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Ukraine 2018: Human Rights Nowhere, Thuggery and Corruption Everywhere
By John Wight with comments by Ron
Nov 9, 2018 - 7:42:09 PM

Get short URLUkraine 2018: Human rights nowhere, thuggery and corruption everywhereSupporters and members of different far right nationalistic movements and parties at an annual torch march, Kyiv, Ukraine, Jan.1, 2018 © Global Look Press / Sergii Kharchenko

The democratic revolution that ensued in Ukraine in 2014 was in fact a revolution against democracy, unleashing the dogs of thuggery and gangsterism.

[Ron: This statement is DISINFORMATION in that what occurred in Kiev in February 2014 was a Jewish COUP not dissimilar to the COUP the Jews deliberately mislabelled as the "October Revolution" which global Jewry and the Bolsheviks perpetrated in Imperial Russia on 7 November 1917.

The Kiev COUP was a corporate fascist, Jew dominated putsch which resulted in a rump Ukrainian regime that has looted the Ukraine. Some of the Jews who originally gained power in that putsch were:

President-Poroshenko (Vlatsman) - Jew
President Turchinov (Kogan) - Jew
Prime Minister - Yatsenyuk (Buckeye) - Jew
Minister of Finance - Alexander Shlapak - Jew
Secretary of national security and Defence - Andrew Parubiy- Jew
Vice Prime Minister - Vladimir Groisman - a Jew
Interior Minister Arsen Avakov - Armenian Jew
Minister of Culture - Sergei Nischuk - Jew
Mason - Director of the National Bank - Stepan Kubiv - Jew
Head of the Administration of President - Sergey Pashinskiy- Jew

The main presidential candidates from the opposition were:
Yulia Tymoshenko (Celia Kapitelman) - Jewish

Vitali Klitschko (Etinzon) - a Jew by his father
Oleg Tyagnibok (Frotman) - a Jew mom
Dmitry (Avdimou) Yarosh - Jew Hasid

See also this list of the falsely alleged nazi-regime in Kiev:

President - Poroshenko (Valtsman) - Jew. - and. o. President Turchinov (Kogan) - Jew. - Prime Minister - Yatsenyuk (Buckeye) - Jew. - The Minister of Finance - Alexander Shlapak- Jew. - Secretary of national security and Defence - Andrew Parubiy- Jew - Vice Prime Minister - Vladimir Groisman - a Jew. - Interior Minister Arsen Avakov - Armenian Jew - Minister of Culture - Sergei Nischuk - Jew, Mason - Director of the National Bank - Stepan Kubiv - Jew. - Head of the Administration of President - Sergey Pashinskiy- Jew. The main presidential candidates from the opposition: - Julia Tymoshenko (Celia Kapitelman) - Jewish. - Vitali Klitschko (Etinzon) - a Jew by his father. - Oleg Tyagnibok (Frotman) a Jew mom. - Dmitry (Avdimou) Yarosh-Jew Hasid. The oligarchs in Ukraine - all Jews: I. Kolomoisky, E. Hurwitz, H. Bogolyubov, Poroshenko, D. Firtash, S. Liovochkin, V. Haiduk, V.Nemirovsky, K. Zhevago, V. Pinchuk, E. Prutnik, Akhmetov, A. Martynov, B. Kostelman, E.Sigal, B. Kolesnikov, A. Feldman, F. Shpyg, N. Shufrych, Rodnyanskii A., I. Butler, A. Abdinov, V. Ermolaev, M. Kiperman, E. Zviagilskiy, F. Zhebrovskaya, S. Ronis, H. Korban, G. Surkis, I. Surkis, V. Shamotiy, A. Leszczynski, J. Rodin, M. Becker. All media - in the hands of Jews P. Poroshenko, I. Kolomoisky, D. Firtash, V. Pinchuk, Akhmetov. nezalezhnoy Presidents: - Kravchuk (Bloom) - a Jew. - Kuchma (Kuchman) - Jew.

The United States of America: The Real Reason Why They Are Never Winning Their Wars -].

Someone who made the mistake of falling foul of those with a vested interest in the corruption that is a hallmark of today's Ukraine was Katerina Gandzyuk. The anti-police corruption activist was murdered in an acid attack in Kherson, southern Ukraine. Before succumbing to her injuries, Gandzyuk alleged that "corrupt" high ranking police officers might have been behind the attack, though as yet no one has been prosecuted in connection with it. Prominent members of the far-right group Right Sector are suspected however, begging the question of where the far-right ends and the police begin?

The treatment of Russian journalist Kirill Vyshinsky sheds even more light on Ukraine's failed experiment in pro-Western democracy.

[Ron: The reason our world is such a dystopia is that governments, the MSM and commentators like this author, persist in purveying fales and misleading information about geo-political events including use of such terms as "pro-Western democracy" which is really a euphemism for covert fascist dictatorship by Central Banksters and their mega corporatist tribal brethren.].

The head of the Russian RIA Novosti news bureau in Ukraine, Vyshinsky was arrested in May on treason charges by Ukrainian authorities and has been held in detention ever since. Even in the face of a call for the journalist's release by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), a Ukrainian court has ruled that Vyshinsky's detention be extended until the end of December.

Read moreTrident Juncture 18, Norwegian Sea © Global Look Press / US Navy

NATO membership for Ukraine & Georgia would bring out the bear in Russia

When things reach the stage that even the neocons over at the Atlantic Council are no longer able to put lipstick on the pig of the far-right [Ron: Talmudic] swamp that is Ukraine in 2018, rock bottom has surely been reached.


"Since the beginning of 2018, C14 and other far-right groups such as the Azov-affiliated National Militia, Right Sector, Karpatska Sich, and others have attacked Roma groups several times, as well as anti-fascist demonstrations, city council meetings, an event hosted by Amnesty International, art exhibitions, LGBT events, and environmental activists. On March 8, violent groups launched attacks against International Women's Day marchers in cities across Ukraine. In only a few of these cases did police do anything to prevent the attacks, and in some they even arrested peaceful demonstrators rather than the actual perpetrators."


"International human rights groups have sounded the alarm. After the March 8 attacks, Amnesty International warned, "Ukraine is sinking into a chaos of uncontrolled violence posed by radical groups and their total impunity. Practically no one in the country can feel safe under these conditions."

READ MORE: Atlantic Council finally admits Ukraine's Nazi problem, and seems upset RT reported it earlier

It all sounds so very Munich 1923, when a young Adolf Hitler and his Nazi gang of fascist thugs were shooting up beer halls on the way to turning Germany into a vast Dodge City of far-right violence, intimidation, and criminality.

[Ron: I disagree. The Kiev COUP and its aftermath are much more like the Bolshevik COUP mislabelled the "Russian Revolution" in Imperial Russia on 7 November 2018. Hitler's supporter were actually fighting Bolshevik organised Communists who were still trying to perpetrate a Jews' COUP in Germany which was first attempted by Rosa Luxemburg and her Communist supporters in 1918-19.].

Where now are [Ron: Jewess] Victoria Nuland, Catherine Ashton, not to mention the various other Western politicians and leaders who descended on Maidan Square in Kiev during the unrest at the start of 2014, [Ron: That so-called "unrest" was actually a very violent putsch involving the usual "mystery gunmen" (who were randomly shooting police and civilians alike) that Victoria Nuland boasted the US had spent over five billion USD organising.] lending fulsome support to the ‘democratic revolution' the world was assured was underway? And what now of the boast of the recently departed John McCain, who told the protesters that "Ukraine will make Europe better and Europe will make Ukraine better."

Yes, where now and what now?

Read more© (L) Sputnik / Николай Лазаренко; (R) Sputnik / Алексей Витвицкий

Ukraine apologists pinning Kiev's dispute with Hungary on Russia is completely ludicrous

Because let us here not beat around the proverbial bush. The likes of Nuland, Ashton, McCain et al., those who promised the Ukrainian people a land of milk and honey if they would only turn their faces West, never cared one whit for the country or its people. To them, both were and remain a pawn in the game of international power politics, used as a wedge against Russia in the cause not of democracy, peace, and prosperity, but instead of containment.

[Ron: Use of the word "containment" is DISINFORMATION. The Jews' Kiev COUP was designed to further Talmudic global interests while continuing the weakening of the US through its nvolvement in ever growing continuous warfare globally.  So-called "containment" of Russia and corporate war profits are merely the cover story and the icing on the cake. Be aware that the results are always the same, an increase in the global power and control of the Jewish matrix controlling banksters and corporatists.

Arguably the primary intention in the Ukraine is the same as the situation everywhere else where the Jew controlled US and NATO military wages war and insurgency. The aim is always the same. Namely to DIVIDE AND CONQUER  by destroying nation states and cultures by fomenting political, social, religious and ethnic conflicts in order to DESTROY national and cultural cohesion to produce failed states that the globalist (NOT US oriented) Talmudic bankster and corporatist oligarchs are able to easily control and exploit. The playbook of the neo-Pharisees who call themselves Jews is the same as used by the Black (Guelph) Nobility during their operation of the Venetian Empire. The mechanism did not change when the Talmudic Venetian banksters migrated to Holland in the 16th century and thence to London in 1763. See eg: Black Guelph Evil Nobility by LaRouche -

As regards the Khazarian neo-Pharisees' desire to "OWN" the Ukraine See eg: Poroshenko Labels Russian Orthodox Church a Security Threat -

Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine: The future Jewish power center of the world? at

Surprise, surprise In Ukraine protests, young Jews are marching with ultranationalists. See:

Ukraine: New Jewish ˜Promised Land. See:


In truth and in sum, Jeffersonian democracy was promised to Ukraine and [Ron: Talmudic] fascism has been delivered. Twas ever thus and ever thus shall be.

And just in case anyone makes the mistake of placing Ukraine in the box marked ‘well meaning mistake', the fate of the former Yugoslavia, whose fate was sealed according to the same hegemonic script, immediately renders nugatory this line of thinking.

Economic dislocation and recession, exacerbated by the West, made Yugoslavia vulnerable to the very ethnic tensions and discord that descended upon it in the 1990s, turning the country and society in on itself to thus pave the way for Western intervention on the pretext and basis of humanitarianism, the new imperialism.

Ukraine in 2014 followed much the same pattern - apart, that is, from one key difference. It is that much to the chagrin of Western neocons the Russia of 2014 and the Russia of the 1990s described two entirely different entities: the former willing and able to draw a line over which no pasaran (they shall not pass), while the latter was and could not.

Read moreThe head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kiev Patriarchate Metropolitan Filaret, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and his wife Maryna © Mykola Lazarenko/Ukrainian Presidential Press Service/

Faith, power, money: Conflicting agendas in Ukraine Church politics

Oh, by the way, did I happen to mention corruption? Well, in that case, allow me to share with you the conclusions drawn by the good folks over at the Gan Business Anti-Corruption Portal on post-Maidan Ukraine, set out in a 2017 report:

"Companies face significant risks when dealing with the Ukrainian police. More than half of Ukrainians consider the police to be corrupt. The police have often been able to act with impunity. The United Human Rights mission in Ukraine has highlighted frequent impunity for law enforcement abuses, which they attribute to pressure on the judiciary, as well as the inability and unwillingness of the country's prosecutors to investigate the abuses...Companies do not trust the police to uphold law and order."

So there you have it: Ukraine, darling of Western [Ron: Talmudic] neocons and ideologues in 2014, is in 2018 a place where fascism is embraced and the rule of law and human rights scorned. A society corroded from top to bottom by corruption, it is redolent of Al Capone's Chicago in the late 1920s and early 1930s, functioning behind an increasingly thin blanket of democracy.

Ukraine marks yet another dystopia cooked up in the laboratory of [Ron: Talmudic controlled] Western democracy, testament to the unyielding search for meaning in destruction that defines its works.

[Colour fots, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].


The United States of America: The Real Reason Why They Are Never Winning Their Wars -

False Patriarch Philaret Blesses A Nationalist Mural With Nazi Symbolism -

Poroshenko Labels Russian Orthodox Church a Security Threat -

Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine: The future Jewish power center of the world? at

Surprise, surprise In Ukraine protests, young Jews are marching with ultranationalists. See:

Ukraine: New Jewish ˜Promised Land. See:


The United States of America: The Real Reason Why They Are Never Winning Their Wars -


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