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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

The Pharisees of the Vatican: Some interesting reader comments on the original VT article
By Ann
Oct 17, 2012 - 3:58:31 PM

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The Pharisees of the Vatican: Some interesting reader comments on the original VT article

Bella Dodd put her memoirs in a book called, “School of Darkness” and documented the widespread treason and deceit planned and put in place at every possible opportunity. The book is a fast read and you are doing yourselves a disservice to bypass it. It is a tell-all of the most ominous sort. Anyone familiar with political names of early 20th century through 60′s America and NYS/NYC would spot the racket.

As for the Cristero War, we owe the people of Mexico a debt of gratitude for taking the brunt of NWO attacks and still outsmarting them and beating the daylights out of them anyway in valiant defense of their homeland, for had the parasites taken Mexico it would have been used as a base to take us down. I commented about this very war on the Jan 20 article by Rick Rogers here at VT. Furthermore a movie called “Cristiada” was made but I don’t know if the Hollyweird perverts allowed into theaters. Probably not, since when do they care about patriotism and loyalty.

I think this is the link–

As far as I know Mexico was the only country to directly fight them off. The parasites were just giddy after having plunged Europe into World War Hoax #1, taken down four Empires, killed off millions everywhere, and were in the process of liquidating the Russians without the slightest interruption, so they thought Mexico would be a cakewalk.

They completely underestimated the cultural cohesion of the Mexicans, the depth of their religiosity, and how they treasured the honor of Guadalupe which was entrusted to Mexico as a light to the rest of Latin America. So the swift, organized and determined popular armed resistance caught the parasites off guard. However, that did not deter their malice and they simply ramped up the direct attacks on the population.

The Mexicans fought back harder and the rebel numbers grew. For four long, long, hard, violent years the Mexicans endured central banker attacks and looting, and still defended themselves and their nation without question. The parasites were successful in one regard – the 3,500 priests who ministered to their own population and Hispanic America were targeted and killed with such ferocity that only about 350 survived.

With the spiritual element greatly diminished the parasites went about setting up governments and policies friendly to the socialist cause. It is not a coincidence that the psychopath Trotsky travelled to Mexico where he was later stabbed to death by a commie comrade. He came to a well established Communist Party which still exists.

The NWO is nothing if not a swarm of termites and assorted vermin. After skulking off to lick their wounds after their loss to the Cristeros, they returned to subvert the Mexicans again. They simply went to plan B with drugs. The current ghastly carnage on and below our southern border looks like random violence but it is quite intentional. It is simply a continuation of the Cristero War by other means. They are trying to wear down the population for eventual conquest.

Vermin dislike sunlight and exposure. The movie “Cristiada” terrifies them for it depicts their depravity and clearly shows successful resistance, and how the NWO will have to be dealt with in the end. There is no other way.


Excalibur, don’t let their disdain and resentment of religiosity affect you. They are using their own free will. Or so they think. All NWO revolutions are thus kindled, so without realizing it they are voluntarily carrying the water for the very ones they claim to despise, attacking the very institutions, beliefs, and thoughts which obstruct the NWO parasites. There is such a thing as right and wrong, good and evil, moral and immoral, which can and should be discussed and debated within proper contexts, especially when it is to be applied to society at large. That most of our information is very tightly controlled seems to escape them.

But discussion never was nor will be part of the NWO plan. Control, enslavement, and elimination of world populations by a small, depraved, and stupid pack of street rats is the end game, so they do everything in their power to destroy restraint of any kind, and degrade and deceive the rest until they get what they want. They cannot build, create, invent, indeed they cannot even think clearly if at all. So how are they so successful? They seek they power of darkness. It gives them a power far, far beyond their intellects. And they are so very stupid that they forget they will have to pay. Big time. You see, they are so vain that they start thinking they count for something. But in a criminal enterprise nobody counts for anything in the end. Remember, the devil breaks his tools when he’s done with them.

And among their most reliable tricks is to turn us one on the other as is evident here and elsewhere, and let ego, vulgarity, disrespect, etc., do their dirty work. And it is dirty. Turn on any TV and see how coarse we have become, and yet now accustomed to it even if we disagree. We rightfully defend free will but we are no longer permitted to mitigate with right v. wrong, etc. The best part is when ill-read know it all’s pronounce on Vatican canon law when they never crack open a history book, and derive their knowlege from those intellectual wastelands we call liberal Universities. They’re not even smart enough to know when they talk stupid.

Well, it looks like they got four centuries of everything they wanted and now where are they? Standing just a teeney weeney bit too close to the light and you know how rats love broad daylight. Not. Their sadism is starting to surface, for ill-gotten gains cannot be held forever, even though they are stupid enough to think that. They will get caught. Centuries of destruction and bloodshed and twisting the truth to affix blame wrongfully cannot go on forever.

Dismissive remarks are sometimes just uninformed or from negative experiences in life that we all carry, so they are really simply part of the difficult learning process of life. They unknowingly assist the destructors who walk among us but they should not be confused with those who intentionally erode all that has been painfully and carefully built up over millenia.

Our system of education has been willfully destroyed by those who want to control us, although “your’re v your ” is not really functional illiteracy, because punctuation may not have been taught. Phonics is not really taught at the primary level anymore either, although both can be corrected fairly easily. Still, this is very serious because good language usage requires a solid and early foundation. Our overlords lower standards at every opportunity using some lame social science alibi because the last thing they want is a population with sharp communication skills.

Functional illiteracy is something different. It is really dangerous and leaves the person at the mercy of society, unable to fill out official, medical, or employment forms, unaware of and unable to access rights and resources, etc., and it becomes more difficult to correct with age.

But please be careful about anger toward religion–it can quickly and quietly take on a life of its own and lure you down unpleasant paths. It is at once simple and complex, and means different things to believers, and to those who decline belief without hostility or offence. And believers have been directly attacked since the days of Cromwell, because the reverence for a higher Authority obstructs the iniquitous plans of those who delight in conflict and destruction.

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