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Political Information Last Updated: Jan 15, 2018 - 6:46:38 AM

What happened and why
By Scott - The Saker with comments by Ron
Mar 18, 2017 - 7:24:06 PM

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What happened and why

What happened and why

What happened and why IAF bombed near Palmyra/T4 airbase where there are almost no Hezbollah/zero RGC

News dispatch from the Kulak, citing veteran journalist Elijah J Magnier’s sources in Damascus

‘As expected Netanyahu is unhappy he got nothin but nice words and a 500+ year old copy of Josephus Antiquities of the Jews from Putin (according to Unz writer Israel Adam Shamir) during his latest visit to Moscow.’

‘The old barely upgraded SAA S200s were fired as warning shots, one exploding over the Israeli Golan if not the northern Jordan Valley — apparently missing the IAF F15s. Next time if Tehran wants to send a message the Iranians just might blow one of those vaunted IAF F35s out of the sky with an S300. Then all hell could break loose from badly wounded DoD/Israeli MoD pride that the latest greatest stealth jet can be detected and engaged by 25 year old design S300s with a few S400 upgrades electronics thrown in.’

‘For now the Trump Admin and Kremlin both need an Israel-Hezbollah/Syria war distracting from finishing off the ISIS Caliphate in the Euphrates valley like holes in their heads (see MoA on the Kagan family’s too little too late demand for US occupation troops where SAA is threatening to link up from east of Palmyra to besieged Deir Ezzor).

‘The Israelis made a big mistake in having one of their top generals openly admit a few months ago he’d rather have ISIS on his border (with their virtually nil attacks on the IDF) than Iranians.’ – all by The Kulak

There is an info virus that was recently released to discredit Russia’s weapons.

It’s started with alleged claims that Defensenews posted an article that Ru C300 couldn’t see the Israeli jets bombing Hezbollah.

The MOD issued a statement today, saying that “seeing” and “shooting down” are two big differences, as they say in Odessa.

Plus, they say that Russian air defense systems protect RUAF objects.

Now, just look at this con-artistry.

Israel asked Russia do not shoot their jets. Russians agreed. They even had joined military drills in December 2015.

Now, when they know that Russia is not going to shoot their jets, they claim that Russians are not shooting down their jets bombing Syrians, because they can’t and that Russia’s C300 or C400 are no good.

The level of depravity of their media is beyond belief!

This is to assume that their intelligence is not involved with this provocation.

As expected, ISL has issued a denial that their jet was shot down by Syrians, because they never admit defeat.

However, Iranians say that this indeed was true, and Iranians never lie.

Syrian army: Israeli jet shot down, another hit

The Syrian army says four Israeli jets breached the Arab country’s airspace on Friday morning, adding its air defense shot down one of the aircraft and hit another.

Israeli warplanes “penetrated our airspace at 2:40 a.m. (0040 GMT) via Lebanese territory and hit a military target on the way to Palmyra,” said an army statement carried by state news agency SANA.

“Our air defense engaged them and shot down one warplane over occupied territory, hit another one, and forced the rest to flee,” the army said, apparently referring to the Golan Heights. “

The Israeli media immediately came out denying the fact. But, whom would you believe, an official statement of the Syrian military or the lying liberal presstitutes?

News agency RIA Novosti reports that the Israeli jet crashed on the territory of Jordan.

More on this from SouthFront

Syrian Military Claims 1 Israeli Warplane Shot Down after Strikes against Targets in Syria


Interesting, that they only have images and videos of RUAf aircraft being shot down, but never Israeli’s.

It’s almost like those journos are being warned beforehand.


In parallel with the info-virus targeting the Russian made weapons, the Western media released another info-virus or fake news about the US made Patriot missile worth millions was used to shoot down a $200 drone from Amazon.”

All these right AFTER the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) themselves admitted that Patriot missiles are useless.

“The Successful Drone flight carried out by Hezbollah over the occupied Golan Heights, an important step at all levels, The Drone penetrated the skies of the Golan and all “Israeli” the modern defense systems (Three rockets, including rocket fired from «F-16» plane) failed to knock it down, which drew ridicule from «Israeli» commentators on «the Israeli air superiority.” Nidal Hamada  wrote in Lebanese Al  Binaa

While Israel bombed Syria’s south, the US bombed Aleppo killing 47 civilians and injuring a hundred people.

“A photo showing a fragment of an air-to-surface AGM-114 Hellfire missile has emerged. It leaves no chance for the US-led coalition to remain silent as usual and for diplomats to spout anti-Russian rhetoric,” Major-General Igor Konashenkov said Friday. “I think we should expect comments from the US partners anytime soon.”


Israeli Ambassador to Russia Gary Koren was summoned to the Russia’s Ministry of Foreign  Affairs to explain their  attack on Syria.

First, Sergei Ryabkov, the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, talked to him.

After that he faced Mikhail Bogdanov, the Russian President’s Special Representative for the Middle East and Africa, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.

There is always Sergey Shoygu, but hopefully Israelis will come to their senses before that.

Israelis have immediately started constructing the web of elaborate fakes.

After Israeli Attack in Syria: Russia Summons Israel’s Envoy for Clarifications

One of their inventions is that Israel attacks Syria to “prevent advanced arms from reaching Hezbollah.

Just recently Lavrov has answered their concerns by offering them to “show any evidence.”

PM Medvedev was absent from the Security Council meeting, Peskov says due to him being busy.

Most likely, because he refuses to give up his iPhone.

Scott Humor

Breaking News from Veritas

In development of my previous SITREP video of a racoon

“An angry Moscow petting zoo is suing an advertising agency for having rented a raccoon for a nude photoshoot. The zoo says the individual racoon was left traumatized and obsessed with women’s breasts, and that the reputation of all raccoons is at stake……”


  1. There shouldn’t be any dispute. The Syrians or Russians can release video images of the downed plane. Even if it crashed in Jordan they should be able to get a video of it. Drones do that all the time. And RT by itself has a lot of them they use in filming.If they did shoot the plane down its not hard to prove.Hopefully they did. It might stop future attacks happening.But just claiming to isn’t good enough without showing proof.

    • Uncle Bob 1

      Will they release any video footage proving that the Patriot missile took down an Amazon drone?

      Citing you…
      “just claiming to isn’t good enough without showing proof.”

        • Yep. Is a manner for de-escalate. If the story goes on, Syria-Russia would be forced to retaliate and al least worsen diplomatic-economic relations, and that is costly. Better don’t take the bait, and make asymetrical responses (S-300 for Syria, S-200 conected to Hymeimin AB?).

    • You don’t ‘prove’ anything by showing pictures.

      Funny that gift of Josephus’ Antinquities from Putin to Netanyahu, a long running fraud written by a Jewish traitor who became publicist for Flavian Caesars.

      The message is unmistakable:

      We will cooperate on the manufacture of unreality to keep the peasants a-chattering while we establish the new order. You make up your fake news and we’ll make up ours.

      C’mon folks, the m/o should be well understood by now, especially by dedicated observers. Just because you saw it on teevee does not mean it’s true. In fact because you saw it or read it or heard it it is guaranteed to be misdirection. It’s the truth they don’t tell you.

      • Josephus a Jewish traitor? A Jewish realist caught between a rock and a hard place perhaps.
        What does a well mind think of the CIA Fascist takeover of The Ukraine through the actions of a paid, violent mob on the Maidan. Proabably what a well Jewish mind thought of the crazies in Judea who ended the nation in a Maccabbean ‘revolt’.

      • They call it TV ( and radio) “programming” for a reason.
        Also content in newspapers are called “stories”.
        Journalists and editors don’t call their work “facties” . They themselves call their work “stories”.
        Tells you all you need to know about the CIA-6-corporation controlled US media.

  2. Schrodinger’s Jet.
    The jet is either shot down or not, but no one knows until they switch on the box and watch the news report…

    It would be good news if the (reportedly) S-200 cost Israel some shekels, but hit or not it should give them pause in invading Syria’s air space again — but also bad news in that it encouraging Israel to buy more planes from the US and enrich the US MIC — but also good news in that what’s on the menu now is the fantastically expensive F-35 which isn’t very good for much anyway.

    But then, the big question is which news box to open and which to believe…

  3. Thanks for the update and info, I’ll paraphrase a bit from my comment on the South Front Palmyra sit-rep:

    This smells very fishy. Previous attacks by Israel have been in Damascus or in the mountainous Syrian/Lebanese border area. Both attacks were claimed to have targeted Hizbullah itself or their supply lines and/or depots. That this attack happened on the front line with Isis is a major escalation. Israel’s (dubious but MSN-believable) assertion to be attacking Hizbullah simply has no traction in Palmyra/Tadmour; there are no supply lines coming from Isis territory nor depots in the area, the attack therefore was in full support of Isis (a la the US raid on Deir Ez-Zor).

    Whether or not a jet was shot down, in my opinion, is still up in the air. Israel will always deny losses, however Syrian officials often exaggerate their successes. Here I agree with Uncle Bob above, to paraphrase, ‘pics or it didn’t happen’.

    In my mind, this leaves three scenarios: 1) the attack had the behind-the-scenes green light from Russia, 2) Russia was unaware ahead of time but didn’t want to risk the fallout from downing the jets with the S-400, or 3) Russia fired the S-400s but to no effect.

    I highly doubt it was 3), my guess would be a mix of 1) and 2). If I am correct, this raises some serious questions, mainly to what extent will Russia allow Israel to attack not only a de facto ally in Hizbullah but an out-and-out ally in Syria in their fight against Isis? I doubt a one-off raid by four F16s or 15s would have any significant battlefield impact, so if this is a ‘message’, how was it received in Moscow and what will be the response? Personally, I think a non-response would be the worst option as it paints Russia in an untrustworthy light in the eyes of their allies Syria, Iran, and Hizbullah. At the end of the day, Syria still lacks manpower and the only entity with fighters to spare is Iran. How willing will Tehran be to up the ante if it knows Moscow will turn a blind eye to Israel in bombing their troops/allies on the battlefield? A response is now needed, and I don’t believe back-channels will suffice.

    • You begin with Russia is at fault. And you conclude that Russia must fight everyone.

      Syria is Syrian. Syria is allied with Iran. Those two have every reason to “fight” any invaders.

      Russia is there to preserve Syria and protect its own regional economic interests.

      Your theories are flawed.
      Russia doesn’t green light Israeli moves.
      Israel risked flying over Syria and got chased, if not damaged.
      They clearly will be shot down next time
      They were probably on an EW scavenger flight, gathering info from the systems on the ground. They haven’t been able to defeat S 300 upgrades much less S 400 electronics. They may be concerned whether S 300s are functional in Syria.

      Here’s what the Syrians have:

      Soviet Union 320 Lavochkin CP-75 Dvina/S-75M Volga (SA-2) launchers – under upgrade
      Soviet Union 148 Pechora +12 2M Isayev S-125 Neva/S-125M Pechora (SA-3) launchers – under upgrade
      Soviet Union 48 S-200 Angara (SA-5) launchers
      Soviet Union 200 2K12 Kub (SA-6) launchers
      Soviet Union 60 9K33 Osa (SA-8) launchers
      Soviet Union 20 9K31 Strela-1 (SA-9) launchers
      Soviet Union 35 9K35 Strela-10 (SA-13) launchers
      Soviet Union 20+8 9K37 Buk М1-2+Buk М2 (SA-11) launchers
      Soviet Union 6 9M311-1M Tunguska (SA-19) launchers
      Russia 50 Pantsir-S1 (SA-22) launchers
      Russia + S-300 (missile) (SA-10) launchers – Delivered but not completed. Status unclear.

      The Israelis are toying with the idea of a war in Lebanon. Factor that with anything the Israelis do in Syria. Golan and Lebanon. Those are their primary concerns.

      And remember that many in IDF and Mossad want a change in Israeli policy, so Bibi wants to force more war. He’s like McCain. They can’t get enough war.

      The supremacy of their psychopathic ideas requires war to justify their existence.
      Unless there is a large ongoing war, they are unstable. Psychotic syndrome.

      • Thanks for the info. I must admit my understanding of the coverage of the air systems and DE ranges was way over-simplified. Things make more sense now.

        I wasn’t saying Russia must start WWIII as a response, so much as saying a public rebuke of the attack would soothe some minds.

    • yeah there are other scenarios – like Russian intelligence working with Iran intel…why are you so worried when the (damn) plane got shot out of the sky –

      Once its gone, what does it matter that the cow ate it ?

      Sufi philosophy at its best

    • There is also the possibility the US/Israelis have realized the situation in Syria is lost for them, and are trying destroy evidence and/or kill “moderate rebels” which would (again) show just how directly involved the US/Israel/Saudis are in backing “ISIS” (and whatever other name they dreamed up this week…) I’d bet those “moderate rebels” will not be happy that the US/Israel/Saudis hung them out to dry as dupes, so the SAA/Russians/Hezbolla can steadily mop them up. (Could this be why ISIS “is collapsing”?) Killing the “rebels” off is preferable to having them heading to Israel for revenge. There may be method in the apparent Syria/Russia madness of allowing “rebels” to evacuate, creates a pool of a whole lot of “rebels” unhappy at the US/Israel. Note the evacuation conditions specified not fighting against Syria…

      The Israelis really care about holding the Golan Heights, so expect all manner of nastiness as Syria/Russia/Hezbolla eventually turn their attention there.

  4. This was Israeli overreach. And they got burnt.
    4 F-16s. No countermeasures?
    Against decades old technology.

    Maybe they wanted a sacrifice so they can put their new alliance with the Arabs into action.

    Syrian war window is closing. The Israelis need Trump to go all in or Russia and diplomacy will take this into political resolution.

    An incident between Syria (Iranians) and Israel’s IDF would be serious blood lost. And you know how that is the currency of the warmonger sector in Tel Aviv. A drop of Israeli blood is worth an ocean of other people’s blood to those who love war. Not all Israelis want more war. But Bibi needs to distract from his scandals and loss of regional influence. He’s on his back foot and risking IDF sons and fathers. Not very wise.

    So, Bibi didn’t like the Moscow results, there are some in the IDF who want to push Trump against Iran and Hezbollah, and everyone in the West wants Assad out and Syria broken up.

    Several strong causes of the Israeli mission in these suppositions.

    And now, Syria is the winner of the duel in the Palmyra skies.

    Does anyone dare test the Russian S-400s?

    Not with a manned plane.

    To fly a warplane over Syria (except for the far east border area with Iraq which has no coverage from the system in Latakia) you had better get a “hall pass” from principal Putin.

    The US military will try to create “safe zones” and bases in the East when the “shooting” stops. It will be a test of wills between Trump and Putin.

  5. “PM Medvedev was absent from the Security Council meeting,”

    Scott, why do you think Medvedev became PM again? I know there was talk of a deal in place before, with Putin representing the military, FSB, etc. and Medvedev representing the financial side. Is that still in place? Or is this some judo strategy in motion?

  6. “…interesting, that they only have images and videos of RUAf aircraft being shot down, but never Israeli’s.

    It’s almost like those journos are being warned beforehand…” Scott’s quote -.

    Do you mean Southfront is being warned ? I guess you are probably meaning Israeli news agency

    • Ann,

      It was the Turkish journalists and someone from the Anna-news who “just happened” to be in Latakia mountains to take perfect videos and images of the Sukhoi Su-24 to be shot down.

      Then they started signaling someone in the woods, showing where the pilots parachuted.
      They admitted that much!

      Then a search-and-rescue team was attacked and a Marine was killed.

      if those journos are that lucky, why wouldn’t they buy a Powerball lottery ticket?

      Southfront has nothing to do with all this. They report news, they don’t try to make them.

      • okay, sorry I misunderstood, actually I did figure it out by myself in a second read….is Anna News also Israel’s puppets ? Yeah, I was wondering if anyone got killed – the marine ? What country from ?

        I wish Israel and Iran would go at it for a couple of days, but I suppose assholes worldwide would step in.

  7. PM Medvedev was absent from the Security Council meeting, Peskov says due to him being busy.

    Most likely, because he refuses to give up his iPhone.


    • This might explain why Medvedev was “busy” …
      Liberal Democrats walk out of Duma session after corruption row with United Russia.
      (Would keep the PMs of most countries “busy”! )

      …Zhirinovsky replied by stating that half of United Russia MPs had no right to be in the State Duma hall and ordered that his party members walk out from the session in protest.

      State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin then asked the lawmakers to “calm down their emotions,” noting that to him the events looked a lot like a road rage.

      This was not the first open standoff between nationalist and populist LDPR and centrist-conservative United Russia. In September 2015, a representative of United Russia’s ally group – the United Popular Front – asked state prosecutors to discipline Zhirinovsky who had called United Russia MPs thieves and accused them of fomenting anti-government riots. At the time, all Liberal Democratic Party members also left the State Duma session hall in protest of the alleged violations during the elections in Amur Region in the Russian Far East.

      • Maybe it was just the way RT reported that story, but… no one screams “fake news!”?? Instead complaints are heard that Zhirinovsky was too mean in the way he verbally confronted the corruption (which is targeting his party)?

  8. Shot down or not is irrelevant. What is important is the fact they have been shoot at.
    This was a warning what to expect next time and think twice before conducting airstrikes in Syria. And I am quite sure they will do exactly that.

    • This is my own “one cent”
      I think Israel is practicing what I call DPS (Deep Penetration Strikes) in Syria which they may use against their bigger foe (Most likely Iran). From my own point of view I think what Israel is doing is what any calculative person would attempt against an Opponent. No real Strategist would sit still and watch a rival wax stronger in different ramifications, they would take steps to scuttle that progress if they can achieve theirs. Now for Russia’s presence, They know Russia is there and is the Sheriff in Town. What they don’t know is what Russia’s limit is for them. Most peeps think Israel would think twice after Syria’s response, I don’t think so. They would keep prodding until Russia says Stop. After which from the Israel I know Russia would still have to show they mean Stop by taking a decisive action against Israel and of course Putin has vast options to choose from.

      From an avid reader

      • There are reports that USA is presently bombing Syrian infrastructure: water plants, damns, bridges,etc. Russia could prevent these actions but has chosen not to.

        • They’ve been doing it for a last 3 years, it has not just started now. Same tactics they used when bombing Yugoslavia, Iraq. It is not just about destroying military targets but civilian infrastructure as well. Why? In order to firstly destroy economy, infrastructure and than take full control and make profits by borrowing money for rebuilding those countries, through IMF and other financial institutions under their control. They have probably miscalculated or didnt expect Russia to interfere in Syria though. Money for rebuilding Syria after war will come from China, Russia, Iran. Maybe they are aware of that and just want to make it harder for those countries to rebuild Syria.
          Same tactic is in use in Ukraine by Ukro nazis and obviously controlled and managed by Washington. Ukrops are well aware that Donetsk and Lugansk are not coming back to Ukraine and the only thing they can do is to destroy everything they can to make it harder for Russia to rebuild Donbass later on.

        • I don’t know what Russia could do exactly to stop this, but the US is very busy bombing things.
          If Syria shot down some (invading) US planes it wouldn’t bother me at all.

          Pentagon’s claim Syria mosque untouched by US airstrike challenged by devastation footage

          At least 50 killed in Aleppo mosque strike, US admit targeting building nearby

          Trump better his act together and stop US terrorism or he’s going to have huge problems.

          • The israeli attack may have had something to do with distracting attention away from what the americans are doing. It may be a provocation intended to harm the Astana negotiations. It may have been in direct support of a particular daesh grouping, or a group of their us-nato controllers. It may have been to test air defense capabilities. It may have been intended as a “fu” by israel to Russia in response israel not getting their way in netanyahoo’s recent Moscow trip. It could be all of the above.

            I believe this was the first time the israelis actually flew into Syrian airspace, rather than the flying near the border and launching stand off missiles they’ve done in the past. This takes the israeli aggression to a higher level, and mean israel is planning to get more directly involved.

            One thing is certain, the americans were notified before, and probably aided in the planning of the attack.

        • The only way to stop the US attacking nations is to jointly for Russia and China to tell them to stop. Obviously, US is challenging Russia to dare them. The involvement of China (not war) but to,be,by the side of Russia if true, is more than needed now. The U.S will continue the end goal, partitioning Syria slowly but surely. Iran must be involved too in preventing this. The US/Israel are doing what they want to do and nothing can stop them unless there is challenge from Russia, China and Iran and even other nations with one voice.

          The rigidity of Assad also costed many lives and must take responsibility. Assad could have replaced another president (pro Syria)not those fake opposition who are bought and paid for by outside. This could have shut the West up for a while wanting to remove Assad because they have no reason to complain, although their end game is partitioning Syria whether Assad is there or not. [Ron: This suggestion is UTTER BULLSHIT! Asad is NOT a dictator. He is a democratically elected leader who has the support of the Syrian government and people. Blaming assad is a fraudulent excuse for making war on Syrians.].

          • Release any idea that had Assard “gone” as the Demons (Obama/Cameron/Sarkozy/aussie-Abbott) were howling, that the situation in Syria would have been any different.
            Exhibit A: Ukraine. Yanukovych “went”, but some now blame him for not “staying”!!!!

            Remember Vicious “F* the EU” Nuland plotting: “Yats is the guy”
            Well despite being their puppet, he did not stay in favour long:

            Ukraine Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk resigns over ‘artificially created political crisis’
            Posted 11 Apr 2016
            Ukraine PM Yatsenyuk has announced his resignation in the wake of a months-long political crisis that paralysed the government and stopped the release of vital Western aid.
            Key points:
            His resignation comes weeks after surviving a non-confidence vote
            “Having done everything to ensure stability and make a smooth transition of power possible, I decided to step down from the post of Prime Minister of Ukraine,” the pro-Western leader said in a television address.
            “The political crisis in the country was created artificially. The desire to change one person blinded politicians and paralysed their political will for real change,” he said.

            And why was “Yats the guy”?: because the Demons had caused the legitimately elected president Yanukovych to flee for his life, (and was being hunted across his country by assassins, before being extracted from his country by RF special forces acting on Putin’s authority) *

            A Year After Maidan: Why Did Viktor Yanukovych Flee After Signing the Agreement With the Opposition?
            On February 22, 2014, Ukraine’s then president Viktor Yanukovych surprised the world by fleeing Kyiv, just after an agreement had been reached with the country’s opposition to put an end to several months of political crisis and protest.


            In doco: “Crimea, long way home,” Putin gives a dramatic account of the RF special forces trying to locate Yankuovych, who they knew was heading towards an armed ambush, where, Putin says, “there would be no discussions”.

      • I think so too. Usually when US starts some kind of mild provocation, it is to see how the opposite side reacts, its strength, and its military capabilities including what kind of weapons the other side uses. This gives the US in the way it will attack. US/Israel, same thing.

        The other reason for the attack could be to give reasons for US to declare direct war against Syria because of its attack against Israel. The only way US/Israel could declare war against Syria directly is by provoking it (like the US did against Japan, provocation>reaction from the other side>declaring direct war. This seems their method). They need to have reason to attack and thus it is only by provoking the opposite side.

  9. I’ve read on Sputnik News that a Zionist plane was in fact blown out of the sky by a Syrian S-200. But, of course, Israel is going to deny it. Just like they denied the previous plane that they lost last December. Admitting losses like those would be the beginning of the end for “the dream” of Greater Israel, which already took a beating on the ground in Lebanon in 2006 and in Gaza in 2014.

    Russia should respond by setting up a base with S-400s near Damascus, which would then seal off Syrian airspace to Israel. If old S-200s can shoot down their planes, they will not dare tempt fate by flying in range of S-400s. Well, unless they want to sacrifice a few pilots so they can go crying to Uncle Sam for more handouts…

  10. Foreign Ministry: Israeli aggression against Syria is flagrant defiance of Syrian sovereignty and international legitimacy

    Syria affirmed that the Israeli aggression that took place on Friday, which is a violation of international law, the UN Charter, and the sovereignty and the sanctity of Syrian territory, was not the first of its kind but is a part of a long series of attacks carried out by Israel to support its agents in the terrorist war on Syria.

    In two letters sent by the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry to the UN Secretary General and the President of Security Council, the Ministry said that in flagrant defiance of the international legitimacy and UN resolutions and the sovereignty and the inviolability of the Syrian territory, four Israeli warplanes violated the Syrian airspace in al-Breij area through the Lebanese territories at 2:40 am and targeted a military site in the eastern countryside of Homs province.

    “As part of its right to defend the sanctity of its territory, the Syrian air defense responded to this aggression and shot down one of the planes while the rest of them were forced to flee,” the Ministry added.

    The Ministry went on to say that the Syrian Arab Republic confirms that all Israeli security, military, and political resources have been harnessed directly and indirectly in order to enable terrorists to weaken Syria and to prolong the terrorist war as much as possible.

    “The Israeli aggression this morning comes as a new Israeli attempt to boost the collapsed morale of terrorist groups after they were defeated recently by the Syrian Arab Army and its allies in many areas,” the Ministry said in the letters.

    The Ministry added that Syria confirms that all the pretexts and allegations made by Israel to justify the launching of such attacks are cheap diversionary attempts that have been used every time Israel fails to justify the continuation of its illegal occupation of the Syrian Golan, the Palestinian territory, and the rest of the occupied territories in southern Lebanon.

    “Syria calls on the UN Secretary General and the President of the UNSC to condemn this blatant Israeli aggression, to force Israel to stop supporting terrorism in Syria, to implement all UNSC resolutions on counter-terrorism, including resolution No. 2253, to withdraw from the whole occupied Syrian Golan to the line of June 4th, 1967, and to implement resolution No. 497 for 1981.

    The Ministry concluded its letters by affirming that the Israeli aggressions on Syria not only threaten peace and security in the region, but also threaten security and stability in all parts of the world.”

    The Syrian government knows the score.

  11. Israel continues to try to get a war between the US/NATO and Syria going. They’ve been doing this all along since the Syria crisis started. This was the GOAL of the Syria civil war – to get the US and NATO to do to Syria what it did to Libya.

    Israel and Turkey fired into Syria numerous times to try to get Syria to fire back – but the SAA never took the bait.

    Then Obama set up the Ghouta chemical weapons false-flag attack and was within hours of attacking Syria when Putin blew that plan out of the water by getting Syria to get rid of its chemical weapons.

    Nonetheless the US continued to make “chemical weapons use” as an excuse for threats against Syria. Meanwhile, Israel repeatedly flew into Syrian territory and attacked Hizballah and Syrian targets. Again, Syria refused to fight back, knowing the goal was to start a war with Israel which would lead to US and NATO intervention.

    Then Russia entered the war in fall, 2015. That put paid to that plan.

    Now Israel continues to try to find some way to escalate tensions between Syria and Israel and get Syria blamed for some sort of “aggression” against Israel in order to convince Trump to attack Syria.

    Syria probably responded this time with their anti-aircraft systems because they knew Russia would have their diplomatic – and potentially military – back.

    All of this is just setting up the pre-conditions for a war with Iran, which are 1) degrade Syria’s military, and then 2) degrade Hizballah’s ability to be an effective actor in an Iran war.

    The fact that Israel continues to launch attacks into Syria and threaten a war with Lebanon clearly shows they have not abandoned their plans, regardless of the difficulty of actually implementing them.

    Once Syria, Iran, Russia and Hizballah end the Syrian civil war, Israel will have to make a decision whether to unilaterally attack Syria and Lebanon – or give up their plans for an Iran war.

    The question remains whether the US military-industrial complex and the neocons can convince or bully Trump into starting an Iran war.

  12. Less-Than-Friendly Fire: US Conducts Too Many ‘Mistaken’ Airstrikes in Syria

    “These mistaken air strikes take place very often. Of course, this is a war and this is a battlefield, where anything can happen. But the frequency of such ‘mistakes’ that lead to dozens of deaths among civilians and Syrian Army soldiers and their allies, is very annoying both to me and other people,” he said.

    “It seems to me that no one can guarantee that this will not happen again. I suspect that such ‘mistakes’ will occur regularly,” according to Juma.

    He also noted that the mainstream media as a rule prefers to shift the blame for similar air strikes to Russia and the Syrian Army, in an apparent bid to demonize the political image of Moscow and Damascus.

    “[When such incidents occur] the Western media quickly attacks Russia and they don’t care about the fact that half an hour after an incident, there will be thousands of confirmations that it was the US or the terrorists who did it. The main thing is that the ‘demonic’ background [the scapegoating of Russia and the Syrian Army] has been established. Regrettably, this is how mainstream media currently works,” Juma said.”


    Top 3 Most Notorious MSM Fake News Tactics From the Syrian War

    “With the Russian military actively fighting to help free Syria from terrorism, and simultaneously sending dozens of tons of aid, providing medical assistance and sappers to demine liberated cities, Konashenkov couldn’t hide his indignation about the defamatory content of many media reports. These, he said are equivalent “to a garbage pile of fakes and bare-faced lies, for which colossal budgets have been spent.”

    ‘Russian Madmen Deliberately Target Schools and Hospitals’

    When the Western media referred to the London Observatory for Human Rights in Syria, a normal human causes only laughter
    — ivan poddubniy (@solnzedar) December 12, 2016

    Syrian Observatory of Human Rights is run by one man. Based in the UK. He was jailed 3 times while in Syria and once after leaving.
    — Taz (@TazMort) December 19, 2016

    The Award for Best Actor Goes to…

    Ironically, the White Helmets even won the Oscar for best short documentary film last month. But as the mounting evidence against them suggests, the award they really deserved was for best fiction screenplay.

    Social media and independent journalists discovered the group’s ties to jihadists, their mysterious connections to British intelligence, and gathered photos of them posing with Nusra Front fighters, and toting automatic weapons to boot, indicating that many seemed to serve as fighters by day, PR stuntmen by night.

    Child Abuse

    The messages were written in excellent English, with Bana publishing up to 120 messages a day from a part of the city known not to have access to electricity. In early 2017, Bana and her family moved to Turkey, where she met with President Recep Tayyip.

    Reporters soon began discovering holes in Bana’s story, finding out that the little girl couldn’t speak English. That in turn has led to concerns that she may have been manipulated, with others calling her use for propaganda purposes blatant child abuse. Others pointed out that her father was a member of the ‘Al Safwah Battalions’, an Islamist group supported by Ankara. Unfortunately, by the time the discoveries were made, the Aleppo campaign was over and the media turned its attention elsewhere.

    Evidence of this disgusting tactic was also demonstrated with Omran Daqneesh, the little Aleppo boy in an ambulance whose shocked and bloodied image went viral around the world. Rights activists had said that the boy had been the victim of a Russian airstrike one fateful August evening. President Bashar Assad angered reporters when he said that the image was a fake. But social media again soon discovered that the president was right all along.

    Ultimately, the pattern emerging from all these accusations, whether from Coventry-based rights groups, jihadist-affiliated ‘rescue workers’, or the accounts of certain social media celebrities, is as follows: the claim is made, the MSM takes the story and runs with it, Damascus and/or Russia disprove the allegations, the MSM forgets the story and moves on to something new. Unfortunately, as is often the case, the refutation often gets much less attention than the initial accusation. And that, most likely, is what those waging this information war against Syria and Russia seem to be counting on.”

    Of course that is what the israelis and their colonials are counting on. It is their standard propaganda routine. They honed this sort of fakery in the 2008 5 Day War. The “oscar for al qaida” also shows how deeply institutionally involved the zionist Jewish media mafia is in this disgusting psywar.

  13. RT also has a couple articles up about the propaganda machine worth reading.

    Aleppo mosque airstrike controversy: ‘US only considers sources credible when it suits them’

    “Conflicting reports on an alleged airstrike on an Aleppo mosque won’t change the Pentagon’s attitude towards the various shady “activist” groups they cite as “reliable” sources when it suits them, says retired US AF Lieutenant Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski.”

    Russia accused of US strike in Syria: ‘80 percent of MSM stories on Mideast wars is fake news’

    “The US claimed it didn’t target the mosque but was targeting a site 15 meters away.

    Meanwhile, multiple media outlets accused Russia. While some of them blamed Moscow right in the headline, others were more careful deciding to remind readers about accusations of Syrian and Russian strikes from the past, under a entirely different subtitle “US air raids.”

    And some of the news outlets haven’t fixed the claims even after Centcom’s statement.

    RT asked analysts what they make of such media coverage.”

    Basically, the zionazis and their colonials simply keep piling on the bs, relying upon their audiences having the memory span of a house fly. That short attention span being something the zionazis, along with the capitalist right, socially engineered in their people.

  14. There are ‘protests’ going on in Belarus. Judging by the articles in RFE it is clear that state department is behind it. However there is almost nil coverage in western MSM. Saker could you please shed some light.

  15. It’s unimportant…

    And discussion frozen by the fevered devotions that people have to their a-priori stories (delusions). Such as “jewish conspiracies”…and silly conflation between zionist nazis and orthodox Jewish behaviors. Beside, it too late for dialogue, even if possible, to affect the outcome.

    What is important is that the shoe is about to drop on the end of a 500 year + period. Shoe? War between the old and the new over the matter of moral compass and canon. Probably days away…

    While the outcome is decided, it is unknowable at this time – because no op-plan survives first contact.

    So, I shall, I expect, read Saker, but consider it a waste of time to write anything further – since story overpowers logic and worthwhile dialogue.

    Bye! Have nice war, friends.

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