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Political Information Last Updated: Feb 16, 2020 - 6:39:08 PM

The Productivity Paradox
By The Irish Savant with comments by Ron
Feb 16, 2020 - 7:56:38 PM

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7 February 2020

The productivity paradox

The productivity gains over the last fifty years from information technology, robotics and the 'free' internet have been staggering. It costs today but a fraction of what it used to to produce goods and services. The time and manpower (sorry, personpower) costs of processing an ordinary business transaction, be it bank loan, insurance quotation or invoice payment have been reduced by at least 80% since the fifties. The declines have been even greater in factory production, with many facilities reduced to people-free zones operating 24x7x365 through the use of robotics. Simulation technologies have achieved similar reductions in the time and cost of design and testing.  Farm automation and the Green Revolution have transformed the production of food. And to round off the cost of borrowing has shown a dramatic decline in recent years.

So why aren't we living like stereotypical Frenchmen working 3-hour days and taking four months holidays annually while women luxuriate at home painting their nails with dirt-cheap modern conveniences doing all the work? Au contraire, we're working harder than ever while the stay-at-home mother has now become a derided rarity. And on balance for less reward. Zero Hedge say that "A new report sheds light on [the fact that] 53 million Americans, or about 44% of all US workers, aged 18 to 64, are considered low-wage and low-skilled. Many of these folks are stuck in the gig economy, making approximately $10.22 per hour, and they bring home less than $20,000 per year. An overwhelmingly large percentage of these folks have insurmountable debts. Their wages don't cover their debt servicing payments as their lives will be left in financial ruin after the next recession."

Despite pre-fabricated robot-produced building components and architectural design automation tools house costs today represent a vastly higher proportion of take-home pay than they used to. In Britain this ratio has doubled in just twenty years from four to eight. Little surprise then that the proportion of 25-34 year-old who own their own house has collapsed from 67% in 1991 to 38% in 2016. Despite this more people are working, for longer hours and with less job security. The inflation-adjusted wages of working class Americans is lower today than it was 40 years ago.

Back in the fifties it seemed that most people lived reasonably comfortable lives, the husband worked in a steady usually-unionised job while the wife was a stay-at-home mother. For sure very few people lived in luxury but most owned their home, had one modest car, owned a phone and TV and went on a modest holiday once a year. And this was an economic environment where the norm was to have large families dependent on a single bread-winner. Still, people lived ok.

So why hasn't the spectacular increase in production resulted in everyone rolling in wealth and indolence instead of struggling even to own a house? I don't know but I offer the following as contributory causes:

Wealth is trickling up. A report in Bloomberg claims that the wealth of the top 1% now exceeds that of everyone else combined. The financialisation of the economy must play a major role in this with the extra wealth created by increased productivity and the money magicked up by the central banks being siphoned off by financial speculators. While vast fortunes can be made little or nothing is added to the wealth or lifestyles of ordinary citizens.

Then there's the black/brown/Muslim undertow as White numbers decline in relative terms. These minorities are less productive, commit more crime, have bigger families and are more dependent on welfare. Their rapidly-increasing numbers add to the pressure on housing and healthcare provision. And the affirmative action racket results in a vast army of incompetent leeches draining wealth from productive Whites.

That's my tuppence-worth, but I'm probably biased.

Any other ideas ?

[Ron: YES! The elephant in the room is the FASCIST globalist economy in which governments are owned and controlled by banksters and other MEGA corporatists who control virtually all spects of global industrial, commercial and rural production via interlocking stock and share ownership of almost all major corporations. Governments have unlawfully granted banking corporations EXCLUSIVE free licences to create "money" (ie fiat debt tokens) out of thin air upon which they charge interest (usury). Governments then use the threat of FORCE and violence including imprisonment and confiscation of property to make their populations accept and use the said fraudulent debt tokens as "money" for facilitating the exchange of goods and services. Using any other tokens for those purposes is labelled as a counterfeiting criminal activity.  This criminal misuse of government power parasitically drains the wealth created by the ingenuity and labour of the general population into the hands of parasitic bankers.

The other major method of plundering the wealth of humanity on this planet is the corporate mechanism. The banksters and their brethren have manipulated the governments they own or control to unlawfully legislate to grant "personhood" to fictive corporatie entities that exist only on paper. Corporate personhood enables the owners and controllers of corporations to generate enormous profits by exploiting employees and customers while avoiding personal responsibility for what they do using corporate mechanisms. It also enables corporate owners to conceal their earnings and profits and to hide behind "the corporate veil" so that the general population has no knowledge of their ownership and activities.

In effect, apart from the actual global fraud and theft perpetrated by usurious corporate banks and financial institutions, the REASON billions of humans on this planet are enslaved free range serfs and virtually all those who aren't are unemployed or underemployed mendicant welfare recipients is, that private Talmudic individuals OWN and CONTROL most of the  huge corporations like APPLE and AMAZON that exploit employees and pay almost none of their profits to the govenments and communities in which they operate and make those profits. THIS SITUATION IS NOT SUSTAINABLE. It is THE REASON WHY unemployment and poverty are so widepsread and growing globally. It is LUNACY for most national populations, and the global population as a whole, to allow a tiny cabal of corporate OWNERS of banks, governments and other mega corporations to parasitically suck up AND KEEP almost all of the wealth created by the ingenuity and work of the global population. The pernicious mechanism for this corporate piracy is the insane granting of personhood to figments of human imagination called companies and corporations. These  chimerical "persons" include governments, foundations and so-called not for profit organisations, however described. See eg: Citizens United v. FEC: Corporate Personhood Must be Eliminated if Humanity is to Survive. See:

The Permanent Unemployment & Underemployment Economy - And: How Interlinked Corporations Rule The World. -

Corporate Transnational Warlord Pirates Are On the Run- Vanguard -

Another significant drain on global wealth are Big Governments whose prime function is to protect and enhance the interests of their bankster and corporatist  owners and controllers. Big Governments bureaucracies absorb some 15% to 20% of total economic output and so a major mechanism for extorting the wealth of the general population is unlawful government taxation and licensing of what are intrinsically sovereign human activities.  income taxation and licensing fees are substantially extracted from middle and lower income earners. See eg: Who pays the lowest taxes in the US? - OR:

Income taxation is cosmically unlawfully, that is, it is contrary to the energetic blueprint of creation and hence contrary to divine law. So is usury.

However, taxation of corporate profits is lawful and should be properly levied by communities to ensure that their members receive the full benefit for the ingenuity labour and materials they expend in producing products and services for corporations they work for and supply. Similarly, communities need to also ensure that corporations properly  pay for all locally sourced materials and services they use to produce goods and services and generate income. Excessive profits, if any, after payment of proper wages and salaries and proper costs of materials and services used to generate corporate income, should also be suject to appropriate super taxes to ensure that communities fully  benefit from community assets and activities.

Humans here have a choice about these matters although most seem to refuse to see it. They can either reject usurious money systems and human personhood status for artificial constructs called corporations etc, AND the corrupt activities of Big Welfare Governments, OR continue living under these diabolical Talmudic mechanisms. In the latter event human life on this planet will disappear up its own fundamental orifice. Moreover, that fate will occur looong before the 'Thunberg Thesis' fails to come to fruition and is exposed for the stupid lie that it is.

Further Discussion:

Humans on this planet live in a Jew constructed global matrix completely divorced from reality. Arguably the real reason for the current global situation is a lack of personal and social awareness caused by Talmudic social engineering and police state governance that breeds widespread fear and indifference, in effect, Zombidom. Talmudic education, fake news and demonic cultural propaganda conceals from the general population the realisation that current global monetary and corporatist control systems cause ignorance, poverty, warfare and societal dystopia. The reigning monetary meme is Capitalism or more accurately, Fascism. The prime mechanisms involved are usurious banking and corporate personhood.

At the fundamental level the insatiable greed of our demonic “owners” is just part of a charade. The ruling banksters already have all the money and wealth they want because they have been granted free licences to create “money” out of thin air and to distribute it however they choose to whomever they choose at whatever interest rate (usury) they choose. Sooo they create “money” for themselves and their corporatist mates at preferential rates. Accordingly they don’t need to make “profits” via real industry because they can create “money” at any time using key strokes on computers and use it to "takeover" flourishing businesses at whim. In effect Talmudists make offers that existing genuine businesses can't refuse. The constant propaganda about corporations needing to compete, become ever more efficient and having a legal obligation to make profits is a charade to get people to accept governments giving ever more favourable treatment to corporations on the bogus basis that they create employment and hence prosperity. Obviously they don’t, they make profits for owners and impoverish everyone else. Moreover the advent of Artificial Intelligence, robots and other technological advances is ensuring that ever fewer human workers will be needed to create prosperity and abundance. The issue then becomes: 'Do people want to stop rule by faceless corporations or not?'

Constant government, industry and MSM rhetoric about the need for increased efficiency in order to compete with other countries for jobs and profits conceals the reality that human industrial and commercial productivity has looong since passed the point at which everyone in our world could live in prosperity and abundance IF our global controllers allowed for a reasonably equitable distribution of the fruits of human labour and the planet's resources.

The chimerical “money” banksters create out of thin air is given value by their government minions FORCING the gentile population to use it EXCLUSIVELY in virtually all societal transactions concerned with the exchange of goods and services. That usage automatically forces everyone to perpetually give a portion of their wealth to banksters in the form of interest payments for worthless fiat debt tokens.

This situation has to cease. I note that President Trump is gradually eliminating this bankster THEFT by forcing the Federal Reserve (the Fed) to lower rates and increase “stimulus”, ie to increase inflation by flooding the monetary system with ever more fiat debt tokens which the US Administration is using to restore US infrastructure and its manufacturing capacity. The end game is ZERO interest rates at which point the banksters’ PONZI scheme becomes obvious to the masses and the banksters cease to benefit from usury. Their counterfeit monetary and corrupt financial system will then collapse. Trump will then eliminate the Fed and initiate a genuine asset backed money creation system emanating from the US Treasury. The rest of the world will do the same.

The Banksters’ PONZI Scheme Enforcement Mechanism.

As the ridiculously humongous issuance of USD and other fiat currencies already evidences, the banksters’ debt tokens are bogus, ie counterfeit. BUT the joke is that the banksters force governments to declare all other legitimate methods for facilitating the exchange of goods and services (including gifting without payment of taxes) to be criminal. It does that by labelling alternative transaction facilitation systems as “counterfeiting” punishable by incarceration and confiscation of the property of so-called criminal counterfeiters. Ya gotta laugh!

The Problem and its Solution:

The problem is that most people are sooo mind controlled that they can’t grok what’s going on. That is why it is taking Trump and Co. so long to drain the swamp and expose the corruption in the US and globally. BUT it is happening, bit by bit.

The Talmudic global control cabal is extremely well entrenched in the US and most other nations and so most people must FIRST be DEPROGRAMMED to unwind the effects of centuries of Talmudic social engineering before general awareness and consciousness can be raised sufficiently for them to be mobilised to actively resist cultural Marxism and the insidious Jewish control of the US and our world. To begin to understand the depth of this problem in the US, see eg: Ways Of Seeing : Who determines Your Reality ? II -

The work required to loosen the demonic death grip of cultural Marxism and the Talmudic control of the MSM and Congress, State governments, Federal and State Judiciaries, the Fed and Wall Street commercial banks; Deep State bureaucracies; the Military, Industrial, Security complex, the education, university and science systems and all the rest, is a gigantic task. That task is being undertakeen by President Trump and his Administration assisted by the US military and other world leaders. It is progressing well BUT the Talmudic corruption is deep and wide and progress has to be careful and slow. As progress is made President Trump and his supporters are able to slowly educate USans as to the reality that enslaves them. ‘Q’ is part of that process.

Current Identity politics and LGBTQism etc is designed to segue from separate national ‘slave plantations ‘into the Talmudists’ final total control phase in which they consummate their wet dream by establishing their New World Order, One World Government, totally and explicitly controlled by them.

Globalists, ie Talmudists, strive for the ability to control what people think. This is where education systems and the media, entertainment and Internet come into play. All are corporatized, so that corporate education and university systems together with Facebook, Twitter, Google, mainstream media, and Hollywood can all work together to form the Ministry of Truth to control what people all over the world feel, think and believe.


Arguably the bankster controllers are in turn controlled by occult and totally unknown demonic entities. We have it on good authority that: "... we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." - Ephesians 6:12.

Christ Jesus sought to enlighten us as to the truth but was crucified and his teachings largely concealed and distorted by the Pharisees. See eg: Judaism and Christianity - Two Thousand Years of Lies - 60 Years of State Terrorism -

To achieve and maintain sovereign human freedom we need to accept the responsibility entailed in individual and community self governance. In particular, each individual needs to learn to govern ‘self’ and share with and care for everyone else. That requires that we deprogram ourselves from the current socially engineered, ego-centric, materialist, money meme based atheistic globalist ideology because it entails selling our ingenuity and labour (ie ourselves) for money. It also requires that we eliminate dependence on Big Governments to provide for our prosperity, welfare and sense of identity. We must stop allowing others to make our core life decisions without us having any meaningful input into the process. Or so I think…

[Colour fonts bolding and comments in square brackets added.].


The IMF & World Bank: Partners In Backwardness -

Apple And Amazon Both Exceed In Exploiting America -

Amazon Only Paid 1.2% Taxes In 2019 Despite $13 Billion Profit -

The Permanent Unemployment & Underemployment Economy -

Portfolio Wealth Global | The Top 1% are Blowing-Up in Wealth! Futurist’s Prediction For “The End of the World As We Know It” -

Money Imperialism -

Capitalism vs. Socialism Debate - LibertyCon 2018 -

Global Governance Structure Is "Too Centralized & Too Authoritarian" -

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©2005-2020 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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