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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

UK Police "on the job": Exercising their monopoly on FORCE & VIOLENCE.
By Ron Chapman & Others
Aug 12, 2011 - 4:04:37 PM

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UK Police "on the job": Exercising their monopoly on FORCE & VIOLENCE.

Uploaded by on Aug 10, 2011

Uploader's comments:

Was on the barking road recording the police searching a young black male and watch how they reacted and what they did to me and you wonder why the youth are rioting police need to protect us not man handle people like they are doing. Also to add I am not black I am quarter cast and this shows you don't need dark skin to be man handled...

Ron's comments:

This is an example of what Darcus Howe, a West Indian Writer and Broadcaster, was talking about when he told the BBC that his teenage grandson had been stopped by Police and searched in the street so many times that he couldn't count them. To avoid focussing on the truth the BBC's shill interviewer then falsely accused Darcus Howe of being a rioter. See: (4' 24" video).

The Jew banksters' global political model for destroying non-Jews is the Welfare State which creates massive unemployment, inadequate wages and housing; gross welfare dependency: an inequitable  two-tier "factory" education system and so on. Moreover, the Welfare State is founded on theft and fraud. The fraud consists in the Jew banksters monopolised fiat money creation system combined with their fractional reserve banking and usury (charging interest on fictional "money" created out of thin air using key strokes on a computer). The theft is threefold: First it consists in having the population accept and use the above mentioned counterfeit debt "money", that has no intrinsic value, as payment for their credit, namely goods and services produced by human ingenuity and effort. A viable and highly successful alternative financial system was introduced by the Geman government during the Great Depression in the 1930s.(1)

Second, the banksters continually issue excessive amounts of fiat debt "money" so that each unit of that "money" is constantly being devalued such that it buys ever-less goods and services. For instance the US dollar now buys less than what three cents bought in 1913 and its value is plummeting ever faster as the US Federal Reserve continues to create trillions of USD out of thin air which it (and/or the US Congress) then gives to the banks (ie themselves). The German government avoided this bankster scam by issuing its own "money" in the 1930s and this was a major reason for the Jews initiating WWII to destroy that system of finance and the country that introduced it. The same thing is happening today with Libya. Libya issues its own money and is not enslaved by Jew banksters and their false, usurious "money system. As a result, the banksters have caused the US, UK and NATO to attack Libya in order to destroy that country for its refusal to accept the iniquitous Jew banksters' control of their money and society.

Third, the banksters used this fraudulent money system to bankrupt the US and most countries in the world during the Great Depression in the 1930s;  and to thereby get the political elites controlling those countries to secretly and fraudulently agree to the imposition of income and other taxes upon sovereign individual citizens. The result is that, on average, citizens in most countries are forced to give 30-40% of their gross earnings to private corporations (like the IRS in the US and the so-called "Taxation Department" in Australia) set up to collect that money for the banksters.

This unlawful and fraudulent Welfare Statism has the intended effect of stealing the community's wealth thereby impoverishing and controlling society and everyone in it. The government justifies imposing personal income and other taxes on sovereign humans on the basis that it gives the money back in the form of welfare payments and social services but in fact those payments and services are made with the banksters' fiat money created out of thin air, upon which interest payments must be made to private bankster corporations. Also, some 15-20% of all taxes go to pay bureaucrats and politicians for their services in taking and spending it. In effect, the process centralises the production of each nation and returns only a portion thereof (in the form of payments for infrastructure and services) to whence it came. In the result most communities suffer theft of part of their productivity while a privileged few gain greatly at the expense of all the rest. This effect has been achieved by a subtle process of gradualism whereunder the population is fleeced and subjugated, little by little, much like one might slowly boil frogs in a way that doesn't cause them to jump out of the pot until it is too late. The pot is now beginning to come to the boil in the UK, US and many other places.

Today some people, and especially the poorest, most disadvantaged and harrassed, are starting to get upset about this process. This is where the banksters remove the velvet gloves from the iron fists of Welfare Statism so that their puppet government's monopoly on force and violence which they have fostered, nurtured and conditioned people to accept, can be brought into action to quell and supress opposition to so-called "welfare" goverment policies.

This has been increasingly happening in the UK and the US and many other countries. It started under Thatcherism and the US initiated "Washington Consensus" economic rationalist globalisation policies initiated around 1980. It has been ramping up since 911 and the London 7/7 bombings - both of which were orchestrated by the banksters via their criminal state apparatus in Israel and Washington DC; and the secret services controlled by them in those and other countries. The London (and other UK) riots and other mass demonstrations against governments in Greece, Spain, Ireland and other places are a sign that people are slowly beginning to wake up to the problem although they have been sooo thoroughly "dumbed down" by Talmudist controlled national education and global media systems that they have yet to understand that the so-called "Welfare State" is the mechanism for their enslavement and growing poverty.

The Jesuits used to say: 'Give me a child until s/he is seven, and he's mine for life', or words to that effect. People everywhere are starting to feel oppressed but they cannot seem to break their socially engineered, paradigm conditioning enough to understand that they ARE mind controlled as a result of their education and other aspects of the global matrix established and maintained by the banksters. Until they do "get the message" they will increasingly feel the effects of governments' monopoly on force and violence as typified in this video in which a citizen is assaulted for filming four police officer harassing and searching a man in the street. If the police officers' actions were lawful and reasonable they would not feel the need to prevent anyone filming their actions.


(1) See, for instance, 'Hitler’s freedom from International Debt Slavery: And: MONEY: NOW & LATER - Part III (Germany). See:

Also see: And:

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