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The Washington Post: Treat America Like a Conquered Nation
By Gregory Hood with comments by Ron
Jun 22, 2021 - 3:07:05 AM

June 11th 2021





Credit Image: © Michael Nigro/Pacific Press via ZUMA WireCredit Image: © Michael Nigro/Pacific Press via ZUMA Wire

German governments have used two strategies to crush dissent in the last century. The Third Reich used Gleichschaltung, or "coordination," with the state pushing public and private organizations into line with National Socialism. Communist East Germany used Zersetzung, "decomposition," with its Stasi secret police wrecking the personal lives, careers, and reputations of dissidents. White advocates face both tactics today.

However, there's a third example from Germany. It's arguably worse than the other two because its goal isn't just to force obedience. It's to instill shame.

It's Vergangenheitsaufarbeitung, "working off the past." It means re-interpreting your history as something shameful. It's what Germany's rulers have forced on their people, and it's what the Washington Post wants to do to us.

Working for American Renaissance is sometimes hard because we must report bad news, and the news from Germany is almost always bad. Germany is not free. The state arrests citizens for saying the wrong things. The ironically named "Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution" spies on the nationalist Alternative for Germany party. A politician from the governing "conservative" party openly told her constituents that they shouldn't worry about being a minority in their own country. Few Germans think they can speak openly.

On the Day of German Unity, around 160 people demonstrated in Hamburg under the motto On the Day of German Unity, around 160 people demonstrated in Hamburg under the motto "Germany must die" (Deutschland muss sterben) (Credit Image: © Imago via ZUMA Press)

Still, as we have reported, what is arguably uniquely German is the deep-seated self-loathing.

  • "Many Germans themselves treat any assertion of national German pride as a manifestation of neo-Nazi
  • tendencies, as something hideously offensive and shameful." - Frank Ellis, "The German Death Wish," February 2011

  • "Not only do Germans still have an ingrained horror of nationalism to a degree unusual even among Western nations, there are laws criminalizing Volksverhetzung or

  • ‘incitement to hatred' that can be broadly interpreted." - John Jackson, "Confessions of a German Police Chief," March 25, 2016

  • "May Angela Merkel's ‘New Germany' serve as a warning to whites everywhere." - Thorsten Pattberg, "The Transformation of Germany," February 5, 2021

Michele Norris at the Washington Post thinks this is a model for us. She argues America should pursue Vergangenheitsaufarbeitung, which she calls a "decades-long exercise, beginning in the 1960s, to examine, analyze, and ultimately learn to live with an evil chapter through monuments, teachings, art, architecture and public policy."

Germany, she says approvingly, "looks at its Nazi past by consistently, almost obsessively, memorializing the victims of that murderous era, so much that it is now a central feature of the nation's cultural landscape." Students learn about the "horrible and shameful [Nazi] chapter in the nation's past," any "symbol of the Nazi era" is illegal, Holocaust denial is illegal, and police officers spend years of training that includes Holocaust history. Perhaps this focus is why German police seem unable to stop crime disproportionately committed by Muslims.

Saxony, Chemnitz: An employee of the municipal building yard lays Stolpersteine on the pavement. The handmade stones by the artist G. Deming are intended to preserve the memory of each individual persecuted person. (Credit Image: © Bodo Schackow / dpa via ZUMA Press)Saxony, Chemnitz: An employee of the municipal building yard lays Stolpersteine on the pavement. The handmade stones by the artist G. Deming are intended to preserve the memory of each individual persecuted person. (Credit Image: © Bodo Schackow / dpa via ZUMA Press)

Michele Norris describes the countless memorials that immerse Germans in shame.

[Ron: Germans have no reason to be ashamed. In his letter to Mazzini in August 1871 Albert Pike predicted WWII and confirmed that International Jewry would orchestrate it. Hitler was a Rothschilds' bloodline puppet whose handler was probably Martin Bormann. See eg: Bormann Ran Hitler for the Illuminati See End Note 1

The German people were the victims of Ashkenazi machinations just as the French people were during the destruction of the Ancient Regime in France in the Jews' Coup mislabelled  as the "French Revolution" in 1789 and USans were in the American Civil War in the 1860s. Similarly, International Jewry created WWI (also predicted by Albert Pike)  and the take-over and subsequent destruction of the Imperial Russian empire in 1917-1918 by the Bolsheviks. In other words Hitler and the demonic aspects of the Third Reich were the work of the Ashkenazis, NOT the German volk.

WWII and its war crimes and crimes against humanity were orchestrated by Churchill and International Jewry at the behest of their covert demonic controllers. See eg: Dirty Little Secrets Of WWII The Hidden, Awkward Origins Of World War 2 - Having instigated and orchestrated WWII, Churchill and International Jewry concocted the Holocaust narrative to conceal that fact and their war crimes and crimes against humanity by blaming them on Hitler and the German people although neither wanted WWII. Hitler and the German nation merely sought to overcome the devastation and truncation of the nation wrought by Ashkenazi machinations at Versailles;  violent communist social agitation within Germany; and genocidal Bolshevik attacks on ethnic Germans in the Prussian areas given to Poland at Versailles.

Once Allied victory was assured Britain's Talmudic controllers began to focus on how to blame the Germans for everything and hence conceal the truth about WWII's origins, perpetrators and effects. Having been  dumbed down by Talmudic mind control for generations and traumatised by the hardships, misery, injuries and deaths inflicted by WWI, combined with the Jew bankster orchestrated Great Depression and WWII, the Anglo-European world was easily persuaded to blame the WWII losers for everything. So the Holocaust idea was born and slowly insinuated into Western consciousness. See eg: British Ministry of Truth Said in 1944 That the Holocaust Must be Created to Distract from USSR Massacres -

The truth, as always with Talmudists, was the polar opposite. See eg: Official German Record of all Prisoners in Auschwitz Concentration Camp from May of 1940 through December of 1944. -






The gigantic Holocaust Blood Libel of the German nation was essential to conceal the truth that the Jew controlled Anglo-US and Soviet entities caused WWII and the Allies were responsible for horrendous war crimes and crimes against humanity typified by: A Real Holocaust: Dresden, 13 February 1945 -

The truth is that International Jewry, Churchill, Eisenhower and the Allied and Soviet military had a vested interest in promulgating the Holocaust narrative in order to paint the German nation as the dastardly perpetrators of WWII, which International Jewry and Churchill had created.  The Holocaust LIE was also needed to conceal the Allies' monstrous genocidal crimes against the German people during and after WWII. The true instigators of WWII were thus concealed and their genocidal crimes buried in a welter of lying Holocaust propaganda which has afflicted not only Germany but the rest of this world for the last 75 years and counting.

Between 1945 and 1950 some 12 million ethnic German civilians and POWs were tortured, murdered and/or starved to death by Allied military forces and their Jewish "interrogators". That was a deliberate and egregious genocide far exceeded the small number of Jews killed (as disticct from dying from typhoid) by Germans during WWII. See eg: DACHAU CONCENTRATION CAMP - LIBERATION: A Documentary - U.S. Massacre of Waffen SS - April 29,1945 -

Dachau - The fraudulent stories of "extermination" and "homicidal gas chambers"

Torture and Testicle Crushing at Nuremberg -

German Victims : How the Allied Victors of WWII tortured and killed their German prisoners (Part 1 of 2) -

German Victims: How the Allied Victors of WWII Tortured and Killed their German Prisoners of War (Part 2 of 2) -

The Zionist Destruction of Germany -


Documentary: Eisenhower's Rhine Meadows Death Camps. A Deliberate Policy of Extermination -

Eisenhower's Death Camps The Last Dirty Secret of World War Two -

Buried Alive Screaming In The Night: German POW Survivors Describe Eisenhower's Extermination Camps After WWII Had Ended -

In 'Eisenhower's Death Camps': A U.S. Prison Guard Remembers.

GRUESOME HARVEST The Costly Attempt To Exterminate The People of Germany -

Other Losses - Search domain

The Deliberate Starvation of Germany -

Documents on Real History: Col (retd) Gerhart Schirmer. See:

Did the Allies Starve Millions of Germans? See:

The Jews Favorite Method of Killing.

The Long-Term Plan to Destroy German Genetics Through Outbreeding

Moreover, that genocidal starvation and killing of 12 million ethnic Germans between 1945 to 1950 does not include the German civilian deaths caused by Churchill and Bomber Harris' ordering of deliberate genocide fire bombing of German cities. See eg: Churchill And Hitler...And History. See:

The pilots of Bomber Command cannot be called heroes -

A Real Holocaust: Dresden, 13 February 1945 -

In addition to concealing the truth about WWII and the HoloHoax, International Jewry has used its control of global governments and the MSM to forge a narrative that has enabled them to totally control, enslave and exploit the German nation for the last 75 years and to assist their efforts to control and enslave the rest of the world as well. See eg:Holocaust Museum Head Explains How The Complete Lack of Physical Evidence Of The Holocaust Is Proof It Happened -

Faurisson's Exposure of the Holocaust Hoax -

The Nuremberg Tribunal: 75 Years Later and Still the Basis for Humanity's Survival -

Needless to say, the Nuremberg trials were part of a gigantic PSy Op designed to blame Germany for WWII and to conceal the primary responsibility of International Jewry and its goy minions and enablers for it. So its little wonder that the mind controlled Western "democratic" masses who have accepted this pastiche of lies now find themselves mired in a Talmudic dystopia that has required divine intervention to assist the Triodity of Presidents Trump, Putin and Xi to eliminate.].



To her credit, she honestly describes exactly what such an effort would look like in America:

Imagine traveling through an American state and coming upon small, embedded memorials that listed key facts about the lives of the enslaved. Their names. Their fates. Their birth dates. The number of times they were sold. The ways they were separated from their families. The conditions of their toil. Imagine how that might shape the way we comprehend the peculiar institution of slavery, its legacy and its normalized trauma.

Imagine if there were similar embedded memorials for Indigenous peoples, who were forced from their land, relegated to reservations far from their normal ranges and regions. Imagine stopping to fill up the tank at a roadside gas station and noticing the reflection off a gleaming brass marker that bears the names of the tribal elders who once lived where you are standing.

We should pay attention to what she's saying. It's not enough that statues to our heroes are torn down and that even the dead are dug up. Instead, presumably every part of America will have little monuments meant to disgrace white Americans.

[Ron: These suggestions are ridiculous. Such initiatives would have no end. For instance the Jews, not white gentiles, were the dominant slave traders in the Atlantic slave trade between Africa and the Americas. See eg: Jews and the Black Holocaust:



Who Brought the Slaves to America?

Who Brought the Slaves to America? And who was responsible for the HOLOCAUST of African slaves during that trade? -

This is not surprising since today's Talmudists, ie those who say they are Jews but are not, in their guise as the Venetian empire, controlled the slave trade berween the Mongolian empire and Europe for many centuries before Christopher Columbus, a crypto Jew, "discovered America". See eg: The Venetian Black Nobility - A History

Celebrating Genocide - Christopher Columbus' Invasion of America

And what about the fact that the first slaves in the American colonies were whites from Britain?  See eg: The Irish Slave Trade - The Forgotten "White" Slaves.

White Slaves: White Cargo: The Forgotten History of Britain's White Slaves in America.-



More to the point. What about the fact that virtually ALL Britons have been covertly enslaved since 1666 (Democracy, Deception, Deceit - they're all the same -

Similarly, all USans, other than those "in the know" have been covertly enslaved by Jewish banksters since the US bankruptcy in 1933? See eg: An Investigative Report Re the US Strawman UCC/Redemption Process By Barton A. Buhtz -



"Natural Man vs. Artificial Person, Law, Money & Banking" in six parts the first being:

Anglos and USans would have to spend all their time creating memorials all over their respective countries for everyone other than Jews. The joke that keeps Jew banksters laughing all the way to the(ir) bank(s) is that they are the real slave masters who have unleashed this tidal wave of Wokeian Identitarian, Intersectionality, trangender, racist bullshit upon the US and our world. WHEN will Anglos and USans WAKE UP and get a clue?!



Fortunately President Trump and his supporters around the world have sussed out the reality and have done somenting about it. Trump, the Triodity and the Alliance have bankrupted the Federal Reserve System (the Fed) and moved its functions into the US Treasury thus "freeing the slaves", ie everyone other than their globalist "owners" (ie  International Jewry)) and their goyem minions and enablers. Moreover, Trump and Co are confiscating the globalists' ill gotten gains and will be redistributing the stolen pelf throughout our world using the Quantum Financial System (QFS).  At which point all this Wokeian nonsense will cease.].

June 1, 2021, Memphis, Tennessee,: Workmen remove a pedestal that once held a statue of Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest. (Credit Image: © Karen Focht/ZUMA Wire)June 1, 2021, Memphis, Tennessee,: Workmen remove a pedestal that once held a statue of Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest. (Credit Image: © Karen Focht/ZUMA Wire)

Michele Norris also approvingly cites the way German leaders apologize for their country's history. She writes that President Biden's speech about the Tulsa race riot (what I call the Tulsa libel) is just a beginning. "Biden should keep his foot on that pedal and launch an official inquiry about uncomfortable historical truths," she writes, "and do it in a way that ensures that it will extend over years, if not decades."

Tulsa would thus become the beginning of an endless quest, and the reparations program being discussed in that city could be repeated wherever some scholar "discovers" an atrocity. Needless to say, the only malefactors in history would be whites; non-whites would always and everywhere be unoffending victims. A years-long "official inquiry" would be a de-facto treasure hunt for academics and journalists looking for a headline and an easy paycheck.

Still, one potential problem with this sweeping program is that there's no single version of history that a regime can impose on a diverse population. Sometimes there are not fights between "right" and "wrong" but battles between groups with different interests. Confederate soldiers didn't fight only to defend slavery, and the Union would have lost the war if all the slave-holding states had joined the Confederacy.

[Ron: Arguably confederate soldiers didn't fight "to defend slavery", they fought to defend their states and communities from rapacious Northern capitalist exploitation. The North was imposing unreasonable tariffs on imported goods forcing Southerns to pay much more for imports or to buy more expensive goods from Northern manufacturers. Incidentaly those Northern capitalist manufacturers were exploiting their wage slave workers just as viciously as Southern slave owners were using their slaves. See eg: Whites in Servitude in Early America and Industrial Britain -





Historical Statue Topplers Finally Meet Their Match in Ongoing Cul ture War, Defeated By Befuddling British Bureaucracy -



The underlying reality was that the European and Northern Talmudic banksters and capitalists wanted to change from the chattel slavery system to a free range serf (wage slave) system because they knew it would be cheaper . See eg: The Matrix, the Strawman and WHO You Are -



There was no single conflict between American Indians and European-Americans, but hundreds of mini-wars between pioneers and separate Indian nations, many of which were eager to ally with whites against tribal enemies. How would we commemorate the last Confederate general to surrender in the Civil War, Brig. General and Cherokee Indian Stand Watie? He surrendered more than two months after Appomattox.

Brig. Gen. Stand WatieBrig. Gen. Stand Watie

Michele Norris has a far simpler view: "We've built monuments to traitors and raised large sums of money to place the names of generals who fought against their own country all over highways and civic buildings," she writes. By this standard, George Washington was a "traitor," too, and will have to go.

Most Confederates sided with their state and their community. They would have been "traitors" to their own neighbors if they had sided with the federal government. Until recently, we understood that. There were joint Union-Confederate veteran ceremonies as early as the 1870s. The men who actually tried to kill each other showed more compassion and understanding for each other than today's journalists do.

Union and Confederate veterans shake hands on the Gettysburg battlefield to mark the 50-year anniversary of the battle.Union and Confederate veterans shake hands on the Gettysburg battlefield to mark the 50-year anniversary of the battle.

Why should Americans embark on this endless crusade against our own country? Why must Germans stick with it? Incredibly, Michele Norris says it has made Germany stronger. She quotes an American Jew who spent most of her life in Germany and wrote the bookLearning from the Germans: Race and the Memory of Evil. Susan Neiman says:

They got right the idea that a nation has to face its criminal past in order to become whole and strong and not riven by unsaid guilt, unsaid resentment. They got right the idea that there is a process that one can go through that takes time, but that you come out better in the end. And they got right the idea that it has to happen on several fronts.

Leaving aside the question of why a foreigner gets to explain what Germany "has to" do, is Germany "whole and strong?"

[Ron: Actually the question of WHY "foreigners" namely Jews domiciled elsewhere, get to tell gentile nations what to do, is a core issue. And the answer exposes the reason WHY Germany and our world is stuffed. Jewess Barbara Spectre tells us:

'I think there's a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural and I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation which MUST take place. [Ron: WHY? The Jews' so-called homeland is not only NOT multicultural BUT IT IS A VIRULENTLY RACIST, APARTHEID STATE.] Europe is not gonna be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. JEWS ARE GONNA BE AT THE CENTRE OF THAT. Its a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode. And Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But  without that leading role and without that transformation Europe will not survive."  DO YA get the impression this arrogant 'Spectre' is THREATENING Europe ... not just Germany? I do. See: .].

Michele Norris admits this torturous process has not been able "fully [to] extinguish the forces of racial and ethnic hatred inside Germany," however she defines it. Germany's politically correct "unity" is maintained by repression. Even referring to crimes committed by migrants can be dangerous. There are more than 5.5 million Muslims in Germany, about 7 percent of the population, and many live in what is essentially a parallel society. They don't share the blood guilt imposed on actual Germans.

[Ron: WTF?! The German people are not guilty of the faux Holocaust or anything else!  In any event NOONE can be made responsible for the crimes of others let alone people who left the Earth plain years ago! IF they could, today's Jews would have to accept blame for what their forebears did in WWII and for millennia before that. Arguably it IS appropriate for these santimonous Jews to accept responsibility for the crimes of their current brethren and their own promulgation of them.

Also, on that basis, the large Turkish migrant group in Germany could be said to be responsible for the VERY REAL Armenian genocide of Christian Armenians during and after WWI. And although that genocide was instigated by Donmeh (crypto) Jews, many who carried it out were Turks. Moreover, the Armenian genocide DID HAPPEN, unlike the faux Holocaust. See eg: Syrian Holocaust: Turkey Copies The Armenian Genocide Game Plan

The Syrian Holocaust: A Preplanned Genocide And Forced Exodus -



Kemal Ataturk was a Donmeh Sabbataen (a pretend Muslim) when the Donmehs were subverting the Ottoman Empire and instigating the Armenian Holocaust



Jewish Young Turks Were Murderers!

The Armenian Genocide. -].

The point of confession is to unburden the soul. Eternal confession wouldn't be a relief or a purge; it would be torture. That seems to be what's in store for Germans. Just a few days ago, Germany said it committed "genocide" in Namibia more than a century ago. The government will now pay reparations. No doubt there are other lucrative atrocities waiting to be discovered.

The same pattern could be expected in America. During his speech in Tulsa last week, President Biden said "great nations. . . come to terms with their dark sides." What precisely does "come to terms" mean and who gets to decide what is "dark?" More importantly, great nations are defined by pride and confidence in themselves, not self-loathing. China is striding towards superpower status with no apologies. Russia is immensely proud of its past. It recently built a breathtaking cathedral to honor its heroes. America's public art is humiliation.

The The "Rumors of War" statue outside the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Sculpted by black artist Kehinde Wiley, it's a satire of the equestrian portraiture that's often used to memorialize Confederate generals. The rider is a black man with dreadlocks in a ponytail, ripped jeans, and Nike sneakers.

Germany endures humiliation because it was a defeated, conquered nation. The [Ron: covertly Jew controlled] German government does not endlessly brood over the firebombing of Dresden, the Soviet occupation of the east, the expulsion of millions of Germans from Silesia and Pomerania, and the mass killings of Germans in Prussia. It doesn't demand reparations for war crimes the Soviet Army committed as it raped its way to Berlin. Instead, a monument to the Red conquerors stands in the German capital, part of a complex of monuments to homosexuals, gypsies, and the larger Holocaust Memorial. Germany endures all this because it was occupied and, to some [Ron: a very large] degree, still is.

[Ron: Germany has been occupied and covertly controlled by Jews using US military muscle since May 1945. THAT is why it is forced to celebrate monuments to homosexuals, gypsies and Jews. International Jewry has used the rest of the white gentile world to conquer and genocide the German nation and to repress and exploit the German survivors of the that genocide that occurred during and after WWII. The US and some Anglo and European nations continue to assist the Jews to occupy and exploit Germany and to have globalist German governments brain wash and repress their own populations with fallacious and obviously ridiculous Holocaust propaganda. The reason that Germans accept the trappings of Jew victory over them is that the survivors of the genocide have been physically tyrannised and psychologically and socially brain washed since 1945. In effect the German nation has become the subject of a collective Stockholm Syndrome run by Talmudically mind controlled Manchurian Candidates for the last 75 years.].

The Soviet War Memorial in Berlin, Germany. (Credit Image: Ethan Doyle White via Wikimedia)The Soviet War Memorial in Berlin, Germany. (Credit Image: Ethan Doyle White via Wikimedia)

It's very hard to believe that anyone seriously thinks this makes Germany stronger. If current trends continue, in a few decades, Germans will be a minority in their own country. That may be a triumph for some people, but not for Germans. Why must America, which ostensibly "won" the war, suffer the same treatment?

[Ron: the reason is obvious. USans didn't win WWII, the Talmudists did.].

There is an even larger point. World War II wasn't just another conflict. It established the founding myth of the postwar period. R. R. Reno accurately stated in Return of the Strong Gods that the West created an anti-racist, anti-imperialist, and anti-nationalist moral order in response to the Axis challenge. However, this new morality then turned on the Western "victors." Thus, even Winston Churchill's statue is not safe in London, and the Confederate battle flag that American Southerners carried proudly even in the Second World War is a "hate symbol."

[Ron: Churchill was a Jewish agent, puppet and war criminal whose crimes against humanity make Hitler look like a sunday school teacher.].

The true war is an eternal war against our own inner racist. Now, we can expect a deliberate program of national disgrace imposed through official monuments, school curricula, and reparations. However, this won't be a burden for everyone. Michele Norris, who is black, reveals her true intent when she writes:

On a personal level, this false narrative about America is another act of cruelty, even a kind of larceny. I view the real story, the genuine history - ugly as it is - as part of my people's wealth. You built this country on the backs of African Americans' ancestors.

Astonishingly, she writes that we've never really had a "conversation" about race. Let's have that conversation.

America was built by whites. The fanciful notion that we are rich because of blacks is easily debunked. Others contributed and can contribute, but not by tearing down what we created. Even Abraham Lincoln noted that any wealth created by black slaves was almost entirely destroyed by the war. The Great Migration, the riots of the 1960s, and the crime wave we are living through now continue to destroy cities that whites built. The Tulsa riots do not compare to what we endure today.

Michele Norris says we don't have conversations about race in this country because people might be "really rattled by what they might hear." She, herself, might be rattled.

Blacks are a massive liability for this country. They commit a vastly disproportionate amount of crime and use a disproportionate amount of welfare.

[Ron: While that is true, it needs to be acknowledged that the welfare state introduced by the closet Jew, Democrat President Johnson, combined with the requirement that welfare payments only be granted to single mothers not living with a man, and the War on Drugs, are the prime causes of continuing societal dependance and criminality in Black US communities. In other words welfare dependance and social dysfunctionality in the US Black community  has been socially engineered by over 50 years of deliberate US federal governance primarily driven by bsnkster controlled Democrat governments.].

Much of the black middle class is an artificial creation of direct income transfers from whites to blacks via affirmative action, "diversity" programs, and subsidies from well-funded Non-Government Organizations. If whites police black citizens, we must endure constant protests; if white police back away, black neighborhoods explode in crime - and we are blamed for neglect. The driving force in American life determining where people live, work, and send their children to school is the desire to escape diversity. If diversity were a tax, its cost would be incalculable. Reparations - unjustifiable and absurd - would just be one more line item on the bill.

Members of the Chicago Police Department on Saturday, July 14, 2018 at the scene of a police involved shooting in the 7100 block of South Chappel Ave. in Chicago, Ill. (Credit Image: © Nuccio Dinuzzo / TNS via ZUMA Wire)Members of the Chicago Police Department on Saturday, July 14, 2018 at the scene of a police involved shooting in the 7100 block of South Chappel Ave. in Chicago, Ill. (Credit Image: © Nuccio Dinuzzo / TNS via ZUMA Wire)

If we must have little monuments to the victims of American history, we shouldn't forget Cannon HinnantBrittney WattsChannon Christian, Christopher Newsom, the victims of the Zebra Killings, and the thousands of other whites whom blacks have killed. We can't forget the whites butchered by those whom Thomas Jefferson called the "merciless Indian savages." If we're seriously going to discuss reparations, we should start with the millions of whites who had to flee the cities. Desegregation and [Ron: Rockefeller and Democrat fostered] black degeneracy made once-thriving American communities unlivable.

Michele Norris argues that "our future as a united country of people ever more divided depends on" the kind of historical "reckoning" she wants.

[Ron: Really? Sooo, the US can only become unified IF the majority of USans pander to the needs and demands of the 13% of  USans who are Black? YEAH Righttt!!!].

How would that make America more united? If Americans of all races must live together, then the solution is to find a common purpose and have legal equality. If we are going to be civic nationalists, then we should abolish race-based preferences, limit immigration in order to take care of our own workers (of every race), and try to build an inclusive national story. President Trump's 1776 Commission, though filled with silly tributes to Martin Luther King, Jr. and other tripe, was at least an attempt.

Michelle Norris is not even offering us this compromise. She is ordering us to submit. We can see what's happening in South Africa today, and in Germany and America tomorrow. Every day, I see hate directed against my people, hate that nothing we can do will ever quenchIt's in your face. At some point, whites have a choice. We can stand together as whites or we can grovel. Michele Norris wants us to subsidize her racial fantasies. I refuse. Her article is full of things she says whites "must" do. What we "must" do is fight back. We can start by being honest about who built this country, who sustains it, and who needs whom.

Michele Norris is the founder of "The Race Card Project." It asks people to put their views about race in six words. I encourage white advocates to participate if they can without doxing themselves, or if they simply no longer care. After reading her article - only the last in an endless series of libels, smears, and threats against us - I have my six words for her: "Whites are better off without you."



End Note 1:

Henry Makow (Mar 24, 2014): Bormann Ran Hitler for the Illuminati

Martin Bormann (1900-?) was the organizer, treasurer and paymaster of the Nazi Party and controlled its powerful machine. He was the contact with Illuminati bankers and industrialists who financed the Nazi Party and donated millions to Hitler. As Deputy Fuhrer and Hitler's Secretary, Bormann signed Hitler's paycheck and managed his accounts. He determined whom and what Hitler saw, and acted in his name.

Goering said "Bormann stayed with Hitler day and night and gradually brought him so much under his will that he ruled Hitler's whole existence." ("Martin Bormann" by James McGovern, p.160)

Hitler made Bormann the Executor of his will. Bormann, not Hitler, owned the Berghof. "The entire complex on the Obersalzberg, consisting of 87 buildings and worth over one and a half million marks, was legally registered in Bormann's name. (McGovern, p.128)

In 1972 Gen. Reinhard Gehlen (head of Wehrmacht Soviet Intelligence) revealed that Bormann had been a Soviet spy, a view shared by many top Nazi generals and officials including Gottlob Berger, a SS Lieutenant General who knew Bormann well. "Bormann did the greatest harm of anyone," Berger testified at Nuremberg. (McGovern, 181)

The implications are staggering. Remember what Winston Churchill said. "This war is not against Hitler or National Socialism but against the strength of the German people, which is to be smashed once and for all, regardless whether it is in the hands of Hitler or a Jesuit priest." (Emrys Hughes, Winston Churchill, His Career in War and Peace p. 145)

The Nazi Party was created, and the Second World War staged in order to lead the German people into a diabolical trap, after fatally compromising them morally.

In "The Bormann Brotherhood" (1972) William Stevenson says Bormann "gave the lowest priority to the fate of Germany..He was concerned instead with a future based on Nazi philosophy, financed by Nazi loot, supported by a personally loyal Brotherhood..." (62) Is this the Illuminati?

It is possible that the next world war also will be staged, this time to undermine the United States.

It is unlikely that Bormann perished in war-torn Berlin, as the Illuminati would like us to believe. A man who carefully prepared for the survival of the Reich by setting up 750 corporations in neutral countries would have provided for his own escape. There have been reports that the Russians rescued Bormann and set him up in Moscow. Other reports placed him in South America. Adolph Eichmann's eldest son, Horst claimed he had many conversations with him in Argentina. (McGovern, p.194)

Obviously Bormann was working for both the Soviets and the Nazis, i.e. he was working for the Illuminati. [Ron: Makow is a bit coy here. When he says "Illuminati" he surely means the Rothschilds.].

Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Louis Kilzer makes the case that Bormann was a "Soviet" spy in his book "Hitler's Traitor" (2000). He examined the wire traffic between the spy known as "Werther" and Moscow and determined that only Bormann had access to this information. Bormann told Hitler he wanted a record for posterity and had stenographers transcribe Hitler's war conferences.

The Soviets were able to ask very detailed questions about Nazi defenses and intentions. The result was the decisive Nazis defeats at Stalingrad and Kursk. "Bormann had been as useful to Russia as fifty Red Army divisions," Kilzer writes. (61)

"His value to Stalin began early. In 1941, when Germany could have used millions of Ukrainian nationalists to defeat Soviet rule, Bormann decided that they deserved only, "enslavement and depopulation. ...Faced with ... genocide by the Germans or political domination by the Soviets, the Ukrainians chose to live and by so doing ruined German hopes for an easy conquest." (261)

Henry Makow also quotes Louis Kilzer saying:

Borman used the Nazi defeat at Stalingrad as an excuse to begin the extermination of Jews, the second Illuminati goal.

In the words of the Nuremberg prosecutor, Bormann was a "prime mover in the program of starvation, degradation, spoliation and extermination." He shielded Hitler from the grisly details, forbidding Himmler from discussing the subject with Hitler and filing Himmler's reports. (261)

[Ron: Be aware that THIS statement by Louis Kilzer IS a regurgitation of the words of the Nuremberg prosecuter and hence totally unreliable as evidence of the alleged "program of starvation, degradation, spoliation and extermination.".

"Bormann's role with the Ukrainians and the Jews was only part of his devastating effect on the Third Reich," Kilzer writes. He blocked Albert Speer's attempt to move the economy to a "total war" footing until it was too late. "Bormann's influence," Speer concluded, "was a national disaster." (263)

Kilzer goes into great detail about Bormann's contacts with the Soviet espionage system, profiling many of his handlers. Even one of Bormann's mistresses, Marie Rubach Spangenberg, was active in the German Communist underground. (264)

Bormann encouraged Hitler to ignore the threat of encirclement at Stalingrad. Hitler's decisions "ceased to have anything in common with the principles of strategy and operations," General Halder noted in his diary. (McGovern, 82)

Bormann won Hitler's total allegiance by pretending to be his ruthlessly efficient instrument. When Bormann was criticized, Hitler replied, "Everybody has failed me but Bormann...who ever is against Bormann is also against the State! I'll shoot the lot of them..."(McGovern, 101.) And, "Bormann's proposals are so exactly worked out that I need only say yes or no..." (98)

Bormann subtly influenced Hitler to fire competent generals and did nothing to interfere with the gradual poisoning of the Fuhrer by his personal physician, Morrell.

The question remains, "Was Hitler himself a traitor?" Did he also serve the Illuminati? Kilzer remarks that Hitler was surprisingly lenient to dissent within the ranks and cultivated a "culture of treason." (Kilzer, 6) Was Hitler aware of Bormann's role and played along? I am still searching for this answer. - Henty Makow

Ron: See also: Was Hitler an Illuminati Agent?



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