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Political Information Last Updated: Oct 26, 2020 - 12:28:25 PM

The US Supporting Terrorists in Syria Who Are Holding Hostages at Rukban Camp
By Steven Sahiounie
Mar 31, 2020 - 6:06:33 PM

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March 31st 2020


The role of the UN and humanitarian organizations in prolonging the suffering of Syrian civilians

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Submitted by Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator...

While the COVID-19 pandemic has taken center stage of the global media, there is little attention paid to a tragedy playing out in southeastern Syria.  Far away from the western media coverage of the "Islamic State of Idlib", the scene is set in a desolate area on the border between Syria and Iraq, adjacent to the illegal US military base of ‘Al Tanf'.  The ‘Rukban Camp' holds 13,500 Syrian civilians, who are displaced, and 6,000 armed Radical Islamic terrorists of Maghawir Al-Thawra and their families.

On March 28 the Russian-Syrian Coordination Committee released a statement in Damascus, in which they exposed the US support of the terrorists who control the camp. Under the guise of humanitarian aid, the US has coerced the UN into complicity, as the UN aid trucks are used to deliver not only food and supplies to the suffering civilians but also arms and ammunition to Maghawir Al-Thawra who administer the camp. The US uses the residents of the camp as a reason to remain in illegal occupation of the area, claiming the US troops are protecting the displaced civilians who live at the camp.

The situation in the camp is dire, as the terrorists are in complete control, even deciding who eats, and who starves. According to the joint statement, many civilians have been evacuated from the camp and relocated to government-controlled areas that are safe and have free medical care facilities under the Syrian Ministry of Health, who work in conjunction with the World Health Organization (WHO).  However, the US-sponsored terrorists have prevented the civilians from leaving by threatening them with dire consequences based on misinformation. Maghawir Al-Thawra is benefitting from the suffering civilians trapped in the camp as hostages.

The ‘Russian Centre for Syrian Reconciliation' said in September 2019 that the Rukban Camp is controlled by an illegally armed militia, and they had refused to let the UN buses inside to evacuate those who needed to be evacuated, instead insisting on using the civilians as human shields. Maghawir Al-Thawra had seized a large cargo delivered by the UN and the Syrian Red Crescent and the confiscated goods were warehoused by the terrorists.

"Sometimes, we received aid from the Red Crescent, but we only saw a small portion of it, most often sold to us, not given for free. The militants take the free aid and resell it to the refugees - that's their business. To get money, we had to work at the camp. They set up a brick factory and we had to work like dogs there," said Ahmad Mohammed, a former resident at Rukban Camp, who has been evacuated to Palmyra, and is now living safely there. He said that Maghawir Al-Thawra was selling humanitarian aid given freely, "Medical aid depended on the militants, too: if you co-operate, you have access to doctors. If you don't, there will be no aid," Mr. Mohammed said.

Using COVID-19 pandemic to threaten and torture displaced civilians

The US military uses the assets on hand, and in this case, Maghawir Al-Thawra is the ‘boots on the ground' that keep the very small numbers of American troops safe, and firmly in control of the area.  The Pentagon knows it would be very hard to get an approval of 6,000 Americans to hold Al Tanf, but the terrorists are on hand and are vicious fighters who will carry out crimes without batting an eye.

The US presence and control of the Rukban Camp

American troops illegally occupied the area at Al Tanf in 2015, defying international law, and the UN charter.  President Trump famously ordered the US troops to withdraw from Syria, only to back-track later and order the US military to occupy and confiscate the oil wells in the Deir-Ez-Zor area illegally.  However, the US military presence at Al Tanf has never been under the withdrawal order, and the US military base is only manned by a few hundred US troops, while they partner with the terrorist group Maghawir Al-Thawra, who are on the US payroll and are tasked with the security and administration of the Rukban Camp.

"We believe that the American side's reluctance to exert influence on their militants to ensure the unhindered departure of people from the Camp and the safe work of humanitarian representatives in the At-Tanf zone they occupied is clear evidence of their intention", the statement issued March 28 asserted.

The role of the UN and humanitarian organizations in prolonging the suffering of Syrian civilians

On March 18 UNICEF shut down the only clinic providing Rukban Camp residents with advanced medical care, such as surgeries, and Caesarean-sections. Two days later a group in Rukban issued an urgent appeal addressed to the UN and the international community in general, calling for quick action to lift what it called the "Coronavirus siege," which has only worsened the already miserable situation in the camp.

An American journalist was killed for exposing the UN complicity

Serena Shim, an American journalist, was covering the Syrian conflict from the Turkish-Syrian border in 2014. She had reported that terrorists had crossed from Turkey into Syria on trucks bearing the symbols of the UN's ‘World Food Organisation' and other humanitarian aid organizations.  She was killed the day after she had broadcast that the Turkish intelligence agency had threatened her. While her death was pinned on a cement truck hitting her small car, the driver of the truck was never charged.

The only humanitarian solution for Rukban Camp

Syrians need to return to normal life in their homes, not camps. The solution for the Rukban Camp is to be shut down, the residents evacuated to safe areas, which have aid, schools and medical care available.  The US troops should evacuate from the area, taking with them their partners Maghawir Al-Thawra. The Syrian war is over. Peace has returned to Syria, and there is no justification for keeping hostages in a camp, which has always been more like a prison than a sanctuary.

[Some colour fonts and bolding added.].

Steven Sahiounie is a Syrian American award winning journalist

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