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Political Information Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

URGENT MESSAGE to all British People
By Christopher Gill, Christopher Booker, Vladimir Bukovsky and Ors with comments by Ron
Feb 23, 2019 - 11:15:09 PM

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This 35' 10" video was published by TheFubar1066 on Jan 16, 2015:

Ron: This video is useful in that it explains why the EU is an authoritarian mechanism for destroying the national sovereignty of the UK and, incidentally, ALL members of the EU. However, it constitutes MISINFORMATION in that it states that the UK  population actually have sovereignty now AND that the UK has had a real, operational Constitution with Westmister allegedly having sole power to run the UK government. The truth was stated in this video namely that: 'Whoever controls the currency controls the country' BUT the speakers pretend that the Westminister Parliament controls the currency when this is bullshit. Unelected banksters, namely the Rothschilds and other City of London banksters have been given a free license to CONTROL the creation and usurious distribution of the UK currency and THEY therefore control the country. The proof of this is obvious in that the UK population was never been asked if it wanted to be in the EU and has had NO SAY in Britain's membership in the EU. Also, despite have voted to exit the EU more than two years ago, THAT HAS NOT OCCURRED.

Britain has been controlled by the Rothschilds and their bankster brethren in the INDEPENDANT, SOVEREIGN ENTITY known as the City of London since, at least the establishment of the Bank of England in 1694 and probably since the so-called Glorious Revolution in 1688. The alleged sovereignty of the UK Parliament is a typical Talmudic myth.

In effect, the decisions about the UK becoming a member of the EU and the implementation of ALL EU laws and directives as well as the UK's implementation of ALL the UN Agenda 21 requirements to date, have been effectively made by unelected and unknown "Crown" controllers of UK politicians and governments.

Vladimir Bukovsky is correct in saying that the same ideologcal system that underpinned the Bolshevik controlled Soviet Union now controls the EU governance system. However, he is incorrect in implying that the Bolsheviks and their ideology remained in charge of the Soviet Union for 73 years. In fact, Christian Russians covertly resumed control of the Soviet Union around the time that the Soviets won the Battle of the Harvest Moon on 27 September 1977. Thereafter Christians slowly unwound the Soviet Union's Talmudic Bolshevik policies, encouraging resumption of the Orthodox religion and humanising governance arrangements. Unfortunately, the US and the West exploited the resulting Glasnost to destabilise the Soviet currency and to debauch the Soviet bureaucracy with false "democratic" and  consumerist ideology which led to the collapse of the governance structure and of the Soviet Union; and the plundering of the Russian economy by Wall Street financed Jewish oligarchs. See eg: Peter Beter audio letters at ff. And: The Dog that Didn't Bark: 100th Anniversary of the Great October Revolution gets No Celebration in Russia

And: Russia - Enemy Within: Declassified U.S. Documents Show Russian Oligarchs Supported NATO Expansion -

And: RUSSOPHOBIA: The Zio-Anglo-American Conspiracy to Conquer Russia Unravels in Real Time -

Publisher's comments:

A great video about The EU History and some great methods to free ourselves for the chain of the all encompassing tentacles of tyranny, a bit old but relevant still today.
an intro to The Bradbury pound
On the 7th August 1914, in order to avoid a run on the banks, the Treasury issued Treasury Notes signed by John Bradbury - a form of national credit backed by the credit of the nation
We require that the Treasury immediately restarts issuing such interest-free money, based upon the wealth, integrity and potential of our country. Such an initiative would completely remove the hold the banks have over the nation, and would kickstart a productive economy.

Worse still is the “UN's Agenda 21” which is being applied within our government without your knowledge as we speak. Do some research agenda 21 your life in there hands for more information go to the UK Column and download the E-BOOK
the Bradbury pound
UN Agenda 21 The E-BOOK

Top Comments:


Pinned by TheFubar1066

Don't think the government exists any more not in any real sense thay have been rubber stamping the UN Agenda 21 for so long now were being ruled through the UN via the EU,and since the implementation of the “9 England regions under Administration” the government is just a complete scam and we pay for it all including the UN &EU We are under Occupation first by the EU next we will be occupied by the UN Very soon at least by 2019 approx depending on when “The House of Commons”has been renovated.


Well we voted to get out. Just got to make sure out really means out.

Money is a control system, lets get rid of it... Everything is given to us for free, wake up people...

The UK will be a walk in the partk to take over and run by the socalled elite we have no weapons and what are we going to do just protest with banners and plackards????? I fear if we have an revolution we will be slaughtered in the streets like what happened in Irland the british goverment have no fear in killing its own to maintain power even when ppol have weapons to fight they will use the army that we pay for to run us over in the streets for there NWO..................................................

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