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What Do You Get When You Cross COVIDCon With Communism?
By Becky Ayres
Jun 16, 2021 - 9:56:08 PM

June 16th 2021


Many of you write that you are frightfully discouraged and depressed after 15 months of COVIDCon-and who can blame you? Not only did politicians and bureaucrats raze our lives with the enthusiastic cooperation of virtually all corporations (which grew into the behemoths they are because of our patronage, thus adding insult to injury), the mainstream media, and-unforgivably-"Christian" churches (at least so-called), but far too many of our fellow serfs allowed and even encouraged that destruction.

Yet some of you have had it worse than others. Imagine suffering through this last year by yourself, thousands of miles from your beloved spouse. That's the situation for one of LRC's readers I'll call Adam. His wife is Venezuelan, and she was visiting family there when the government unleashed COVIDCon. Yes, Venezuela, Marxist dystopia where folks starve to death while Maduro fumbles from one commie policy to the next.

I pray for Adam and Eva daily, asking the Lord to smite every politician and bureaucrat putting asunder what He has joined together. I've redoubled those prayers since receiving Adam's latest email with its personal and heartbreaking witness to the toll Marxism exacts from its victims:

[Eva] was hospitalized a few days earlier with an infection of the cartilage between three of her vertebrae, apparently an after-affect of the COVID she had last Fall.

Mere separation wasn't enough: poor Eva sickened with her adored husband unable to fly to her aid thanks to closed borders.

She was in absolute agony and was prescribed medicine and physical therapy at home.  I ran into a situation I've been struggling with mightily since she's been gone, and that's the ability to send her extra money for emergencies.  I thank the Lord that we were able to buy some great health insurance for her and the family down there (you DO NOT want to be without health insurance in Venezuela right now; Socialists, once they run out of other people's money to steal, renege on their promises of goodies like "free health care for everyone," and that's what the Maduro regime has done.  Unless you can afford health insurance and private hospitals, you'll die of neglect in the public ones!) but the insurance didn't cover her special medicine or physical therapy this time ... Fortunately, I've been able to send her money, with the help of family...

When I asked Adam for permission to share this tragedy on LRC, he responded,

ANYTHING that will help people to really understand what life under full-blown Marxist Socialism is really like (sometimes I think the MAJORITY Just. Don't. Get. It - and that applies to many "libertarians," too).  No one will truly understand until they've lived through it, but I think that everyone here in the USSA is about to get a firehose full of it soon, if present trends continue.

Please join me in upholding this couple before God's throne while also praying for revival in our country. We cannot battle Satanic Marxism without a firm foundation in Christ's Gospel. Only a Biblical and Christian people will reject as sinful the greed, envy, and exploitation on which communism thrives.


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