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The Role of the Jews in the New World Order
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Feb 16, 2011 - 3:30:57 AM

The Role of the Jews in the New World Order


O ne of the leading writers on the topic of the New World Order, Dr. Henry Makow, asked in one of his articles " Is the New World Order 'Jewish'? ”. Makow, a non-observant Jew, answers the question with a qualified yes. He calls the New World Order an extension of the British Empire, in which elite British, American and Jewish interests are indistinguishable.[Ron: this is only true because the Ashkenazi Rothschild banksters have totally intermarried with and infiltrated the Anglo-American ruling class. Arguably the Rothschilds et al have totally suborned and corrupted Britain and its empire and ALL Anglo countries - especially the US. Essentially, the so-called Anglo-American ruling class is a private Ashkenazi domain. The reason that the interests of the ethnically varied components of that ruling elite are indistinguishable is that all aspects thereof are dominated and controlled by Khazar Jews.]

The New World Order a hydra-headed monster. The bankers work through many fronts such as Communism, socialism, liberalism, feminism, Zionism, neo conservatism and Freemasonry. Unknown to most members, these "progressive" movements are all secretly devoted to "world revolution" which is a euphemism for banker hegemony.

Nowhere does the convergence of British and Jewish elites show better than in the marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. Diana’s mother is a Rothschild, making the heir to the British thrown a Jew. According to Jewish law, the child of a Jewish mother is automatically Jewish. The fact that - after her divorce with Charles - Diana was going to get married to Dodi, which would have made the next British monarch a Muslim instead, played undoubtedly a major role in the death of the princess.[Ron: No it wouldn't! The heirs' mother was a Rothschild and so the bloodline remains "Jewish" no matter what Diana subsequently did. And that includes the fact that one of those "heirs" was probably sired by someone other than Prince Charles].

Hand in hand with the Jewification of our old elites goes the Jewification of society. There is hardly any aspect of Western society left that is not dominated by Jews, whether it is in politics, science, manufacturing, media, commerce, finance, education, law or elsewhere. Political correctness, which is doublespeak for mind-control, is increasingly dictating what we can say, if we want to get ahead and not commit social and economical suicide. Whether something is ‘good for the Jews’ these days determines the chances of success of most human endeavours, resulting into shameless cross promotion and favouritism towards Jews. [Ron: This also explains and disposes of the bullshit argument that Jews are more intelligent and score higher on Jew created IQ tests than the rest of humanity. After all anyone even publicly questioning such "doctrine" rune the risk of being branded a "hate criminal" - apart from being denied work and other largesse only available to tame goyim].

The Jewish merchant bankers are the driving force behind this Jewification. They are using their wealth and power to support Jews in a variety of political movements. All of these movement have one thing in common. They take advantage of legitimate grievances [Ron: Actually the Rothschild banksters and their Jew agents  have deliberately created these divisions. See the Illuminati manefesto, Albert Pike's correspondence and the Protocols of Zion. Moreover, the Jews were primarily responsible for the slave trade and the banking, political and industrial policies which created most of the disadvantages involved. Not satisfied with that, they deliberately created the Feminist, Black rights, Gay rights, Pop music, Drug culture and pornographic industries to further divide and conquer Semite society (ie the WHITE descendants of Noah's son Shem) and the Hammite (BLACK) descendants of Noah's son Ham] of disadvantaged parts of society, such as workers, women, blacks, homosexuals and other minorities, and turn them into tools to divide and rule.

The reason why our old Western elites entered this kind of symbiosis is a mixture of self-preservation and greed. The fate of the royalties and aristocracies of France and Russia no doubt served as a rude warning. Some of them learned faster than others and entered into arrangements with the Jewish merchant bankers. In the case of the British, Dutch and Scandinavian monarchs this model proofed to be particularly successful. They rank till todate amongst the richest people in the world.

The case of ordinary Jews is far more complex. They obviously benefit from the Jewification of Western society. Jews have a long history of serving foreign rulers as a tool of oppression. Not only did they help the Arabs and Turks conquer Spain and the Byzantine Empire. They also enriched themselves by helping the conquerors suppress the local populations. When the tides turned against them, they quickly pretended to have converted or left the country, to become the driving force in Europe's genocidal spice and slave trade.

It is blatantly obvious that Jews have a special mindset that enables them to display this kind of unethical behaviour. Being Jewish no doubt does something to the human brain. It affects how they think, feel and act. It makes them feel both superior to and afraid of non-Jews. It makes them treat other human beings in ways that cannot be reconciled with universal human values.[Ron: Arguably the reason Jews generally exhibit a pathological streak is that their religion is based on the Talmud and to a lesser extent, the Torah, both of which are satanic, psychopathically dogmatic, people hating documents. In effect Jews are socially engineered and conditioned from birth so that most are mind controlled to accept Talmudic teachings and dogmas. So, those who remain "Jews" instead of rejecting their religion and its sociopathic teachings, are actively part of the problem. That, presumably, is why over 90% of Israeli Jews support the democratically elected Israeli government's genocidal activities in Palestine and Lebanon. Similarly, it explains why millions of Jews in the US actively support Israel to the point of being sayanim and/or supporting the numerous Jewish lobbies which ensure that Jews control the US government, Congress and commerce. They also supply the vociferous "manpower" needed to ensure that "race hate" and political correctness legislation cows public opinion generally so that anyone daring to criticise Israel, Jewish bankers  or any Jewish action is harassed and even prosecuted.]

This Jewish mindset is a lethal mix of supremacism and paranoia, not unlike clinical manic depression.[Ron: Actually the mind set is psychopathic.] The strong sense of Jewish superiority is often derived from traditional Jewish ‘Chosenness’, founded in Torah teachings that God favours Jews over non-Jews, and in Talmudic teachings that non-Jews are animals in human shape, created by God to serve and enrich Jews. [Ron: Why does this author say that this attitude is merely 'clinical manic depression'? Clearly it is much more than that!] Jewish supremacism is also common amongst non-religious Jews, based on beliefs that Jews have historically proven to be more intelligent, clever or otherwise genetically superior to non-Jews. [Ron: Surely the amorality and inhumanity exhibited by "non-religious" Jews towards Goyim (non-Jews) is primarily based on years of ideological mind control created by Talmudic social conditioning when growing up? The fact that anyone who continues to publicly profess to be a Jew doesn't indulge in Jewish religious practices isn't really the issue. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, its a duck! It is very difficult to escape one's childhood conditioning. It takes real psycho-spiritual effort. The fact that Jews seize upon pseudo arguments like supposed higher IQs or whatever, to justify their failure to treat non-Jews as human beings just evidences that they have not changed the psycho-social paradigm they formed when young. Religious practice is NOT the issue; the ideology by which one lives, IS!] It is also based in surprisingly common 19th century style social-Darwinism, a belief that Jews are an ethnic group superior to others, to which they are in competition for the survival of the fittest.[Ron: Again, Ashkenazi Jew (Khazar) banksters funded the creation of social-Darwinian theories and foisted them on humanity just as they did with Marxist communism, Nietzschian fascism/nazism, Wundtian psychology and all the rest. This argument is really just part of the "Jews are smarter" bullshit that Jews use to justify clinging to their psychopathic paradigms.].

Jewish paranoia, on the other hand, is a product of the typical Jewish diet of reports on acts of anti-Semitism, especially the gruesome narrative of the Holocaust. In fact it is almost impossible to be a Jew without being constantly bombarded with stories, books, news, films, conferences, museums etc containing the most graphic descriptions of acts of hatred against Jews. While this daily dose is strong enough to brainwash even the most robust adult into believing that the world is full of people out to kill him, the effect on impressionable young children and teenagers is in fact traumatic. [Ron: Fear is dehumanising. Given that the Jews specialise in creating it, it is not surprising that they are also enslaved by it.].

Jews obviously take a huge risk by making themselves a tool of oppression. If history teaches us anything, it is that our ruling crime families have no qualms about bringing death and misery upon anyone, regardless of heritage, nationality, religion or race. It is only a matter of time, until they no longer need the Jews to maintain the New World Order and will enslave or cull them like everybody else. Or they might turn around and start a bloody civil war between Jews and non-Jews, to create excuses for more oppression and violence. [Ron: True. But then that argument holds in respect of ALL psychopaths and their activities. those who live by the sword die by the sword. Those Jews who make a living (or enjoy excessively prosperous life styles) out of (or as a result of other Jews') exploiting and culling goyim can hardly complain when their turn to be exploited and culled arrives.].

Either way, for us to foil the evil plans of our ruling crimes families, we must recognise and reject Jewishness as a tool of oppression. Ordinary Jews must realise that it is their Jewishness [Ron: And more particularly, their mind controlled Talmudic paradigms which shape their attitudes and behaviours.] that sets them apart from the rest of mankind and makes them act like parasites. As long as Jews all over the world band together to promote and protect fellow Jews irrespective of their crimes, they also have to accept responsibility - as a group – as accessories after the fact. [Ron: YES! And indeed many, many Jews must accept the fact that they are accessories BEFORE (and during) THE FACT as well.].

The Jewish Holocaust and the New World Order

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