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Trump's 20,000 Button Men
By Mike King
Jan 13, 2021 - 10:00:40 PM

January 14th 2021

NY Times:   Pentagon to Arm National Guard Troops Deploying to Capitol for Inauguration


For a dramatically downsized inauguration that is going to be mostly virtual, the number of National Guard troops -- (now 20,000) -- flooding into Washington DC from all over the country is very peculiar. Now comes word that the Offense Department will actually be arming this formidable force. As expected, the spin of this story is that the show-of-might is needed to thwart the big bad pro-Trump mobs from trying any rough stuff. From the article:

"Ms. Pelosi, according to congressional staff members, demanded that the Pentagon take a more muscular posture after a mob, egged on by President Trump last week, breached the Capitol."

Now, Drunken Nancy can "demand" whatever she wants, but only the President can authorize the Pentagon to arm those National Guardsmen -- which the President would also be commanding-- that are coming to Washington. This is actually confirmed further down in the Slimes article:

"The White House had signed off on the decision to arm some of the National Guard troops coming to Washington to provide security. Pentagon officials have underscored that the National Guard - not active-duty military troops - will be assigned to those duties."

Now, why in the world would Trump authorize such an unnecessary militarized presence aimed at intimidating any of the always-peaceful pro-Trump protestors -- who won't even be there, except in small numbers? It is very difficult to imagine that Trump, in his final days, would order the Pentagon to appease Drunken Nancy like this -- she being the hated nemesis who just had him impeached for the second time in the span of just one year. What's really going on here?


DC is now crawling with NG troops -- under Trump's direct command -- who have just been given arms upon the order of Trump's new Defense Chief, Christopher Miller.

Most folks don't even realize that after a governor activates his state's NG, the President can assume command of them. In Mafia parlance, to paraphrase Sonny from "GodFather 1," Trump will soon have 20,000 "button men on the streets" of swamp-infested DC.

As demoralized as some of "youse guys" understandably are and, admittedly, as anxious as "The Editorial Board" of The Anti-New York Times is at this very late stage of the end-game -- to date, there is nothing that has happened (or not yet happened) which would contradict or discredit "The Plan" revealed to us by Q Anon. From the 2017-2018 days of the earliest "crumbs" posted, Q has never wavered in forecasting that the at-the-time cryptic "11.3" (Election Day 2020) would be "the first marker" for the start of the dramatic finale; and that election fraud would be a key element of the end game; and that Antifa would be used to "play right into the plan;" and that the National Guard -- under Trump's command -- would unleash "The Storm" with the support of regular military and under the protective cover of the Emergency Broadcast System.

Trump has the NG under his command, the Stupid-19 "state of emergency" still in place, the EBS at his disposal, and 80 million pissed-off "sleepers" already on his side. Now consider this: Even if "The Donald" is not the selfless, dauntless, patriotic hero that we hope he is -- when faced with the choice between "pushing the buttons" and crushing the evil enemies arrayed against him; or quietly putting his tail between his legs and leaving DC to forever be reviled as "the worst president ever" and condemning his own children and grandchildren to endure vicious personal and business reprisals -- it would seem to this writer that Trump, if only out of pure self-interest and self-preservation, would crush these sons-of-bitches once and for all -- generals permitting*.

And what easier way ("clean and swift" as Q has said) to round up the vindictive vermin and treasonous trash in one fell swoop that at the inauguration itself? Or perhaps the night before, when certain out-of-town scum are in the fancy hotel rooms?

The recent treasonous statement released by "Joint Chiefs" may be a fake (no date, no original statement found at any .gov or .mil site etc.) ... or it could be "White Hat" disinfo to keep the Deep State guessing.



Q#34 / November 1, 2017
We will be initiating the Emergency Broadcast System during thi
s time in an effort to provide a direct message (avoiding fake news) to all citizens. Organizations or people that wish to do us harm during this time will be met with swift fury - certain laws have been pre-lifted to provide our great military the necessary authority to conduct these operations (at home and abroad).




1a. October 31, 2017: NG (National Guard -- "Clean & Swift") -- 1b. November 1, 2017: The only way is the military, 11.3 (Election Day) will be the "first marker" // 2. March 15, 2018: March madness was not referring to the month of March, but rather to Trump's January 6th "March for America" which led to a "breach" in which Antifa false-flaggers "played into the plan" that is now the perfect cover for deploying 20,000 armed NG's under Trump's command.

As a corollary to our hopeful and cautious optimism that Trump's "button men" will soon be cleaning house and activating the EBS -- members of the PRC (Predatory Ruling Class) have been equally worried about Trump's emergency powers, or so it seems.

* From Politico (October 1, 2018):
Lawsuit Seeks to Block Trump From Sending 'Presidential Alerts' to Phones

"The new lawsuit contends that the system will effectively turn them (phones) into "government loudspeakers" that would allow Trump to disseminate propaganda."

* From the Marxist Brennan Center for Justice(January 8, 2018):
Why DC's Mayor Should Have Authority Over the DC National Guard

"Congress should give the mayor of D.C. control over the DCNG absent federalization-something Congress can do without resolving the separate and more complicated issue of D.C. statehood. Doing so would prevent the president both from misusing the DCNG as his own personal army."

This is why (((they))) are trying so hard -- but in vain -- to have Trump removed by next Wednesday. Let's all hope and pray TM that their worst nightmares (instead of ours) are about to come true.



Whether this "movie" has a happy or sad ending, we are standing on the precipice of something truly historic. Stay tuned.


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