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Political Information Last Updated: Aug 7, 2020 - 6:37:10 AM

The Future is ‘CLEAR’ And It’s Dystopian: Virus hype ushers in a Covid 19-84 nightmare of restricted access
By Neil Clark
Aug 6, 2020 - 5:44:32 PM

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Neil Clark is a journalist, writer, broadcaster and blogger. His award winning blog can be found at He tweets on politics and world affairs @NeilClark66

6 Aug, 2020 Get short URL

The future is ‘CLEAR' and it's Dystopian: Virus hype ushers in a Covid 19-84 nightmare of restricted access

FILE PHOTO. ©  Getty Images / Luis Alvarez;

Clear's new Health Pass and other ‘Covid hi-tech innovations' are a stark warning of how the globalist ‘New Normal' being mapped out will operate. Access to travel, sport & restaurants may be barred for all who refuse to comply.

"Originally launched in May, Health Pass is an extension of Clear's mobile app. The service links COVID-19 related data like a health questionnaire and temperature check to assess whether someone is healthy enough to enter a certain venue. Additionally, the app has the capability to link COVID-19 test results through partnerships with labs, and eventually vaccination status."

That's how Condé Nast Traveller described the latest piece of technology by the biometric ID company Clear, which will help the authorities determine who will, and who will not, be allowed to go to the ball.

Apartheid may have officially ended in South Africa almost 30 years ago, but it is coming back big-time in countries that pride themselves on their commitment to ‘human rights.' Only, this time, it won't be people's color that will determine what they can and cannot do, but their digital ‘Health Pass.' Don't want to get tested or vaccinated for coronavirus? Then just stay at home, old bean. It's your ‘choice.' The fact that a large percentage of the elderly don't have smart phones and so can't download apps doesn't matter. Age discrimination, and discrimination against the disabled, is a key element of the coronavirus ‘New Normal.'

It's likely that the World Economic Forum (WEF) will be very excited by Clear's work. The hardcore globalist organization has been promoting on Twitter a ‘Covid-Pass' app, due to launch in September, that could "revive global travel and large events during the pandemic."

"Users will have their blood screened at an approved CovidPass laboratory, before being issued with a secure QR health visa code via their phone, which they can present at airline check-in, borders or event entrances," we're told. And if they don't want their blood screened at an ‘approved CovidPass laboratory'? Forget about that week on the Algarve, or going to see your favorite pop group in concert, comrades. That is the clear implication.

Covid/Health Passes are all part of the ‘Great Reset' which the WEF has called for. It's about ‘public health,' about making things ‘safe' and, of course, it's ‘environmentally friendly': the CovidPass, you'll be pleased to know, "commits to mandatory carbon offsetting for each of its passengers."

The WEF presents the ‘Great Reset' as a positive: in fact, if implemented, it will usher in a new, dark age of soul-destroying totalitarian tyranny. Important freedoms that we all took for granted will be lost. Spontaneity will be removed from our lives. The great irony is that George Orwell's 1984 never arrived in 1984, but in 2020, under the cover of authorities ‘concern' over an upper-respiratory tract virus. Covid-19 could perhaps more accurately be called 'Covid-1984' for all the restrictive, authoritarian measures it has ushered in.

It's fairly obvious now that in the countries most tightly hitched to the globalists' agenda,  the sterile anti-human ‘New Normal' of social distancing, mandatory mask wearing and the use of biometric Health/Covid passes is meant to be permanent. Last week we heard that the English Premier League was looking at ‘clinical passports‘ as a way of getting fans back into stadiums.

And in May it was announced that Zara Phillips (daughter of Britain's Princess Anne) and her husband, ex rugby star Mike Tindall, had been signed up as "ambassadors" for a digital health passport app launched by a British technology company VST Enterprises (VSTE).

To see where this is all going, we only have to look at China. There, freedom of movement is heavily dependent on ‘health apps,' as the Guardian documented in April.

A few months ago the idea that access to travel, sports events, concerts, or even retail outlets could be restricted to those who had a ‘Health App' and the ‘right‘ results from various tests, would have seemed totally far-fetched. But so too would almost everything that has happened this year in the UK, and beyond.

ALSO ON RT.COMPrivacy-loving Germany launches coronavirus track-and-trace app - how does it hold up?

Who could have predicted that the authorities would threaten to lock down entire parts of that country - or even the whole country - with minimal notice, on account of the results of unreliable tests? And, even more incredibly, that large sections of Britain's population, including many of the Left who were telling us early in 2020 what an "extremist" UK premier Boris Johnson was, would go along with it!

There are signs in the last few days that people are at long last beginning to wake up to what is going on. But is it too late? Only by mass non-compliance with the ‘New Normal' can we get our old lives back. The World Economic Forum and all others pushing a new, hi-tech version of apartheid need to be told in no uncertain terms where to get off. For the world they are trying to create really is too awful to contemplate.

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