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Political Information Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Wealth Concentration Drives a New Global Imperialism
By Peter Phillips with comments by Ron
Mar 18, 2019 - 12:18:26 AM

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March 13th, 2019

Regime changes in Iraq and Libya, Syria's war, Venezuela's crisis, sanctions on Cuba, Iran, Russia, and North Korea are reflections of a new global imperialism imposed by a core of capitalist nations in support of trillions of dollars of concentrated investment wealth. This new world order of mass capital has become a totalitarian empire of inequality and repression.

The global 1%, comprised of over 36-million millionaires and 2,400 billionaires, employ their excess capital with investment management firms like BlackRock and J.P Morgan Chase. The top seventeen of these trillion-dollar investment management firms controlled $41.1 trillion dollars in 2017. These firms are all directly invested in each other and managed by only 199 people who decide how and where global capital will be invested. Their biggest problem is they have more capital than there are safe investment opportunities, which leads to risky speculative investments, increased war spending, privatization of the public domain, and pressures to open new capital investment opportunities through political regime changes.

Power elites in support of capital investment are collectively embedded in a system of mandatory growth. Failure for capital to achieve continuing expansion leads to economic stagnation, which can result in depression, bank failures, currency collapses, and mass unemployment. Capitalism is an economic system that inevitably adjusts itself via contractions, recessions, and depressions.

[Ron: These statements encapsulate the reasons why we need to eliminate the money meme from human consciousness and to replace it with sharing, careing and gifting societal mechanisms for the effective creation, distribution and exchange of the goods and services needed for abundant human living and proper protection of the planet and its ecosystems.

The money meme creates the false consciousness that drives the motivation of power elites who create the capital accumulation and investment memes that birth and sustain the usurious banking and corporatist mechanisms that collectively embed in the human psyche and society generally, the insane concept that endless, mandatory physical growth is required to sustain civilisation on this finite world. Why? Because the socio-economic PONZI scheme based on usurious money creation and distribution demands continual capital expansion, ie continuous increases in the "money" supply. The money meme has spawned the ideology that inter-personal and inter-societal competition, as opposed to co-operation, is necessary for the creation of a comfortable and prosperous human life. It isn't. In effect Capitalist ideology implies perpetual stress, conflict and warfare. The Capitalist competition meme drives the zero sum game that Capitalism epitomises.

Capitalist socio-economic ideology requires that individual humans become depersonalised and atomised. Humans are reduced to being spiritually mindless competing economic units rather than human beings. The result is that human individuals  become increasingly isolated and alienated from their true selves and each other. This isolation and separation occurs even within familes and extended families as well as in wider community groups and nations. This destroys the spiritual core of what makes us human beings to the extenrt that ultimately we can cease to be indwelt by a fragment of Creator consciousness, ie we become less than human.

The absurdity of Capitalist ideology becomes obvious when you analyse the meaning and effect of the statement: 'Capitalism is an economic system that inevitably adjusts itself via contractions, recessions, and depressions.

WHY should ANY rational community accept and operate a system that INEVITABLY requires periodic bank failures, currency collapses and mass unemployment with the inevitable stress, turmoil, poverty and pain those results inflict on most members of the community? Insanity is said to be doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different outcome every time. Sooo, why do human societies on this planet continue to support Capitalism which allows a small minority of humans to operate a monetary system that INEVITABLY results in enormous wealth and affluence for a few; and  STRESS, MISERY, POVERTY AND DEATH for many? Are most of the population so stupid that they cannot perceive that 'Capitalism' is not working for them? OR are they all just masochists?

If you want to change the outcome Pilgrims, you have to change the input. The first step is to acknowledge that usurious banking is an enslavement tool designed to control, enslave and eventually destroy human beings for the benefit of a tiny group of banksters and corporatists, and their minions. The next step is to eliminate that usurious banking system. The third step is to eliminate the possibility for ANYONE in the community to be able to exercise the power to create and distribute, or hoard, the tokens generally agreed by the community to represent 'money'. Finally, once the community has sufficiently experienced prosperity and abundance in a society that doesn't use money other than as a tool for facilitating the creation, distribution and exchange of goods and services, the members of that community can agree to eliminate the money meme altogether and live a genuinely communal sharing, careing and gifting lifestyle.].

Power elites are entrapped [Ron: ?!?] in a web of enforced growth that requires ongoing global management and the formation of new and ever expanding capital investment opportunities. This forced expansion becomes a worldwide manifest destiny that seeks total capital domination in all regions of the earth and beyond.

Sixty percent of the core 199 global power elite managers are from the US, with people from twenty capitalist nations rounding out the balance. These power elite managers and associated one percenters take active part in global policy groups and governments. They serve as advisors to the IMF, World Trade Organization, World Bank, International Bank of Settlements, Federal Reserve Board, G-7 and the G-20. Most attend the World Economic Forum. Global power elites engage actively on private international policy councils such as the Council of Thirty, Trilateral Commission, and the Atlantic Council. Many of the US global elites are members of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Business Roundtable in the US. The most important issue for these power elites is protecting capital investment, insuring debt collection, and building opportunities for further returns.

The global power elite are aware of their existence as a numerical minority in the vast sea of impoverished humanity. Roughly 80% of the world's population lives on less than ten dollars a day and half live on less than three dollars a day. Concentrated global capital becomes the binding institutional alignment that brings transnational capitalists into a centralized global imperialism facilitated by world economic/trade institutions and protected by the US/NATO military empire. This concentration of wealth leads to a crisis of humanity, whereby poverty, war, starvation, mass alienation, media propaganda, and environmental devastation have reached levels that threaten humanity's future [Ron: and the existance of this planet.] .

The idea of independent self-ruling nation-states has long been held sacrosanct in traditional liberal capitalist economies. However, globalization has placed a new set of demands on capitalism that requires transnational mechanisms to support continued capital growth that is increasingly beyond the boundaries of individual states. The financial crisis of 2008 was an acknowledgement of the global system of capital under threat. These threats encourage the abandonment of nation-state rights altogether and the formation of a global imperialism that reflects new world order requirements for protecting transnational capital.

Institutions within capitalist countries including government ministries, defense forces, intelligence agencies, judiciary, universities and representative bodies, recognize to varying degrees that the overriding demands of transnational capital spill beyond the boundaries of nation-states. The resulting worldwide reach motivates a new form of global imperialism that is evident by coalitions of core capitalist nations engaged in past and present regime change efforts via sanctions, covert actions, co-options, and war with non-cooperating nations-Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea and Russia.

The attempted coup in Venezuela shows the alignment of transnational capital-supporting states in recognizing the elite forces that oppose Maduro's socialist presidency. A new global imperialism is at work here, whereby Venezuela's sovereignty is openly undermined by a capital imperial world order that seeks not just control of Venezuela's oil, but a full opportunity for widespread investments through a new regime.

The widespread corporate media negation of the democratically elected president of Venezuela demonstrates that these media are owned and controlled by ideologists for the global power elite. Corporate media today is highly concentrated and fully international. Their primary goal is the promotion of product sales and pro-capitalist propaganda through the psychological control of human desires, emotions, beliefs, fears, and values. Corporate media does this by manipulating feelings and cognitions of human beings worldwide, and by promoting entertainment as a distraction to global inequality.

Recognizing global imperialism as a manifestation of concentrated wealth, managed by a few hundred people, is of utmost importance for democratic humanitarian activists.  We must stand on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and challenge global imperialism and its fascist governments, media propaganda, and empire armies

[Ron: I disagree. This statement misstates the truth of the situation. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is NOT the basis of our rights as sovereign human beings. Our sovereignty stems from our being sons and daughters of god, indwelt by a fragment of Creator consciousness. Like the UN itself, the UN Declaration of Human Rights is a man made artifact, not a divine creation. Moreover, the Declaration, like the UN, was created by Talmudists for the purposes of global control of humans on this planet. ANY man-made legislated "RIGHT" can be revoked by man-made legislation whereas God given rights cannot be erased. Be aware also, that the UN is clearly corrupt and not fit for purpose and will therefore soon be abolished. When that happens, its corrupt authority will cease with it.].

[Colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].

Peter Phillips is a professor of Sociology at Sonoma State University, and former director of of Media Freedom Foundation/Project Censored. He wrote his dissertation on the Bohemian Club in 1994. Read other articles by Peter, or visit Peter's website.


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