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Political Information Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Those Who Do Not Believe QANON Will be Mighty Surprised
By Michael Scheuer
Dec 9, 2019 - 8:11:59 PM

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This morning news is replete with condemnationsof QANON, his team, and their followers. Much is made of the accused murderer of a gang boss whose lawyers claim that his support for QANON shows his insanity. Support for such an inane and daft argument, of course, will only occur if a court is presided over by an Obama-appointed judge.

The point of noting the foregoing is that, beyond being a silly lie, it is too little, too late to save the Democratic coup-ists and insurrectionists. Why? Because there is so much accuracy - and well-proven accuracy - in three years of QANON postings that there is no need to defend either the published material or QANON and his substantial team of loyal-citizen researchers. (NB: QANON also has millions of followers and researchers overseas, good people who are now supporting his work and also working take down their own tyrannical rulers.)

The republic-wide insurrection against the President and his administration has long been documented and fully outlined by QANON and team, as has the extremely well-merited and excruciatingly painful punishment that is coming to the insurrectionists. Personally, I would prefer immediate and lethal, post-trial punishment - by loyal-citizen firing squads chosen by lottery - but will stand by any decision that is supported by the majority of loyal citizens. Remember that, in this case, "enough" will be enough only when loyal citizens - not the politicians - say it is.

In addition to the irrefutable fact that QANON data have been overwhelmingly accurate, a review of the clear facts about the leading insurrectionists' behavior and intentions add luster to the savage house-cleaning that is approaching, per QANON, commonsense, the Constitution's provisions, and answered prayers. It ought to give QANON deniers (AKA: coup-ists, insurrectionists) plenty to think about as they wait their for their own inevitable and personal hell to arrive. (Maybe all of the following, gallows-headed traitors will write a Q on their palm and claim innocence by insanity?)

-1.) Nancy Pelosi: Framer-in Chief of President Trump; from a "fine Catholic home" that taught her Catholicism says it is okay to kill 61 million babies; fit to live in a high-security nursing home, but not to work in one. Mother of a son who is just as lawabiding, adult, and talented as Biden's son Hunter.

-2.) Barack Obama: Kenya-born: Iran's "man of the century": insurrectionist in the shadows; lover of Ayatollahs; collector of pallets of cash; leading Climate Change hoaxer; and, not a crime, just fact: another typical Rahm Emmanuel-like, Chicago-based, shit-bird loser

-3.) Chuck Schumer: Abettor of the crimes of Pelosi, Obama, Feinstein, and Biden; a lead despicable in using people killed in shooting incidents - perhaps arranged by his party - for prompting fake crocodile tears, political gain, and the end of the Bill of Rights.

-4.) Adam Schiff: Nazi-like Gauleiter; shredder of the Constitution and Bill of Rights; longtime pal of a rich, Democratic-bundler, druggee, and accused doper/murderer of young men; illegal phone-tapper; Pharaoh-like dresser-upper at private parties (or rituals?).

-5.) John Brennan: Coup-ist; treasonous bastard; close ties to Saudis and perhaps 9/11: serial perjurer: hides his desperate fear with MSNBC tirades and Tweets, the latter all his IQ makes possible. (NOTE to the CIA Director: When will you get rid of the multiple Agency employees who are feeding intelligence to Brennan, Clapper, Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff, and other republic-and-Constitution attackers? If not forthwith, they will sink the whole Agency. Times a wastin'.)

-6.) Gerry Nadler: Nazi-like Gauleiter; Bill-of Rights destroyer; seemingly a former overseer at Tara; a mumbling, bumbling, none-too smart, Mr. Five-by-Five-type, this last no crime, but he has none of the redeeming qualities of that lad:

"Well, twirl my turban, man alive!, Here comes Mister Five by Five, He's one of those big fat bouncing boys, Solid avoirdupois! That man, Can really jump it for a fat man, The only trouble is there's no way of knowin', Whether he's comin' or goin'." (1)

-7.) Diane Finestein: 20-year playmate of a Chinese spy - imagine the pillow talk; architect of Kavanaugh's framing; outspoken "Friend of China". Enough said.

-8.) Joe Biden: Thief harvesting (local and U.S. taxpayer?) dollars in Ukraine and Cyprus - at least; decades-long, child-feeler-upper; taunter and ridiculer of old, sick men; hider/abettor of Obama, Lynch, Holder, and IRS felonies; father of an over-age, moronic, crack-user that Dad forced the military to accept.

-9.) Hillary Clinton: All-time-champion foundation felon; inept but dedicated election-rigger; partner in husband-wife firm associated with several dozen mysterious murders; champion of the mass-murder of American babies, as well that of the Haitians abandoned by her charity; too many more items to count.

-10.) John Podesta: Pizza? Seth Rich? DNC Server? Enough said.

-11.) Eric Swalwell: Effeminate me-tooer participant in the illegal framing of Kavanaugh and the President; violator of the Geneva Accord's prohibition against releasing poison gas against civilians, a brutal attack seen and heard on MSNBC video.

-12.) James Clapper: Serial perjurer; taker of constant, lousily disguised trips to Australia to seek refuge from a foreign government that will shield him from the avengers of his and Brennan's lies, treason, and other crimes. He eventually will wish to changes places with the Koala bears dying in brush/forest fires.

-13.) Christopher Steele: Foreign mercenary waging war against a legitimately elected U.S. president; just another typical anti-U.S., MI6, British asshole - arrogance, smug looks, cowardice, big talk, no doing.

-14.) John Kerry: Obama's successor as lover of Ayatollahs: close family involvement with Biden crime family: abettor of the globalist/foreigner attempt to impose the quack-science Climate Change hoax in the United States to destroy the earning-power, savings, and liberties of America's now-rising working and middle classes.

-15.) David Ignatius: Washington Post's latest lying, pundit-in-chief; court-historian for the self-proclaimed resistance; No talent, but decades of publishing lies and compromising intelligence operations; now knee-deep in support of the Democratic party's illegal coup and insurrection.

-Question: Does the Constitution and the 1st Amendment protect pundits who knowingly publish data meant to further a violent domestic insurrection and destroy the national government, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights?

-Answer: The Founders, God bless ‘em, were not dummies. Ignatius, his fellow lying scribblers, and all the U.S. citizens named above will pay dearly for their ill-deeds. There is no Constitutional protection for U.S. citizens who wage war against their country, especially those who enlist foreign governments to assist them.

-1.) Lyrics by Ella Mae Morse and Freddie Slack, "Mr. Five by Five" at

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©2005-2020 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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