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"We House-Arrested Some Folks!"
By Tom Luongo with comments by Ron
Sep 21, 2020 - 1:39:16 AM


Being a vandal and a politician, but I repeat myself, means having zero shame.

Case in point the leadership of the City of Nashville. They were caught red-handed suppressing the data of COVID-19 transmissions to support their draconian business closure edicts.

And yet they still persist in demanding citizens commit economic hari kiri and cover their faces to keep them from losing theirs.

Having first implemented contact tracing measures of dubious legality and then finding out that bars and restaurants were not major vectors of virus transmission the Mayor's Office chose to keep this information from the public, according to a report from local FOX 17 news.

This is yet another example of a Democrat Mayor in a major U.S. city acting suspiciously during a public health situation which has turned our entire society upside down.

And it is not hard to believe that it was done for purely political purposes.

Mayor Bill DeBlasio in New York City still doesn't want the city to return to any semblance of normalcy because he's still hoping that the second wave of COVID-19 will sweep through, like the Angel of Death during Passover, and smite all the non-believers into oblivion, or at least scare them enough not to vote for Donald Trump.

It is truly sickening to watch this pathetic psycho-drama play out and it means there should be criminal charges filed against cities and states which caused material harm to millions of Americans during this sad period of U.S. history.

Trump the Second doesn't go far enough in his condemnation of this behavior. It isn't just jobs and/or businesses. Those jobs and businesses represent significant portions of people's lives.

Property isn't just some artificial construct of the patriarchy it is truly a physical manifestation of a person's past decisions with his most precious natural resource... time.

And the Mayor's office of Nashville decided to value that time and effort of countless people as worth nothing in the face of his political needs to oust Donald Trump from power.

Criminal charges for the Mayor and his staff is a bare minimum for this. Then the civil suits to bankrupt him and his staff to make the barest minimum of restitution.

This story broke at the same time that Attorney General, William Barr put these lock downs in their proper legal and historical context. Barr understands just what was done here and is willing to say what needs to be said.

Barr's point isn't just valid it is the only reasonable way to look at the willful destruction of millions of lives by government edict. Like it or not slavery was a feature of the time it was practiced in the U.S.

It's still practiced today in parts of the world, FYI. But all we can do here in the U.S. is screech incoherently about rectifying a past through some adolescent purity test.

But, slavery is also fundamentally alive in the misbegotten ideas behind the social contract which states that the society has a claim against another man's labor that isn't accounted for in his previously-engaged economic transactions.

[Ron: The real joke being perpetrated by the Libtard Democrats and BLMers is that the REDISTRIBUTION of wealth they insist upon constitutes covert enslavement of those whose wealth they seek to purloin.].

It is patent nonsense promulgated through neo-Keynesian economists and neo-Marxists who argue government's role is to account for unpaid externalities of the free market.

What they fail to mention is that it is government itself which creates those unpaid externalities by writing rules which allow actors - be they corporations, city governments or individuals - to be exempt from the harm they cause and socializing the costs.

It is this fundamental tautology that under-girds the entire edifice of the Progressive's obsession with taxes. Moreover, by creating these centralized systems of regulation they remove the free market's ability to accurately price any of these so-called unpaid externalities in the first place.

This is why, in the end, every government intervention into the free market eventually necessitates a even greater one in the future to fix the mess created by the previous one.

No other institution of modern society is more indicative of this than the government's police forces. And it is for this reason that I'm happy to have the conversation about reforming and re-imagining our policing practices here in the U.S.

[Ron: Policing, like all community functions should primarily be a LOCAL function, organised, staffed, managed and paid for by local communities. It should not be organised and controlled on a  centralised basis.].

Not the least of which reason is that it gives shameless vandals like Bill DeBlasio untold power to inflict mindless tyranny on a citizenry he openly despises.

Slavery is an abhorrent institution. No man should have to live under the boot heel of another. It doesn't all of a sudden become the height of morality because 50.001% of a population showed up at a particular time to pick a person to decide on who holds society's shackles.

[Ron: The Libtard cultural Marxist attitude to slavery is a glib joke. USans and almost everyone else in our world is/are enslaved by banksters who extort, via fraudulent currency creation, usury and fractional reserve banking, more from the labour of everyone except themselves and their plutoctratic brethren, than feudal lords were able to extract from serfs in Medieval times. To achieve this the banksters fomented the American Civil War in order to replace chattel slavery with free range serfdom. See eg: The Matrix, the Strawman and WHO You Are -

Moreover USans and people in many other nations are also covertly and unlawfully enslaved from birth via a scam based on birth certificates. See eg: An Investigative Report Re the US Strawman UCC/Redemption Process By Barton A. Buhtz See:].

Now, Bill Barr is no raging libertarian or anything but he is fundamentally right when he says that locking down entire populations, putting them effectively under house arrest is wrong. It's not for the government to decide how much risk you can or should take in any situation like this.

And Barr holding up this end of the argument is frankly refreshing, because while there may have been truly terrifying consequences had COVID-19 turned out to be close to as deadly as advertised, the long-term costs for those who survive it are immeasurable and, frankly, unacceptable in any way if we are to still consider ourselves a free and liberal society.

[Ron: I understand that COVID is not a deadly virus. The original virus was created by the Talmudic cabal and weaponised. It was deactivated and now the phenomenon is just a typical cold virus. Apparently this planet is being subjected to increased doses of gamma radiation from the centre of the galaxy via the Sun and probably from Space Fleet sources as well. That radiation can have harmful effects on people with compromised immune systems and/or defective DNA. That's why sick and elderly people are the main ones adversely affected by this radiation.

The only genuine tests being administered currently are designed to assess the negative effects of strong incoming gamma radiation. Such radiation constitutes higher vibrational information and is designed to lift consciousness levels on this planet. Those vibrational  effects will have varying consequences depending on the state of mind and being of each individual. Negative effects of gamma radiation on human individuals can be exacerabated by the individual's mental state.  As with other negative psychic effects; eg having a Kurdaicha Man point the bone at an individual - FEAR can cause serious illness or death. Many in politics, medicine and the MSM appear to have ramped up fear of COVID-19 to produce such negative effects. Moreover, in some places those negative effects appear to have been exacerbated by political decisions to ISOLATE people and to confine seriously ill people with comobidities to care homes etc. Also inapproprriate medical treatment using ventalitors; and/or rejecting early usage of useful drugs like hydroxychloroquine plus azithromycin plus zinc etc may have increased fear and caused negative physical effects on individuals].

And it's clear from the hysterics over his comments that his political opponents are more than happy to throw that freedom under the bus to achieve their political goals, i.e. ousting him and President Trump from power.

Having destroyed a lot of the connective tissue of the U.S. economy and society the vandals in charge of this operation continue their shameless pursuit of leveraging their unpriced externalities to the limit to exercise their power.

It is everywhere we look today and it's why I continue to tell people that the only way out of this is through it, to continue looking for inflection points in the Culture War that are resonant and keep stocking up on those things you can control and which only you are responsible for.

[Ron: Actually this COVID nonsense is the last chance the global population will have to start contemplating their navels and learning to THINK about their lives, the universe and everything. THIS chaotic period should shake up sclerotic mind sets caused by the Talmudic social engineering that has controlled our world for centuries. Those who avail themselves of the opportunity to reflect on their lives and adjust their mental landscape in order to focus upon spiritual evolvement will stay with and rehabilitate this planet after the coming Magnetic Reversal and stasis. There is no need to worry about the final outcome, President Trump and the Triodity will ensure that this planet will segue into the fulness of Christ Michael Aton's Millennial Reign.].

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And you wonder why this blog is called Gold Goats ‘n Guns?

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