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Political Information Last Updated: Apr 13, 2019 - 6:32:12 PM

Venezuelan Supreme Court Asks for Help from the US to investigate the Financing of Podemos for Chavez
By Carlos Cuesta
Apr 13, 2019 - 6:26:50 PM

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Venezuelan Supreme Court asks for help from the US to investigate the financing of Podemos for Chavez

The president of the Supreme Court of Justice of Venezuela in exile, Miguel Ángel Martín Tortabú, has not stopped his fight against populism or against the role of Podemos in the Chavez machinery. He has just asked for help from the Donald Trump Administration to unravel the plundering of natural resources by Chavez and Maduro, as well as unmasking the financing of Podemos by Chavismo.

Miguel Ángel Martín Tortabú , president of the Supreme Court of Justice of Venezuela in exile, fights tirelessly against populism and against the role of Podemos in the Chavez machinery. Martín Tortabú has called this Friday to help the US to continue with the investigations launched by the Venezuelan High Court in order to combat the emptying of funds caused by Chavismo in order to "create related parties" in other countries.

Among these countries is Spain, and among those parties, according to the president of the Supreme, is Podemos . A party that, as confirmed by the former Venezuelan Finance Minister Rafael Isea, benefited from the money given to Pablo Iglesias and Juan Carlos Monedero to be born and thrive in Spain. And the money rose to 7.16 million euros , as OKDIARIO has published.

Martín Tortabú has confirmed to this newspaper his work in the USA, as well as his request for support to unravel the plundering of natural resources, gold and public funds by Hugo Chávez at the time and Nicolás Maduro at present in order to feed the structure called 'Foro Sao Paolo' : a support platform for the parties of the extreme left with the purpose of introducing the populist scheme in more countries. And among those economically supported parties is the Spanish purple formation, Podemos, as described by the head of the Venezuelan Supreme Court.

The head of the High Court has certified and has done - and also in Parliament Spanish- the connections between far - left parties in Europe with  the narco - dictatorship Chavez Maduro. And, more specifically, pointing directly to a political party: Podemos. Martín Tortabú, who appeared at the request of the PP in the Senate's Commission of Investigation on the financing of the parties, affirmed that he, personally, confirmed the presence of two of the cofounders of Podemos, Iglesias and Monedero , in the country with the commission to carry out "image programs" of the Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA .

In fact, the Venezuelan jurist pointed to a coordination of these extreme leftforces born in 1994 in the ' Forum of Sao Paulo ' , a meeting point born of the efforts of Hugo Chávez, Fidel Castro and Lula da Silva that was "created for the ideological bias, where the ultraleft of the world -including that of Spain, Italy, France, Germany, England, Asian countries ... and of course the American continent- united in the same ideology and sought control of political power ".

To finance this mechanic "they needed money , which they obtained through various mechanisms, for example, in Venezuela of oil contracts, which have served, for example, so that in El Salvador or Honduras there is a political hegemony," he says. President of the Venezuelan Supreme Court. From there, those funds and resources -exploited to the Venezuelan people- have been used to achieve the penetration of populism in electoral processes , "as has happened in Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela and in other countries," he says. Martín Tortabú.

Among those other countries, the Latin American jurist points to Spain. For this reason, he has now asked for international help from the Donald Trump Administration , in order to reach the end of this investigation and reveal the role of Podemos in the whole network. The story of Martín Tortabú, in addition, includes the explanation of the fate of these funds: "Both Lula Da Silva, Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez hired all the electoral campaigns through a company in the Dominican Republic."

He adds that "there were two Spanish citizens who went to Venezuela and were also part of it. They created television programs, one called Zurda Konducta , and they helped create the image campaigns of the Venezuelan oil company, I mean Mr. Monedero and Mr. Iglesias. " And he adds in his statement in the Upper House: "They went there, we saw them; I was still in Venezuela and they were not yet a political party. "

Martín Tortabú also maintains that the money routes have not been cut and that, parties like Podemos, continue to have financial support from what he calls the "Bolichicos" , Chavez businessmen who are coming to Spain and who continue to maintain the financial scheme of the ' Sao Paolo Forum.


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