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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

This is a major reason why corporate governments HAVE TO GO
By Ron Chapman
Aug 5, 2013 - 3:44:04 PM

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This is a major reason why corporate governments HAVE TO GO

After stasis human communities on this planet will abolish corporate governance arrangemets and hence Welfarism and the Welfare State with all its bureaucratic and authoritarian requirements, costs and restrictions. That will mean that ALL current constraints that imprison and enslave us as mere free range serfs on global plantation farms in a Jew created global matrix, will be abolished. Humanity will be FREE and it will cease to be illegal to live outside the current Jew enforced econo-legal system or to go anywhere or do anything without a licence, a passport or the need to undergo backscatter radiation scans, police and security checks etc. Everyone will be free to go anywhwere in the world and do as they choose provided that they do not harm others or infringe upon the freedom of others. That will also mean that sovereign human individuals will be free to build their own homes wherever they please and AS they please, PROVIDED THAT in doing so they do not impinge upon the rights and freedoms of other people.

A simple example of the oppression and enslavement of individuals by the corporate (ie covertly privately owned by banksters) Welfare State is instructive. Charlie Hague & Megan built a beautiful cottage on land owned and maintained by Charlie's father. Charlie is a young man with a young family, and like many young people today, couldn't afford a home in Britain's usrious economy so he built this beautiful straw bale roundhouse, using nature timbers and materials. See the video embedded in the article at:

The home was built on Charlie's father's land right next door to Lammas ecoVillage in Wales where there is plenty of natural building experience, inspiration and community spirit to help Charlie. As he and Megan were living in a damp caravan and were expecting a baby, Charlie had to do something to make their life more bearable. As the house site was on land out of sight of other habitations he went ahead and huilt this home which fails to accord with strict planning regulations imposed by local government authorities.

The building method he used is what SunRay Kelly calls Evolutionary Architecture and what Ben Law teaches to architects who want to learn about sustainable natural building. The home took a bit more than a year to build. It has a reciprocal green roof and lime plastered straw bale walls and cost  about £15,000 (USD$23,000).

Charlie and Megan applied for retrospective planning permission from Pembrokeshire County Council who decided that this wonderful, unobtrusive, sustainable home must be demolished because he Council said that the home "harmed the character and appearance of the countryside"! As of the 1st August 2013, Pembrokeshire County Council's enforcement says the property must be demolished within 2 months. Hopefully political changes leading into the 3DD will occur before that decision can be enforced by government authorities that currently have a monopoly on force and violence such that they can destroy the home and lives of Charlie, Megan and their child, and others like them.

For a Google Street View  of the character close to Charlie's home see:,+Whitland,+SA34+0YD+&hl=en&ll=51.92794,-4.63387&spn=0.014132,0.038581&sll=53.800651,-4.064941&sspn=6.881357,19.753418&hnear=Glandwr+SA34+0YD,+United+Kingdom&t=h&z=15&layer=c&cbll=51.927848,-4.633821&panoid=O_saktEKoa2rtB_wt0NZtg&cbp=12,62.77,,0,8.91

The Council decision seeks to destroy all of the work by Charlie, Megan and the community that helped them to build their home as well as wasting the financial costs involved in doing that work. This local government decision also leaves this family living in a cold and damp caravan and with no prospects of affording another home.

WHY would a local government corporation do that? Simple really. We live in an artificail legal matrix constructed by banksters to control our lives and enslave us. By using their wealth to manipulate politicians and control governments, banksters are able to force those governments to legislate to restrict and determine the lives and living conditions of everyone. The enslavement this legislation matrix creates is subtle in that it consists in taxing the labour (the ONLY real source of wealth) of people in order to create bureaucratic and policing enforcement structures that force people to conform to unlawful legislation which requires them to use not only the banksters' form of money (which is really not money but fiat debt tokens issued at interest ie usury) but also to pay interest on those debt tokens created out of thin air; AND THEN they are forced to use more and more borrowed "money" to buy homes and everything else, including all the materials and equipment needed to live. This is done by legislating hundreds of thousands if not millions, of unlawful (ie contrary to the laws of the universe) rules and regulations created by governments to force citizens to comply with licensing and other arbitrary living requirements such as in this case; and to endlessly buy products, materials and services made by corporations (ie lifeless artificial "persons" that exist only on paper which are covertly controlled  by hidden owners: See

Thus the banksters ensure that everyone is controlled and enslaved by the debt required to buy the goods, services and property needed to live in a society and economy in which individual initiative, ingenuity and labour is stifled in favour of goods, services and property produced by increasingly huge multi-national capitalist corporations. Moreover, that corporate production has to be purchased using fraudulent fiat debt money issued by banks. The kill punch though, is that although the banks produce their fiat money out of thin air, everyone is forced to borrow that debt token "money" from banks and to pay interst on it which is yet another ubiquitous, unavoidable TAX on the labour of everyone. The truly unconscionable aspect of this banksterism is that the banks DO NOT create any "money" to enable borrowers to pay pay the interest (usury) the banks charge - a demand enforced by violence supplied by government(s) - on the "monies" they ostensibly lend. This fraud and tyranny is criminal and will cease after stasis.

To survive and thrive after stasis people will need to band together in intentional communities in which they agree the rules for membership and in which they will agree to care for each other directly and personally. The need for welfare governance, insurance and health care corporations etc are bankster creations that will be replaced by genuine co-operative and caring local and district communities. In such communities: As you give so shall you get, and there will be no "middlemen". So be it.

After stasis sovereign humans will choose how they wish to live and create communities accordingly. Those who properly care for and maintain a piece of land will be entitled to live on it free of charge and without restriction on how they use it. Accordingly such nonsense as is exampled in the case of Charlie and Megan and their lovely little home will be a thing of the past, save and except where individuals in a community consciously, deliberately and with full knowledge, give away their right(s) in any particular matter, to the members of their community.



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All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2022 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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