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Political Information Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:23:11 PM

The right to copy?
By Swami
Jul 4, 2018 - 2:46:27 AM

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The right to copy?

Posted By: Swami
Date: Sunday, 1-Jul-2018 14:01:34

In Response To: About Copyrights ... (hobie)


Think about the name of it "copyright". The right to copy.

The exclusive right to copy, to emulate. The idea is absurd on its face.

Only something that is unable to be physically defended needs the assistance of a law.

If you cannot defend your property, its not really yours.

Ideas, expressions, patterns, are universal and eternal.

It is common for multiple people to come up with an invention, an in-vent-ion, at the same time, across the world.

We, our physical bodies, are expressions of ideas. Vibrations that take the form of particular functions.

A VHS tape is a strip of plastic material with tiny pieces of iron or other magnetic metals, that have been imprinted with a particular pattern of magnetic conditions. That is all.

All the universe has physical patterns that some would call a swastika, but that doesn't mean all those creations out in the universe were put there by nazis.

It is the stupid ignorant human being, that puts horse blinders on, and makes such ridiculous claims as right of copy.

Ideas are not exclusive of every other human being, just like patterns are not. If you are driving down the highway, listening to a song that motivates you to resonate your voice in the same pitch and pattern of sounds as the singer in that song, does that qualify for a copy right violation? If you are in a band and you perform cover tunes at a local bar, does that qualify? If you download a copy of the original bands version onto your computer hard drive, that apparently meets the qualifications. If you burn that onto an optical disc, that apparently meets those qualifications.

It is not easy to defend your ownership of a pattern of energy, when you radiate it out to the world, and universe. Because the act of doing so is an act of giving. Like a gift.

Broadcasting it through electromagnetic waves, radio, is the same thing. Distributing it on electromagnetic tapes, or optical discs is the same thing.

The fact that it takes so little effort to make those copies is a sign of less value. Those copies do not require the same effort that went into the initial performance. That is the point of making a recording. You don't have to perform again, when you make a recording, a copy of the patterns.

People want to get paid over and over, for something they did once.

Why? They are not doing anything that is worth the money they ask for. If they should get paid for a digital copy, it should be for the effort they put into making that digital copy, which is nothing if someone else paid for the computer, electricity, and internet connection.

If someone has the leisure time to learn how to play the guitar, make up a song, and play at a bar, why do they need money? To buy eggs? Why don't they take the time to setup a chicken coop? If someone has the time to make a movie, why do they need money? To buy a hamburger? Why don't they raise their own cattle, butcher it, and make their own hamburger? They have the time right? What is priority? Basic survival, or playing the guitar?

The problem appears to be how screwed up our society is. People see the attention and parties, and think that is what life is about. They enjoy the air conditioning, electricity, but no not where it comes from, and how it got to them, for their use.

We have these systems setup, that we are indoctrinated into believing are for our benefit. They soon prove to be the opposite. They are for predation.

The makers and takers. You could be called a taker by the copyright holder, but looking closer, we see there is no justification for getting paid to do nothing.

People are desperate to survive or live in the lap o luxury. Do they ever ask why? Why are things the way they are? Why is it difficult to survive? Why is so much money needed? Why have they not been handed down from their parents and grandparents the knowledge and skills needed to provide the basics for survival, and also to thrive. To eliminate the basics is to have leisure time. To be good at providing the basics is to create abundance. To have abundance often results in giving.

The desperation causes a state of mind, that results in clinging onto anything that might have value in a bartering situation. Desperation provokes the desire to make laws to protect that which you cannot defend, so that you can make some money.

Look at the obscenely wealthy, the control freaks and financial junkies. They are truly desperate. They really have nothing, which is why they want to have everything. Their behavior provokes others to behave in the same way. This has a cascade effect throughout society. Desperation is born this way.

People pick each other as targets for blame for their desperate condition, because they cannot see the cause and effect relationships that have produced the present conditions. The divide and rule was observed first and then used as a technique from that point forward.

The mindset of scarcity is born in ignorance.

The mindset of scarcity breeds copyright laws, and patent laws, and regulations, and permits, fees, control freaks and financial junkies.

The child born in poverty grows up desperate to become a billionaire. Which then creates more poverty by taking advantage of people in every exchange made with him/her. If an exchange is fair and mutually beneficial one cannot become a billionaire. An individual human being can only make so many exchanges, with so many people, because product and service takes time to make or do. There is only so much time in a day. If you create a robotic machine to help you make a widget, and then the effort required to produce the widget is much less, and charging the same price is unfair. If you say well the cost of the machinery needs to be paid for, at what point is the customer to know when this has been achieved? Is the customer to rely on your honesty?

You cannot become obscenely wealthy because you are only capable of so much output, and so many exchanges with others.

People are desperate. You have so many people that think the only way out of their situation is by becoming a sports star, musician, actor/actress, etc.. They have no other examples presented to them on a daily basis, that they see as getting the most for the effort supplied. Learning a trade must look like to much work, not enough return. Which is not as it seems.

Corporations are filled with desperate people too.

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