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By John O'Looney & Catherine Edwards with comments by Ron
Sep 27, 2021 - 6:45:37 PM

This 1 hr. 6' 11" video was published by Catherine Edwards on Sep 20, 2021:


Ron: On Nov 22, 2020 Colin McKay @DerorCurrency said:

It truly is a surreal, diabolically messed up world when you cannot convince most people that there are others who seek to mass murder them, no matter how much evidence - their own statements, sacred laws, and history of previous acts of genocide - that you present in proof.

And so it is.

This video needs to be watched by anyone  open to the possibility that in fact demonic forces and their stupid enablers ARE in the process of attempting to genocide the human population of this planet.

John O'Looney's thesis is that demonic globalists are knee deep in the process of maiming and killing everyone on this planet except for a small number deemed not excess to requirements. He apparently doesn't realise that the current COVID genocidal scamdemic is merely the culmination of a process that has been repeated with increasing severity over millennia. As a consequence he cannot understand the motivation of the demons ramrodding thia process.

Demonic bio-weaponised genocide has been in the demons' toolkit for millennia. Obvious well known examples include the Black Death in the 14th Century and the 'Spanish Flu' in the early 20th Century.

The COVID "Final Solution" has been planned by the Talmudic globalists for centuries. The development of 'germ theory' in the mid-19th Century was an early precurser technique needed to socially engineer and mind control the human herd into acceptance of the key ingredient, "vaccinations", vital to achieving the gradual elimination of the herd without 'spooking' it. The "in joke" for the Talmudists and their democidal minions is that they know that human immune systems controlled by fully conscious sovereign individuals with adequate awareness are impervious to external environmental poisons. The trick has been to dumb down the global population to such an extent that they are unaware of the truth that human immune systems are able to expel such toxins automatically. See eg: COV-19 IMMUNITY IN 19 MINUTES

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Once germ theory and the need for vaccines to control them was accepted by the stupid goyem the rest was easy, as the current hysteria about the need for the experimental COVID jab demonstrates.

An almost ubiquitous fear of death has been spawned by the Vatican's elimination of Christ Jesus' teachings about reincarnation and the sovereign sonship of all ensouled human beings. That fear of death has been reinforced and manipulated by the Rockefeller instigated substitution of allopathic medicine, germ theory and vaccinations in lieu of natural medicine. This bogus environment has been reinforced by constant governmental, MSM, pseudo-scientific and healthcare propaganda to the point that most of the global population appears to have been reduced to gibbering idiocy as typified by the vogue for Wokeism, LGBTQism, belief in the need for ingestion and injection of poisons to ensure good health and NOW the COVID mass psychosis.

The mind control supporting the mass psychosis driving the COVID scamdemic is sooo pervasive that even many virologists and other medical experts and specialists who are opposing the experimental anti-COVID vaccinations still seem to believe in germ theory and the efficacy and need for properly developed vaccines. Given that those experts have spent a lifetime in the scientific allopathic mileau and have acquired their reputations and livilihoods from their expertise therein, their capture by that allopathic syndrome is probably not surprising. They are invested in their life's study and work. This situation tells you just how huge the coming mental and psychological adjustments are going to be when the truth about COVID, and life the universe and everything, is revealed.

But I digress.

John O'Looney postulates, correctly in my view, that the wall to wall fear porn surrounding the magic COVID virus has been so great that most people in the 'sophisticated' Western World appear to be terrified by it. THAT terror has been fertile ground for delivery of the demonic cabal's real genocidal coup de grace which is the roll-out of 'vaccines'.

Fortunately Presiden Trump and his administration managed to defuse the initial COVID bio-weapon before it left North American labs and hence it was not lethal. However, democidal propaganda by governments and the MSM has still managed to create mass psychosis in relation to the magic virus.

Moreover, knowing that the real 'killer' was intended to be the 'vaccines' that the globalist cabal planned to roll-out in a couple of years, ie after the bio-weapon had sufficiently frightened the global population by having governments and the MSM hype the fact that it was killing people, Trump declared a Warp Speed vaccine program. That forced the globalists to prematurly bring out the 'vaccine' concoctions that they had been preparing for some years prior to the release of the COVID' scamdemic. That meant that the CDC and similar global government health authorities could not pretend that their pre-prepared vaccines had been properly developed, tested and proven to be safe. Thus they were forced to state publicly that their 'vaccines' were experimental concoctions that could not be mandated.

In my view, John O'Looney rightly surmises that the globalists cunning plan was (and is) to rollout 'vaccines' that are 80% placebo, 10% harmful to health and 10% deadly. As John Says: 'This is diabolically clever.' WHY? Because the 80% of people getting the placebo will become fully invested in the vaccine process because it hasn't harmed them, yabba, yabba, yabba. That means that most of the 80% will become supporters and advocates for the 'vaccines'.

Meanwhile, the totally captured medical professions, healthcare industries, governments, MSM and mainstream scientists etc, will continue the charade (while being suitably rewarded financially etc) by lying about the vaccine injuries and deaths by calling them COVID caused or related etc. PERFECT! The slow genocide becomes grist to the COVID scamdemic bullshit mill, thus reinforcing the globalists' narrative that demonises all critics as germ theory deniers and vaccine deniers!

Thus current victims of this human debilitation and genocide process become its primary supporters and advocates. Better yet, many surviving victims of the 'vaccines' and most receivers of placebos become strongly invested in the process to the extent that, in order to reoinforce their false ego reality they become strong advocates of punishment of those who refuse to take the jab. This process starts with advocating the exclusion and quarantining of the 'unjabbed' from normal employment and societal life. That is being escalated to requiring everyone to get jabbed and to prove their acceptable vaccinated status by obtaining a 'passport' in order to be part of society.

As John O'Looney mentions, the final phase of this process will be confinement of the unvaXXed in quarantine prison camps. Therein, inmates will either succumb to pressure and get the jab thus becoming part of the 'invested' herd; OR they will in due course be 'found' to have contracted and died of COVID while imprisoned, in a manner similar to that observed in the 'suicide' deaths of cabal opponents in the past. John pessimistically expects to die in a quarantine prison camp within about a year because he will never take the jab.

John notes that the truly diabiolical mechanism for getting humanity to willingly genocide itself emerges from the phased use of placebos as the mechanism for convincing the majority of humanity of the safety and efficacy of the anti-COVID vaccines. Once people become convinced that COVID is lethal and that the vaccines work, they become invested in the process and advocate for them.

The plan is genius. Those that die quickly are attributed to COVID by hospitals, the medical profession, governments and the MSM. This is done by declaring that anyone dying within less than 14 days of being injected cannot be said to be vaccinated. Similarly anyone dying more than three months after being vaccinated is said to no longer be vaccinated because a second shot or a subsequent 'booster' is required to maintain their vaccinated status.

So, deaths that occur months after being vaccinated may still be attributed to COVID, since apparently the vaccines are acknowledged to NOT prevent it. Accordingly they are NOT vaccines anyway. As a result, deaths caused by lethal injections are routinely labelled as caused by other maladies OR as COVID casualties, by hospitals, the medical profession, governments and the MSM. This further hypes up the fear of COVID and the clamor for the unvaccinated to get vaccinated.

This narrative enables governments and the healthcare industry to claim that vaccine related illnesses and disabilities are due to other causes. And who can gainsay them? Especially as relatives and friends are often excluded from hospital and carehome situations upon grounds of the need to protect "the vulnerable".

The diabolical genious of this methodology is apparent when you factor in the fact that once the population becomes invested in the need for repeated booster shots every three months or whatever, the stealthy genocide can then be repeated by continually applying placebos, injurious and lethal injections at a ratio of, say, 80% placebos to 10% harmful ot disabling; and 10% lethal, until the remaing population is so reduced and debilitated that the demonic cabal can finalise its global depopulation and One World Government without let or hinderance. If successful this scenario will make Lenin, Stalin and their genocidal henchmen look like pikers.

IMHO John's view is a realistic assessment of the situation that the Alliance is allowing people who are awake to see. I disagree with the prolongation of the situation that creates John's perception. Apart from anything else, the Alliance's persistent allowance of governments, the medical profession and the MSM to pump out propaganda supporting this scenario and to censure and conceal the reality behind this demonic genocide, prevents most people from breaching their mind controlled mental prison.

Arguably also, the longer this charade is allowed to continue, the more heavily invested most people will become in the miasma of lies involved. That will mean that the shock deliverd by exposure of the truth may well cause overwhelming cognitive dissonance and substantial mental illness and chaos. Arguably the population of this planet should be told the truth by those in positions of power who know it. That will require preventing governments, Big Tech and MSM corporations, and the healthcare cabal from continuing to conceal it

It is said that you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. BUT the'horse' should at least be given the opportunity of seeing and smelling the water. Or so I think. :)




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