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Political Information Last Updated: May 15, 2018 - 9:47:37 PM

The Rightful Masters #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening
By Neon Revolt
May 15, 2018 - 9:30:43 PM

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The Rightful Masters #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening

Wow, #QAnon didn’t stop. I went to bed after publishing the last article, assuming he had finished dropping intel for the night, but NOOOOOOPE.

4 AM comes, and Q is dropping again:

First thing, he quotes an Erik Prince interview from 2016. #Anons had actually posted this a day or two before Q posted it. And if you go back to my post from a while time ago, there’s a clip of this interview (about Anthony Wiener and Huma Abedin flipping) in that post.

In the interview, he talks about the insurance files on Weiner’s laptop – and how it’s not just illegal photos/videos. It’s classified intel, it’s pay-for-play, it’s selling SAPs, it’s damning e-mails. He talks about how both Bill and Hillary have been to Epstein’s island; HRC at least six times.

Basically, the NYPD’s investigation has gone on, and they have been pursuing this case despite pushback (from at the time, the Obama administration).

Listen to the interview; give it the 20 minutes it deserves.

New York-based U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said Saturday that the Trump administration fired him after he refused its request to resign along with 45 other U.S. attorneys across the nation

Anon gives a helpful line-by-line:

Essentially, Trump has been systematically removing roadblocks towards fair prosecution this entire time: Preert was a roadblock (despite his public reputation).

Preet was then replaced by a friend of the Punisher:

The stage had to be set. Don’t want one of Clinton’s buddies obstructing justice, or letting them off the hook.

We’ve since had one NYPD officer verified:

She was shot, execution style, while she was sitting in her vehicle.

But the second is proving very elusive.

As far as I can tell, there are no other possible candidates listed on the ODMP database. There are a lot of 9/11 related deaths from the time period (cancer, that sort of thing). But NYPD Detectives?

4 died during 2017 – and none of the circumstances really fit the bill, as far as I can tell.

What’s really weird is I came across this article… but this detective is not in the ODMP database:

Now this one has some strange circumstances surrounding it. She suffered a “heart attack” at the 9th precinct station – which is verrrrry close to where Anthony Weiner lived. But it’s a little early in 2017 to qualify for “mid-2017.”

So that second one is my best guess. Really could be off-target here, so we’ll have to see if anything else turns up, or if we get any other kind of confirmation.

So here’s the Mockingbird Media story Q is directing our attention towards:

Yup, they’re trying to reinstall a roadblock.

As for Donoghue… it looks like he’s a White Hat.

Sounds good to me.

I’m going to break this down really simply (possibly more for my own benefit, than for anyone else’s lol):

So you’ve got bad guys, complicit in covering up the work of evil guys. In essence, protecting them.

So the evil guys are guilty, but so are the bad guys.

The good guys remove the bad guys from power, in order to expose the evil guys.

The evil guys don’t want to be exposed, so they tell the bad guys to get back out there, and run interference – and maybe they’ll save their own sorry hides in the process.

If the bad guys run in elections against good guys (who are trying to investigate them), the bad guys can publicly dismiss any charges from the good guys against them as a political attacks.

The media can go into overdrive reinforcing this idea, gaining votes for the bad guys with disinfo, and potentially remove the good guys from power.

But what Q seems to be saying here, is that this is going to hit so fast and so hard, the bad guys won’t have time to run any kind of campaign. They’ll be in jail before they can mount any serious counter-attack.

All part of the plan.

No, ThankQ!

Trump gave a speech at the National Officer’s Memorial Service for #PeaceOfficersMemorialDay.

He specifically spoke about Detective Familia this morning, and brought her family up on the stage (this video should start about the 1:15:08 mark):

What a horrible orange racist, amirite?

Relevant #TrumpTweets with speech excerpts:

Q has been telling us to TRUST the whole time.

I do. Do you?

One more #QConfirmation before I wrap this article up:

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©2005-2018 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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