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Top Secret Meeting in Australia Ahead of ‘Major International Development’ Out of United States on Thursday
By Kyle Becker with comments by Ron
Sep 16, 2021 - 1:56:05 AM




In Australia, the government is holding secretive talks about a massive event expected to come out of America in the imminent future.

"Several federal cabinet ministers were called to a top-secret meeting in Canberra on Wednesday ahead of a major international development expected out of the United States on Thursday morning," the Australian-based publication The Age reported.

"Sources familiar with the development said some members of cabinet were granted border exemptions to urgently fly to Canberra for the hastily arranged meeting, which sources say will have international significance," the report added.

"Several Coalition MPs told this masthead they had been ordered at short-notice to dial into a rare conference call for 9.30am on Thursday, but none were aware of the reason for the briefing," the report continued.

"Australian and foreign diplomats will also be briefed on the development on Thursday," it went on.

The announcement will be "significant to the United States and British governments," the report indicates.

The White House announced that President Joe Biden will soon deliver "brief remarks about a national security initiative."

It is unclear to foreign policy and international affairs experts about the nature of the announcement, but the speculation is flying about it.

"***Lots*** of rumours in Canberra tonight about a major announcement expected tomorrow," an Australian foreign affairs reporter said. "Difficult to separate fact from speculation. But several diplomatic missions are being briefed tomorrow about a "major announcement" which is widely expected to focus on defence issues."

"We know there will be new airbases in the north added to the list of locations the US will operate from (RAAF Darwin/Tindal were added and built out for tankers/bombers a decade ago)," an AEI scholar surmised. "My guess is this is an announcement to deploy ground-based missiles in the near future."

"Per a WH source, today's national security announcement has something to do with the UK and Australia," Politico reporter Alex Ward commented. "The piece below seems to confirm that. But what, exactly? Still don't know."

Australia has become notorious for some of the most notorious and draconian Covid lockdown policies on the planet. The recently liberal democratic nation has even imposed Covid internment camps on its citizens, out of which has come some harrowing reports.

President Joe Biden will also be traveling to New York City on September 21 to deliver remarks at the U.N. General assembly, the White House announced on Monday.

"Joe Biden will reportedly propose a target for 70% of the world's population to be vaccinated within the next year at a global vaccines summit he intends to convene alongside the UN general assembly in New York this month," the Guardian reported.

If the United States is aligning with Australia and the United Kingdom on an international matter, it must not be anything good. It appears that the world will have to wait until Thursday morning to know for sure.

[Ron: This is just a desperate effort by the demonic globalist cabal to misdirect popular attention away from the diabolical truths beginning to come out exposing the crimes of the cabal and its minions in the US and globally. It will fail. President Trump remains the Commander in Chief of the US military and this publicity is a weak attempt by the cabal to pretend otherwise.

Be aware that the US presidential election on 2 November 2020 was null and void because the Joe Biden candidate was an imposter. Hence Trump remains President as well as Commander in Chief of the US military.].


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