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Political Information Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:23:11 PM

UK Needs Trump
By Jon Gaunt
Jun 11, 2018 - 4:08:52 AM

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I am loving this row between Donald Trump and Theresa May. Donald thinks May is too politically correct and that her tone reminds him of a school mistress.

Theresa May has tried to hit back by umming and ahhing and saying,"I just get on and, er, actually make sure I'm delivering what people want. That's not, er... that's the job for any politician"

Hardly a Churchillian response, I am sure you will agree. So, let's examine her response in more detail before we examine the record of Donald Trump, shall we ?

She is correct to say that it is the job of a politician to deliver what the people want. However, has she done that with Brexit? This latest compromise on the Customs Union has more fudge in it than Thornton's shop window.

The British people clearly gave an instruction to the establishment to get us out of the EU. Cameron didn't like the decision and quit. May, who had been hiding behind the sofa whilst the Party fought over the issue that has divided them for years, emerged to grab power without a democratic mandate and famously said, "Brexit must mean Brexit". She may as well have said a basket case means a basket case.

Let's be straight, she is a remainer to her very core and everything she has done in these two years since the referendum, prove it.

She rightly deserves the title, Theresa the Appeaser but I would go further and say, especially after this latest fudge, she should be seen as Theresa the Deceiver. She is deceiving David Davis and all of the UK people.

In response to Davis's threat to quit she agreed to a "time-limited" plan where the UK would mirror EU customs rules after Brexit? Why?

Already senior Government insiders have admitted the new "cut-off" date is meaningless and totally unenforceable.

So, the UK could be paying billions more in fees to the EU for years with absolutely no say in how they spend it.

It is hard to argue with Nigel Farage when he says, "It is now time for all Brexiteers to resist. This is clearly a recipe for keeping the UK inside the EU's Customs Union and is completely unacceptable to all people who voted to leave the EU."

Theresa this is not "what the people want" or wanted when they voted in the EU Referendum.

Whilst we are on the subject, the British people did not want the exit to take 2 blooming years either. They wanted out and they wanted out quick. Cameron said it was a once in a lifetime decision and they chose to leave despite the grave warnings of everyone from the Canadian boss of the Bank of England, Mark Carey, through to the Globalists and Bankers messenger boy, Barrack Obama.

Theresa, you and your treacherous politician mates tried to scare us into voting your way but we, in our millions, decided to vote to get our country back.

Now, whilst Theresa deceives and appeases her EU masters and dithers over our negotiating position, Boris Johnson has waded in with his size tens and said that Donald Trump would negotiate a better deal than Dis May.

For once, Boris is 100 percent correct.

The taped recordings are explosive and give a real insight into the bitter infighting not only in the Tory Party but actually in the cabinet itself.

These are the people who are meant to be leading us in one of the biggest political decisions in decades.

The core problem is that Theresa May is a manager not a leader and no disrespect to Managers, you do need them to keep the wheels turning, but you need a real leader to effect change and I'm afraid Theresa will never be a leader.

Boris seems to acknowledge this on the tape, when he talks about Trump and says, "He'd go in bloody hard. There'd be all sorts of breakdowns, there'd be all sorts of chaos, everyone would think he'd gone mad. But you might get somewhere."

He is correct. We needed someone who knew "the art of the deal". Someone who would have taken a much harder position in these negotiations from the beginning.

A deal maker who would have also had an alternative plan in place to just walk away with no deal if that was necessary.

But just as with the actual referendum the Elite only planned for the result they expected, i.e. that we would vote to stay in the EU and so everything else has fallen apart from there.

However, it is not just on the EU that Theresa has failed to do what the people want so let's look at other issues.

How about immigration?

Whilst Donald has introduced travel bans and is still intent on building his wall and kicking out illegals, Theresa has done.........Jack all.

Well actually worse than that as when she was Home Secretary she cut 20 thousand Police jobs, slashed Border control Officer numbers all of which resulted in net immigration going through the roof.

Whilst Theresa condemned Donald Trump for retweeting Jayda Franzen's Islamophobic tweets what has she done to combat terror in the UK? She seems afraid to use the term Islamist or in any way link terrorist atrocities to Islam. We were even told not to "look back in Anger" when 22, mainly little girls, were blown to pieces whilst watching a pop concert in Manchester.

  • "What people want" Theresa is a much tougher line on Islamists, for example, the closing down of all Saudi funded mosques. You could make a start in the Independent Islamic State of Dewsbury "Mam". On the same subject, you could stop entertaining the butchers of Saudi Arabia and stop selling them jets to murder innocent men, women, and children in Yemen.
  • "What people want" is tough decisive action on the largely Pakistani Muslim rape gangs that have been allowed to rape and sexually abuse young girls for over 40 years whilst you and your establishment buddies in all of the main political parties have turned a blind eye.
  • "What people want" is a police force not a police "service" run by politically correct fools, more interested in virtue signaling and painting their police cars in rainbow colors than actually nicking "bad uns".
  • "What people want" is a clampdown on so-called moped muggings and the crime epidemic in London and our other major cities.
  • "What people want" is teachers and schools more interested in teaching our culture, history, and traditions than concentrating on the minority of pupils who want to wear a frock or change their gender identity every day depending on the weather.
  • "What people want" is true freedom of speech and not a clampdown on anyone who has a right of centre view, (that's called conservatism Theresa!) Just when did it become wrong to be right, by the way?
  • "What people want" is armed forces with enough soldiers and ships and an aircraft carrier with some actual planes on it.
  • "What people want" is the voices of the decent silent majority to be heard not the celebrity virtue signallers.
  • "What people want" is the ability to make our own laws and secure our own borders.
  • "What people want" is for Britain to be great again.
  • "What people want" is not to make Russia our enemy with ridiculous narratives like the Salisbury Skripal poisoning and fake news of chemical attacks in Syria.
  • "What people want" is a full state visit for Donald Trump and for the Government to facilitate this.
  • Frankly what Britain wants and what it definitely needs is a leader who does want to make our country safe, who does want jobs for Brits, who does want to control who can live here and how they should live in our brilliant country and finally a leader who puts Brits and their security first.

    In short, a leader like Donald Trump.

    The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of Jon Gaunt and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.









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