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Political Information Last Updated: Jan 23, 2020 - 7:56:12 PM

Voting for Trump is… Illegal ?
By Lee Duigon
Jan 23, 2020 - 7:53:57 PM

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January 23rd, 2020

If leftists could get inside your head and uproot and throw out everything they found in there that they didn't like, and replace your thoughts with their thoughts, they'd do it in a New York minute.

Which leads us to the latest bit of fascist wackiness from NBC Nooze.

Some brief quotes will give you the flavor of this op-ed, as they call it.

"Trump voters motivated by racism may be violating the Constitution" by voting. ‘Cause voting for Trump is "not just immoral, but illegal".

How do they know what motivates anybody's vote? Liberal logic to the rescue! Donald Trump's a racist-they say so, so it must be so: it's what they call a given. Therefore, everyone who votes for him is a racist, too. In logic, this is what they call a sillygism. If it were rational, if the premise of Trump's "racism" were in any way a real thing, it would be called a syllogism.

But how could they *prove* your vote was motivated by racism? Well, they could torture you until you admitted it. But trying to prove things gives liberals a headache. When do they ever have to prove anything?

They're on even shakier ground when asked to explain why a vote for Donald Trump is unconstitutional and illegal. There are court rulings, they say, that "racist appeals" in labor union elections are unconstitutional. Is Mr. Trump running for the presidency of Local 402 of the Amalgamated Pipe-Fitters Union? But only a racist would put up such a quibble!

So Trump is a racist, because they say so, "Make America Great Again" is a racist appeal, because they say so, and anyone who votes for him is violating the Constitution. Please don't ask me to explain this line of reasoning.

But this is just awful! The government has to step in and put a stop to it! By "the government," of course, they mean some nut-job judge, somewhere, appointed by Obama. Man, we can't have people running around voting for someone for the wrong reason! The only votes that count should be votes that are cast for the right reason! Wanting more free stuff that other people have to pay for. Voting for someone because she's a woman and it's her turn. Or voting for a Democrat for any reason, presuming you can actually think of one.

There's yet another issue-is this "news," in any honest sense of the word? Can we trust NBC Nooze to give us straightforward, accurate information about, well, anything? (Hint: no, we can't.) If they're not going to provide us with real information, then what do we need them for? What purpose do they serve? (Hint: none.)

If we're at all conscientious about voting-go ahead and laugh!-then we need good information about public affairs and current events to guide our choices in the voting booth. Who's going to give us that-NBC ?

Meanwhile, CNN, an even more hysterical purveyor of left-wing rants disguised as news, plus a goodly portion of outright falsehoods, is now partnering with HBO to craft a documentary on "the rise of fake news". Oh, please! Our nooze media are so dishonest, even with themselves, that they don't know they're fake. Just in passing, let us mention that CNN last week had to shell out some tens of millions of dollars to settle a lawsuit filed against them by the Covington High School teenager whom they smeared and lied about last winter. It turned out that that particular "news" was fake, big-time.

Now these journalistic fraudsters want to stop people from voting if their minds aren't right. That would be, oh, 60-some million of us, at last count.

But at least they have bestowed on us a good, solid principle of decision-making.

Whatever the nooze media say we ought to do, or believe, simply do or believe the exact opposite, and you're sure to be right.

I have discussed these and other topics throughout the week on my blog, . Stop in for a visit, provided you're not motivated by racism. A single click will take you there. My articles can also be found at .

© 2020 Lee Duigon - All Rights Reserved

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