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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

By Jason Palmer with comments by Ron
Mar 26, 2018 - 8:43:40 PM

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By Jason Palmer


George Grosz, Orgie (1922)

“They apparently do not even dream that only in an epoch in which all the forces of Nature are artificially enchained, can they be protected against that which their fathers endured.”
-Walter Rathenau

The most ancient form of tribalism is the least understood and is utterly taboo to discuss publicly. Yet this intense tribal loyalty is the key to understanding the collapse of Western civilization. This tribalism functions within society as a disease of opportunism. Like all opportunistic diseases, it exists where defenses are weakened and the immune system is compromised. There it finds purchase. This tribalism thrives in a nation-state where art is debased, culture is distorted, roles are inverted, standards are eliminated, materialism and greed are celebrated, and the moral tone is debauched to the level of the Weimar Republic

Within this environment, the tribalist plies his trade. His trade is to accumulate and dominate at any cost. This requires a society that is corrupt to its core. It requires a disunited populace and a complicit cultural elite. It requires a political leadership owned by the tribalist and subservient to his wishes.

In this immoral habitat, he thrives. Like a swimming fish within water or a flying bird within the sky, the tribalist finds a subterranean home consistent with his nature. He knows that he never prospers within a healthy society. In a morally ordered environment, his presence is repellent and unnecessary. His ideas are labeled as subversive. He is recognized, set upon, cast out. This is why he promotes societal sickness rather than health, chaos rather than order, war rather than peace. He works to create the conditions necessary for his survival.

Nothing frightens the tribalist more than nationalism. He hates the tribal feelings experienced by Others. He dismisses all forms of nationalism as “fascism” and “xenophobia”, except his own. The “anti-fascist” Antifa is a tribalist-funded political movement that incorporates violent physical terrorism and intimidation against Others who exhibit yearnings for identity, preservation or survival

Black Lives Matter is a similar movement, created by a tribalist, funded by the tribe. It diverts the anger of the underclass black proletariat away from their real tribal enemy, those tribal economic moneychangers who literally profit from black misery. Black anger is diverted onto police officers and pedestrian Others. The wealthy non-black tribalist architects of BLM’s divisive manifesto desire chaos and hatred, violence and murder.

The eccentric ethnocentric believes that the Others are not entitled to their nationalism, but he is entitled to his. His nationalism is a haughty supremacism, adversarial and hostile, rife with entitlement. It brims with self-worship, myopia and narcissism. It offers moral encouragement for the criminal acquisition of money, power and influence. It possesses a petty and jealous nature. It permits no competitors. This tribal nationalism gives no quarter and takes no political prisoners. It never forgives and it never forgets.

Hence, the Others bristle. They resist the tribalist’s presence, resist his hostile display, resist his raw exercise of unmitigated aggression against them. Presumptuous arrogance rolls from his essence effortlessly. His true and undisguised nature has all of the popular appeal of chloroform. Possibly asbestos. Definitely arsenic. Therefore, obsessive public relations work and the insertion of constant propaganda into the body politic is necessary. He works to change the perception, but never the reality, of who and what he really is. He never changes his morality, only his tactics.

Any and all resistance against the tribalist is “hatred”. The Others, even when warm and welcoming, are always perceived as potential enemies. In the mind of the tribalist, the fault of any conflict never lies within himself, nor is it due to his bad behavior, his lack of scruples or his superiority complex; the Others’ inexplicable hatred of the tribalist is always explained by some defect of mind, heart or character that the Others collectively possess. The Others are sick and need a tribalist cure. He has many prescriptions.

This is why the tribalist believes that other peoples are only propositional and transient social constructs. The Others soon think of themselves in the same way. The tribalist deconstructs, redefines or eliminates them. The Others are successfully psychologically conditioned. They believe that their ethnocentrism, their simple preference for their own people, is evil. Yet the tribe’s ethnocentrism, its tribalist preference for itself over all Others, is moral, even noble.

Predictably, the Others submit to the tribe. With feeble resistance, they accept the dominant superiority of the tribe’s identity and relinquish their own. They are likely to submit to the influence of a ruthlessly aggressive intellectual power because they are not well-organized, nor generally as verbally adept, as this imposing elite minority.

A fixed identity within the Others terrifies the tribalist. It is too great a danger to leave intact. He deconstructs to induce ambiguity and self-doubt in the majority. A self-confident people, proud of its history and accomplishments, would be strong enough to resist his influence. But not a herd of rootless citizens who merely share a piece of land.

Because he is rootless, the tribalist fosters rootlessness in the Others. An alien, he stresses alienation. Perpetually in exile, he desires a society filled with social and political exiles. He loves a people of perennial pariahs, a nation of nebbish neurotics. He adores a world with no borders.

The Others all become self-contained and quarantined outsiders, strangers to themselves. As he erases community, he finds his safety zone. The Others each seem to be “bowling alone”; the tribalist is on a unified and successful team.

Only the tribe’s identity is fixed and non-negotiable, not up for debate. A deferential “special understanding” is the only acceptable attitude when he desecrates the traditions held sacred by the Others. The Others must “grow a sense of humor” as the tribalist mocks their culture, their faith, their God, their manners, their politics or their race.

But when one person verbalizes the mildest criticism of HIS tribe and its arrogant behavior, that man or woman is destroyed personally, professionally, politically, family attacked, friends intimidated, place of business boycotted, threatened and vandalized. The tribe alone has the privilege to defame others. The tribe alone has the privilege to persecute, even with the law, those who fight against its power. The tribe alone has the privilege to utterly destroy any man or woman willing to oppose its advance. He wields his tribal privilege like a weapon.

For the tribalist hates to see other fish swim so sleekly. He hates to see other birds fly so freely. He maladjusts the well-adjusted. He smashes any resistance to his cultural readjustments. He destroys the well-ordered and well-formed; for he is neither. He loathes the shape and the sound of them. He prompts chaos amidst order. He instigates division amidst unity. He is the arbiter of division.

In a cosmopolitan society of numerous ethnicities and religions, tribal cooperation prevails over individualism. His history has taught him this lesson. While embracing ethnocentrism and exclusivity within the cocoon of his in-group, tribal activists emphasize “world citizenship” for the gullible Others. He teaches non-assimilation, racial pride, separatism and superiority to his own children. The tribalist preaches the anti-nationalist, anti-natalist doctrines of diversity, equality, multiculturalism and integration for everyone else.

The tribalist has many psychological methods to intellectually deconstruct the nationalist feelings that the Others possess. His greatest fear is that the Others will recognize him for what he is, organize themselves to combat his destruction of their culture and theft of their treasure, and cast him out.

Throughout human history, the tribalist is initially welcomed into a society with open arms. Within a few years, the same society is hostile towards him. Eventually he is expelled with burning anger and violent force. This has occurred in every place he has ever resided. He has been expelled from thousands of communities, from countless cities, towns, villages and hamlets. He has been driven from nation after nation after nation throughout the ages, from time immemorial. When the true nature of the tribalist is understood, he will be expelled again.

The tribalist always anticipates his eventual violent rejection and plans accordingly. He pretends not to understand the reasons for this rejection or for the historical hatred collectively kindled against him. He even pretends to study the issue objectively and academically, as if he wishes to find a way to remedy it.

Hence, the tribalist lies, deceiving the shallow-minded herd of common people. He is no victim; he is a victimizer. It has always been this way. He is not deceived or confused about his identity in relationship to his host. He understands very well why he is hated.  He anticipates and attempts to contain or manipulate this hatred.

Hence, the tribalist individualizes the Others and prevents the solidarity of a real community capable of mass resistance against him. This is why he features the outsider, the immigrant, the mutant, the rebel and the sexual minority as heroic figures within his novels, plays, comic books and films. The tribalist glorifies alienation and fatalism amongst the majority communities. Cynicism, defamation, glibness, mockery and ridicule are his stock-in-trade. Satire is his prime instrument of deconstruction.

With his humor, the tribal activist tears at the very essence of the Others, at their inner strength and character. His is not a comedy merely for the cultivation of laughter within an audience. It is yet another means of tribal warfare against the Others. He lampoons and delegitimizes them as a people. He mocks who and what they are. His poison pen taints their epics, their fables, their heroes, their legends. Their sages. Their saints. He deconstructs any institution which provides them comfort or rest from his relentless influence. He scavenges from the host culture shamelessly, yet always maintains his venomous hatred against it. Then he sells it all back to the Others with a laugh track tastelessly attached.

Civilization is a thin crust over a volcano; the tribalist is always picking at this crust.

This cultural deconstructor instills collective historical guilt and shame in the minds of the youth for atrocities that happened long before they were born; he does this to weaken and anesthetize them, readying their minds for the self-hatred that he will be everlastingly selling them, day and night without rest. He never stops reminding the Others of their guilt and how it requires the Others to give up their future, their heritage, even their memorials and monuments, their collective memory, their very right to exist. Yet he speaks of his own tribal people as the historical bearers of universal ethics, eternally innocent and without blemish.

After he consolidates intellectual dominance, the tribalist peddles pornography, obscenity and sickness to the citizens to break down their moral defenses. He commercializes and monetizes sexuality. He sells every public and private vice to the Others, morphing them to moral hypocrites, dulling their righteous resolve to fight his corruption of every area of society.

He encourages the abuse of alcohol, designer drugs and pharmaceuticals of every kind. He peddles poisonous, unhealthy food and a mind, body and soul-destroying diet to the public through a steady stream of commercial advertising aimed at children.

The tribalist mainstreams vulgarity. He elevates and exalts public lewdness and vulgar anti-social behavior to a place of respect. Yet he simultaneously vulgarizes and lowers every higher moral value to mere expediency and gain. The sacred becomes a punchline. The sordid becomes a sacrament. The minister is a monster, but the sex worker has a heart of gold.

He profits mightily from the celebration of self-contamination.

Divorce rates skyrocket amongst the Others. Violent crime rises. Random public massacres of innocents become commonplace. Alcoholism is rampant and socially acceptable. Heroin addiction, mental illness, obesity, opiate abuse, rape, sexually transmitted diseases, single-parent families, teen pregnancies and suicide abound.

Amongst his own people, the tribalist stresses the importance of family and children, but mocks these values when they appear in the Others. Amongst the Others, he propagates positive and humorous media images of adultery, dysfunction, one-night stands, open marriages, swinging, three-ways and wife-swapping.

The tribalist does not merely promote minority sexual behaviors. He is obsessed with them. He fetishizes them in film and print. The tribalist glorifies sexually ambiguous traits utilizing narrative, humor, satire and storytelling. He prefers “sexual fluidity”, sexual ambiguity, a transformative sexuality, rather than defined notions of masculinity and femininity. The tribalist is uncomfortable with these notions.

The tribalist is incorrect to believe that, without him, a society would not extend tolerance to sexual minorities. But he is correct to believe that his sexually radical ideas will be rejected in a society dominated by masculine men and feminine women. Both will be naturally suspicious of him and less susceptible to his moral corruption, thus making his influence conspicuous.

This is why the tribal activist breaks down any conceptions of gender, all roles and characteristics. He proselytizes with an evangelist’s zeal. Sexuality becomes, not a means of molding a loving relationship, a family or a society, but solely a way that one achieves self-satisfaction and expresses one’s individualism. To the tribalist, sexuality is mere accessorizing. The tribalist is ambiguous and fluid. He thrives where these characteristics thrive. Social approval of these traits is his prime objective.

Soon, millions of the Others identify themselves by an expanding list of sexual designators. This divides the culture along sexual identitarian lines; it provides the tribalist with a plethora of new sexual minorities to instill with discontentment, fatalism and grievance. It provides more out-groups for the tribalist to mobilize when he deems it politically advantageous to his own in-group objectives.

The tribe and the host are of one accord. The citizens of the nation-state share the tribalist’s hatred of their own culture and people. They identify with what the tribal minority considers important. This alien minority shapes and molds the way the majority think about themselves, their history, their religion, their traditions. This tiny minority is intimately interested in the majority, how and whom they love and hate, how they view themselves.

The tribe’s thoughts often fixate on theories of sexuality or scatology, not necessarily in that order. They are fixated on the mental life, the sexual and reproductive practices and the excretory functions of the Others. Any negative stereotypes about the tribe do not reflect the tribe’s observably negative social behavior. These stereotypes are caused only by the sexual repressions and hang-ups lodged within the minds of the Others.

They also believe that the Others are constantly obsessed with them. Yet no one could be more obsessed with his own identity than an elitist sporting a Messiah complex. The tribe has no genuine religious impulse any higher or nobler than conceited self-worship. The tribalist religion is the ethnocentric ritualization of the techniques utilized to control the host.

The tribalist conducts public and private studies, he collects data from polls and surveys to measure, at any given moment, how much he is hated by the majority. Any who harbor negative feelings towards the tribalist and his people are labeled as dangerous, delusional, hateful, mentally ill, worthy of criminal prosecution.

Any nation which is dominated by the tribalist is labeled as a “democracy”; the tribalist media will describe such a nation as a free, liberal and open society that is pluralistic, tolerant and being strengthened by its open borders and diversity. Any nation not fully under tribalist domination is labeled as “authoritarian”; the tribalist media will describe such a nation as dangerously nationalistic, corrupt, a crypto-fascist closed society, a country that is racist, xenophobic and led by a warmongering dictator with a cult of personality.

All leaders who have historically opposed the tribalist and his people are portrayed as pure unadulterated evil, as hatred personified. They are demonic monsters, inhuman psychotic beasts in human form, both simultaneously sexually repressed and sexually deviant. They are irrational lunatics without nuance, without feelings, without genuine grievances or human qualities or personal interests. They do not possess even the true ability to love.

Though these leaders are described as utterly delusional and conspiratorial, their actual words are harshly suppressed, their ideas kept from the public. The tribalist media only refer to these leaders as violent homicidal racists, one-dimensional single-minded haters possessing maniacal cartoonish fantasies of taking over the world. Yet this simplistic caricature comes far closer to describing the behavior of the tribe, rather than the behavior of the tribe’s enemies.

Any organizations which oppose the tribalist, whether they contain Alt-Rightists, neo-reactionaries, civic or identitarian nationalists, Old Leftists or anti-war socialists, will always be labeled as hate organizations populated by fascists and supremacists for the sole purpose of blindly hating and oppressing the tribe for no reason whatsoever. This is the narrative parroted by the employees of the tribalist media apparatus.

Any individual who publicly opposes the tribalist, whether in word or deed, is immediately characterized as an unperson. This unperson is addressed as if he is a sick and criminally insane terrorist, a hate criminal, a freak of nature who deserves no freedom of speech, no mercy, no livelihood, no love, no understanding, no voice whatsoever. Tribalist organizations use boycotts, epithets and defamation against the individual to force him to recant. He is “outed” within his community so that he might be shamed in front of his peers and lose his reputation and his employment, possibly even his wife and children. His fear of being ostracized by normal society, of becoming an outcast, personally and economically, is supposed to ensure his silence. He is supposed to remain quiet and compliant as the tribalist deconstructs his culture and even poisons the minds of his innocent children.

No one who opposes the tribe can ever possess a morally legitimate reason for doing so. No one who criticizes the tribe is ever acknowledged to have a reason or a right to do so. No one who has been victimized by the tribe is entitled to feel victimized. He is never allowed to verbalize his feelings without afterwards being demonized as irrationally hateful. He is always intimidated, broken, induced to feel fear, guilt. To the tribalist mind, any resistance against his tribal power is immoral, a crime against the unyielding law of chutzpah. Only the tribalist is allowed the luxury of basking in victimization.

Those of the Others who do resist his power, who peacefully protest against tribal dominance openly and vocally within the public square are violently attacked by a minority coalition consisting of Antifa mercenaries, Black Lives Matter street agitators and various other aggrieved entities. These are the proxy armies of the tribalist. They are armed, groomed, indoctrinated, trained and paid to violently terrorize and silence the recalcitrant Others. Within the herd minds of the shock troops, the only permissible thoughts are the ones installed by the tribalist. Upon the tongues of the shock troops are the talking points written by the tribalist. They must not think or speak for themselves. They must only do the wet work assigned to a proxy army.

The most psychotic and unhinged elements of society are unleashed upon the streets, to prevent peaceful protest, to damage the Others, to physically terrorize them for their open resistance. The tribalist must make a public example out of any who politically resist his influence, thus frightening those who might potentially join their ranks. Resistance must be harshly punished. The Others are assaulted with battery acid, bleach, pepper spray, human feces and urine, as well as used condoms and bloody tampons. Some are blinded, injured and burned by these acts of violent terror. Yet the police promptly arrest and jail any protestors who defend themselves against the proxy army.

In his collectivist mind, every instance of the tribalist’s hatred and paranoia against the majority is always justified. He is accorded the privilege of collectively dehumanizing and suppressing his host at his own leisure while elevating his own ethnocentric political concerns above all others. It is this brand of arrogant and domineering behavior that has always led to massive retaliation.

The tribal activist installs deep psychological triggers in the Others through his domination of the public discourse. Hence, any animosity felt towards the tribalist by the Others will immediately induce discomfort, fear and an unexplainable guilt. The Others begin to voluntarily censor and police their own thoughts. They must only think positive thoughts about the tribe. They must only speak positive words about the tribe. They must divert their eyes from the negative facets of the tribe’s presence. Even in private, the Others dare not countenance the truth, whether in thought or speech. Otherwise, they may eventually be punished and made to suffer.

Even as he dominates, the tribalist disarms the Others’ intellectual defenses in all spheres of thought. He quiets any objections to his immoral behavior by appealing to moralistic sentimentality, by emphasizing the depths of his unique historical pain, his status as history’s ultimate victim. For he is the underdog in chameleon skin. He inserts the narrative of his eternal victimhood into every area of public life.

Tribalist organizations commission the construction of gaudy museums costing hundreds of millions of dollars to commemorate their persecution as a powerless minority. These museums are largely built using tax dollars taken forcibly from the majority. As hundreds of millions of the Others file through these museums, they are theatrically and traumatically reminded of the unassailable righteousness of the tribe, the fact that the tribe is always and everywhere persecuted for no reason whatsoever, and that the Others must worship the unique and holy nature of the tribe’s suffering. To collectively atone for the trauma caused to the tribe, the Others are instructed to help create a world where their own ethnocentrism is criminalized and the extravagant ethnocentrism of the tribe is enshrined in law. [Ron: See eg:

The tribalist demands that the Others give him the land, the money and the weaponry to create a tribal state for himself. He assures his host that this will be a productive, self-sustaining “democratic” nation. But it is not.

The tribalist instead sets up a parasite state on land stolen from its indigenous population. Tribal activists slaughter, rape, plunder and ethnically cleanse its inhabitants. He enslaves those who remain in squalid concentration camps. He steals their property, bulldozes and dynamites their homes. His brethren set fire to their crops, kill their livestock and poison their water supply with raw sewage.

The tribalist harvests the organs of his murdered victims and sells them on the black market. He makes a handsome profit. He is happy. He assassinates the remaining indigenous activists, artists and intellectuals who speak out against his atrocities. The most violent of the tribalist community build armed and gated settlements on stolen land and brutally murder its former inhabitants to induce further terror in the populace. He uses chemical weapons, including white phosphorus, on civilian populations, burning alive men, women and children.

The tribalist parasite state becomes an international headquarters for drugs, financial banditry, militarism, human trafficking, organ trafficking, organized crime, prostitution, pornography, sex slavery, usury and every other kind of vice. The tribe extracts trillions of dollars from the Others to prop up an economy based on crime, parasitism and speculation. The tribe is given the most advanced military technology in the world. There are no strings attached. Loans made to the parasite state are never repaid.

Governmental programs created to help the Others who are disabled, poor and elderly are slashed or eliminated. Yet the amount of money taken from the Others and given to the parasite state increases every year. Many within the majority cannot afford basic health care for their families, but their tax dollars guarantee first-rate health care to every tribalist citizen of the parasite state.

The tribe demands that the Others never criticize the parasite state or its policies of mass displacement, state terrorism and murder perpetrated on the non-tribalist population. The tribalist demands to be treated as a victim of “hatred” as he eliminates the rights, crushes the freedom and denies the humanity of an entire group of people. He also demands that the Others wage proxy battles against the enemies of the parasite state. This is why the Others seem to be engaged in endless wars and nation-building. Only politicians who have mortgaged their souls to the tribalist and his parasite state are permitted to be elected.

Yet the tribalist always hard-sells his own victimization, an emotional byproduct of his self-absorption. He plays at the role of a persecuted and powerless minority, even as he bends the majority to his will. The Others are collectively blamed for the tribalist’s historical shortcomings and the parasite state’s contemporary crimes.

The majority are thus morally indicted, delegitimized and neutered, unable to defend themselves from this organized minority’s assaults upon their culture. To note the dual morality and utter hypocrisy of this entire parasitic arrangement is not to invite debate. It is only to invite the hair-trigger vengeance of the tribalist.

The tribe has observed and studied the Others for centuries; the tribalist understands their strengths and weaknesses. He seems to have an intimate insight into their psychology and how to manipulate it. This is why he always equates his uniquely tribal ideas with notions of democracy, freedom, justice, humanism, pluralism, progress, even love. Narrow ethnocentric tribalist objectives are couched in disingenuously inclusive universalist language.

By sheer force of repetition, this alien minority’s political passions and personal obsessions eventually become majority opinion. The Others internalize the self-hatred taught to them by an ancient self-worshipping ethnic entity residing among them. They are worn down by the persistence of this minority’s clever and hateful attacks against their culture. Sadly, the Others rarely recognize the author of this strange new hatred that they feel toward themselves and their history.

Soon, this minority convinces the guilt-wracked majority to open the gates of their nation, to allow in millions of people who are hostile to their traditions, unassimilable and violent. Yet this same tribal minority demands the collective privilege not to assimilate with the Others. Ethnocentric tribalist organizations openly attempt to prevent members of the tribe from intermarrying with the majority population. Intermarriage and assimilation with the Others is described as “genocide”. The Others can disappear, but the tribe must be preserved at all costs.

The Others must throw open their gates to the world, while the parasite state only allows fellow tribalists to become citizens. The Others must eventually even intermarry with the newcomers, while the parasite state legally criminalizes marriages between tribalists and the indigenous non-tribalist population.

The elitist tribe politically ally themselves with the migrating newcomers. They tutor their newest proletariat in discontentment, entitlement, grievance and violent political revolution against the Others. They write propaganda on behalf of the newcomers, portraying the Others as hateful, exclusive and deserving of punishment and death.

Tribalist charities begin to bankroll the newcomers. Tribalist legal foundations represent them in court cases designed to prevent the Others from protecting and preserving their nation or its borders. Few of the minorities and newcomers understand how politically useful they are to the tribalist clique whose only motivation is dividing and destroying the majority culture. Their purposes are not the elevation of humanity and the welcoming of the stranger. Their purposes are: subversion, domination, profit through inversion and perversion of all values, and the extortion and robbery of the citizenry through parasitic non-productive and destructive tribal behavior.

Arson, robbery, rape and the murder of innocent civilians and police officers predictably follows. The Others are disorganized and unprepared for the broadside attack launched against them by a diverse coalition of many minorities, but led by only one.

The tribalist prepares the Others for minority status. After several generations, the Others are a tiny hated minority within their nation, besieged on all sides. A tribal media barrages them with distraction, degeneracy and deprecation of their culture. This media covers up violence committed against them. As the Others are being displaced, they are simultaneously financially plundered, forced by law to pay for their own dispossession. The tribalist assures an impoverished multicultural majority with no recognizable identity that the Others will soon disappear.

And the nation explodes, cities burn, markets crash, the economy is bankrupted; its inhabitants begin to starve. Homelessness is rampant. The Others cease to reproduce themselves and demographically fade away. Their remaining numbers are subjected to ever more vicious and sadistic acts of brutality. Terrorism, including random beatings, beheadings, bombings, gang rapes, shootings, stabbings and mass murder via vehicular homicide, is the new normal. The streets are unsafe. Women, children and the elderly are sexually violated. The entire population is hooked on pharmaceuticals, hard drugs and alcohol. Pornography grows more twisted in its depictions. It is everywhere.

Every facet of existence has been thoroughly demystified, monetized, sexualized. All innocence is lost. Once the tribalist has infused his unhealthy nature into a once healthy culture, that culture begins to wither and die.

The whole society collapses under the weight of tribal corruption. Its defenses and immune system are eliminated. The fish flails upon the shore, desperate for air. The bird’s wings are broken, but fluttering for flight. The tribalist is in his natural habitat.

Throughout the ages, this pattern can be observed again and again. History is a doomed repetition because true history is never taught, thus never learned. An advanced civilization rises to great prominence, bestrides the globe for a time, then crumbles to ruin. Court historians posit the reasons, but are silent about the familiar and recurring nature of the tribalist pattern.

This opportunistic disease always attacks in the same way. It strikes at the foundations that hold a nation-state together. It subverts all immune systems that prevent its domination. This tribalism eats at the traditions and culture of the majority population. It tears at the fabric of their faith. It poisons their very roots, indoctrinating their children with lies, half-truths and self-hatred. It corrupts the individual and the government. It destroys a nation from within. It deconstructs any pride they have in their people and replaces it with shame.

The tribalist breaks down their monuments, their memorials, their statues, their crosses, their creches, their collective memory. He replaces them with his own symbols, his own pantheon of cosmopolitan heroes for a rootless global citizenry. Rather than celebrating a nation’s people, heroism, honor and strength, these new landmarks and mementos only glorify division, grievance, martyrdom, victimization. Identity is replaced with indignity.

The ideological religion of eternal tribalist suffering and unassailable moral righteousness is the unofficial religion of the state. The priorities of its government, military and judicial system begin to reflect his unique moral character, or lack thereof.

Even as it attacks its own host with terrorism, financial and military support to the parasite state never ceases. It only increases. Because of the murderous nature of the parasite state, the Others are always contending with its enemies. The Others bleed and die for the parasite state and give up their treasure to defend the treachery of the tribalist, even as it bankrupts them.

The tribalist politically radicalizes and weaponizes minorities by appealing to their grievances. He praises every type of destructive individualism, every harmful habit, every sickness of spirit. There is no community that this tribalism will not try to deconstruct. It shreds all standards of differentiation, except those upheld within the tribe. Its sexuality is radical. Its sensuality is loveless and mechanical, fickle in its materialistic plasticity. Its media is a circumcised circle jerk. Its journalists bleed yellow. It promotes vulgarity and depravity and decomposition. It wallows in ambiguity. It revels in confusion.

This tribalism turns any healthy culture into a hypersexualized pornographic low-brow throwaway tabloid scatological schlock culture. It commercializes, distorts and monetizes all values. It knows the price of everything and the value of absolutely nothing. It promotes inverted morality and inverted sexuality. It mocks healthy family life amongst the Others and consistently stands against higher life of every kind.

Yes, this tribalist is hostile to all peoples, but his hostility burns most intensely against white European people. He sees Europeans always as the Ultimate Others, his most ancient and formidable of enemies. Through his actions, he assures them that his hostility can never be assuaged or extinguished. It is a hostility as old as recorded history, as new as the crisp pages of today’s New York Times. It is often veiled, but never hidden. It is not a conspiracy, for it is not a secret. It is simply a taboo topic.

To understand the tribalist’s hostility is to understand an ancient supremacism, an unrelenting ethnic hatred never quenched. His perceived opportunism is a disease of his mind. The unity of his vision and his tribal strength can only come from the disunity, lack of vision and utter moral weakness and corruption of the eternal Others, his greatest enemies, the European man and the European woman. The price of his tribal domination will be paid with their very lives, with the promise of a future without them.

The tribalist’s ultimate objective is the biological, civilizational, cultural, genetic, historical, territorial and spiritual extinction of the European people. He will never relent in his pursuit of this goal. He will be neither dissuaded nor deterred from it. With each passing day, he devises yet more devious and elaborate means to achieve his objective, all while attempting to deemphasize his influence and his tribalist motivations. Thus far, left unchecked, he has sickened European civilization nearly to the point of existential death.

Modern European men and European women now stand amidst the ruins of their wholesale warp towards Weimar. They remain mute and eyeless as their future and identity as a people is murdered by the tribalist. This silence and blindness must end; otherwise, the European people will end.

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