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Political Information Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

WWII Another NWO Coordinated War
Jul 11, 2019 - 3:34:45 AM

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Any student of the actual motivation for relentless war has a minimum understanding that empires fight for world domination. Sadly, very few are aware that these authoritarian regimes are not simply battling each other for supremacy. The reality is that the ultimate game plan is to establish and consolidate a New World Order AMONG these belligerent factions. The jingoism and imperialism of the British Crown, the Germany Third Reich, the Soviet Siberian Stalinism, the Japanese Imperium, the Maoist Red Chinese; and yes, the hegemony of the 'Pax Amerika', all share in the objective of world dominion. Banksters and corporatists cross all borders and foster a legacy of subjugation that seeks global enslavement that eagerly enables empires.

Most have heard about IBM's supplying Nazi Germany with the technology to track populations. Francie Grace in an essay, IBM And Nazi Germany, cites the investigative research of Edwin Black.

"Historians working as part of Black's research team said that in the paperback they had pieced together the previously fragmented story of IBM's role in supplying the organizational machinery used to transport millions of people to (alleged) Brian.  Polish death camps.

Black and his researchers said recently discovered Nazi government documents in the U.S. National Archives and Polish eyewitness testimony link IBM's U.S. operations directly to the operations of the Third Reich in occupied Poland."

While this account may not stir all observers, the lasting significance is that corporate technology is often designed and applied to advance the next stage of NWO consolidation. For additional evidence, review and examine the historical examples in the article, IBM, NSA, GCHQ faked the "Colossus" codebreaker computer at Bletchley Park.

"In a bizarrely spun, morally disinfected, and innocuous sounding statement, Willy Heidinger, DEHOMAG's [IBM] German Executive is cited as having made the following remark, upon the inauguration of a DEHOMAG center in Berlin, in January of 1934.

Heidinger is cited saying. "[t]he physician examines the human body and determines whether... all organs are working to the benefit of the entire organism." ... "We [Dehomag] are very much like the physician, in that we dissect, cell by cell, the German cultural body. We report every individual characteristic... on a little card. These are not dead cards, quite to the contrary, they prove later on that they come to life when the cards are sorted at a rate of 25,000 per hour according to certain characteristics. "These characteristics are grouped like the organs of our cultural body, and they will be calculated and determined with the help of our tabulating machine"... "We are proud that we may assist in such task, a task that provides our nation's Physician [Adolf Hitler] with the material he needs for his examinations"

It is impossible to ignore that WWII was a well staged and planned conflict designed to kill millions of the unnecessary hordes, who might be likely to challenge the integration of the supra elite cabal. To the victor belongs the spoils had a new twist in the nuclear age. Applying surveillance, spying, despotic and totalitarian technology to global administration has developed as a primary tool within the New World Order.

How and by what means did this system expand? From the same source in the American Intelligence Media, article Patriots for Truth, thief of technology is a proven method.

"The NSA/C.I.A., GCHQ/MI-6 and IBM united in 1946 to engage in mind control that is being implemented on social networking technology stolen from Columbus Ohio inventor Leader Technologies. AFI. (Aug. 24, 2017). Deep State's Maj. Gen. James E. Freeze and law professor James P. Chandler stole Leader Technologies invention to implement C.I.A. mind control thru social networking. Americans for Innovation."

Well, this approach to pick the fruit from the toxic tree, maybe the only protection there is to abstain from eating the poison. World War II altered centuries of a system of sovereign states and substituted the genesis of a global union under the aegis of a fabricated and imposed cultural standard. The United Nations is no more a federation of brotherhoods than elections are a reflection of democratic principles.

The European Union originated its loose association some seventy years ago. In recent years a tyrannical arrangement emerged as a despotism that would make any national socialist proud. So if you still believe that America defeated the Nazis, face the cold hard facts that the real purpose of ravaging Europe was to achieve circumstances that would make world government acceptable to the masses.

The campaigns in Asia during WWII were intended to set the stage for future clashes so that the global cartel could expand their reach under a pretense that competing regimes and new enemies require military conflicts. The true analysis is that internationalists have flocked to Asia to transfer manufacturing, high tech production and jobs away from Western enterprises.

Next the Middle East invasion has been devised to keep attention away from the corporatist coordinated conspiracy of global feudalism. Constant war is the proven and preferable tactic for imposing fear that requires higher mutations expenditures and expanded warfare.

World War II was also fought to establish the Zionist State of Israel. In no small way the globalism oppression and extortion that Western nation's experience can be traced to that IBM tabulating machine which was the forerunner of what evolved into the social network.

As the signals spy networks developed into the cyberspace super highway, this road originated with the WWII Colossus, first British large-scale electronic computer and the American ENIAC, the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer. The destination of this evolving computer network leads to the final destruction of traditional values and permanent cultural principles.

The New World Order demands total social compliance and threatens the elimination into a black hole, any dissenters who challenge the global gulag. WWII is routinely called "The Good War". This expression is used as a justification to conduct empire hostilities. Ever since, overseas adventurism has become the basis for foreign policy. Only the NWO profits from battlefields of carnage.

SARTRE  - July 9, 2019

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