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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

By iamae -
Dec 13, 2013 - 3:52:10 PM

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by iamae , Russell Island, Australia, Tuesday, December 10, 2013, 02:17
edited by iamae, Tuesday, December 10, 2013, 02:23

Hi Guys,

Some weird stuff occurring around 16 dec.

End date of Mayan Calender.

We got a load of people heading to South Africa for Nelson Mandela Funeral


Deepest Mine in the world location:

A story came out today about Prince Harry not being able to make the South Pole by 16 Dec, so they have sent vehicles in to move his party 100 miles forward, so they will make it by 16 Dec.

There is also this weird monument in South Africa that has a focus around 16 Dec

also heard that congress is closing this weekend on Friday for a long weekend holiday, cant find the link where i read that.

then we have this

This is an article from AVCOM - an aviation website where people involved in flying get together to chat ( [link to] It was published the day before Mandela died.

In view of Nelson's passing last night this posting has sent chills up my spine. How accurate this report has been and it was written before Nelson passed on! I have to agree that Nelson has probably been clinically dead for some months, but has been kept alive by machines. What excellent timing to take the heat off Zumaville?
Read the article below and do some logical thinking.....!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~​ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~​ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~​ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Subject: Cancellation of the Ysterplaat air show.
Certainly plenty of truth in what is written here.

Cancellation of the Ysterplaat air show.

Re: Ysterplaat Wings and Wheels: What to expect!!!!

Unread postby CV580 » Wed Dec 04, 2013 10:30 pm

Team ALARM has been of the opinion that Nelson Mandela, for all practical purposes, died quite a while ago. For months not one person came forward to say that they saw him. We do however have reason to suspect that he is kept alive by machines, but that for all practical reasons he became brain dead several months ago. There are a several indications that his death might officially be announced very soon.

The funeral of this very popular statesman will attract dignitaries from each and every country in the world. Up to now, the home town of Nelson Mandela, near Mtahata, could not have handled a state funeral of this magnitude. In 2009 Mthata was declared a “Rapid High Impact Presidential Intervention Node” and a serious effort was started to improve the transport, roads, electricity articulation and water provision in the greater Mthata area. The new extended runway at Mthata airport was taken into service at the end of May 2013 and the upgraded roads and electricity infrastructure was completed a month ago.

Everywhere that important people and tourists might drive or move has been upgraded and repaired. Even some of the gravel roads have been extensively repaired and re-topped. Together with the new roads, bridges and electricity, there are also new petrol stations, hotels, and the Nelson Mandela museum that all looks so shiny and new and very stylish.

The Government is of course denying that any of this has anything to do with the potential funeral of Nelson Mandela. The Government insists that it is all part and parcel of the normal infrastructure and development project run by the benevolent ANC government, to the benefit of the people of South Africa. We have to admit that the effort to improve the Mthata airport has been a long running effort that has bungled along since 2008 but has failed to materialise any tangible results, due to the normal combination of corruption and ineptitude. That all changed rather drastically in 2012 when the improvement of the Mthata airport became a rapid development project.

The project's “Environmental Management Plan” (EMP) states the following very plainly in its introduction: “This is a special circumstances project and it is understood that this project is being undertaken for the provision of infrastructure for the landing of aircraft at Mthatha Airport for a special circumstance which is of national importance and is related to the former president.”

Point 2.2 on page 8 of the EMP under the heading “Motivation for use of the proposed borrowpits” the following statement is made:
“The Eastern Cape Department of Transport proposes to undertake the construction of a new runway at the Mthatha Airport in the Eastern Cape. This is a special circumstances project and it is understood that this project is being undertaken for the provision of infrastructure for the landing of aircraft at Mthatha Airport for a special circumstance which is of national importance and is related to the former president.”

On 22 November, Zuma went to inspect the improvements and repairs in the greater Mthata area and tried to gain as much political mileage as possible from it. Basically all the political elite went to see if the place looked good, and they were apparently quite impressed with the way it displayed.

Not all readers may realize that Mthata is only 31.3km from Qunu, the Eastern Cape home village of Nelson Mandela and the place where his funeral will take place. All the developments in the greater Mthata area also included Qunu and it is only a 30 minute drive on the lovely new roads to get to Qunu from Mthata.

Then on Wednesday 27 November the SAAF command cancelled the bi-annual Wheels and Wings show at the AFB Ysterplaat unilaterally and without any good and valid reason. Many people are seriously hacked off because a lot of time, effort and money has already been sunk into the event that was due to take place on 7&8 December. The unexplained cancellation of the show is busy creating a lot of PR fallout.

On Thursday 28 November the head of the SANDF cancelled all leave of all military personnel for the December period. No reason has been given.

Team ALARM also became aware of large military convoys that will be moving from Pretoria and Bloemfontein to the Qunu area shortly. We have however not been able to verify this information yet.

Should it happen that Mandela's death is announced officially, the timing could not have been more perfect for the ANC. Mandela's funeral would attract more interest than the soccer world cup, and everybody from Obama to the Pope would probably attend his funeral. Such a spectacle would go a long way in getting pressure off the ANC generated by the Nkandla scandal and the pending split of COSATU.

Additionally it would be very, very beneficial to hold his funeral on 16 December that is already known as “Day of Reconciliation” which happens to be on a Monday this year. That means there is a very handy reconciliation long weekend appearing on the calendar in 16 days that can be used to absolute maximum benefit.

The fact that Nelson Mandela the movie also appeared this last week, handily provides the cherry for the cake. The opportunity is just too good to pass up and we wonder if the Government will really let it slide by without making use of it?

Will we see an official announcement of Nelson Mandela's death in the next few days? It certainly looks like we are heading that way. We will only be sure when we hear the official announcement, but will not be surprised at all when we do.



From what I understand, is that the funeral was always planned to be T+10 to T+12 to allow everyone enough time to fly in. Which makes it the 16th. Just as CV580 speculated above. I'm sad, but the story above is so utterly chilling in its prediction that one side of me can't stop thinking they pulled the plug at the exact scripted hour.

Pieter Nel

Take resonsibility for the reality you are shaping

With love



South African media defy ban and print photos of President's lavish home kitted out with pool, football pitch, helipad and tuck-shop using £12.4m of taxpayers' money. See:

ENGLISH Anglo-Boer War? No, Judeo-Boer. See:

Rothschild’s British Concentration Camps. See:

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