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Political Information Last Updated: Jul 27, 2021 - 2:47:15 AM

Want to See Election Fraud in 24 Hours? Send Us Your Data!
By Jay Valentine
Jul 27, 2021 - 2:45:32 AM

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July 26th 2021


Lots of people are looking for election fraud in the 2020 election.

Our team is delivering the means of stopping election fraud in 2022 and beyond by giving citizen groups real-time visibility to voter registration rolls.

Voter registration rolls are the general ledger for election fraud.

Whether the fraud is Jesse Morgan's truck delivering 100,000 ballots or Atlanta girls running ballots multiple times through the machines or somebody adding more votes to every candidate - votes must eventually tally up to voter registration rolls.

A secretary of state or county election official allows the dead to vote for decades.  With the dead, there are felons; people who live in postal boxes; and, in a recent case, a young man who apparently lives in a power plant.

Thousands of voters are added ninety days before the election, then mysteriously removed right after the election.

Voter fraud comes in many forms.  It is all over the place.  It is really hard for any citizen to see quickly, simply.  That's why it has worked so well for thirty years, especially in 2020.

Until now.

It was a rainy Sunday evening when the call came from attorneys at a large midwestern state.  They had millions of voter records they needed to process to identify starting points for voter fraud.  They want to drive a statewide election audit.

They were told it would cost them almost a million dollars, take months to process, and maybe there might be something there.  Maybe.  They did not have the dough or the time.

They contacted us after reading our pieces on American Thinker and thought we might be a last resort.

We loaded their 8 million voter records in less than 11 seconds.  That's not a typo.  We worked with their gnarly data files to put them in order.  That took a few hours.

They asked if there was anything we could show them before October.

Well, yes.  Let's have a call Monday night - 19 hours later.  We will run all your data, at silicon speed (that is faster than an eye blink), and show you about anything you want to see in your data.  Let's go!

So what did we find?

This is the really fun part; they had to see it to believe it.  And they did.

We started with a list of queries from the Gateway Pundit.

Ballots received before they were mailed?  Tens of thousands!

Wow, let's do it by county.  Found they mostly came from a few places.  Who knew?

Ballots mailed, received, filled in, mailed back, received - the same day.  Thousands more!  The U.S. Postal Service must be on roller skates in this state!

Felons in the voter list?  Yup!  All over the place.  Voters who lived in mailboxes?  Here they are, just a click away.  Let's look at college dorms and see if their occupants voted, particularly since all the colleges were closed at that time.

You guessed it!  Those college kids voted in droves.  Pretty cool, since the dorms were closed due to COVID.

We can't name the state, since its attorneys are on fire with this new data weapon.  These people are using this data to force an audit.

But we can name another state: Michigan.

Those data came to us from a concerned citizen in December.  We ran them, and our tech guys, who are completely apolitical, said it was nonsense because none of the data matched up.  At least a lot of it did not.  We put it aside.

After we did our recent state, the data guys understood that the Michigan data were not screwed up - rather, they had so much identifiable "anomaly" in them that they made sense only when looked at through an election fraud lens.

We do not call anomalies "fraud."  Sometimes a guy living in a power plant may be a typo.  When hundreds do, maybe you want to look into it.

Tens of thousands of Michigan ballots were received before they were mailed.  Enough "anomaly" to have a data analyst fired from a third-rate college course if he ever brought these kinds of files to a data course.  There was more, much more.

Word quickly got out, and we now have seven states' voter registration data.

Using fractal programming, a new programming paradigm, we showed these citizens their data at silicon speed within a day or two.

No charge for the test.  Eventually, the vendors need to be paid, but no charge to find out if there is anything in there.  By the way, there is!

Jovan Pulitzer does magic with paper.  Fractal programming does magic with large, complex data.  We do not find everything; we find the stuff hiding in plain sight in everyone's registration and cast ballot data, hidden by size and complexity.

We find those 42,000 voters the secretary of state added 45 days before the election and removed two weeks after they voted.

We find the people living in P.O. boxes.  We show the actual building, a power plant, the fake address being used by over 75 people.  And we do it in a second or two.

The real payoff is not just finding enough fraud, in plain sight, to start an audit in almost any state.

The benefit is giving citizens visibility to the election fraud infrastructure built up over forty years in registration lists and the wherewithal to eliminate it - thus stopping much of the election fraud in 2022 and beyond.

Have election registration data?  Send them in!

Jay Valentine led the team that built the eBay fraud detection and the TSA No-Fly List.  You can contact Jay at  Jay's website is and

Image: cagdesign via PixabayPixabay License.

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