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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

The biggest threat for Russia and for Putin
By The Saker with comments by Ron
Dec 9, 2014 - 6:13:15 PM

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Monday, December 8, 2014

The biggest threat for Russia and for Putin

Putin's recent speech to the Federal Assembly contained two part: a foreign policy part which was nothing short of historical, and an internal economics part which was very disappointing to say the least.  In fact, I would say that it was outright frightening.  I won't post the full text here, but you can consult if for yourself by clicking here.  But here is my summary of Putin's message:

We will make every effort to aid the Russian business community, we will also make every effort to return much of the Russian money hidden abroad in offshore accounts, and we will create stability and predictability.  All this is fine and dandy, except for what was not said.

  • Putin did not denounce the work of the Russian Central Bank or its Chairwoman.
  • Putin did not promise to sell US bonds and bring Russian money back home.
  • Putin did not sack a single Russian official for incompetence or, even less so, sabotage
  • Putin did not announce a major change in the status of the Ruble, no "golden Ruble" for example.
  • Putin did not reject the western economic model.
  • Putin announce no reform or taking over by the state of the Russian Central Bank.
  • Most importantly, Putin did not announce any major change in economic policy
I have no way of knowing whether Putin sincerely believe in the western economic dogmas, of whether he has no other option than to pretend that he does, but the outcome is the same: Putin rejects the western political model while apparently still fully endorsing its economic model.

I have just listening to an interview of Mikhail Khazin and Evegnii Feodorov on the Russian New Service Radio and both of them are now openly sounding the alarmKhazin is demanding that the Director of the Russian Central Bank be fired and arrested, while Feodorov wants the Central Bank to be completely shut down.  I agree with both.

The Russian economy in general and the Ruble especially are both under direct attack, not only by official sanctions, but also by speculative operations. The price of oil is collapsing probably under a combination of objective reasons (the world recession) and deliberate US operations, yet Putin is not changing economic course in a fundamental way and he is even complimenting the Central Bank for its activities.  Does that not remind you of something?

Personally, this reminds me of what happened during the last months of Anatolii Serdiukov when the Russian military was hit by one scandal after another, yet Putin continued to praise Serduikov and his work.  Eventually, of course, Serdiukov was sacked and replaced by the truly outstanding Shoigu,  but it took a lot of time and efforts to finally get him sacked (and even today Serdiukov has still not been sentenced by any court for his numerous criminal activities).

Does that mean that Putin is hesitant, weak or confused?

I don't think so.  I think that this shows that one of the most difficult and dangerous tasks for Putin is to get rid of the saboteurs in the top echelons of power.  The same Mikhail Khazin has recently declared that only now did the "Eurasian Sovereignist" group's power roughly match the one of the pro-US "Atlantic Integrationists" (though he did not quite use these expressions which are mine).

Hopefully Putin is setting up a Serdiukov-like sacking of Nabiulina, but this is not sure at all.  The pressure is mounting for him to take dramatic action and to finally begin to de-couple the Russian economy from the western economic orthodoxy known as the Washington Concensus, but there is also a lot of resistance.

This is right now by far the biggest threat to Russia and Putin: the 5th column of saboteurs in the top echelons of power, especially the government. As long as these people will remain in power Russia will continue to remain weak and fragile and very susceptible to western economic warfare.

The Saker


Ingrian said...

I thought russians never threaten, just act, so regarding the speech, what are you complaining about.

Saker's passion and sentimentality are good, non-bourgeois qualities but he gets prematurely excited sometimes. I imagine him whirling to Dvorak's slavic dances.

Tor Quinn-Darke said...

Softly softly catchee monkey.


@Ingrian: I thought russians never threaten, just act, so regarding the speech, what are you complaining about.

About the lack of a different vision and about the praise for saboteurs.
I love Dvorak's slavic dances. I will dance to them not when threats are made, but when action is taken.


The Saker

Anonymous said...

Come on! Putin is an exceptionally gifted counter-inteligence officer, for some reason he is doing what he do...

Erika said...

Calm down.

The man has enough on his plate.

Look, Putin went from signing a good deal with Turkey, then travelling back to Moscow to prepare for the speech to having to deal with terrorist attacks in Grozny, not sleeping and giving a speech.

Personally, I would wait. When one is trying to draw people out, you have to ask yourself, do you want to cash the small fish or the big fish?

You also have to consider that when Putin does move, he will have the support of the Russian people, as he has set the stage, educated them that the 5th column and the bank are saboteurs.

The people will support him.

and about Serdiukov ... I can't remember which blog mentioned that he'd been charged with something.

Anonymous said...

I hope this is not a sign of Putin’s economic incompetence or his lack of vision. Perhaps he is just building the right momentum to overthrow the traitors. His speeches are not entirely transparent or predictive of his future action.

Anonymous said...

Saker a few questions for you,if you don't mind?
It seems that the Russian version(domestic)of SWIFT seems to be almost ready.They are going to test it next week.

Russian central bank is part of the BIS Basel system,which means in true reality that it is owned by Rotschild banksters.
This is not conspiracy theory it is a fact.All 'independent so called' central banks are. [Ron: Not exactly but close enough. For instance the Commonwealth of Australia is a corporation whose owners are NOT public knowledge AND the OZ Central bank  ie the Reserve Bank of Australia is a statutory corporation established by the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia. Sooo, in effect, the owners of the Commonwealth of Australia Corporation effectively own and control the Reserve Bank of Autralia.].
I read an article of EAP in the Daily Telegraph(City banksters paper).This guy is a son of an MI5 agent and probably one also.
What we are seeing today(attack on the ruble,agreement between the US and the Saudis to 'kill' for a while,the oil price,etc etc...he has been writing this very scenario in details a long time before it even started(in march or april,if I'm not wrong).Which means that the attack on Putin and the RF was prepared and a long time ago.These bastards would not have started this financial war without a fith column inside Russia.Because they have no right to fail.Soros is also probably heavily 'invested' as he already has been the one behind the new Ukies Govt. with foreigners which are all working for him via Open Europe.
Do you think that these people from the fith column could act with the Military or at least a part of it to organize a 'coup'?
We already have a financial coup to say the least.

If think that Putin simply wants to stay alive,as do not even think to nationalize the Rotchild's BIS central banks.They will not hesitate to kill him(see Sadam,Ghadaffi and others who recently tried how they finished).
Of course RF is not Irak or Libya..

Anonymous said...


The Russians, and most anyone else, are threatened by a heavily militarized and fascized imperialist American government that has NO organized domestic opposition (in a population of 320 million).

This is a truly dangerous fact. The Vietnamese took 12 years and the loss of 2 million of their people to drive the American imperialists from its territory. [Ron: The total unnecessary deaths due to the US fomented war and invasion in North and South Vietnam were much higher than two million.].

As with the German people of pre World War II, the American people, with few exceptions, have abrogated their responsibilities to defend their (now destroyed) Republic, and to preserve the ecology, and political and economic viability of their only Planet.

There is little room for retreat (for Russia), not from Stalingrad on the Volga, or from Donetz. The growing war in Europe (once again) is frought with dangers.

While the worst danger is for the Partisans and the Russians to lose this war, as the Defeat of the Republic in Spain opened the way for the all-out assault of the NAZI armies on Europe, [Ron: NO it didn't, that is Jew propaganda! WWII was forced upon Germany by global Jewry via Churchill, Roosevelt and the French using the stupid and greedy Bolshevik influenced Poles.]. victory of humanity requires a difficult fight against a bunch of criminally insane imperialist [Ron: Techma (Jewish)] Oligarchs and their Generals.

Anonymous said...

The Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague has thrown the book at the Russian state, or more specifically at Vladimir Putin and his Siloviki circle from the security services.

The $51.5bn ruling against on the Kremlin unveiled this morning has no precedent in international law. The damages are 20 times larger than any previous verdict...

Lawyers for the Yukos-MGL-Khodorkovsky team tell me that they cannot pursue the foreign bond holdings of the Russian central bank if the Kremlin refuses to pay up when the deadline expires on January 15, as seems likely. Moscow has already dismissed the case as “politically motivated”.

If oil were to fall to $80 for a sustained period – and Saudi Arabia and the US could theoretically together bring this about, the latter by releasing supplies from the strategic petroleum – it would face a squeeze. Some analysts say this may happen anyway if Libya and Iran come back on stream.

15th of january 2015...connecting the dots?

[Ron: While the Judaic (Anglo-USraeli)Empire and its puppet EU and other allies grossly inflates the US dollar and grossly deflates the oil price and the value of the ruble, Russia and China are insulated from the most negative effects. Why? Because Russia sells oil for inflated US dollars and then buys gold (which is under valued) therewith. China is directly benefitted by lower oil prices and lower ruble values.].

Tacu said...

Saker is right, he's not being emotional at all, only realistic.
Of course sacking Nabiulina is not easy at all, the Central Bank is an independent entity, and moreover Nabiulina is one of his people, he always supported and promoted her.
But something is really binding his hands, as it always happened in crucial moments so far. Be it the euro-atlantists, the Rothschilds or the big bad wolf, this is a fact.
The problem is that half fighters lose completely.
There are forces at work trying to undermine RCB, with menaces of conviction and some other kinds of pressure, but if they will not be supported they won't prevail. And in such a case Russia will suffer very hard.

Anonymous said...


The Russians, and most anyone else, are threatened by a heavily militarized and fascized imperialist American government that has NO organized domestic opposition (in a population of 320 million).

This is a truly dangerous fact. The Vietnamese took 12 years and the loss of 2 million of their people to drive the American imperialists from its territory.

As with the German people of pre World War II, the American people, with few exceptions, have abrogated their responsibilities to defend their (now destroyed) Republic, and to preserve the ecology, and political and economic viability of their only Planet.

There is little room for retreat (for Russia), not from Stalingrad on the Volga, or from Donetz. The growing war in Europe (once again) is frought with dangers.

While the worst danger is for the Partisans and the Russians to lose this war, as the Defeat of the Republic in Spain opened the way for the all-out assault of the NAZI armies on Europe, victory of humanity requires a difficult fight against a bunch of criminally insane imperialist Oligarchs and their Generals.

Peter J. Antonsen

Anonymous said...

The United States has constructed a financial neutron bomb. For the past 12 years an elite cell at the US Treasury has been sharpening the tools of economic warfare, designing ways to bring almost any country to its knees without firing a shot.

The strategy relies on hegemonic control over the global banking system, buttressed by a network of allies and the reluctant acquiescence of neutral states. Let us call this the Manhattan Project of the early 21st century.

"It is a new kind of war, like a creeping financial insurgency, intended to constrict our enemies' financial lifeblood, unprecedented in its reach and effectiveness," says Juan Zarate, the Treasury and White House official who helped spearhead policy after 9/11.

“The new geo-economic game may be more efficient and subtle than past geopolitical competitions, but it is no less ruthless and destructive,” he writes in his book Treasury's War: the Unleashing of a New Era of Financial Warfare.
The stealth weapon is a "scarlet letter", devised under Section 311 of the US Patriot Act. Once a bank is tainted in this way - accused of money-laundering or underwriting terrorist activities, a suitably loose offence - it becomes radioactive, caught in the "boa constrictor's lethal embrace", as Mr Zarate puts it.

This can be a death sentence even if the lender has no operations in the US. European banks do not dare to defy US regulators. They sever all dealings with the victim.

The US Treasury faces a more formidable prey with Russia, the world's biggest producer of energy with a $2 trillion economy, superb scientists and a first-strike nuclear arsenal. It is also tightly linked to the German and east European economies. The US risks endangering its own alliance system if it runs roughshod over friends. It is in much the same situation as Britain in the mid-19th century when it enforced naval supremacy, boarding alleged slave ships anywhere in the world, under any flag, ruffling everybody's feathers.

elsi said...

Evgenyi Alexeevich Feodorov I really like.
It seems a reliable guy and what he says does not seem far-fetched.

In the interview that someone posted in the comments to the Khazin interview, which has no waste,he wonders what all we keep asking about Novorussia ( though no longer talk about our brothers in the Donbass every day, they are always on my mind ).

By the way, what about this mechanism that they will publish on the NLM website to know who the 5th column are. Looks very interesting, but I imagine that the page is in Russian.
I want to know who the 5th column are. Any chance we can have news of this mechanism here? (I'm thinking of the Russian team).

Anonymous said...

The Filth Column ( I misspelt it for a reason) has to be purged! Historically, the most dangerous enemies of Russia, came from Russia; Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky etc and Putin knows that. He has to be very ruthless and careful; these snakes were poisoning Russia from within for hundreds of years and this is a life-and-death situation for the Russian civilization.

Bill Saunders said...

What Putin did not say in his speech is like the Sherlock Holmes story about "the dog that did not bark".

Telegraphing his punches in such an obvious way would not be clever.

I think Putin is watching the antics on Wall Street with great interest and anticipating when the ever rising US stock market has reached its peak.

The rise in $US assets is significantly driven by purchases of $US which are in turn being funded by selling almost everything else including oil and the rouble.

When the world starts to sell out of the $US is the right time to give it a little extra nudge - not a moment before.

You will find at that time, which has to be imminent, Putin will be able to nationalise the Russian Central Bank with ease "in order to stabilise the financial situation in Russia".

If he acts before then the combined financial might that the US can bring to bear will cause much more damage than is already being inflicted on the Russian economy.

It makes no difference what the exchange rate of the rouble is so long as all the important Russian assets are in Russian hands. Where things get difficult is when Russia can be forced into a fire sale scenario such as in the 1990's.

By keeping its powder dry and its assets safe, Russia will be able to buy whatever it wants for cents in the dollar when Wall Street next collapses.[Ron: Using gold, as necessary.].

Anonymous said...

Dear Saker
I strongly hope that you are right.
Indeed, there is a pattern, by which it is claimed that Putin holds the nomenklatura together, tightly, by allowing corruption, and at the same time trying to get things done. Now, taking these traitors down is the most delicate and serious operation which Putin and Russia have faced since 1991.
At some point, with the development of a new entrepeneurs class, the role of the oligarchs will somewhat be balanced. But surely the Dvorkovichs and their ilk are not prone to allow it.
And of course, the issue is the control of the rouble.
I hope that this is resolved for good, since this cannot continue any longer.

Anonymous said...

The Central Bank of Russia unlike Belarus National Bank, Ukraine or Kazakhstan is member of BIS.[1]

Bank for International Settlements:

According to the charter, shares in the bank could be held by individuals and non-governmental entities. The BIS was constituted as having corporate existence in Switzerland on the basis of an agreement with Switzerland acting as headquarters state for the bank. It also enjoyed immunity in all the contracting states.Between 1933 and 1945 the BIS board of directors included Walther Funk, a prominent Nazi official, and Emil Puhl, as well as Hermann Schmitz, the director of IG Farben and Baron von Schroeder, the owner of the J.H. Stein Bank.
The central banks have a supreme central bank, The bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basel. It was founded by Rothschild agents Charles Dawes and Owen Young alongside with Hjalmar Schacht of the Deutsche Reichsbank. About this system Bill Clinton´s mentor, member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Professor Carroll Quigley wrote in his book "Tragedy and Hope" 1975 , which was based on years of studies in the Archives of that Council:

"The powers of financial capitalism had (a) far reaching (plan), nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent meetings and conferences.

The apex of the system was to be the Bank For International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland*, a private bank owned and controlled by the world's central banks which were themselves private corporations.

Each central bank ... sought to dominate its government by its ability to control treasury loans, to manipulate foreign exchanges, to influence the level of economic activity in the Country, and to influence cooperative politicians by subsequent economic rewards in the business world."

Anonymous said...

Part one:
Putin Is Doing the Complete Bidding of the Rothschilds.
To these well-intentioned, but misguided analysts, Putin has succeeded where other world leaders have lost their lives (e.g. JFK, Hussein, etc.). As romantic and appealing as a superhero may be who will ride in and save the world from the evil bankers, nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to Putin. Whether Putin realizes it or not, he is doing the complete bidding of the big boys at the BIS and everything is moving right along according to plan. [Ron: No! Not even close! Putin works for the planet's real owner and the Techma know it.].

This article explores the fact that Putin, although he may be, on the surface, resisting international banking on one level, he is very much under their control on another level.
The world’s central banks take their marching orders from the Bank for International Settlements because the monetization of the fiat currency that each central bank controls is determined by the BIS.
It can be accurately stated that the central banks are rulers of nations and represent mid-level management in the hierarchy of the process.Americans have been allowed to enjoy this most favored status because it became our task, on behalf of the BIS, to put together coalitions of central banks to force unwilling nations into this system. And when a nation, such as Libya and Iraq, attempted to swim upstream against the debt enslavement policies of these banks, the leaders were murdered and the people become indentured debt slaves. The cost to America is endless war, massive debt and a reputation for being the “Great Satan”.

Virtually, all nations have succumbed to this tyranny, with two notable exceptions, Russia and China. To a lesser extent, India has also become problematic for the BIS since they have joined Russia and China in using national currency and/or gold to conduct trade among each other rather than using the “required” dollar. [Ron: And Iran?].

If the BIS is going to realize its dream of New World Order, Russia, China and the United States economies must all be crushed. For when the world lies in ruin, out of chaos will come order. Putin is the main driving force in making this a reality.

Anonymous said...

Part two:
Putin Has Checkmated the Central Banks At Level Two

Putin is defeating the world’s central banks at two levels. One, he is spearheading an effort to move the world away from the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. This is what the Syrian and Iranian crisis was all about (e.g. selling oil for gold rather than the Petrodollar) and Putin exposed Obama’s false flag event (i.e. gassing the Syrian rebels) for what it really was. Further, Putin now has the power to refuse to accept the dollar as payment for his gas flowing into Europe. If the Petrodollar dies, what will happen to the US economy? If this does happen, we will find out very quickly why DHS purchased 2.2 billion rounds of ammunition to go with its 2700 armored personnel carriers.

Second, Putin is threatening to become the main supplier of energy on the planet. With the consummation a recent gas deal between the Russians and the Chinese, Putin is undermining the control of energy that the central banks have enjoyed since the early days of the creation of Saudi Arabia to oversee oil production.

Putin is spitting in the face of the Federal Reserve and the other G7 central banks by encouraging Iran to sell its oil for gold. This is turning international finance on its head. Putin also has enough of a military presence, along with nuclear weapons, to stave a direct conventional invasion of his country. Putin has positioned himself to control the energy needs of Europe as the Europeans will be forced to choose between heating their homes or remaining a military ally of the US. This will eventually lead to a disintegration of NATO, thus enhancing Putin’s military power by comparison.

Anonymous said...

Part 3:
Has Putin Really Killed the New World Order?

The march of the G7 toward consolidating national power under the central banks has stopped dead in its tracks. Russia, China, India and to a lesser extent, Brazil and South Africa are now charting their own independent economic course. When Libya refused to regionalize and weaken its currency and they were adamant about avoiding the debt slavery, their leaders were murdered and their country was conquered by al-Qaeda proxy forces supported by the funds of the G7.

However, Russia and China are not Libya and Iraq. Both nations possess nuclear weapons and sizeable armies. For the moment, the dream of a New World Order appears to be dead. Or is it?
The BIS Employs the Sun Tzu Strategy of “Death’s Ground”

The G7 central banks are impotent against Putin as he has outmaneuvered them at every turn. But for the big boys at Basel, things are proceeding according to plan. If the BIS has to sacrifice some of its central banks to get what it wants, so be it. The BIS will also think nothing of fermenting the conditions for the next world war.

Over 2,000 years ago, Chinese military strategist, Sun Tzu, imparted a knowledge of military strategy which is still being taught in our service academies and in our war colleges. One of the primary principles of Sun Tzu consists of the concept of placing one’s soldiers on “death’s ground” if you want them to fight hard and achieve victory against all odds. The best military example that comes to mind is what happened to the WWII Normandy invasion force at Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944. These men were thrown onto a beach where there was no retreat and they were only going to leave the beach dead or victorious. The BIS has employed a Sun Tzu strategy of placing its second level of power, the central banks, on death’s ground. The G7 central banks will conquer Putin, or they will die. However, before rigor mortis sets in, the G7 nations will commence a world war based on economic survival. Again, out of chaos will come order.

[Ron: Russia and China (and their allies) may be able to avert an overt WWIII but if they cannot, they will win the resulting military conflict with ease.].

Anonymous said...

Part 4:

World War III Is Inevitable

The failure of the central banks to corral and control Putin has made World War III a likely scenario. As Putin continues on the path of destroying the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, what will the Federal Reserve do? [Ron: Chinese interests now control the Federal Reserve.]. There will be a war to preserve the status quo. As China, Russia and the United States are drawn into a confrontation, the world’s economy will be obliterated along with billions of lives. In the aftermath of the coming global holocaust, the supreme financial rulers of the planet will be waiting to create order, the New World Order, out of chaos.[Ron: No they won't. If they aren't actually vanquished they will be removed by Star Fleet and the new world order will be God centred.].

A willing pawn of the NWO, or not, Putin is no hero. He is doing exactly what is expected. Make no mistake about, the BIS controls the central banks, world finance and Putin. The New World Order is very much alive.[Ron: Bullshit! Techma (Jew) propaganda!].

Anonymous said...

The Central Bank issue is indeed a strange anomaly in the Russian situation.

There can be no doubt whatsoever the Chair of the RCB is a proxy for the US/Western banking cartel.

A simple, but effective, strategy will be to hold off for a while and once the ordinary citizens really start to feel the effects of the punitive 'sanctions' then it be then time to point the finger squarely at the traitors embedded at the RCB.

They will be lucky to be on the receiving end of treason charges, because surely when the public become aware of their role as operative for the AZE then lynching is likely.

LJ said...


As I recall Mark Sleboda has taken a position that Putin is too little too late. (Sorry, I can't be more specific but it was a few months ago.) What would it take for you to come to agree with him?

Larchmonter445 said...

One of the lead articles on Itar-Tass news is about the Russians and Chinese comparing how they handle corruption.

I think there is more to this than one may think.

China has a very experienced member of the Standing Committee Wang Qishan who knows where all the crooks and thief's and corruption is in government and businesses.

He is nailing hugely important figures in SOEs, Military, and Central Government.

Zhou Yongkang

How the investigations are made, how the culprits are taken down are high skills.

China, additionally, has a French system of prosecution. They have the proof, then arrest you, and you have to prove your innocence. Not many crooks get off.

Putin just made a statement on the legal system in Russia, and a statement on the Constitution.

All these news items are a crescendo. The sh*t is about to hit the fan.

He has no choice. He must clean out the Liberals and get the economy and efficiency of the nation going. He pleaded in his speech. That is the last time they will hear the soft message. Next, will come the sledgehammer.

It is matter of national security to get Russian's economy going. He can declare an emergency and take over any institution or ministry and make wholesale changes.

He needs to do it before he gets blamed for the collapse.

Anonymous said...

PARIS, December 8. /TASS/. France’s delivery of Mistral helicopter carriers to Russia is closely connected with implementation of the Minsk peace agreements on Ukraine, French daily newspaper Le Figaro quoted President Francois Hollande as saying.

Anonymous said...

Hi Saker, could you please get this translated to English using Google Chrome to see if this is anyhow true... Seems like these documents (in the pictures section) are not fakes...


Anonymous said...

@Anon 22:14

Link to the EAP article you mention, please.

Veritas said...

Dear The Saker,

I think Putin is managing this very carefully. I picked up in his speech two important points.

He clearly stated that it was speculators drivig down the rouble and that the Central Bank (CB) has the tools to stop this and go after the speculators. I saw this as him throwing down the gauntlet - they got the message. This information also went public so everyone will know who to blame - the CB - when things turn sour - they are now exposed.

At the same time the Head of the Intelligence service came out about this too and laying the blame firmly at the door of the perpetrators. The radio interview you refer to is further adding to the public opinion and more exposure - so when it comes to a head the public will be fully on board.

I thought it was rather interesting that Medvedev is going to do a tv interview shortly - he is not the President anymore but the Atlanticists are obviously feeling the need to get their man in the spot things aren't going their way......

Patience - it is all going to come tumbling down - the Chairwoman is going to be seen by the majority of the Russian public as a traitor and many more.



Anonymous said...

I wonder what to make of his statement:

> I’d like to ask the Bank of Russia and the Government to carry out tough and concerted actions to discourage the so-called speculators from playing on fluctuations of the Russian currency. In this regard, I’d like to point out that the authorities know who these speculators are. We have the proper instruments of influence, and the time is ripe to use them.

Why is he barking this time? Normally he just bites, if he can. Odd.

The only explanation I could come up with is that it's some secret signal to some people in places he cannot otherwise contact without blowing their cover.


Pontifex said...

The international banking mafia's power is not to be underestimated and it would be foolish to go head to head with them unprepared. Anonymous at 22:14 mentioned the Russian version of SWIFT which might be one of the things that are being put in place so when the fifth column is taken out, they can't take the whole country down with them.

Anonymous said...

Central banks are the sanctuary of the new world order. No-one ever challenged them. Not even the most powerful men in history (Hitler,napoleon...). If Putin makes it it would be a (counter)revolution.

The Russian strategy of communication is to play weak and then act. This is what they have done earlier during the ukrainian war when the NRF were supposedly disorganized and Strelkov was complaining and so on, just before they 'miraculously' crushed the Ukrainians.

I believe that the people publicly pushing Putin to shut the central bank are allowed to do so on purpose, in order to prepare the opinion. If not what's the point of having them?

Putin will face/use unprecedented levels of violence as he tries to conquer the central bank because this is the core of the system. He needs all the public support he can get in order not to look like a dictator.

Anonymous said...

> Putin did not announce a major change in the status of the Ruble, no "golden Ruble" for example.

Which would the most stupid thing to do if he is still in the process of acquiring more gold. Current gold prices are a windfall for the East.

Similar is true for all your other disappointments, it's being disappointed about the fact that Putin did not bash and abandon South Stream - before getting Turkey on board.

In other words: If any leader has shown to know his tactics and strategies, and is on the side of actual, normal human being, than it would be Putin.

I'm only disappointed of the fact that I can't be a fly on the wall when Putin and his closest advisors and friends are talking - or a fly in his brain.


elsi said...

The web where it seems to be posting the formula to find out who is 5th column and who is not

Penelope said...

Zhou Yongkang: The link you supplied ending in 78 in which Putin affirms the desirability of being able to change the constitution is interesting because the RCB's powers are reiterated there.

Wd be great to get rid of that provision.
Btw: Chairwoman of RCB, Nabuilina was appointed by Putin, was a protege of his. Seems she went wrong anyway.

Unknown said...

I think Putin knows it's best to compartmentalize and deal with one disaster at a time. While dealing with the west, he is quietly laying the groundwork for dealing with the banksters at a later date. That means he has to prepare for the hell they will unleash the moment he makes his move against them. Such as setting up a national payment system for they will surely kick Russia out of SWIFT should he move against the central bank. Waiting for the price of oil to stabilize and eventually rebound because he will need cash reserves to fight back. ETC.

While doing all this, he has to reassure the banksters that they have nothing to worry about. That he is really on their side. I doubt they believe him but just as Putin has to be cautious dealing with them, they have to be cautious dealing with him. Reassurance, even if not believed, causes hesitation and indecision.

Kat Kan said...

As nearly every other country in the world, Russia is a member of the IMF. The rules of the IMF include that the Central Bank must be independent of the government. The IMF through the Central Bank (or the other way around) is supposed to keep track of the country's economy to make sure they don't damage the world economy. ....and, if they have loans, can pay them back.

Because the IMF was originally set up to ensure economic stability in the world, all members get to see the details of the economic policies of all the others.

Wikipedia says

So there you are. How much they put in and how many votes they have depends on the size of their economies BUT this is revised only ever 5 years. USA is currently on top with as many votes as the next 3 nations put together, although it has just slipped to the 2nd size economy behind China.

Wiki does mention,disapprovingly,that Argentina refuses inspection of its books but this hasn't got it kicked out. So this is possible. The independent Central Bank is meant to take the usual "received wisdom" steps to stabilise the exchange rate and inflation etc, which accounts for what the Russian Central Bank has been doing.

So, it is very sensible of Putin to NOT talk publicly about the details of his economic plans....if he doesn't want steps taken to sabotage it. It cold cause difficulties to withdraw from IMF,so he'd ave to really think hard about that one. Best he can do for short term, without arousing suspicions, is to get a bank Governor who sees eye to eye with him, and can find ways of justifying non-standard actions to the IMF (ie the strongest member, the USA). It may not have been designed as a instrument of the US but it has certainly developed that way.

Besides even without all this, Putin's style is to sit back and watch and nod and smile and wait, then ACT when he's ready. He doesn't go around telegraphing his punches. He does a lot of what-ifs, has a plan A plan B and plan C, and when the time is right for one of them, he produces it. He doesn't miss opportunities, because he's thought about what he'd do if this or that chance came up. This most likely includes juggling with his local oligarchs and other power brokers.

The man studied law and did his thesis on international trade. It's not his first year as President. He has very powerful opponents looking to bring him down. Why would be go yapping about his plans? he doesn't owe it to anyone to explain them in advance.

El Furioso said...


Just my 2 cents:

1- Putin did not fully endorse the western dogma. One important aspect of said dogma is globalization and open economy. The speech though repeatedly talks about independence and imports substitution. In my view Putin called for a national liberal economy, as opposed to a western-style globalized liberal economy.

2- Some of the changes you seem to support - central bank takeover, fundamental monetary policy change, massive economic power grab from liberal elites - are probably not the kind of changes you want to announce in advance, discuss for a few weeks in various committees and then slowly implement. These things are better done by a small team in a few hours in the middle of the night one week-end without warning and announced on the next morning once everything is under control, in order to avoid monetary speculation, capital flight and such things.

My guess is Putin would really like a non-globalized but liberal economic policy to work. But if it doesn't work then the change in direction will be so swift it will make the Georgia war and Crimea de-ukrainization look like slow, long-runnung operations.


Siggi said...

Saker, the Central Bank is key.

Your anti-soviet past seems to still be present, preventing you to admit your own contribution to the colonization of Russia (no hard feelings).

Putin has one - and only one - shot left (his 2nd) to nationalize the CB, thus liberating the country and eventually the world from the "Empire". The support of his people must be guaranteed - without it the system will devour him trying and everyone counting on him.

If you missed it, he did attack the very basis of the CB's policy refering to IMF-rules: he denied Russia's people to be less-developed.

Penelope said...

Anonymous said, "There can be no doubt whatsoever the Chair of the RCB is a proxy for the US/Western banking cartel."

Anonymous I call your attention to the fact that she is merely carrying out the law as embodied in the constitution, the law on central banking and the law embedded in Russian membership in the IMF.

It is predominantly the SYSTEM that is rotten. That's partially why I think it wd be so much better if Russia can get other countries to withdraw from IMF simultaneously & also nationalize their central banks and currencies.

dusty said...

Russia has a central bank that is not under the full control of the government. Russia also has a state fund which is not under the control of the central bank.

The state fund is now starting to function as a shadow bank. Funds are being disbursed to provide loans for Russian capital investments and to enable business to meet their foreign currency needs.

It may be that the central bank is largely impervious to a government takedown however if it is not used then it becomes less relevant.

There's a reason for all the gold buying. In order to cover the ruble it is not necessary to have 1:1 coverage. At some point the government could choose to take control of the currency by backing it from the state fund Shadow bank.

Sampanviking said...

It is always very difficult to make major/fundamental structural changes, not only in respect of the disruption and damage to the general population but also of course the vested interests.

It really needs to get bad before these things can be changed without serious backlash.
Putin has indeed announced major changes to the nations foreign policy, but look how bad things had to get there before he did so.

Truth is, the economy could be better, but its not yet that bad.

One thing though, the Chinese deals and Turkstream show exactly how Putin will act when pressed. I do wonder if he and key allies are planning a new architecture to enable the full removal of their currencies from exposure to US speculation but without losing the benefits of free floating exchange?

Penelope said...

ANONYMOUS @ 22:31: The court case where they fined Russia was last July.

Anonymous said...

More positive news for Russia: Turkey is slowly but surely moving from the West to the East:

This would mean a step of breathtaking magniture.

Oh and dear Saker, Putin is neither a Eurasian souvereignist nor a Atlanticist integrationist, but a European.

Don't listen to me, listen to Putin himself:

Putin's words in 2012:

"“Russia is an inalienable and organic part of Greater Europe and European civilization. Our citizens think of themselves as Europeans. We are by no means indifferent to developments in united Europe.”"

Putin speaking German in front of the Bundestag:

Can anybody show a video where Putin is peaking Chinese?

Paris-Berlin-Moscow is next.

Kind regards,

Anonymous said...

it is putin fault that even after resounding victory in the elction he has still harboured the traitors and saboteurs inside the cabinet despite knowing that they a re foreign agents.
putin has peoples endorement but he wanted anglosaxon endorsement-that is why he has acted as an idiot and weakling.

Anonymous said...

The Shocking Reason Putin Isn't Worried About The $50 Billion Yukos Ruling.

Having $50 billion of assets under potential seizure is enough to make anyone whince. However, despite a quickly worded statement on the Yukos award, Vladimir Putin seems less than anxious to find a resolution. We think we know why, and it's very concerning.

One person close to Mr Putin said the Yukos ruling was insignificant in light of the bigger geopolitical stand-off over Ukraine.

“There is a war coming in Europe,” he said. “Do you really think this matters?”

source FT

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by "western economic dogmas"?
Dollar reserve status? Keynesianism? Austerity? Libertarianism?

Does the central bank in Russia have a similar role to the FED in USA?

Anonymous said...

Saker, I understand your alarm at what you do not understand, but I also note you think Putin is not hesitant, weak or confused. You are a military analyst, I am more of an economic analyst and we look at the situation from different angles.

Serdiukov crossed a line when he against regulations took old valuable cars from a museum, for example. He had to go, but Putin dealt diplomatically with him for reasons I can't name. Perhaps to keep the loyalty of Serdiukovs allies? Because Serdiukov, despite his faults, had made a contribution? Politics is not what I know best, so don't ask me, I don't have access to the Kremlin, though I have seen the building and stepped on the lawn against regulations while being monitored by guards. He. The Red square is a beautiful place and many in my generation in the West  have seen it on TV year after year as did everybody in the Sovjetunion.

I have no Kremlin contacts whatsoever,  but despite that I  think I understand what Putin is doing. At least partly. At times, he has hard hands, as he must have, but at heart he is a diplomat and he never abandons his goals. Never. Look at how he treats friends and foes. Look at how he treated Hollande, that little you know what, as if Hollande was a longlost cousin and how he has put up with Merkels outbursts this year. Merkel compared him to Hitler. Remember when he travelled a long distance to meet big Bush of all people at a Russian airport? When he gave his personal judo clothes to a critical  european politician, whose children practiced judo? VVP knows how to handle people. By being friendly to the oligarchs, who are facts of life as you once wrote, he can influence them.

Putins goals? The best for Russia and the people. If the central bank is almost untouchable for the moment, what options does he have except being civil and patient? I can't imagine the president of Russia being unaware of the problems the CB poses and not knowing how difficult it is to change the legislation. If no one else, Khazin has told him. If a friendly approach towards the bank does not work and if the international political climate does not improve, I can see Putin surprise us by taking over the bank and be demonized for it. There is always a limit to his patience, as we saw when he banned food from the EU, closed down South Stream and snatched Crimea from NATO.

From the economic point of view, I see two immediate and disturbing problems. The weak rubel and the high interest rate in Russia. Both problems can only be solved with entirely new economic inventions. Traditionally, a central bank has two or more conflicting goals. To defend the currency, that is what the CB does now with a high interest rate, and to fight inflation and keep the general price level down. That it can not do today when the rubel is under attack. In the  present environment, it is difficult or almost impossible to do both at the same time. [Ron: The government MUST issue its own money and control the money supply! And if usury cannot be eliminated, interest rates must be absolutely minimal.].

teranam13 said...

Threat for Russia: Putin has his bottom line and that is in the statement, " Russian will exist as a sovereign state or it will not exist at all." His resolve is clear; let's hope his skill, timing and his strategy carries the day and that he can be utterly ruthless.

Anon Mongoose said...

Part One

Mr. Saker wrote:

All this is fine and dandy, except for what was not said.
• Putin did not denounce the work of the Russian Central Bank or its Chairwoman.
• Putin did not promise to sell US bonds and bring Russian money back home.
• Putin did not sack a single Russian official for incompetence or, even less so, sabotage
• Putin did not announce a major change in the status of the Ruble, no "golden Ruble" for example.
• Putin did not reject the western economic model.
• Putin announce no reform or taking over by the state of the Russian Central Bank.
• Most importantly, Putin did not announce any major change in economic policy

I have no way of knowing whether Putin sincerely believe in the western economic dogmas, of whether he has no other option than to pretend that he does, but the outcome is the same: Putin rejects the western political model while apparently still fully endorsing its economic model.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Let’s not sound the alarm.. Mr. Putin is attending to business without shouting it from roof-tops like his western counterparts. Some policies and systems cannot be changed at the flick of a switch. Take a look at the larger global picture what is in the works for Year 2015. We will watch very interesting happenings unfold. Today we read of:

1. The New SWIFT SYSTEM -Sanctioned Russian banks begin testing national payment system next week
Published time: December 08, 2014 13:18

The move comes as a part of Russia’s ambitious initiative to move away from the Western dominance of its financial markets. Last month the Russian Central Bank said it would have its own international inter-bank payment system, an alternative to the global SWIFT network up and running by May 2015.

2. Russia may build up to 24 nuclear power units in India — media

“The new road map on the countries’ cooperation in the nuclear industry can be formed during Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Delhi on Thursday”
Russia may build 20-24 nuclear power units in India against 14-16 units agreed previously, the Times of India reported Monday, citing Russia’s ambassador Alexander Kadakin.

3. Let’s take a look at the real impact of falling oil prices, said to have been coordinated to punish the Russian Economy. Who will be hurt the most?

In terms of profits, with oil at $70/bbl Russia stands at No: 3 in profitability behind Saudi Arabia and ME - ex Saudi. We now understand today, Western Big Oil companies are shuttering work and laying off employees.

Published by the Swiss National Bank


Shale Oil, Oil Sands and Oil Supply Globally: Market Price Compared to Production Costs

Anonymous said...

Russian post office, a question for anyone who has insight on this institution...I ordered a book and everyone has told me that it will take months to reach me from Moscow. So far it has been more than a month. Why is the Russian mail so slow?

Penelope said...

BILL SAUNDERS said, "When the world starts to sell out of the $US is the right time to give it a little extra nudge - not a moment before.

You will find at that time, which has to be imminent, Putin will be able to nationalise the Russian Central Bank with ease "in order to stabilise the financial situation in Russia".

If he acts before then the combined financial might that the US can bring to bear will cause much more damage than is already being inflicted on the Russian economy."

Bill, on the other hand we can be very sure that there is another financial system waiting in the wings 'to prevent chaos' when the dollar system collapses. It seems to me that the temptation to sign onto it will be very great. (It's probably SDRs).

However if the Russian system is already in place and a few other countries are already using it we are much more likely to win.

Btw I don't see that the Russian domestic clearing system has anything to do with replacing the SWIFT system. It's like growing celery as a first step in growing oranges.

CanSpeccy said...

It is not clear to me what it is that people think the Russian central bank is doing that it should not be doing or what it is not doing that it should be doing. Could those who hold the bank guilty of treason provide some clarification.

The ruble exchange rate is determined by supply and demand including supply and demand created by investors, importers, exporters, central bank market operations and speculators. [Ron: The ruble money supply needs to be freely available to Russians and especially Russian businesses. IF interest rates are too high, WHICH THEY ARE, that chokes off the money supply because money is only created (under the current Jew controlled BIS system), by banks making loans. Also, if Russian oligarchs et al are sending their money out of the country, there is less money available within the country.].

The main reason that the ruble is down is that demand for the ruble is down because the value of Russia's oil exports is down by an amount equal, on a yearly basis, to around $100 billion, or 5% of GDP.

In addition, speculative short selling and panic liquidation of ruble-denominated assets may be causing some irrationality in the market. This is the only aspect upon which the central bank can have an immediate and significant affect. [Ron: sic] It can punish short sellers by wading into the market and buying rubles with gold or dollars, or buying currency futures, which should be profitable if indeed the ruble is oversold. [Ron: WHY should Russia allow short selling at all?].

However, it remains open to question whether the ruble is oversold. To stabilize the currency, Russia has to cut imports by an amount equal to the decline in oil revenue. In a two trillion dollar economy, a 100 billion dollar cut in imports is a challenge. [Ron: Money availability within a given nation should be managed in accordance with the capacity of the nation ie the availability of labour and physical resources necessary to produce goods and services. It should not depend upon the amount of money foreigners are supplying to the economy whether as a result of purchasers of goods and services or loans. IF oil prices are low that should affect the finances of the providers of that commodity BUT should not prevent other industries and domestic producers from obtaining sufficient money to perform their productive activities. The global banksters CONTROL economies centrally via the BIS, the Fed, the ECB and Bank of England with, at best, no regard to the strength and welfare of local economies.].

Russia's counter-sanctions will help, but it takes time [Ron: AND adequate money availability] for the economy to respond with import substitution, and increased exports of non-oil commodities or manufactures. In the meantime, Russians will have to accept a reduced standard of living, as is evident from the fact that inflation is now running at around 10% (higher ruble prices being what drives import substitution and increased exports).

The only fundamental solution to Russia's heavy dependence on commodity exports is to increase the manufacturing and the service sectors of the economy. To achieve this, Russia needs to insure the availability of capital to businesses of all sizes, and to protect the small and medium firms from corrupt bureaucrats and the mafia. [Ron: that means russia must ensure that the money supply is NOT constricted by Russian Central Bank (RCB) policies. In other words, IF Russia has the manpower and physical resources needed to expand domestic production the RCB or the government MUST increase the money (ruble) supply to match that demand and those resources. Any banking or other institution that does not facilitate that process is acting in a traitorous manner towards the Russian population.].

But whatever happens, Russia's economy will need time, probably several years, to adjust to a sharp reduction in energy export revenue. Having made the adjustment, the economy should be more diversified and therefore more robust than it is now.

[Ron: It didn't take Germany in the 1930s four years to turn depression into prosperity and abundance, so WHY must it take that long for Russia to get its act together? For Germany see eg: Hitler and the Banksters: The Abolition of Interest-Servitude. See:

Behind the Holocaust: What was Hitler’s unforgivable sin? See:

Hitler’s freedom from International Debt Slavery. See:

Anon Mongoose said...

Pt 2

4. And in an extremely important development -this makes 5. The fight begins over all the money left in the world.

Money, not currency. Russia, India, China, Brazil knows the difference.

The Mother of All Bank Runs

Why is Belgium asking to bring home its gold

We already know Germany had publicly requested their gold back beginning in early 2013 and gotten very little so far. Just a couple of weeks back, The Netherlands announced the repatriation of 122.5 tons of gold ...after the fact. When the announcement came, it said the transfer and transaction had already been done. Several days afterwards, a leading candidate for France's next election also brought up the possibility of French gold being repatriated ...and now it's Belgium!!!

Notice I used three exclamation points, I did so because of all the central banks to request their gold back Belgium in my opinion would be the very last to do so with one "caveat." The caveat being "unless something REALLY big has changed," let me explain. First, Belgium is the "seat" of the European Union, this is where all European decisions are made and announced (with Germany's approval of course). The decision to repatriate gold from the "safe haven" of New York and to do it publicly raises eyebrows on its own, but this is Belgium, not "just some country" in Europe.[.]

= = = = =

Worth a listen on a little geopolitical and financial from an unusual website.:Skip the introduction or don't let it be a turn-off.

Dr. Jim Willie has a good track record, formerly with a TBTF


Vlad Putin reminded the West today that the Nazis could not defeat the Russian Army. Is anybody in the USA paying attention? Financial analyst Jim Willie spends one hour with Rick today. Mr. Willie said we are in the final stage of the break-up of the Western banking cabal’s stranglehold on the world. You’ll hear a financial analysis that you won’t read in the Wall Street Journal or hear Jim Cramer say on CNBC.

= = = = =

Keep on stacking Mr. Putin.

Stavros H said...

Dear Saker and friends,

In my opinion, Putin did not lay down any concrete plans or measures that would signify how Russia should alter its monetary policy for very good reasons. First and foremost this is the one battleground where Russia is especially vulnerable in relation to the AZ Empire, and is the primary weapon that the enemies of Russia are using against her. Revealing your plans/intentions in any way shape or form would very simply be just very bad tactics. Whether he has the power to deal with the RCB issues comfortably or by taking serious risk is also secondary. The fact of the matter is that Russia's monetary policy must quickly change or Putin will be somehow removed from power. Putin is probably waiting for the most opportune moment to act. Allowing some of the damage to become evident before taking decisive and tough action is also a further possibility in this case.

Moreover, praising the RCB and its chairwoman could either be a diversionary tactic, or could also allude to the possibility that at least a few influential insider are on Putin's side and are prepared to introduce radical reforms at some point.

Even though I get the impression that Putin is not very much into economics or economic history, I am sure as hell certain that he readily comprehends how crucial and dangerous for Russia this issue really is. I can only hope that his advisers know what they are doing and saying.

Even though I tend to agree with Glazyev/Khazin in general terms, I am not sure I am on the same page with them apropos some finer points, but they are 100% preferable to the lunatic and treasonous liberals that have been bleeding Russia for 25 years now.

The bottom line is this: Russia's number one enemy at the moment is not the USA, or the West or even NATO. It is the voodoo neo-liberals (and the rotten class interests which they serve) of the Washington Consensus.

Stavros H

mjm said...

Greetings from Singapore:
Merkel had a six hours meeting with Putin in Brisbane. It is very unlikely that they need six hours to discuss Novorussia. My view: Merkel made a last minute effort to bring Putin back to the West, quite naive. Russia and the West are at war since Brisbane. This would also explain Hollande's surprise meeting with Putin in Moscow, which was unscheduled, perhaps another attempt to see if Putin did soften.
The West is economically and morally bankrupt and a war would be a good escape from admitting failure, and while some kind of unreal peace lasts, the central banks will print money 'ad nauseam' to keep the feeling of progress and growth.

Mario Medjeral

Penelope said...

ANONYMOUS @ 23:09, Parts 1-4:
What a stream of nonsense & non sequiturs. You sound just like Where-Wolf. Whatever you're smoking it's disturbing your mental processes.

Anonymous said...


This cyberberkut hacking of a Biden assistant was written about here.

Penelope said...

Anonymous @ 23:39:

The story about cyberberkut hacking a Biden assistant was carried in English here.

Penelope said...

OT I have found Wayne Madsen a reliable investigator.

Penelope said...

STAVROS H: I agree 100%. Since you are not w Khazin & Glazyev on all the details, you might take a look at Starikov.
Online book here.
[pdf] Rouble Nationalization – the Way to Russia’s Freedom by Nikolay Starikov

bob kay said...

The IMF is a USD tribute and control system which is failing due to the exponential growth of USD credit instruments encumbering the world's real assets.

The BIS facilitates international trade flows by arranging account settlement between Central Banks. The BIS mandate is at odds with the IMF Imperial Dollar Function, as the USD losses its store of value money function.

I do not know the legal relationship between the Russian Central Bank and the IMF, except to say I have read the Russia government paid all debts to the IMF in full thereby decreasing USD tribute flow from the Russian Economy.

The Russian Central Bank may have to meet reserve requirements established by BIS in the Basel Accords to create ruble denominated credit. The problem is the USD is a reserve asset, so the Russian Central Bank must hold USD to create rubles. This is 'austerity' and 'tribute' being forced on economies world wide. No one likes the USA exorbitant privilege!

e world is preparing to jettison the USD as a reserve asset, since the USA has abused the privilege against friends, enemies, and partners alike. The BIS has been preparing the reset to gold as a RESERVE ASSET on the balance sheets of Central Banks. When the USD timeline as a reserve asset ends, the price elasticity of gold will allow the Russian Central Bank to expand credit for the real economy.

This is a complex topic which I only a little understand, so please consider my words an extrapolation based on incomplete information and understanding.

The world $IMFS is a tangled knot strangling the real world economy. Vladimir Putin is a well informed and responsible man. He will not cut the tangled knot, but will cooperate with responsible parties attempting to untie the Gordian Knot without WAR. It is clear the IMF and BIS serve different functions in the world financial system, so BIS may be an ally in this process.

Mr. Khazin said the world is evolving toward currency blocks, with gold to settle account balances between currency blocks.
SDR's are a deception to maintain the IMF Imperial System. SDR's are not compatible with multi-polar world civilizations, each with its own fiat currency system. No one will trust a fiat currency in any form as a world reserve asset after USD denominated paper burns. The world will suffer austerity for a period, as the reset from the $IMFS evolves. I think an evolutionary reset is the better alternative and abrupt collapse and the possible escalation to world war.

Vladimir Putin praises and protects the Russian Central Bank to protect it from populist zealots whose advise might cause war and chaos. Time is on the side of Russia and all peace loving and creative humanity!

Thank you, Saker!

Anon Mongoose said...

Pt 3

Putin Pipeline Moves and EU Stupidity- Engdahl

by forcing Bulgaria, an EU member, to halt South Stream, using blackmail of a Bulgarian bank bailout last June, the EU has made itself dependent on gas security via Ukraine, a country the EU’s own political spinelessness has helped turn into a failed state ruled by a cabal of Brussels-and-Washington backed gangsters and oligarchs. We might use the term “stupid” to describe EU policy on South Stream, were it not for the fact at the end of the day Washington blackmail on the EU caused the South Stream blockage policy to be implemented, just as the economically devastating EU Russia sanctions were imposed only after extreme pressure on Berlin and Paris by Washington.

Bringing Turkey closer to Eurasia

Russia and Turkey have just signed an agreement to expand the existing Russian Blue Stream gas pipeline to Turkey by an immediate 3 billion cubic meters to the current 13.7 bcm of gas pumped to Turkey via Blue Stream, for a total near 17 bcm.
Putin also announced a fascinating new option, to build a gas hub on the Turkish-Greek border to supply Europe with gas to compensate for the loss of South Stream. He told the press, “We are ready to not only expand the Blue Stream, but to build another pipeline system to supply the growing demand of the Turkish economy, and if it is deemed justified, to set up an additional gas hub for the South European consumers on Turkish territory, near the border with Greece.”{.}

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Year 2015 setting up. So let’s not agonize over the Rouble. It is not the only currency taking the lower road against the USD.

Tumbling euro not enough to save Germany’s factories
German industrial production data has failed to match the expectations of analysts, as the country faces lower growth next year

Anonymous said...

Poland joins EU. Poles move to UK, elsewhere for work, no longer contribute to social security. Polish social security overwhelms budget. Polish women have fewer kids, Population ages. Problem accelerates. To get workers, Poland imports banderites, passes the problem on to Ukraine. Ukraine stops paying pensions to the East, where most of the wages are generated and bombs destroy the industry. US UK EU banks profit from slave wages, and peo0ple are impoverished. All EU currencies fall against the dollar, making all dollar denominated loans impossible to repay. Banks and corporations supercede nation-states which have already ceded sovereignty to EU and defense to NATO. WELCOME to 21st Century supra-national fascism, US style.

Anonymous said...

Sergei Glaziev, one of Russia's leading economists, has been screaming bluntly about the idiotic policies of the Central Bank for quite some time now.

Gkaziev joins the group half an hour into this excellent videotaped forum, and blasts the central bank.

Anonymous said...

The US is a Leading Terrorist State.

in FR


@Honk:> Putin did not announce a major change in the status of the Ruble, no "golden Ruble" for example.

Which would the most stupid thing to do if he is still in the process of acquiring more gold.

Very good point, you are 100% correct.


The Saker

LJ said...

The Saker: BTW, my question at 23:20 was meant as a question., not as some snide comment. For example, let's say that Assad is forced out by the AZ's and is dismembered. Assad is given a place to live in Russia. What would that say about Putin's commitment and or standing? What events could lead you to alter you model? I am raising the question of the falsifiability of your model.

As for me, I really don't know.

Anonymous said...

About the Russian post office, from good web site "Rusia beyond the Headlines

Anonymous said...

Exactly on the money, Saker! Aside from the centuries-old power schemes and vested interests around the control of the currency printing press, it would seem straightforward to just announce a change of the board of the central bank, no? Who nominates it anyway, the president? It could easily be a compromise where the various power factions are given an appropriate number of seats around the table.

A few quotes from Putin's speech to the federal assembly: "We will only succeed if we work towards prosperity and affluence, rather than hope for an opening or a favourable situation on foreign markets", "the most important thing now is to give the people an opportunity for self-fulfilment", "The more actively people become involved in organising their own lives, the more independent they are, both economically and politically, and the greater Russia’s potential".

Well, one solution that would go most of the way towards realizing these goals is honest money. The Russian government could take, say, 20% of their gold reserves (after they've reclaimed it from the saboteurs down at the central bank), mint them into coins and start distributing them into the economy. The value could be independent of the paper rouble and determined by the markets. This would make the golden rouble a concrete reality and promote "fundamental conservative values such as patriotism, and respect for the history, traditions, and culture of one’s country." The central bank/government would no longer be in total control, but, "it’s crucial to abandon the basic principle of total, endless control."

Dmitry Orlov says that Russia is excellent at undertaking huge projects that no one else can tackle. Technically the concrete golden rouble would be simple, but on the monetary/paradigm-shifting/spiritual plane this would be the project of the century.

Stavros H said...

@ CanSpeccy

You ask what is it that we are accusing the RCB of doing which is treasonous. Very simple.

By allowing the free movement of money into and out of Russia, they (RCB) have rendered the economy vulnerable to speculators (where the AZ Empire is at its formidable best) oligarchs and crooks of all kinds. This situation has allowed the economic bleeding of Russia for 25 years now with oligarchs moving their money out of the country for tax havens ranging from London, New York, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Spain etc... This has starved Russia of much needed investment (even though part of the Russian offshore accounts is sometimes reinvested back into Russia. [Ron: AT INTEREST!]. This is done so that the tax burden is reduced for Russian corporations, but at the same time the state loses tax revenue) This process, also makes the value of the ruble volatile. It can either become overly expensive (as in the period leading up to the 2009 crisis) or dirt-cheap as it is now. At the moment, the Russian economy (stocks, bonds and currency) is the most undervalued on the planet by far. It is quite false that the Russian economy is in bad shape at the moment. The problems of the Russian economy at present are perfectly manageable from a purely economic perspective. These problems are: a) Relatively low and falling investment. b) Low commodity prices. The falling value of commodities is only temporary. The low investment is partly caused by the war that has been unleashed against Russia by the Empire (and the resulting fallout from lost confidence and sanctions) and due to some slack policy by the Russian government. Otherwise Russia has extremely strong fundamentals for the long-term. Russia is the only major country on the planet with virtually zero public debt, she is also the richest land in terms of natural resources. This is especially crucial, since despite what one may get from the western MSM (hahaha) in the future the tendency for commodity prices will be upwards, since many of them are reaching or are past Peak Production. This is the primary long-term reason that has neo-cons losing sleep over Russia and Putin. Russia is also strategically places to act as the primary energy and commodity provider of Eurasia. Russia could be selling raw materials to Europe/China/Japan/Korea/Turkey/possibly even India at the same time. Russia will also be a good place to invest for many corporations or SOEs in any number of sectors. Putin is slowly moving to that direction, and this is why it has become imperative for the AZ Empire to cut Russia into pieces. Brezhyinksi knew this many years ago.

But going back to the RCB question. The bottom line is this: The Russian monetary policy as has been practiced for the last 25 years has benefited oligarchs, foreign speculators and corporations and has served to undermine domestic investment, industry, state tax revenue and has left Russia vulnerable to speculative and Empire-led attacks on her currency.

Wanna know which country has resisted tooth and nail the "liberalization" of its monetary policy and currency? That's right, the People's Republic of China and this is one of the primary reasons that the Chinese have bequeathed the most dramatic economic development the world has ever seen.

siggi said...

the "other side" of the radio-interview with Evgenii Feodorov posted by the Saker (@ 9m50s):

Alien Tech said...

Although Putin did not want a gold backed currency, Both Russia and China have stopped exporting Gold to sell on the international markets and have been accumulating them instead. Also the price of Gold is too low for such things. Many mines are selling it now for a loss and only staying alive by using tricks like fleecing the shareholders.. Like what barrick did when they raised 5 billion to buy back the Gold they sold but did not have. Although they did it when Gold was at the highs.. Now they will sell it again at a low price and make the Fed happy as it should.. Called buying high and selling low, the only way to fleece the public.. US does not have much Gold now. But they force others to sell Gold cheap using derivatives. As we can see, derivatives even if not directly connected should not have any effect on the asset price but it does. Foreigners can not invest in the indian stock market directly except using government approved vehicles but using derivatives issued in Singapore and hong kong,they indirectly control the prices of the stocks. So even if something supposedly has no direct reference to something, it is like drinking a glass of beer and the beer levels in the keg does down even if the lass is not directly connected to the keg.. Just amazing aint it..

But this should also raise fear for everyone! Many US companies like JPM, insure their employees so they benefit in case of death or accidental dismemberment.. The company stands to mke a lot more money with you dying than you could ever hope to make them staying alive.. Sooner or later, workers are going to meet an accident when earnings are low.. It directly adds to their profit margin.. The more workers that die, the higher the profit.. Heck in a few decades killing off employees will be the thing like flash trading is now. Sign now up when they will hire anyone who can stumble and poke someone in the eye.. make money while acting like a total idiot..

Rog said...

An interview with Mikhail Khazin on

Stavros H said...

Dear Saker and friends,

You would have heard me (and will do so again in the future) praising China for its achievements in the past few decades. I am also strongly convinced that Russia should learn from the Chinese. The comparison between the two countries is of course only valid to an extent, since there are some fundamental differences between the two countries. But at the same time, there are also extreme similarities. Both countries looked for ways to re-ignite economic progress once dogmatic (I may also add, juvenile) communism reached its limits. China has succeeded wildly in the effort, Russia, not so much. Both countries are also hated by powerful circles in the West who have dreamed for ages on how to subjugate them both. Not only Russia has a lot to learn from the Chinese, but has to work with them as cordially as possible. Divided, they will fall, united, they will prevail.

I will provide this link to brilliant British economist John Ross, who lucidly explains the extend of Chinese economic success, dispelling on the way all the drivel one finds in the MSM written about China. This economist also warned Russia of the grave dangers of adopting the neo-liberal model in the late 80s and early 90s, and correctly warned of catastrophe. There are many articles on his blog, which I advise anyone of you to carefully read if you are interested in propaganda-free economics:

As monetary policy, crisis theory, the nature of currency and its relation to gold have become such hot topics even on this forum, please also allow me to provide a link to the blog of another brilliant economist who explains in excruciating detail how these dynamics interact with each other in the real world. I know that many of you on this forum are quite anti-Marxist, and while I myself am opposed to many of the lunatic and dogmatic Marxists, this guy's precise Marxist analysis of the history of capitalism is quite invaluable and brilliant. Unlike John Ross's style which is accessible for people even with limited grasp in economics, this one is quite complex and tough to follow for people without a good basic understanding of the history of capitalism and of Marxist analytical tools of the inner workings of our global system. There are a few articles on this blog especially devoted into explaining the role of gold throughout history. There is also a very interesting article on whether Russia is an imperialist country.

Another little thing about gold. Even Alan Greenspan (Federal Reserve Chairman for decades) has recently admitted that gold is the most fundamental form of currency (he meant to say money) the world has ever known. His reply was unequivocal. This is only the most crucial part of his interview to Gillian Tett (Financial Times reporter) in front of the Council of Foreign Relations:

This is his full interview. I found it extremely interesting and suspicious that he even mentions Ukraine* in particular:

*His mentioning of the Ukraine comes after 6:00 minutes in while he is discussing the discounting of long-term assets across the world. I thought it was somewhat odd that a central banker mentioned Ukraine in this context. Freudian slip of tongue maybe? Just coincidence? Who knows.

BTW said...

A few points come to my mind - and some beefs as well, including some with the good Saker himself! So here they come:
1. Why don't we stop personalizing everything to Putin? It is bad enough that erecting demons is the modus operandi of the "west" and its media. Let them bark, why do we have to imitate their howls?
2. The present mess and the dangers that lie ahead are all about Russia and Russians. It is true that Putin is a good and noble leader. But rest assured that even if Putin goes away, the west will discover a new Hitler in Russia, unless of course Russia gets cursed with another Yeltsin. It is all about the west's [Ron: Actually it is the Techma (Jews) N OT "the West" because they CONTROL "the west".]. need to control the entire planet and this lust will not go away even if Putin does.

3. Now no one has expressed this view on this blog, but the way I see it Russia has no choice but to close itself economically to the west - completely and in almost one swoop. And that would require a socialist - or at least a socialistic economy - for the foreseeable future. Socialist ideas are not the flavour of the month on this blog, which is one of my beefs - not because I am an ideologue but simply because I see no other option for Russia at this stage. The reality of world history is that no national economy - not a single one - has pulled itself out of deep troubles or underdevelopment except by the state controlling the commanding heights of the economy. For example: China, India up to 1980, Russia itself up to 1960, Japan under the Meiji restoration - and believe it or not, the western economies themselves, except that the western model was mercantile protectionism. The west changed its tune to "free trade" only after it had acquired competitive advantages and saw free trade as the way to lock in this advantage.
4. A generation of post-Soviet Russians has been busy throwing out all statist and state control ideas, to the point that they are now silly about "free markets" and "free trade" and "foreign investments". The Russian Central bankers, liberal intellectuals, Govt officials, are completely in thrall to "markets". Unfortunately, it seems Putin could also be similarly enthralled. And that is my beef with him. No nation can solve political problems without tackling the economy at the same time. If it is under comprador control, the ouster of these has to be one of the main battle plans. China under Mao saw this clearly. And even the current political Chinese leadership is into "free trade" only because today they enjoy competitive advantages on the world market.
5. Putin has to start an ideological battle at home to get the people behind him to be able to oust compradors and other west-looking liberals. If he has not done so because of lack of political strength, he is being wise and may well take them on at a more opportune time. But if he is not acing because he is himself not free of illusions, then that is truly dangerous, perhaps hopeless.

Lazlo Toth said...

The budget should be balanced, the treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt, the mob should be forced to work and not depend on government for subsistence, and prudence and frugality should be put into practice.
Cicero, 58 B.C.

We are living in some historic times. No country in the world has a gold backed currency. On Russia-Insider there is an opinion piece entitled
"Russia Could Introduce a Gold Ruble Tomorrow". It addresses the manifold benefits Russia would enjoy in having a gold backed ruble and also talks about the issuance of gold backed bonds.

This article contains a link to a previous RI article on the same subject.

"Why Russia Should Put the Ruble on the Gold Standard"

The subtitle of the article gives a clue as to possibly why it has not been done:

"Doing so would stabilize the Ruble, benefit the Russian economy and threaten the US Dollar's position as the world's reserve currency".

The problem may be in threatening the dollar. Putin may not believe the time is right for such a drastic action. If this is the case, this article also talks about the benefits of gold backed bonds. Rather than total inaction, or a wrong action, one could reasonably suggest consideration be given to such gold backed bonds by RF. Here is information on such bonds from the article.

" the government can do easily by buying and selling ruble interest-bearing bonds to Russian banks. It should also make an unlimited amount of the gold-ruble bonds available to ordinary people."


It appears Putin is initially doing as Cicero instructed, a very positive first step. The gold backed bonds could be another meaningful move forward till it is time for a new world class Russian gold standard.

Stavros H said...

@ anon Mongoose

"Year 2015 setting up. So let’s not agonize over the Rouble. It is not the only currency taking the lower road against the USD."

While it is true that the USD has basically appreciated not only against all other currencies, but massively against commodities as well (significantly against gold as well in the last year and a half) for reasons I won't go into at this point. While it is also true that a certain devaluation of the ruble is to be expected with the fall in the price of commodities (especially oil) and the rising dollar. While it is also true that a degree of devaluation is also rather positive for the Russian economy at this juncture (raises the ruble value of exported oil and gas) the reason we are becoming worried, is the sheer size of the ruble collapse (some 40% this year) plus the loss of around $100bln in Russian currency reserves in "defending" it. Just imagine how useful those $100bln would be for the Russian Armed forces and for Russian businesses and general welfare. This is only one of several examples of how liberal currency policy has been harming Russia for decades now.

Stavros H

Erika said...

To 01:22

Regarding mail. I do not know what mail is like in Russia, but I live in Canada, and I send register mail 4 weeks ago and my item still has not arrived at its designation.


Ann said...

Saker, I'm glad you are wanting action. I agree. I hope Putin has this up his sleeve and has the right guys on his side.

bob kay said...

The Euro is not backed by or tied to gold, yet gold is the reserve asset of the ECB. The ECB and Euro are a prototype system designed to replace the $IMFS which is currently failing. This system allows currency blocks freedom to emit sufficient local fiat currency and credit to serve for transaction and accounting money.

Russia sells oil and gas to Europe for Euro, which are used by Russians to buy BMW cars. If there is an international account balance between Russia and Germany, this will be settled with gold. No need for a gold rouble. This would restrict the value of gold as the reserve asset and restrict the rouble as money of transaction and account.

There is much misunderstanding of gold and its emerging role in the world system. Gold waiting to lubricate and settle world trade accounts after the demise of the $IMFS (USD IMF Monetary System. There will be no gold rouble, but gold can be bought with roubles. price is elastic. It can rise as much as necessary to balance the books, while fiat currency emission can be controlled by government...checked only in international trade by the free convertibility of fiat to gold and gold to fiat.

The Chinese Central Bank has trillions of USD as the reserve asset backing the printing of trillions of yuan. Stavaros H. doesn't understand how the Chinese workers have labored for very little to furnish the USA with goods for paper promises to pay. The Chinese oligarchs are compradors for the $IMFS. BIS is facilitating access to large gold at a low price to compensate China for the loss of value when the USD is devalued. When the USD on the books of the Central Bank of China moves toward zero, gold will move in the opposite direction providing the compensation for supporting the USD system for a few more decades so world trade could continue and Americans could afford bread and circus. The BIS is facilitating the movement of large gold to the right places to prepare for a world without the USD as reserve asset, the unit of account and the unit of transaction for world trade. Why would Vladimir Putin interfere with an inevitable event, except to do everything necessary to protect Russia from destruction by WAR or the USD? Russia's Central Bank is preparing for the new world system on the Euro template. If you don't like the current world monetary system you probably won't like a world without USD. Americans especially will have a rapid decrease in free stuff, as they have to earn foreign currencies to pay for imports.

After the collapse of the USD system there will never again be a fiat currency used as a reserve asset by the Central Banks. Who will trust paper to preserve the savings of nation, not to mention us as individuals?

bob kay said...

BTW said, "Now no one has expressed this view on this blog, but the way I see it Russia has no choice but to close itself economically to the west - completely and in almost one swoop. And that would require a socialist - or at least a socialistic economy - for the foreseeable future"

To whom will Russia sell oil and gas? Vladmir Putin clearly states Russia will not go back to the closed world of the USSR. That system failed. Russia is preparing a multi-polar Eurasian future for Russians. They will do honest trade with the world. The predatory USD Empire is collapsing. Russia will be fine if they don't panic into isolation or retaliation for the pricks of a dying empire. Patience!

Anonymous said...

I think saker is giving too much credit to Mikhail Khazin and Evegnii Feodorov in being the "ultimate source" of information about the inside of Russia. It was Evegnii who was claiming there was going to be a coup months ago in RUssia and that Putin will be ousted as a result.. he simply love to fabricate stories to get people attention. he even went as far as to predict US attack with nuclear weapons on Russia.. just ignore evegnii ,he is a liar. and Mikhail Khazin previous interview he claimed the Russian Central bank was in bed with the west and was sabotaging Russia and that "was doing nothing" to seek an alternative to western payment system.. but just today RT revealed Russian banks are ALREADY testing a new payment system.. and Russian CEntral bank.. that is allegedly "in bed with the west" announced an international inter-bank payment system, an alternative to the global SWIFT network. So with friends like this who needs enemies? I think Saker needs to consider his interviewed "Experts" to be completely wrong about Russia central bank ,"conspiring against RUssia" it leader worked for Putin before being in that position. Russia is a true independent nation with a Bank in fully control of Russian Government.
Evgeni and khazin are wrong.

You cannot be in "bed with the west financial system" and at the same time create a system to replace western financial hegemony. The only thing left for Russia will be a new Internet.. to become absolutely independent of the west.

Alien Tech said...

Good idea BTW .. But I dont think socialism will help all that much. Maybe because you have not worked in a place where nothing you do matters. The blame or achievement is universal no mater what. So people do the least they are required to do.. Now unfettered capitalism is not the answer.. You can see the effects of that when India which has rampant poverty now has very high percentage of billionaires who bought cheap state assets and leveraged it using the low wages and prices they got.

I am not sure what is the way to go since those with power will game the system. So you will end up with an upper class who has more wealth than the rest no matter what. What could work at least a little bit is state control of a percentage of every company. Say 1/4 of the company will belong to the state no matter what. If the company profits, the state gets part of the profits and lower taxes since companies generally pay very low taxes anyway.. But as we can even see here, companies game the system so the company itself shows no profits, so no dividend payments but they pay investors in other ways like a high share price or pay upper management employees all the profits. The US is a classic example of how to fleece te public every which way.. When people go to retire and think they have millions saved, they will find their shares are worthless. Companies already use shareholders to build up the company then bankrupt it so JPM and the like can buy those companies really cheap and then leverage it again and make a killing.. In essence not taking any risk or making investments but reaping all the rewards. [Ron: Corporations as we know them have to be eliminated. Allowing corporations to pretend to have legal personhood is absurd and the core mechanism for the enslavement of soverign humans.].

So have a strong independent judicial system with over sight like the vigilance bureau looking on the government's share of the companies.. Cant just have a ministry run the companies because then we end up with the usual socialist structure of crony favoritism. But with enough power to block companies from doing harm to customers or the public.. If the company succeeds then so does everyone involved.. Unlike now where only a few do. It would also reduce control of the political process where now companies decide who rules and who are even running the over sight. [Ron: Governments and judiciaries etc must cease to be private corporations with hidden owners.].

Suvorov said...

re @08 December, 2014 22:44:

... "Historically, the most dangerous enemies of Russia, came from Russia; Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky etc. ...

I must beg to disagree about Stalin: Not in that he came from Georgia, not Russia, but rather that the buildup of Russia under his "Socialism in one country" policy enabled Russia to prevail in WW2. One a recent tour I took in Russia, our young women guides, from Moscow, Suzdal, and St. Petersburg, all remarked that while Stalin undoubtedly did many bad things, yet "he freed the Church and won the war." Although born at least two generations after him, they haven't forgotten.

Where-Wolf said...

Part I

Another excellent podcast. You are pleasant to listen to as well as informative, Saker. Thank you again.

If you're tired of my obnoxious commentary, Saker, please skip to the bolded text (part II) and read from there. There is some important information there I'd like very much for you to see. I promise you won't be sorry even if you disagree.

Actually I'm always suprised by how much I agree with you -- on everything including the tone you strike when speaking on almost any issue, something which comes across much better listening instead of reading. You speak too many languages to be giftedly subtle in English and it gets you in trouble with your audience mostly on our own account. I recognize how shrill my own written criticisms must sound each time I've finished listening to the measured voice in your podcast.

I especially agree with your analysis of how to resist and undermine the Anglo-ZIonists [Ron: Presumably he means Techma ie Jews and their henchmen] and how you must never allow them to brand you a terrorist. It is important to show contempt for them wherever you go and whenever you can. A well timed comment will cause people to think about blindingly apparent contradictions and if and when they hear a clear and thoughtful anti establishment opinion repeated, they are much more likely to adopt that as a new or at least more valid perspective and perhaps carry it others themselves. Satire and humour are also powerful weapons and I do strive to communicate to every person I meet so as to undermine the unlawful authorities. Most people are suprisingly receptive if correctly approached. People are never as stupid as the media portrays them to be.

I also strongly agree with your comments regarding resistance and focussing our efforts at the local level. Any organization which you attempt to form to challenge the Anglo-Zionists [Ron: Techma] on their level is guaranteed to be infiltrated, co-opted, undermined and eventually destroyed. Only when you are part of a strong local network of people who you trust can you pick an issue and maintain unity against the withering attacks that ensue. There was a plan to build an enourmous quarry not far from Toronto a few years ago, pitting local people against a powerful Boston based hedge fund fully backed by a corrupted Premier and the Ontario government. This group defeated the plan despite incredibly long odds and anyone interested in researching instances of effective Resistance to the blood sucking machinations of Anglo-Zionist [Ron: Techma] financiers should look to their example. They mobilized rural and urban homeowners and brought them together with farmers and others in a politically formidable alliance which no politician could afford to ignore. I was sad to see it dissapear but in hindsight I now see it as a looming threat against similar moves by a future government and the hedge fund which still owns the land. Had the group been institutionalized it would have been co-opted by now.

Where-Wolf said...

Part II

Now on to the points of disagreement. I hope you will read this because the next two points are very important.

So Khazin says the Russian Central Bankers are untouchable. For me this provides yet more evidence he is a prostitute for the former colonial administrators and other Yeltsinite traitors who killed millions of people and nearly destroyed Russia. All his apparently supportive comments in favour of Putin, economic nationalism, etc. are a ruse meant to give him a platform which he will ivariably use to insert the interests of these supposedly defeated pro IMF liberal oligarchs. On the one hand they are too dangerous on the other they are irrelevant, he says, depending on his objective on any given day. He is a double agent in the political game, playing exactly the same role as Skull and Bones Democrats like David Gergen or John Kerry. The fact that he would say it is "impossible" to dismantle the Russian Central Bank demonstrates his loyalties lie not with Russia but the very same rapists and gangsters who turned Russia into a colony before they were finally outwitted by Putin. The history of intrigue to which you refer makes that much more important that Khazin be carefully scrutinized. If he strongly recommends you go North then you must go South.

The path to true independence for Russia requires the Russian Central Bank be dismantled. This is absolutely critical. Remember Star Wars and the Kill Spot for the Death Star. This is it.

It plays exactly the same role as the American Embassy in Kabul, Islamabad or Baghdad and to allow it to continue will effectively guarantee Putin's eventual demise. If I have the measure of Putin correctly I doubt he is so sanguine and I am sure he will eventually run them out of Russia the same as he did with US backed NGO's. The US embassy in Moscow is now, by necessity, a tertiary staging ground for destabilizing actions against Russia. If Putin is ever assassinated all the answers will be found, I promise you, in this supposedly "untouchable" institution.

On the matter of Russian ineffectiveness regarding propaganda and its apparent weakness, you are still misunderstanding your own effectiveness and the resources dediicated to undermining your incredibly effective Resistance to the Anglo-Zionist [Ron: Techma] media Golliath. Humility is a wonderful quality and it has served you well but is also a weakness when it comes to developing a realistic assessment of yourself. I don't know why but for some reason you still imagine that RT does the serious work while you are nothing more than a bit player.

This is incorrect my friend. Even if I don't sound like a friend most of the time I beg you to trust me on this and accept that without you the Anglo-Zionists [Ron: Techma] might well have succeeded in pulling the wool over the eyes of their own restive populations. [Ron: bullshit!] RT is indeed pathetic and does little more than sustain and maintain the people who are already converted. Most of RT's viewership is as irrelevant as CNN's but with you the audience includes people who make opinions because they go in search of authenticity and are determined to find the truth. For people like this your own ups and downs are an affirmation and positive proof of your humanity and sincerity and this helps them (us) to confirm and maintain their (our) own. You are a source of inspiration to the most important group of people regarding what is percieved as real and true in the English speaking world. I recall reading in Canada's largest paper about how certain Western analysts were flabergasted at how effective certain online Russian Agents had been at undermining the force of their own propaganda. They meant YOU Saker proving once more that This is your Ministry.

Where-Wolf said...

Part III

Now it's time for your Ministry to grow and adapt and wouldn't you know it but you are a natural when it comes to verbal communication. How fortuitous is that?

Your podcast is very much like Radio Moscow and this is part of the reason I am so excited about your potential to grow and expand your influence. Radio Moscow's problem wasn't that it lacked quality, although it was a peculiar sort to anyone who spends their time bathed in super slick AZ media, but that it was on short wave radio and therefore mostly inaccessible. Those who spent anytime with a short wave radio in the seventies or eighties will never forget the power of this experience and if you looked for them today, you would find an incredible number ended up in positions of power and influence.

YOU don't HAVE this PROBLEM thanks to the INTERNET my Brother Saker.

Sorry for yelling.

More advice will be forthcoming, unwanted or otherwise but for the time being you are off to a roaring start. Remember the super slick media plays a secondary role now as compared to the internet nothwithstanding their own self promoting bullshit. Your channel, once it is more regularily available, will clean the clocks of the AZ media and I am so looking forward.


As to the writing of tonally objectionable comments, I wish my own bouts of instability could be 5% as endearing as yours. Ann (are you reading?) has a knack for putting me back on track, as she has done several times. That's how it is with your podcast voice. One hour of listening to your balanced commentary and easy expression of nuance multiplies your effectiveness 10 000 times -- because you are able to strike the right tone and this really does cause people to change how they think. It makes you persuasive while your written commentary often forces people to choose sides in an uncomfortable way. The Anglo-Zionist [Ron: It is actually a Techma, essentially Jewish] Empire is a giant glass house which your voice, sustained and regular, could easily shatter. [Ron: The Saker is a brick in the wall. He is NOT the wall.].

Talk more. Type less, especially for you know who.

Andrea from Italy said...

Today the Russian Central Bank (RCB), - a private Bank , despite the name -, has the monopoly of printing the rouble. RCB prints the rouble and lend it to the Russian State with interest. Putin should nationalize RCD, print the rouble and give it to the State (and its citizens) at no interest . By doing so, the seigniorage remains in the State's hands. However, before doing so, to avoid the same destiny of John F. Kennedy or Aldo Moro, he should well, well, well explain to the Russian people the incredible advantages of such a move.[Ron: Absolutely!].

C Stegiel said...

The observation to be made is that we cannot know what the game of nations played like simultaneous chess before our eyes really means. Clearly some restricting of the money used for control of the world is occurring. The truth of the white and black hats in the metaphysical struggle eludes us.

One good example of this is probably beneath the surface of thought-Putin has as his goal is the best for Russia and the people of Russia. We cannot say this is true. We can say Putin in power is a game token representing resistance to a certain style of financial exploitation that greatly benefits Western economic interests and disadvantages other Russian interests. [Ron: NO it doesn't! It greatly benefits the Techma (Jews) who CONTROL Western governments and economies ENSLAVING WESTERN POPULATIONS as it does so. Clearly the ANGLO-US and european populations are NOT benefiting are they?!? The exact nature of his resistance may depend on what is good for the Silovik. This then is a good for Putin. It is one part of his power base. Democracy, freedom, human rights, these are not under consideration. [Ron: Bullshit! Of course they are. they are essential to sovereign individuals and their sovereign collective status.].

Where-Wolf said...

Ah, Khazin suddenly appears to agree with me about the threat posed by the Russian Central Bank but calling for the head to be arrested is VERY different from demanding it be shut down, as Federov has done.

I should have read your post before uploading my comment. Khazin apparently sees the threat -- OR -- he is two steps ahead and is still working hard to presrve the IMF fortress in Moscow. Calling for someone to be sacked is an old trick used to save an institution that ought to be scrapped.

Also, who set this up and delivered it in such a timely fashion. Why is enhancing Khazin's credibility suddenly a priority?

Something has happened since Putin's speech and Khazin and Federov have detected a sharp change in the direction of AZ-Russia relations.

Could Putin's promise not to touch the Central Bank have been interpreted as proof positive he IS going to move against them? It seems as though Putin doth protest too much of the Central Bank and the cockroaches are scattering.

I don't understand Russian so I can't listen to the conversation and make an informed comment as to the exact nature of Khazin's appeal but this fish stinks not just from the head.

Khazin is not what he appears to be.

Anonymous said...

Russia and other nations advocating a multipolar world in opposition to the American Empire's New World Order need to understand one thing: YOU CAN NEVER WIN BY PLAYING BY AMERICA'S GLOBAL ECONOMIC RULES.

It's like trying to beat the House in Las Vegas.

The House ultimately wins, because it's a RIGGED GAME.

So you have to bring an end to the game and ultimately end the House itself.

America is the House, and the rigged game is capitalism.

End them both.

Before they end you. [Ron: YES!].

Anonymous said...

Since people love to attack Russia by comparing Russia to the USSR.And attack Putin by comparing him to Stalin.So I hate to give them help there.But possibly Putin is waiting and building public opinion up before making the dramatic moves needed.As I recall before bringing the policy changes that led to the great industrialization of the 1930's (as well as some unhappy moves).Stalin did just that.He let people outside the government voice complaints about government policies and officials.And used the "peoples demands" as the reason to change policy and purge the officials standing against those new policies.Maybe Putin thinks that will make the needed changes more widely accepted if not seemingly coming just from him. If that is it,I just wish he would move quicker with it.

On another issue.I've heard lately about Putin possibly being sick.That when he got back from Australia he started getting sick.At the ARD interview he looked like he was feeling bad.And some have said at several other occasions he didn't look well.Could he have been infected with something at the G-20 meeting to make him sick.Or possibly he is just getting sick from overwork and all.But still,I hope he is being checked over by doctors.[Ron: Putin must have superlative health care and I'm sure he does.].

Uncle Bob

Where-Wolf said...

Since we all have such short memories and need to be reminded of the nature of the ENEMY this is a perfect moment to post this video:

Taboo Topics and Jewish Lobby talk by Henry Herskovitz and Greg Felton

Please please please download and watch this thirty minute presentation. It will remind you of the nature of the evil and clever people Russia and Putin are dealing with and why, like the the small fry Nazis at Donetsk airport, they must be expunged.

To "sack" them, as Khazin would like, will only guarantee they will evetually make a comeback and do to Russia what they've already done to the entire Western world.

Know your enemy.

Fortunately, Putin does.[Ron: No he doesn't! He thinks "Nazis" are the problem, NOT Ashkenazis!].

Anonymous said...

3. Now no one has expressed this view on this blog, but the way I see it Russia has no choice but to close itself economically to the west - completely and in almost one swoop.

This is about it. But how to close yourself off if you sell oil ? Russia is in big trouble.[Ron: Bullshit!].

Anonymous said...

Just for a laugh.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should watch RT's video as Putin walking beside Turkish President Erdogan and a saber swinging Turkish solder followed just behind Putin, might stick the saber behind Putin's back...... Look quite dangerous to me, can you trust any Turk? Just kidding :-)

Tacu said...

"@Honk:> Putin did not announce a major change in the status of the Ruble, no "golden Ruble" for example.

Which would the most stupid thing to do if he is still in the process of acquiring more gold.

Very good point, you are 100% correct."

No, I am afraid he isn't, at least not 100%. Be sure, Putin's gold buys have not gone unnoticed, he's not going to surprise the Empire/Banksters with them, and by the way China (and to a lesser extent India) have been doing that for years.
The Empire has a countermeasure ready: coerce gold buyers into not using it. The attitude during the Swiss gold referendum was adamant. Then there is plan B. The idea is: if you just want to put your barbarous relic at stakes, we shall be buying it back at the price we decide (they say "Gold is a commodity, and it has an internationally fixed price"). Or maybe we can buy your gold-backed rubles/yuans at the current exchange rate in return for our worthless greenbacks. If you don't agree you'll just be cut out from our markets (China sells goods, Russia energy, they need the markets). They can cope trading with each other but it's still to be seen whether it will be enough. At least the Empire thinks it will not.

Tacu said...

"@Honk:> Putin did not announce a major change in the status of the Ruble, no "golden Ruble" for example.

Which would the most stupid thing to do if he is still in the process of acquiring more gold.

Very good point, you are 100% correct."

No, I am afraid he isn't, at least not 100%. Be sure, Putin's gold buys have not gone unnoticed, he's not going to surprise the Empire/Banksters with them, and by the way China (and to a lesser extent India) have been doing that for years.
The Empire has a countermeasure ready: coerce gold buyers into not using it. The attitude during the Swiss gold referendum was adamant. Then there is plan B. The idea is: if you just want to put your barbarous relic at stakes, we shall be buying it back at the price we decide (they say "Gold is a commodity, and it has an internationally fixed price"). Or maybe we can buy your gold-backed rubles/yuans at the current exchange rate in return for our worthless greenbacks. If you don't agree you'll just be cut out from our markets (China sells goods, Russia energy, they need the markets). They can cope trading with each other but it's still to be seen whether it will be enough. At least the Empire thinks it will not.

Anonymous said...

Baboo here,

Totally agree with the article's sentiment. Time for Putin up or shutin up!

Anonymous said...

[from Blue]

I would have loved to hear the itnerview with Khazan and Federov, but when I went it for all I could understand they might as well have been speaking Russian.

As for Putin, it's not a good idea to draw and aim a gun unless it's loaded. Seems to me that if yu want to guess what he will do, listen to what he says and then look some place else (where is loading and laying groundwork). I can't say I found his speech too terrible though -- but he was speaking largely in generalities about some of the critical issues. Whether he would like to go socialist or not, he can't do it now, or yet, but has to let some things 'sneak' in -- call them what you will. I'd say the neocons found his speech to outrageously support socialism, or communism, by their measures. I'd rather watch what he does than hear what he says.

For gold -- there is too little of it to actually back a currency, although it can bolster exchange rates and other national financial instruments, and confidence.
We have to have fiat currency, but solid fiat, based on production and real wealth. It's like you have to have laws and lawyers, but lawyers have to be honest and the laws and judges must be good and honest, and obeyed rather than ignored. It's similar with banks.

The thing with socialism and some form of communism is they are practical and pragmatic, and so is Putin. His biggest problem is still dealing with a very powerful fifth column, and it requires finesse.


Alien Tech said...

bob kay , what you are saying is that the next generation of indians would be the richest people on the planet... Considering there is over 22000 tons of gold held by individuals in india even if the government only holds 250 tons.. They are still trying to make people NOT buy Gold by taxing the hell out of it as well as making it almost impossible to import the metal into the country. When you see people smuggling Gold from Pakistan to India, you know they have a problem.. China only has just over 12000 tons of gold or so.. The GLD fund used to hold the largest amount of Gold before most of it got shipped to China so americans now hold just paper no matter what the huge print says.

sasy said...

The CB and all that it means is the major threat. But dismantling the current system in one fell swoop, with no back-up mechanism, may be equivalent to default, perhaps with the outcome of last time round if for no other reason than trust (or, to be more precise, intelligibility) breaks down (with perhaps a ricochet effect on the nascent BRICS and Eurasian free trade area). I peronally think something like a two-tier currency system is required (perhaps a gold backed rouble2 for all affairs with State involvement acting as stabilizer and bridge to a post-Bretton Woods economic order). Ingrian (08 December 21:44) is right. These are things you don't announce - you just do them. Over and above Putin's vision and intentions, is it within his constitutional reach to, say. abolosh the CB? Anyway, I'm as scared as Saker.

Anonymous said...

"Russian central bank is part of the BIS Basel system,which means in true reality that it is owned by Rotschild banksters.
This is not conspiracy theory it is a fact.All 'independent so called' central banks are."

Dude, go read some serious sources (like for example laws relevant to the central banking) and stop parroting nonsense.

The whole "Rothschild ownz the world" is a bunch of stupid propaganda.

The banks are fully owned by the countries. The FED is owned by the congress and could be ended tomorrow if the congress wanted it so. The british central bank was nationalized in the 90's. And so on, NONE of them belongs to any "Rothschilds" or any such nonsense.

[Ron: Bullshit! Rothschilds et all OWN the governments that own the Central banks.].

That's what the Big Brother wants you to believe, so you don't go after the real criminals - your government minions and their real owners - big industry, big oil, old aristocracy etc. They have the easy explanation for dummies, "it was teh bankzterzzzz, we are helpless victims, yadda yadda".

[Ron: This is a typical lying hasbara! It IS the FKN banks and it Is the Techma (Jews) who control them.].

No bank could exist if the state doesn't allow it. And noone fwcks the state, it's ALWAYS the opposite.

[Ron: Got that Pilgrims?! This shill wants you to believe that "noone fwcks" the US, UK, German and EU governments ETC, "it's ALWAYS the opposite."  Sooo, the US Inc and the US Congress control and run the US, YEAH RIGHT!!!.].

Anonymous said...

"Russian central bank is part of the BIS Basel system,which means in true reality that it is owned by Rotschild banksters.
This is not conspiracy theory it is a fact.All 'independent so called' central banks are."

Dude, go read some serious sources (like for example laws relevant to the central banking) and stop parroting nonsense.

The whole "Rothschild ownz the world" is a bunch of stupid propaganda.

The banks are fully owned by the countries. The FED is owned by the congress and could be ended tomorrow if the congress wanted it so. The british central bank was nationalized in the 90's. And so on, NONE of them belongs to any "Rothschilds" or any such nonsense.

That's what the Big Brother wants you to believe, so you don't go after the real criminals - your government minions and their real owners - big industry, big oil, old aristocracy etc. They have the easy explanation for dummies, "it was teh bankzterzzzz, we are helpless victims, yadda yadda".

No bank could exist if the state doesn't allow it. And noone fwcks the state, it's ALWAYS the opposite. [RON: Stupid HASBARA, SEE ABOVE.].

Alien Tech said...

Stavros H a couple of years ago the Indian rupee collapsed more than 50% and went from 43:1 to 69:1.. it has been stable now around 61:1 even with the dollar rising like it has. So that aloen shows that they take down currencies of countries not towing the line one by one. I seen them do this to at least a dozen of them. If they all drop or rise then we can understand it is a market that is doing it but when you see single countries and nothing to suggest such massive problems, thats done to send a message.. In this case it was India blocking the food package for tariff free import to india for US food items. Now who would want to pay rs50 for an apple when a whole meal costs that much is not the question.. But why the US would want to under price the very small farmers out of their livelihood.. Or allow the government to stockpile food for emergencies by buying excess food directly from the farmers. In the last decade the RS has dropped from 30:1 to now 60:1.. but it took almost 10 years to move from 30 to 45.. But less than 6 months for 45 to 70.. I think the Ruble will do a similar thing until they find it costs too much to make it weaker.. If Russians have a hard time buying ipads without selling a lung, well tough.. I think they should do the Venezuela where they keep it stable and suddenly overnight devalue it 25%,

sonyarus said...

This is one of the best discussions I have read on Saker. Very, very interesting. It is a privilege to be part of it.

Thank you Saker and Saker community.

Anonymous said...

@ Stavros h.: China was completely built by US investments and is basically owned by the US.

The US investments in China were over $15 Trillion as of few years ago, nowadays probably even more.

So far the hard facts. The rest of your post is irrelevant nonsense, thus not worth the effort, sorry.[Ron: Hasbara.].

Paul II said...

So how could Putin and his allies get someone like Glazyev or Khazin to head the Central Bank? Would that be sufficient, or are more changes required?

Pampita said...

You're completely off the mark on this one, Saker.
Putin is buying enormous quantities of gold and pushing for a juge dedollarization. It's an evolution that will kill part of the US might. But it takes time and doesn't need hurray declarations.

Anonymous said...

Then this is the point, Saker. Whitout theorie revolucionarie there are not action revolucionarie. At Brazil workers party is a social democratic party, once at power they give sequence to neoliberal economics a lot.
Putin is better, but like Lula or Dilma can no stay at required level.
We and the world need a good, articulate and truly communist party.

Anonymous said...

I have every faith in Putin, and that he is aware of all factors at play. and I agree, there is an element of "waiting game" involved.

There's a saying, "He who laughs last, laughs best" I'm betting on Putin.

As an aside, somebody recently posted here that there is a problem with payment to the mercenary fighters for Kiev. That there are American fighters among them, that there are rumblings among them, and that it is very possible that these mercenaries may turn on those who were supposed to pay them.

S... I reckoned that the Canadian military police were brought in to protect the oligarchs. But I also thought about this a bit more.

If this is the case, that mercenaries have not been paid and are getting antsey, this may also explain Poroshenko's sudden interest in a ceasefire. He may not be able to afford them anymore. Heck, they could even turn on Kiev. My understanding is that there are not many Ukranians willing to fight anymore, that it is predominantly mercenaries now. Can anyone confirm this?


sasy said...

Judging from a Foreign Policy article on Sweden's feminist foreign policy, as reported on here,

I reckon if Russia and the West are engaged in a race to the bottom, the West has already won that race hands down!

bob kay said...

Stavros H. said, "Just imagine how useful those $100bln would be for the Russian Armed forces and for Russian businesses and general welfare. This is only one of several examples of how liberal currency policy has been harming Russia for decades now." [Ron: IF Russia has the manpower and materials the government should CREATE the money instead of waiting for banksters to do it.]. should

You are an alarmist! One hundred billion is nothing compared to the trillions of barrels of light sweet crude in the earth of Mother Russia. It is Vladimir Putin's historic role to assist the end of the Empire of the Dollar($IMFS) without thermonuclear war, chaos, or closed systems inhibiting world trade.

Ann said, "Saker, I'm glad you are wanting action. I agree. I hope Putin has this up his sleeve and has the right guys on his side."

What action? The Central Bank of Russia maintains stability of the currency and international convertibility in the last days of the $IMFS. The structural support for the dollar empire is being withdrawn and collapse is inevitable. The one hundred billion decline of the rouble is the short term cost of avoiding war and chaos. The IMF will end when the USD ceases its international imperial function and Central Banks around the world will be freed to emit honest money.

It is not action, but patience and prudence which are needed in the perilous transition from the imperial monetary one world system, to a multi-polar world system of fiat currency blocks. London and New York will lose their privilege of buying whatever they want to fund wars, police, and free stuff to control the masses with pieces of paper. Vladimir Putin must avoid the trap of reactive violence or precipitous action against the USD. Without the $IMFS the Anglo-Zionist Empire is finished! The world only pays a little more to insure the death of the dollar is relatively peaceful. The great reset is what we are living through, but this will only be apparent in retrospect. Soon the era of imperial war is is already over militarily and now weaponized finance is failing. Time will solve this problem, not re(action).

Anonymous said...

Part 1 of 2

"except for what was not said"

What is not said gives others the opportunity to fill the voids/silences with their own pre-judgements, expectations, prejudices.

It is also an invitation to focus on details and limit strategic vision/opportunities.

Some of these prejudices oftentimes promulgated in this blog are that Russia does not effectively have a collective leadership and an active base supporting this collective leadership - I'm not restricting this to votes or opinion polls.

A hammer tends to see nails, and a monarchist tends to see monarchs.

Another significant lacuna is based on limited historical knowledge so that the opposition, its geneses and its relative strengths/weaknesses/opportunities/threats, to use a tool much beloved by the opponents, are not thoroughly assessed.

Perceived opposition to economic restructuring in the Soviet Union/Russia was dangerous from inception, including its definition - the initial Bolsheviks in their mapping seeing dissenters as enemies of the people, and was "handled" in different ways at different periods.

This "handling" included but was not necessarily restricted to starting in early 1918 by the initial gulag followed by NEP, then collectivisation, the Dalstroi trust/Gulag - forced labour, labour passports, internal passports, and propiskas, through the Krushchev "reforms", the reaction of the red experts and associates from 1956 - the Brezhnev/Kosygan accomodation, the restructuring efforts under the "roof" of Mr. Andropov and associates, then Mr. Gorbachov and associates.

Good strategists do not restrict their vision to a small number of strategies, and as a consequence of his many errors including 1956, 1968 etc, and ability to learn from them eventually, Mr. Andropov and associates were good strategist hence the "roof".

The efforts under the "roof" of Mr. Andropov and associates were not restricted to strategies normally associated with Mr. Gorbachov and associates.

Some even posit that Mr. Andropov was Mr. Gorbachov's godfather as they both came from Stavropolsky oblast, thereby muddying the waters.

These "handlings" took place in an interactive dynamic environment where none had sole agency, although opponents were often led to think that had so.

Continuing with the seeking of monarchs, since "advisors to Mr. Putin" are not defined this gives others the opportunity to fill the voids/silences with their own pre-judgements, expectations, prejudices, including not thoroughly assessing relative significance.

Mr. Khazin and others are entitled to their opinion.

However an English saying should be borne in mind -

Those who can do, those who can't teach.

Anonymous said...

Part 2 of 2

"except for what was not said"

The "Washington concensus" was never consensual, nor as Russian history from 1991 shows significantly implemented in Russia, partly as a consequence of the Yeltsin/Zhirinovsky then Yeltsin/Zuganov roadshows - none of those cited being as they are oftentimes represented.

The removal of Harvard University as prime contractor for USAID projects in Russia including Mr. Sachs following the 1994 Senate Foreign Relation studies was precisely because it was recognised that the "Washington concensus" was not vigorously or even in significant part being implemented.

Amongst other aspects the 1998 Russian banking crisis/default was a "disappearance" of the "investments" the US had made; significantly more than the cake lady's USD 5 billion.

Another tendency in this blog is the notion of categorical imperatives - the "must do's", attempting to restrict strategic opportunities and leading to subsequent surprises.

A further tendency in this blog is to conflate the juridical with the actual and hence put forward undefined notions such as "in power".

Throughout recent history Mr. Putin and associates have understood that their most dangerous opponents were/are themselves, and that is part of the reason Mr. Putin was in a position to make the speech you reference.

The above has been trailed in the blog but normally under the banner of Anonymous which some apparently do not read as a consequence of various pre-judgements..

Amongst other aspects in times of full bladders it is only good manners to offer a place to take a leak.

Anonymous said...

Sheep who think they are sharks often end as shashlik.

Anonymous said...

"I love Dvorak's slavic dances. I will dance to them not when threats are made, but when action is taken."

Perhaps it is a function of experience, but especially when done conciously inaction is a form of action.

However action/inaction is a false binary better avoided.

A dance is often an action capable of observation, and music a setter of "moods".

Joat said...

'Rouble Nationalization' by Nikolay Starikov explains the problems of the national currency and historical foundation of the RF.

In the Gorbachev & Yeltsin years the US 'economic advisers' wrote the legislation and setup a deal very beneficial to America.

For roubles to be created,the RCB must hold dollars......but(!!!) at a rate of 30:1,to issue 3,000 roubles the RCB must hold 100 dollars...this is monstrous!... without a massive majority in the State Duma the goverment cannot even change the workings/personel at the bank.

Proposed changes must be submitted to the bank for it's approval(!!).

Russia has real wealth but is being ripped off having a permanent 'internal exchange rate mechanism' imposed upon it by the most indebted nation in the worlds history.

The gold aspect:

China,Australia,Russia and the US are the top miners and neither Russia nor China allows gold to leave their respective countries. The RCB & PBOC buy gold on the world markets.

Koos Jansen over @ does excellent research,and posts regularly.

World mine supply ex Russia & China is appx 2,600 tons per year, last year China overtook India with the Shanghai Gold Exchange delivering 2,197 tons,the BRICS, Turkey & Iran understand gold.

This is real metal,not the paper gold contracts that are gamed on the Comex exchange,likewise India and China love Silver,always have, the British and US scam to de-monetize silver caused terrible suffering in India and China, stealing the Indian silver Rupee and giving the people paper Rupees that had little purchasing power.

Koos Jansen publishes figures for Silver also,with import restrictions on gold,the people imported 7,000 tons of Silver.


Bosnian Croat said...


"Does that mean that Putin is hesitant, weak or confused?"

My Answer and opinion:

No, I don't think that Putin is hesitant, but I think that Khazin suffers from paranoia and hi sees enemies and foreign agents everywhere.
And it is very dangerous way of thinking.

Russia must get rid of oil dependency, must develop small business and that is exactly what Putin said.
To achieve this, Russian government must release economy and small business from too much administrative and bureaucratic chains.
And this is quickest way to decrease oil dependency, which is really at the same time strength but also weak point of Russia, as we can see now.

Yes, Russia must create parallel economic system, but it is very hard task and cannot be achieved in a short term.

Russia must endure because this is struggle for survive. West and USA want to destroy Russia and they will not stop. Actually everything is same as before, but now USA political elite go without mask and without gloves.

Wikispooks said...

Watching that Sergei Glaziev piece (from about half way through) has me worried that Putin has a mammoth task ahead of him and he is leaving things very late.

Anonymous said...

A seriously good article from Information Clearing House. Putin is dealing with so much and it is not for us to second guess him. Patience.

Grandmaster Putin's Golden Trap

By Dmitry Kalinichenko

read more:


Wim Roffel said...

Saker, imagine that Putin did what you want: the Western press would grab this to announce it as a return to communism and a rejection of capitalism. The result would be a hurried capital flight by all of Russia's oligarchs. The US would be very pleased as it would greatly help its economic warfare.

If Putin takes action the accent will very likely be on low level below the radar actions. Very likely the results will only become visible after some time.

Anonymous said...

Putin doesnt want to decouple because that is what the americans want, they want a return to cold war, thats comfortable for the US, they all want to live in the past (even if they cant make their mind up whether Putin is a 'nazi' or 'commie' .. totally laughable) The problem with america is that it WILL NOT change, it refuses to, as a combination of hubris/arrogance and fear. Putin still wants to court the west and EU .. everyone knows its only the US and their weak allies like non entities canada and autralia and UK that just go along with everything they say. The moment Putin decouples is the moemnt the US will start fighting in Ukraine again and then push for even more sanctions and also it will be the moment that Putin loses EU AND more importantly Germany. The Germans are a massive part of silk roads from china/russia, and a 'resurgent' US vs Russia 'ideological battle' will really end this, which of course it also what the americans want. They want Russia isolated and Putin doesnt and I think quite rightly .. many nations sympathetic to Russia/Putin will cave in to US pressure completely if Putin opts out of the current model at THIS moment. I dont know what his long range plan might be but WHEN he opts out he needs to do it from as strong a position as possible ans to inflict maximum damage on the US economy if this is at all possible.

sasy said...

@Penelope 02:08

This link shows a Ukrainian general who explains in a video (naming many names) the CIA, Masonry, Zionist takeover of the country. People with better knowledge will be able to date the intervew best but I think it comes from just before Maidan.

Martin Bochnig said...

Euromaidan-2? Central Ukraine region braces for new protest, demands regional council resign

After 5000 locals protested on Saturday, on Monday somebody sent the murderous Aidar Batalion there.
I'm extremely shocked and pray for my friend there(((((
There are many good people, they were simply believing western propaganda all the time (and never could believe me). Same as myself until 1989. They are in huge danger :( It is a tragedy, if it goes worse

Anonymous said...

There's too much overestimating of the power of American Financiers.

Like prior to 1940, Battleships were supposed to be an unsinkable, indefeatable foe, except by similarly large battleships. The reality proved quite different.

Let's recall that many American multinationals, from McDonald's to Walmart, depend on discretionary income at home and expanding franchises/locations abroad. These are some of the wealthiest, most powerful multinationals in the world, and control an immense amount of political patronage.

They won't let Citigroup or Goldman-Sachs destroy their own source of wealth.

This is not because of patriotism or a sense of kindness, but because of their own self-interest.

Martin Bochnig said...

I must say, I (as a Soviet-East-German)really loved that western part of Ukraine. It is a big chunk of my heart. It was such a peaceful happy place full of joy and smiling families. Poor yes - but in dignity and full of spirit. The only thing I didn't like was the blind belief in "the good friend WEST, USA, EU". And the frequent complaining how "poor they were" and how "good and democratic and magicthe West" in their dream-view was. They hated the Soviet Union and never believed me. My relationship broke from that distortion. And they hated it, when I told them how much I love Ukraine _because_ I admire Russia. This only as side-info: They (most of the normal civilians) ARE NOT our enemies. Only a bit naive and maybe slow. May God save them!!!

Erika said...


The Reform package for Ukraine by its newly installed "US" government is out. Information is below.

Erika said...

German version to the new Ukraine reform bill

Anonymous said...

Hello, Saker ...
Remember that even the longest journey begins with one step, and step by step it pursues the goal.
Like me and a growing number of people, you would like to see the point victory against supremacist system. However, the road will be long and painful. Let the forces of anti-systems go on their own speed and not remember that we are on the wire of Occam, a single misstep .... and this is the end, my friend, is the very end.

François french citizen

Anonymous said...

Hello, Saker ...
Remember that even the longest journey begins with one step, and step by step it pursues the goal.
Like me and a growing number of people, you would like to see the point victory against supremacist system. However, the road will be long and painful. Let the forces of anti-systems go on their own speed and not remember that we are on the wire of Occam, a single misstep .... and this is the end, my friend, is the very end.

François french citizen

MK Ngoyo said...

Calm down Saker. Putin knows what he is doing. The man is a master strategist who outclasses all of us here!
My take is that Russia is faced with a powerful and dangerous external attack. That is the worst time to embark on a dicey & divisive frontal attack on powerful internal enemies.

Besides time is on Putin's side in the internal conflict. The more the west attacks Russia, the more discredited its Russian allies become. Like rotten fruit, they will eventually just fall from the tree.

This strategy means trouble for the Russian economy. But so does an all out frontal confrontation.

Proftel said...

Calm, calm, very calm ...
Putin is correct.
BRICS are preparing another kind of multilateral trade probably not "derivatives" and other crazy things invented by the Banksters.
The economy can not stop, Putin can not simply leave the current system and wait for the next one set.
What happens at the moment is how you try to jump from a moving truck to another moving truck.
Both are going the same way, when the BRICS jump to the next truck will be the thing interesting.

Stratediplo said...

Russia cannot establish free convertibility of the rouble into gold before the price of gold is back to normal, otherwise its limited reserves would be overnight pillaged and flushed away by a mountain of freshly printed dollars (changing first dollars into roubles and then roubles into gold). The USA have an unlimited printing capacity that Soros didn't have between September 1992, when he destroyed the British pound, and August 1993, when he destroyed the European Monetary System. Russia has neither the metallic capacity, nor the commercial power or the political liberty to trigger the end of the dollar. It is China, as soon as it cannot get any more metal for its dollars, that will decide the end of the dollar (by simply refusing it as a mean of payment), and only then will Russia (and other countries) be able to safely back its currency with gold; a real market-evaluated gold, of which all the dollars in the world will not be able to buy much... contrarily to today.

Sharon said...

Anonymous 00:34

"Can anybody show a video where Putin is peaking Chinese?"

President Putin is now learning Chinese so you may see a video in the future. :-)

As far as Putin yakking about RF being European two years ago, I doubt he really cares about that today.

kimikytaravel said...

I don't think Serdyukov was all that bad and that is the reason why Putin waited so long to remove him. I honestly think that the man did a lot of very good work for Russia. This witch hunt reminded me slightly of Strauss Khan scandal. Organized and exploited human weakness, same as with Serdyukov and his secretary I believe..

ME Janssen said...

Putin is in a tough middle place, trying to untangle the Gordian knot of finance without just cutting it into bits. That would be quicker, to be sure, but I think he is trying to save bits of the old system and use them in the new system. The old era of central banks is coming to a close, but it would be nice to minimize chaos in the interim.

Amerikanski said...

Being neither Orthodox, nor Slavic (at least to the extent anyone can be certain of one's grandfathers), and a citizen of the US born and bred, I have a different perspective on the discussed events than The Saker (Turul says "Hi").

The significant event this week for me is the letter of agreement between Turkey and Russia and the political impact. Of special note is that Putin announced the agreement with a criticism of Bulgaria being neither sovereign nor independent. Later Putin phoned Orban and Nikolic (implying Hungary and Serbia are acting sovereign and independent), but snubbed Bulgaria. The impact on the Balkans of a possible political alignment of Turkey and Russia must be nightmarish for the paranoid there. It would be astonishing if Turkey let this opportunity pass.

So, from an East Central Europe view, the surrounding triangle of 'empires' are back in the game, Germanic, Russian, and Ottoman.

Now, it gets interesting, I think.

Anonymous said...

The path from opinion to testable hypothesis is a longest journey started with the first step as noted by Mr. Mao Tse Tung.

Anonymous said...

Bosnian Croat said...@ 09 December, 2014 12:44

" but now USA political elite go without mask and without gloves."

Perhaps a happy accident or Diet Moroz visited earlier than expected?


@Amerikanski:So, from an East Central Europe view, the surrounding triangle of 'empires' are back in the game, Germanic, Russian, and Ottoman.

I see why you say that but you are overlooking two key facts:

1)Unlike the USA, there is zero, I repeat *ZERO* desire of anybody in Russia (well, maybe less than 1% truly stupid or insane folks) to have another Russian Empire.

2) Russia did not create this situation. It was imposed upon Russia by the AngloZionists.

In other words, you comparison is very unfair, really.

Sorry :-(


The Saker

Anonymous said...

ME Janssen said...@ 09 December, 2014 16:24


Care to define the term?

Anonymous said...

The head of the Russian central bank is the half Jewish Elvira Nabiullina.

So, after all, Bakunin was right about Jews and the central bank.

If there ia a reason why Putin cannot win this war it is because he trusts Jews too much.

It is not the primitive anti-semitism, it is the fact of life.

Why is Roman Abramovich still free ? How much do you have to steal from the Russian people to get punished?

I thought that when Putin exiled Berezovsky and Gusinsky , and imprisoned Khodorkovsky, that he is on a right path. Why did he stop?

They are all the pawns of Rothschild family.

Perhaps Putin is scared. Perhaps he is a philo-semite, Perhaps he needs that China and India also take control of their central banks. Russia cannot winn this alone, after all.

If we are to stop Rothschilds we need absolute union of Russia, China and India, as the only three countries that really matter on the opposite side of Rothschild controled West

The Wend.

Paul II said...


Germans may not want a German Empire controlling Eastern Europe and helping in the breaking up of Russia, either. For that matter, did Europeans like their empires in the past? But a South American looking at the struggle for control of Eastern Europe could easily feel that it is another battle between Germany and Russia for influence.

Martin Bochnig said...

Western Ukraine:
Beautiful East-slavic girls that wear clothes worth 1000 $
Orthodox X-mas and Eastern
Holy water from the village
Borscht soup and Pirogga
Kwas drink
Moskvich, Lada and new BMW's
Speak Russian most of the time (not that funny dialect)


Beautiful East-slavic girls that wear clothes worth 1000 $
Orthodox X-mas and Eastern
Holy water from the village
Borscht soup and Pirogga
Kwas drink
Moskvich, Lada and new BMW's
Speak Russian most of the time (not that funny dialect)

What's the difference that enables anybody to distinguish them (I always asked them) ??

Admittedly there is a one difference: Russians were brought up with Love. Ukrainians were saturated with HATE (by Zionist western TV, cinema and Porky sponsored yearly "Day of Europe" and his candy factory Rochen's Pro-EU fireworks in Vinnitsa. But what else??

Malcolm Donald said...

Putin is waiting for the Russian people to come out onto the streets and give their voice to purge the atlanticists.


@Paul II:Germans may not want a German Empire controlling Eastern Europe and helping in the breaking up of Russia, either.

Good. Because there is no German Empire. There is a Germany colony in the US Empire which still has plenty of support in the USA itself, if not actively politically, then passively culturally.

For that matter, did Europeans like their empires in the past?

Yes, they loved it.


The Saker

Martin Bochnig said...

"""""VINEYARDSAKER: said...

@Paul II:Germans may not want a German Empire controlling Eastern Europe and helping in the breaking up of Russia, either.

Sahra Wagenknecht: Frau Merkel als Vasall des Plans von "Brzezinski" - USA die einzige Weltmacht!

Good. Because there is no German Empire. There is a Germany colony in the US Empire which still has plenty of support in the USA itself, if not actively politically, then passively culturally."""""

Hi Saker,

while there are _some_ few such idiots, a clear _majority_ of germans does definitely _not_ want any bad relations with Russia at all.

Don't fall into the trap to read western MSM and to believe a single word. WE HAVE NO SAY HERE. TV and newspapers are lying "without gloves". And more and more folks begin to notice this. But what can we do? Thousands and thousands of peace activists go to the streets Monday after Monday, and yet: MSM claims all this is nothing more than antisemite Nazis and right-wing extremists.

german citizens have always been sluggish and lazy, but even as they are slowly waking up: Either MSM don't report at all, or distort it until it serves the opposite points.

Jürgen Elsässer - Montagsdemo ERFURT 26.Mai

About western media manipulation:

Martin Bochnig said...

Oops: Erroneously I had pasted the following link into your text that I quoted.

Here again, btw. and example that not all Jews are Zionists (just like not all Zionists are Jews) :

Sahra Wagenknecht: Frau Merkel als Vasall des Plans von "Brzezinski" - USA die einzige Weltmacht!

Amerikanski said...

The Saker: "1)Unlike the USA, there is zero, I repeat *ZERO* desire of anybody in Russia (well, maybe less than 1% truly stupid or insane folks) to have another Russian Empire."

I put 'empires' in quotes to indicate it was not meant literally. Historically, Russia has had little to do with this region which is the old Austro-Hungarian Empire.

'Empire' I use to refer to nations whose relative power is massive compared to that of the small nations adjacent to them. They once were empires in the political sense, if not today. I haven't a satisfactory alternative word.

"2) Russia did not create this situation. It was imposed upon Russia by the AngloZionists."

Yes, this seems to be the case, and for Europe as a whole, too. Europe still hasn't come to terms with the existence of the USA, integrating it into its (or their) "worldview".

I don't understand why Anglos...gentiles find Zion so attractive. I can understand Israel, a nation-state. I can understand the Jews as a people. But I don't understand gentile Zionists...except perhaps as opportunists.


@Amerikanski:Russia has had little to do with this region which is the old Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Well, to be honest there were Tsars with imperial ambitions: Peter I, Nicholas I. But they were the exception, not the rule. Soviet leaders were imperialists ideologically (Marxist world revolution) but pragmatically they were much more cautious, bordering on paranoia except for their paranoia was fully justified since the other Empires sure were out there to beat down and dismember the Soviet Union. There are some Russian ideologues with were pro-empire, for sure, including Dostoevsky and Solonevich, but I don't think that imperial ambitions have much tractions in Russia. At least by 2014 I would say that the overwhelming majority of Russians want Russia to be a prosperous and strong, but *NORMAL* country and that they would hate to be put in charge of an Empire again.

As for Russia's neighbors, they should realize that what Russia wants is to be surrounded by peaceful and prosperous countries to do business when, to visit for tourism and to have mutually beneficial relations with. All that talk about a "Russian threat" is utter nonsense.

My 2cts,

The Saker

Anonymous said...

Hello Saker,

Please, give Putin some slack ! Rome was not built in one day ! One thing at the time! Each and every one of us want him to act a certain way, believing we do hold the solution. Yet at the end Putin has always excelled our expectations. The last coup is the cancellation of South stream and the birth of the turk stream. Even the US did not see it coming. What a move ! Besides knocking out the EU, it brings mayhem to the NATO block. Meanwhile in Germany, Merkel is been called a traitor to german and european interests and some eurocrats understand now that Ukraine is the Danaid's barrel. Contrary to us, Putin sees the whole picture. Remember, he is a ex- KGB officer, a chess player and a 8 dan judoka ! Instead of cursing him, we should pray for him before going to sleep so he follows the right direction to put this evil down.

Amerikanski said...

By "Germanic", I did not mean -- or only mean -- today's Germany. There was more than one Germanic empire. Today, there is no German empire, although, the EU I believe will not survive unless the Germans (in today's Germany) accept their hegemonic position in the EU.

A few months ago I was reading an EU website which had a forum. The question under discussion was "What does being a European mean to you".

The majority of the comments were similar to this: I'm an Italian European, a German European.

I posted a comment asking what was the language of this European identity, this new ethnicity, and why are you all posting in English? What is a "culture", "values", and a "people" without their own language to express these beliefs and sentiments?

No responses. The discussion died. Although, while I was writing a Hungarian posted in could have been, as well, a Romanian or a
Slovak...anyone, posting in their birth-language, and simultaneously making my point.

It seems the western Europeans, and the Germanic people, have offshored their language needs of their new ethnicity.

Here's food for thought regarding the EU.

In the last half of the 19th century in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Hungary and, in a curious way, Croatia were independent kingdoms, sovereign nations...except they couldn't have control their currency, could not have a foreign policy, and could not compete in international commerce with the Empire. Sound familiar?

Malcolm Donald said...

I think you will find that Putin knows exactly what he is doing. Just putting into action the programme he outlined to the nation in his recent address.

Joat said...

Pertinent to earlier links and comments vis-a-vis gold:

Vested interests,talk the book,or promote the blog,concerning a gold standard or gold exchange standard.

Under a gold standard bankers keep the gold,we get paper debt via loans and mortgages.

This system is only possible while there are new countries to rape and pillage,aka growth by Empire.

The gold exchange standard existed as a state monetary system which ended....but..we still have a gold exchange system,however instead of the state redeeming paper obligations,we use bullion dealers to buy coin,or bar, with the fiat paper currency which is only an IOU which has been reneged upon many times.

A final point that I made recently in another post on this blog..

So called gold bugs always talk in terms of ounces held.
Historically many countries used small coins e.g. Solidus,Dinar,or the silver Dinarius,Dirham.

If one gets a surplus of fiat one can buy a British gold sovereign @ 7 grams(around 910/1000 fine)they are available free of delivery cost locally at appx 200 GBP now.

Available in 1/4,1/2 sizes,at a premium of course & 1/2oz,1oz in silver are also available.

This is a perfectly effective gold/silver exchange standard,the Chinese & Indians know it,Russians needs to wake up(!!),if they have disposible income spend in fiat & save in the precious metals.

Caveat Emptor!.

bob kay said...

Alien Tech said, "bob kay , what you are saying is that the next generation of indians would be the richest people on the planet... Considering there is over 22000 tons of gold held by individuals in india"

India has a bright future. Millions of third world nobodies will be able to afford education, medical care, and food for their children. They understand gold is inter-generational wealth, which survives famine, revolution, and theft by government manipulation of the unit of account. Fiat currency has tremendous value as the means of transaction and the measure of value. These money functions are short term and necessary for an economy to function. However, savings of individuals or nations must have a wealth reserve which cannot be easily created or manipulated. Gold serves this function very well in India and now more in China. Value will flow from those who save in UDS denominated paper to those poor Indians who save in grams of gold.

know the truth said...

I wouldnt worry too much about president Putin. I believe his choices are being guided by what native Americans call the Great Spirit and will continue to be, by the way it might come as a surprise to many that native Americans are related to Russians going back centuries. I remember there was an article in the Telegraph newspaper I think about it a while back.
The poodle of the empire is due any minute now in Turkey no doubt to try and cajole or threaten Erdogan out of the pipeline deal with Russia. The empire doesnt want to appear to be involved so it sends UK prime minister Cameron instead to have a word with Erdogan.
Of particular interest to me was the part of president Putins speech where he said that the ABM defence in Europe was dangerous for the US itself, because "it conveys a false sense of invulnerability" to the US. Say no more.

Stavros H said...

Part I:

Dear Saker and friends,

It really boggles my mind when people start questioning the Chinese economic miracle of the past three decades or so.

The arguments put forth by the China naysayers can be divided into two broad categories: a) Left-wing dogmatism. b) Libertarian or western dogmatism.

Let me begin with the arguments of the leftists against China and her biblical economic progress:

a) The Chinese proletariat are getting paid very little and ruthlessly exploited for this growth to be possible.

b) There is massive inequality in Chinese society.

c) The miracle is going to run out of steam any moment (have been reading this from leftists for more than a decade now)

d) China is fully dependent on foreign (mainly US inward investment) and exports to the rich world.

The brief replies to the above false arguments:

a) While it is true that the market system is always exploitative (initial socialism will also have to be exploitative by the way, how else are the surpluses for further investment going to be produced?) We have to be able to make a critical distinction here. The distinction between moralistic judgments over inequality, or the analytical critique of Marx of the capitalist system and the real world. Is the Chinese economic system exploitative? Definitely yes! Do we know of any other socio-economic arrangement that is not exploitative? Definitely not! The difference between the China of the last 35 years or so and any other country in the history of the planet however, is that China has managed a sustained and broad-based economic development at what has been neck-breaking pace. People forget that China was one of the ultra-poor countries of the planet (on a level with India and many African countries) a few decades back. People also forget than China is the most populous country on earth, which makes the task of development all the more grave and challenging. It is one thing for city-states-interntional ports-commercial centers like Hong Kong and Singapore to sustain rapid economic growth, and it is quite another for a country that has more people than North America, Europe, ex-USSR and Japan COMBINED!!! So yes, despite the exploitative nature of the Chinese economic system, the sacrifices of the Chinese people are not in vain. They have at least fostered progress that is simply unprecedented in the history of mankind, both in is pace and its extent.

b) There is massive inequality everywhere today unfortunately. Something that needs to change soon somehow, or Lenin will have the last laugh eventually.

c) Have been reading from both left-wing economists and liberal economists that the Chinese rate of growth is about to collapse any minute now. Claims like these have been circulating for decades now. They will eventually come true at some point in time, but I think you get my point.

Stavros H said...

Part II:

d) This is an exaggerated myth. China has always had its national champions who are growing by leaps and bounds in recent years. Sure there are many US, European, Japanese and Taiwanese corporations highly active in China but don't for a minute think that this gives anyone any kind of leverage over China. These foreign corporations have massive operations in China not out of tender feelings towards that country, but because it is absolutely essential to their survival to be there. China is now the 2nd largest consumer market on the planet (number one in several sectors and the fastest growing as well) and is also far and away the world's most dynamic industrial powerhouse. People seem to believe that the only thing that China has going for her is low wages. That is completely idiotic. As things stand now, most of the world's population lives in countries were wages are lower than in China (especially its eastern regions) If low wages were enough to foster turbo-charged development, then India would have performed similarly to China, let alone countries like Pakistan or even the African continent. China is still going strong because is the only economy on the planet that combines several factors in the same place:

a) Relatively wages vis a vis the West. b) Ability to produce massive quantities. c) Massive availability of suppliers. d) Speed at which things can be produced and delivered at certain specifications. e) Infrastructure able to support the necessary complimentary activities. f) A gigantic domestic market (with even more gigantic prospects) from which no one can afford to lose out from.
g) A government and corporations that keep their word (looking at you EU and US)
h) A country that is impervious to western pressure (at least in her domestic affairs) or the pressure of financial speculators. (What Russia should be aiming at)

Now let me have a brief look at some libertarian arguments put forth against China. Of course some of the lefty arguments overlap with those of the libertarians, so I shall not duplicate them here:

a) China is an autocracy (what they say about Russia as well) or even a Communist dictatorship.

b) The Chinese economy is about to enter a serious crisis (I know I mentioned this before, but it always appears on the MSM press for ages now. These people have been getting China wrong all the time since 1978 basically)

Stavros H said...

Part III:

c) China doesn't innovate. (Because they are an anti-individualistic communist dictatorship.

The brief replies:

a) If China is an autocracy, and India or Ukraine, or Georgia are democracies (as the western MSM like to claim) then give me "autocracy" every day of the week.

b) Let me provide a link in reply to this persistent inanity:

c) Another link here:

To return to a previous crucial point. The western corporations present in China have precisely zero leverage over its government.
The Chinese have recently been clearly demonstrating this by fining virtually all foreign car manufacturers in China quite hefty sums (Italian, Japanese, German, American you name it) Anyone that tells you that Chinese operations can be replaced by someone else, or that foreign multinationals can simply pull out, needs their heads checked. Like I said before, no other economy on the planet can ever dream to match China on a grand variety of variables (quantity, speed, suppliers, infrastructure)

I will leave you with some telling statistics on Chinese economic power:

a) China is producing more automobiles than the US and Japan, COMBINED. In the year 2000, China was producing less than one tenth of what the other two did. In less than 13 years, China has surpassed them!!!

b) Between 2011 and 2013 China has consumed more concrete than the USA in the entire 20th century!

c) China is adding another India to the world economy every 2 years!

d) China overtook the USA as the world's top manufacturer back in 2010. American was numero uno since the early 1870s! The gap has only grown massively since then.

The gap has only grown massively since then.


f) China is responsible for 100% of global reduction of poverty on recent years.

g) Apple's entire supply chain is based in China.

The above article also dispels the persistent myth that China is still only a low wage sweatshop.

I can go with examples like this forever, but I advise anyone doubting the Chinese achievement, to actually look at some cold hard facts first.

Anonymous said...

[from Blue]

I had an important experience last night. There are wild kittens living in the gargage (I feed them), but one of them was in difficulty: a great mass of kitten poop had accumulated on here nether regions to the point where she could only waddle, was in great discomfort, and her normal functioning was impaired.
I brought her inside after she finally was tamed enough to allow it, and spent two hours with under under warm running water, and then got her dried off and warmed up before returning her th the garage.
This is reality. One must remain in contact with reality to understand the world and form judgements.

But much of the world is now composed of stories, and abstract narratives, ideology, myths, and strange theories. Retelling and changing -- or deconstructing the stories often change our reality. To say 'it's just a wild kitten', and ignore her would have changed my - and her -- reality. Yet, it's important to understand what is real so as to act properly.

I shall tell some stories:
Gold is of real value and our economy is based on it.
Bad story: you can't eat gold. The mythical 'value' of all these things depends on the stories.

Russia has found an incredibly vast deposit of gold in the thawing tundra (or on it's secret base on Mars). (As verifiable as the gold said to be in Fort Knox). Russia can switch to a gold standard any time and be fabulously wealthy.

The US is about to take over the world. Russia (or China, or Israel, or ?) is about to take over the world.

The kitten cares nothing about these things -- she is happy to be able to walk normally again.

What story do you want to tell or believe? Everything here is story -- it's a blog. Posters compete and discuss to advance one story or another as being 'real'. Putin's speech is story. Perhaps largely real, or perhaps a move to change the reality by changing the memes and narrative, and peoples' beliefs. Some mixture.

There are children in the US who are hungry, and people in Donbas who have been killed and maimed. All because of strange stories and myths about gold and money, and telling stories.

It's is very difficult for me to sort it all out, and evaluate the stories. Today my thoughts return to the kitten, and that it was a good and moral thing for me to have cleaned her up, and that that was real -- no story involved.

I can hope that Putin can clean up the rear end of the empire and world, so it doesn't waddle, or stink so much, or die of the congestion. I hope he can destroy the myths and propaganda, and we can all get back to reality.


Anonymous said...

To Anonymous said...

[from Blue]

Indeed, what we take as the real world is purely a mythical construction. That is what religion, institutions, scientific or otherwise paradigms, and economics, as built on ascribing value to some idea of object, is about. Can we do without them? naturally not, but we may come to learn to construe myths in terms of fairness rather than on abstractions, empathy rather than denial of the other and of ourselves. This would be a new reality, and a vital one, for that matter.

Stavros H said...

@ anon Mongoose

This is a great link. Thank you very much.

elsi said...

@Anonymous said at 09 December, 2014 11:53,

Friend senior strategist,

Oh, please, do not be angry with us, we are amateurs and very ignorant, at least for my turn.

I see you develop a little some points you pointed in the other thread, but very little. For my part, you know I'm willing to learn, although my time is limited.
I did not understand very well what you were saying me at the end about "off-fishing"... is it possible that you are disappointed with my researching results, and you give me as hopeless case?.... Will you not give me more bait for fishing?
I defend myself well in the sea, dad was a sailor....

If you still want to teach me, I can think of some questions, but only do this (I must have dinner and go to bed soon):

For example, as the "roof" of Andropov .. what do you mean with "roof"? May be as a "protective platform/group"? A group of people trying lateral strategies to structural changes?
I must understand that this "roof" works long, start long ago and so it is a slow process and that goes on even when Andropov is no longer with us?

We tend to see Comrade Vladímir Vladímirovich as a solitary being, but precisely because the so convoluted Russian political landscape. It gives the feeling that no one can trust anyone but himself .... It must be very stressful to govern in such environment, although I understand that Comrade Vladimir Vladimirovich is trained to not get stressed....
We trust him, do not worry....

We are just ordinary people trying to understand and learn.

Be patient with us Mr. Professor!

Uvidimsya zavtra!

Anonymous said...

[from Blue]

Reality is often nasty stuff, and we use stories to try to live with it -- or escape from it.

I just went out to feed the kittens. I was too late with the little one I cleaned up -- she died, laying on the garage floor. Maybe she let me pick her up and bring her inside because she was so sick. I'm pretty bummed out now.

Sometimes nothing you do helps. But we can at least try and keep our intentions straight, and be honest.


Poem to a Dead Kitten

Put the rubber mouse away,
Pick the spools up from the floor,
What was velvet shod, and gay,
Will not want them, any more.

What was warm, is strangely cold.
Whence dissolved the little breath?
How could this small body hold
So immense a thing as Death?

Sara Henderson Hay

Anonymous said...

It is easy to fall in love with Putin and declare him a hero because he is opposing the IMF and the World Bank. However, if Putin has his way, he will become America’s worst nightmare. Putin is under the control of the banksters at the highest level. The Bankers from Basel want World War III. Putin and Obama are merely pawns in the same scheme. What most of us do not realize is that there is the central banking cartel and then there are the people who really run finance on this planet. The central banks, such as the Federal Reserve, are merely mid-level managers which were created to serve a purpose. The coming conflict is about the preservation of central banking as an international element of control. The real power on this planet are above central banking and are pushing the world towards an eventual war of unification.
A subsequent World War III will wipe out all competing economies and out of chaos will come order, the New World Order. We are about to witness an old-fashioned cockfight while the real power brokers are sitting back and waiting for nature to take its course. [Ron: TEchma bullshit!].

Anonymous said...

Saker, you might find this interesting. It's directly related to your concerns, so please excuse the long-ish post.

Russia Insider has a puff piece up right now (from Salon magazine, I think) praising Henry Kissinger, the Washington Post, and Foreign Policy magazine. Apparently, they have thrown some crumbs of kind words towards Russia in the last few days. (Wow. How kind.)

A reader posted a well-researched comment with footnotes (!) to this story, showing that Kissinger, the Washington Post and Foreign Policy magazine were all parts of a CIA-CFR-Bilderberg nexus; WP and FP were proven Operation Mockingbird mouthpieces; Kissinger was intimately tied to the CFR, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Jewish banks like Warburg (a Federal Reserve founder bank) and Lehman Brothers (now folded), Haliburton (Dick Cheney's old firm), Blackstone Group (pure evil), Tim Geithner, and other stooges of the Committee of 300.

The poster ended by pointing out that Russia had awarded Kissinger an honorary doctorate, and the Russian Foreign Ministry has often invited Kissinger to Moscow in recent years. The poster said something like "Sometimes, I wonder if it's all a game, and Putin is another player who follows the same rules, and he doesn't really want to change the rules". I.e. He's spent so long trying to integrate with the West, and "join the club". Which he has, to be fair.

The post was deleted within hours. Russia Insider are now trying to block any posts mentioning Kissinger, Foreign Policy, Washington Post and Kissinger Associates. It's a bit hit-and-miss, but you have to use euphemisms or mis-spell the names to have a post go live. (I certainly did.)

Makes you think, given that Putin hasn't taken the economic self-detrmination steps Russia needs and deserves. In many ways, he has been content to run Russia as a "plantation".

It's all enough to make you need an Advil.

You don't need to make this post live, but watch out for RI. They may not be what they seem. I'm not an impressionable guy: I called you as ex-intelligence about six months before you 'came out' having worked in that area myself. Takes one to know one :-)

pavel said...

My neighbor, who has been in the States for 17 years, is from Rostov-on-Don. Her mother is staying with her for two months. We're all Catholics, and our parish church is just around the corner.

We took Mom to Mass on Sunday. On the way there - it takes
about two minutes to walk there - we agreed that the war in Ukraine is very bad indeed. Very bad.

Then we attended Mass, took Holy Communion, and afterwards we went to our respective homes. We're supposed to be invited for "Russian Tea" some time soon.

Mom is a retired pediatrician. She is 78 years old and looks about ten years older than an American woman of the same age. Simple arithmetic indicates what sorts of stress and nutritional deprivation she must have grown up with.

People talk, theorize and philosophize too much. We need to live together, worship together and stop obsessing over global power groups and banking cartels, over which have no influence and with which we have no contact.

If people are cut off from one another on a simple every day level bad things can indeed happen.

And so they are happening, and even worse seems likely. We'll be lucky to get through next year with a whole skin - all of us.

Anonymous said...

Blue, thank you for the kitten story.

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