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Welfare Programs - Thoughts by "James"
By James
Dec 6, 2011 - 1:34:49 AM

A comment on the article  " Let's be Realistic about Ron Paul" on

James said (December 6, 2011):

I wanted to reply to Jason ranting about welfare programs.

the "entitlement" mantra is a mind control op that has been run on the public.

In a free system the notions about welfare would be correct but this is not a free system. For example, a person has no moral mandate to feed the birds. But that changes the moment you decide to keep one in a cage. Starting with the enclosure movement, mankind was kicked off the land and herded into a controlled grid. This is a human farm. And
a farmer does have a responsibility to feed his cows.

It is illegal to live outside the system. So when that system is
intentionally sabotaged, leaving million without work, food, homes, etc -Yes, society certainly does have an ethical responsibility to care for the injured - people who are victims of a disaster as surely as those injured in an earthquake or at ground zero.

This is one more area of untruth coming out of Ron Paul. Rather than entirely repudiate the debt, he is talking about spending which will only come down to austerity in the end. I note that his son Rand proposed to entirely shut down HUD which houses millions of people.
This is not truth - this is cruel and demonic.

I recall in the movie "Gangs of New York" the line something like "you can always pay 1/2 of the poor to butcher the other 1/2". And it seems true enough.

The patriot movement, tea party, etc likes to wrap itself in the flag
as though they represent virtue itself - but; little secret.- its more
akin to a whore wrapped in an expensive fur. The motives are not pure
- it is not the love at truth at work here. Rather its a case where
millions of people have been clued into the fact that they personally have been screwed by the system. And they want to fight back - and the media has been busy egging them on to do so.

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