knowing….
        … a greater concern in USA and similarly in EUROPE:

        86,000 CONVICTED Criminal Aliens Released by the Department of Homeland Security

        Some convicted of homicide..!!

        Published on Apr 28, 2016

  22. Great article. I enjoyed it much more than the original. Every member of every European country parliament should read it. And every head of state. You know, back in the late 1980’s the great David Irving did something. He sent every member of the British parliament a copy of the Leuchter Report. That would be a worthy project for Lasha’s article. But I digress.

    Lasha does something I can’t do. I have too much anger towards the Jews for what they’ve done and continue to do. She writes in an unbiased manner, without anger while exposing just how awful the Jews behave. Everything was spot on and 100% accurate. I have no criticism, only that “scheming Jew” written at the end, while 100% accurate, might turn away readers who still don’t have the foggiest idea of what is going on in the world – and that is probably more than 80% of the people. But that number is decreasing a little bit every year.

    As a German, when I think of what was done to my people and now thru the repetition of lies and insults against us, I have a little difficulty feeling sympathy for any British or Americans, especially since they don’t feel any regret for what they did to us. But two wrongs don’t make a right. But I differentiate between what I consider the guilt of the Jews, British and Americans. In my view the British and Americans guilt is second to the Jews guilt. Already back then, just as now, they don’t deserve the blame the Jews have. The “Jewish Bolshevik” Soviet Union, Great Britain and the USA were all pushed into the war by Jews, with only the USA benefitting. Most importantly, Great Britain was pushed into the war by paying off the corrupt Winston Churchill with a bribe for a large amount of money. They got nothing but bankruptcy and a destroyed empire. This is still hidden from them thru censorship carried out by Jewish power,.

    Amid all the lies and propaganda from the Jews I find it particularly difficult to have much sympathy for those Jews killed in the V2 attack, but that too may be unfair, as many knew nothing of what their leaders were doing. But disregarding my feelings, how do British Christians feel when they see British Jews being singled out with an event memorializing their suffering from a V2 attack. There were other V1 and V2 attacks in which people died and when the victims were mostly British Christians, that is not said. All the victims are memorialized, regardless of ethnic or religious background. It is not specified that British Christians died and Jews did not. To someone that is aware of the Jews role in pushing the British and others into the war, this is infuriating. But the Jews do this all the time. Singling themselves out as victims, while ignoring or even decrying Europeans memorializing their victims, in particular if the Jews were the victimizers.

    Many Europeans have said it throughout the last 100 years and they continue to say Jews have integrated into European countries. They might actually believe that because with the Jews role in the media the Jews have simply kept out their gigantic sized role in war, politics and so many disasters they’ve brought upon countries. But the Jews have never integrated and never will. For over 2,000 years they’ve remained separate and not just with things like “Irish American Day”, “Italian American Day” or cultural events like that. That’s fine. No, they always wiggle themselves into the highest corridors of power to start wars, have prayer removed from school, have Christmas trees removed from public places or do other things that affect the whole country and they always make statements that show they do these things with feelings of animosity.

    If Muslims are too different and incompatible with western countries, Jews are twice as incompatible. I do not believe there will ever be peace until they are moved out of Europe and to a country of their own, just as Hitler wanted to do.

    1. Peter,
      You write,
      “I have a little difficulty feeling sympathy for any British or Americans, especially since they don’t feel any regret for what they did to us…”
      I’m an American, born in Texas after the war. I sincerely regret ‘our’ participation in the war , but I cannot apologize for atrocities in which I had no part. I would say that a majority of US citizens were only duped into war, but that only mitigates their culpability a small degree.
      I see a very large proportion of modern Germans can also be manipulated by our common enemy, how many support Merkel and her puppet masters? How many ‘German’ left/anarchists would like to see you dead? We Americans and you Germans are cousins after all, you understand? In families there are always tensions, wisdom and foolishness.
      Let us learn from our mistakes and look to the future.
      Overall, your post is excellent. Thank you.


    2. Alright Pat, but Putin didn’t get involved in Syria so to provide Homeland Security in the USA with a cover, a distraction, so the Homeland Security Department could release so many felons in the States, and likewise Trump didn’t start running for president to provide the Homeland Security with a cover, a distraction, so the Homeland Security Department could release so many felons without anyone noticing. I hardly think that’s the reason why Trump is running for president and hardly think that’s the reason Putin got involved in Syria.

      The situation is such the Homeland Security Department is using the presidential campaign and world events as a cover and a distraction to release so many felons [ with the complicity of the MSM media]. But yes, it’s a very sick and very destructive and very violent agenda, very treasonous. But it does NOT necessarily follow “Trump is a chump” and “Putin is a stooge” because the Homeland Security Department is underhanded and stealthy and treasonous . Why Pat, why exactly are you blaming Trump and Putin for something that should rightfully be blamed on Homeland Security and Obama, the Attorney General, and the MSM media?

      1. TROJ –

        “Why Pat, why exactly are you blaming Trump and Putin for something that should rightfully be blamed on Homeland Security and Obama, the Attorney General, and the MSM media?”

        Glad to help.

        Because blaming the latter falls on ‘deaf ears’ and gets no attention anymore. I never mention “his” name.

        Remember…. from the Pharisee-Jew’s ‘Fat-Earth’ main proponent with very specific warnings… in 1966, about the Tet Offensive two years down the road:
        “Worn out phrases and long engages, won’t get you where you want to go… NO..!!” – Ms C. Elliot, a political genius…. born Ellen Naomi Cohen.

        Soooo…. in ‘TROJ-pentameter’ fashion….
        Now you ‘know’ my poly-ticks, and reliable sources. No guessing needed. 🙂
        Now you ‘know’ my poly-ticks, and reliable sources. No guessing needed. 🙂
        Now you ‘know’ my poly-ticks, and reliable sources. No guessing needed. 🙂

  23. 青出于蓝 (Mandarin)

    Origin & history
    Short for 青出于蓝,而胜于蓝 (qīngchūyúlán ér shèng yú lán) “blue comes from the indigo plant but is bluer than the plant itself”

    This once complex Chinese expression now simply means “The student has surpassed his or her teacher”

    (Harb, the Chinese do not blindly worship authority as you mistakenly claim all “east Asians” do the other day; if they did, this Chinese expression would be derogatory and disparaging and not favorable and flattering. This is just one minor example but I fear I am digressing.)

    Lasha Darkmoon: “Britain, like the United States, is completely under Jewish control and can be regarded as America’s 51st state. There are American troops and military installations in Britain right now that the native Brits, even if they were so minded, would be unable to evict. Telling the Americans to “get out” would be unthinkable. They are now permanent guests here whose presence we must endure with patience and forbearance, pretending it’s for our good. The same situation applies even more forcibly in Germany, another Judeo-American colony.”

    Lasha, my dear, you have nailed it! You have unequivocally told us that our countries and governments have been hijacked by Evil Jews and that we, the people, are their helpless hostages. You have basically and ostensibly described the Stockholm Syndrome. Congratulations! You have just surpassed your teacher, Kevin MacDonald. 🙂 😉

    (Does Professor MacDonald really believe only White people are capable of too much empathy and sympathy or what he terms “Pathological Altruism” and this is why White countries are up their eyeballs with non-White 3rd-world aliens? Really? If so, I think it would be more accurate to call it “White Pathological Autism” instead.) LMFAO 😆

    1. “Britain, like the United States, is completely under Jewish control and can be regarded as America’s 51st state.”

      ‘The City’ might disagree.

      ‘The City’ in London owns Britain and America and Canada.

      America does not even own America. 🙂

      1. Lifestream –

        “Who own City of London?”

        The City of London Corporation is older than Parliament.

        The City of London Corporation is owned by…. No one, and everyone. The City of London Corporation is not a business corporation with shareholders. It is a Municipal corporation and government body under UK law. It is also officially known as the Mayor and Commonalty and Citizens of the City of London.

        Banking families control outwardly by selecting the voters, regardless of nationality, through its rules for Limited Liability Partnerships:

        Eligible voters must be at least 18 years old and a citizen of the United Kingdom, a European Union country, or a Commonwealth country, and either:
        A resident;
        A sole trader, or a partner in an unlimited partnership, or;
        An appointee of a qualifying body.

        Each body or organisation, whether unincorporated or incorporated, whose premises are within the City of London may appoint a number of voters based on the number of workers it employs. Limited liability partnerships fall into this category.

        Bodies employing fewer than ten workers may appoint one voter, those employing ten to fifty workers may appoint one voter for every five; those employing more than fifty workers may appoint ten voters and one additional voter for every fifty workers beyond the first fifty.

        Though workers count as part of a workforce regardless of nationality, only certain individuals may be appointed as voters. Under section 5 of the City of London (Ward Elections) Act 2002, the following are eligible to be appointed as voters (the qualifying date is 1 September of the year of the election):
        Those who have worked for the body for the past year at premises in the City;
        Those who have served on the body’s board of directors for the past year at premises in the City;
        Those who have worked in the City for the body for an aggregate total of five years;
        Those who have worked mainly in the City for a total of ten years and still do so or have done within the last 5 years.

        Voters appointed by businesses do not forfeit the right to vote for the local council of their home residence (so long as it is outside the City). Therefore, these voters are able to vote in two separate local elections, firstly in ‘the City’ as appointed voter for their employers, or fellow employees and secondly for the local council where their home is situated.


        The City of London Corporation’s website:

        The City of London Corporation is a uniquely diverse organisation. We have a special role and wide remit that goes beyond that of an ordinary local authority with three main aims to support and promote London as the world’s leading international financial and business centre and attract new business to the capital and the whole U to work in partnership with local communities to increase skills, employment and opportunities for all Londoners, including through the City Bridge Trust to enhance the capital as a hub of culture, history and green spaces for Londoners – residents, workers, and visitors.

        Many of these services are funded from our own resources, at no cost to the public, and benefit London and the nation.

        We are centred at Guildhall but also have offices at Mansion House, Walbrook Wharf and outside the Square Mile in relation to our green spaces and other facilities.

        The City Corporation is older than Parliament and our experience and tradition underpin our modern role as the provider of key services. Elected Members, headed by the Lord Mayor, operate on a non-party political basis.

      2. ask the queen who owns the city, lifestream. unless of course your question is just funnin with us

    2. JftC,

      “Harb, the Chinese do not blindly worship authority as you mistakenly claim all “east Asians” do the other day; if they did, this Chinese expression would be derogatory and disparaging and not favorable and flattering.”

      I do not set out to disparage but I seriously beg to differ. First you were all subordinates under the emperor, within your different ‘dynasties’ and now the state. Life is cheap in China, as it is in Africa, more so as your population increases. Sure, they may have lifted the ban on one child families, obviously seeing that it’s culling the population, but regardless, more people within a society equals more competition for jobs, resulting in lower wages, a lower standard of living and a higher cost of living. There will most certainly be the ‘individual’ within any given society who rebels, but bottom line is the Chinese are looked upon as being the world’s ideal citizens, according to Sir Bertrand Russell, (who brought communism to your land btw) as they have a ‘hive’ mentality, don’t ask questions and simply do. It’s very much the ethos of freemasonry.

      1. Harb –

        Enigma in today’s China….

        China’s economic miracle is under threat from a slowing economy and a dwindling labour force. China’s black market smugglers profit from NEEDED cheap workers from Vietnam.

        The end of the Chinese miracle:

        Chronicle of a Decline Foretold: Has China Reached the Lewis Turning Point?….

        Loos like it…. even sooner than predicted:

        The Great Chinese Crash (2016)

      2. Pat,

        Thanks for the links and I’ll have a peruse. You know as well as I do (and most certainly other on this forum) that the rise of China, into the manufacturing powerhouse it is, did not happen because of ‘Chinese innovation’. On the contrary, it was the globalist bankers (Jews) who took industry from the west and gave it China. They built China up in order to bring the west down. And of course, at the fraction of cost for Chinese workers compared to their western counterparts, it was a win, win situation for the business owners. Quite frankly, no one in the west should be buying any big brand names, for they have shunned their own workers, to maximise profits with cheap, Chinese labour.

        If China has reached its economic turning point, it’s only because the globalists have achieved what they set out to do and that was destroy the self sustainability of the USA and Europe.

      3. Harb –

        Yep. Mostly agree….. and with the fall… the ‘yard sale’ will be held…. properties leveraged for cheap debt currencies.

        Then, the process will start all over again….. and taken from country to country in ‘boiler-plate’ fashion.

        Same old world template = New World Template. [Ron: Except that this time it won't happen because Xi is a Christed individual who is taking China back for the Chinese and Universe Management.].

      4. China might have an “economic fall”, just as the US and Europe might. After their miraculous growth for the past 40 years it might be time for a setback. But that won’t stop them. China now produces far more educated engineers from top ranked schools and middle ranked schools than any other country. There will be economic ups and downs, but with a top ranked work force they won’t be down for long. On the other hand, the US has trouble getting its own people into America’s Ivy league schools and other top schools. Whites, who founded and dominated those schools until 40 years ago are now outnumbered by Asians and Jews. Studies show Jews are getting in ahead of whites with superior academic records thru ethnic-nepotism. I think Asians are just top line students.

        The west’s fall is a direct result of WW II. Until 1945, Europe, with Germany leading the way, dominated science. The US was the top manufacturer in the world. The west dominated the world and it did so for centuries. The war changed everything. Europe was levelled and Germany lost its lead in science. Great Britain, France and others lost their status too. Until the 1960’s or mid 1970’s the top manufacturers were still in the west, but that was changing. Japan was starting to be competitive, then Korea and others. By 1985 most motorcycles, cameras, autos, VCR’s, TV’s and everything else was mostly produced by Asian countries. All these things were previously manufactured in the west.

        The destruction of Europe gave the US and USSR the lead for a few decades, but the bigger story is Asia eclipsing the west. This is the biggest event in centuries. An economic setback won’t change the fact that China has, or will soon have the most educated workforce in the world.

        The west has watered down its once rigorous educational systems with social sciences and other soft subjects. Those fields don’t produce things and don’t produce income from things the world wants. The west has also done many things that are self destructive or hold themselves back. Superior students should have an opportunity to be on a fast track. It will help a country. Liberal educators oppose this and it hurts a country. Feminism, the inferior status associated with being a mother and abortion means Europe and the US don’t produce children any more. So now, supposedly the swarms of men from the middle east that dropped out of school before graduating high school will design and build BMW’s and Mercedes Benz’s.

        What began as an operation thru deportations and executions of Germans after the war, then took on a new life when Cultural Marxists (virtually all Jews) from the Frankfurt school in Germany, infected the US when Hitler threw them out of Germany and then came back to Germany to infect them. Multiculturalism, feminism, sexual freedom and other things were pushed by Jews to break down the feelings people had for family and country because Jews felt these were the things that made Jews enemies. They infected the whole west by pushing their agenda into every university in he west. Now Jews can do anything and since no one has any loyalty to anything anymore their malevolent behavior is not opposed.

      5. Peter,

        “China might have an “economic fall”, just as the US and Europe might. After their miraculous growth for the past 40 years it might be time for a setback. But that won’t stop them.”

        but then you state:

        “The west’s fall is a direct result of WW II. Until 1945, Europe, with Germany leading the way, dominated science. The US was the top manufacturer in the world. The west dominated the world and it did so for centuries. The war changed everything. Europe was levelled and Germany lost its lead in science. Great Britain, France and others lost their status too. Until the 1960’s or mid 1970’s the top manufacturers were still in the west, but that was changing.”

        What you’re stating is that manufacturing bases rise and fall and therefore, so to will China fall, that is when the globalists decide so. If westerners boycott Chinese goods, then its manufacturing base falls does it not? If people start buying their own products, then the same too will happen, will it not?

        Britain dominated manufacturing for centuries. It was the Industrial Revolution in the UK that started it all off, the beginning of the Rothschild new world order in fact. If Britain can be the world’s largest manufacturer and then that all changes and China does, there is nothing natural about that whatsoever. Free trade has resulted in the destruction of the British and the US manufacturing base. I buy British because I know that in doing so, I am helping a fellow member of the population to survive, not join the dole queue. Protectionism is what I support and always have. This is also what Trump supports too.

        Anyway, that all stated, the destruction of the British Empire had to happen in order to allow the US to take over and become the world’s policeman. It’s manufacturing base allowed the growth of population and the ability to put bases in many countries. The same is now happening with China. They’ll use the US to destroy Islam and itself, then the reigns will pass over to China. Their manufacturing boom happened because the globalist bankers decided upon it.

      6. No Harbinger, what I’m saying is that things happen for a reason. This is one of the two most interesting speeches I’ve ever watched by who I believe is the most important historian of the 20th century. If you just watch from minute 9:45 to 11:45 you will get a flavor of it. I can see you are an admirer of David Irving too. This is a speech introducing his biography of Winston Churchill. As you know, Irving works from the archives and he strives for the absolute truth, whichever way it falls.

        During the speech David Irving reveals the multitude of lies surrounding WW II. He says Jews began paying Churchill huge sums of money in 1936 to attack Germany, first in the media and then later as Great Britain’s leader. He names names and he provides sources. He says Hitler never wanted war with England and even desired an alliance with England, but under the influence of Jews (bribe money) Churchill, a corrupt politician, attacked Germany (declared war on her, initiated the war at sea and sent troops to France in plans for an attack) and then rejected Germany’s offer of a truce when the English were thrown into the sea. Irving says Churchill considered Hitler’s offer, but instead went to work on pulling the USA into the war.

        Irving says Churchill destroyed Europe and destroyed the British Empire. He says Churchill did this under the influence of Jews. He says (and I know this is true by the many English people I’ve spoken to) the lies about Churchill’s and Britain’s WW II policies are used to justify the vast destruction Britain brought on Europe. They lies are also to prevent English from asking “why did we destroy our own empire”.

        Irving says if Churchill had accepted Hitler’s offer of a truce, Great Britain would still be the leader of the world. He says Churchill destroyed the British Empire. It didn’t just “happen”. It was a direct result of British policy.

      7. Patrick Buchanan says the same thing in his book “Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War”, but he leaves the bribes out. He ran for president and has had high profile jobs with good pay. He’s not ready to risk everything yet. But the assertion he makes too, is that Churchill destroyed the British Empire.

      8. Peter,

        Your quote that I paraphrased “But that won’t stop them” regarding China’s economic growth, makes any reader think that their boom in manufacturing to become the world’s number one is all down to them. What I stated was IT ISN’T. China’s manufacturing phenomena is 100% down to globalist bankers and the corporations who have betrayed their own people in the US & Europe. Thank you for your explanation of Churchill, but you’re preaching to the converted. I know all about why the UK and its empire are the way they are.

  24. this article is full of B.S just like it’s Author ,tobias the Chinese ,
    is LD half Chinese?
    as i said before this site is 100% Zionist and some
    China has been slipping under the Zionists grip ever since they tasted the smell of the Zionists billions and trillions the vast money and greed
    PS,,LD is not a real person ,it’s a code name in cyberspace ,just like James Bond 007
    just saying

      1. Idiots everywhere! If we aren’t plagued by Jews, we’re besotten with IDIOTS. The last feature of this site has no commentary provision, so the young man who delivers such a compelling address concerning the verity of “The Holocaust” is left without critique! (Btw, I think he did a good job!)

      2. @Lolicia Aitken
        hey smarty Lola ,think and take a deep breath before you open your pretty mouth.
        no shekels for you zio slave

        (formerly ‘BRITANICA’ with only one ‘n’)

        It’s nice to see you’ve now learned to spell your own name correctly! Unfortunately, you still have a long way to go before you acquire the basics of a good education and are fit to converse with the intellectual giants on this site — such as Pat and Gilbert above.

        Take your sentence: “This article is full of B.S just like it’s Author ,tobias the Chinese ,”

        — well, no educated person would write a sentence like that. Figure out the grammatical error you made and then get back to me.

        Illiterate idiot.

      4. @Lolicia Aitken
        I would love to get back to you Lola in another realm and another Planet.
        when I reappear in another life cycle as a well educated and well versed in the art of grammatical mastery.
        are you LD’s sister?
        if you are !
        then there’s no need to be foes or at odds.
        I have nothing but respect for LD
        my suspicions of this site to be a Zionists tool and front ,doesn’t prevent me from being a fan of LD’s intellectual powers.
        P.S you forgot Lobro ,he is number one in my book 🙂

      5. Lola Lola Lola
        thank you for the laugh,thank you indeed ,it’s been awhile since i laughed so hard ,my my Lola ,you have a keen sense of humor
        i have a vivid imagination ,if you ask me
        i could see a rebellious white chick angry as hell ,
        the Chinese now hate your racist attitude
        be humble and considerate
        humility is a virtue
        maybe you are so pretty ,i believe so be kind

      6. Hey Lolicia Aitken
        you need more than a drink
        you need to satisfy your needs ,if you know what I mean 🙂

      1. Britannica,

        You ain’t making much sense. If you think this is a Zionist site, why would Lobro be posting on it?

        Is he so stupid he hasn’t figured out this is a Zionist site?

        Or is he so smart he realizes this is a Zionist site but keeps posting anti-Zionist comments all the time just to confuse everyone and make them think he hates Jews when he really loves them like crazy?

        What exactly are you getting at?

        And what makes you think LD is half Chinese and I’m her sister? Let me tell you something for sure buster — I ain’t LD’s sister and I ain’t got no chinky eyes either. That’s a racist, sexist, anti-white comment, I’ll have you know.

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