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Political Information Last Updated: Dec 7, 2017 - 4:49:24 PM

Trudeau Liberals’ ‘homosexual propaganda’ Campaign Will Cost Taxpayers $16 million
By Lianne Laurence
Dec 7, 2017 - 4:46:11 PM

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OTTAWA, December 6, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal government will spend at least $15 million to "memorialize" the Canadian government's "historic discrimination" of LGBTQ2 persons.

That includes building a national monument in Ottawa and funding "travelling and core exhibits" by the Canadian Museum of Human Rights.

And the Liberals have earmarked a further $1 million-plus to celebrate the coming 50th anniversary of the legalization of homosexualiy, and further initiatives to "promote diversity and inclusion."

Gwen Landolt, a lawyer and vice president of REAL Women, slammed these efforts as "homosexual propaganda paid for by Canadian taxpayers without their permission" and which "elevate homosexuality as normal, moral, risk-free, and acceptable, which it is not."

The $15 million commitment to "memorialize" the historic discrimination against LGBTQ individuals is part of the Trudeau government's $145 million out-of-court settlement of the class action lawsuit launched last year by Toronto lawyer Douglas Elliott.

Elliott brought the suit on behalf of LGBTQ2 individuals discharged from Canada's military or fired from the civil service because of their sexual orientation during what has been dubbed a government "purge" that ended in 1992.

Details of the "LGBTQ2 agreement-in-principle" were released by Trudeau's office November 28, the day the prime minister apologized in the House of Commons to those affected by the "purge," as well as to individuals convicted under the Canada's former law against sodomy.

The Liberals also agreed to pay out $110 million for individual compensation, and $20 million for "legal fees and administration."

Trudeau's office also announced on November 28 further funding, over and above the $145 million settlement, for a number "initiatives to support LGBTQ2 communities and promote diversity and inclusion."

That includes $250,000 to deal with an "anticipated increase in demand for services from LGBTQ2 individuals."

This money will pay for such things as "community education sessions" on the "impacts of homophobia, transphobia, and biphobia and how to address them collectively."

It could also be used to fund "LGBTQ2 peer conversations" on the "lived experience of homophobia, transphobia, and biphobia and how to build resiliency within LGBTQ2 communities."

The Liberals are also bankrolling celebrations of the upcoming 50th anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexuality.

In May 1969, Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau's Liberal government passed an omnibus bill legalizing homosexuality and abortion.

Heritage Canada Minister Melanie Joly announced the Liberals are giving $770,000 to homosexual activist group Egale for its "Legalizing Love: The Road to June 1969" project, an exhibition that will tour 10 cities, to mark the anniversary.

View image on TwitterView image on Twitter

Mélanie Joly✔@melaniejoly

Once again, Canada demonstrates leadership when it's come to human rights & inclusion. I'm pleased to announce more than $770,000 to support the Legalizing Love: The Road to June 27, 1969 project that will involve a travelling exhibit to support  communities @egalecanada

8:58 AM - Nov 29, 2017 · Montréal, Québec

Twitter Ads info and privacy

The Liberals are also funding production of a bilingual 60-minute documentary to "increase awareness of the people, actions, and struggles that led to the decriminalization of homosexuality" to premiere June 27, 2019.

The Liberals have set up a special unit and toll-free number to provide members of the military or "the RCMP with service-related injuries who identify as members of LGBTQ2 communities" with "information about services and supports available to them."

The specialized unit will operate for the period of one year beginning November 28, 2017, and is being funded within existing resources, according to a statement from Veterans Affairs to LifeSiteNews.

Moreover, in January 2018, the Canadian Armed Forces "will launch the Positive Space initiative to promote a safe and inclusive work environment for all, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression," the government announced.

REAL Women excoriated Trudeau's apology and payout as "deceitful" in a December 4 press release.

Not only did the prime minister ignore "the opinion of millions of faith-based Canadians whether Christian, Muslim, Sikh or Orthodox Jew who do not believe that the sexual preferences of homosexuals are normal, moral, nor risk-free," it said, but Trudeau made no mention of the "consequences to homosexual sexual practices, medically, psychologically and socially."

It's well documented that "homosexual sexual activity leads to the devastation of AIDS, anal, throat and mouth cancer, sexually transmitted diseases, drug abuse and increased depression and suicide," noted REAL Women.

In countries like the Netherlands and Sweden, "where homosexual rights have been the law of the land for years," homosexual persons "remain three times more susceptible to mood disorders and 3 to 10 times more likely to engage in suicidal self-harm."

REAL Women also decried the Liberal government's "Positive Space Initiative" in the military.

"This is discrimination against the needs of other military personnel," it stated. The Canadian Armed Forces "was never intended to be a social agency to promote homosexuality."

Trudeau's apology and the Liberal payout will have "long range and damaging" results, warned REAL Women.

"A genuine concern arises whether those who do not accept Trudeau's simplistic interpretation of homosexuality are going to be hounded and persecuted under the homosexual programs."


Trudeau criticized for pushing gay agenda on kids in ‘LGBTQ2' apology

Trudeau promises to stamp out LGBT ‘discrimination' in Canada

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